posted by davidt on Thursday March 16 2006, @10:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Will See You In Far-off Places / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Irish Blood, English Heart // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
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  • Just heard via a friend, Last Night I Dreamt was added tonight. The 'special guest' is Ray Davies, if anyone was interested.
    Sharron Needles -- Thursday March 16 2006, @10:10PM (#203908)
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  • did moz and ray davies share the same stage tonight? two of my favorite musicians up on my personal list? wella!
    mozdukemod -- Thursday March 16 2006, @10:15PM (#203910)
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  • The Smiths/Morrissey are my favorite all time group.

    The Kinks are number two.

    And I didn't because........... oh yes, the money thing.

    Wow, this was magical, if true.

    The two best lyricists in pop music history.
    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Thursday March 16 2006, @11:11PM (#203920)
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    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
    • didn't go*..... that is by dallow_bg (Score:1) Thursday March 16 2006, @11:13PM
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  • i added more pics to my SXSW album:[email protected] []

    i don't know if i'm completely done with culling through the photos. i snapped a bunch and haven't had time to see if anything turned out on the majority of them, but these looked like the most obvious contenders.

    no, i'm not out doing anything. i thought about tracking down the out-of-town visitors, but it's kinda hard in a crowd that big, but then everything started hurting, including my head, so here i am.

    i arrived a little after 7pm and easily made my way in, passing the people who i thought were deluded because they were actually going to pay money to get in! I headed in and made my instinctive track to go to the right side of the stage. i then thought "wait a minute....he ignored that side of the stage the last two times i saw him! i'll show him what's what!" so i went to the other side....only to discover later that the man must have radar and thus spent the majority of his time on that other side of the stage.

    curses! foiled again!

    after carefully considering it, i decided that this only happens once in an eternity, so i actually took a spot right at the barrier! i was afraid i might lose my ground to the journalists who weren't too thrilled that they weren't being allowed in the pit, or the kind of rough fans i dealt with in LA and Vegas, but thank the lord this crowd wasn't anything like that. yes, everyone piled in to the center and had flowers and tried to reach out to him, but there wasn't any pushing or drink sloppage. matter of fact, nobody tried to scale the barrier until the very end of the encore. Moz thanked the crowd for being "civil" at the end.

    during the show, moz said, "it's time to get serious" and that's when Mike and Jesse went into an instrumental/oompah ooompah version of "deep in the heart of texas"

    The encore was "Last night i dreamt..."

    i might write more when i think of it, but i think i need some ibuprofen.
    suzanne -- Thursday March 16 2006, @11:39PM (#203925)
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  • Yes, Last Night... was the encore. From what I recall Suedehead was dropped, but otherwise the setlist was pretty much the same. He made some pretty funny comment - mentioned the US bombing Iraq today and said that we should keep an open mind, they were probably searching for weapons of mass destruction.
    They played Yellow Rose of Texas into Trouble Loves Me after Pigsty (unless I'm very much mistaken - he said it was time to bring the mood down a bit). All in all, fucking good show, and second row YAY!!!!! Packed, but some lucky paying people got in for $50 (aside from wristbands and badges), and he opened with First Of The Gang, and then You Have Killed Me third, unlike the OKC show. Shirt change 3 times but only one made it out to the audience. 2 people made it on stage from what I could gather, possibly 3. And it looked like the female next to me recorded most of the show into a little camera. Assloads of press there.

    Lushey -- Thursday March 16 2006, @11:49PM (#203928)
    (User #8506 Info)
  • That for the second Dublin gig I see that he does Stop me.. as the Encore instead of Last Night .. also it sucks that "In the future.." has been dropped already :(
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @01:49AM (#203952)
  • Great fooking show. The only allowed 100 paying customers in. I got there at 5pm exactly and wound up being the 50th paying customer to get in. All the rest were badge and wristband people. The crowd was pretty into it, singing along with the Smiths classics and (surprisingly) stuff from Quarry and such. Moz said a few things about finally making it to Austin. Apparently he was to do a secret show at 7pm at this one place (name escapes me, but its across from El Arroyos) but he backed out cuz a BBQ place was next to it or something. The crowd sang along (esp. to GF in a Coma) and responded better than I thought they would. Afterwards I got interviewed by some guy from Kensington Radio or something about the show. My stand out track of the night was IHFJesus. All in all, another amazing show, just wish i'd seen Suedehead and Stop Me, both of which i've never seen before. I'd say 70% of the crowd left after Moz. The secret guest, rumoured to have been the Beastie Boys, Belle and Sebastian or Flaming Lips (turns out it was Ray Davies) didn't play and Goldfrapp finished out the night.
    pimpfnick -- Friday March 17 2006, @01:51AM (#203954)
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  • Boz and Alain or Jesse?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @06:26AM (#204002)
  • I'm just curious, even though it's early on for Matt Walker can anyone give us an idea of how well he fits in with Moz and the band? Who would you say is a "better" drummer? Matt or Deano?(anyone is better than Spike Smith!)
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @08:29AM (#204017)
  • Amazing show! o/morrissey8.jpg
    no spaces
    i took some more, kinda fuzy, but they are on my myspace blog.
    TattooedboyCO -- Friday March 17 2006, @09:54AM (#204037)
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  • Which new song has the trombone at the end?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @10:33AM (#204050)
    • Re:New song? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 17 2006, @11:25AM

  • 22244.html
    palare -- Friday March 17 2006, @11:16AM (#204056)
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    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • when were you guys at the venue?
    i went to Depeche Mode once and arrived at the venue half an hour before doors opened and stood right before the stage without any problems. what should i expect from a morrissey show these days
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @12:30PM (#204078)
  • i just don't get this. he is coming all the way to north america and only playing in Texas?? (sigh) . This doesn't make sense to me....
    girlfriend -- Friday March 17 2006, @01:49PM (#204095)
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  • I found the 3/14 Oklahoma concert on the dimeadozen site. It's a poor audience recording with some joker singing horribly right next to the mike, but good enough for a listen...
    Anonymous -- Friday March 17 2006, @04:12PM (#204114)

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