posted by davidt on Monday April 10 2006, @01:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / Let Me Kiss You / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / I Will See You In Far-off Places / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / A Song From Under The Floorboards / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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  • Helloooooooooooooo!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @01:12PM (#210557)
  • Had a FUCKING GREAT time!

    Eric Hartman -- Monday April 10 2006, @01:12PM (#210558)
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    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • Come on people!!!!!!!!!! What about the set list?!!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @01:43PM (#210562)
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  • Setlist was pretty much the same as in Scandinavia.

    He did play a Mouth & McNeal song though. I kid you not.

    Encore: Last Night I dreamt...

    Eric Hartman -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:06PM (#210579)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
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  • I tried accessing the webcast several times and never saw a thing.

    Anyone have better luck?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:13PM (#210584)
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  • reader meet author. different order though.

    Morrissey was in good form.

    from the top of my head:

    He started with an announcement: "when its spring again, I'll sing again tulips from Amsterdam". which is a tacky Dutch song.
    Said that the house was full, so it must be raining outside.
    Some peoplpe chanted Morrrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey and he replied:" let me guess: British, right?
    He claimed that this was his first solo gig in Amsterdam, and that he was here by popular demand.
    Lots of other things but Ill write them down tomorrow, if other havent.

    The setlist was good, especially the new songs. I am not a fan of Pigsty on the cd, but live that one is really the best of the evening. Other highlights for me were Trouble loves me, youngest, was the most loved and of course Still Ill.

    thats it, goodnight!

    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:15PM (#210590)
  • too post. maybe later he he he?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:20PM (#210597)
  • Morrissey is great!!!!!
    He is tragic, excellent, lonely, sincere, passioned.....He dares to be and show himself! He is the king of his stage and his world....
    I am so happy that I got lost in his world!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:42PM (#210605)
  • Wow, what an evening... Second row, close to the Moz, close to my hero... He came up in dark suit with a pink shirt, threw it in the audience after a couple of songs, than a black shirt and a blue for the encore. He was chatty at the beginning (see above posting) more quit later on. Life is a Pigsty was incredible, what a fantastic song. The crowd was too passive, only with Irish Blood it got serious. Back at home, watching 'Who Put the M', we reflect on a wonderful evening, an experience that only Morrissey can bring to you. How privileged can we be that we love him and his music..?
    Ok, Glasgow is next....
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:56PM (#210608)
    • Re:My hero by Amatis (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @03:26PM
  • I think the performance of Morrissey tonight was incredible. By bringing mostly his new material he shows he is still very active and alive. The band was unbelievable, it sounded sometimes like Pink Floyd. But I missed the beautiful songs of the Smiths-period, which are still very contemporary and alive too. Maybe Morrisey can do another tour with only Smiths-songs ? Morrissey with his long history as a writer is too big for one performance. Please let Morrissey come back with a Smiths tour !!
    franks -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:56PM (#210609)
    (User #16245 Info)
  • Michael Farrell, the keyboardist, you know...played a snippet of Focus´s "Hocus Pocus", which ticked me something stupid. Just so because nobody, not even the Dutch, notice it.
    Ramon -- Monday April 10 2006, @03:14PM (#210612)
    (User #2577 Info)
    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • I am sick and I am dull and plain. But how dearly I... and here I am in Holland. Dull audience. Bring on Dublin and Aberdeen and Manchester and Cheltnhem...
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @04:54PM (#210635)
    • Re:amstiedamn by dannyseljee (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @04:59PM
    • Re:amstiedamn by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 11 2006, @03:27AM
  • So for the first time Moz as a solo-artist played Amsterdam, which he also noted, and it was absolutely great. Let's forget about The Boyfriends who were mediocre at best, but First Of The Gang really set the place alight. The first part of the concert was amazing. He should get rid of Endless Succesion, which quite dampened the spirits. Pigsty live is incredible, and thank God he played Trouble Loves Me, which was a bit slow but perfect nonetheless. A funny remark about Reader Meet Author: It is from an album which nobody likes, that's why we played it. The Smiths-songs were brilliant, Still ill...Girlfriend in A Coma...How Soon Is Now...amazing!!!! The songs he played from Ringleader, especially At Last I Am Born, were even better than on the album. Okay, this is only a first impression, but this is Moz in topform. I know you didn't mean to, but you made this man very happy...
    dannyseljee -- Monday April 10 2006, @04:55PM (#210636)
    (User #8711 Info)
  • here are my pictures, there are a few really nice ones:

    morissey at the heineken music hall 10-04-2006 []

    there also a small video clip of how soon is now at:

    how soon is now []

    there will be more tonight.

    i had a great time!
    floris -- Monday April 10 2006, @11:25PM (#210661)
    (User #16250 Info)
  • I've been a big fan for 17 years now and never had a chance to see Him live. Now I did and it exceeded expectation totally. Great gig, wonderful voice, nice music hall...
    One downside: concert was way to short!

    Pink Pop is next.
    miura -- Monday April 10 2006, @11:58PM (#210667)
    (User #16251 Info)
  • The concert was brilliant! It was worth waiting there from 9h30 am to stand on front row....
    Afterwatd - by good luck - we've found the hotel of the musicians. I've took to Boz and Jessy. Those are 2 nice men. I've told Jessy that has written beautifull new songs for THE RINGELEADER... and that made him very happy.
    P.S. The hotel was very near to the AKNATON (where the afterparty was). Did Boz showed up there (I gave him a copy of the pamflet)
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @11:58PM (#210668)
  • Can we please place all the pic-links in here (suggestion) otherwise it will become one big search...

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @12:34AM (#210675)
  • anyone else noticed mozz changed a small piece of the "still ill" lyrics?

    he sung:
    "For there are brighter sides to life
    And I should know, because I've seen them
    very very often." :)

    xthe straight edgex

    acme -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @01:18AM (#210682)
    (User #16252 Info)
  • Has he been doing Trouble Loves Me for much of this tour?

    It's a rare treat to get something from Maladjusted live these days...
    carnal artist -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @01:41AM (#210690)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • Am I the only one who was disappointed with this concert? I was really fucked off that he didn't introduce his amazing band. Those guys were fantastic!!!!
    I got the impression that Moz was pissed off with the audience, who only really came alive for the Smiths numbers. Dutch audiences are well known for their sobriety at concerts, but last night was the worst reception ever. No wonder the big man got fucked off.
    Well I went for it and enjoyed every moment of every song and showed my appreciation, but am still upset that he didn't intro his guys, and only played one encore song. But with a reception like last night, I'm surprised he didn't walk off stage after the third song.
    Tormented -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @02:50AM (#210711)
    (User #16202 Info)
    ~insert funny phrase here~
  • I just wanna know which girl it was that drank my beer! She is nice.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @03:30AM (#210722)
  • Were they any good? Supposed to be going to see them on the 21st in Camden. Quite peeved the Webcast turned out to be a turkey.
    Colette -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @04:12AM (#210732)
    (User #13384 Info)
    Pleasure for beautiful bodies. Pain for beautiful souls.

  • ?cphid=130
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @04:25AM (#210741)
  • This was my first time I saw him in real, and I was impressed. A great performer and a great band as well. My all-time-favourite song: How soon is now, made me shiver. It was great. But Life is a pigsty wasn't bad at all.... Probebly number 2.

    The new album (with DVD) sounds and looks great.

    A shame that there was only 1 extra song. Weren't the dutchies not loud enough???

    I took some pictures with my phone, but they look awfull. Can somebody help me please?
    Spinnekop -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @04:30AM (#210744)
    (User #16233 Info)
  • A great night out... all round. The venue was very special in terms of sonic sound....

    So much to say but what a night out.

    Everyone at the afterparty was v friendly but I was totally Amsterdammed! And it was a pleasure to meet Johan and Houdini, blah blah blah....

    And I never knew there were so many good looking folks about town.

    Llandudno next

    NASHERS- u missed out

    I love der Dam
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @06:12AM (#210783)
  • We made some pictures at yesterdays gig. Here's the link [] to the one we published online
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @06:30AM (#210787)
  • houdini72 -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @06:50AM (#210789)
    (User #15859 Info)
    • Re:Oor-recensie by miura (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @08:07AM
      • Re:Oor-recensie by mel_vin (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @09:15AM
      • Re:Oor-recensie by MacHazzer (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @12:15PM
        • Re:Oor-recensie by kaleidoscope (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @02:10PM
        • Re:Oor-recensie (Score:2, Insightful)

          The point is rather this: if he wants to review Morrissey, he should review Morrissey. Comparing Morrissey to The Smiths is no way to review Morrissey.

          What you'd be able to do, is compare the 2006 version of Smiths songs, to their "original" version.

          People change. Morrissey in The Smiths was a rebel with a cause. Morrissey in 2006 is an accomplished singer with a voice.

          Morrissey in 2006 appeals for different reasons - or certainly doesn't have exactly the same appeal as back in 1983.

          I'm old, tried and tired, and Morrissey has been with me for over 20 years. I don't think I would now respond to The Smiths in the way I did in 1983 if they would start now; and if I heard Morrissey for the first time in 2006, I don't think I'd react in the way I reacted in 1983.

          Things change. People change. For me it makes no sense to compare the days of 1983 to those of 2006. Too many differences.

          The reaction to Smiths songs is different from the reaction on his Solo-work ? True and not true; many only react to what they know best - and The Smiths catalogue is better known with more people than ROTT or YATQ. But in terms of intensity, I've already seen people go mad both with Everyday is like Sunday, You're the one for me fatty, as with Hand in Glove.

          For me as well, the older Smiths songs have much more personal references than, say, I will see you in far-off places. But I know newer fans who prefer FOTGTD to MIM. Not for me though.

          But Moz in Amsterdam & Paris was an incredibly touching experience nevertheless - and I'm there to see him as he is doing now, not to remember the skinny, shy, slightly aggressive figure who confrontationally grabbed the mike and faught the world.

          I saw a very confident Morrissey compared to the 1984 days; and a positive point. This is someone who has done what he wanted to do, the way he wanted to do it - and he's there. He's still there. He enjoys being there - singing for the sole purpose of singing. As if he would care what's coming next.

          It didn't trigger any ecstatic feeling of joy, but an intense feeling of love. And if Morrissey can do that in 70 minutes, he's a pure talent - and I'm a poor tart.
          MILVA -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @06:04AM (#211032)
          (User #12729 Info)
          no previous convictions
        • Re:Oor-recensie (Score:2, Interesting)

          See I am a Smiths fan AND a Morrissey fan. Both have their merits and I see them apart from each other. Where the Beatles are concerned: I love them but I won't attend a McCartney concert to hear old Beatles songs... that would be daft as hell.

          Another example: next month I go to see Zappa's sons play their fathers music. What I don't expect is an exact replica of a 1979 Frank Zappa concert (which sadly I missed being to young to go to his concerts and then the poor sod died). No, I expect to see two creative men confront their own musical views with their fathers music. It'll be a nice experiment and I won't feel sad if they don't do "Dancing Fool" as Frank would've done it. I would be delighted if they'd do Dancing Fool in their own original way, though.
          Old concert videos played during the concert are a plus, not the reason of my going.

          Please please please... let Morrissey be Morrissey and not "the former lead singer of the Smiths." You definately do him wrong since he's matured a lot and changed, just as I did and probably most old Smiths fans.
          miura -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @10:33PM (#211250)
          (User #16251 Info)
    • Re:Oor-recensie by triggerFit (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @08:30AM
    • Re:Oor-recensie by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 11 2006, @09:55AM
    • Re:Oor-recensie by houdini72 (Score:1) Wednesday April 12 2006, @01:47AM
    • Volkskrant van vandaag is al niet veel beter by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 12 2006, @02:42AM
  • Hi,

    Did someone tape the Amsterdamconcert?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @08:57AM (#210802)
  • Mr. Morrissey; thank you for your kindness.You wer enjoying it en we all dutch men and women too.
    band: perfect
    voice: perfect
    Next year again and a little bit longer?
    Please please, let me get what i want............
    granddad bat -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @10:26AM (#210816)
    (User #16260 Info)
  • I am so pleased he is doing 'Trouble Loves Me' - one of his finest solo moments. I hope he keeps it in the set list for his UK shows. As for doing a cover of Magazine's 'Song from under the floorboards' . . . what a bonus.
    lastofthegang -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @01:17PM (#210880)
    (User #14736 Info)
  • If you'll indulge me....both the drum and the two-decked Boz' guitar had the Italin flag painted on it and Moz said "Grazie "(thank you) and "Ciao"to the audience....quiet funny, being in Holland.
    Also he changed words in YHKM "Pasolini is me, Fellini you'll never be".
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @02:32PM (#210900)
  • But then neither are you!

    I have returned joyous at my experiences in the old port!

    Firstly I'd like to apologise to Harald about the ticket. It’s not my fault my mate is a complete f---wit whose passport expired 5 days before the off!
    Which he found out at check-in at the airport!!! I’m really, really sorry if it inconvenienced you.

    Anyway made a good weekend of it, saw Ajax win 1-0 in a pretty awful match if truth be told, visited Rembrandt’s house which was bit of tourist rip off, indulged in the coffee shops and the Amstel and Heineken. Ate a lovely Indonesian meal as well, one of the best vegetarian things I’ve ever had!

    The gig, the gig, the gig. Admittedly I was a little worse for wear but I remember most of it! Couldn’t be bothered muscling my way to the front though by the sounds and looks of it everyone was a little more laissez-faire than in the UK! Hence my mate got some really good photos.

    The new songs are amazing live but I’m a little worried that the venue, which by the way is probably the best venue in terms of acoustics and sound I have been to, served the songs so well that they (the songs) may sound weaker in comparison at some of the UK venues. Oh well I’ll find out soon enough!

    I felt like it was a rock show rather than a Morrissey gig at times, which I personally thought was a good thing. The band were extremely tight and very “professional.” The sound was astoinshing.

    Other highlights were definitely the Smiths songs, Trouble Loves Me, Reader Meet Author when the “strings” kicked in and as said the new songs. I wasn’t overly impressed by the Quarry songs though that’s probably more to do with over-familiarisation than them being weaker. Though I loved My Life Is An Endless…

    I Will See You In Far Off Places was bombastic! (if you’ll pardon the pun, oh you did. Thanks) and when he did the circling motion with his hand to, “It’s the same old S.O.S” I nearly came on the spot. From 15 rows back and all! Messy.

    Liked the Magazine cover and all. Please keep it in the set. I thought a few people were disappointed by the length of the show. I wasn’t!

    Forgotten gem of the night….”To Me You Are A Work Of Art” Fanf---ingtaastic.

    The aftershow party was good fun. Especially my photos with Boz and Jesse! That’s when I came again.
    Nah they were very approachable and friendly even in my, by this point, twisted eyes.
    I enjoyed meeting everyone in the party as well even if it is all a little hazy. Hope I didn’t pith anyone off. Don’t think I did! Johan and Houdini72 you did us proud. Cheers guys!

    BLUEBIRDS soon to be @ Llandudno!!!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @12:35AM (#210954)
  • action=view&current=Boz.jpg

    Note Boz's subtle rabbit fingers behind my mate's head. HA HA HA.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @05:29AM (#211020)
  • I came from the north of France for this concert.
    700 kilometers ...
    My first concert of Morrissey and the best concert of my life !!!!
    So passioned !!!
    verystylishgirl -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @11:23PM (#211257)
    (User #15513 Info)
  • any one?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @11:04AM (#211399)

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