posted by davidt on Thursday April 13 2006, @02:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / Let Me Kiss You / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / I Will See You In Far-off Places / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / A Song From Under The Floorboards / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

setlist provided by naomi
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  • all he played was irish blood english heart! green clovers! pass me the guiness!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @02:13PM (#211447)
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  • Just back, fantastic night...from memory same place list as Paris show
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @02:28PM (#211452)
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  • Great night. No change to current set. Moz in great form. Crowd was a bit static at times but ultimately top night. Can't knock the band or Moz. Pigsty is a gem live!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @02:46PM (#211454)
  • are they not following any of the 2006 tour?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @02:51PM (#211456)
  • well gang i travelled down from Dublin for this one and am posting from my hotel room in Killarney. Let me just start by saying the show was excellent. I have heard mixed reports of crowd reactions to various european shows but for me tonight the crowd were mad for it and very vocal.Moz looked better than I had seen him on Quarry tour. no surprises with the setlist other than before trouble loves me the band played an instrumental version of "wild rover" traditional irish songwith moz doing a bit of a jig. highlights for me were still ill youngest was most loved pigsty at last i am born and last night i dreamt. One other thing I will see you in far off places sounds a million times better live not one of my faves but tonight it blew me away. he made reference to having the sniffles aftera bad flight from Paris to Kerry with Aer Fungus (lingus). All of the songs were nailed by the band they sounded fab. I know a lot of people on here miss Alain as i do but Jessie is a great replacement and maybe sometimes gets a bad rap. Anyway back to Dublin tomorrow and getting ready for sat and sunday at the olympia. Hopefully i will be able to get this tee shirt off me by then!!!!!. Slan abhaile from Kerry
    cossy -- Thursday April 13 2006, @03:52PM (#211464)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • Good Night morrissey seemed to be in good form. I met him yesterday in cork airport and then got to shake hands again this evening crowd where in good spirits one shirt thrown and no out of the ordinary comments the band where as usual excellent.Julia also spoke Morrissey passed the microphone to her set lis more or less the same as previous nights.
    The concert was a bit to short at 1hr 25 mins the venue was my guess 99% full.
    Viva Morrissey
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @05:42PM (#211476)
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  • Oh, just remembered; someone might be interested. I was lucky enough to hear the soundcheck and 'On the Streets I Ran' was played three times. But the actual setlist was the same as in Paris.
    naomi -- Thursday April 13 2006, @11:54PM (#211520)
    (User #421 Info)
    Fine purveyors of drivel since 1980...
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  • the julia thing gets more responses on the thread. talk about the gig people as i have done earlier in the thread. Having slept on it this was one of the best moz concerts (and there has been about 20)that i have had the privalage to attend.

    cossy -- Friday April 14 2006, @01:39AM (#211525)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • I'll keep this short

    Life is a Pig-sty live is an epic
    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @01:59AM (#211530)
  • Any idea? (Score:2, Funny)

    What happened to the Elvis style red M O R R I S S E Y lights that graced the stage during the last tour?

    I keep checking e-Bay but...

    If I got my hands on them I'd put them on the roof and turn them on every Christmas along with a healthy blast of I Have Forgiven Jesus.
    • Great idea, Stan.

      Unfortunately, the lights went on e-bay and most of the letters have sold except for the O, S, Y and Rs.

      So, you can still spell out S O R R Y on the roof. Not bad.
      mozmic_dancer -- Friday April 14 2006, @05:29AM (#211554)
      (User #11277 Info)
      "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
      • Re:Any idea? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 14 2006, @01:53PM
  • The song(well, the 30 seconds of it) sounds so beautiful,flamboyant and tragic. Who is the performer? Is it Klaus Nomi?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @06:51AM (#211585)
  • I didn’t know if the hall would be full and if the crowd would voice their appreciation, but the rapt reception for Morrissey in Killarney was unmissable. The songs were those on the Paris set-list though I thought the order was slightly changed, and maybe except for FOTGTO plus the addition of In the Future? Not sure, I was absorbed in the moment. Kathleen Young, the support act, was superb; powerful theatrical lively performance who seemed to have quickly won over the audience. Very impressive. The show started on time, strange in Ireland! The intro for Morrissey was as described before; his opening line was something like ‘hello to the Rose of Tralee’ but at the time a big fattie was falling on top of me and I was on the verge of expletives trying to stand my ground, while the crowd was exploding with excitement.

    My gang got scattered in the hall but I met many people I hadn’t seen for years. Anyway Morrissey gestured with his hand for the crowd to calm down while launching into IBEH, as far as I remember? He told us about his cold, implicating Aer Fungus (!) but he sang brilliantly. The band was in great form, seeming to enjoy the atmosphere. Morrissey said this part of the country was noted for Kerry Gold butter, Brennan’s bread (Dublin?!) and he put on a very funny Oirish accent. When singing ‘there’s no such thing as normal’ he swept his arm over the front rows as if illustrating! Julia asked him how he was through the mike he offered her as he enquired about her, and he answered that he felt like a spout – runny nose, sweat, sound and fury?!! He added something like, a spout of nothing before singing HSIN.

    My highlights were: Trouble Loves Me- epic indeed, following well-chosen Whiskey in the Jar intro; A Song from Under the Floorboards; and At Last I am Born – blah blah blah, so funny! LIAB was fab, but it all was of course. One of my company tomorrow wanted seats which I’m bummed about, but we’re standing on Sunday. I brought a PETA magazine with me to my mother’s who flicked through it and proclaimed that she’s turning veggie! She also agreed, as a staunch Catholic, to say a prayer for Morrissey’s return to full health now because it would be a cruel Easter not to see him again in Dublin! Killarney has good taste, and earned its night of ‘spiritual tantric’ as someone described it on the radio. As one newly-found past acquaintance put it, he could just sit on the stage for an hour and a half and do nothing, and that'd be quality! So lip-synch if necessary in front of a box of tissues; just show in the Olympia Moz! : )
    goinghome -- Friday April 14 2006, @07:45AM (#211604)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • As lame as most covers albums are I think Morrissey all covers cd would cool.
    jeffsbf -- Friday April 14 2006, @08:34AM (#211613)
    (User #15597 Info)
  • Great Posts ! Thanks for the news....

    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @01:24PM (#211654)
    • Re:News by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 14 2006, @01:59PM
  • Why has no-one mentioned the fact that Morrissey had a pint of something chucked over him at the start?His jacket was soaked, he wasn't amused and I have known him to walk off for similar incidents. There were a lot of pissheads in the audience and I sincerely hope they don't bother themselves turning up at the Dublin shows.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 15 2006, @12:54AM (#211678)
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  • hi guys just on my way to dublin thought id post this little beauty before setting off... good night in killarney me and my mates got well and truly pissed, after the show we stayed at the bar and ended up chating to an old man, low and behold he turned out to be boz's father in law, then boz came over then gary and then jessie, i think i was too drunk to take it all in but my friend says i hugged gary and told him that he was the man and to forget the rest of them, he looked a bit bemused at that it could of been my slurred speech... i guess things like this dont happen everyday there must be more of you out there who met the guys it was at the main bar... viva moz......
    jeebahs -- Saturday April 15 2006, @02:19AM (#211685)
    (User #5238 Info)
  • I brought a friend of mine to the concert-she has long observed my love of the man and the music and wanted to see what the fuss was about. She is smaller then average and the only way she sees anything at concerts is if she stands at the front. We went in early, got a place at the front to the left side of the stage and guarded the spot like a pair of terriers. Grrr!

    Fantastic evening, probably the best that I've seen him yet. But the highlight was undoubtedly when she said that she'd always thought of him and his music as miserable, and thought of his fans as hardcore grumps who dressed in black(???). She was surprised to learn that his voice was amazing, much sweeter than she expected, he was wittier than his reputation allows, his performance blew her away and the fans all had grins plastered on their faces when not singing their little hearts out.

    I shouldn't have done it, but saying "I told you so" never felt so good...
    molly bronski -- Saturday April 15 2006, @03:23AM (#211691)
    (User #13581 Info)
  • yeah that god-damn idiot threw a half empty bottle of water at Morrissey that hit him round his stomach/ribs and left a few blotches on his shirt, i was 3 feet away from him and from what I could tell he just ignored it, he knew that everyone else was going crazy for him, and I sincerely hope the clown who threw it had his jaw broken, in numerous places!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 15 2006, @05:02AM (#211703)
  • has anyone got any video of the killarney show or good pics greta gig and my camera packed up can anyone help
    robcrowley -- Saturday April 15 2006, @07:43AM (#211717)
    (User #16303 Info)
  • is there any pics for this show?
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 15 2006, @08:46AM (#211720)
  • Why bother printing it? It's the same one for every concert.
    ATLpunk -- Saturday April 15 2006, @08:56AM (#211722)
    (User #13585 Info)
  • It's really quite brilliant.
    The First 2 songs are quite frustrating as security had to constantly show late-comers to their seats near me - meaning I had to hide the camera frequently. I stayed at my seat and got some brilliant close up footage for the next half hour, but a nearby over-zealous security guard pouncing on everyone daring to take out their phone-camera, meant I had to move. I moved to the 3rd balcony by the side and videoed the rest uninterupted - but I missed 'I Will See You In Far Off Places' during the move. Again brilliant and up close. I'll try to post a clip or 2 in the coming week (with the help of an Irish mate).
    MarkAnthonyOC -- Saturday April 15 2006, @11:56AM (#211758)
    (User #16305 Info)
  • first ever morrissey concert went in on my own thanks to sam and celelia for looking after me it was the best time of my life.
    irishgirlenglisheart -- Friday April 28 2006, @12:15AM (#214444)
    (User #14606 Info)
  • that was my first concert ever i went in on my own my friends and mum hate morrissey and would rather jump into a canal then listen them being a shy sixteen year old i was taken under the wings of a lovley group of morrissey fans i loved it i got up near the front nearly touched his hand but low and behold the lord did not bless me with slender long arms so i settled to look at him i met boz after i was star strucked i just put the thumb u[p and said good show i got a guitarr string it was thrown into the crowd it hit me in the eye.
    i went out for a fag with my new set of companions and we sang morrissey songs.
    it was the best night of my life life is a pigsty is fantastic live see you all at bud rising,alison
    jebuschrist -- Wednesday June 21 2006, @06:53AM (#225811)
    (User #16979 Info)
  • he just knows julia. he talks to other people too. and sometimes he even acknowledges people he recognizes from the past.

    Talking to julia is more of a joke for morrissey. do you notice the way he talks to her. it's more like a joke, and he knows it annoys some of his fans so he does it for kicks. he probably thinks she is completely nuts. it's all funny for him. he passes the mic becaue he knows what she is going to say. "i love you morrissey, you are the best." it's funny.

    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @07:45PM (#211497)
  • an obsessive fan who gets used... and is she paid? oh thats right, no. have i seen her get kicked out b4 a show on this tour?? yes... she is a riot... morrissey encourages her so the rest of us hard-cores have a laugh at the end of a lonf overnight in the queue...

    -deadbeats club of chicago x0x0
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @08:41PM (#211501)
  • Hahaha. Anonymous in Chicago.

    We know it's you Kenneth!

    Eric Hartman -- Thursday April 13 2006, @11:55PM (#211521)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • it amuses me that so many people get angry about julia. anyway, maybe julia & steve are "an item" - hence the fact that she's always there at the gigs and able to afford to travel around the world with him.

    isn't it a bit odd that nobody's suggested this, before? perhaps it's too much for some people to comprehend that he may be heterosexual, whilst not conforming to the standard male identity.

    to those who'll say "he must be gay - his songs prove it!!", keep in mind that as long ago as 1987 he explained that he doesn't write from an exclusively male point of view, implying, thereby, that he doesn't write exclusively in the first person, either. ...just a thought.

    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @04:39AM (#211545)
  • oooh. bring on the gossip!! Having never seen a photos of the famous JULIA I am oooh soooo curious as to what she looks like.

    anyone got a photos of her to post?
    PS: she was stage right at the Paris concert and I was stage left, so no risk of standing on her Converses!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @05:03AM (#211548)
  • The man himself says it in song~

    "The haves are sickened by have-nots"
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 15 2006, @09:54AM (#211728)
  • I've not read all this thread, but here's my tuppence worth. What used to piss me ooff is Julia arrving early to queue, then psiing off for hours, and arriving back just before the doors opened to take a place at the head of queue. What was worse though was it was not just her but a bunch of her cronies aswell. Tonight - well Julia arrives jsut before doors as normal, heads to the top of the queue and the guy I assume was tour manager arrives out takes her in, and lets her to the front. And I fullly approve. Shes served her time put in the hard slog etc. I mean look what shes had to do to get that privilege. Its taken years. hats off as far as I'm concerned. Don't know the woman,and don't particularly want to (no offense), but if Moz wants to talk to here abd give her the mic then thas his business. Its his gig after all.
    Joe Dolan -- Saturday April 15 2006, @05:15PM (#211821)
    (User #15039 Info)
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