posted by davidt on Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Reader Meet Author / Girlfriend In A Coma / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / I Will See You In Far-off Places / At Last I Am Born / Let Me Kiss You / Trouble Loves Me / A Song From Under The Floorboards / How Soon Is Now? / Life Is A Pigsty // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Absolutely Brilliant

    No problems with the sound at The Lowry.

    Quite a few local comments as you can imagine. including asking if we approved of Shameless (a UK TV show ) and saying he did.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:06PM (#212297)
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    • Re:Just Back by soulmarc (Score:1) Tuesday April 18 2006, @05:55PM
  • Cracking stuff, usual setlist, very well performed, got ridiculously good seats (two rows in front of Paul Morley, but one row behind Marc Riley, so you can't have everything), Morrissey very nostalgic for old Salford market, but also up-to-date on Manc affairs (shameless, Shayne Ward,etc). Lots of jolly fun for all concerned.
    auntie edith -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:25PM (#212299)
    (User #4608 Info)
  • some comments... (Score:2, Insightful)

    In FOTGTD: "Collyhurst reservoirs"
    "We'll have to be quick... Shayne Ward's on next."
    "This is just like being at The Willows. We're the star turn."
    "Does anyone remember the Salford market?"
    When some bloke shouted "Take your shirt off!", Moz responded "Surely you're not that starved?!?"
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:26PM (#212300)
  • just got back from Lowry , amazing gig cant wait to go the philharmonic in liverpool for a second helping. in meantime will be checking out the smiths indeed on thursday - found a flyer on my windscreen in lowry car park! well done mozzer makes chris martin seem lame in comparison.
    maximillion -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:35PM (#212302)
    (User #15197 Info)
    • Re:Lowry by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:44PM
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  • me and hubby just got back-brilliant gig!! (husband's first!!)Morrissey mentioned that Radio 1 won't play his songs because he's too old even though they play Bono and Madonna!! He also asked if we'd forgotten Gracie Fields as 'Sally' was being played on the piano...fantastic night, Morrissey looked slim and gorgeous...said he was the oldest person in there..obviously not from looking around which is what I love about Morrissey gigs!!
    scarlette -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:40PM (#212304)
    (User #11977 Info)
  • Was there only one support, sons and daughters???

    Any good>?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:44PM (#212308)
  • Well it is my birthday today and i sit here not 20 miles from the lowry wishing i had been there and there were bastards on ebay selling tickets for this last night! Anyway if you got there i hope it was great - i will be there at the apollo and liverpool philarmonic - I can't wait! The album is amazing!
    evanslyonnais -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:45PM (#212309)
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  • some comments 2... (Score:2, Informative)

    "Be prepared for a night of torment."
    "Thanks for buying Ringleader Of The Tomatoes."
    "Am I the oldest person here?"
    "Bono beat me to number 1 in a poll of lyrics. I mean, he's nice, but come on!"

    Oh, and he did not mention Julia!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:47PM (#212310)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:51PM (#212312)
  • Sensational. Great set with a few [very welcome] surprises, such as Still Ill, Reader Meet Author and a great Magazine cover. How Soon... sounded brilliant too.

    Other highlights - talking to the drummer from Doves, and watching Sean Hughes sparking up on our row (D), the cheeky blighter. Oh, and being interviewed for XFM on the way out!

    Downsides - two selfish twats (a girlfriend and boyfriend stood at the front on the left if you're reading this, he was the one chanting MORRISSEY when Moz was actually trying to speak - you know the one I mean), barging through from wherever their seats actually were, to go and stand at the front, flailing their arms in everyone's faces, getting on the nerves of people who actually managed to get decent seats in the first place.

    Anyways, roll on the Apollo and King Georges...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @03:54PM (#212315)
    • Re:Salford by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 19 2006, @12:23AM
      • Re:Salford by Burnage (Score:1) Wednesday April 19 2006, @01:00AM
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          • Re:Salford by leonie (Score:1) Tuesday April 25 2006, @07:53AM
    • Re:Salford by Strutting Rooster (Score:1) Wednesday April 19 2006, @02:05AM
  • Fantastic night. First time I've posted after a gig but always appreciate what others say, so here we go...

    First pre-gig - lots of Moz-alikes and spotted Sean Hughes (comedian) in the bar; he's a long term fan.

    Next, comments:

    'The next single is The Youngest Was the Most Loved, but Radio 1 won't play it (boos)because I was born in 1959 and they won't play anyone who was born before 1971 (boos) but they play Madonna and U2 (boos). So I say, screw them (cheers).'

    'Thank you for keeping me at number 1 for 7 days'.

    'I belive that I was beaten by U2 in a recent lyric poll....Bono's a nice guy, but really...'

    I can't remember anymore, sorry!

    The songs were amazing - Morrissey in top form vocally and band playing very well - Jesse fantastic. Boz playing glasses of water on Pigsty - which he subsequently drank!

    I will See You.. was particularly good -very powerful, as was Still Ill (actually the song which got me into The Smiths when they performed it on The Tube, way back) and To Me You are a Work of Art which, although I like it on the album, for me came to life live.

    A lovely mix of songs - especially enjoyed Trouble Loves Me, a song I've always loved and performed beautifully. I could go on and on...

    Great atmosphere and a fantastic night, can't wait for Llandudno tomorrow.

    Thank you Morrissey for another amazing show, you get better and better.

    Exhausted now, goodnight... and thank you X
    Human_Being -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:00PM (#212318)
    (User #16025 Info)
  • was very impressed with 'now i am born' live. And WOW!! 'trouble loves me'. girl (hello mel!!) next to me was overcome during trouble.
    He looked in great shape. He said 'next single will not be played by radio1 because he was born in 1959 and their policy is that they will not play records by anyone born before 1971......except for Bono and Madogger'
    L'Estrange -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:02PM (#212319)
    (User #1939 Info |
  • First up: how I love to be Anonymous.

    Right then, the gig ... I will type as I think as I type, and there will be no comments on sartorial matters (wot is this? Hello magazine?!).

    Setlist much as it has been recently.

    As is typical, the music tends to be kept at a level or two underneath Moz's voice; as a result the band sounds a bit 'flat' and curtailed, as if they are 'screened off'. I would love to hear the band sizzle and screech a bit more and be much less measured at times, so that Moz has to battle against the band a bit more (especially as Jesse seems to be a very pleasantly physical player). Moz is clearly still listening to the Ramones (note intro tape) so the concept of a 'bit of rough' shouldn't be foreign to him. A case in point here: the bass sound on the intro to "The Youngest ..." was great, grindy and grizzly, but the moment the song took off the sound of it got flattened out and pushed to the back of the mix. Someone somewhere is being too careful and paying too much attention to some sort of rule.

    Moz introduced Matt C as "our best ever drummer" and it must be said his contribution is exceptional; at times his pounding, drilling and skidaddling along of the songs was the only thing that kept us from treading dangerously close to some kind of rock quagmire.

    As can probably be anticipated from what I have written already, I found the softer/more intricate songs best - they are portrayed with a great deal of love and an eye for detail, and it looks like the band have had an awful lot of fun thinking about how to tackle them (whither Boz on "Pigsty"). "At Last I Am Born" worked much better than I expected, and "Trouble" was a delight (great song though innit?!). The main exception proving the rule was "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy", which did sound gleefully brutal, basic and abrasive. Oh, and "Far Off Places" had some gumph as well.

    Of the 'golden oldies', well if you must expect to be thrilled by the current reading of "Still Ill" then well if I were you I wouldn't bother ... for there are brighter versions than this rather meek pedestrian mooch through that particular classic. Again, too nice. The somewhat prim and restrained sound of the band does suit "Coma", however. Nice to hear Gary Day gradually finding ways to play "How Soon" without murdering the little groovy bassline asides, by which he has been rendering the song de-funked.

    The audience reaction was well short of hysterical - as I've noted in reviews of previous recent shows, it was really quite a mild-mannered response. A lot of people around me didn't seem particularly arsed, and I wonder if the somewhat unphysical nature of the backing isn't part of the reason for that. One doesn't feel completely seized by the music. On the other hand, the man himself sang great, and I feel more and more that the correct approach to Moz is 'a la Sinatra' ... i.e., musically things might not be groundbreaking, but above all it is about THE VOICE.

    Overall, however, it is lovely to see Moz, and particularly good to see him apparently at ease with himself and snug in his niche ... this warms the heart and gives one hope, much like seeing a kindly and eccentric Uncle find a second youth and demonstrate elan at surfing, or somesuch.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:08PM (#212320)
  • .........brought a tear to my eye.
    I will see you in far off places as a massive highlight.
    Sean Hughes was there, whatever happened to him.
    sirgordonzola -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:09PM (#212321)
    (User #7095 Info)
    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • That flair for flash yet still kindles the working class kindness...

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:16PM (#212322)
  • how well did it work out being an all seated show? i hope a bunch of you lot stormed the front? was there a barrier in front of the the stage? im sat up front on the 7 and 8, but im surely not staying there in my seat.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:21PM (#212326)
    • Re:seats? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 19 2006, @03:58AM
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      • Re:sorry by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 19 2006, @03:46PM
  • When some guy screamed out "The Smiiiiiths" Mozza said something like this

    "Well that's life. The past is a foul place to visit, and I wouldnt want to stay there. As painful as life is, it crawls on."

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @04:43PM (#212330)
  • More pale, disinterested couples there than at a Sandals resort.
    Moz did respond to my shout of 're-release it!' after Trouble Loves Me with 'But who would buy it?' which made me reet proud but really, although I was only 9 at the time and was never there the Salford Uni gig in 86 was much more representative of a Salford audience (I've got the video if you're wondering).
    Far too many MOR, day-tripping Johnny come latelys there for my liking and the lack of response to songs posted in his less than stellar career moments was a tad sad (for the bewildered in the audience, not Moz).
    Sean Hughes is a mint gent btw and one whose photo I had took alongside / autograph garnered and I was happy to pass my mobile to a rather bemused Mike Toolan off of Manchesters shitty Key 103 regional breakfast radio show.
    It was displaying a message from my good friend, Matthew, which read 'Ask him why he's a facetious cunt who pretends to be good mates with celebs when he's a minor one at best'.
    He read it out aloud at first as if to impress his platimum blonde beau but became increasingly mute as the tone of the message became apparent. I have a marvelous shot of his mush rapidly turning from smug smile to wounded grimace on my digital camera.
    Good gig but still nowhere near King Georges Hall Blackburn 2002.
    ManAlive -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @05:03PM (#212332)
    (User #4261 Info)
    Thirty? I didn't think you'd make it to Thursday!
  • 'First Of The Gang'
    'Still Ill'
    'You Have Killed Me'
    'I Just Want To See The Boy Happy'
    'The Youngest Was The Most Loved'
    'My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye'
    'Reader Meet Author'
    'Girlfriend In A Coma'
    'To Me You Are A Work Of Art'
    'I Will See You In Far Off Places'
    'At Last I Am Born'
    'Let Me Kiss You'
    'Trouble Loves Me'
    'A Song From Under The Floorboards'
    'How Soon Is Now'
    'Life Is A Pigsty'
    'Irish Blood, English Heart'
    Kerki -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @05:48PM (#212335)
    (User #13639 Info |
    Im sinking in the quicksand of my mind
    • Re:Nifty by Stan (Score:1) Tuesday April 18 2006, @06:06PM
  • As to the question above about the seated arrangement, it was ignored- as it should be. I was at the back of the Upper Circle, worst seats in the house, but the audience stood from the moment he walked on until "Ciao!" at the close.

    They weren't dancing, but they stood.

    Morrissey was very funny tonight. The rant against Radio 1 was clearly just something he wanted to get off his slim chest and when he said "apparently I've lost out in a lyrical competition to Bono. He's very nice, but REALLY..." Brought a spontanious round of applause from the whole audience.

    Here's one for the floor.... After he sung A Song From Under The Floorboards' (which went down a lot better than a couple of songs in the set - it's great) someone loudly heckled "Was that Speedway?" to which Moz immediately replied "VERY well observed." I don't know if our Man was being sarcastic or if other keen listeners can see a link musically or otherwise between the two songs?

    Stage not invaded. Will it ever be again? The average age of the audience is creeping up... A lot of baldy heads and no quiffs to count. People seemed absolutely mystified at Reader Meet Author, as if it were a brand new track. Not a passionate audience, although there were plenty of folk at the front with their hands outstretched, and most of them got shook.

    I saw a familiar face in the bar beforehand and went over to say hello. "I didn't know you were a Morrissey fan!" I said. "I am a bit. I'm here on a corperate. The brewery got us tickets."

    Morrissey is now a corperate night out then. Things do change.

    Gig highlights; Still Ill. Far Off Places. Work Of Art.

    Gig lowlights; Life Is a Pigsy failing to live up to everyone saying it's amazing live. (and he closed on it). Trouble Loves Me - never seen it live before and now I have...

    But a funny, happy Morrissey merrily singing songs... it's a lovely night out. Is it more than that? I don't know.

  • That's my 14th Moz gig and could well be the best. Just astonishingly good sound, the band were superb, Moz was on top form and the whole thing was just amazing.

    And Jesse is the coolest motherfucker on the planet!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @07:02PM (#212345)
  • what a night! eviews/morrissey.htm
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @12:58AM (#212374)
  • Were there any returns available for sale at the box office yesterday?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @01:34AM (#212379)
    • Re:tickets by all the lazy dykes (Score:1) Thursday April 20 2006, @12:08AM
  • Well worth my friend being sick all over me for.
    I spotted Jed stood by some railings chatting on a phone, and just as I was about to go over, my friend dragged me away.
    So I nearly had an encounter with Fonz The Third.

    The venue was nice, beautifully set out, the crowd seemed up for it.And when Still Ill was played me and my friend and some guy behind me all stood up and went '' We're having you Manchester ''.

    But yeah, didn't manage to egg Jesse Tobias but all in all it was a great night.
    Hello Indie -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @01:45AM (#212380)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Chris BBC -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @02:22AM (#212384)
    (User #16334 Info)
  • no one seems to have mentioned the merchandice yet, i have got a t shirt on both the last times i have seen Morrissey in Liverpool and i am hoping to do the same on May 12th, what's on sale anybody??

    davegore -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @02:33AM (#212386)
    (User #16114 Info)
  • Excellant gig, has anyone got any video clips/pictures? My phone was hopeless. Cheers
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @02:43AM (#212389)
  • sic/livereviews/s/211/211025_morrissey__the_lowry. html
    geordiexile -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @03:05AM (#212394)
    (User #3062 Info)
  • My God, The Man is awesome. This is only the second Moz gig I've been to but I was so close to the stage it was untrue. Thank you to the guy who helped me over the seats and pushed me to the front; those jeans I was wearing were a tad too tight to go seat hopping.
    To the people slagging off the newcomers (I've been a fan of the solo stuff since 2002) I knew every word to every song, jumped around like a loon and was happy getting crushed just to have him acknowledge me when I stretched out my hands. It crossed my mind to invade the stage, but then again is it really worth it to get dragged off and probably chucked out? Especially when he kept coming forward to the crowd anyways. I thought the security did an excellent job btw. They were clearly nervous that there was no barrier and fans 5 - 6 people deep all shoving to grab Mozzer's hand, but they could have been arsey and told us to go back to our seats; instead they just let us go wild. The fact that it was seating really didn't make a difference to those in the stalls. Though there was one dodgy moment where Mozzer put his hand in the crowd and nearly got yanked off the stage. Someone told me that a couple of people had tried to take his ring (no jokes please ... I'm talking about jewellery) which is a daft thing to do as it must mean a lot to him.
    And one of the best jokes of the night hasn't been mentioned; when he sang 'To Me You Are A Work Of Art' he changed the lyrics to 'I live a life, I feel the pain, to sing the song to tell the tale, I wish I knew who the hell had wrote this song'. Made me laugh anyway.
    And perhaps someone with x-ray vision can answer me this, but what did he have painted on his chest? At first I thought it was something attached to his necklace, but I'm sure is was oval, white and painted or stuck on him and something was written in the oval? Perhaps my eyesight is going.
    It's probably being so close that made it for me, but his voice has never sounded better, his passion for music is still catching and his performance (quips and all) was just spot on. It felt like he was onstage for mere minutes, but I can't complain about a short set when the peformance was so perfect.
    Roll on Sheffield.

    Mozzersgirl -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @04:59AM (#212404)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • Moz and the boys in top form. IWSYIFOP sounded awsome live. Some nice quips about Radio One and ageism.

    Who was the cock at the front who kept barracking him?
    Spellbound -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @05:29AM (#212406)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
    • Re:Great Gig by Agent Provocateur (Score:1) Wednesday April 19 2006, @10:01AM
      • Re:Great Gig by ManAlive (Score:1) Wednesday April 19 2006, @04:01PM
  • A really wonderful experience - I'll be grinning until Christmas over this one.
    Sphinx -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @05:50AM (#212407)
    (User #12337 Info)
  • A fantastic evening, got there just at the end of the Sons and Daughters set (they didn't rock my world), sat on row C is the circle, quiffed and blazered! Moz was a real barrel of laughs - ringleader of the tomatoes indeed! Looked quality in his pink shirt (was it me or was he sweating from the nipples?!). Bit dissapointed that 'LasNight I Dreamt...' was off the setlist, he made a comment about having to hurry up, so maybe there is a curfew at the Lowry (BOO!!). Was the fifth time I've seen the man live (and I'm only 20!). Gonna have to ebay it for the other Manc shows, no way I can miss them after that. Oh - they played 'You'll Never Walk Alone' just before the intro- nice touch in Manchester HaHa!
    anotherordinaryboy -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @07:02AM (#212424)
    (User #16076 Info)
    Let me get my hands on your mammary glands....
  • One of the best gigs I've been to, if not the best. Was a bit less of a landmark than the MEN, for obvious reasons, but still a fantastic occasion.

    Only let downs for me were certain people in the audience. We all like to have a laugh but heckling the support band isn't kind, even if it is asking for Boz Boorer. Credit to Sons and Daughters, they took it in their stride.

    Also, to the miserable soul near me who got his phone out and played Tetris, whinging like a child, during the more well known, popular Smiths songs like How Soon is Now and Girlfriend in a Coma, your kind really are not welcome at Morrissey gigs at all.

    Can't fault Morrissey or the lads. Mikey is, as we all know, amazing.
    Ben Budd -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @08:25AM (#212460)
    (User #9454 Info)
  • Still Ill

    You Have Killed Me load&ufid=1AD21E136E98FBE4
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @01:02PM (#212519)
  • Insane lack of security at the Lowry, just one security bloke til 10 mins before Moz came on when about another 6 appeared. Low stage and no crush barrier meant this was the EASIEST gig ever to get on the stage, however, too many corporates and press in the front rows. We were 4th row, simply went over the seats during the intro as the lights dimmed. STAGE INVADERS, YOU WILL NEVER GET A BETTER CHANCE. It would have been possible to walk from the back of the stalls to the front unchallenged just before the start of the gig. Great show by the Moz, pedestrian crowd to say the least.
    collo -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @02:05PM (#212525)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • To say I was disappointed (truly disappointed)at the whole seating arrangement would be an understatement. I went to get a drink afetr the splendid Sons & Daughters set and I looked at the faces of the Mozzers and the glourious Mozzettes who had obviously been to a number of Moz gigs before and there was a look of bewilderment at this choice of venue. I felt as though the atmosphere inside lacked the usual frantic pulsating passion I have been used to over the years. Moz was his usual brilliant self but when I had people sitting around me with their packets of sweets and remaining seated throughout the gig I felt like hurling them off the balcony. Moz I know were all getting on a bit but we still enjoy a good mosh!!!!......I'm going to Birmingham Symphony Hall next I think I'd better take my tarten blanket and hot water bottle!!!!!!
    crashandieuk -- Wednesday April 19 2006, @06:23PM (#212560)
    (User #14558 Info)
    Crash Andie UK
  • awesome gig
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @02:39PM (#216979)

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