posted by davidt on Thursday April 20 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / On The Streets I Ran / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / At Last I Am Born / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Trouble Loves Me / A Song From Under The Floorboards / How Soon Is Now? / Life Is A Pigsty // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Wilde_One (may not in correct order)
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  • £1.70 for a pint, flippin eck lad, its a dear do. Robbin touts wanted nearly a tenner fer a ticket. Na then, thats a reet dear do.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:10PM (#212817)
  • MOZ on great form, crowd up for it.
    Set list same as previous recent gigs shame that it looks like he's gonna stick with it.
    All good stuff tho!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:19PM (#212822)
  • Well, did he?

    We should be told.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:23PM (#212824)
  • Almost forgot how could I?
    The missus got a piece of yer mans pink shirt which he threw out at end of main set after How Soon Is Now! Smells so good shes taking it to bed!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:23PM (#212825)
  • Of course he came on with 'On the Leeds side streets that you slip down'..

    I can't remember exactly, but I'm sure the set list was in a bit of a different order to recent gigs. It was bluddy great anyway.

    Moz saying how much he liked Leeds.. Billy Bremner, Allan Clarke, etc.. Top Bloke, top gig, top night.. One Happy Punter.
    Cobant -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:24PM (#212826)
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  • Our night (Score:2, Interesting)

    We (me and my sis) were up the front and she touched Moz (bitch!). Great crowd, apart from the three drunk 'ladies' who treated us to renditions of Smiths tunes, and a line or two of Abba. They had to be hauled out eventually coz they couldn't take the crush. Quite a good laugh til they threw beer in our eyes lol.
    BTW, I was the short brown-haired one in a jacket and my sis was next to me with bleached hair and talked a lot. Everyone around us was really nice and looked after me in the squash so thanks for that (especially the guy behind me - sorry if I elbowed you - my arm went to sleep!)!!
    Top setlist, was really close, loved the venue. Brill!
    Was that a 3D sticker he had on his chest?
    amysquie -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:36PM (#212834)
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  • Hello,
    Loved every part of the gig...apart from the way Moz had his shirt tied in the first part of the show. It wasn't very complimentary to his gorgeous figure !! sorry.. :-)

    Got some really nice pics, but have no idea how to upload them on here, can anyone help ?

    going to bed happy
    Sam !
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:43PM (#212839)
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  • Queued up from about 2 o clock outside and ended up central at the barrier so I could see Morrissey perfectly, he was so theatrical as usual, it was wonderful. Setlist was great, Trouble Loves Me was the best. Glad to hear that alot of the 'Ringleaders' songs I previously thought were average sounded amazing live. Loved Boz's playing of the glasses during Life Is A Pigsty!

    Best bit for me was when I got pulled out of the crowd during Trouble Loves Me and I reached over and shook Morrissey's hand.

    I agree with an earlier poster, those drunk girls were annoying.

    I met and spoke with some really lovely people outside before the gig, I can't remember anyone's name but you were all great! I was the girl in the polka dot dress and red cardigan with short black hair.

    Claire x
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:47PM (#212842)
  • That was a rather awesome night.
    I got some of his t-shirt
    which i was abit proud of..
    couldn't breath for half of it though =]]
    Can't stop smiling noww

    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:49PM (#212844)
    • Re:wheey by Marisela (Score:1) Friday April 21 2006, @08:55AM
  • I was the girl at the front getting squashed with a red and black t-shirt thing on.. =]]
    I gave someone some Morrissey thread
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @03:57PM (#212849)
  • I've been to Lowry, Lllandudno and now Leeds and Leeds was fantastic. Moz said the boys were all born in Brighouse, he said he really loved Leeds and that this was a near perfect crowd. he was in a more talkative mood than Llandudno - highligts for me Trouble Loves Me and Life is a Pigsty.

    I was to the side on a radiator close to those drunk women who nearly started fighting, besides that the Leeds crowd was great. Was as good as Bradford 2002.
    KillAuntie -- Thursday April 20 2006, @04:03PM (#212853)
    (User #15178 Info)
  • Got There At Half 1. Met Some Nice En's outside, i wish i was 22 not 16...thanks 4 saying i look old.

    Got Morrissey's water that he drank out of. an a guitar pick.threw my red beads at him got them back after...

    loving the "England is A Swine" Change In Still Ill

    Also Got Sum Photographer For the Tour Book Theyre Releasing In September Time. Afterwards He Took Like 5 Rolls Of Film Worth Of Me, 'Cos I Look Like A Young Moz Apparently, He Is Ment To Take 20 Rolls Per Show So Ya No Hopefully In It:D

    Mozzzaaa -- Thursday April 20 2006, @04:42PM (#212871)
    (User #16364 Info)
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  • Cracking gig, thanks Mr Moz!

    I was stood at the right side of the stage against the wall in a bucket!! I think it was supposed to contain fag ends and the like, but the sand in it gave me an extra 3 inches and for a bloke of 5'7" that's super!!

    Really enjoyed it tonight: Still Ill was brill, Pigsty is a belter live and he even played Just Want To See The Boy Happy, which is my fave off ROTT. Oh, and Girlfriend In A Coma, which was nice of him.

    Got a big bit of the pink shirt at the ends, apologies to those whose feet I might have trodden on or who tripped over the cigarette bucket with me in it!! Some things can just be tolerated when the Great Man's onstage!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @04:44PM (#212873)
  • Fantastic gig, great to be stood in the middle at the front row. Only bad sides was the dickhead behind me who decided to punch me repeatidly in the head during the first few songs and the drunk girls just before the show started who insisted on singing "How Soon is Now" very, very loudly.

    Shook the man's hand three times, my hand was the first he shook during ...Gang To Die which I'm chuffed with. The bruises on my abdomen, however, really bloody hurt.

    Great gig. Love to all my new found Leeds friends.
    Ben Budd -- Thursday April 20 2006, @05:09PM (#212889)
    (User #9454 Info)
  • Before Sons and Daughters came on, Jesse came out and hugged a girl who he met at Llandudno, and she had also been at the Lowry, I dunno if this normally happens but I was a bit surprised anyway. You could tell she was a massive fan.
    It was a brilliant gig, he mentioned his petition about kicking the dingles out of Emmerdale and said 'ooh look Alan Bennett's there!' (pointing in the crowd) then said ha ha made you look, which made me laugh anyway. He also said he was number one in Malta and that he should stop boasting. Leeds loves him, even if he is from Manchester.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @05:42PM (#212902)
  • Grat Gig (Score:3, Informative)

    Just got back into Newcastle and I thought I would post some highlights. I will try and be succinct to placate the annons whinging about the monotony of some peoples gig reviews. Bloody hell I am waffling already!


    I was gutted to read the previous posts citing the Pigsty and Trouble highlights, because I thought the same. Guess it validates them I suppose. Loved ‘Reader’ as well (but there were no lowlights). I thought the band was excellent and Moz is just getting better vocally (previously said I know).

    Did anyone catch Mike E during ‘Still Ill’? Case for redundancy? He just stood with his arms folded. Matt is close to usurping Spencer as top drummer, but not quite. Band tight as a knatts chuff with pleks and drumsticks etc. Only 1 shirt throw.

    Moz Mood
    Happy and a bit flirty. I lost count of the number of raised eyebrows, gazes into the crowd and pointing at the audience to accentuate the lyrics. Not to many nobbers shouting for Smiths songs and the couple he heard he just turned away making ‘Blah, Blah’ type noises.

    Moz Quotes my Alzheimer’s will allow me to recall:

    After Girlfriend in a Coma he said ‘you have weird taste in music’

    After Reader Meets Author a guy next to me (see you in Glasgow mate) shouted ‘Operation’ to which Moz replied ‘I have already had it’

    ‘I am from Maaanchistaaar you know, do you still like me’?

    After one song I cant recall (…please someone fill in the gaps) He said ‘thanks to the 11 people who clapped’ and said something about him becoming very big headed.

    ‘I know you like your statistics, so I thought I would tell you ROTT went to number 1 in Malta this week‘.

    Moz named Leeds Players (Bremner/Clarke) and then some guy I cant recall (…..more gaps to fill in peeps) and asked the crowd if they had heard of him. Some replied in the positive and he called them liars. He seemed to like Leeds for some unfathomable reason (although I don’t recall him playing there much!

    Thanked Leeds saying ‘you have made an old sweaty wrestler very happy’. I do not have a Scooby why he referred to himself as a wrestler.

    Very vocal and up for it. A bit of Yorkshire ‘Partisan’ on display. Pretty rough mosh in the middle. I got elbows raked down the back of my head and in the small of the back (Moz lyric there somewhere) as people pushed to the front, but hey it is a gig and it comes with the territory. I stood my ground and saw 80% of the gig from the barrier.

    Merchandise (some have been asking):
    Enormous array of T-shirts (18 to 30 snots price range) and vastly superior to 2004 (did anyone actually buy one of those)? I got one of the Ringleader - Morrissey pale blue ones for 25 notes (be prepared to wait to buy one at the end, only 1 guy serving). There were jackets, vastly overpriced pin badges and even a medal! They should have probably given the out free to people who survived the Mosh. For those of you the ‘syphilitic globs of sputum’ have wiped out with their over priced tickets, there was an endless supply of snides outside and some very good copies of the Tour T-shirts (some shite so shop around). Also haggle as I knocked one guy down to £7.00 for a Tour copy one.

    Finally - did anyone catch what Moz had stcuk to his chest like a necklace? It looked like an ice cream sticker? Fuck me readers, Bletchley Park could not have worked this guy out.

    Well - you did not have to read this far!
    Satan accepted mine -- Thursday April 20 2006, @06:02PM (#212907)
    (User #14277 Info)
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  • Surely someone must have written them down. Our boy David can't be at every show.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @10:13PM (#212933)
  • I was too busy trying to touch moz!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @12:18AM (#212944)
  • Just secured my tickets for Marlay Park. See you there!!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @01:14AM (#212949)
    • Re:Marlay Park by goinghome (Score:1) Saturday April 22 2006, @04:43AM
  • Not a bad show at all, the council really should make more use of their town hall its a great space. I must have seen Morrissey 30 times now (and that DOES include seeing the Smiths). He still has the amazing ability to root you to the spot with his eyes - as if he is addressing you personally. I thought it was a great show, one highlight: Still ill which is worth the entrance fee alone. I think he should finish with a Smiths tune though and half was through the set I was getting desperate to hear a melody. I didn't think it was fantastic as the Bradford/ Blackburn 2002 shows but I'm still delighted that I'll be at Halifax and Blackburn this time round. All in all it was a fine gig and I still love him.
    Ps: Who was the arse kicking off big time 10 mins before the start. Stage left. I was standing 15 feet away and it looked like blood was about to be split
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @01:48AM (#212954)
  • Having been to Salford and Llandudno and posted for both of those gigs, I'm truly chuffed that everyone has been so positive - I get a bit tired of the whingeing on here at times.

    Most of the people I've met at the gigs have been wonderful and really helped to make the night. Glad Leeds was so good; can't wait to see him again - he's addictive isn't he?
    Human_Being -- Friday April 21 2006, @02:30AM (#212957)
    (User #16025 Info)
  • a truly great gig and a great venue
    leeds should use the town hall more
    the man was in scintillating form
    another one for the good memory bank
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @03:03AM (#212961)
  • I went to the gig last night and thought I'd share with you an email I sent to some friends this morning. I think there are a few on here who I met last night, so hello to you (I was front, centre, pretty much bang on the barrier with my wife!)


    Oh my lord - I worked through my lunch so I could leave at half four and there were maybe 20 people in the queue ahead of me. I'd obviously heard how Morrissey fans were obsessive but there was a couple of Irish sisters behind me who were going to 8 and 15 of the gigs on the tour (one of them had even got a second job to pay for it... the were talking in the region of £2k each allegedly for the whole jaunt... they were even going to Serbia and had been to Llandudno the night before....!). Doors opened at 7 and Hayley and I had one person in front of us on the barrier, front and centre. Sons and Daughters were pretty entertaining - I quite like rockabilly style guitaring and I can see how Morrissey's picked them for his tour because they're quite intense, not amazingly tuneful but the lead singer has real presence (and had a v short knitted gold dress on and kept flashing her knickers, I think not on purpose but you can never tell with pop stars). I'm going to be giving the album a listen now :)

    But as for the main event - wow. I've always liked the Smiths, got all their albums and really enjoy some of his solo stuff (have only got the last two albums and the usual singles collection) but since watching him on that Dial M for Morrissey live show I've always really wanted to go and see him. He didn't disappoint and was everything I wanted him to be - quipping inbetween songs, letting fans touch him as they went over the barrier (I just held out my hand desperately along with everyone else, it's amazing how you can get caught up in the hero worship) and the songs of course, well.... apart from the solo stuff, he threw in Girlfriend in a Coma, Still ill and How Soon is Now. I came away a knackered, sweaty mess and didn't sleep very well because I was still hyper - I still am, to a degree. Music wise I've seen better (the White Stripes blew me away when I saw them last year) but for a complete experience, my god - I'm 34 and can still be moved like this by going to see a band.... I think it was Kevin Spacey in American Beauty who said that it's the most amazing thing when you still have the ability to surprise yourself.... this definitely applies here.
    Paolo -- Friday April 21 2006, @03:09AM (#212963)
    (User #16368 Info)
  • I've noticed that no one is mentioning Julia in concert reviews. Has she been going and has Morrissey been mentioning her?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @05:03AM (#212994)
  • ..because it felt like a gig and not a visit to the theatre/cinema.
    Memorable quips: "Much more important than all of this..please sign my have the Dingles removed from Emmerdale".

    "I'm boasting again but I know you like statistics. Ringleaders of The Tormentors is..(dramatic pause) number 1 in Malta...Amazing!"
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @05:03AM (#212995)
  • Seriously, guys, where the deuce is the setlist? Surely someone must have either scribbled it down or else purloined one from the stage at the end of the show?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @08:13AM (#213040)
    • Dickhead selling merch by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 21 2006, @08:23AM
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    • Re:Setlist?! by sixteenclumsyandshy (Score:1) Friday April 21 2006, @10:39AM
  • This is how it started!

    First of the gang
    Still Ill
    You have killed me
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @09:44AM (#213068)
  • Leeds Photos (Score:2, Interesting)

    Hi All

    Few snaps from Leeds last night. They were clearly clamping down on the henious crime of taking photos from a couple of years back when I had mine snatched from a greedy security guy in Bridlington, I honestly think the directive comes from Moz himself. Just incase somebody snaps his embarrassing knot in his shirt that he had, how bizarre. But I sneaked in around my wife who was being strip searched and I lived to tell the tale. They were from just in front of the mixing desk so apologies for the lack of clarity.

    Anyway, truly fantastic performance from Moz and his merry followers, but I'm sure they can do without Mr Boorer and his old man dancing now that he has pretty boy on lead (who Moz clearly adores, did you see his admiring stance when he decided to take centre stage for a guitar solo?). Best song of the night - Trouble Loves Me. Nice to see him keeping faith in songs from albums that 7-8 years ago were being slated for being awful, when we all know that fickleness prevailed and now everybody loves him again. Damn the people who drove him away. 5a689.jpg fab4f.jpg 52c7b.jpg e6c95.jpg cf9dd.jpg

    Luv Dave x
    dav1970 -- Friday April 21 2006, @09:57AM (#213073)
    (User #16376 Info)
  • Arrived in Leeds about 5ish and went to that well nice old pub opposite back door of Leeds Town Hall. There was loads of fellow fans waiting, At aprox 7pm I was lucky enough to witness Morrissey leaving the tourbus and dashing up the stairs into the Town Hall, there was about 30 of us watching in total. My friggin camera phone diddny work!! so i couldnt capture it on film!

    Morrissey and band were absolutely amazing as ever, Moz on top form and Leeds town Hall really is a stunning venue, I was right at the front and was ringing, minging wet by the end of the night. My favorite was pigsty, it sent shivers and made me fill-up. how soon is now was cookin too. Set was almost same as last few shows. Just in different order.

    Ace night :-)

    See you all in Sheffield!

    cheaptray -- Friday April 21 2006, @11:04AM (#213094)
    (User #15669 Info)
  • I too stood in/on a bin, to the left of the stage. It made me 6ft 4" tall...amazing.
    Here are the pics I took.

    First time posting pics, so I hope it works.. edsTownHallMoz4.jpg edsTownHallMoz2.jpg edsTownHallMoz3.jpg

    Enjoy, I certainly did.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @11:12AM (#213095)
    • Re:Pictures by Wistful (Score:1) Friday April 21 2006, @11:37AM
  • Has anyone baught tickets off touts for any of the tours so far? I see there are still some going for high prices on Ebay and wondered if this was having an effect on whay touts are charging. If they are reasonably cheap I may have to attend two or three more gigs!!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @11:45AM (#213111)
    • Re:Touts by Satan accepted mine (Score:1) Friday April 21 2006, @12:04PM
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    • don't forget to ask people in line by Math Tinder (Score:1) Friday April 21 2006, @05:08PM
  • sorry i nearly got into a scrap with your mate
    i should no better you played it cool
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @11:46AM (#213114)
  • getting warmer.

    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @03:18PM (#213195)
  • There were posters pinned up outside Leeds Town Hall advertising Moz's "End of UK Tour" party in London in June (maybe May?). I was filing past at the time and didn't get a proper look at 'em. Does anyone know anything more about this?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @04:06PM (#213198)
  • I love you.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 21 2006, @06:11PM (#213228)
  • Anonymous -- Saturday April 22 2006, @02:55AM (#213252)
  • Whilst the Leeds gig had its highlights (Still Ill, Girlfriend, Trouble Loves Me)and some of the lukewarm Ringleaders tracks were beefed up, It was for me the poorest of the 20 odd times I've seen Morrissey live.

    I think it really is time he found some new collaborators and also stretched himself as a lyricist.

    Life Is A Pigsty. I'm sorry, just because a song goes on for more than 7 minutes, it does not make it epic. It makes it what it is, namely turgid.
    Next to I Know It's Over, it is a very poor relation in epic terms.

    For someone with a fantastic back catalogue, he doesn't vary the set list enough. Whilst I can agree with the "if it aint broke ...." aproach up to a point, there's so much stuff which is criminally overlooked, whilst he plays stuff like My Life Is A Succession which let's face it ain't great.

    He played too much of the new album which gave the show a disjointed feeling. I think 5 or 6 tracks off the new one is more than enough thank you very much or he should at least integrate them in such a way where large numbers of people don't nip to the bogs where 3 newies are played back to back.

    Finally the band. Gary Day is the luckiest man alive. His basslines are unimaginative and he adds nothing to the songs whatsoever.

    I thought that the drummer was extremely good however and certainly earned his corn.

    As for the other guys, It's time they were put out to grass. Jessie Tobias may improve overtime as a co-writer but evidence thus far suggests he does not have the musical savvy to marry Morrissey's words.

    The man himself remains one of the most charismatic performers around and his voice is fantastic. To me though he is treading water and revisiting old themes in much less interesting ways. His between song banter is as ever very witty. Shame then that it's not translated into song.

    I am not one to hanker for the old days but you do feel that if he were to co-write with people such as Vinnie Reilly or anyone with great pop song writing sensibilities, Moz could yet reach the heights of the Vauxhall, Arsenal and Viva Hate Days. 4 poor to moderate albums on the trot is simply not good enough. Gone is the wit, the great turn of phrase and the melodies to die for.
    What we're getting is 3 or 4 great songs per LP and heck of a lot of filler.

    He has so much to offer but is selling himself short.

    sisterama -- Saturday April 22 2006, @04:56AM (#213257)
    (User #16385 Info)
  • Bit of an odd choice, as I would have predicted At Last I Am Born, let me Kiss You or My Life... to go first.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 22 2006, @10:33AM (#213278)
  • So, if this is true, Sheffield City Hall should be a dream come true - Bradford was better than Albert Hall and Sheff is not much bigger than your front room!!

    Heaven knows I'm excited now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    phcbr6 -- Saturday April 22 2006, @12:31PM (#213298)
    (User #12311 Info)
  • I was in Leeds having a blowjob while watching Calzaghe batter jeff LAcy smoking a spliff and drinking a brandy on MDMA powder and

    why do you call potato fritters scallops?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @06:07PM (#218382)

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