posted by davidt on Thursday April 27 2006, @02:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / On The Streets I Ran / At Last I Am Born / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / A Song From Under The Floorboards / I Will See You In Far-off Places / My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Ganglord / Life Is A Pigsty / (Piano Intro "The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond") Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by tea with tufty, link posted by an anonymous person
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  • Yes, he played 'Parklife'!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 27 2006, @02:03PM (#214382)
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  • I don't care that even the people who live next to the venue will barely have had enough time to get home and most will still be out having a drink, in the grand old Morrissey Solo tradition the first poster after a gig must moan about how long it's taking for anyone to write a 5,000 word review and produce a setlist.

    Come on! What's the matter with you?

    Setlist? Now! God!

    • Re:Come on! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 27 2006, @02:07PM
  • Just back. Same set as usual, but with a new song I'm not sure if he's played before - Gang Lord - very good it was too. Great gig - Life is a Pigsty was the highlight for me. The twats behind me who talked all through the gig the lowlight.
    Some Dizzy Whore -- Thursday April 27 2006, @02:09PM (#214386)
    (User #13245 Info)
    Do you hate me?
    • Re:New Song? by Stan (Score:0) Friday April 28 2006, @02:53AM
    • Re:New Song? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 29 2006, @04:08PM
  • Glasgow (Score:2, Informative)

    The crowd were well into it.

    Just back, I have too much stuff to sort out for work tomorrow so couldn't really indulge in any after-show festivities.

    It's all a bit of a haze at the moment...but I'll give you what I can remember.

    It was clear from the start, as soon as Sons and Daughters took the stage, that the sound in the Carling Academy was not going to be comparable to the magnificent Stirling show experience on Sunday. When Moz took the stage things were perhaps not as clear as they could've been.

    The set was moved around somewhat.

    First four songs were as usual, then he did (I think) At last I am Born followed by On the Streets I Ran. Then maybe the Magazine cover (it was definitely played, I'm just not sure when; you know how it is, the lastthing I'm doing at a Moz show is taking notes.) Human Being was NOT played (disappointing, for me; this was a real highlight at the last show I was at.)

    He played the new b-side (which he explicitly stated was called "Gang Lord", after he had played it).

    He did not play Reader Meets Author or The Father Who Must be Killed. I really can't reremeber the setlist, but it was the same songs as previously, though moved around within the set.

    Got a piece of his shirt. Ace. Been trying since '92 when I was 16 yrs old at the Barrowlands in Glasgow when I narrowly missed out on a piece.

    A few folks tried to get on stage at the end via crowdsurfing (surely a recipe for failure in any case).

    Met a guy from LA who I also saw at Stirling, a hispanic dude with a GREAT quiff who also got a piece of Moz's red shirt...I don't know if he posts here but this guy, like me, knew the words to every song and was well aware of the new Gang Lord song, so I'm presuming he checks in here occasionally. Wanted to ask him about this site but, of course, during the encore (Irish Blood) everything went mental and I lost him.

    It's worth noting that I took along two guys who hadn't seen him since 1992; they loved the show but voiced complaints about the setlist. I know it's difficult with a back catalogue like Morrissey's, but in an hour and 15 minute show, does he really have the space for a Magazine cover and a forthcoming b-side?

    I'd also like to state that there were some SERIOUSLY beautiful girls at this show; I was even distracted from Moz at various points. Glasgow girls are the greatest - always have been, always will be.


    Maradona -- Thursday April 27 2006, @02:18PM (#214389)
    (User #13537 Info)
  • Human Being and Reader Meet Author were dropped. I also don't recall hearing The Father Who Must Be Killed. Song From Under the Floorboards was played, as was the new b-side, which was introduced as "Gang Lord".

    The crowd was asked if we enjoyed Sons & Daughters. "We love them too". They were indeed very good. A couple of girls were going around the queue with free plectrums and posters.

    When introducing the band, after the crowd cheered for Jesse, Moz said something like "Oh that was a bit too loud." And instead of introducing himself, he said "And that's it really..."

    Usual lyrics changes to Still Ill and You Have Killed Me. In To Me You Are A Work Of Art, after singing, "... that's if I had one", he said "I do". In At Last I Am Born, "difficult child" was changed to "miserable child", and "one true free life" became "one two three life" (which explains what I mentioned last night)

    Asked where Julia was, made a motion to look for her. I think she was in attendance, he said something to her later on.

    When bowing before the encore, the band were returning to their instruments when Morrissey basically grabbed Jesse and threw him to the front of the stage again. Heh heh.

    Security seemed quite brutal, only a handful of people got over the barrier, and all the shirts that were thrown were caught before they reached the stage. During the encore a guy was reaching frantically for Morrissey's hand after getting over the barrier, and I saw some security slam him into the wall.

    And I love the way he said 'Glesgae'.
    Amatis -- Thursday April 27 2006, @02:29PM (#214392)
    (User #15063 Info)
  • Did anyone catch what he said as he came on? I thought at the time it was ‘My legs belong to Glescae’-- a funny follow-up to his entrance at the SECC over a year ago when he said 'My heart belongs to Glescae.'

    But then this morning I thought maybe it could have been ‘kegs’…?
    Elvis Polonius -- Thursday April 27 2006, @11:52PM (#214441)
    (User #13313 Info)
  • Sons and Daughters once again got the crowd buzzing as they have done all week. As if a pre-Moz crowd needs any lifting right enough! The great man didn't disappoint with another vintage performance. Slightly spoiled by the various muppets and their continual sectarian football chants.

    In my opinion the Academy, although decent enough, will never be as good a venue as the Barrowlands just up the road. "At the barras it's better". I hope that answers your question sir!

    Sadly though that's it for Scotland. No more sleepless nights and hysteria as the show heads on south.
    Hold on, perhaps the Mrs will tolerate one more night away. Some low life tout can surely deal me in.

    Hey Rank fat lass, don't go chanting I know it's over just yet!

    Show me the way to Cardiff city. . . .
    Tino -- Friday April 28 2006, @12:13AM (#214443)
    (User #16431 Info)
  • still superb to see morrissey in concert and a few feet in front of your face, but he needs to get the finger out when selecting a setlist, great gig, but came away with the feeling of what a lost opportunity it was for him to continue the snowballing effect of the last couple of years on his career, he instead seems to be reverting to the difficult artiste phase once again.

    overselling the lukewarm new album, bsides, an out of place cover version, ignoring the majority of his solo albums?, a set which featured two many same tempo tracks killing any buzz in the crowd, elongated versions of the tracks which doesn't help the at best mediocre band, and leaves morrissey basically wondering about like the worst one in pan's people.......

    moz gets away with it due to the impressive vocals he gives to the tracks such as trouble loves me & life is a pigsty, in a small theatre infront of the devoted of course he always will...come festival time, he'd be well advised to cut back to perhaps 5 at most of the new album tracks plus a few more of the immediate moz classic singles of old.

    overall i'd say about 8/10.

    also just have to mention the very strange woman (black hair, sunglasses on head 3rd row down the front) who spent the whole gig just waving at morrissey....a shrink is obviously required for this character, also the drunk guy who keep shouting at everyone to 'sing you fuckers'...classy guy.

    also, can someone get boz a t-shirt that fits next time?

    note: the intro tape seems to have been different from the list previously put on here
    pubrockcoma -- Friday April 28 2006, @12:50AM (#214455)
    (User #12215 Info)
  • Bravo (Score:2, Insightful)


    Well, what a difference two years makes.

    From the enormo-dome home coming of the MEN to the much more Morrissey-esque and intimate climes of the Carling Academy...what strikes me first and foremost is how much easier it is for Morrissey to relate to and respond to us.

    There have, of course, been complaints about the quality of the sound, the set, the references to Julia...blah, blah, blah, blurrrrrrgh.

    What matters most is the fact that this show was a killer.

    Vocally Morrissey has never, but never, sounded any better than he does right now. Every note he reaches for he grabs, devours and makes his own. At times his voice is enough to bring tears to the glassiest of eyes...especially during the wondrous "Trouble Loves Me".

    Everything from "ROTT" sounds fuller, thicker, sturdier and, for me, frankly better in this setting...listening to the album as I type this it all makes so much more sense. "ROTT" is a live album recorded in a's grand soundscape can't really be understood until you see and hear it live.

    "See it live?"

    Yus...see it live.

    Make no mistake this "show" is a visual spectacle as well as an aural treat.

    The lighting was superb.

    If you didn't have to drag your jaw from off your knees following "Life is a Pigsty" then you are clearly...I dunno...dead?

    A word for "Pigsty"...this is the track that confirms Alain Whytes status as a genuinely gifted is epic, grand, challenging and yet disquietingly intimate all at once. It is a stunning piece of work and shows why those who called for "fresh ideas" ahead of this album need their heads and ears checked.

    The chosen Smiths tracks all sounded glorious...even the silly "Girlfriend in a coma" sounded raw and urgent in this setting and wasn't out of place with the rest of the set.

    The only thing I miss is the appearance of one or two hardy souls making it past the security...I understand why it isn't possible anymore but I do still miss it.

    Colonel Blimp
    Colonel Blimp -- Friday April 28 2006, @01:08AM (#214464)
    (User #16444 Info)
    • Re:Bravo by king leer (Score:1) Friday April 28 2006, @09:37AM
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  • Did the Glasgow set include How soon is now?? Can't wait till tomorrow, 600 capacity venue!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @02:59AM (#214504)
  • i manage to get backstage after gig i couldn't believe my luck!!!!! he said "hello how did you get in here?" with a smile and i said you were great in which he said "when am i not!" then he sign my shirt, and i was shown out my his "people"

    i will upload the pic soon as!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @05:55AM (#214536)
  • Can we please stop pining for the past. The reason we're all still with Morrissey is that he's continually stayed more relevant and edgy than any other artist. Why? By moving on. This album is truly a work of art and the band have never played better. I've seen virtually every tour since the mid 80's - this is the best it's ever been. And if you don't believe it, you're kidding yourselves on.

    PS: Let's hope he plays the Barrowland next time!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @08:24AM (#214554)
  • .....was me!

    Sorry to anyone i was standing near at the time, i was just behind the row at the barrier, perfect positioning, then i had to go and faint right at the end of 'Life Is A Pigsty'. :(

    Anyway, great show (even though i had to see 'How Soon Is Now' from a shit position), and i'd like to apologise to the blond haired girl with the two guys in front of me.

    Sorry if i was crushing you, but i was getting pushed forward.
    Tomas -- Friday April 28 2006, @09:13AM (#214563)
    (User #16449 Info)
  • i know the important things are the setlist, crowd reaction, overall band performance, etc. but no one seems to share info about less important matters.
    so, pls tell us about the merchandise sold at the gigs in UK. any interesting t-shirts?
    and, what about the opening acts, intro tape.
    is there something similar to "the imperfect list" being played before the show?
    what kind of music is played at the venue just before the moz hits the stage?
    pls tell us!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @09:52AM (#214569)
  • Did anyone here go to the Smiths/Moz night at the play nightclub after the gig last night (Thurs)? Free entry and a DJ playing anything you wanted by the Smiths or Moz, what a night.

    I honestly never believed I would be in a nightclub dancing and singing along to National Front Disco. The site of a full dancefloor singing "...England for the English..." in happy unison was surreal to say the least. Two fingers to Blair and his politically correct nanny state!

    Handsome Devil
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @11:47AM (#214603)
  • Really looking forward to the Whitehaven Gig, its my home town and I haven't seen him since 1995 when he played Glasgow Barrowlands. Slighty concerned about some of the f**kwit element that might have got tickets and I have visions of a sausage making its way onto stage!!! Anyway I think Wetherspoons will be the place to meet before the show, looking forward to seeing everybody.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @11:52AM (#214605)
  • The new B-side sounds perfect! Anyone has a down-load link Please? Also, does anyone know what exactly are the songs on the pre-gig tape? "You'll Never Walk Alone" is by the Smoking Popes and then there's Jobriath "Pretty" just before he comes on, but the others I've never heard of.
    Any info much appreciated. Thanks!
    shoplifter71 -- Friday April 28 2006, @08:07PM (#214673)
    (User #14228 Info)
  • Am I the only individual on this board that is suspicious about the Moz/Jessie relationship? Simply put, is Moz boinking his lead guitarist?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @08:08PM (#214674)
  • The band sounded tight as f***! Some of the album tracks gave me a whole new meaning: especially "At Last I'm Born" - The sound was great and it works way much better live than on the album. Tobias is a great guitarist and the whole gig was just amazing.
    Pigsty is just unbelievable live. And Morrissey himself is just getting better and better.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @09:40PM (#214677)
  • I've heard it from the inside Morissey people that this is the last tour he will ever do. Lets be fair, it's a hell of a trek and it wouldnt' surprise me if this was true.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @09:43PM (#214678)
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 29 2006, @02:59AM (#214697)
    • Re:glasgow mp3's by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 29 2006, @06:16AM
    • Fantastic! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 29 2006, @07:56AM
      • Re:Fantastic! by Maradona (Score:1) Saturday April 29 2006, @09:12AM
    • Re:glasgow mp3's by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 29 2006, @04:46PM
  • Any photos from the show circulating...? I have a piece of Moz's shirt and would like to frame it with ticket stub and nice photo of Moz in the red shirt. Yes, I know I'm sad.

    Just met a guy on Byres Road in Glasgow who was carrying a cat around, recognised him from a few shows so said hello, before we agreed that Stirling beat the other shows. If you post here, well, let me tell you that you have a superb quiff! I was most impressed.

    Meant to ask him if he posted here, but my kids were being very demanding at the time.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 29 2006, @07:51AM (#214715)

    Morrissey’s poetry can’t escape the murk

    Live rock: By Peter Ross
    Carling Academy, Glasgow

    Rating: 3 stars

    ORSON Welles, an endlessly discussed public personality following his Citizen Kane, was once heard to lament: “Nobody reviews my movies any more, they review me.” Morrissey has benefited enormously from a similar situation. The notices for Ringleader Of The Tormentors have been gushing, critics seemingly so delighted that he is finally having sex, or at least finally writing about having done so, that they have lost all judgement. The truth is that Ringleader is a far weaker album than its predecessor, You Are The Quarry, the problem being that there are not enough catchy tunes.

    This is a real issue as Morrissey has based almost half his touring show on this second-rate material. In a poorly-chosen 17-song set, eight are drawn from Ringleader and three from Quarry; we also get three Smiths songs, two B-sides, and a cover of Magazine’s A Song From Under The Floorboards. Of course, Morrissey isn’t here to churn out the greatest hits, but two B-sides and a cover? Imagine if instead he had played Now My Heart Is Full, Every Day Is Like Sunday and Glamorous Glue. The gig would have been brilliant rather than lacklustre.

    Glasgow is Morrissey’s fifth date in Scotland in six days. Perhaps he is tired, but this gig never takes off. The opening First Of The Gang To Die suffers from muddy sound, but gets by on sheer energy. Still Ill, however, is disastrous, Johnny Marr’s flighty guitar line lost beneath the drums. Morrissey’s last two albums have been rock rather than pop records, and his band seem incapable of playing the delicate side of his oeuvre; they are like donkeys trying to cut diamonds. That’s why Girlfriend In A Coma is plodding rather than jaunty, although it’s great to hear a song that The Smiths never played live.

    In the run-up to Girlfriend, we get a string of five songs from Ringleader. You Have Killed Me and The Youngest Was The Most Loved are bracing, although the latter loses a lot of its power without the children’s choir. On The Streets I Ran and At Last I Am Born are, however, all over the place, poorly played and sung. “Well that was a bit of a racket, really,” Morrissey confesses after the former. They recover on To Me You Are A Work Of Art, the band finally getting their act together on the long instrumental climax, and the set reaches a peak with an energised I Just Want To See The Boy Happy, Mike Farrell ending the song with a flourish of trombone. It’s one of three songs from Ringleader which work far better live than in their recorded versions. The Led Zep-like I Will See You In Far Off Places is another, although it’s still meandering and woolly, cashmere that wants to be Kashmir. Then there’s Life Is A Pigsty. A dull seven-minute whinge on Ringleader, in its live rendition it becomes a stately swagger through ennui and misanthropy, and is one of the few songs tonight that Morrissey actually seems interested in singing.

    How Soon Is Now is the penultimate song of the evening. As one of The Smiths’ heaviest moments, it suits this band’s rock aesthetic, and when the house lights go up so that Morrissey can see his audience singing along with “I am human and I need to be loved/Just like everybody else does”, it feels honestly moving rather than a hollow ritual. The gig ends after only 80 minutes with a ferocious charge through Irish Blood, English Heart, during which Morrissey and his band seem genuinely committed to the performance, and focused on getting it right, in a way that has been lacking all evening.

    Something was wrong tonight; perhaps this was just a bad gig on a great tour, but Morrissey didn’t seem interested in anything other than getting off stage as soon as possible, and this from a man whose concerts are supposed to be great cathartic events, love-ins between audience and performer. To quote poor, mishandled Still Ill, “it just wasn’t like the old days any more”. Hopefully Moz can get back to them.

    30 April 2006

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @11:48PM (#215114)
  • Um... was worried for a minute there, I am a perv, but I don't think I was behind you. My loss!! ;-)
    Maradona -- Thursday April 27 2006, @03:03PM (#214401)
    (User #13537 Info)
  • Well that doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. Hope it didn't completely ruin the show for you...
    Maradona -- Friday April 28 2006, @12:26AM (#214446)
    (User #13537 Info)
  • Does it never occur to you that the guy standing still might be the one who will provide everyone with a bootleg recording of the concert?

    No excuses for the guy prodding you from behind though!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @01:35AM (#214474)
  • Are you a complete social inadequate? If that had been me, i would a) have confronted the creep, while removing his hands but resisting the urge to slap him and then b) moved away!!

    I agree, statue-man would have been recording it.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 28 2006, @02:02AM (#214484)
  • Thats gross. (made me cringe the first time I heard it last night)

    You should have shouted really loud that he was touching you up.

    Although, this might just have made everyone else jealous ;-)

    Do you think the guy in front was dead from the neck down?
    Motorcycleaupairboy -- Friday April 28 2006, @02:35AM (#214494)
    (User #7089 Info)
  • Did anyone else get pissed off with the big twat at the front and his silly wee missus. if you're reading this don't come to another gig. Top night though.
    Gerry -- Friday April 28 2006, @04:54AM (#214533)
    (User #16442 Info)
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