posted by davidt on Saturday April 29 2006, @02:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Will See You In Far-off Places / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / Reader Meet Author / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / At Last I Am Born / In The Future When All's Well / Ganglord / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • See tickets have got tickets for Alexandra Palace, Grimsby and Bridgewater Hall up on there site. Hurry get them before the touts.
    deaf witness -- Saturday April 29 2006, @02:16PM (#214775)
    (User #14353 Info)
  • Tony the Pony
    Michael's Bones
    Death At One's Elbow
    There Speaks A True Friend
    Good Looking Man About Town
    Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning
    King Leer
    Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
    Life is a Pigsty
    Oscillate Wildly
    I Knew I was Next
    The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Barbarism Begins at Home
    Black Eyed Susan
    Roy's Keen
    I Know Very Well How I got My note Wrong
    encore: Sorrow Will Come in The End (rockabilly version)
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 29 2006, @02:30PM (#214783)
  • an excellent night out - moz on top form - though why some tosser throw beer over him - third of a plastic pint full in the face - is beyond me.

    but moz was on top form - playful and polite - band excellent - even jesse's rock moment at the end of hsin

    the list was moved around a little - floorboards dropped-reader meet author back in - and a different intro to trouble loves me

    great to see some old(er) friends at the end - iain get in touch

    and apologies for not seeing more people of late - barry/marilyn/bruce duff in glasgow - it's been too long baby - feel free to email

    my next one is next saturday in manchester

    darcon -- Saturday April 29 2006, @03:11PM (#214796)
    (User #8098 Info)
  • It was amazing, really intimate. When he came, on Morrissey said, "hello, I am Sacha Distel and you are in for an evening of French drama" or something like that. The band were all in playboy t-shirts and were introduced as "Tormented Playboys". In Let me Kiss You, he sang "I zig-zagged all over America/ and then I came across Whitehaven", which got a big cheer. There were lots of small lyric changes as well. He was quite chatty, saying before Reader Meet Author "In the land of bad reviews, in which I live, there was an album, a CD to you, and there was this song". He never mentioned Julia though, but she was definately there.
    He threw two shirts into the crowd and I got quite a big piece of one!
    Laika84 -- Saturday April 29 2006, @03:26PM (#214799)
    (User #16216 Info)
  • It was also my first time seeing Morrissey but it definitely won't be my last! It was amazing to see him in such a small venue too. He seemed to be on good form, bantering with the audience a lot. I got some good pictures and I've uploaded one here: issey/Morrissey044.jpg and will add more later
    Ferd -- Saturday April 29 2006, @11:12PM (#214821)
    (User #16458 Info)
  • Mt first concert of the Tour: strange, strange, strange. Outside: a beautiful Summery sun filled evening in this quaint West Lakes port. Inside: the venue could have been anyone of the type played by The Smiths In 1985! It really was that intimate. The atmosphere was similarly raucous, enthusiastic, and reverential. I just could not believe the size of this venue: smaller than many student unions The Smiths played in the early days. So, on the one hand the romantic in me welcomed this reminder from a glorious past; on the other, I was disappointed by the venue's acoustics(?) PA system(?), mainly becaue it did not do full justice to Morrissey and the band's craft. They were trying hard to reproduce some of the grandeur of ROTT: but some of these songs were too 'big' for this small venue. The quieter, less (instrumentally) 'busy' tracks worked best: Trouble Loves Me was glorious; Life is a Pigsty, sublime. The mix did, though, appear to be all over the place: Morrissey barely audible at times; Jesse and Boz's guitars lost; drums sounded great, though! Did anyone sense he was aware of this and losing patience at times - could anyone interpret some of the grimaces, ticks, hand gestures; was he trying to communicate with the mixing desk, I do not know?

    However, he did seem happy throughout. He was in good form and appears more relaxed than I have seen him in years. He also looks in great shape - does anyone know what the light green 'mark' (transfer? tattoo? injury?) was at the top of his chest as I could not make this out? I left very happy: his black shirt landed on top of me at the end and I ended up taking away the whole of the shirt's cuff!!

    By the end though I was left wondering whether this was a past he was happy to return to (beer in the face and all)? I missed some of the polish in the sound (Bradford, a couple of tours ago, was infintely better in this respect, although a slightly larger venue) and I am sure this may have annoyed him because it did not do full justice to his lovely, sonorous voice and the band's instrumental skills.

    Atmosphere was great: a real blast from the past. Many locals were in the audience judging by the accents. Only held 600 but there was still room. I stood 10 feet from the centre stage but seemed to have acres of space; compared to MEN Arena where my breath was literally squeezed from my body! One beer throwing incident aside - which I did not see - I thought the crowd was excellent: polite, respectful, and courtious - both to Morrissey and the band and to one another (it does take strength to be gentle and kind!). One final observation: did anyone see any t-shirt/poster touts outside at the end of the concert because I did not? That must be a first!
    TheArchers -- Sunday April 30 2006, @02:42AM (#214837)
    (User #15578 Info)
  • What a night! He was brilliant and really funny when he said hello i am Sascha Distel and you are in for an evening of french drama!!!!The setlist was mostly the same as previous nights.He threw 2 shirts into the crowd,i was holding on to a piece of the black shirt he threw but someone was stronger than me and i lost it :( BUT then my two sisters went in for the kill and managed to get a bit...thanks to the lad who had his errr blunt penknife lol Brilliant night but now as deef in yan ear!
    babscabs -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:23AM (#214853)
    (User #16287 Info)
    • Re:whitehaven by babscabs (Score:1) Sunday April 30 2006, @02:45PM
  • We travelled up from Manchester without tickets fearing the worst when there were NO touts (or indeed anyone at all) outside the venue about 8pm. Thought for the first time ever we weren't going to get in so approached various punters about the possiblity of spares. One girl had a spare for £50 which i accepted on the basis that we had come 150 miles and wanted to see THE MAN in the smallest venue on the tour. At that moment one of the door security shouted over that someone had returned a ticket to the venue that they didn't want so we got that at face value (29.50)but bizarrely the manager only charged me £19.50 so overall with the combined amount, we got in for roughly face value when you consider booking fees and postage!!! An absolute delight. Thankyou Whitehaven for an intimate and wonderful show, more like a school Assembly Hall it was that small. Didn't see the beer incident but very easy to get near to the front again. Moz smiled a lot and i think, very much enjoyed the gig. At Last I am Born is a new classic!!! Hello to the incredible people we met but not the drunken idiot in the cowboy hat who came and stood in front of us all for the last few songs. Strange 'fight' over Moz's shirt at the end with the house lights on. All quite good natured but about 20 people just would not let go. OH DEAR!
    collo -- Sunday April 30 2006, @05:11AM (#214859)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Well what can I say.Just back from Whitehaven and feeling quite emotional.This ends a great week which started last Sun in Stirling then on to Glasgow.Thought Sterling would be hard to beat but was last night was unbelievable.Started by meeting Jesse,Gary and Matt in the harbour when we were just sitting out having a beer,they were doing ther usual walkabout(just had to show them my Moz tatoo).Gig was great ended up right up the front just behind Julia,just where Jesse done his crazy bit at the end.Hi to all the great people we've met this week.WHAT A SHOW THANKS WHITEHAVEN.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @08:54AM (#214907)
  • brilliant what a performer what a band .our third gig this week .i wish we could do a few more did anyone spot the gorgeous blonde with the huge morrissey tattoo
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @11:19AM (#214931)
  • i need to put up an ad for a ticket for manc appollo , been let down by ebay scum again.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @01:48PM (#214977)
  • Did anyone hear what he said exactly at the end of the show?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @02:44PM (#215030)
  • As a born and bred Whitehaven lass I couldn't believe he chose to play at the Civic Hall its like watching him perform in my living room! The concert was amazing I was 4 rows from the front and expected the life to be crushed right out of me, but had plenty of room. Life is a Pigsty was the highlight for me, love the album version but live really did it justice. One complaint was a couple of lads in front kept farting! Disgusting.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @10:42PM (#215108)
  • as always cut and paste (then check) the full link

    the pictures are dreadful from a photographer in the pit - but there you go...

    dc aspx?id=361373 aspx?id=361372 ?id=361430 y.aspx?id=1629
    darcon -- Monday May 01 2006, @02:33AM (#215140)
    (User #8098 Info)
  • Photos from Whitehaven [] I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to take them.
    newfoundsounds -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:22AM (#215173)
    (User #16469 Info |
  • So, for all comments and the lame retorts and personal insults about this concert...WHAT WAS THE ACTUAL SETLIST?

    crawleyrocket -- Monday May 01 2006, @06:40AM (#215246)
    (User #16493 Info)

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