posted by davidt on Sunday April 30 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Will See You In Far-off Places / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / Reader Meet Author / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / At Last I Am Born / In The Future When All's Well / My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now?

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  • He didn't play an encore. Was he upset? Did he have bad indigestion? A great gig but a somewhat strange end.
    Fawdy -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:07PM (#214981)
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  • what went wrong here!!!!!!! not a happy bunny. mozza, yea it was a bad venue and crowd were like stone, but no oncore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:07PM (#214983)
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  • Let the Right one Slip In
    Now I am A Was
    Margaret on the Guillotine
    Suffer Little Children
    Life is a Pigsty
    The Slum Mums
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
    America is not the World
    This is not your country
    The National Front Disco
    2 Become 1
    I Will See You in Far Off Places
    Work is a Four Letter Word

    encore: Livin on a Prayer/Dagenham Dave
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:08PM (#214985)
  • Just got home from the gig, Morrissey went off and didn't come back on for an encore. He was obviously pissed off with something though and if anyone can explain why please feel free.
    Crowd was shit, and I live up here, only highlight for me was Ganglord,Trouble loves me and having a few beers before the gig.
    Uniformed Whore -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:12PM (#214987)
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  • just got back from the sage and having been to many morrissey gigs recently this one was awful. who was to blame ? the audience was comatosed the venue was sterile and i think this contributed to moz seeming bored shitless. very little interaction , no shirts thrown, and when he went off after hsin the crowd was almost silent , resulting in about a 30 second wait then the lights went up. only then did the crowd come to life with the sound of booing filling the room. I won't defend moz here cos i think it is bullshit for him to not bother with an encore and is just arrogance beyond belief cos there were people there who new every song and deserved the respect of being given an encore but the audience was mute. i was elbows on the stage and across the other side there was a Mike Baldwin lookalike who i am sure was asleep. I would imagine that this theme will prevail on and on for this particular gig . on the positive side he was in fine voice , looked great and we all got a shake of his paw and my girlfriend groped jessy (the brazen hussy) respect to the guy who walked on water over the seats to attempt to get on stage. Its my mates Bazzas final gig as he is officially retiring after more than 15 years of travelling to see moz just a pity it had to end like this . truly dissapointed !!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:13PM (#214990)
  • I think they are absolultely awful. I wonder if some of you have hearing difficulties.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:23PM (#215003)
  • I can't believe it, yeah the crowd was subdued, but why no encore? 1 more song would have meant everyone went home happy rather than totally pissed off as appears to be the case: I know I am!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:27PM (#215010)
  • The crowd was about as exciting as a wet dish rag. The stage was about knee high, and only about two people tried getting on the stage. The first thing he said when he walked out was 'You can stand up'
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:30PM (#215012)
  • he's saving himself for london.
    goerdies suck.
    london rocks.
    i thank you
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:32PM (#215015)
  • geordies are scum and don't deserve an encore anyway
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:36PM (#215021)
  • According to someone who works at the Sage, Mozza left because the front rows weren't lively enough. I was in Row O and we were having a whale of a time before the abrupt end. I don't think the Sage is particularly suited for gigs like this - there was so much bleeding security at the front that the rows closest to the stage couldn't have moved if they'd tried harder. Not exactly the kind of place you can be 'uninhibited'. Still, loved the set - fantastic production and brilliant voice, as ever. The band were fantastic. Girlfriend in a Coma was the high point for me. Speakers conked out at one point but aside from that, I would finish by saying that I don't think Morrissey will be choosing to play at the Sage in the future.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:42PM (#215027)
  • Whats happened to the chat?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:49PM (#215036)
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  • This no-encore was a major disappointment. Moz didn't seem very chatty, well, not as much as usual, and the whole thing felt rather damp. Security were pure bruisers also.

    Setlist, to the best of my drunken remembrance was:

    First of the Gang
    Still Ill
    You Have Killed Me
    Youngest Was The Most Loved
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Let Me Kiss You
    Gang Lord
    Reader Meet Author
    At Last I Am Born
    Life Is A Pigsty
    Trouble Loves Me
    In The Future When All's Well
    How Soon Is Now?

    The order there is undoubtedly wrong, but those are the songs he played. The banter was not there, really.

    He made an early quip, "I hope the venue isn't too posh for you" but said little else I can recall.

    Of the 4 times I have seen Morrissey (twice on 2002 tour, once at MEN and tonight) this was the worst atmosphere by far :-(
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:50PM (#215037)
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  • Security were cunts. They wouldn't let anyone move closer even though some of the people in the front row were sitting on their arses when the man came out. I even saw one of them slam that blokes head into the seat after he got on stage during HSIN. On another note, the crowd must have thought they were at a church picnic.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:51PM (#215039)
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  • well?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:54PM (#215047)
  • I ve been wondering , I dunno where did i read it was seated.. and how many people?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:57PM (#215050)
  • not one person in the sage tonight picked that venue- down to M and his staff- academy would have been much better- so bollocks to the atmsophere, etc.

    at the end of the day he knows how much cash people will have paid legit and ebay wise and should of offered up a show value wise.

    the band did 100 percent but i'm afraid mr. stroppy pissed off half empty....
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @03:59PM (#215051)
  • The bottom line is - Moz and his gang chose what venues they wish to tour at. The Carling academy would have been an ideal venue - standing etc... the sage was a disaster from tonight back to the original allocation of tickets (opening phone lines when people have been queuing since 5am...) what does he expect? he also chooses the setlist....
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:01PM (#215052)
  • It was like the original cast from Dads Army, we were row b in front of Boz and trying to make the best of it, I blame the people at the Sage who obviously kept back the front row for corporate guests and a bus trip from Saga Holidays.
    Uniformed Whore -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:02PM (#215053)
    (User #12304 Info)
    • Re:Front row by goinghome (Score:1) Monday May 01 2006, @07:46AM
  • I went to the gig tonight. I was close to the front. When Morrissey sang a song called gang or something someone next to me shouted out in no uncertain terms to him "MOZZA!!! - YOU FUCKED TONY VISCONTI"

    Morrissey looked in disgust at this guy near me, and I'm positive from that momnet on he was pissed off doing the gig. As an aside, i met a guy from this forum called springhealedjim88 or something, he was pretty obsessive (but a nice guy) but just kept going on about how he had a sexual attraction for mozza from an early age, he was kinda strange, He asked me to buy him a beer which I did, then never came back that scoundrel!

    It was a bizarre night.

    best qoute from mozza was "It's a shame about Rooneys foot, I could place my foot right where the sun dosent shine"

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:11PM (#215064)
  • Wot no encore (Score:2, Informative)

    Set list from tonight's show as per paper plane version launched from stage.
    1st UV,
    Far - off,
    Work, Arturo,
    Lemme Snog,
    My Life isa,
    Boy Appy,
    How Now Brown Cow?
    Non existent Encore"Paddy"
    The Riddler -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:12PM (#215065)
    (User #12286 Info)
  • well am i the only person here who thought the show was fantastic?
    its entirely up to Moz how long he plays for and if he decides to do an encore...shame on those people who were boo-ing at the end.
    and there's always shitty security at the front of gigs, so no surprises there!
    Boz was on top form, Jesse's guitar playing was excellent and Moz looked like he was really enjoying the music.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @04:34PM (#215073)
  • Honestly, she was glaring brazenly at Moz throughout the entire set. It is amazing the power one fan can have- if you allow that to happen in the first place.

    Her mafioso attitude and Hiterlistic quaintness filled the venue with ignorance, disgust, and disease. Anyone within two-arm's length was morbidly affected, and only sorrow survived once the venue lights went down.

    She is very nice, polite, and kind- but a different organism emerges once the music starts. A zombie- if you will. She becomes the epitome of desperate womanhood- making Madonna and Broccoli Spears *both* appear as Christian martyrs.

    I am still gasping for air myself.

    -Somehow Still Alive.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @05:46PM (#215084)
  • Although Morrissey was in fine voice I feel so disappointed by tonight. Having read previous posts I need to say some things. Firstly, geordies are not cunts, we do not think we deserve an encore, despite the things the COCKneys say, but after seeing Billy Bragg last night at the Sage, he was on for over two hours, Ordinary Boys on Wednesday, they were on for over 90 minutes, and last month Depeche Mode at MEN, they were on for about 2 hours 20 mins you have to wonder whether Morrissey really appreciates the efforts people make to go to see him. Lots of Scottish and Yorkshire accents tonight and London beware; the same accents will be there at Ally Pally cos we up here still worship him when he goes to London but the southerners can't get past Watford Gap.
    Secondly, lots of people left feling VERY disgruntled tonight, the set list was fine, Life Is a Pigsty was class, Still Ill, excellent, Trouble Loves Me brilliant, First Of The Gang To Die, what a starter for ten. I will say the people on the ground floor were very staid (perhaps e-bay buyers) but in the the third level where me and my girl were there were lots of flailing, outstretched, Moz loving arms!
    All I will say is, Morrissey if you're watching and reading, your fans deserve better and more. We pay our money, we want to be entertained by our hero. Otherwise we WILL find a different muse, we've put you where you are, give us something back.
    Oh and by the way, to all you anonymous coward posters who will probably slag me and call me a cock, I am not a bandwagon jumper, Morrissey has been a part of my life since 1986, I don't profess to be his BIGGEST fan but I am a fan nonetheless, I have seen him before on numerous occasions, 8 times in 2004 alone, I have ALL of his singles on cd and all of his albums too, as well as every album by The Smiths on cd plus 10 or so 12" singles so I feel I have the right to judge him now. What do you all think?
    GLEGS -- Sunday April 30 2006, @06:06PM (#215088)
    (User #7174 Info)
    You see I cannot stand alone, I'm incapable of breathing, INCAPABLE OF LOVE
  • I don't know the girl and frankly don't have a view either way but it has to be pretty strange discussing your food intake and / or possible eating disorder with your hero in front of 1500 people.
    The Riddler -- Sunday April 30 2006, @06:13PM (#215089)
    (User #12286 Info)
    • scuse? by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 30 2006, @09:54PM
  • what a fuckin bollocks!

    one hour and 10 minutes and he fucked off in a strop.

    the sage in newcastle is the worse concert venue i have ever been in. if stephen hadnt fucked off i was going. its a hive of fascist cunts in red t-shirts whipping phones from peoples hands, watching you like a hawk and its ALL SEATER!!!! why in the name of all thats fuckin holy do they put on music concerts in all seater venues???

    i can understand a recital! but a fuckin rock show?

    music is for dancing! grooving and shaking your ass. not plonking your ass down on a comfy seat and tapping your bastard toes.

    the last song was How Soon is 80s....i had tears in my eyes as he sang it remembering me and me mates listening to the vinyl single in Tims house and feeling the hairs on our necks rise to the fall-crescendo of johnny's guitar arm sweeping that chord dowwwwwn!

    and then he said goodnight, left and left me with a rather nasty tasting memory of that song for the remainder of me life... was sterile. yes, the crowd was subdued but what do ya expect? we may have been in communist china tonight as opposed to feckin that why the security wear red t-shirts and all have shaved heads? the shower of bastards.

    the sound was great apart from that one blip when some eejit obviously pulled a plug somewhere.

    and respect to the walking on the shoulders of fools lad who skimmed up to the stage and got to shake mozzza's hand. pity he didnt pass him a note asking him to berate the management of what has to be the WORSE WORSE!!!!! concert venue this side of saturn.

    i'm going to blackburn on the 11th come hell or high water and will have a a huge banner with 'What the Fuck Happened in Newcastle Man!?' with me....

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @06:59PM (#215092)
    • Re:what a gip by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 01 2006, @03:58AM
  • although he has final say as to whether or not to perform at any of the scheduled shows, it generally is not his specific demand as to which venues are going to be played. The tour manager and booking agents work with the promoters in local areas, etc. Just sayin'...
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @07:15PM (#215094)
  • Gokurousamadeshita Moz. I can't sing for an hour! But no matter what the situation is, we must do our best! We can't blame the circumastance. You could have talked to the audience! You can change in your sweet way!
    We learn each day that way, don't you think?
    I do love you Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @08:04PM (#215098)
    • Re:One day by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 01 2006, @02:34PM
  • i went to the gig tonight with a dear dear friend who brought me all the way from Preston in her car cos i'm cursed with very short legs and wouldnt have made it only for her.

    so...we're still up trying to figure out just what the fuck happened tonight...

    then she tells me...she has gone to see Morrissey 3 times...first time he never showed up due to illness, second time was on the Bowie tour and the two lads had a bust up over quiffs or something and Moz walked off the tour....and then tonight she finally gets to be in the same venue as the man and he walks off...

    so...i have just come to the conclusion...IT'S ALL HER FAULT. SHE'S A FUCKIN JINX!

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 30 2006, @10:15PM (#215102)
  • this was good gig until the end,to see somebody who has enough material to do 2 hour + set and only do 1 hour and 10 mins is to say the least dissappointing,even 2 extra songs after how soon is now would have been great,but to see the house lights come on this early is not acceptable,not a bad venue,but this has put me off coming here again,i was one of the people at the back on level 2 have a great view,and agood dance,but sorry it ended the way it did.
    graeme1970 -- Sunday April 30 2006, @11:54PM (#215109)
    (User #16474 Info)
  • is just too much for the man. No doubt the first cancellations will come shortly....
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @12:34AM (#215111)
  • started with a que outside venue at 3am for tickets.
    1/although 8th in que only managed g row tickets!!! who had bought the others!!!
    2/crowd were unreactive.even how soon is now got little reaction.
    3/no encore

    worst concert i have been to, and ive been to many a morrissey. although he was in fine singing voice, i may stick to smiths tribute bands after this very poor event
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @01:51AM (#215119)
  • the symphony hall, like the sage is a 'built for classical music' venue.

    fingers crossed.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @01:56AM (#215121)
  • What a kick in the balls! A great show - granted, the crowd was a bit flat - but if Morrissey needs heaving waves of adulation to motivate him he really shouldn't choose venues like the Sage. It's too new and sterile to have any character, and it's obvious that they're more interested in keeping those lovely seats clean than whipping up a top atmosphere. Couldn't fault any of the performance (loved it all to be honest), but shit choice of venue. I've always defended the man to the hilt, but I must admit that he stomped off like a big hissy queen last night. Such a shame - even a 2 song encore would've sent us home happy, and I wouldn't be sitting here questioning 20 odd years of hero worship. Still, I caught last orders, which was nice...
    BB -- Monday May 01 2006, @02:14AM (#215122)
    (User #16478 Info)
  • Well this is going exactly where I thought it would. I suspected that halfway through the uk dates Morrissey would become bowled over by the amount of dates and disillusioned at playing the same setlist over and over again!.
    I’ve unfortunately been privy to this many times before whereby I’ve had tickets to go and see the man and alas he’s not turned up, or had a row with Bowie and pulled out, or played for 45mins with not encore(Battersea)!!!
    Can I suggest he adopt a less sterile approach to the gigs! Morrissey do things spontaneous!! God forbid change the set list around! I mean you have enough material to go at, and perhaps then you wouldn’t get so disillusioned.
    I recently went the the Salford Lowry gig and although very polished, I felt the entire concert lacked passion.
    I’m off to the Apollo this coming Saturday where hopefully with it being a great venue we’ll get some spark in the crowd and moz will “try” again. Please have some passion in your work and think about varying what you do each night just for the fans who pay for a good concert!
    oberon -- Monday May 01 2006, @02:43AM (#215127)
    (User #16437 Info)
  • Stop all the winging you got to see Moz, who cares what happened! The show was excellent. The only fault was that the seats were back to front, we were at the back and the atmosphere was great and we could see fine over all the corporate statues. It took one bloke fron row cc at the back to try and get on stage. At least Moz acknowleged the fact. All I would say to Moz is come to Sunderland next time!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:10AM (#215131)
  • If Morrissey had played an encore or 2 we would have gone home happy proclaiming the gig one of the best ever etc. He didn't and and we felt let down or felt that we had let him down.

    On the last tour when he played the City Hall there was an air of triumph and surprise - such an unexpected return to form. On this tour the expectations were there and I am afraid He didn't rise to the occasion. The problem was not the venue, not the crowds lack of enthusiasm. It is up to the performer to generate the enthusiasm. Basically, although it is heresy to say, the new album is a bit disappointing and the set he played last night was underwhelming. There is a big lull in the middle and he lost the crowd.

    It was pure petulance not performing an encore. That said petulance is what we can expect from Moz and athough it was a bit disappointing last night it will not stop me from desperately trying to get tickets for his next tour, buying his next album etc.

    The band, I thought, were excellent and there were some real highlights like Trouble Loves Me, You have killed me and Still Ill.

    Overall a slight disappointment but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else last night. So thanks and see you next time Moz.
    Fawdy -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:10AM (#215132)
    (User #16464 Info)
  • All you people saying the crowd was shit - you should have seen the bastards in the front. I was in Row B after queuing from early morning to get those tickets. We got Row C from being 4th in that queue. Managed to get over to Row B and it was the fucking bastard bouncers who wouldn't let ANYONE past that row into the front. Believe me I tried everything and they'd obviously been told don't let any real fans get in the front or they'll be on the stage. We were with a crowd of 'real' fans who'd all queued but there was only a few of us shoved in rows B and C right at the left side having to watch people in front fucking falling asleep and trying to get past the bloody mitchell brother bouncers.
    Every single person in that front row must have been Sage freebies / corporates cause they were fucking glued to their feet, knew no songs, no words and didn't even try to get his hand.
    People who are saying the crowde is shit well they were but you were all part of it. It's up t6o real fans to make the best over the twats who took over the front row. The Sage knew no proper moz fan was allowed at the front and purposely kept them from there to stop stage invasions. If you were at the front row you could EASILY get on the stage but none of us got a chance.
    He was obviously pissed off about something - there were a few crap comments but he seemed like he couldn't be arsed with chatting. It's the least chatty I've seen him ever.
    And NO SHIRT?!
    Musically it was an excellent gig and the sound was great - one benefit of Sage but that's it. They were all on top form.
    The encore thing was unbelievable - he fucking DOES owe us an encore and it pissed absolutely everyone off - except the front row twats who were obviously eternally grateful for the early fucking night seeing as they were all looking ready for their cocoa.
    The venue didn't help to make the crowd shit - if that had been standing like Leeds was they wouldn't have been anywhere near the venue never mind the bloody front.
    Truman C
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:24AM (#215136)
  • I was one of the ones at front one of my mates works at the sage ( who wouldnt accept ) he told me the front row was generally kept for staff, most were non fans . Me and missus have been to gigs on every tour since 1984 , we were talking to bouncers at front who told us due to the people who got on stage at city hall security was beefed up. Moz or management???
    Funnily enough both me and missus got on stage at city hall , the guy who got on with me was again at front at opposite side . Moz was also due off at 10.35 pm so something pissed him off
    Venue was shit and some of the crowd had come to see fuckin simply red . CARLING ACADEMY OR CITY HALL
    To the person who called Geordies get a life shit for brains , Ihave travelled far and wide following bth The Smiths and Moz and most who travel are good souls , but no doubt your are like Blair a total fuck up
    So you all in Londinium
    toonlad -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:30AM (#215138)
    (User #16480 Info)
    • Re:Sage by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 01 2006, @07:31AM
    • Re:Sage by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 01 2006, @02:30PM
  • It’s just my humble opinion, but I really enjoyed last night! I thought Morrissey was fabulous, his voice was astounding, and the band far exceeded my expectations. I for one thought the set-list worked really well, and Life is a Pigsty was just…words cannot describe it! Glorious! I had tears in my eyes :) There was a lovely classical piano intro to Trouble Loves Me, and Morrissey stood and listened and said “Very nice!” I can’t really remember too much about what he said, it’s all a bit of a blur, but:
    -When he came on there must have been some people in the front row sitting (!!!) and he said “You’re not going to sit all night, are you? Stand, stand! Stand or leave!”
    -He said “I hope the venue’s not too posh for you. Please, don’t feel inhibited”
    -He said “Our new album has already been deleted!”
    -In Still Ill he sang “England’s a swine”, and in MLIASOPSG he didn’t sing the word “flesh”, just made a strange noise.
    -Girlfriend in a Coma started off badly and he stopped the band and said “This is a great song, you need to hear it the best it can be played.” They started it again and he was right, it was loads better!
    -Before Reader Meet Author he said “This is from the album you refuse to buy. For some reason!”
    -He started introducing the band saying “Say hello to Boz Boorer!” The crowd cheered and he said “No, say hello!” The crowd shouted hello, and he said “Say hello to Gary Day!” and we all did! It was like a panto, and he said “Very nice!” He took the microphone up to the drums and said “Would you like to say anything?” “No!”, came the reply. He did exactly the same with Mikey Farrell. Then he said “And of course somebody had to be Morrissey so I volunteered. I’m regretting it now…”
    -He announced Gang Lord by saying “This is a new song.” We all cheered and he said “Yey? For all you know it could be crap!”

    All in all, a pretty good night!

    However, there were two things which annoyed me a bit. The lack of encore was a bit odd, but quite frankly for someone to produce a show of that standard and then be booed off was pretty poor form on the part of the audience. People were shouting all kinds at him and I was more upset by that than the fact there wasn’t one more song. If you think about it, the choice of song as the lights came up was quite witty. “That’s Life”: think about it. It‘s just part of Morrissey’s persona to be a bit obtuse and unpredictable, and to expect him to behave like any old pop star is a bit weird. The other thing that I found perturbing was the way I was made to feel like a prisoner in a high security prison. I thought that the behaviour of security was completely over the top and I’m not surprised the people in row A weren’t moving around; imagine having one of those guys standing watching you. The way they manhandle people who try to get on the stage was just plain violent, and people could have actually been really hurt.

    By the way, congratulations to the guy who got over the tops of the seats!

    I was in row G and I queued up at five for those tickets, but it was completely worth it!
    SarahG -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:50AM (#215148)
    (User #15576 Info)
    Hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly...
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  • Don't kid yourselves. Moz is one of the most selfish, egotistical performers out there. Whether he was performing on a stage or in front of a mirror in his bedroom, he really doesn't care. 2006 really hasn't been his year has it....a crappy single, the Canadian boycott, a God aweful album and a crappy tour. As one other individual posted.....I think I'll still to Smiths tribute bands from now on. They work harder, are more honest, and probably more talented.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:11AM (#215163)
  • it seems people are either extremely annoyed at morrissey or defending him. but morrissey should know better than to tarnish the whole audience with the same brush...if the front row or two isn't getting into it, that doesn't mean everyone in the audience isn't. you'd think morrissey knows this, he's done enough gigs to see that there's more people there than just the 100 or so viewable at the front.

    it's clear from morrissey interviews in his later career that he's become quite pompous and arrogant. his lack of encore is seemingly just an extension of this arrogance. he thinks the universe revolves around him, and in a sense it's very amusing that his new album is his "i finally got laid and it's great" album, and it highlights how moz has a stubborn "i'm right, you're wrong" mentality. so he FINALLY caught on? wow, moz!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:22AM (#215172)
  • I was the seat walker and people are complaining about the crowd being shit the only ones who can change that is the crowd too many security BOLLOCKS only about 20 - 25 security 1700 of us.
    MOZ was top class but next time MOZ please no seats in the Venue.
    P.S Sorry if i stood on anyones fingers but had to be done!!!!!!!!!!!
    Duffman76 -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:23AM (#215175)
    (User #16483 Info)
  • It was ONE song. ONE SONG. Yes, it would have been nice, but how can him not playing one song leave a "bitter" taste about the ENTIRE gig!? His voice was in fine form, the new B-side excellent. The fans.. Well.. They just don't know some of the songs to be honest. When Reader Meets Author was played, the place was so ridiculously deserted despite it being an excellent performance of a fabulous song.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:39AM (#215180)
  • I'm sorry but that was my first Morrissey gig ever. I cried so much...i was going insane... andhe let me down when he didn't do an encore :(
    I know the crowd weren't THAT lively but i don't think it's up to us as to whether we're worthy of an encore...i mean i went through so much just to get there. I know he doesn't understand that but i really did. You could tell by the amount of smudged, black make-up on my cheeks that i was feeling a miz of immense happiness and sadness.
    Nevertheless, the gig was one of the happiest nights of my life. People were jealous of me beforehand because i was losing my Morrissey Virginity. It was fantastic.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:22AM (#215198)
  • Anyone tell me where i can buy a Mozalini shirt from ? Are they aval at the venue location. Since Moz was seen in Rome wearing it, ive seen 3 other people with them now.

    Any idea's ?
    mariababe -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:44AM (#215204)
    (User #16488 Info)
  • He had to finish early so the geordies could get off to watch The Bill.
    Aly Panic -- Monday May 01 2006, @06:33AM (#215224)
    (User #12194 Info |
  • There's been some speculation here that Moz is a bit sick of the stage invasions and might have had something to do with steps to prevent them - he certainly seems to have the band prepped to start up as soon as the expected Mor-ri-sey chants start.

    Now I could be getting a bit confused in my old age and getting mixed up with another gig but does anyone else remember him commenting on the fact that no one had tried to get on the stage at the City Hall in 04 and teasing the crowd that they just weren't trying or something?

    Also - I have to wonder if the man I saw being carried out on a stretcher at the end was a victim of over zealous security?
    Guiltpillows -- Monday May 01 2006, @06:35AM (#215225)
    (User #16468 Info)
  • I think some of the problems are connected to how tickets have been sold, and sold, and sold again, on ebay.

    Believe me, it's impossible now to get a ticket on a circle or choir circle or - god forbid - a balcony. It's only possible to purchase tickets on the front row of the stalls ! I mean these are going for 60 each, in sheffield, manchester, liverpool and grimsby but I would prefer to jump down onto the stage (with my zimmerframe) from the circle !!!!!!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @07:09AM (#215235)
  • I have truly had enough of Morrissey right now, I have been to many dates on all of his tours since 1992 and I cant be bothered going to Birmingham now after reading these comments from last nights gig, when is he going to fucking grow up? Its an insult to not perform an encore no matter how subdued the crowd were, at 29.50 a ticket for 70 minutes of promoting ROTM, im selling my tickets, nobody tells me that I cant have a burger before a gig! grow up you miserable old sod.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @07:17AM (#215238)
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