posted by davidt on Monday May 01 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Ganglord / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / At Last I Am Born / On The Streets I Ran / Let Me Kiss You / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Life Is A Pigsty / (Intro: Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner) Trouble Loves Me / In The Future When All's Well / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by an anonymous person (not in correct order)
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  • I'd Love To
    Noise is the Best Revenge
    Pashernate Love
    At Last I Am Born
    Never Had No One Ever
    Dial A Cliche
    I Don't Owe You Anything
    Heir Apparent
    Talk Dirty To Me (Poison cover)
    Oh Well, I'll Never Learn
    Papa Jack
    The Father Who Must Be Killed
    In the Future When All's Well
    Bengali in Platforms
    Cop Killer (Body Count)
    Life is A Pigsty
    Get Off the Stage

    Have-A-Go Merchant
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:04PM (#215351)
  • mixed feelings - pretty much same set - no reader m/ author - bit of "maybe its because i'm a londoner" - terrible venue - awful sound and no video screen which is pretty poor showing given size of place - cheap (and one or two free) tickets going outside - great start - great end - but the middle sags somewhat - morrissey seemed a little half-hearted in places too - about the least entertaining morrissey gig i have seen but still ok... but only just
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:22PM (#215358)
  • Presume there *was* an encore - unlike last night??
    MSMOZZER -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:32PM (#215363)
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    Retired Mozzerator - MJP.
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  • Same set list as usual – the only changes from the Lowry gig I was at were no “Reader Meets Author” and in its place “On The Streets I Ran” and the new B side. I almost died in the crush at the front, (I’m getting far too old for all of this!), and have just got home covered in beer but happy.

    I have a terrible memory I’m afraid, but the one comment I do remember is “the press have been saying I’m in love. Of course that’s absolute shit. But if there’s anybody out there…” (not word perfect, but something like that!).

    He threw one shirt into the crowd, and came back on with a bright yellow shirt at the end. Oh, and he did do an encore (Irish Blood, English Heart).

    Roll on Blackburn...
    Zelda <zeldafitzger[email protected]> -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:37PM (#215366)
    (User #14214 Info)
  • Great crowd. Fantastic atmosphere. Poor setlist. No 'Human Being' unfortunately. A few cracking numbers but too many songs that are great for listening to in your bedroom, but not for bouncing up and down to at a concert. Moz more than a little dour. Not much banter. Seemed very unimpressed by it all. Did one encore (IBEH) in a rather fetching yellow shirt and then that was it. Couldn't help but feel just a little bit robbed on this May Day night out...the man doesn't know how to throw a party.
    15minuteswithyou -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:44PM (#215371)
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  • Shame on you to the moaning old b**ch at the front on the right at the Ally Pally gig tonight who complained to the bouncers cos some poor bloke accidentally spilt beer on her. He apologised (we heard him) but he and his poor girlfriend got chucked out about 5 mins before the start. You know who you are, you are old with greying blonde hair in a bob and a ginger mate. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the front. What do you expect? A WI tea party? SHAME ON YOU.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:48PM (#215373)
  • "For what you are about to receive, may you be truly sorry" was a nice start.
    finethen -- Monday May 01 2006, @03:54PM (#215379)
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  • Is it true he sang Picadilly Palare?? - my mate text me at about 9.45 and said he played it. I take it the prats pulling my leg.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:01PM (#215381)
  • Pretty good gig that was very ROTT heavy. The venue was grand and big but a bit ungamely.. though I didn't have the problem with the acoustics that others have had... (but then i was standing towards the front and dead centre.)

    The opening "for what you are about to receive may you be truly sorry" and the first two songs were amazing - energy fuelled and exciting - but the crowd surge forward and was quite violent. One guy near me ended up with a very bloody nose and had to go out. People were bombing forward and actually hurting people.

    The other bloke that was taken out - I assumed - was the guy that bloodied the nose...

    but we were crammed in there so tightly - and we were on the flat- so tensions were bound to rise...

    I've been to a lot of Morrissey gigs over the years (since the 80s) but noted a change in the audience recently... If I compare it with the Albert Hall gigs of 2002, for instance, I would say that it was a totally different audience. Before, the crowd were very gentle and devoted and passionate and committed (having followed Moz through 5 years without a record deal) - tonight there was arrogance and selfishness and a kind of odd anger.

    But the performance was still good.

    Pigsty was awesome. There was an encore. And although he didn't talk to us very much I think Moz enjoyed himself. HSIN was a great and melodramatic performance. The band were on top form - Jesse was great and almost in 'rock god' mode- and Moz even danced quite a bit...

    I guess somewhere in me I have a little disappointment somehow... but maybe it's just that there were quite a lot of arseholes there...

    where did these arseholes come from? and when, pray tell, are they going to fuck off?

    and I could have done without the canary yellow shirt too!
    carnal artist -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:21PM (#215391)
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  • Have to agree with the general feeling above ... I'm sorry, but it was just really disappointing. I don't blame Moz. Not his fault. And to whoever mentioned above that the audience seems to be changing - have to agree with that too. Maybe we just expect too much?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:30PM (#215396)
  • Yes it was all very good but compared to others the difference? Down at the front it got very very harsh. However, moz sounded absolutely fantastic, better than ever.

    Set list was great, but i felt crowd mixed between smiths fans quarry fans and Meat heads, where were the Moz fans.

    O and that Yellow Shirt woz shit. But the band sounded superb. Great show.
    Stuheff -- Monday May 01 2006, @04:36PM (#215398)
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    "This once was me"
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  • Just got back...a couple of things I recall him saying:

    'Welcome to the lost art...of live music'

    'Are you still here? Incredible, incredible...'

    After Girlfriend IAC- 'When that came out it got no airplay on Radio 1...nothing's changed.'

    He introduced the guys as stuff like incredible, great- called Jesse 'the extremely sultry', and Mikey 'the man with the horn' Said of himself: 'I was shockingly given the name 'Morrissey''

    When someone left (dunno why), he asked 'Have you got somewhere to be?' and tutted during that song.

    Obviously they're not word perfect, but as good as I can remember.

    Came onstage in a maroon shirt which was tied in a knot at the front, exposing a little of the lovely Morrissey's tummy. Threw in the second (light blue) shirt. I was loving the bright yellow shirt!

    He wore what I presume was a plaster on his chest, but it just looked like a blue and white apple sticker.

    No Julia mentions, but I saw a lady turn up who was loitering at the front of the queue, guessed it must be her.

    People passing out around me...dropping like flies. And one bloke decided to crush everyone against the barrier. Yeah, thanks for that. Someone hit him, though. :)

    Girlfriend in a coma was superb for me, and so was the new one- Gang Lord. But my favourite was Trouble Loves Me, was overcome with love for Moz during that. All I could do was clutch my hands to my heart.

    Audience seemed more tepid than I thought they'd be, and Morrissey seemed a little bored at some points, but I remember thinking that he looked like he was enjoying himself during one song- might have been IJWTSTBH. Set lasted around 1h 20m, I think.

    (Sorry if I just repeated what other people have said, tried not to.)
    Wilde is on my side -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:00PM (#215409)
    (User #13955 Info)
    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
  • The E-bay touts must have lost a fortune as there was a huge surplus among the real touts. They demanded £50 each and we gave them £10! Don't pay over the odds for the Palladium. The London Moz fanbase has been satiated.

    Really enjoyed the concert. Moz looked and sounded great (was a bit worried after last night's reports).

    He said that, if you looked at the charts you'd notice that the album had been deleted! He's completely obsessed with chart positions; always has been always will be. And rightly so. When Moz albums stop selling, record companies lose interest...

    Mike played 'Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner' as the TLM intro. Brilliant! Loads of people singing along. Felt like the Blitz! Where's Vera Lyn when you need her?! 'Trouble' was gorgeous though. Strange that Mikey doesn't play the original piano parts but it's still an amazing song.

    Moz moaned about Radio 1 not playing 'Girlfriend' when it came out; 'somethings never change'!

    Nothing about Julia. Maybe Moz has finally got the message!

    His parting words were 'I love you'. Aaah! Bet you didn't get that last night! He seemed genuinely moved. Boz was having loads of fun too, partly, I imagine, because he only lives 2 miles away.

    The new song 'Ganglords' sounded pretty good but I'm glad he didn't play any other unreleased stuff.

    All in all a top night out. The same venue that I saw him play for the very first time back in December 92. This time he was much more animated, more chatty, and the vibe was a million times better. Think I'll probably try and get tickets for the Palladium. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

    Maurice E

    PS Sean Hughes was there as usual!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:02PM (#215412)
  • How many people were eating bloody burgers in the queue?! Outside a Morrissey concert? Shame on you!
    Wilde is on my side -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:10PM (#215415)
    (User #13955 Info)
    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
  • I have just about come down from a brilliant gig. I thoufht the venue and sound were perfect and the crowd were really into it as well.

    Mozz looked great and I have nothing against the yrlloe shirt.

    Even my girlfriend who has only started to like Mozz since YATQ thought tonight was great.

    It was worth going just for How Soon Is Now.

    The man is pure class
    John Roberts -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:11PM (#215416)
    (User #15123 Info)
  • ..therefore Im happy!...Whoever decided to bring gigs to Alexandra Palace should be shot as it is the worst venue ever: totally lacking of any atmosphere!.
    Our Man was in great shape tonight! I loved every minute of it and for sure Girlfriend in a coma and How soon...were my highlights (along with the yellow shirt: you needed sunglasses to look at that).
    I pushed through at the front just for Irish Blood.. and nearly died. I apologise to the guy that battled with me for that piece of shirt...I know we agreed to have a piece each but......It has a loveley smell: a mix of fabric softner and expensive parfume! I am always a bit disappointed about the half dead audience though: what the hell is your problem people?? Can you not bloody clap and cheer???
    rank-dsgn -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:20PM (#215420)
    (User #16356 Info)
  • By the sounds of this and last night everyone else has given up hope.

    Shit setlist once again.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:20PM (#215422)
  • Great show tonight! I really enjoyed the ROTT songs especially At Last I am Born and The Youngest Was The Most Loved. Then Moz sang Trouble Loves Me with such passion... Fantastic!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @05:43PM (#215425)
  • This was my first ever Morrissey gig so I cant really compare with it others.

    It was a bit emotional for me as I was supposed to see him at Earls Court but couldnt make that for health reasons (if you can call being bottled in the face that...)

    Anyway I amazingly found myself right at the front of the gig. The first support act was atrocious but I really liked Sons and Daughters, I think they piss all over the Arctic Monkeys.

    I enjoyed the music and the man but wow were there some pricks at the front. I am into a bit of the old heavy metal and have been in the mosh pits at Motorhead gigs but it wasnt as evil as tonight. Some people (mainly ladies) got really hurt, what made me mad was the twats that would stop trying to storm the front when people were being lifted out.

    OK I know if you dont like the heat get out of the fire but there were a few first timers in there that didnt know what to expect. I have to say it really put a downer on the gig for me. I couldnt get out to enjoy it further back either as I was rammed in.

    'Trouble loves me' was quality but a overall it was a bit too ROTT heavy for me, chuffed he played 'How Soon is Now' I would have paid the 30 odd quid just to see that to be honest.

    I was disappointed with the merchandise stand. I took a load of cash with me to stock up but they didnt have any tshirts larger than an L. I am more of a Boz Boorer physique so left empty handed.

    Right Whinger -- Monday May 01 2006, @06:06PM (#215428)
    (User #16177 Info)
    • Re:Thumbs Up by Right Whinger (Score:1) Monday May 01 2006, @06:08PM
  • Lets face it. This is the worst setlist he has ever toured with ever. His first two gigs of 2006 sounded so promising setwise. I think Moz knows his selection since has fallen on its arse. I guess we love his back catalogue more than he does!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @06:41PM (#215435)
  • I love you too X
              Moz fans are nice people so if you find from the stage who's being brutal, take to the security gard and placed next to them. You must protect your fans from harm! Can I be in the security gard, if you like?
                Do you decide the set list? Is it the same story everyday? It's not fun at all! Don't you get bored? If I were you, I change songs or change the order. You have loads of songs that makes us smile so you should, I think.
              I'm in love with you again Morrissey!
    May is the beautiful month because of your birthday Moz. I love you very much. X
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @07:20PM (#215440)
    • Re:*May* by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 01 2006, @07:38PM
      • Re:*May* by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 03 2006, @05:23AM
  • First Of The Gang To Die
    Still Ill
    You Have Killed Me
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    Gang Lord
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    At Last I Am Born
    On The Streets I Ran
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Life Is A Pigsty
    Trouble Loves Me (Intro: Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner)
    In The Future When All’s Well
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    How Soon Is Now?
    Encore: Irish Blood, English Heart

    I think the order may be a bit wrong in the middle (between '...Work Of Art' and '...Pigsty' but those are the songs he played anyway, hope that's useful for some of you. No cover, and no 'Reader Meet Author', which was a pity, but at least 'Endless Succession' has gone.... And yes, the venue was poor but the band was, for my money, as good as I have ever seen them, and Matt and Jesse being so energetic makes a massive difference. Hopefully some pre-SG solo stuff will be in the set soon but you can't blame him for playing so much ROTT, none of the new songs deserve to be dropped.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 01 2006, @09:42PM (#215459)
  • i cannot believe that can exist a person who went to see Morrissey live and did not liked it you are too fortunate by having the possibility to assist to a Morrissey concert, we the people who cannot are very angry about this!!!!
    greg74 -- Monday May 01 2006, @10:31PM (#215463)
    (User #16419 Info)
  • Does anybody know was in the picture ?
    Teddy -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @12:14AM (#215477)
    (User #6007 Info)
  • what is the situation with sheffield is it seating or is it a free for all with just your seat number needed to get in from the commentsi have read it sounds like a normal gig where everyone wants to be at the front!
      Also what times should we start queuing and where is morrissey likely to stay or hang around in sheffield?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @01:33AM (#215483)
  • this hasn't been posted for a few days, so thought I'd do the honours (apols to Mr bored and others - not wanting to steal your thunder ...)

    Sorted by 'most played first' (doesn't include Whitehaven, setlist TBC, so 22 gigs played)

    22 At Last I Am Born [ROTT]
    22 First Of The Gang To Die [YATQ]
    22 Girlfriend In A Coma [Smiths: Strangeways]
    22 How Soon Is Now? [Smiths: Hatful]
    22 Let Me Kiss You [YATQ]
    22 Life Is A Pigsty [ROTT]
    22 Still Ill [Smiths: Smiths]
    22 The Youngest Was The Most Loved [ROTT]
    22 You Have Killed Me [ROTT]
    21 I Just Want To See The Boy Happy [ROTT]
    21 I Will See You In Far Off Places [ROTT]
    21 Irish Blood, English Heart [YATQ]
    21 My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye [bside: FOTGTD]
    20 Trouble Loves Me [Maladjusted]
    19 Reader Meet Author [Southpaw]
    15 To Me You Are A Work Of Art [ROTT]
    12 A Song From Under The Floorboards [Magazine cover]
    10 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me [Smiths: Strangeways]
    6 I Have Forgiven Jesus [YATQ]
    5 On The Streets I Ran [ROTT]
    4 In The Future When All's Well [ROTT]
    3 GangLord [bside - new]
    2 Human Being [bside: YHKM]
    2 I Like You [YATQ]
    2 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before [Smiths: Strangeways]
    2 Suedehead [Viva Hate]
    1 The Father Who Must Be Killed [ROTT]
    0 Dear God Please Help Me [ROTT]
    0 I'll Never Be Anbody's Hero Now [ROTT]
    Red Pullover -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @01:34AM (#215484)
    (User #7035 Info)
  • Having slept on it, the concert has grown on me - a bit like Ringleader itself after the first few listens. No way anywhere near my fave Moz concert, although Moz's voice was on top form. Wasn't the setlist most fans would have chosen but this is Moz after all. Concert reminded me very much of one he did (I think in Hammersmith with awful red seats) during tour just after Southpaw Grammar when he walked out becasue he got pissed off with David Bowie. As for the crowd - people were very polite and friendly to one another where I was. I guess it's the luck of where you stand. If you don't like lots of jumping bodies and flailing arms and legs, you can always stand at the back. It's the nature of the beast...a bit of violence never did anyone any harm.
    15minuteswithyou -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @01:51AM (#215486)
    (User #15615 Info)

  • Just how many people were there with the 'corparate hospitallity' stickers on !! - it was like going to Chelsea Football Club!

    Still at least there were not as many of these ars their was kebab n' mondeo boys! Just how these fcuk clad idiots have worked their way into the fanbase after two average albums is anyones guess. Its great he's got new fans and all but some of these people are utterley obnxious, i mean 'Still Ill' hardly got a cheer!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @01:54AM (#215487)
  • Does anybody know the name of the Italian song that plays before Moz goes on stage. I saw him a couple of times and it's always the same music that plays before he goes on stage and this little Italian ditty is stuck in my head.
    Nineleafclover -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @02:06AM (#215492)
    (User #16516 Info)
  • My first gig of the tour (9 more to go!) and I thought the sound was fine, but my god - how violent was that pit at the front(I was about 4 rows from the barrier by the way)? I'm by no means of Moz gig newby, but I could see some poor saps before the gig started who I knew were going to be in serious trouble, ie: young girls, short people, idiots carrying coats and one stupid bitch wearing a backpack, but once the gig started the sheer crush suprised even me. As a fairly burly bloke I was struggling to stay on my feet and keep breathing during several numbers, as the crowd descended into that 'everybody push left, then everybody push right in retaliation' thing. Several people (particularly less well built girls) were in obvious distress during the gig and not all of the could even push their way out to get rescued by the security.
    As it was I spent more energy trying to survive the pit than actually enjoy the music which was a shame, and I felt sad for those newbies who hadn't expected so much violence at the gig.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @02:21AM (#215495)
  • I noticed a fair number of the audience were taking pictures or filming the concert last night. Does anyone who posts here have, per chance, the heart to share your wares with the less well equipped members of the forum such as myself?


    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @02:27AM (#215497)
  • I'm really not looking forward to Blackburn now - a ROTT-heavy setlist means a crap one - I got the album a month early and after two weeks had stopped playing it - there's four or five crackers on but way too much filler - woe is me -
    Shakingobscene -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @02:30AM (#215498)
    (User #16324 Info)
    "I hope it's not too bloody - I'm wearing my favourite pants."
  • Hey!
    the concert was great, definitely not his best but really good.
    I would say that the + were:
    his voice- he sounded really really well, better than any other time i think.
    his charisma- he made really great comments throughout the gig.
    some songs sounded surprisingly brilliant (I want to see the boy happy was an unexpected highlight for me)
    the - i think there were the setlist which was not bad but i think it would be better if he replaced 3-4 songs from the ROTT with some old classics (he played everything from ROTT except Dear God and The Father)
    somebody mentioned that the crowd has changed a lot lately and i think i agree. The crowd was younger and a bit aggressive! It is not the same as it used to be but at the end of the day things do change.
    Have fun at the Palladium!!!
    Bring Morrissey to Greece!!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @03:03AM (#215509)
  • Voice was excellent as ever, sound was very good I thought. Great to hear 'Trouble Loves Me', though clearly quite a bit of the crowd I don't think had heard it. I expect more for the money I pay though and 75 minutes just isn't value for money, particularly with a back catalogue such as his. I'd expect 90 minutes at least!
    Caught only the last 15 mins of Sons & Daughters, which is a shame cos I think they're great.
    Saw Irish comedian Sean Hughes in the crowd, which was nice.
    jammystressfordpoet -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @03:19AM (#215516)
    (User #1727 Info)
    "I'm alone. I'm not lonely"
    • Re:Reflections by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 02 2006, @03:22AM
      • Re:Reflections by jammystressfordpoet (Score:1) Tuesday May 02 2006, @04:13AM
  • Where were they last night? Last night was the first time I've seen him in 15 years and it was shocking to see so so many dull meatheads in attendance. Like being at a football match I would imagine. Jaded fat fcuk clad bores
    bukowski333 -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @03:23AM (#215525)
    (User #16511 Info)
  • Please upload some pix, thanks! PLEASE!!! //\\//\\
    my marylin -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @03:23AM (#215526)
    (User #15633 Info)
  • My first show yesterday and came out with some mixed feelings.

    Morrissey was on good form i thought - voice sounded stronger than it has done in a while.

    New Songs sounded good too as well as the few old ones he did..

    Wish he did play a few older songs from his own catalogue as it was very ROTT heavy.

    It was also a pretty short set.. think hes got to the stage in his career where he can do anything he wants (songs he plays, tour when/where he wants to tour, record whatever material he likes and not what he thinks people will always like) but i did come out of the show feeling a little under-whelmed. He really needs to add a few more songs to the set and encore...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @04:55AM (#215551)
  • 753?source=Evening%20Standard&ct=5

    From Will Self of all people. I thought he was a fan. Not only does he spell his name wrong but he seems to have no idea he has scheduled dates at the Palladium.

    He also interprets Morrissey's opening comment "For what you may be about to receive may you be truly sorry" as graceless and petulant!

    Mr Will Self really has become a "Grumpy Old Man". Where's his sense of humour gone?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @05:35AM (#215567)
  • hello, what was it like selling tix in font of the venue?due the turn-down of getmetickets i have none. is it possible to buy there and at what prices, round about?
    flow23 -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @06:07AM (#215579)
    (User #16522 Info)
  • I'm becoming progressively more and more disenchanted with Morrissey as a solo artist. I think we should all boycott this tour, and future ones, until Moz changes the setlist.

    By all means keep the ROTT stuff, just lengthen the setlist to include some more classics. In the middle of the current setlist there are too many slow songs that a lot of the crowd aren't familiar with, which causes the atmosphere to lull terribly.

    Most of us mere mortals (Julia excepted) do a 9-5, five days a week; how hard would it be for him to double his stage time and do a 2-hour set? Regardless of what some people think, he is NOT a God; as much as we should be thankful that he's playing before us, so he should be thankful that people have turned up.

    Handsome Devil
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @06:50AM (#215594)
  • One reason for all the thugs at the palace has been suggested to me by a friend who's been to a few gigs there. That there are groups of thugs who go to any gig at the palace and piss people off. I don't think it was too great seeing "original" punks there they pissed me right off! I think they took the attitude from punk gigs that doesnt transfer into a passion about Morrissey. New fans of any band are always annoying because they are so detached.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @07:55AM (#215623)
  • This has got to be the worst gig i have ever been to i am a regualr gig goer and this was by far the worst why THE CROWD far too many aggressive football type hooligan so called fans in the crowd purposely pushing and shoving ppl to get to the front when many of us had been waiting there for 2 bloody hrs how very dare they.

    I nearly committed homicied i tell ya all the yobs that were there last night some from sunderland i hope they all got mugged on their way home ppl who dont go to gigs n only leave their houses to go to the pub or a footie match can all go to hell.

    That's the last Morrissey gig i ever go to shame as the performance was great but awlful venue altho cheap food!!

    Give the bastards an asbo n keep em out !!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @08:05AM (#215629)
    • ASBOs..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 03 2006, @12:56AM
      • Re:ASBOs..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 03 2006, @04:08AM
  • Sweet and tender Hooligan
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    First of the Gang to Die
    I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
    The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    The National Front Disco
    Cry (Johnnie Ray cover)
    Now My Heart Is Full
    You Have Killed Me
    Its Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small
    The Boy Racer
    Girl Least Likely to
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    One Headlight (Wallflowers cover)
    Life Is a Pigsty
    1st encore I Won't Share You
    2nd encore I Know Its Over

    Oops I am mistaken. That WOULD be the setlist if he actually cared about his fans.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @08:13AM (#215633)
  • I have gathered that it is time for Morrissey solo to stop for awhile. 2007 should be Smiths time to reunite. Roarke has distanced himself from Joyce as I've read in some of the interviews.
    Plus Marr & Roarke having played recently which would have been unheard of a few years ago.
    Zack Starkey on Drums add Moz empty your bank account see you at the show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @08:19AM (#215635)
  • Last night at Ally pally took me back 14 years or so to when I first saw the man during the 'Your Arsenal' tour as a fresh faced 15 year old!!! (I was 15, not Moz!)

    I thought the gig was brilliant, the atmosphere really built up just before he came on. 'First of the gang' and ''Still ill' were really powerful. I have never been able to get that close to the man before and i was awestruck.

    The mosh pit at the front was pretty intense and air was at a premium! some people were pretty shocked by the aggression/energy but it all seemed like excitement rather than malice. Indeed, the two or three people who were unhappy being there and clearly in discomfort were swiftly helped out.

    The songs sounded terrific. We all love the Smiths and I adore 'Your Arsenal' but the new stuff is what he wants to have a go at and right he is! 'Far off places' was brilliant, 'life is a pigsty' was pure theatre and 'on the streets I ran' surprisingly intense.

    'Trouble loves me' is a good song off a decent album, yet last night it took on a whole new feel. The adaptation produced by Moz and the boys was melodic, funny and built beautifully.

    Moz himself was pretty chatty during the first half of the show. He referred to rumours that he was in love as 'shit', mentioned that Radio 1 have never played his songs and came on saying 'for what you are about to receive you should be truly sorry' or words to that effect.

    He was funny when introducing the band: 'mighty and legendary' Boz, 'incredible' Gary, 'sultry' Jesse and Michael 'the man with the horn'. I can't remember what he said of the drummer who was Andy Walker (I think?)Moz himself was funny with his miming, dancing and posturing to the crowd.

    All in all it was a brilliant gig, good fun in the crowd with Moz and the boys on great form. He is definitely the saviour of live music!

    cocu -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @08:23AM (#215636)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • When Morrissey performed Still Ill the other night (or perhaps on the other concerts), didn't he make any lyrical changes?
    As for instance:
    "England's a swine" and "...and i should know, because I see them very often..." ?
    wolve -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @09:12AM (#215646)
    (User #16497 Info)
    • Re:Still Ill by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 02 2006, @10:31AM
  • I thought last nights gig was great but the set list should really be changed at least a little!
    I can't believe the amount of people that are saying that the crowd was violent! I was on the barrier just to the left of Moz and for me personally it was the first one of his concerts that I've been to that I didn't think "Oh God, get me out, I can't breathe". Maybe I was just enjoying it too much to notice ;)
    Can't wait for the Apollo. :)
    O -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @09:28AM (#215652)
    (User #15903 Info)
    • Re:Violent? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 02 2006, @11:29AM
  • What can one expect from the quality of audience or gigs, he's playing once a week in your corner pub, well, almost.

    He's openly gay (no more mystery), too accessible (too many gigs starting from Swedish bingolotto) and no more so handsome (arguabely).

    What we soon have for an audience, is a bunch of drunk middle aged angry gays knocking eachothers nose bleeding along the tempo of Pigsty.
    Granvik -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @09:34AM (#215655)
    (User #14586 Info)
  • I crowd surfed to the front in the irish blood english heart encore and to my happiness he was waving at me, my struggling and shouting at him against security made him laugh mid-song. What an important moment in my short life!

    Good concert crowd could have been better but can't be blamed with a slow setlist I supose.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @09:49AM (#215661)
  • I just don't get it anymore.. Yes, I'm talking about you whingers who are constantly going on about the bloody setlist. BLAH BLAH he isn't changing it BLAH BLAH he should do a longer set... Have you actually taken a look at any average band and how long their sets are, and how much they change them? And no, if you "know a band who are different" then don't give me the god damn example, because on the MOST PART, Morrissey is simply doing what other bands and artists do.

    You simply CANNOT please everyone when choosing setlists.. So what's the logical choice.. Pleasing yourself! This is fine as far as I'm concerned, the simple fact is that the people whining don't like songs like Reader Meet Author and Trouble Loves Me because they're so far up their own arses that they aren't willing to give the albums a chance. 5 Smiths songs is WAAAAY too much for me personally... That's just my opinion though. I'd have How Soon Is Now and Girlfriend In A Coma down in a shot, but I'm not whingeing about it.

    Just let the guy get on with it and leave him alone. People in the crowd shouting "More Smiths classics" deserve to be thrown out, because they (or yourself ;)) are being ridiculous.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 02 2006, @10:22AM (#215672)
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