posted by davidt on Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Ganglord / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / At Last I Am Born / I Will See You In Far-off Places / In The Future When All's Well / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Duper! no main show only 1 encore! at least i left happy! hurrah for mozza
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:02PM (#215948)
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  • First to post, eh?

    Come on people, where are all the scathing put downs of the show? Morrissey-Soloites are WAITING!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:03PM (#215949)
  • he played it! great ! lots of 80s style stage diving and hugging moz!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:15PM (#215953)
  • Someone please post the setlist so I can comment about how bad it was. On second thought, Moz doesn't change the setlist, so I already know what songs were played.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:24PM (#215956)
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  • What is that Italian Music played as the stage is being set, please anyone???
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:29PM (#215958)
  • You make me sing¤
    I fill with joy¤
    just to think about you.
    I only live for you Morrissey.
    I love you Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:33PM (#215960)
  • That was so amazing, I loved every second. His voice just gets better. The crowd I feel were very responsive, the security overtly violent. The set list...I can't really rememeber, the order. How Soon Is Now? was great and Life Is A Pigsty is amazing live.... all in all the show was breathtaking. I wish it never ended. :)
    Kristina -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @03:59PM (#215963)
    (User #13941 Info)
  • Good evening. This may be more of an incoherent ramble than a cohesive review as a) I am rather drunk and b) I am in a rush to get to bed before work in the morning. So, please forgive spelling mistakes and holes in the memory, but this is the first opportunity I have ever had to give a moz tour report as most gigs have been away from home and/or pre moz solo.

    So, in no order of preference or importance….

    Generally, lovely gig. Crowd v enthusiastic. Venue three tiered, with two balconies. Most of the crowd were on their feet for the majority of the gig.

    Two shirt changes, three shirts in total, one thrown into the crowd. I have to say, the initial shirt tied at the front is somehow unflattering.

    The tour backdrop of Sasha Distel was strangely at the back left of the stage, rather than centre stage. Im sure this doesn’t actually matter, but its just an observation.

    What he said…. Somewhat paraphrased….

    (on taking the stage) come any closer and you’ll get bitten.

    Its Julias 302nd gig on the front row.

    Introduced band by individual names only. On reaching Jessie, asked him who he was and gestured with microphone. Jessie refused to speak.

    (on fire alarm which caused venue evacuation prior to gig) the call was traced to Q magazine.

    (on being asked if he liked Sheffield) oh its okay…….

    Thanyou for buying ringleader. And thankyou for paying £3.50 for the gig.

    No particular setlist surprises. Irish blood encore. First of gang opened.

    Smiths: Still ill, girlfriend and how soon is now.

    Any questions?

    troubledjoe01 -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @04:03PM (#215965)
    (User #5148 Info)
  • Were they cheap?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @04:42PM (#215983)
  • Setlist:

    First Of The Gang To Die
    Still Ill
    You Have Killed Me
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    Let Me Kiss You
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    At Last I Am Born
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    In The Future When All's Well
    The Father Who Must Be Killed
    Life Is A Pigsty
    Trouble Loves Me
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @04:53PM (#215985)
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  • that steward at the far right of the stage was fookin massive!
    Wass brilliant when it took him and another steward to get that bloke off! He had a good go at getting to Moz but didn't quite manage..
    RatDog -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @05:44PM (#215998)
    (User #15820 Info)
  • Great show, great sound, no notable changes to setlist. Father who must be killed added, have to say it was the worst played song of the night.

    Highlights were: Still Ill, Life is a Pigsty, Trouble loves me, At last I am born also surprisingly good live. Moz's motto for the evening was 'Death to the Dingles' - ridiculous, haha!

    I was on the right hand side of the balcony this evening (row A seat 22), very good view and sound but for some reason very few people (only on this part of the balcony) stood up. There was also a complete cretin sat next to me with his girlfriend who stared at me when I tried to get past him and they didn't move, clap, sing or cheer the whole way through. I don't think the girl had ever heard a Moz song in her life! Saying that, me and my sister gave it our all as did a number of people around us so it certainly wasn't spoilt. Very good to watch those at the front although I wish I'd been there.

    Grimsby tomorrow! By the way, does anyone know how the venue is set out (all seating etc?) as my tickets don't seem to show a seat number or anything.
    moz'n'spleen -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @05:52PM (#216002)
    (User #16289 Info)
  • ENTRANCE MUSIC: Theme from Terry & June

    The Father Who Must Be Killed
    Tony The Pony
    ? New Song ? (chorus: "Who the fuck is Alain Whyte?")
    Suffer Little Children/Beat It
    Noise Is The Best Revenge
    The Public Image
    The Chicken Song (Spitting Image)
    Pink Blue (Altered Images)
    Suffer Little Children/I Love You Love Me Love
    I Knew I Was Next
    Boz & The Boz Men acoustic interlude
    There Speaks A True Friend
    King Leer (instrumental)
    Suffer Little Children/Fiddlin' About
    On The Streets I Ran
    New York Dolls Medley (43 minutes long)
    You Have Killed Me

    ENCORE: He Cried

    EXIT MUSIC: Theme From Animal Magic

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 03 2006, @09:00PM (#216028)
  • Hooray! It's back in the setlist! PLEASE let it survive until the Manchester dates.
    Star and garter -- Thursday May 04 2006, @01:39AM (#216073)
    (User #15022 Info |
  • Very enjoyable gig. When he throw the shirt is just sailed towards me. Had to catch it or it would have landed on my head. 75% cotton. Yves St Laurent. Gave a couple of buttons away, lot of people sniffed it, someone took a photo of it and wore it home.
    bad-b-side -- Thursday May 04 2006, @01:48AM (#216075)
    (User #16555 Info)
  • Amazing night, I was so soooo excited i even squeeled as i got out of the car and saw the trucks at the back of the city hall.... he was in a very good mood and seemed strangely amused by the crowds chanting..'Morrissey, Morrissey..u know how it goes) repling 'very funny, very the same tune'. Some mannerisms and vocals were truly 'Kenneth Williamesque' Over excited fans did get 'bitten',as warned, but the stewards were so so heavy handed and couldn't resist a smack or four as fans were literally thrown out. Even moshing that entered the steward's personal space or cast a lowly shadow on the stage proved too tempting for them as they surged forwards for a scutch...they often missed...ha!!!! High points.....Pigsty, all Smiths stuff, Trouble Loves me (I nearly cried), ITFWAIW. It was ROTT heavy but so what!!!! That said, some stuff from BD or Viva would have topped the night. We were spoilt tho..... Bluddy loved it!!!! Was it 'ta-ra' or 'ta' he said as he left the stage? I did catch the 'I love you' bit (said twice) Strange to see Sach to the right...but he wasn't that bad a person Must have been a good ears are ringing ...roll on Xx Angenlina xX
    Angenlina -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:04AM (#216096)
    (User #15342 Info |
  • Phenomenal just about sums it up for me!

    Listening to ROTT in the car on the way home was amazing because it was "dead" compared to the live performance I'd just been to.

    Girlfriend in a Coma was brilliant and the band were fantastic - best I've ever heard them.

    I lost count of how many guitars Boz used (at least nine) and as for Moz, well like he said of Sheffield - not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    phcbr6 -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:34AM (#216106)
    (User #12311 Info)
  • What a gig! According to Jessie (who's a lovely, lovely guy and will probably be reading this) we were one of the best crowds on the tour.

    I have to agree that security were a bit heavy handed at times, but I had a brief chat with Arturo outside and he's a sound bloke. I have to say that the guy whose head he sat on during one of the stage invasions bloody well deserved it, after he spent the whole gig heckling Moz, challenging one of the security guards to a fight and generally being an utter numpty.
    That same security guard allowed me to be lifted up and kiss Mozzers hand, so really I think the staff were just preventing a mass exodus onstage a la 1988, when he could hardly sing for the amount of fans pulling him every which way.

    To the people slating Julia for always getting to the front, she manages that because she has the initiative to move first. And because the first three rows always seem to be empty until the last couple of minutes. Hence her and her friends sit in the empty seats until the owners arrive and then move towards the stage. It's hardly some great conspiracy. We had just as much chance of getting to the front as her last night, and we did, until a stage invader got thrown back into the crowd and a fight broke out.
    She actually got a cheer last night when he said that this was her 302nd gig on the front row, as he then went on to say 'and you thought you were brave for buying 'I Have Forgiven Jesus' ... which you are'. To be honest it shouldn't really matter that he rewards his most loyal fan with a mention; she might have money, but she's dedicated all her time to Moz with hardly anything in return ... I know we love him, but would we really want to give up ALL our free time to follow him - regardless of cash flow situation? To paraphrase The Beatles, money can't buy you love ... just a mention from the stage every now and again.

    But, what an awesome concert, well worth a kick to the head and a lost earring. 'How Soon Is Now' was breathtaking and 'Pigsty' sounded fabulous. I'd have liked to have heard 'Reader Meet Author' again as I heard them rehearsing that one in the soundcheck, but how can I complain when every song was spot on, the crowd were so geared up and the people we met (road crew and band) are genuinely lovely guys.

    And, as was confirmed last night, some of the rumours on here about certain people (fans, band and Moz himself) are just utter rubbish; not a grain of truth to any of them ... but I'm not saying which one's, it'd take too long and I think most of us are reasonably intelligent enough to know what might be true and might not.

    Anyways, roll on seven o clock tonight.

    Mozzersgirl -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:58AM (#216112)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • ...I have a dream that for all the remaining gigs nobody posts anything about Julia. I JUST DON'T CARE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER and why does anybody else! Hasn't enough been said for everyone? I'm going to the gigs I've got tickets for (Reading, Palladium), I wouldn't know her if I stood next to her, and neither do I care. So she's a loony millionaire, so f what? I don't want to know anything about any other member of the audience either unless I have a chat with them, any more than anyone else wants to know anything about me! PLEASE. NO MORE!!!
    CityBill -- Thursday May 04 2006, @04:11AM (#216115)
    (User #13510 Info)
  • Last night was AMAZING!

    It was my first Morrissey gig...and I had to go it alone! So I'd like to say hellooooo to all the LOVELY people I met - both in the pub beforehand, and actually at the venue. I met some amazing people and the atmosphere was really special: I think we were all united in being a little strange..!

    OBVIOUSLY, there were some miserable bastards who kept sneering at me when I was dancing and singing and err getting into it...but who did Morrissey wave at?! Not you!

    It went by so fast, it's all a bit of a blur...and everyone I spoke to AFTER the gig will know I was on the biggest high ever. But now I've gathered my thoughts a bit..!

    Highlights for me were 'Still Ill', 'Life Is A Pigsty', 'Trouble Loves Me', 'To Me You Are A Work Of Art' (and as an album track, this one doesn't exactly LEAP out at me), 'Ganglord', 'How Soon Is Now?' (my MANTRA! I almost fainted) and, of course, 'Irish Blood, English Heart'. What an excellent encore. I was SO unbelieveably fired-up.

    I've seen him on TV and heard him on the radio, doing sessions, and he's sometimes sounded ha a little...ropey?! But his voice was AMAZING last night. It's hard to believe how old he is, and that he's been performing every night for however long, now.

    And another thing, I'm not even old enough to REMEMBER The Smiths. But I know people used to hurl themselves onstage to hug him, and he always did that pecular dance, whipping the mic lead round...I saw it all last night. AMAZINGAMAZINGAMAZING. WHAT an entertainer. I can't WAIT until Manchester and Halifax!!
    lilybett -- Thursday May 04 2006, @04:19AM (#216116)
    (User #16557 Info)
    But who asked you anyway? It's my life to wreck my own way.
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  • Last night was one of the best nights of my life. Moz and the band were awesome - the sound was amazing - it was a truly superb night. However, my problem is that I feel guilty because this was my first ever Moz gig and I have been a fan since the Smiths days!!! I have all the albums - I look on Moz as the most important figure in music - yet last night was the first time I had seen him live!!! Am I a bad person??? I would love to be going to another tour date but alas only got tickets for my home town of Sheffield. I think my problem has been that none of my friends/family are into Moz so I suppose I didn't want to go on my own to see him? Last night I took my missus and hse enjoyed the gig nearly as much as I did!
    Roll on the next tour and maybe I might get tickets for more than one venue. Is that the norm? Please don't hate me. Moz is God!!!
    mozblade -- Thursday May 04 2006, @05:24AM (#216137)
    (User #16554 Info)
  • is that guy who was doing a tally of how many times songs have been played on the tour so far still doing it? or is there a website with that info on it?

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @05:57AM (#216143)
  • After 20 years of waiting my girlfriend Sara and I finally got to hold Morrissey's hand! We were right at the front from the start. Security in front of us were really cool fellas, it was just the nutter on the left of the stage that was very heavy handed. Did you see him drag that poor bloke accross the stage by his foot and then attempt to throw him back into the crowd like a "hammer throw". Christ!

    We thought the crowd was electric, you could tell it was all gonna go off at some point. There must have been 10-15 successfull stage invasions? Lost count of how many more unfortunate souls who had a go but were pushed or thrown or kicked or elbowed back!

    Crazy holding a Morrissey gig in an all-seated venue what were they thinking? What did they expect!

    Set was pretty much same as Leeds. amazing from Start to finish. Highlights for us were "ganglord", cant wait to hear it again at Apollo, "Life is a pigsty" &"How soon is now"

    I couldnt sleep last night, buzzing too much :-)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @06:28AM (#216146)
  • I'd like to apologise on behalf of the top tier, left hand side [looking from the stage], entry via Door A - why the apology, well I reckon it was the only area not actually stood up - the reason? Well, I got up as soon as 'You'll never walk alone' came on, only to be told by someone that the poor woman sat behind him couldn't see if I did so. On closer examination, it would appear likely that she couldnt get out of her seat as she was the size of a brick shithouse - great night all the same but idiots like this take the shine off it some what - 'as Antony said to Cleopatra as he opened a crate of ale, oh I say, some girls are bigger than others....'.

    Saw Moz at the Lowry and this was much better, better crowd, better sound and the band seemed well up for it - I reckon the fire evac meant that a few more ales were drunk in the bar as well - nice one Sheffield!
    spongearustyspanner -- Thursday May 04 2006, @06:45AM (#216148)
    (User #16553 Info)
  • Highlights of the night were 'Still Ill', 'Girlfriend In A Coma' and 'How Soon Is Now'. The other songs were a bit shit and boring, to be honest.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @08:19AM (#216180)
  • amazing!
    beyond words!
    it was the best night yet in my life and the first time i've seen him live... although i waited for him to walk in for three and a half hours in leeds
    anyhow, back to the point
    were the people who were on the front 3 rows and allowed to stand infront of the rest of us elite or something?
    i'd have thought so for security to be wetting their pants so much about the rest of us getting past
    but they looked like average joes i thought
    anyhow, i was so happy for each and every person who managed to touch him or make it onto the stage, sadly i didn't but there's always manchester
    i thought it was really lovely the way everyone spoke to everyone and it was so cosy!
    i was right at the front of the non-special people who couldn't get any nearer the stage than about 3 metres
    and a guy in lepord print was shaking peoples hands so i put my hand out for him to shake mine - he did, but i don't know who he was...
    anyone know?
    !i girl afraid !i -- Thursday May 04 2006, @10:35AM (#216228)
    (User #16416 Info)
  • it's all very good but why is he persisting with the same three smiths songs.
      i would rather he ignored them completely than constantly regurgitate these.i am a fan of over 22 years and need not ever hear how soon is now for the remainder of my existence.yes i know it's always the first time for someone but he could perhaps not treat the uninitiated with such populist kid gloves.
        it doesn't help that i can't get my head around 65% of the new album either.we all have differing opinions but as time goes on more people are saying the same things.
      as a performer he still has few/no equals.must he persist with uptempo plod plod guitar singalongs..jessie's contributions are weak and cliched as,i'm afraid, are a lot of the lyrics.
      fear not as i hear alain has prepped some great new things as we speak..and that the new b-sides urinate all over much of the l.p. i'm certain we've been here before.
      anyway new scott walker record next week.clear favourite for album of the year.ta ta
    drilltime -- Thursday May 04 2006, @11:35AM (#216233)
    (User #15269 Info)
  • gig was brilliant
    only low point was the security how dare they treat fans like sh it
    after the gig i spoke to mozzas head of security John? (i think i was a bit pissed)
    explained my utter contempt for the security
    he was adamant they had every right to deal with it as they saw fit
    licensed thugs
    i also spoke to the big black guy in the purple shirt he just said they were under orders
    so why does morrissey tempt the audience so blatantly
    its his orders for the security to be heavy handed according to John
    sorry to moan but its not on
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @12:46PM (#216248)
  • A re-rejuvenated Morrissey - fresh from the release of the amazing ROTT - and a refurbished Sheffield City Hall were an interesting recipe last night. It was a little surprising to read some of the comments about set lists but the new songs were all fantastic live and the set-list proved to be a winner here in Yorkshire (as they have done in the rest of the UK being honest) despite what you might read here, from people who may not have been there.

    Sons and Daughters got better as they went along (after the first song) but they look promising and it's a great opportunity for them. Let's hope they become bigger than the Thieves. The lead singer is also a stunning beauty.

    Some could sense that a real treat was going to be in store for the main event when, 10mins before 'the arrival', all the empty spaces in the stalls (at the front of the stage) were quickly taken as people moved down into the gaps. Those drinking in the city bar downstairs (under the hall) came back to find at least 300 people at the front of the stage, at which point beer was flying all over the place in a mad-panic when the stage jumpers amongst them, driven by courage - or bitter - realised their dream of running/climbing onto the stage was now going to be so much harder with that crowd (and Julia) between them and the stage.

    The band were amazing - Boz and Gary especially -but it was also nice to see the young lad Jesse given a free reign to wander around the stage on some songs while the others strummed away at the back, wondering perhaps why Jesse was jumping around at the front of the stage, with his guitar flying all over the place and looking very much like he was just going to jump in (or throw the cymbals in !) The crowd really loved him and it's easy to see why – his playing is cool and fast but he took a great deal of care with GIAC and it sounded great. The drummer is better - the longer songs really gave him a chance to show off - plus Mikey on keyboards continues to make the band sound complete. So, Boz has put together a great crew. We all know that, I suspect, but it does not hurt to state the obvious for those that do not remember some of the early days.

    The new songs, particularly ITFWAW - perhaps Morrissey's greatest EVER song - was partly cut short vocally as he tangled with the crowd. I think Security made the whole event much more watchable, enjoyable and fun for all the band too. Maybe one or two really did want to get 'bitten' by Morrissey for being too close. For a while, during HSIN, I actually thought that it was the Smiths. They were that good. The band really gave it there all to the end (while Morrissey ran off to change shirt for the encore.) It was stunning and the sound was fantastic.

    Am I bored ? The question was asked. For a while, I did wonder in which direction it was directed (hoping it was Sons and Daughters next to me) but no, I was alone, in pain (standing against a wall) but what a night it was. Magical. Fantastic. These days are very special, MB.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:35PM (#216302)
  • This gig was the first time i had seen Morrissey live in over ten years - and it was worth the wait!

    He was on top form, looking happy and relaxed - as for the music..... genuis, beautiful, heart wrenching, georgeous, uplifting. Pure magic.

    I felt like the cat that got the cream when i took my (rather picturesque) seat pre-show in row D of the stalls, and nearly fell over when standing and realising just how close Morrissey was. I congratulate him on choosing to play smaller venues - it works beautifully.

    I was rather hungry on leaving - it would have been nice to have a selection of veggie burgers for sale as well as t shirts haha :-)

    Brilliant gig x x x
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @01:30AM (#216611)
  • A great gig! This was the 6th time I've seen Mozza and a combination of the prospect of being chained to a seat at City Hall and a slight skepticism about the new album meant I wasn't as excited beforehand as usual. But the album is definitely a grower and as for City Hall, most people seemed to rebel against the idea of sitting and were crammed down the front by Still Ill. Moz was on great form vocally and pretty talkative with the audience + all the band were brilliant. Jesse added a new energy (+ attractiveness), and made my night by placing a crumpled set list in my sweaty palm at the end. More intimate venues like this should definitely be on the agenda for future tours as it's what the live Moz experience is all about - it's just not right unless there's at least one stage invasion! I first saw Mozza when I was 16 at the scum-pit that is Aylesbury Civic Centre in my horrendous hometown during the Oye Esteban tour, and I was hooked. I'm not suggesting he re-visit there (as no-one should!) but the tiny venue was brimming with the kind of energy and character that an arena will never have, and it's where Mozza sounds and plays best in my opinion. I'm now looking for tickets for Halifax on the 10th so if anyone has a spare going please let me know, good money will be paid.
    frankly_vulga34 -- Sunday May 07 2006, @10:34AM (#216908)
    (User #16551 Info)

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