posted by davidt on Thursday May 04 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Will See You In Far-off Places / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / At Last I Am Born / Trouble Loves Me / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Ganglord / A Song From Under The Floorboards / Life Is A Pigsty / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / In The Future When All's Well / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by an anonymous person, Handsome Charmer
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  • Wow! That was an AWESOME Moz gig!!!


    ENTRANCE MUSIC: Queen - We Will Rock You

    ? New Song ? (chorus: "Chaka Demus is me")
    On The Streets I Ran
    Medley: Handsome Devil/ Devil Woman/ Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
    GARY'S SOLO SPOT: In which he carves the words 'DIE WANKER' on his bass
    guitar with a pen-knife before hitting himself on the head with said
    instrument approximately a dozen times.
    Noise Is The Best Revenge
    Our Frank
    All The Lazy Dykes
    JULIA'S SOLO SPOT: In which Morrissey and Julia Riley trade places for
    five minutes; he takes his place in the front row with a fun camera and
    a well-thumbed copy of The Female Eunuch while she stands centre stage
    chirruping "Every Breath You Take" by The Police accompanied by Mikey
    on farfisa organ.
    That's Entertainment
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    The Slum Mums
    BOZ'S SOLO SPOT: In which Mr Boorer is given 60 seconds to eat as many
    Linda MacCartney Country-Style Pies as his greedy gullet will allow
    while Morrissey leads the audience in a chant of "Pies! Pies! Pies! Pies!
    Margaret On The Guillotine
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    Best Friend On The Swiss Roll*
    ENCORE: Rat In Mi Kitchen (What Am I Gonna Do?)

    EXIT MUSIC: Queen - We Are The Champions

    (* - special comedy wordplay version of much, much loved Southpaw
    Grammar crowd pleaser)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:01PM (#216286)
  • You know who you are (Hatful of Hollow t-shirt, alopaecia blonde bob, more wrinkles than my Nan's tights). Why do you come here?

    The impact of the setlist was very clear to me tonight. Over at The Lowry a couple of weeks ago it started well but something strange happened - some almost intangible but very definite groundshift in mood....

    Tonight was the same... It started so well, so very very well. And then came the four-song sag from which it is impossible to recover : My Life Is A Succession Of Gig Which Go Odd In The Middle / Audience In A Coma / Let Me P*ss YOu (Off) / At Last I Am Bored.

    Take those songs OUT and substitute them with Suedehead / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel / Reader Meet Author / Billy Budd.... and you have a bonafide surefire way to keep the atmosphere at fever pitch.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:21PM (#216295)
  • What a night, second time ive seen Morrissey and he was in great form, as we're the band. Made some new friends to, Hi Craig n Claire. Long live the Mozzer and screw the doubters!!

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:28PM (#216299)
  • Great gig - absolutely knackered - he did Floorboards - one guy got on stage.......venue was about perfect size wise - and no seats!

    He's still got it and even the Polecats were above average ("almost professional")

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:31PM (#216301)
  • Usual show and encore. No Father Who Must Be Killed or Human Being but Floorboards brought back into the mix.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @03:55PM (#216306)
  • These are deffo the right songs. 90% happy with the order...
    First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved /I Will See You In Far-off Places / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / Life Is A Pigsty / At Last I Am Born /Ganglord / In The Future When All's Well / A Song From Under The Floorboards /To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Trouble Loves Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart


    PS Anyone 'get' the piano piece before Trouble?

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @04:17PM (#216312)
  • First of all, i grabbed the setlist!!!!! The last show i went to was Earls court in 2004, so the Auditorium is is minute in comparison.Moz came out and said, "i have one quesrtion, who put the Grim in Grimsby?" The setlist was alot calmer and the crowd was good, but it never really got goin, a bird fainted durin, "piggy"(life is a pigsty) as it is writtin on the setlist. Also there was a yuong couple who were tryin to push their way to the front and were complainin of their lack of viewin, people u have to expect everythin goin to a Moz gig! Also there were more crowd surfers than Earls court, which was good to see, the guy infront of me shook Mozza's hand which was quality. I really enjoyed it.
    Handsome Charmer -- Thursday May 04 2006, @05:38PM (#216327)
    (User #15270 Info)
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      • Re:Setlist by Handsome Charmer (Score:1) Friday May 05 2006, @08:37AM
  • I was going to make up a setlist full of silly songs he really shouldnt be playing, such as, oh i dont know, the majority of just two of his solo albums and barely anything else from his actual good solo years. Maybe the awfully overated Hows soon is now as well. However, it seems someone has had the same joke as me and put this as the real setlist for all his gigs this tour.
    Ah well.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @05:59PM (#216331)
    • Yes, who'd have thunk it? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 04 2006, @09:31PM
    • Re:Setlist by jeanne (Score:1) Thursday May 04 2006, @10:36PM
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  • He should perform that on this tour, preferably at the Apollo, Manchester.
    It'd be fitting.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 04 2006, @10:03PM (#216339)
  • Morning all

    Having been at the quite bizarre shenanigans on Sunday at the Sage, I was contemplating not making the 250 mile round trip to see the man in action. I felt quite let down by the whole experience -but I'm glad I did! Two of my friends didn't bother (Catherine - you missed a treat).

    Back on form - really looked like he was enjoying himself, and the crowd seemed up for it too. Having followed Moz since my first Smiths gig at 15, I knew what to expect crowd wise - but my friend (this was her first time) and standing 6 foot from the barrier, looked a bit shell-shocked at times. Especially when a fight broke out just behind us - some fcuk clad chaps with full pints trying to push their way in, right at the death during How Soon Is Now! Nice touch I thought.

    Boz seemed quite preterbed by the whole thing and watched intently with a concerned look on his face, as it went on for a while just in front of him - security just seemed to watch for a while before "going in"!

    This little incident did not spoil what was for me a make or break gig - I know how dramatic of me. I agree with the comments regarding the lull in the setlist - but I just think we will have to live with it.

    All in all a very enjoyable little jaunt, with a personal highlight being Still Ill - see you at the Palladium!
    coconut macaroons -- Thursday May 04 2006, @11:07PM (#216341)
    (User #11421 Info)
  • why are half the posts on here slagging it off?
    me and my friend ran straight to the front right in the middle!
    as soon as the chordes of "you to me are a work of art" began I screamed really loudly and Morrissey looked at me with a look of confusion and everyone around me laughed = it mad my night

    It's true the camera adds 10 pounds coz Morrissey was looking mighty fine
    He introduced the band as "sexy beasts"
    He had a disney princess sticker on his chest for some reason

    I managed to grab a good handfull of the black shirt but it wa ssuch good quality it wasn't ripping and it was beginning to get pulled across my friends throat so I let go.....

    All in all one of the best nights of my life; and made all the better by Moz's ridiculously lairy yellow encore shirt!

    Goin down boots now to get my photos developed as I managed to smuggle a camera down my clevage!
    Kate xx
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @12:42AM (#216344)
  • First of all can I just say what a fantastic gig and (majority) crowd it was at Grimsby. Apart from the end when fisticuffs broke out and security refused to pull one of the perpetrators from the audience for his own safety and our enjoyment of the encore.

    However, here's a gripe - I don't go to a Morrissey gig expexting a gentle night with a placidly swaying crowd, however, neither do I expect some vicious little terrier doing everything in her power to elbow me, my friend and two other very lovely lasses out of the way with the aid of her excessively hirsute boyfriend.
    My friend hasn't seen Mozzer live since 1992, she was really looking forward to it. All we wanted was a decent position, so we turned up half an hour before the doors opened, simply walked into the auditorium, and still managed to get on the second row.
    Bonus, we thought. That was until Sons and Daughters began their set and my friend kept receiving repeated elbows in the back. She moved to let the perpetrator next to me who then responded to our talking over her head by conversing with her boyfriend in English and then Spanish, thinking we wouldn't know what she was saying (all I can say is, you rude little cow). My friend had to move out of the front rows after that, as when the moshing started she couldn't reach the barrier to stay on her feet.
    When it began the crush was such that two girls next to me got security to pull them over the barrier; I grabbed hold of it to push back and create a space and as one went over she lost her shoe, so after the first song I bent down to pick it up, at which point the little terrier shouted 'F***ing Hell' in my face and body dropped her weight, elbow first, onto my arm. From then on her elbow was delibrately digging into my arm for the whole gig. It's agony this morning, but I'm so proud that I didn't let go of that barrier until the fight broke out behind me. All she was bothered about was getting onto the stage ... she wouldn't have been able to reach unless somebody had thrown her, and I'd have gladly volunteered.

    I apologise that all this is irrelevant to you, but it's very rare that I get angry at people, and she had me seething last night ... never mind eh; sorrow will come in the end.

    Anyways, rant over, this didn't spoil my enjoyment of the gig, as Mozzer seems to look more beautiful every time I see him, 'A Song From Under The Floorboards' was excellently done and should definitely be a b-side, and as I said, the majority of the crowd were just there to appreciate Morrissey and his Playboys.
    And I got a setlist, courtesy of Jessie's lovely techie.
    Mozzersgirl -- Friday May 05 2006, @01:21AM (#216348)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • I cant belive some of the songs he is playing in place of older solo stuff. Song from under the floorboards is bad enough by magazine but this cover is just sinful. ganglord? what the hell is that about, new b-side, z-side more like. Let me kiss you, good but we heard it last time, same as irish blood. My life is a succession,average b-side, why play it live? god knows. As for first of the gang and how soon is now, his most overated solo and smiths songs. This set list should really be sorted out. Especially for the money some people have forked out to hear it...myself included.
    itmayallendtomorrow -- Friday May 05 2006, @02:12AM (#216361)
    (User #15971 Info)
  • Add more if you can remember them!!!

    Entrance..." So, I really must ask, "who put the Grim in Grimsby!"
    "Thursday night in Grimsby can only mean one thing...prosperity"
    Shout from the crown for National Front Disco...Moz loooks, " Er No I don't think so!
    Acknowledged the presence of Julia.
    During the YWTML to the lines, there is no such thing in life as normal.. pointing and looking at the crowd through his imaginery binoculars!
    To the stage invader, "Man of the Match!" BTW well done whoever you were how did you manage that, what a sprint from one side of the stage to Moz, you even caught the on stage security by suprise it must have been while security were helping fainters out of the crowd..and right at the death of the gig too!!! Top marks. Incidentally security seemed ok, not rough meatheads.
    Hightlight for me was HSIN, maybe just showing my age! but fantastic. Does go off a bit in the middle, I actually thought Moz was bored with ALIB.
    Fantastic encore of IBEH really got everyone right up for it again but then it finished!!! seemed a shame to have everyone going mad again to suddenly kill it.
    Prior to encore, " So you're not Grim then? Well we tried!"
    And Poor Boz trying to make a paper aeroplane out of the set list, second attempt worked!!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @03:09AM (#216369)
  • last night was great, i have to mirror the person that mentioned aggressive attitudes when stood at the front of the corwd. i was in the second row and thru the corse of the gig my arms ended up un the shoulders of the people in front of me. this one woman that musta been in her 50's shouted "move your arm" i asked how she expected me to do that when i had the body weight of several hundred people pressing against me! she retorted "what d you want me to do about it" i replied "i want you to shut your fcking mouth and watch the gig", she did shut up, but then spent the next 20 mins trying to stamp the heel of her shoe onto my foot! which did not work, i told her "soz luv it's not working" shortly after that she had to be lifted out as she couldnt "take it".

    my question is " why go to the front of a moz gig in the knowledge that there WILL be a crush and that people want to be as close to the front as possible??? if you dont like it then dont go to the front!!

    other than that i thought it was a decent gig, a couple of songs coulda been replaced by more appropriate ones but all in all it was cool.

    oh and i was the guy that got onstage.. i was honored to be declared "man of the match" by moz.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @03:14AM (#216370)
  • I'm going out on a limb here, but how precisely does being crushed, getting into(whether with intention or accidentally)fights, stage diving, fighting over shirts and all the other physical stuff add to one's enjoyment of a Morrissey gig? I'd be happy enough to sit in a seat with the rest of the audience and listen to the man singing. And before anyone asks, I've been to many a Morrissey gig, five alone on this tour.
    Just a thought....

    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @03:37AM (#216379)
  • A cheesy grin was fixed on my face all night - it was fantastic. Unreal to see him in the flesh.
    Got stuck in near the front for the opening FOTGTD but there were too many elbows, sweat and heaving puppy fat, so I stood back for the rest of the show (better views but less...)

    'My Life is a Succession' is undoubtedly part of the sluggish mid-part of this set list but what it lacks in pace it certainly compensates for in melodrama and difference. The same goes for Pigsty, which Morrissey performed with a certain level of conviction. Felt that 'Song from Under the Floorboards' was a bit unnecessary, but I'm not complaining.

    Now I've got the itch for close-up hero worship so I might try and slide my way through to the front next time round, which is in Blackburn. If I can stand the pain!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @03:48AM (#216383)
  • So can someone please tell me who this Julia is please?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @04:18AM (#216388)
  • Is anyone going to Dublin???
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @05:15AM (#216398)
  • Fantastic gig!, not as good as Bradford in 2002 but better than the MEN and Earls Court.
    The set had it's moments, I prefer Moz when he's rocking, I'm a big Magazine fan and love his version of 'floorboards.

    The venue is in a strange place in the middle of a council estate, it was just the right size, I managed to get 2nd from the front infront of Boz, although Banging em Dave had trouble getting back from the bar, one bloke complaining that he'd queued up since 6 to get near the front. I had to wonder what people expect gigs to be like, yes there is pushing and shoving etc etc - live with it, don't start elbowing folk or moaning.

    One of the lads fighting got a right crack in his face but what do you expect when you put a load of folk from Humberside together in a room, the security were shit and should have pull people out sooner.

    The biggest let down of the night was Moz not picking up my Boro scarf, it was a good shot and landed at his feet, maybe he'll give it a wave in Halifax next Wednesday.
    Aly Panic -- Friday May 05 2006, @05:48AM (#216406)
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  • just out of interest,hom much are tickets selling for from the touts??
    i want some for Halifax.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @06:20AM (#216416)
    • Re:my photos by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 05 2006, @11:30AM
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  • I just love "I will Return" by Springwater! Have got his whole album (self-titled) and it wouldn't surprise me if Boz had chosen this track to be on the pre-gig tape. The whole album is very glammy & T.Rex-esque stuff - reminds of the guitar riff on "The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get".
    Morrissey's pre-gig music has always been very good and interesting - some bands come on stage with any old shit playing!
    Any views?
    shoplifter71 -- Friday May 05 2006, @12:44PM (#216505)
    (User #14228 Info)
  • Almost.
    A nice enough venue and good quality chip shop all helps ease the passage through a Morrissey tour. The downside is a shocking set list, that killed what atmosphere there was almost from the start.
    It was a huge pleasure to hear Still Ill and Coma, especially with wee Tommy Steele writ large on the back drop - How Soon is Now was a mistake though. This, to me, is more a Marr song than a Morrissey song and as I remember Johnny called it, rightly enough, the Smiths Stairway to Heaven and to my mind it is the song that your Joe Public non-Smiths fan Smiths fan always bang on about; it would have been so much nicer to have a good singalong number from the vaults, Reel Around the Fountain perhaps?
    The rest of the set was shocking though - way too much from RoTT, which while being his best album for many moons, still has not got them dancing in the aisles yet (these things take time). That he does not reawaken songs like Nobody Loves Us, Satan Rejected, Speedway, Dagenham Dave etc. is beyond me. In fact, any of those big, crowd pleasers would do although, saying that, I didn't hear many singing along with Trouble Loves Me.
    On a lighter note, managed to catch Boz and Gary as they were about to board the bus, who were kind enough to the shoot the breeze and do a job lot of signings. Gents, one and all.
    And why do people still buy tickets off ebay? I paid £30 for a standing, from a tout, an hour before Sons and Daughters came on stage. More money than sense methinks for the internet mugs.
    Popside Aggro -- Friday May 05 2006, @02:35PM (#216542)
    (User #14426 Info)
    You're a big man, but you're out of shape...
  • Moz, I love you.
    You're be a great father I'm sure!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @03:48PM (#216568)
  • I had a fantastic night - really enjoyable.

    Thats because I was in London.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 05 2006, @04:36PM (#216582)
  • so what did everyone think to them???
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @12:15AM (#216605)

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