posted by davidt on Sunday May 21 2006, @02:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / How Soon Is Now? / Human Being / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Life Is A Pigsty // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Hairdresser on Fire
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  • Oh my God
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:08PM (#220354)
  • not.
    Anyway at least one bit of the previous message was true; it was an amazing night and Moz was in top form. Looking stunning in a tux and bow-tie as he took on the stage, he was in a fantastic mood. The band tonight was particularly great.
    Moz dedicated Pigsty to his cousin who was apparently murdered in Manchester.
    Stood 3 hours in today's lovely weather as by chance, passing by around four and with no one waiting outside, his car stopped the moment I was walking past the stage door. It was so sudden I couldn't bring myself to say or do anything...He didn't come back out but the rest of the band (except for Gary) did; they are lovely lads, especially the mighty Boz.

    Crowd better than last sunday; seating venue still a mood killer to my opinion though.

    'Till next week Moz!
    rank-dsgn -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:14PM (#220356)
    (User #16356 Info)
  • This time after he played Irish Blood, he said thankyou, i love you and then shouted yaaaaaaaaankeee doodle! to everyones delight. It was the usual classic setlist and a great moz gig.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:19PM (#220359)
  • Set-list (Score:3, Informative)

    Tonight was great, much better than last week. Moz came on in tux and bowtie, to sing a couple of lines of 'Tony Blair on the guillotine'. Sadly, it was just the fist couple of lines. Setlist ran:

    First of the gang to die
    Still ill
    The youngest was the most loved
    In the future when all's well
    To me you are a work of art
    Girlfriend in a coma
    You have killed me
    I will see you far off places
    The father who must be killed
    I just want to see the boy happy
    At last I am born
    How soon is now?
    Human Being
    I'll never be anybody's hero now
    Life is a pigsty
    ENCORE (yes, an encore!): Irish Blood English Heart

    Sound was good, Moz on much better form, the crowd more active. 100% improvement on last week.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:21PM (#220360)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • Great show (Score:2, Informative)

    Great gig – almost same set list as the others (“Human Being” instead of “Trouble Loves Me”) and he did come back for an encore this week! I got a ticket from a tout outside for £30 just before 9, and managed to sneak down from row P right to the front at the side... thank you security for not making me move!

    He came on wearing a full dinner suit (looking heavenly) and started with the opening of “Margaret on a Guillotine” slightly altered to… “the kind people have a wonderful dream, Tony Blair on the guillotine”...!. I can’t remember all his comments – he made a joke about it being his birthday tomorrow and about being glad to leave his thirties behind!

    He also dedicated Life Is A Pigsty to his cousin who was murdered in Manchester last year (anybody know anything about that...?).

    Very glad I went, and can’t believe next Sunday is my last show of the tour... where has the time gone...?
    Zelda <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:22PM (#220361)
    (User #14214 Info)
    • Re:Tragedy by goinghome (Score:1) Sunday May 21 2006, @04:11PM
  • First Of The Gang To Die(Intro "Tony Blair On The Guillotine") / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / How Soon Is Now? / Human Being / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Life Is A Pigsty (dedicated to Morrissey's murdered cousin) // Irish Blood, English Heart

    best seated gig I've been to.

    Morrissey came out in a tux. Boz's sax on Human Being was amazing. Happy Birthday and Viva Morrissey
    heatrowguy -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:23PM (#220364)
    (User #14520 Info)
  • That it's getting to the point that when reading the reports of each gig you have to wonder which ones are made up.

    I think the way this site is run probably needs reassessing. It's going to get to a point where we can't believe anything on here. It's a great site and it needs saving.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:29PM (#220369)
  • fab nite! (Score:2, Informative)

    REally enjoyed tonite!! M seemed in really good spirits and even seemed a bit embarassed but the outpouring of affection -- very sweet!

    Was amazing when he dedicated Life is A Pigsty to his cousin who was murdered in Manchester... the place was silent as he sang -- quite a personal moment especially compared to the banter reported at from earlier concerts.

    No mention of Julia (thank god!) but he did pay a lot of attention to the front row -- and received lots and lots of b-day cards!

    Boz, Jess, Gary, and Mikey came down to front of stage -- great! and Matt on drums continues to be unbelievable! Love him!!!!!!!

    Crowd as enthusiastic and vocal but I confess I was the only one jumping up and down and dancing in my area!!!!!

    Loved it -- and can't wait to see him Wed. nite...

    lizbar -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:35PM (#220373)
    (User #14268 Info)
  • is a top 3 Moz song.

    A great night up in the gods.

    My faith in love is still....
    devout -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:40PM (#220375)
    (User #6172 Info)
  • the intro from "tony blair" on the giloutine into first of the gang was epic. this gig was so much better than last week and moz looekd truly spiffing in his tux. no trouble loves me which i found a little upsetting as that is one my favs but human being was still ace.

    oh and he was crawling around on the floor as he came onto stage. not much audience interaction bar that though. ummmm.... yeah thats all i can remember.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:52PM (#220377)
  • That was one of the best Moz gigs I've seen and it was my 19th since Finsbury Park. I was really worried about the venue but from the moment the lights went down it was electric. I was in the thick of it at the front in Reading on Wednesday night but in the gods tonight but I loved it all the same, it gave me a chance to stand back and appreciate the show without all the general pushing and shoving that goes on. If it's anything like that next Sunday to close the tour it will be something worth seeing, shame I'm out of the country. There were plenty of touts around outside tonight, dread to think what they were charging.
    Whalley Range -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:01PM (#220380)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • He kissed my hand at the end!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:05PM (#220385)
    • Re:Well by lizbar (Score:0) Sunday May 21 2006, @03:26PM
    • Re:Well by fc (Score:1) Sunday May 21 2006, @05:55PM
    • Re:Well by Roger the Horse (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @12:30AM
    • Re:Well by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 22 2006, @12:48PM
      • Re:Well by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 22 2006, @11:18PM
  • I just loved the intro!!! In my opinion this was the best London show this year.
    AlexLondon -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:16PM (#220392)
    (User #5825 Info |
  • I've come to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    Like we say in Portugal you are like the O'porto wine! the oldest is the best of all!
    hope to see you in Paredes de Coura Festival!

    amazingstar_31 -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:18PM (#220393)
    (User #16639 Info)
  • He did look great, in his dinner suit and bow tie and delivered the songs with great sensitivity. He made the comment "What would Lesley Crowther Say" (a British comedian)just before TYWTML
    He also said "This Really Is Sunday Night at The London Palladium" a reference to the classic series of television shows in the 1950's that came live from the Palladium. lp.htm
    Yes the show was better than last Sunday, he was animated and shook hands relentlesly. The guy with the tatoos to the right end of the stage got at least 3 hand shakes and nearly passed out with excitement. - Moz collected the many birthday cards that were waving in front of him.

    He also said just before Work Of Art "And of course I was horrified and not yet really surprised that the United Kingdom failed again in the Eurovision Song contest. And the question that kept running through my mind was why didn't they ask me? They had no imagination"

    He joked before Coma, and mentioning it was his birhtday tomorrow.. "I will be so relieved to say goodbye to my thirties".
    This show was a complete contrast to last week at the Palladium in that he was happy and communicating much more with the crowd.

    As has already been mentioned he dedicated, I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now, to his cousin who was murdered in Manchester last year. - A very sensitive moment in the concert.

    All in all a top class performance.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:41PM (#220405)
  • My first time seeing Moz live was at Ally Pally and left a little disillusioned. Not because of the setlist but because I was too worried about who was going to cave my head in.

    Tonight was fucking awesome, lovely crowd of people who were there to appreciate the great one. Even the bars were really friendly - had a really great time.

    Very sad moment when Pigsty was being sung. Moz was visibly shaken. A poignient moment indeed.
    Right Whinger -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:41PM (#220406)
    (User #16177 Info)
  • Happy Birthday Moz! I'm glad I'm living the same time with you and breathing. My life is worth to live because of you. You are my everything. I love everything about you. Thank you for being born.
    I love you Moz!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:59PM (#220413)
  • the best gig I've seen in my life.
    Thanks for this night Morrissey, my loyal friend.
    I hope you enjoy the Rita Pavone's single I bought for you.
    I love you. Thanks very, very much.
    Respect and love.
    I'm sorry, I can't find the words...
    thanks, thanks, thanks.
    Endless love.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @04:03PM (#220414)
  • is this the first time he's played I'll Never Be Anybodies Hero Now?

    How did it sound? :)

    - SRA
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @04:47PM (#220418)
  • Hi Moz, Happy Birthday!

    Love you xxxx
    Woolley -- Sunday May 21 2006, @04:58PM (#220419)
    (User #16344 Info)
  • Amazing, ten songs from the ROTT plus two B-sides. Really working the new material, isn't he? Personally, I'm pleased because I do think the new songs are very strong and really do grow on you over time. It's not over produced as an album and has a nice 'as live' feel. Listening to it again, having seen three dates on the tour, I like it more and more. Glad everyone appears to have had a good time at the Palladium this time.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @05:51PM (#220423)
  • The after-show party on Warrick Street was excellent! Very nice venue. Who organises these events? We had a great time!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @07:05PM (#220430)
  • You have to be pretty bored with your lot in life to trade anonymous cyber-insults with total strangers!

    Anyway, a cracking gig, I thought. It's the only one I'll be going to on this tour and having read so much whinging about it on this site I was starting to wonder if I shouldn't have just saved my money. Glad I didn't though - nice venue, good sound and a chirpy Moz. The atmosphere was good too for a seated gig.

    He seemed flattered by the chanting - "very nice but not necessary".

    He sang "Morrissey is me" in 'You Have Killed Me' which got a cheer.

    He was pretty emotional dedicating Pigsty to his cousin - anyone know anything about that?

    He also mentioned the death of Freddy Garrity but no-one seemed to know who he was!

    I think most of the new songs sound amazing live but I wouldn't be too upset if I never heard 'At Last I am Born' again. Did the band cock it up at one point? It sounded pretty rough!

    David 'bitty' Walliams was a few rows in front of us.

    The support was bloody awful - like aural tooth ache! I was forced back into the bar which at £4.50 for a CAN of lager was a mightily extreme measure!

    Boz made me smile at the end of the show when he made a paper aeroplane out of the set list and threw it into the audience - it did a complete circle and landed back at his feet. Noble effort though.
    Roger the Horse -- Monday May 22 2006, @12:58AM (#220447)
    (User #15279 Info)
  • So did he really shout out Yankee Doodle at the end? Can someone who went please confirm or deny.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 22 2006, @01:46AM (#220456)
  • Who is this Julia who he speaks to at the shows?
    spandau -- Monday May 22 2006, @02:33AM (#220472)
    (User #16751 Info)
    • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 22 2006, @03:59AM
      • Re:Julia by dbowie (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @02:08PM
    • Re:Julia by goinghome (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @01:09PM
    • Re:Julia by dbowie (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @02:15PM
  • Excellent show I thought. Restored my faith, cos I was left a little disappointed by the Alexandra Palace show. Maybe it's just in the smaller venues the crowd appears more responsive and the atmosphere is a lot better. Thought the sound was excellent, Morrissey was on good form and Boz's paper plane technique needs working on!

    I was shocked by his admission that his cousin had been murdered. Didn't know that, and it certainly made those chumps cheering as he mentioned 'Manchester' look rather foolish.
    jammystressfordpoet -- Monday May 22 2006, @02:37AM (#220473)
    (User #1727 Info)
    "I'm alone. I'm not lonely"
  • Unfortunately, on every board on the net there are people who think it's amusing to be "controversial" or "subversive", to be "cyber-punks"... To "shout out" racist insults anonymously, to post lists of obscenities masquerading as "jokes", to be as petty and sad as to tell lies about what happened at Morrissey gigs on a Morrissey site, etc. I happen to like this site because I set my preferences at 0 and generally by the time I read the postings on a set etc the vile posts have been set to minus one - I would advise everyone else to do the same. So today I haven't read the sad bile that passes for jokes in this guy (?)'s mind - he's got a serious problem, but there's nothing we can do about that, we're not mental health professionals, and he doesn't even recognise he needs help. And don't bother to reply to these losers however vile or racist they are being because that is the ONLY reason they're posting, to get some sort of response. Let's just post the truth, enjoy this amazing site, and accept that these vile postings are the price we pay for all the wonders of the internet.
    CityBill -- Monday May 22 2006, @03:55AM (#220493)
    (User #13510 Info)
    • Re:Sad losers by pebbles+sand (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @08:46AM
    • Re:Sad losers by goinghome (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @01:12PM
  • I spent almost £500 on tix for the show - travelled from San Francisco and thought I couldn't bring a camera. I was in the 2nd row under the mike - unbelievable performance and view. I'll never forget it.

    BUT almost everyone elsein the front couple rows were snapping photos all night. AMAZING pictures.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone post some or send some to me directly?

    This was an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime event for me in many regards.

    For good karma? PLEASE???
    akidd -- Monday May 22 2006, @03:57AM (#220496)
    (User #9708 Info)
  • It was a very weak setlist - the tormentors material just doesn't stand up to the older material. The cover of Human Being was dire and Ganglord is the worst Morrissey song since Roy's Keen. I've seen him so much better than this.
    mckayinexile -- Monday May 22 2006, @03:58AM (#220498)
    (User #15380 Info)
    • Re:Poor Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 22 2006, @04:10AM
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    • Re:Poor Show by andrewmorrissey3 (Score:1) Monday May 22 2006, @04:13AM
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    • Re:Poor Show by Roger the Horse (Score:1) Tuesday May 23 2006, @12:22AM
  • Tuxedo? Come on people, I need a photo, don't make me beg!

    Happy birthday SPM :)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 22 2006, @04:12AM (#220509)
  • quite often.
    I know the setlist isn't perfect (I'd also prefer less of Ringleader) but it's great that he switches things around pretty much every night, occasionally adds in a new song or a cover or one he hasn't previously played live (like I'll Never Be Anybody's...).

    Many bands will play an identical setlist, in the same order, for a whole tour which must be much easier for the band and crew etc.

    So let's be grateful that we get a few changes from time to time, and hope that for the festival dates we have a few more major changes...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 22 2006, @05:23AM (#220538)
  • Wow! Brilliant 3rd show on this tour and it was fantastic.

    Morrissey looked great and he was in a great, funny and chatty mood. 'Margaret(Tony)...' intro was fantastic before 'FOTGTD'. Sound was great (a few loud peaks) and, hey, what a crowd, on its feet from the start! Well done London.

    Morrissey's voice was also very good. After seeing him struggle through 'The Youngest Was The Most Loved' on Jonathon Ross, I was a bit anxious about it before the concert but he didn't disappoint.

    The band was also in top form with Boz and Gary being very playful on the left. Boz's sax on 'Human Being' was brilliant.

    A few nice additions to the setlist for me were, 'I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now' and 'The Father Who Must Be Killed' which I hadn't heard at previous gigs. The song of the concert for me was 'Ganglord' which I think is a brilliant new song. Can't wait for the new single to hear the studio version.

    Finally, I was hyper-happy that the gamble I took by turning up without a ticket paid off. I was determined not to buy a ticket from a tout but rather, I wanted to look for a fan who had a spare ticket and buy one from them. It was raining and difficult to spot people trying to sell tickets but in the end there was no need. At 8:42pm with Morrissey due on stage at 8:55pm I walked into the Box Office and bought 2 fantastic tickets in Row C of the Royal Circle (middle balcony).

    Thank you Morrissey and happy birthday.

    crawleyrocket -- Monday May 22 2006, @06:09AM (#220545)
    (User #16493 Info)
  • My first Morrissey gig was amazing.
    Morrissey and the band were excellent.

    Pleased to get a front row ticket, I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of the most lovely,friendly and enthusiastic group of young men I could hope to meet. Thanks for helping make it a truly memorable occassion...

    To the guy with tattoos- I thought you were going to faint- you lucky man!

    To Bo- hope you enjoy the flower show.

    Love the site. Keep it polite.

    Sinistra 21
    sinistra 21 -- Monday May 22 2006, @07:02AM (#220563)
    (User #16758 Info)
  • rrissey%2021%205%2006/

    hope you like them..they were taken in the middle somewhere..row L?
    izzy pop -- Monday May 22 2006, @07:04AM (#220564)
    (User #16759 Info)
  • rrissey%2021%205%2006/

    izzy pop -- Monday May 22 2006, @07:08AM (#220566)
    (User #16759 Info)
  • Well most things I wanted to say have been covered already.

    I had a great time last night and it will go down with the highlights of this tour for me for "I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now" a song I longed to hear live.

    This week at the Palladium was so much better than the previous week. As soon as we saw the tux, heard the few opening lines and felt the attitude - the scene was set.

    I have to mention the boys wearing the merchandising medals on chains around their necks!

    Someone mentioned David Walliams being there (I thought I also saw Craig Cash). After the gig Mr.Walliams was very patiently waiting behind me at the merchandising - a gentleman.
    Sphinx -- Monday May 22 2006, @11:13AM (#220641)
    (User #12337 Info)
  • It would be great to have all 12 on Sunday,with Ennio as band leader.
    foxie -- Monday May 22 2006, @11:33AM (#220647)
    (User #15545 Info)
  • I was lucky enough to attend the brilliant London Palladium gig on the 21st of may 2006-the
    man is in his bestest form for many years-the move to Roma has inspired him-I do also believe he has finally found luv-bringing on his Nephew at Birmingham and dedicating Life's a Pigsty to his murdered Cousin shows he has much luv in his Heart-He has truly been born again...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 22 2006, @12:08PM (#220657)
  • I read so many of the comments posted on this site (I am a new member) and keep reading about Julia. I have just bought the DVD of Morrissey Live at Earls Court, and he mentions Julia in that too. Who is this person please????? I am so intreaged to know why this person gets so much attention.
    dbowie -- Monday May 22 2006, @02:05PM (#220689)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • i feel priviledged that i managed to get tickets for this, but still i am disapointed by the gig...
    i refrained myself from reading anything about the tour, like the setlist, as i didn't want to know what was gonna be played.
    Even if i thought moz was great, its always cool to see him and he was on top form, the song selection left me really upset. I'm sure i'm not the first one to complain that he mostly played ringleader songs, so no one probably cares about my rant!
    i wish i had read the setlist before! i would have ebayed my stalls tickets!! now i am in trouble!
    peace x
    Anonymous -- Monday May 22 2006, @02:06PM (#220690)
    • Re:moaning by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 22 2006, @06:00PM
  • Please.
    Vic Strangeways -- Monday May 22 2006, @11:47PM (#220762)
    (User #16776 Info)
    Use your loaf!
  • this just my opinion but the new album is very poor and the set list on sunday with most of the album played sounds no better live and everytime he delved into this album the crowd reaction was noticebly muted and the crowd only came alive for the smiths classics and songs from you are the quarry. sorry if this upsets anyone but i have saw mozza many times, he was on cracking form too, but he doesnt have to shove it down my throat as it is his latest offering and hes trying to sell it. cmon moz !!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @03:32AM (#220774)
  • Sunday night's show was excellent one of the most enjoyable Moz shows I've ever been to. He looked amazing in his tux and made himself at home on the stage of the legendary Palladium. Tony on the Guillotine was class, First of the Gang was blistering. For me other highlights included Still Ill and the poignant Life is a Pigsty which as others have noted was dedicated to his cousin who was murdered in Manchester last year - I think the audience were stunned by this announcement. The show flew past as usual. The encore was welcome and everyone went nuts for Irish Blood. I was in the stalls, had a brilliant view and think that the Palladium is a great venue, wish I was going to see him again on Sunday!

    The show was made even more enjoyable by the fact that the people next to me in the stalls were also going nuts - a lot of others in front of us were just standing there like they were at a bus stop. I also noticed that loads of the audience looked old - I'm 31 but felt I was one of the youngest ones there!

    Jackie x
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @07:27AM (#220789)

  • Cunt.
    Satan accepted mine -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:15PM (#220357)
    (User #14277 Info)
  • Fuck off these boards you cunt.
    deaf witness -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:22PM (#220362)
    (User #14353 Info)
  • eat shit asshole!!!

    lizbar -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:22PM (#220363)
    (User #14268 Info)
  • loser
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:24PM (#220365)
  • Don't take the bait from this dickhead, he or she needs to get a life!
    Woolley -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:26PM (#220367)
    (User #16344 Info)
  • Seems a lot of people on here are idiots and say 'oh get lost' etc. You are actually a genius. But Im pretty sure the Yankee Doodle bit was real tonite.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @02:30PM (#220370)
  • Please do yourself and us a favor: check in at the nearest psychiatric hospital. Your case is serious.

    To DavidT: this is the most horrid post I've ever read here so far. Why do you let it unremoved?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 21 2006, @03:05PM (#220383)
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