posted by davidt on Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Let Me Kiss You / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / How Soon Is Now? / On The Streets I Ran / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Life Is A Pigsty // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Unhappy Birthdays
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  • "There are very few moments in a man's existence when he experiences so much ludicrous when he is in pursuit of his own hat" - from Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

    The author spent a lot of time in Cheltenham, as did Tennyson and Lewis Carroll. Classical composer Gustov Holst and Brian Jones, ex-Rolling Stone were born there. Apparently a very pretty place.
    goinghome -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:51PM (#221127)
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  • Quite enjoyed the gig... but set list was very odd... I grabbed a copy at the end and this is what it said... :D

    FarOff Faces
    Dead Dads
    Boy Appy
    At Last I Am Boorer
    Paddy Blood

    Very odd....
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:45PM (#221133)
  • Why don't you meet again sometimes with "The Smiths"? Because it was your history. Picnic might be nice, dont't you think?

    Isn't it beautiful in the U.K. now?
    I'm imagining I'm with you Moz.
    I love you very much.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @06:56PM (#221150)
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  • I arrived late but still made it to the front.
    I got thrown out for being myself halfway thru the set, but still got a kiss on the cheek of it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @07:54PM (#221156)
  • I am not Mozsolo's concience and I like a good laugh, whats wrong with you people.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @12:00AM (#221165)
  • Excellent venue - really intimiate with some fantastic architecture. Arrived about 8:30 and no problem getting to about 4 rows from the front. Moz came on at 9pm with FOTGTD and I'm sure the setlist was pretty similar to the other gigs. Highlights were Still Ill and Pigsty for which the backdrop (ornate statues, etc) really added to the atmosphere. Moz was in fine form - 4 change of shirts and lots of banter and handshakes with the crowd, who were also very appreciative of him. One quip about Oxford and a comment to Julia. Came back on for IBEH which was awesome and then he was gone at about 10:25pm. Seen the big man 6 times now and that ranks as the best just because of the intimacy of the gig.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @01:41AM (#221174)
  • [Kieran: see you Sun? O'Neils?]
    Superb gig, majestic, ornate venue. It just gets better each night. Moz-mosh pit in Cheltenham! How 'kewl' is that?
    Walked back through the 'grand houses' and Regency terraces of Montpelier. Hard to believe Moz just played in my back-yard. He seemed genuinely happy - and this is the 'theme' of these shows for me (barring the 'hiccup' that was 1st night at the Palladium).
    Made snide comment about Countryside Alliance/Farmers ruining the English Shires: tense grimaces from the 'horny handed sons of toil around me' who live in £million 'farmhouses' in the Cotswolds.
    Also made comment that tomorrow he was off to Oxford "the centre of Animal Terrorism" or words to that effect.
    Expect he'll sing Trouble Loves Me after demos/riots from pro/anti vivisection lobbies in the City of Dreaming Spires. I can't wait.
    Set list: as per usual, no Trouble Loves, Human Being/ASFUTF. Gang Lord 'remember the Police can always be bribed'.Great to hear IBEH encore here:He could play on St Paddy's night when Cheltenham's full of Dubliners for the Gold Cup. How mad would that be? Lots of immaculately attired and groomed Cheltenham Ladies. Hot Stuff.
    nuff repec't to all my Moz bros and sistas i've met on this tour.
    Oh, and Morrissey: hope you enjoy todays 'daily papers': The love u feel from us is 4Real so thanx 4 reciprocation.
    Names R4 Graves -- Thursday May 25 2006, @01:46AM (#221175)
    (User #16796 Info)
  • Is anyone out there going to the Budapest gig on 5th July....(despite clash with potential England WC semi-final...)??

    I am worried it may be called off due to poor ticket sales (can you imagine after the eBay fiasco in UK!)....last 2 lps were unavailable here and its received ZERO local promotion. When I bought my tickets on the day of release at a local outlet here in Budapest, the guy selling me then had no idea who he was....

    Should the gig go ahead, I am worried about the atmosphere - esp having witnessed La Moz's petulance at the first Palladium gig. If he is looking to feed off the audience then we could all be better of watching the football, England or not....

    He was in majestic form in Reading, mind.
    (does anyone else really hate On The Streets I Ran? esp next to Human Being)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @01:58AM (#221178)
  • It's interesting he was talking about Oxford - I have been assuming all the way through that he might call off the Oxford show on account of the animal research lab. That suggests he's likely to talk about it tonight, and he really might get a mixed reaction if he does - people connected with the University in Oxford tend to be very pro the lab.
    danbutt -- Thursday May 25 2006, @02:49AM (#221187)
    (User #88 Info)
  • (warning: this is long! I'm a journalist so I tend to waffle ;o))

    You know it's a good gig when you haven't yet regained full use of your right arm. I'm a seasoned gig goer and, without doubt, that was the most violent pit I've ever been in. You could lift your feet off the ground and remain unmoved.

    Of course it was my own fault, choosing to queue for a couple of hours so I could be front and centre. I ended up in the worst spot, for being crushed, in the venue: one person back from the barrier. Being on the barrier is alright, you get pushed but nothing is pushing back and you have something to grab onto. One person back is the most precarious place to be. I had travelled from London, all afternoon, up to posh Cheltenham.

    Those already queuing were friendly and welcoming, which for some reason I was surprised about. People swore they'd heard him soundcheck Panic. Once we got in we all realised this venue was in effect a ballroom! Tiny. I ended up behind two really nice Americans who had travelled over for a series of gigs.

    Kristeen Young was magnificent, her soaring voice filled the hall and bounced off the walls. Someone get this woman a proper record deal! The audience response was great toward her, she must be growing on everyone.

    The lights dimmed, the mirror ball spun, the music started, the roar lifted the roof. And there he was, looking slimmer than I remembered from Ally Pally the other week. Shirt tied in the centre, he took his bow with the boys. And we were off! Someone else will give the full setlist but it was much the same as usual - hearing Anybody's Hero for the first time was lovely. Still Ill always a highlight but really the revelation has been how well the ROTT material hangs together. He performed most tracks off the album and they were greeted with the same reverance as older songs. He seemed really pleased about that. In fact being at the front means you get to see so much more, the little smiles and winks and cheeky faces being pulled. How playful he is with everyone, spending lots of time reaching out to the front rows.

    Of course at a a gig there's always one dickhead (a guy shouting 'Billy Bremner' over and over who provided a running commentary of the songs he didn't like as much). Do these guys come with the venue or what? He hadn't queued and appeared from nowhere, pushing in front of some sweet girls in their late teens. The kind of person who has a great time at the expense of everyone else. It's disappointing that Moz attracts such boorish oafs but that guy will get his in the end.

    About the shirt thing. I never thought I'd say this but I wish he'd stop throwing shirts into the crowd. I appreciate the theatre of it, very much. But it's getting quite dangerous. Most fans purposely avoid the shirt being thrown. Once it came over a dozen big blokes reached for it, all got a piece and would not let go. This went on for several songs. Tell me... why would someone rather fight over a shirt than watch the man on stage sing? Clearly Moz could see what was going on and someone shouted out for him to throw his, new and clean, shirt in. Loads of us shouted to not throw anything else! Of course he replied, 'Take my shirt off? That's a little forward of you! I don't think I can, I'm not wearing anything under here!'. Cue screams. It seemed to diffuse the situation but then a proper fight broke out between two guys holding the shirt and Arturo got up there and shouted at people to pack it in. Is it worth it? I mean really, for a piece of cloth. Pathetic.

    Being so close to him was just wonderful. I never thought I'd get that close. It was a proper mosh pit in there I must say. Several people decided to get over the barrier to touch him during IBEH at the end. Of course, like everyone else at the front, I ended up getting kicked in the head a few times. Totally worth it ;o)

    Moz seems to enjoy the violence almost, which isn't surprising if you think about it. That edge everyone's on creates such an incredib
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:03AM (#221189)
  • is someone going to post the proper setlist or was it exactly the same as other nites?

    3 of the best pics I got from last nite 60524%20-%20morrissey/DSC05741g.jpg 60524%20-%20morrissey/DSC05772g.jpg 60524%20-%20morrissey/DSC05797g.jpg
    rolyateel -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:30AM (#221193)
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        • Re:set list by methadone (Score:1) Thursday May 25 2006, @12:35PM
  • There are thumbnail press pics from the Cheltenham show at =gls====188394&nbc1=1&VwMd=i [] Theres also thumbnails from previous shows on there too - Lowry 18 April - =gls====181554&nbc1=1&VwMd=i [] London 1 May - =gls====183579&nbc1=1&VwMd=i [] Halifax 10 May - =gls====185791&nbc1=1&VwMd=i [] Shame they're not full sized (unless a paid member of the site) but at least can see some views of the shows.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:25AM (#221197)
  • Morrissey Cheltenham 24/05/06

    The spa town of Cheltenham was a pretty hip place in the eighteenth century due to a bathing craze, and the era has left a legacy of beautiful Georgian and Regency architecture.
    My hotel was but a ruffian’s stone throw from the birthplace of Gustav Holst, which is pretty cool.
    I was delighted to be given a room that appeared to have once been a first-floor drawing room; it contained a king-sized bed and not one but two sofas. Splendid opulence, which took my mind off getting soaked to the skin on the way to and from a Morrissey concert yet again.

    Built in 1902, the Town Hall is used for classical performances and balls, and it shows – absolutely wonderful neo-Georgian design, including an enormous bar called the Pillar Room. I was particularly pleased to see Jesse Tobias pay the bar a brief visit, completely unmolested.

    The sound was superb again, and the FCUK shoppers so prominent in Birmingham on Saturday were happily absent. In their place were eight hundred West Country folk who roared their appreciation at Morrissey’s every move.

    The set was similar to the recent Truro and London shows, and for me ‘Life Is A Pigsty’ is an even better set-closer than ‘How Soon Is Now’.

    The band were sharper than ever, and Morrissey’s voice was great – I had feared that after 20-odd shows it would be strained but if anything he sounds better each performance.
    Morrissey’s main discourse concerned the fact that the next tour stop, Oxford, is the animal-testing capital of the UK. More on that tonight I would imagine!

    Only one show left for me now, Kings Lynn on Saturday, and after watching the show last night I can fully understand why dedicated folks like Julia Riley and Chris Wilde want to see it every night – it’s bloody great!

    First of the Gang to Die
    Still Ill
    Youngest Was The Most Loved
    In The Future When All's Well
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    You Have Killed Me
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    At Last I Am Born
    How Soon Is Now?
    On The Streets I Ran
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero
    Life is a Pigsty

    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Unhappy Birthdays -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:59AM (#221201)
    (User #16741 Info)
  • Hmmm I stood at the back and didn't get the full Moz experience. My mistake. Just couldn't be bothered pushing people out of the way to get to the front... my mate who did, stood next to two blokes arguing about a shirt for 6 songs so I'm glad I didn't have that experience!!
    People around me were the kind who had bought the Smiths Greatest hits and probably go to 80s revival concerts.
    "Everyone loved How Soon Is Now though so that was nice and Girlfrined In A Coma but I really think the venue could have done with some seating as there were far too many songs we'd never heard of..."

    Moz was in fine fetter and form though. The comments about Countryside Alliance, farmers and animal research centres were heartfelt. I don't think they went down too well with some of the country bumpkins but there we go!!! GET IN THERE MOZZER.

    Highlights for me were Pigsty, On The Streets I Ran and I can't believe noone has mentioned he played I'LL NEVER BE ANYBODY'S HERO NOW.... and sung the ad-lib quite beautifully which is no mean feat after a month and half on the road IMHO. Is this the first time its been played live?

    Youngest was excellent as was Ganglord. And At Last I Am Born. I thought a couple of songs sounded a little tired though, You Have Killed Me being a prime example. And Let Me Kiss You but I was at the back!!!

    Anyway the lesson learnt is at a standing Moz gig is not to stand at the back. And listen to people chatting all the way through his solo songs and grumbling about lack of Smiths songs. WANKERS!!!


    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @05:10AM (#221202)
  • Couldnt ask for anything better, playing a little of the smiths and a little bit of the new stuff. Again my hat is off to morrissey....But thats not the only this that's off... hee hee hee

    I love you Morrissey
    mozprettykittycat -- Thursday May 25 2006, @11:06AM (#221272)
    (User #14495 Info)
  • I only managed to get a set list didn't I. As it was thrown into the crowd by Boz (i think) i leaped up closed my eyes and stretched out and waited until it fell into my grasp. I was also pleased to find a plectrum encased inside. The cryptic way the set list is written is quite funny.

    The Set list in order:

    1st UV
    FAR - OFF

    enc : PIGGY.

    Quite funny I thought. Hope everyone had a good time. Come back to Cheltenham soon Mr. Steven. -- Thursday May 25 2006, @11:38AM (#221276)
    (User #4136 Info)
  • There's a review of the Morrissey gig in Cheltenham here if anyone's interested: les/2006/05/25/morrissey_cheltenham_feature.shtml/ []
    dabber -- Thursday May 25 2006, @12:40PM (#221285)
    (User #16805 Info)
  • But you can have your dream. The real joy of a Moz gig, any Moz gig, is the fact that sooner or later you will see a familiar face. After my second trip down the M40 that week (why do they say Work in Progress and insist you do 40 mph for ten mile, when the only work I can see is the one idle twat sweeping up loose chippings outside Banbury?), I was greeted right royally by Bullie and Rich, the Bradford Masseeve, who I last saw at Bridlington and Move, better known as N. Yorks very own Lee Trevino and Greg Norman.
    After a few sherberts, and choosing to ignore the dubious charms of Kirsten, we hit the dance floor as only three desperate men on the brink of middle age knew how. Fuelled by a diet of Richmond Super Kings and Hendersons Relish, Bullie was the first to try and hit the stage, managing a meaningful handshake with Moz for his pains. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur - very little dancing at the front, and not much atmosphere, which was a shame for such a lovely venue.
    I did get hold of the shirt, and once we got past the handbags at dawn, it was down to work with teeth and car keys to divvie up the prize. For those who can't see the point - I bet there were people like you who couldn't be bothered getting Ringo's drumsticks or Elvis's hankie. Suffice it say, once you have breathed in the heady aroma of a scrap of Moz shirt, infused with sweat and Aqua Di Parma, it all makes sense.
    Irish Blood saw a rush of blood to a lot of heads, as bodies bounded everywhere to go over the top, and all I remember is looking up at the great man, before security shunted me, wisely, off to the side.
    As per, Boz, Gary, Jesse and Mikey were more than happy to sign after the gig - Boz, as ever, the life and soul and always up for a laugh.
    As nights go, the best of the bunch for this tour and sweetened even more by the drive back which had Janice Long plugging Moz, ahem, for all he was worth.
    Til Oxford,
    Norbert Detrassangle
    Popside Aggro -- Thursday May 25 2006, @05:29PM (#221370)
    (User #14426 Info)
    You're a big man, but you're out of shape...
  • Of course he waits to play hand in pants when I'm not there! :/
    ProtestSinger -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:13PM (#221119)
    (User #7285 Info)
    .*.* I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible *.*.
  • ok the birthday cake bit was funny, the rest was utter crap...
    its kind of boring now.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:53PM (#221128)
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:48PM
  • I don't.... I don't understand why you do this. The effort! Everyone hates it.

    • Re:Setlist by goinghome (Score:1) Thursday May 25 2006, @01:59PM
  • I nearly pissed myself laughing at this

    then I realised your interpretation if "facial" is different to mine
    davidtwigg -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:59PM (#221138)
    (User #8102 Info)
  • So glad you're back...I missed you!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @05:24PM (#221143)
  • I think its great that he says it. But I think he should have mentioned it on the Jonathon Ross show on Friday.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @05:40PM (#221145)
  • I wish half of the posters would.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @07:26PM (#221155)
  • These make me laugh so much! Don't listen to the boring nay-sayers! Keep it up!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @07:56PM (#221157)
    • Re:Brilliant! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 24 2006, @10:49PM
  • liked the john reid on the guillotine. that just guy needs to take his mask off to reveal he is really george bush.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @01:54AM (#221177)
  • Oh pity!

    I am the real fake set list poster - I've only done 4 and only kept doing them because people thought they were genuinely funny (Grimsby, Halifax etc).

    Was going to do one final one but I'm not going to bother because too many unfunny impostors jumping on bandwagon and putting up crap jokes and homophobic nonsense.

    Oh well. I'm glad that those of you who did find my comments about Chaka Demus, Boz's weigh-in and Julia Riley accompanied by farfisa organ amusing. The only reason I did it was because the current tour setlists really have been a bit samey, and if we can't laugh at Morrissey then who can?

    Anyway, that's it. Just hate to think that this anonymous joker would ever be confused with somebody who would post something as monstrously unfunny as "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Girdle"! P-LEASE!


    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @02:12AM (#221183)
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