posted by davidt on Sunday May 28 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Ganglord / At Last I Am Born / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

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  • Closed with Stop Me...

    Heard it here first, unless my mates are being total C*NTS! :p Thank you Mike and Liam, well done on the tour!
    mbb321 -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:02PM (#221860)
    (User #1889 Info)
    "Dink Dank Doo!"
  • You Have Killed Me
    Still Ill
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    In The Future When All's Well
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye Girlfriend In A Coma
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    Reader Meet Author
    Life Is A Pigsty
    Let Me Kiss You
    Trouble Loves Me
    How Soon Is Now?
    First Of The Gang To Die
    I Will See You In Far-off Places
    At Last I Am Born
    Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:04PM (#221861)
  • Panic
    First of the gang to die
    The youngest was the most loved
    In the future when all's well
    I'll never be anybody's hero now
    Girlfriend in a coma
    You have killed me
    To me you are a work of art
    I will see you in far off places
    Let me kiss you
    I just want to see the boy happy
    At last I am born
    Life is a pigsty
    How soon is now?
    Irish blood, english heart
    ENCORE: Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

    So, some great surprises. Moz in tux and bowtie again. Two successful stage invaders, the best of the three!
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:05PM (#221863)
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    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • *here*

    lol im itching to, but resisting the temptation.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:05PM (#221865)
  • He was on great form and what a gig.
    Did I see is parents in th efront row of the royal circle? He gave them a wink and a thumbs up when they were thanking the crowd
    madasun -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:11PM (#221873)
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    • boz's dad? by all the lazy dykes (Score:1) Monday June 05 2006, @05:57AM
  • What a night! (Score:1, Interesting)

    Just got home, Incredible. I'm shaking as I type this. I live 5 Tube stops away, that's why I'm home so fast ;o)

    He opened with PANIC!! In that gorgeous tuxedo too. The sound was flawless, I was at the back in the stalls.

    Very playful, flirty, as always. Thanked Julia, very sincerely, I liked that. Very buzzed crowd. Touts were asking 3 figures for tickets. Seeing empty seats next to me was irritating.

    He was in great form and mood. I was at Cheltenham last week and while that might have been better, personally, for me because I was front anc centre tonight was a better show. I was going mad, jumping about singing every word from start to finish. That man... he made the 80s memorable for something good. And he continues to make our hearts sing, we're so lucky to have him.

    Pigsty, as ever, the highlight. Regular set list apart from Panic.

    Well apart from the encore: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before.

    What a shock! As a Manc I relate to that song hugely, because of the video, which was filmed very near where I live. I didn't expect to hear that song tonight!

    What a night! Time to go and watch Hulmerist ;o)
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:27PM (#221879)
  • To the people who were in attendance, how did Panic sound? Did the band perform it superbly?

    Glad to see Stop Me is back!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:52PM (#221886)
  • Naah - the reason there were empty seats is because loads of people went down the front and into the aisles! Panic - what a start! Stop me - what a finish! (Thank god he didn't close with IBEH again! - shows he knows what the fans want, really!
    CityBill -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:54PM (#221887)
    (User #13510 Info)
  • lord. that was the morrissey experience of my life. i can not explain in words how fantastic that show was. i nearly had a heart attack when the opening bars of painc kicked in and oh god how unreal was the pigsty/h.s.i.n/irish blood combo!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? seriosuly one of the highlights of my life and then it was the torturous minute or so guessing what the encore was to be.... i was thinking suedehead but was not dissapointed with stop me, a song iv'e never heard live before. amazing. some people made it on stage and moz was seriously on form full of enegry. no reference to previous sound issues and all sounded brilliant.

    thanks to the lovely gent who sold me his spare ticket and no thanks to the touts who ARE actually low life scum.

    best london gig this tour by 10,00000000 miles.

    still shaking.

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @03:57PM (#221891)
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  • Great gig! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Mozzer FINALLY changed the setlist substantively! Thank God!

    Starting with Panic, that took me back to Reading Festival 2004, when I was similarly surprised by him doing HSIN (solo) for the first time! It sounded fantastic tonight, great version! At least as good as any of the other Smiths songs in the set.

    Manged to get down the front (2nd row) security weren't too tight about stopping people moving forward, and shook Mozzer's hand during I Will See You... which is always icing on the cake...

    And then dropped the useless IBEH as encore, replaced by the real crowd-pleaser 'Stop Me...', I like Mozzer's solo stuff and Smiths stuff pretty much equally, but IBEH was never an encore song in my book. 'Stop Me' on the other hand, got everyone going bananas. It's amazing what a difference a couple of changes to the setlist can make.

    Moz looked great and pretty trim in his tux. Band looked very smart and were clearly having a good time.

    And the 'band introductions' bit was great. Each member of the band came forward to the mic in turn, and introduced themselves! Never seen that happen in a Moz gig before. They all seemed really humbled to be there, and every one of them got a massive cheer! Atmosphere in the crowd was pretty good, not much dancing but then it was a seated venue. But plenty of applause and cheers. No marks for the dickhead who spoilt the end of 'Pigsty' by shouting out 'You're the one for me, Fatty!' though, ugh!

    All in all though great gig, one of the best Moz shows I've seen.
    2-J -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:04PM (#221893)
    (User #4798 Info)
    • Re:Great gig! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 28 2006, @04:11PM
  • Just got back from what was a truly special evening. Moz and the boys were on outstanding form, with the man himself in quite a playful mood.

    The set list has already been posted so I won't put it up, as I am not entirely sure of the middle bit. However, Panic was the opener after Moz had sung a little acapella song about "only being here to amuse and entertain" (I think?)The boys then ripped into Panic and I wept like a child, it was amazing!!!

    The venue was terrific, a great old Victorian theatre with a good sound, we (the crowd) were responsive and noisy and the way we sang along was terrific.

    Moz was in quite a chatty mood, he looked dapper in a tux, the boys were in black with a white tie. Moz said that he thought we came here for the songs but really it's to see him get his kit off! He said thanks for our loyalty as he had toured the Disunited Kingdom before singing 'in the future...' During the song he changed the lyric to 'something must have gone wrong'!

    Later he thanked Julia for being at every gig right at the front, he asked if his 'Dicky was straight', he talked of the stage saying how it was strange to think that Sasha had been there, and 'Burly Shassey' before making some pounding footstep noises (Ha ha!). He make lots of growls during 'Let me kiss you' and said something about Chelsea, I can't remember what but it was funny!

    Tonight he let the boys introduce themselves which was a laugh, Jesse introduced himself in spanish which got the biggest cheers of all (certainly from the ladies!) Moz called the press and the radio 'crap' saying they only focus on people who are meaningless, so he gets lots of coverage!!! (Or words to that effect, sorry I can't remember the specifics it was such a whirlwind of an evening!)

    He thanked all the support acts from the tour then reserved special praise for "someone who has overcome many disabilities . . . Me!"

    The moment when he ripped his shirt off and through it into the crowd during the end of "Stop me..." was amazing and my final word goes to Jan, a friend of mine who was at his first gig, saw Moz come in at 5pm, touched his hand and got a piece of the shirt (which he said smells nice), Jan you're a lucky bugger!!!

    It was a brilliant gig, I am sure everyone else thought so. Until we see you again our Moz, best wishes. . . .
    cocu -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:16PM (#221895)
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    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • Well, twice actually...when they played IBRH I had to fight with the security, then when they played 'Stop Me...' I went up there, shooked his hand (foe about 5 seconds, cuz I didn't want to leave) then got dragged down by the throat, by his personal security....not very nice...please, I need footage!!!!!!!
    Vic Strangeways -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:16PM (#221896)
    (User #16776 Info)
    Use your loaf!
  • I still can't believe this day! I'm gonna have to start with the arrival at reharsal today, 20past4 again. Looking absolutely handsome, slightly tanned; was about to do his usual routine of getting off the car and then in straight away but there were so many of us screaming his name that he stopped to sign a couple of autographs, took a record offered by this lovely belgian fan and.....MY FLOWERS!!!! I was soooooo happy to see him leaving with my stupid bunch of flower under his arm!
    Gig was absolutely superb; the crowd tonight was great...and how could it not be with that opening!!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! PANIC! and then ending with Stop me if.....was just unbelievable.
    I was standing behind the infamous Julia (who was mentioned and thanked for being present at every gig) and she seemed very sweet. I noticed though that just before the gig started security were trying to keep people away from the stage except her; she was allowed to stand there no problem. Well good for her, back to the important stuff....The band was fantastic, all of them, really fucking great! Boz and Gary I love you!!!!
    I managed to touch Our Man twice and clearly I will never wash my hand again. ever. Got a set list that reads (I swear is not a joke):
    1st UV

    One of the best night of my life. Power to the two girls that made it onto the stage, especially the one that escaped the grip of that huge security guy and managed to touch Moz.
    Hi to all of those that have been hanging by the stage door with me for the last three sundays, you are lovely people.
    AND THANKS TO MOZ....see you all in Rome
    rank-dsgn -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:21PM (#221897)
    (User #16356 Info)
  • From start to finish Moz had the audience in the palm of his hand. Energetic, happy and playful. Teasing the audience with his regular one liners and getting the band to introduce themselves was a stroke of mastery. Tonight we got a personal touch from the band.

    Pigsty, as always was breathtaking. Moz motionless against the drum kit during the end for at least 3 minutes, probably more. This song obviously means something special to him. You could see he was moved.

    This was better by far than the other shows at the Palladium. - Better than Alexandra Palace in London, and better than Oxford.

    I am still on a high ..

    To all of you seeing him outside of the UK in the next few weeks, you are in for a treat.

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:24PM (#221898)
  • Tonight was more than i could have ever dreamed of. hopefully the girl with the blond hair at the front wasn't too disappointed moz didn't read her note, but you got on stage. Well done for that, i hope i didn't give you too small a piece of his shirt. Thanks to cocu for the name dropping, i hope you too had a lovely evening.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:35PM (#221903)
  • vintage whopping show tonight. after the grim experience of 2 weeks ago i thought i'd have to try to see another one to rid myself of those bad memories. thanks to someone posting here re last sunday, i rang the box office today and bought great face-value seats in the circle.

    of course it would be outrageous and absurd to think anyone of consequence read comments on this site but:

    - 2 weeks ago no-one was allowed to swarm the front
    - 2 weeks ago he opened with 'you have killed me' and 'how soon is now'

    this time people were crowding the front and there were several (1 successful) attempts to get on stage; he played a blinding first 10 mins: 'panic' (glorious), 'first of the gang' , 'youngest was the first loved'. it set the audience up for a tremendous show which ended with 'stop me if you think you've heard this one before'. the set was very well-paced, still very much (rightly) about the album but also bringing the audience along.

    moz was much more upbeat, resplendent in black-tie. i thought he looked really young - something about fully adopting the sinatra pose gives him a new lease of theatrical life. and i can't remember him singing better EVER. the band introduced themselves invididually - jesse in spanish (morrissey said 'painful').

    i've forgotten all his quips. a few songs in he responded to constant applause with 'steady' and 'there's a fine line'. he thanked the audience a lot, thanked julia for being in the front row of every gig (muted applause), and finally thanked himself. in 'stop me' he sang 'i still love you only slightly more than i used to'.

    sorry for patchy report - it'll come back to me in the next day or so. but a classic show. on form he is unbeatable and can go on and on.

    still it was fascinating to see him at war with monitors/audience/himself 2 weeks ago. wonderful to see him triumph again tonight.
    methadone -- Sunday May 28 2006, @04:37PM (#221904)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • So Sad (Score:2, Insightful)

    Having read the reports I feel even more unhappy about tonight.

    Let me explain.

    I wasnt able to get as ticket for tonight so i thought I would go down tonight and try to get a couple of tickets from a tout for me and my girlfriend Louise.

    What a nightmare. I chatted with about 5 touts who all had plenty of tickets but at 8pm tonight they wanted 300 pounds a pair.

    I thought I would wait until nearer the time Mozz was due on stage and then I would be able to get a ticket for a more reasonable price. I was wrong.

    At 9.15pm when Mozz was already on stage they still wanted 200 pounds per pair.

    I walked away feeling as low as I can ever remember feeling.

    Then I read about the new set list and how great the night is and it has made me feel even worse.

    At least I got to see him at the Pally
    John Roberts -- Sunday May 28 2006, @05:01PM (#221909)
    (User #15123 Info)
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  • I was one of those that went home with a flea in his ear after the first Palladium show, but I have to say tonight was spellbinding. It's amazing how different these shows can be - even in the same venue with largely the same set-list (with two notable exceptions). The audience were determined to have a good time (obviously plenty of fans had booked their seats for the final night) and M and the band clearly wanted to end with a bang - such urgency and vigour. I was upstairs as opposed to the birds eye view I had from the stalls just a fortnight ago, but it was a completely different experience. Thanks to everyone who made it such a wonderful night. What a great artist.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @06:02PM (#221923)
    • Re:Palladium by methadone (Score:1) Monday May 29 2006, @09:38AM
  • that this was either being filmed or recorded professionally for an official release. Did anybody notice big TV or film cameras?

    It really sounds like one of the best Morrissey gigs of all time. You're very, very lucky people!
    king leer -- Sunday May 28 2006, @08:28PM (#221931)
    (User #80 Info)
  • i wish he plays that same set for the rest of this tour. really? panic? and stop me? i think i just had an orgasm. too bad he took out trouble loves me.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 28 2006, @08:50PM (#221932)
  • I'm so pleased i attended the first palladium gig and not last nights one. I think that a shorter set list with no encore and worse choice of songs was much more value for my money than what i would have got had i gone yesterday. I'm so pleased. Thanks Morrissey, you consumer monkey!
    does that sound mad -- Monday May 29 2006, @01:52AM (#221942)
    (User #16832 Info)
  • Panic and Stop Me. That's for anyone who thinks Morrissey can't put on an amazing setlist. Perfect end to a perfect tour. I came home in a mass of euphoria. In fact, I think I floated home. I got a couple of wrist holds, a button and heard panic and stop me!

    This tour has been a highlight of my life. I have met some truly amazing people (few of whom post here). Roll on V.

    Amazing. Viva Morrissey
    heatrowguy -- Monday May 29 2006, @02:16AM (#221947)
    (User #14520 Info)
  • Was anyone lucky enough to go to last night's after show? I heard he was there.

    What an amazing concert and at long last some people managed to get on stage. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy

    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @02:36AM (#221950)
  • Who were the old couple seating in the first row of the royal circle?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @03:24AM (#221957)
  • I hung around while the gig was going on last night like a proper sad sack, having not been able to get a ticket. However I but did manage to get in for Pigsty, HSIN, IBEH and the encore Stop me...after 2 old dears left early (wtf!!) and used their tickets!

    It seemed like more 'proper' fans were in there last night and at least I got to see the ending etc, but I felt very sorry for the people who left without nothing...

    Just wished he'd play non-seated venues.

    Onwards...and Upwards...

    devout -- Monday May 29 2006, @03:41AM (#221960)
    (User #6172 Info)
  • Just a small matter, but not sure if anyone has previously mentioned the wonderful fact that he actually stayed on stage for the whole night (up to the encore) resplendent in his full tuxedo and dickie bow!

    Compared to Kings Lynn the previous night, where he ran off stage for no less than 4 (as I remember) shirt changes - it meant that he looked uber-magnificent the whole time and we didn't miss a single second of his presence at the venue! I personally thought that was brilliant and shouldn't go unmentioned!!

    I think he was able to do this only by not dancing and whipping around quite so much as previous gigs (where he was dripping after each shirt change)- he must have been sweltering in his full formal regalia but stayed with it until the end (and his hair wasn't even flattened this time!)

    What a splendid treat.
    The tour ended majestically and I am satisfied. Until normality kicks back in........
    angel -- Monday May 29 2006, @04:30AM (#221967)
    (User #65 Info)
  • Much better than the last time I saw him in Earls Court... now can someone answer me this question: why didn't the tunes sound that good (or near it) on the album?!?

    The production on "Ringleader" has clearly killed some actually rather rocking tunes!

    Thankfully he didn't play the risible "OTSIR"

    When he played "Stop Me" I did indeed virtually orgasm. Unbelievably good gig: good accoustics; funny banter from moz (and looking very suave in his dinner jacket); cool atmosphere; and a good setlist.

    Still not as all-consumingly fantastic as RAH 2002 but definitely up there with his Meltdown performance!
    bobmozza -- Monday May 29 2006, @04:32AM (#221968)
    (User #6533 Info)
  • Just like to add to the general euphoria about this show. I saw him a couple of weeks ago in Cardiff and thought that was one of his best, ever, and tonight, with that start,Panic, just about topped it.

    He and the band were clearly in the mood, as were the crowd, so no wonder that at one stage he said, "I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my....bottom."
    hamworthy -- Monday May 29 2006, @04:45AM (#221972)
    (User #6164 Info)
  • As soon as the audience heard the opening notes of Panic and realised that it really was Panic the atmosphere was just ELECTRIC! Absolutely everyone got up from their seats in the royal circle and the cheers and the singing was unbelievable!
    Very very good crowd last nite and Moz really gave his best. Unforgettable night!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @04:59AM (#221977)
    • Re:Panic! by dbowie (Score:1) Monday May 29 2006, @12:26PM
  • the first one shows something no-one seems to have mentioned, that the Italian colours were removed from the drum kit and replaced with the word 'HAPPINESS'. This together with my second pic shows Moz's new mood. I love to see him this happy. What a fantastic gig!!!
    (remember to remove the gaps so as you can view them) 0079.jpg 0080.jpg
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @05:10AM (#221980)
  • WOW that was my first morrissey gig and well it was a stunner-there was a good atmosphere up in the upper circle, everyone stood and remained standing for the entire gig, i was disappointed he didnt sing the father you must be killed, instead choosing to do i want to see the boy happy-although i did get let me kiss you!
    i was slightly worried (not havin been to a gig before and reading the stuff about the disastrous palladium gig) that moz stayed crouched down back to the audience for a large end section of pigsty, plus some idiot shouted something and killed the spellbinding mood.
    he sed after one song, thankyou , you are too kind, then after the next song added, no, you really are too kind, theres a fine line-and everyone laughed.
    i counted 3 successful stage invaders, plus there was a last minute flurry of arms and ppl climbing on top of each other during stop me.
    i cant quite recall how moz managed to rip his shirt off so quickly, but we were all happy to see his fine form, and there was an excited cheer.
    **did anyone else think that the bloke who took over from the regular drummer to bang the big drum that lit up was out of time?
    ***if you havent seen the photos, the italian colours on the drum were replaced by black text on a white background with the word 'happiness' - something everyone had by the end!
    emzyw -- Monday May 29 2006, @05:13AM (#221981)
    (User #16835 Info)
    • Jesus by Hello Indie (Score:1) Monday May 29 2006, @05:40AM
  • Well, with this only being my second show this tour, I can hardly make a "this was the best show of the tour claim". All I can say is that for me, this was the best performance since Brixton in 2002. Now all that awaits is the post-show downer!

    Despite being a Chelsea fan...I concede that playing "You'll Never Walk Alone" seems to whip up the crowd before the intro. After Ganglord he made a comment along the lines of "and of course, the 'Ghetto' is Chelsea". Yeah, if you say so...

    From where I was in Row D to the left of the stage, I could see an increasing number of people moving down the far left aisle to try and get on the stage. At one point it appeared that some "super security" was called in to deal with a guy wearing braces who was reluctant to let go of Morrissey's hand.

    A guy behind me kept calling out "get the jacket your jacket off"...Moz seemed to enjoy keeping it on right until coming on for the encore! He mimicked the act of throwing his shirt into the crowd and said "you pretend you come here for the music, but all you want it the 'kit off'".

    Generally, there was a lot more interaction with the crowd than in 2004, and the band got a chance to take their bow...both during the set when Moz sat down on stage and let them all say a few words at the mic (Jesse sounded much the 'gringo' and said a few words in Spanish - I think).

    After they played "Stop Me" and Moz had left the stage, the band really milked the applause (especially Gary) and lots of stuff was thrown into the crowd. I saw a young girl..probably no more than 9 or 10 happily clutching a setlist.

    And I think Boz must have broke the record for most distance travelled by a paper aeroplane which he dispatched from the stage to somewhere below the Royal Circle!

    Great off to scan ebay for festival tickets!!!!!

    Sorrow of Stamford Bridge
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @05:57AM (#221985)
  • getting ready to fly home. There is little I can add to the above posts, save to say that last night Morrissey proved that he can pack more class, style, elegance, wit and grace in one gesture than most can summon in an entire night. What a superb, glowing performance.

    Oxford was a bit more intense, because I was right up front, and Mozzer looked and sounded like he was ready for a knock-down-drag-out with members of the audience, which threw the gig a bit. His cord whipping and acid darkness were epic, though.

    Last night saw him in a place most singers would like to be, but few ever attain. He is timeless and grand, and he never once sang a note, on either night, that was not true.

    Brilliant, on his own terms.


    Anaesthesine -- Monday May 29 2006, @06:36AM (#221987)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Incredible the amount of jealousy and loathing some of the people on forums have for Julia. Moz obviously trusts her. I am grateful she is such a fan and she has a website for Moz which is official and where Moz can speak to the fans. Please, give her a break - she loves Moz, just like many of us do that come to this site. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who loves Moz so much has "incredibly good taste". :-)
    Osakaglen -- Monday May 29 2006, @06:58AM (#221989)
    (User #5882 Info)
    "If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station..."
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  • ...Morrissey is getting better with age! His voice is maturing, he's sharper and wittier and he really seems to be enjoying himself. He seems genuinely happy at the moment and was giving it his all last night. It also felt like he was giving something back to the fans as a thank you for their loyalty throughout his career and this tour.

    He seems really proud of this album and he and the band do it great justice live! The band seemed to be having a great time last night as well. A fantastic end to a fantastic tour.

    And as for the tuxedo, Wow! Can that man wear a tux or what?! He looked incredible, all night!

    Hopefully there are many more tours yet to come as he clearly has a lot left to give. So see you all around.


    (P.S Don't miss the Radio 2 show on Visconti that's on tonight. Should give an interesting insight into the album.)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @07:04AM (#221991)
  • The video came out brilliantly, up close throughout. I also have the Killarney and Alexander Palace concerts on video - for those of you interested in trading....
    MarkAnthonyOC -- Monday May 29 2006, @07:28AM (#221993)
    (User #16305 Info)
  • Who are these 3 blokes with a giant Ringleader of Tormentors flag?
    Well done lads! How did you manage to get inside the Palladium?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @07:28AM (#221994)
  • Wonderful, wonderful night.. We all love Morrissey, but after all the average reports from previous dates, i had middling expectations (especially after Earl's Court, which was absolutely incredible for me).

    Then he went and played Panic... and.. well.. It truly was a remarkably good show and I simply loved every second of it.

    Banter report:

    "Let's discuss this later"

    Merch was a bit steep.. my mate was pissed so bought one of the zip up hoodies for £40. looks good but so expensive!

    What did everyone think of the dapper accessories? Morrissey Money Clip, Cufflinks, Tie-Pin, and the most silly but charming of all - a Morrissey Medal!!
    erelongdonedodoesdid -- Monday May 29 2006, @07:37AM (#221995)
    (User #16837 Info)
  • God knows I have been around the block, but last night was blinding. Felt like a teenager again. Blistering night. So so brilliant! Sorry if i stumbled into anyone at the quarry night, just got carried away with the emotion of the evening.
    Unlikely One -- Monday May 29 2006, @07:53AM (#221999)
    (User #15335 Info)
  • Palladium photos (Score:1, Interesting)[email protected]/sets/721 57594148581601/
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @08:02AM (#222001)
  • Sounds like a fantastic gig, wish I had been there.
    Just wondering if the "Happiness" thing has anything to do with the old Max Bygraves song and also his association with The Palladium?

    Jim Spriggs
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @08:43AM (#222007)
    • Re:Happiness by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 29 2006, @08:51AM
      • Re:Happiness by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 29 2006, @09:12AM
        • Re:Happiness by foxie (Score:1) Monday May 29 2006, @02:28PM
  • My sister and i met a lovely man from Belgium - he was there on 21st and last night - we gave him a bit of moz's shirt. If you, Mr Belgium, read this site, please contact us as it would be nice to keep in touch. We hope you enjoyed the Quarry night.
    arturo -- Monday May 29 2006, @08:48AM (#222008)
    (User #16838 Info)
  • Great show, Moz was in a really good shape. In fairness , the one of last week was really awesome...
    Stoned -- Monday May 29 2006, @08:53AM (#222012)
    (User #15689 Info)
  • This was truly one of the best nights I've ever had. After the flat ending at The Sage in Gateshead, this has completely restored by faith in the man. Was so worth enduring Easy Jet, just for opening with Panic alone. And well done to the audience, the best and most up for it crowd I've experienced this tour.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @09:13AM (#222016)
  • have been a fan from 1986 at the age of 6 and have seen him many many times but tonight was the most special night of my life.was 2 rowes at the front mozz was the best ever beats even move festival!
    after a long fight and nearly getting my fingers ripped off i managed to get mozzers sleeve intact of his black silk shirt!
    last night just demonstrated why i love mozz and why no onther soul living or dead can touch him now or ever!
    asianfrontdisco -- Monday May 29 2006, @09:18AM (#222017)
    (User #16725 Info)
  • Panic!!!!!!! (Score:2, Insightful)

    Last night was SO FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers MOZ! I am so happy i was there....!!
    A very special night.

    I am yours forever...
    somebody loved me -- Monday May 29 2006, @10:17AM (#222026)
    (User #10801 Info)
  • Did they use a drum intro to Panic, the way it was done back in '86?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @10:46AM (#222034)
  • great concert...sean hughes was sat in front of me last night..said a few drunken words to him(enogh to annoy him probably),met the blokes with the liverpool banner and gave them a hand to wave it at the end!!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @11:07AM (#222041)
  • Well done Vic Strangeways. Security last week was so tight it was impossible. Your perseverence has been rewarded..

    On the subject of tickets I went to the box office at 6PM on 21st May and got a front row ticket while the touts outside were telling everyone it was sold out. I pointed out the tout who tried to rip me off to the box office staff when he walked in after me and tried to buy some more.
    It's hard to express my loathing for these shites except to say I'd like to block the already overloaded sewers of London with their entrails.

    I'm pleased for all those who managed to get to 28th. See you again sometime....

    Sinistra 21

    sinistra 21 -- Monday May 29 2006, @01:00PM (#222060)
    (User #16758 Info)
    • Re:28th by Vic Strangeways (Score:1) Tuesday May 30 2006, @12:19AM
      • Re:28th by sinistra 21 (Score:1) Tuesday May 30 2006, @05:57AM
  • Can someone post this?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @01:20PM (#222063)
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