posted by davidt on Friday July 07 2006, @01:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / Ganglord / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / You Have Killed Me / Life Is A Pigsty / I Will See You In Far-off Places / At Last I Am Born / Human Being / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Panic // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by chica
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  • I listen this show in this time.What to say?
    Morrissey is great !
    filmuzika -- Friday July 07 2006, @02:48PM (#227573)
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  • The show lasted a little over an hour. The set was mostly Ringleader of the tormentors with just 3 Smiths songs and two songs from You are the quarry and a NY dolls cover. Irish blood english heart was the encore...
    Rasha -- Friday July 07 2006, @04:03PM (#227578)
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  • All his fans in Yugoslavia (I should not have to learn the new name) must have gone to the pub.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 07 2006, @04:16PM (#227580)
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    • Serbia by mattorefice (Score:1) Friday July 07 2006, @06:07PM
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  • 1 How Soon Is Now?
    2 First Of The Gang To Die
    3 The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    4 In The Future When All's Well
    5 Ganglord
    6 Girlfriend In A Coma
    7 Let Me Kiss You
    8 I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
    9 You Have Killed Me
    10 Life Is A Pigsty
    11 I Will See You In Far-off Places
    12 At Last I Am Born
    13 Human Being
    14 I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    15 Panic

    16 Irish Blood, English Heart

    I must wait until I compose myself to post a review :)
    chica -- Friday July 07 2006, @10:06PM (#227594)
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  • What a perfect night!
    Setlist was usual, although there was a surprise near the end of the show, as he started to sing There is a light.. That was just a short moment, but for me it was a bliss.
    Fantastic cover of New York Doll's Human Being.
    And... You know, his shirt smells so nice. It's like the smell of the Saint.
    And as the slogan in the first raw said, now my heart is full.
    Thank you Morrissey. Don't let us wait so long for your next performance.
    tintin -- Saturday July 08 2006, @03:19AM (#227599)
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  • two very happy girls (Score:1, Interesting)

    we just woke up after an amazing night. it was such a great gig, don't really know where to begin describing it... we were singing so loud and we sure hope it came across on the video stream. :) great of him to say that 'he's glad that somebody, apart of him, knows the words to 'the youngest was the most loved'. we're sure he heard us and was talking about the two of us :)))
    it was very very hot and what a sight it was, seeing him taking his clothes off slowly, piece by piece... :) he sang 'let me kiss you' with his shirt unbuttoned and when he took it off he wipped his sweat with it and then he licked (!) it and throwed it to the audience. lucky bastards who managed to get it.
    and yes... the 'there is a light' bit... we were so sure he was gonna sing it after he started singing that verse... but still, we're happy that we got a part of that song, even if it was just those three lines. amazing.
    highlight for us: surely 'panic' - everybody was singing so loud, and 'i will see you in far off places' - sounds so much better live than on the record...

    all in all - unforgetable!

    shakespeare's sister and wilde's sister
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 08 2006, @05:06AM (#227608)
  • Moz
    Your kick is so high and perfect.
    I follow you!
    I love you more and more each day.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 08 2006, @07:10AM (#227614)
  • Amazingly, this performance has been transmitted live on program 1 of Serbian national TV. Does anybody have a recording? Willing to upload somewhere, or share anyhow?
    mr.K -- Saturday July 08 2006, @10:19AM (#227620)
    (User #17052 Info)
    • Re:on tv by tintin (Score:1) Saturday July 08 2006, @11:42AM
  • i know this is totally off the subject but I an going to the rome gig on sunday with my girlfriend . I know its about 15 miles out of rome in the port town of ostai antica. if there are any italians with knowledge of the area and in particular the transport post gig. is it possible to get back into rome centre by public transport after the gig or is it a case of a taxi ride ? please let me know if possible. also if anyone else from the uk is going and is staying in rome centre if you wanna split the cost of a taxi back in then get in touch . ciao x
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 08 2006, @01:54PM (#227629)
  • I survived the first row and lived to tell the tale :) I will start from the very beginning (not exactly Davyhulme 1959, but you get my point) so please scroll down if you want to read more substantial parts.

    I got to the fortress where Exit festival is held at about 8 PM, 3 hours before Morrissey's performance was scheduled. One could say he was the headliner that night by all those flowers in people's hands and, inevitably, pockets (I saw lots of gladioli, a couple of roses and even a bouquet of daisies - too late for my favourite daffodils, I'm afraid). A local alternative rock band called Playboy were playing at the main stage when I arrived. Interesting, because Morrissey's band were wearing green T-shirts with 'PLAYBOY' written on them :) The front rows were already packed with Moz fans (the most interesting one IMO being a girl with a fantastic pair of gloves!) The next act was Dizzee Rascal. Better than Kelis, who canceled her show, but still! Hip-hop before Morrissey? I felt so sorry for the guys, very few people around me had come to see them and the rest looked rather bored. A guy standing next to me even shouted "Morrissey!" a couple of times during their performance. Please, don't do that, people. I remember reading here that someone called for Depeche Mode during Morrissey's performance in Belfort. It's not a kind thing to do, really.

    Introtape - I heard Judy min vaen, a cover of "Everyday Is Like Sunday", an Irish song I didn't recognize and an interesting upbeat song with chorus 'Take My Hands' - I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me what it was. Before Jobriath they played "You'll Never Walk Alone" and the crowd - including your humble reporter - went a bit wild. Then, "What A Pretty" and Moz and the Mozmen showed up on stage big style, with lights flashing and everything. Moz knelt and bowed (I don't know if he did it to someone in particular, as he was quite far left on the stage). Then they all assembled for another bow and just before HSIN Morrissey said that there are so many people who can't let themselves go - an interesting opener, the reason why he chose it probably known only to him. The first four songs were pure, unspoiled joy for me and possibly the highlight of the evening.

    His initial outfit was tuxedo (and I thank him for that from the bottom of my heart! And for the absence of the knot as well, at least until the encore. Do you think he reads these message boards or at least has a stylist who does that for him?) He looked very smart and handsome and fit, blah blah, you already know everything about Moz in the tuxedo. He had a small problem with the lyrics of "The Youngest" - I guess because "from the world's glare" doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, and he made the cutest face because of the mistake. "In the Future..." found us all warmed up so Moz got rid of the tie and the jacket (which gave the crowd immense pleasure) and left the shirt with casual untucked tails. After the song he said the usual things about him being happy to be in Novi Sad, about Julia being there as well (although he didn't see where she was standing - I thought she would be in the pit in front of the stage but she wasn't).

    After "Ganglord" he introduced band members - again having problems to pronounce "inimitable" , so now I begin to realize how awfully exhausted he must have been! Third night in a row - in Budapest they played 18 songs, in Zagreb 17, in Novi Sad only 16! The concert lasted mere 1 hour 13 minutes! We'll see what he'll do in Finland, if there are more songs there it means that he found us intolerably boring :( "All alive, but doomed" he said after the introduction, and that was a nice transition to "Girlfriend" (in a coma - of course! as they say in Cornwall :))

    During LMKY he gave us a frinky treat while singing "my heart is open" - he showed the left side of his chest and held his hand there, and soon the shirt was off flying to the right hand side of the audience. I wa
    chica -- Saturday July 08 2006, @02:03PM (#227630)
    (User #16529 Info)
    • Re:Now Our Hearts Are Full by uncleskinny (Score:1) Saturday July 08 2006, @03:13PM
    • The guy you're talking about, who managed to grab the shirt is actually my friend and thanks to him, I have here with me the part of the collar and one button.
      I couldn’t listen to Slovenian metal group Siddhartha, so I couldn’t get the perfect position, although I was in the first row.
      I think you’re right when you say that he looked terribly exhausted. I couldn’t understand what he was talking about when he mentioned Croatian and Hungarian gig, but I was one of those who cheered it, wanting to show him that I’m actually glad that he had a wonderful time there. But then again, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant whwn he said that: You'll be horrified to hear that we had a very good time in Croatia... Maybe some local idiot told him something about the war or something, it happens a lot round here… People like to talk bout politics, it's very easy.
      I do hope so that he didn't leave this place with the bad taste in his mouth. I do hope so!
      It would be such a shame if Morrissey didn't see the banner those guys wrote down for him.

      Thank you for your detailed comment.
      tintin -- Saturday July 08 2006, @03:57PM (#227638)
      (User #16855 Info)
      • Re: The pics by chica (Score:1) Saturday July 08 2006, @04:41PM
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    • Thank you very much, Chica, for your superb review!!
      Don't be disappointed or sad by his remark about him having a very good time in Croatia. I can only imagine he just wanted to tell you that and decided to qualify it, maybe on the spur of the moment, to try to avoid antagonising anybody.
      He certainly didn't mean anything malicious by what he said. He did simply have a good time in Croatia, as it was a great gig. And I am sure he has a very good opinion about you and how appreciative the audiences have been in both Croatia and Serbia.
      I wish you many more great concerts to come!!!
      Your English is fantastic by the way. ;-)
      Tomi -- Saturday July 08 2006, @04:51PM (#227645)
      (User #15918 Info)
    • Re: "Poor Feedback" by goinghome (Score:1) Saturday July 08 2006, @05:00PM
    • Re:Now Our Hearts Are Full by borrissey (Score:1) Sunday July 09 2006, @05:57AM
  • More photos (Score:2, Interesting)

    I have uploaded some more close-up photos here: 690 []
    (2nd post from top, 15 pics, ~1mb)
    mr.K -- Saturday July 08 2006, @05:04PM (#227647)
    (User #17052 Info)
  • Have you seen a sunset?
    Have you seen fireworks?
    Moz I'm with you all the time!
    I love you Moz.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 09 2006, @06:13AM (#227678)
  • "unlike the usual populist stuff that many artists do (usual practice: learn some words in Serbian, say something to the crowd about it being a lovely country or how great we all are, or some BS like that; and if you really want to try, wear a local football shirt... etc.)"

    so you think it's BAD if someone takes the time to respect the country they're visiting with at least some form of recognition that they're not still playing in england?!? erm...i don't understand.

    and the remark morrissey made was actually quite stupid, but it's not surprising cos he's not actually intelligent.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 10 2006, @08:58AM (#227781)
  • three days after... i'm totally opsessed, i can't stop living in a moment when i was standing just few meters in front of Mozz... so, last night i had a dream, i don't remember exactly what was all about, but i know he was there.. in my dreams... singing.
    yell -- Monday July 10 2006, @11:08AM (#227790)
    (User #17059 Info)
  • Great show, but many people who called themselves fans came expacting more Smiths song coz it was his firt gig in Serbia. Also the crowd didn't know ROTT songs, apart from the singles. There are different opinions about concert in the Serbian press, some liked it, some said it was dull. Two friends that I was with, who are not fans, were very impressed by the start and the end of the gig(...Panic,IBEH), but it was a bit slow in middle for their taste. The main stage(30k capacity) where Mozz was performing wasn't full, but there were at least 15k people.

    BTW I uploaded Intro & How Soon is now that my sister ripped via TV card, quality isn't great but it's ok.
    Pit Maravich -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @02:50AM (#227853)
    (User #15662 Info)
  • The show was absolutly great, and the Oscar Wilde scenery...mmmm. Hope Morrissey will visit us again in Serbia!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 31 2006, @12:54PM (#233877)
  • To the brave anon, and brave anons everywhere.

    take a step back and look at yorself for a mo. Helicopter view if you like.

    happy? proud? fulfilled?
    jonnya -- Sunday July 09 2006, @01:22AM (#227666)
    (User #15032 Info)
  • Why on Davids site? Keep up the good job dave you ROCK! Thanks for keeping us up to date with MOZ!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 09 2006, @03:42PM (#227729)
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