posted by davidt on Tuesday July 11 2006, @01:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / I Will See You In Far-off Places / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / At Last I Am Born / Ganglord / You Have Killed Me / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Trouble Loves Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Guillaume Métayer
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  • can ya dig it hep cat?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @01:58PM (#227895)
  • panic
    first of the gang to die
    the youngest was the most loved
    i will see you in far off places
    you have killed me
    girlfriend in a coma
    i just want to see the boy happy
    at last i am born
    let me kiss you
    life is a pigsty
    how soon is now?
    in the future when all's well
    on the streets i ran
    work of art
    irish blood english heart

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @03:13PM (#227912)
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  • Boxers!?

    Anyone able to comfirm this?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @03:46PM (#227916)
    • Re:what!? by the most inept (Score:1) Thursday July 13 2006, @02:15AM
  • I doubt it, but hope I'm wrong.

    There realy do seem to be a lot of sad, pathetic people who are hellbent on destroying the reliability of this section of the site.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @03:50PM (#227919)
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  • Just wanted to let the Morrissey fans to know that Syd Barret passed away.

    Shine on you Crazy Dimond

    You will be missed
    -Elizabeth D.-
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @06:44PM (#227922)
    • wha? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 11 2006, @07:17PM
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  • Was the date for the concert wrong?
    Did Moz do a no-show?
    Maurice E
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @01:37AM (#227939)
  • He was there alright! Stage show was great - Life is a Pigsty and Irish blood were highlights for me and the band were amazing doing Pigsty - the instrumental bit blew me away. Nice to hear Girlfriend and Panic, but really enjoyed hearing the new stuff live. Have to say, the crowd was extremely disappointing. I last saw him at the Meltdown in London and the atmosphere was electric, even though the show was mostly seated. I saw people having a good time in the centre, but where I was on the right, there were a lot barely clapping and certainly not shouting. Maybe deep, deep down they were enjoying themselves, but it was hard to tell. Not really what I expected from Morrissey fans....if you're going to hog space at the front, at least look like you're having a good time!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @02:08AM (#227946)
  • Montreux, 2006 (Score:3, Informative)

    I don't see Morrissey as often as some of you, but I thought the gig wonderful!

    His opening line, delivered with wonderful aplomb, was "Good evening, Jazz fans."

    Morrissey seemed in high spirits, particularly in the first half of the show, chatting with the crowd and occasionally grinning from ear to ear, which I haven't seen before.

    He briefly swapped pleasantries with Julia, who must have been wedged at the front.

    Other banter that I remember ... something along the lines of "I speak German, Swiss French and French Swiss ... but I choose not to" which drew laughter. He thanked the "seventeen people in Switzerland" who bought Ringleader. He introduced the band as "the Congo line behind me", and himself, rather cryptically, as "I live under the soil", the last drawing a mildly uncomfortable silence while the audience tried to decide what to make of it, to which he somewhat ruefully commented "I'm sorry Julia", followed by , "I wish I did".

    This final line spoken with disarming poignancy, and it seemed to mark a new chapter in the show. Over the course of the rest of the evening he became more withdrawn, and throughout the second half of Pigsty crouched by the drums, with his back to the audience.

    If that sounds impossibly funereal - believe me, it wasn't, I had a wonderful time. I was struck by Morrissey's showmanship, his mordant wit and his flair for melodrama.

    And lastly, no review would be complete without ... the clothes ... brown trousers, and I remember four (?) shirts, a brown, a (rather lovely) violet, a black and for the encore an unfortunate bright yellow shirt - canary yellow, there's no other description. The violet shirt he TORE off, lavishly wiping his face and torso before hurling it into the crowd.

    Goodbye again Morrissey, I shall miss you.
    Kiddo -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @03:13AM (#227950)
    (User #11417 Info)
  • Can I just ask a question? (And try to keep the rude, derogatory replies this site has become known for to a minimum please) Who is Julia? What is so special about her that Moz talks to her during his gigs etc?
    Jealous of Youth -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @03:55AM (#227953)
    (User #14655 Info)
    "so many women, my head should be spinning. Ah, but no..."
    • Re:Question (Score:3, Funny)

      Apparently, she is very wealthy and gave him a 1st edition of Wilde some years ago - Since then she attends EVERY performance (Free of charge? Who knows?), and also runs the true-to-you site... Most people on here cannot stand her, but who knows her? I don't, but I have seen her on the front row everytime I've seen him play, and he speaks to her at every gig... I have to say, it seems that there is something of 'Misery' about her - You know the film? He wants to watch his feet... that's all I'm saying!
      Elsie -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @06:22AM (#227967)
      (User #16918 Info)
      "The more scholastically educated a man is generally, the more he is an emotional bore"
      • LOL Gave him a first edition by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 12 2006, @03:28PM
      • Re:Question (Score:2, Interesting)

        I am rather tired of hearing about her too and wish Morrissey would stop the banter at shows about her, last I checked I was a Morrissey fan(me thinks a lot of us here are)...she's just another bloody fan and I don't care about the stuff she does or if she is employed by MOZ or not....she can do whatever she wants and if MOZ likes her fine, but she's surely not at the level that everyone else at a given show should feel left out when Morrissey goes on his Julia diatribe....he's always quite witty, but the Julia stuff, it's gotta go!
        If it was me (wow, imagine to be adored by Morrissey!), I'd respectfully ask him not to call me out, if only for everyone else!
        defari -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @09:43PM (#228103)
        (User #10050 Info)
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  • A Brilliant Night! (Score:1, Informative)

    Just back from Montreux. A ticket to Geneva and tickets to see Moz was a surprise birthday present to me! Here is what I remember for those who didnt make it.

    For me the concert was fantastic, but as pointed out on other postings the crowd was a bit subdued for a Morrissey gig. Because of that we managed to get to the barrier in the middle without a fight which I have never been able to do before. The view was perfect and could see Moz in all his splendour throughout. The venue was much smaller than I thought it would be with a capacity of about 200 which was good and Montreux itself is beautiful- also only in Switzerland would they hand out ear plugs and free bottles of water at a gig! (very grateful as it was very warm)

    Support was Sons and Daughters- my second time seeing them. They did a good job of warming up the crowd but still prefer Kristeen Young in support on this tour. Morrissey opening on How Soon is Now certainly got things going where I was. I definitely enjoyed to the ROTT predominant set (lets not get on to that subject) and Pigsty was just amazing again. So pleased he sang trouble Loves Me as it sounds great live.

    Other bits of trivia and snippets I remember:
    The pre- concert music must have changed a bit, I don't remember hearing the Pretenders version of Every Day is Like Sunday and Saturday Night Special by the Sundown Playboys (on Under the Influence album) before.

    Moz cam on dressed all in brown (!) which his shirt tied in a knot in the middle again then later changed into a lilac shirt which he rubbed all over himself before throwing it into the crowd to be torn apart. For the encore he donned a yellow shirt which made him look even more gorgeous.

    Moz was on fine form and had a bit of chat with the crowd saying he could speak Swiss-French and French-Swiss but just "chose not to" which got a laugh. Somebody shouted "I hate Italy" and Moz asked "Why" to silence- then said "See you don't even know why" - some football thing probably. Someone next to me shouted "I love you" and he just smiled a bit and said "I see...." Also, sometime during the concert he passed the microphone to Julia who asked him how he was- he replied "Average".

    One final bit, whilst singing Work of Art, a personal favourite, he licked his fingers and then stroked his chest- I thought I was going to pass out.....a brilliant night!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @01:09PM (#228040)
  • If Morrissey is reading this, do you think this would be a good idea to use, "Oscillate Wildly"
    as an intro to your shows? Whatever you decide as intros & setlists is amazing as they have been. So, whatever you ever decide has always blown me away.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @09:16PM (#228101)
  • As I was there and got the real setlist given to me by Mickey at the gig here it is in the right order :

    How soon is now ?
    First of the gang to die
    The youngest was the most loved
    In the future when all's well
    Let me kiss you
    Girlfriend in a coma
    I will see you in far off places
    I'll never be anybody's heroe now
    At last i am born
    You have killed me
    To me you are a work of art
    Touble loves me
    I want to see the boy happy
    Life is a pigsty
    encore : Irish blood, English heart

    Guillaume Métayer
    Paris - FRANCE
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 13 2006, @01:41AM (#228115)
  • I came from mannheim (germany) to montreux to see Morrissey. I was very exited, but in montreux (a little rich-people-and-tourists-town) nobody seemed to care very much about the Morrissey concert. It seemed that most of the audience only came because they just could not get tickets for Sting (who played in montreux at the same time). They stood close to the stage with bored faces. When a few people were dancing and singing (and finally living), some demanded them to stop it and not to disturb anybody. Very few people knew the songs of Ringleader and the band noticed that, and obviously Morrissey was a little bit disappointed about that. However he were very charming and the band played a great concert. And I was lucky to see Morrissey once again. nach dem konzert hab ich noch ein paar leute getroffen, die über das konzert ähnlich dachten wie ich, und mit denen ich noch labern, rumlaufen und in den see springen konnte bis am nächsten morgen die züge fuhren, die uns wieder in unsere städte brachten. falls ihr, diejenigen, das hier lest: VIELE GRÜSSE UND DANKE!
    the most inept -- Thursday July 13 2006, @02:24AM (#228119)
    (User #17078 Info)
    the most inept that ever stepped
  • Just to add to previous posts, that during the encore of Irish Blood, English Heart someone was waving a tricolour which brought a wide grin to Morrissey's face!

    First time I've seen him live since way back when with the Smiths and it was brilliant. Of course the songs are great, but in addition he has a presence and aura that are incredible. Now I realise why people climb on stage just to hug him, I'm old enough to know better, but felt like hugging the bloke myself!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 14 2006, @03:25AM (#228279)
  • You actually spent time doing this. Q.E.D.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @02:08PM (#227898)
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  • Here is someone who is desperate for us to know that this freeyourself is not his favourite person. I believe that by now this message has been conveyed loud and clear to abolutely everyone that has visited this site, despite the odd circumstance of this someone not revealing their identity while being intimately familiar with the one despised. It would be of immense relief if this pair were to create their own website and thrash out their differences in world-view elsewhere. Don't the forums even, give some scope for more off-topic discussion? Because this is not on topic, it would presumably be fair to say.

    On a site dedicated to news of Morrissey and his band, this is execrable graffiti.
    goinghome -- Tuesday July 11 2006, @03:00PM (#227910)
    (User #12673 Info)
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