posted by davidt on Tuesday August 15 2006, @02:00PM
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  • Ouvi parte da emissao na Radio Antena 3,o concerto terminou sem um unico encore, a última musica foi "Panic".
    amazingstar_31 -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @04:25PM (#231609)
    (User #16639 Info)
  • I went alone to the concert, made like 60 miles to go there from the city Im at. I was probably the person that better knew moz's music there, not counting julia. I sang every word of every song, I couldn't believe when he played "We'll let you know" one of my favourite songs of Morrissey. Appart from me, no one seemed to know his songs, except like "first of the gang to die" or how soon is now maybe. There were technical issues with his microphone, a lot of them actually and that made him lose the spirit, obviously. I hated the crowd around me, they were all bored, I wonder why would they stand there, instead of going get drunk or something. I was really happy, dancing and singing loud, I was even asked by a girl if I could pls not sing loud because of whatever. I looked at her in amazement and a bit of contempt and took a step back and resumed my dancing. people around me were staring at me because I was singing all the words, when they probably didnt even know who Moz is.
    He cut short the last song, Panic, probably as a sign of his dislike for the technical issues.

    He began by being in a good mood, but with the tech issue and the dreadful crowd, he wasnt as pleased.

    In the end, a great concert, pity the issues with his mic and the dreadful boring ignorant crowd ( as i would expect)
    Frankly Vulgar -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @06:40PM (#231624)
    (User #1967 Info)
    "You can tell, by the way, i sleep all day"
  • Thst's it really

    ME.....I as i ever was
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @06:48PM (#231625)
  • was the concert in chile intended for an insult

    we are not all julia riley you know

    go brag on fucktards of the are sick of listening.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @07:20PM (#231629)
  • Morrissey was in a good mood, very talkative with the crowd but towards the end he was somewhat pissed with the microphone. Life is a pigsty was sung under rain - beautiful!!
    CalBrandao -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @07:52PM (#231633)
    (User #10419 Info)
  • Any idea??
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @12:58AM (#231645)
  • We must have been at a different gig last night to the one described below. The audience around us were really into it, and singing along to just about every song. Moz seemed to start off in a good mood, was chatty and all was well with the world. Yes, there were some technical problems with the mic. There were a couple of songs that people didn't seem to know the words to, and I think this is what pissed Mozzer off. He had barely started 'Panic' when he just flounced off, leaving the band looking slightly startled and wondering what to do. Don't get me wrong, I love Morrissey, he's one of the untouchables for me, but I expected more from him than that. It was a really unsatisfying end to the night. The crowd had given him a good reception (in my view), and you have to remember, this is a primarily young Portuguese audience, they can't be expected to know the words to every Moz song ever. Everyone around us were in mid-song, mid-dance and were left shocked at the walk-out. I haven't seen Morrissey live for ages, is this common practice nowadays?
    Pip -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @02:51AM (#231654)
    (User #17225 Info)
  • Sorry, but you’re Frankly Vulgar saying that! There were some who know and sing all songs… (Including me – and yes I do know If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me… and yes, I’m Portuguese and I also travel several miles from the city where I live…).
    It was interesting to watch to the audience as we could find not only some older persons (from the Smiths era) but also some teenagers (what somehow left me astonished as is the second time for Morrissey in Portugal…) I must agree with Pip on the fact that it can’t be expected from a primarily young Portuguese audience to know the words to every Moz song ever…
    Morrissey started in a really good mood, talking to the Portuguese (and Spanish) fans and asking for the audience “help”. During the show he talked to the audience several times (including one mentioning the fact that Portugal beat England in the Last Soccer World Cup…) but, and there is always a but, some technical issues regarding is mic pissed him and I think that was what made him end the concert earlier … while the band was playing Panic for just a minute… and abruptly stopped…
    Obviously the fans didn’t understand….
    I am somehow disappointed for technical issues of the show (the mic and the sound in general) but I enjoyed the set-list – with some singing loud and some dancing around – and hope that Moz comes back to Portugal more times (in order to make the young Portuguese audience to practice the words of every song… :) ).
    Somehow disappointed ‘cause I think Moz should have done an effort - the fans who waited for so many years deserved that…
    Favourite songs played: We’ll Let You Know" and” "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me”.
    Moz played also the usual from Smiths era "Girlfriend", "Stop Me", "How Soon" and a “newer and shorter” version of "Panic".
    My rate: 3/5
    P.S. Obviously Julia was there…
    Solaris -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @05:12AM (#231661)
    (User #14221 Info)
  • I love you Moz.
    You make me happy all the time.
    We'll meet soon for sure. X
    I love you shining on the stage,
    off the stage I love you more!
    But please sing if the mic is broken
    for the people who love you
    who travel to see you.
    Good night Moz*
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @05:37AM (#231665)
  • Deveríamos ter um site/fórum Português sobre Morrissey... que acham? ... com algumas notícias, chat e, quem sabe, combinarmos alguns encontros de fans...
    Solaris -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @06:05AM (#231671)
    (User #14221 Info)
  • I don't know where Franlky Vulgar was but that's not the gig i saw. I was right up front, surrounded by teens - surprisingly - , and we - the oldies- and they were all singing to every single song, so it wasn't Frankly alone. Don´t forget that there were 20 thousand people and not everyone one was there for Morrissey and I think he knew that. Of course some don't like him and morrissey never was popular in Portugal but nevertheless it surpassed all expectations. I was in Paris to see moz and the crowd was anemic compared to yestearday's audience but moz didn't leave stage as he did last night.
    CalBrandao -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @06:08AM (#231672)
    (User #10419 Info)
    • Re:Big Lie by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday August 16 2006, @10:13AM
  • Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    Gostaria de conhecer todo o alinhamento de Paredes de Coura. Estive lá e fixei algumas canções e respectiva ordem:

    1. Não conheço mas parto do principio que seja "How Soon Is Now" à imagem da Islândia;
    2. Seguramente "First of The Gang To Die" igual Reykjavik;
    3. Seguramente "You Have Killed Me " igual Reykjavik;
    4. ??? Ouvi "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice", "Girl Friend In A Coma" muito boa com um arranjo muito giro, "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" ... Daqui para a frente seguro que foi ...
    5. Stop Me If You Heard This One Before;
    6. Life Is A Pigsty;
    7. We’ll Let You;
    8. I Will See You In Far-off Places;
    9. If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me;
    10. Irish Blood, English Heart;
    11. At Last I Am Born;
    12. I Just Want To See The Boy Happy;
    13. Panic, interrompida abruptamente alguém tem a certeza porquê?
    Carlos Ramos -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @02:31PM (#231745)
    (User #17228 Info)
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  • ...foi um grande concerto.

    ninguém ficou indiferente.

    mas o final era escusado...
    paperdoll -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @03:38PM (#231762)
    (User #17229 Info)
  • Pues eso, el concierto estuvo muy bueno, pero la niñería de Mozz al enfadarse por problemas técnicos y dejarnos tirados tal cual, dejó, creo en general un mal sabor de boca y la no posibilidad de un bis. Pagamos nosotros (el público) un problema ajeno. Que pague la organización, no los sufridos seguidores que viniendo de todos los puntos de la península, gastándonos un pastón, pidiendo días de vacaciones, etc, etc, nos llevamos creo un triste final,m en vez de un apoteósico Panic y encima os regalo un bis con There's a light, ya que habéis aguantado estoicamente la lluvia que cayó en diferentes ocasiones. En is a pigsty y Mozz nos ayudó a tenerlo claro.
    Aparte de esto, todo lo demás incluidos los problemas técnicos, disfrutamos como cosacos!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @03:52PM (#231765)
  • xxxxx

    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @06:44PM (#231784)
  • Looks as if the set is getting better and better. I'd die to hear "We'll let you know" and "If you don't like me.." live.
    Looking very much forward to Brussels next week.
    WalkersCrisp -- Thursday August 17 2006, @07:34AM (#231823)
    (User #16877 Info)
    • Re:Portugal by Solaris (Score:1) Thursday August 17 2006, @11:54AM
  • Concerto mágico... a chuva não ajudou mas empurrou no encanto das música. Estou um bocado farto dos jornais Portugueses dizerem que ele saiu aborrecido por isto ou aquilo. Foi por causa das deficiências relativas ao som.

    se alguém tiver o concerto em vídeo ou áudio por favor contactem-me... eu tenho fotos e pequenos vídeos.

    Felini Sisters

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 17 2006, @08:36AM (#231825)
  • a summary in English (Score:2, Informative)

    Ok, I realise that we are discussing the gig in Portuguese so here is a summary of my personal experience,for the non-portuguese fans.

    Paredes de Coura is a 3 day Festival that has 6 bands playing everyday in the main stage. Moz sang on the first day to 22,000 people (not all of them fans,of course).

    It started to rain when Morrissey came :-) and he seemed amused by that. The Gig started with "How soon is now" followed by "first of the gang" and "you have killed me". The setlist was mainly from ROTT but also included the b-side " If you don't like me...", IBEH, let me kiss you, don´t make fun of Daddy's voice" and We´ll Let You Know. From the Smiths there was also girlfriend on a coma and Stop me... and the last song was panic (about 1 min, because he walked out in the midlle of it).

    Moz was in a good mood, he made a funny comment about POrtugal and the world cup,thanked his POrtuguese fans for buying ROTT, and everyone for attending the gig and waiting for him. Said that the lyrics in the end of "Don´t make fun of daddys voice" were not Spanish but a special language that very few people knew (such as Julia and himself) and was very funny when he introduced the band.

    After Pigsty he said-you know life is a pigsty,just wait and see...

    When he sang "if you don´t like me..." asked if there was anyone who knew the song.

    Just before "Panic" he said - "and remember the way out is also the way in". :-)

    He used 4 shirts and riped 2 of them that were obviously thrown to the crowd!

    Unfortunately there were technical problems, a microphone was replaced in the midlle of "In the future" and that may be the reason why he left while singing panic.

    It was however a great concert. And everyone agrees with this- fans,non fans,critics in newspapers... Life is a pigsty under the rain was fantastic- people were singing and dancing and having fun. It was very special.

    I had a great time, some fans however are sad and disapointed because of the way he ended the gig, and why he did it, etc...Every journal I read mentioned this.

    I finally saw the Man live - I still can´t believe it!
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 17 2006, @12:05PM (#231845)
  • Morrissey was at his best (as always) in Paredes de Coura. Shame about the audience, they didn't welcomed Moz in the proper Moz way but, I think that was to be expected after all how can you admire Morrissey and the bands that played at the festival (except Gomez, they were quite good actually!) at the same time? I tried to sing as loud as I could and also do the football Mozzer hymn but he obviously couldn't ear me! Unfortunately you have to go to England for a proper Morrissey concert there's no other way! The funniest thing about Paredes de Coura Festival was that you could actually see people in Morrissey t-shirts eating in McDonalds and KFC; just imagine if the t-shirt was a "Meat is Murder" one!!!!
    Ana -- Friday August 18 2006, @08:00AM (#231920)
    (User #17235 Info)
  • enjoy the music, don't enjoy the music, and forget about the rest, i loved the concert singed wen i felt like it (not screaming on anybodys hears) forget about critics and the bullshit, just listen to the music, that is perfect. all you people are doing is expeculate about sings you do not now, morrissey knows way he left, you people do not. if you don't like is atitude you don't need to hear or see him, music is the best sing in life, and morrissey is one of the beste musisians ever, just enjoy it!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday August 18 2006, @06:13PM (#232004)
    • Re:music by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 19 2006, @04:58AM
  • There's a lot of videos from the concert, log on to, the ones like me, lucky enough to be placed at the front, are shown several times :)
    mozdn -- Monday August 21 2006, @07:01AM (#232300)
    (User #5529 Info)
    • Re:Videos by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 26 2006, @09:15PM
    • Re:Videos by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday August 31 2006, @01:50PM
  • Beeing a Brazilian citizen and actually knowing what the Portuguese has done to this country since Brazil was discovered, I can believe what some people are writing here. The Portuguese are such dreadful ones, what Moz intended to do there, oh no!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @07:26AM (#232634)
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  • Set List:

    How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / In The Future When All's Well / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero, Now / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Life Is A Pigsty / We'll Let You Know / I Will See You In Far-off Places / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Panic

    Anonymous -- Saturday September 02 2006, @12:29AM (#233964)
  • hello
    i taped morrisey in paredes de coura 2006
    if anyone interest contact me
    [email protected]

    or for bootleg list

    i also have morrisey in portugak lx and porto 99
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 17 2006, @06:52AM (#237287)
  • Are you one of the last British people you'd never want to know? Sure he's hardly done the encore yet. I can relate that according to a spokesperson for the band said: "Ricky Wilson has torn his ankle ligaments jumping off a stage at Parades De Coura Festival, Portugal." News on the radio is that the Rolling Stones have cancelled their tour dates in Spain due to Mick Jagger's laryngitis. We could choose to be patient and genial while waiting for news of our particular interest: go on, the Mozzer!
    goinghome -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @02:25PM (#231591)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • roll on the v festival..... i miss him lol
    clearlyovercast -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @03:25PM (#231598)
    (User #17169 Info)
  • lying is a bad thing pal...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 15 2006, @06:07PM (#231622)
  • Lying is really a bad thing. David, please band this post.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @04:49AM (#231660)
  • i like that. that would be hilarious if it were true. lol
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @02:00PM (#231735)
  • A man?
    A woman?
    one of each
    numerical combination of the above
    in the dark
    in the park
    with chocolate cake
    not tonight

    in costume (ah, the possibilities)
    high as a kite
    I just might
    another notch
    sit and watch
    al fresco
    al dente
    teddy bears

    We have better things to do than worry about what someone else might be getting up to - havn't you?

    See you in 5

    better make that 10

    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 16 2006, @03:59PM (#231767)
  • very lol
    remteex -- Thursday August 17 2006, @02:28AM (#231811)
    (User #14542 Info)
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