posted by davidt on Sunday August 20 2006, @04:00PM
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  • Photo (Score:2, Informative)

    The fifth picture is of Morrissey at V: (remove any spaces)
    goinghome -- Sunday August 20 2006, @04:07PM (#232218)
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  • Morrissey told Lauren during a brief interview between acts that the audience brought him to Chelmsford; otherwise he’d still be in Rome! He said festivals were fairly new to him, different because outside, because not specifically one’s night, because that’s a challenge to draw people in, and he was enjoying it a lot. “No gimmicks, no frills, just me”, he said, standing alone, with no shared interests with other popstars, set apart from other performers, therefore no point in mixing with them. Everyone sounds the same and looks the same; even a new wave of punk-rock couldn't revive the scene. Nothing is unexpected or unique, just indistinguishable, thank you very much! Very relaxed little chat it was.
    goinghome -- Sunday August 20 2006, @04:50PM (#232222)
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  • Now I am a Moz lover but that should in no way cloud the fact that C4 coverage of Moz, headlining a festival, was given two numbers. Utter rubbish and they keep you up till 1 to see them. I saw more of the delays, james dean bradfield and lilly allen today on e4. Bollox, absolutely. My complaint will be winging itself to c4 tomorrow. Sugababes.....seen more of them too. Madness
    Unlikely One -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:13PM (#232224)
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  • Tonight was simply amazing. Moz, not only was in top form but very witty and chatty...actually one of the few times I have seen him like this during this tour.
    I was third row –that at V, to me was quite an achievement!– and the atmosphere was great.
    Pretty much the usual set list; Ganglord (not Human Being), Girlfriend...,How soon..., Stop me...and Panic. We'll let you know was truly incredible....The end of How soon is now was left to the band after Moz left; never seen anything like this before, the guys (really sharp in white suits tonight!) were magnificent.
    I love you so much, thank you!
    rank-dsgn -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:14PM (#232225)
    (User #16356 Info)
  • Hey' it's my birthday today (21st) and what a way to celebrate. Morrissey's was one of the most refreshing and entertaining performances of the entire show. But what was also so special - and made it a little bit different this time - was the way many of the bands played tribute in interviews to Morrissey during the day, just to say here and there, just what he had meant to them and how much he'd influenced them. Even the Charlatans. I mean, they were cool about it but still it was amazing.

    Pity the C4 coverage was so short, but then it's better than nothing at all.

    With love to you all, and best wishes for 2007...and the next album.

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:23PM (#232228)
  • how can Mozz be one of the main acts playing and channel 4 show 2 songs of his and a two minute interview aired at almost in the morning.

    the amount of crap acts they showed over the weekend that got a good slot and loads of coverage was (girls aloud), 4 songs! and an interview!
    good job they've got good legs........

    damn right im moaning, again..........
    inlovewiththepast -- Monday August 21 2006, @12:38AM (#232241)
    (User #1028 Info)
    truth rest your head there is more than a life at stake here..she may well sell sanctuary but she'll also sell your soul
    • Re:huh? (Score:2, Insightful)

      Fully agree what a total joke but then again C4/E4 are catering for a mindless teeny audience fed on Big Brother and Hollyoaks, they probably wouldn't know who Moz was if he appeared as their myspace friends ;-)
      Mozster -- Monday August 21 2006, @03:29AM (#232255)
      (User #6823 Info)
      Ready with ready wit, still running round................
    • Re:hsin? (Score:2, Interesting)

      But he was head and shoulders cooler than anyone else, breezy but grounded, his own man. Also while In the Future... was fine, watching the performance of How Soon Is Now , the little improvised inflections, the eruption of pathos, the audience response, and the band's brilliantly-executed extras esp. Matt whacking that gong over and over and over again with all his might, I figured that anyone watching would have to rate it as the real thing. Jaw-droppingly awesome.

      It was revealing that of all the artists, Lauren admitted to nerves only about speaking to Morrissey, and her co-presenter commented that more than anyone else, he - Moz - was the one making the big impression, that everyone was talking about during the festival. While a couple of the newer bands weren't very familiar with his music, the artists that mattered e.g. Faithless and Rufus Wainwright rated him as "second to none". The female soloists (can't remember their names, would mix them up like the presenters!) notably singled him out as personally inspiring, including the youthful Billy Allen. Does her sound remind anyone of Kirsty McCall, RIP?

      Anyway maybe Moz is like rich food, too earthy-spicy and sumptious, too bracing to the system for most people to digest more than a little at a time! Maybe the coverage was just enough to tempt new viewers back again, in the future when...
      goinghome -- Monday August 21 2006, @03:34AM (#232256)
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    • Re:huh? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 21 2006, @03:56PM
      • Re:huhh? by inlovewiththepast (Score:1) Tuesday August 22 2006, @12:32AM
  • Was it the first line to "Are You Lonesome Tonight" that Moz sang before Panic??
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @02:37AM (#232251)
  • "are you lonesome tonight"! (just those words)
    pigsty ended with the melody to auld lang syne.
    'first of the gang' now has a trumpet solo!
    Maurice (more later)
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @03:21AM (#232254)
  • The TV coverage showed Mozzer saying goodbye to teh audience just before 'How Soon is Now?'. He said for people to go safely and don't have a car crash - don't kill anyone (or something like that)"....unless it's Condoleezza Rice coming the other way in which case....foot to the the floor."
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @03:44AM (#232258)

  • I’ve always listened to a wide variety of music and have tried to catch some of the Festivals over the summer on the radio or TV in order to broaden my musical experiences.

      A few weeks ago I tried the Cambridge Folk Festival and got a blast of some folkies doing a violin and accordion version of Britney’s Poison. I never thought it possible to murder a deathly song, but I was proved wrong.

              This V festival was hyped as catering to all kinds of tastes, but I hope it was better on the ground than the dross I saw on the box. One band after another showing they don’t know when to end the song and go home. Only Xavier Rudd raised my head from my book. (And Gomez weren’t so bad.)
      It was pleasing to hear many artists express their admiration for Morrissey, though one presenter did try to goad Paul Weller into saying something nasty..
      I agree the coverage of Morrissey was poor. Too little, too late. Loved the comment that went something like ;
    “Drive home carefully, unless you see Condoleeza Rice.. Then put your foot down!”
    How I hope someone has videoed it or perhaps we can hope for an official DVD?

    sinistra 21 -- Monday August 21 2006, @04:04AM (#232264)
    (User #16758 Info)
  • tm
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @04:33AM (#232269)
  • chelmsford (Score:2, Informative)

    got there 5-ish, walked around the site. never been to V before, it seemed a lot more crowded than (for example) Reading. one bottleneck passage between stages contained pissing girls to our right, pissing boys to our left and a gang of skinhead cops in black riot gear reclining against their van. also the whole place is under cctv, quite a feat for an outdoor gig. nice atmosphere...

    thinking we should try to soak up something musical before moz, we gave Weller the benefit of a couple of songs - he blew it as usual, yawn. Faithless then did their flawless stadium house pop show, whole audience went bananas. wonderfully 'wrong' billing - i thought morrissey will bomb after this, especially playing the current set. but huge numbers migrated after Faithless and we casually walked up the to stage, about 8 people from the front. until moz came on there seemed to be about 500 people standing there - it looked like a new band stage at midday.

    nice cover (by ?) of 'everyday is like sunday' on the intro tape had everyone gently singing. moz came on, sang a line of 'are you lonesome tonight', before 'panic' and 'first of the gang' (with a trumpet solo) drew audience from all points. he then charmed the pants off everyone, with no concession to extra hits. it was the most relaxed performance by him that i can remember. it felt like he wasn't out to prove anything, the album's out, the (european) tour's done. it wasn't an 'event' like the Albert Hall/Festival Hall or Reading two years ago. he was just doing what he does for anyone who was looking. he looked very cool and sharp in black with (thank god) no portly sports jacket. band were in white suits - westlife, as the man behind me said.

    basically the same set as per the tour (no roxy cover) but with renewed oomph and drama - the sound had a lot to do with it, clear and gratifyingly loud. Daddy's Voice and Ganglord were tremendous and We'll Let You Know was beautiful, with Moz carrying Gary's double bass across the stage like a coffin - wonderful to hear that sound again. the overall vibe was dark and deep. 'life is a pigsty' had excellent deranged noise at the end, and HSIN (closing the show) was huge with the drummer thundering out the groove on the bass drum at the end. it's a great coup to have thousands of mainstream kids festival singing 'you go home and you cry and want to die' as an anthem (after that line he said 'that's life'). no encore, which seemed quite right to me.

    a few quips:

    he introduced 'in the future' by asking everyone to text a number on the screens to buy downloads - a queezy concession to marketing crap, but he diffused it by saying 'as usual no-one will play it, including Virgin' (festival sponsors) - cue mass booing. then said if people did get the song into the Top 10 ('which is all that matters') 'it will really piss a lot of people off' (cheering). finally: 'no bush no blair no bush no blair no bush no blair, in the future when all's well'.

    he said something like 'at festivals i'm expected to ask you if you are all right. but i believe that people who listen to music are intelligent, so i can't do that. but i hope you are all right'.

    referred twice to 'Ringleader of the Tomatoes/Tormentors'

    and said 'if you're driving please try not to kill anyone but if it's condoleeza rice - foot down'

    introduced band saying 'jesse is lovely but used'

    someone threw him a Lazio scarf. he said ' that near Leeds?'

    overall, good sound bringing out the drama, band opening up a bit. moz relaxed, in great form. still top class.
    methadone -- Monday August 21 2006, @06:02AM (#232287)
    (User #12826 Info)
    • Re:chelmsford by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 21 2006, @07:28AM
      • Re:chelmsford by methadone (Score:1) Monday August 21 2006, @07:54AM
        • Re:chelmsford by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday August 23 2006, @03:18PM
    • Re:chelmsford by drkiko (Score:1) Monday August 21 2006, @02:42PM
  • Moz I went to my grandfather's house
    and he really worried about me.
    So you must help me Moz!
    Of corse I've been waiting for you Morrissey!
    I've been waiting toooooo looooooong! X
    I love you Moz.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @06:36AM (#232293)
    • Re:summer* by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday August 22 2006, @02:22AM
  • They played about 10 songs: 8 well known ones that went down amazingly well with everyone singing along, and two (presumably the best ones) off the new album which sounded great and will probably make me go out and buy the album (ironically by playing very little of the new album, I’m more inclined to go out and buy it).

    Of course, this is exactly what Morrissey should have done but we got the usual fans-only set with a sprinkling of Smiths songs. The crowd went bonkers for the Smiths songs and First of the Gang. Everyone knew all the words. Amazing atmosphere. ‘In the Future’ was also well received. Sounds brilliant live and, after Moz’s Virgin Radio diatribe, he had the crowd on his side. But for most of the other songs, there were bored/bemused looks (I was 10m back). Perhaps about one in five people knew the songs.

    There were large gaps in the field (Faithelss had packed the place out) from about 30m back from the stage although, in fairness, there were people watching from all over. So, overall, a good Morrissey show for us fans. I enjoyed it more than Ally Pally. But huge hassle getting home. Missed last tube and had to night-bus it from Liverpool St to SW19 via Kennington. Bet you really wanted to know that!
    Maurice E

    PS Hearing the Smiths songs live just reminded me why they were so great. They just have such an amazing musical and lyrical richness. Stop Me was fantastic. Morrissey singing about being delayed and waylayed, detained and restrained, shy bald buddhists etc; plus those wonderful guitar lines; and then we get ‘I see the world, it makes me puke’… I know it’s boring to compare solo songs to the Smiths. For what it’s worth I still think Moz can deliver inspired lyrics set to wonderful music but such moments are now just fewer and further between…
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @06:42AM (#232294)
  • I saw the Channel 4 'highlights'. I thought during 'HSIN?' that he said 'Hello Paul' or was it just "Paul!". Also I think he said "Not NOW" in the same way that he did in (was it?) 'Importance' regarding Bowie. I think he also mentioned about people being "very lovely" or "very nice people" during the song.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @06:54AM (#232298)
  • but was I the only one who was irritated by the interiews on channel 4 before the Moz clip? I mean Jade feckin Goody (why is she still on telly?WHY?) clearly knew nothing about him, and Nina Perllot(or whatever the fuck she's called)saying that she loved the SMITHS SONG Everyday Is Like Sunday (clearly she also knows nothing about Morrissey-a mistake like that needs a smack). If I come off weird it's because I've been a fan for years before the Quarry comeback and had to endure "who's Morrissey?" or "the Smiths are shit", which I still do with my peers, but I'm even more frustrated with people coming on t.v who may have heard a song or two and licking up Moz's arse because they think they should.They're not fans, they just read the NME. I'm sorry, it may not make sense but it frustrates me....
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @07:12AM (#232304)
  • last night was one of the worst moz gigs i've seen. not because he was awful, but simply because V is such an awful festival. I don't know what he was doing headlining it, all around me no one seemed to really be in to it, and bar Panic and How Soon Is now, no one was even singing along. The setlist was fine, but same old if you've already seen him on this tour... I think if i'd gone to the festial purely to see him I'd have been mighty hacked off. V is way more mainstream than our moz and I think the fact that the crowd was so thin for his set reflected this. Apparently it was PACKED OUT for razorlight over on the second stage.

    a shame.
    and boz's guitar cut out for life is apigsty :(
    erelongdonedodoesdid -- Monday August 21 2006, @07:15AM (#232306)
    (User #16837 Info)
  • Well, I am sad to see so few posters actually attended... It's a great shame, as it was one of the best Moz gigs ever... Also, sad to hear that it was so poorly covered!!! Slapped hands at Channel 4 methinks...

    That said, I was on the front row (near Julia, and I have to say why is it that he always spends more time at the opposite side of the stage to where she is standing, if he holds her in such high esteme?) and I got there by simply sitting through 30 mins of what would be my hell - Faithless none stop!... The crowd were all going mental for them all around me, totally joyous, as I stood in my machine washable tux with my tent head hairdo gazing in awe at their sheer happiness and wondering when that might end and mine could start! Perhaps my head isn't wired up in the same way? Perhaps that's for the best...

    Well, I got to the front and awaited... The atmosphere up there was intense, and when the fella walked onto the stage I looked behind me and it looked packed! I nearly choked when he did 'stop me' and it was spot on (as were all The Smiths tunes, 4 in all) I nearly choked even more when he stripped off in front of me and threw his blue Gucci shirt (complete with horn buttons - naughty naughty!) out and me and three others caught it! It really was too much for the 32 year old woman who has idolised this man since pre teen years... I can tell you now that the shirt was doused in sent - as Brett Anderson once said of seeing Bowie in a hotel lobby, the man smells expensive! As one of the others was actually my husband, I now have half of a Moz owned Gucci shirt... I know you will think me greedy for taking half, but you know what? I don't care... Main reason being I was the only Northerner amongst the four (my own husband is from South London) and so I thought I simply deserved it! As I walked back to my tent afterwards, I was crying and repeatedly saying 'You know what? I've got half of Moz's shirt' to myself... Sadly, possibly one of the best things that has ever happened to me (so you see, I don't get alot of excitement in my little life!)... I asked my husband if he had ever thought 11 years ago when he first met me (a previous hater of all things Northern) if he would ever be on the ground at the front of a Morrissey concert, wrestling for a manc's sweaty shirt? Of course not, but he was and he loved every moment of it!!!

    Should also note that Paul Weller's dire set has finally tipped my Jam loving spouse over the edge... He nolonger reveres Weller above all others, now it's Morrissey and I personally think that must mean that he is coming on as a person!

    If anyone thought that the set was poor (heavy on the Ringleader, but four Smiths tracks is great by anyones book, surely?) then they just weren't listening!!! He was well chatty too, not all weird and 'twitchy' I have been told he was at Staffordshire the previous day, threw 3 shirts out and seemed totally relaxed and what not... The band (of which I am not always a fan) played well, in fact probably the best I have seen this tour... He chatted a bit about being a shop steward from Kelloggs (near his old house in Stretford)when he basically told us that our opinion didn't count with the radio and that his stuff has never and will never be played commercially (still unsure why he wants it to be??? Answers on a postcard...)and that we should buy it, even if it's just a phone download, and the number for that was on his arse (on the large screens at the side) as he wants to get in the Top Ten on sunday... Predictably, as soon as I was out the campsite this morning, I was in HMV... Bought three, seeing as I saw that as a fair exchange for half a Gucci shirt loaded with 'Incense'! Ha! Sunday Mass has never been so exciting! - Oh and that's another bit I could tell you about, as he 'absolved' us during You Have Killed Me... 47 and unmarried, perhaps the priesthood is calling afterall? Hope he doesn't listen, although rest assured I shall treat that scented cloth like the relic it is and should be!

    Oh - I am not a anon really, It's Elsie... Some reason I cannot log in properly with new PC???
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @08:03AM (#232312)
  • was very good, he was on top form, there weve more than a few people who sang along to everything, lots of emotion, and lots of mancs and liverpudlians, who of course are morrissey 'home' crowds.
    As for yesterday, i wouldnt know, as c4 and more intrested in keeping jimmy carr in empolyment, or other unamusing bores.

    sadly, up untill 1.10am watchin it, yawh.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @08:24AM (#232314)
    • Re:saturday by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 21 2006, @08:45AM
      • Re:saturday by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 22 2006, @07:19AM
  • Moz waved yesterday my Lazio's scarfes during "Irish blood..". Does anyone got any photos? No, i wasn't Leeds, but LAZIO!!!!!
    drkiko -- Monday August 21 2006, @02:39PM (#232364)
    (User #17251 Info)
  • Headliner at V not given time and spotlight. Morrissey was set up for V Festival.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @04:04PM (#232378)
  • Can somebody list the songs that were played at chelmsford on sunday night, many thanks in advance
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @12:38AM (#232411)
  • I'm sure I heard this at the end of The first of the gang
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @01:43AM (#232418)
  • Basically says it was an excellent performance but all the wrong songs were chosen.
    I've submitted it as a news item so will hopefully appear soon...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @06:35AM (#232440)
  • Well my legs are still sore-I got lost after da Mozzer set-Which was okay-had to walk all da way back to da station-as I could not find da fecking courtesy buses-I guess a belly full of beers and da kebab I managed to get all over myself did not help-oh and I nearly got mowed down by da stampede away from da main stage after faithless had finished their set-anyway my m8 says razorlight packed them out but da sound on the other stage waz brutal-so duly walked up to da front of da main stage and joyfully sang along with mozzer-very slick show-shame he has to remain stuck in da same set list-let's hope next time he does a best of-like my greatest hits-now dat would be heaven-laters-paddy
    tallpaddy -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @04:22PM (#232550)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • ..Having seen Moz many times, even when in the days when he refused to do Smiths songs, why does he not do a greatest hits set for the festivals.

    Its a great opportunity to reach out to passive fans or people who know he is a quality performer/writer but havent yet tapped into the talents of the man. He should capitalise on the fact that at last he's offered gigs like V to headline

    Apart from the usual Smiths tracks dispersed through the set, sure, he would want to do up to date stuff, i.e UHKM, ITFWAW etc, but even I wasnt that keen with a load of tracks/b sides from his latest (could do better)album....No Suedehead/Everyday in the set at least? - criminal

    Choose from..
    Last of the famous
    Sing your life
    Our Frank
    Now my heart
    The more you ignore
    Certain People
    We hate it when
    (etc etc etc)

    If he had got rid of all the average recent ones and popped in a few of these, I for one would have gone home from a moz gig tingling again
    (ho hum)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @05:15AM (#232609)
  • "Obviously!"

    Nice touch there, fella!

    Thought I'd add that little snippet for any yanks out there still confused about the fact that he keeps saying he's not gay!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @05:25AM (#232612)
  • why not play these?

    You Have Killed Me
    First of the Gang to Die
    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Life Is a Pigsty
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    The Operation
    Mute Witness
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    What Difference Does It Make?
    Irish Blood, English Heart .........................
    The Queen Is Dead
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @05:49AM (#232617)
  • Looked through and noticed that noone has mentioned what he chatted about! One thing I recall was that he stopped half way through and said that about this time most singers ask their crowd if they are ok - said that he wouldn't be asking as he was from Manchester and men from Manchester don't do things like that - but that it didn't mean that he didn't care... Aw, Bless!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 29 2006, @09:01AM (#233567)

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