posted by davidt on Friday December 08 2006, @04:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / William, It Was Really Nothing / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

setlist provided by Hairdresser on Fire
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  • just hope everyone who went had an awesome time, was wondering if he did any new songs, and what was the pic on the backdrop?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 08 2006, @04:03PM (#242386)
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  • Set-List (Score:2, Insightful)

    Wow, long set tonight, longest Moz set I've ever seen, two song encore. Songs similar to previous nights...

    First of the gang to die
    The youngest was the most loved
    You have killed me
    I'll never be anybody's hero now
    William, it was really nothing
    Irish blood, English heart
    I will see you in far off places
    Girlfriend in a coma
    Everyday is like Sunday
    In the future when all's well
    I've changed my plea to guilty
    Let me kiss you
    The National Front Disco
    Dear God, please help me
    How soon is now?
    I just want to see the boy happy
    Life is a pigsty
    Please, please, please let me get what I want
    Don't make fun of daddy's voice

    Lots of talking, Ganglord dedicated to Jean Paul de Menizes, Madonna was berated for her new chinchilla fur coat.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Friday December 08 2006, @04:31PM (#242389)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
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      • Re:Set-List (Score:2, Insightful)

        Yes, apologies for that. Getting home late having been stood up for five hours, not quite awake.

        I think the dedication revolved around the role of the police in his shooting, targeting him partly because of his skin colour rather than anything he had actaully done - a theme in Ganglord.
        Hairdresser on Fire -- Saturday December 09 2006, @07:37AM (#242491)
        (User #1016 Info)
        "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
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  • Superb Show (Score:2, Informative)

    Just back. What a great show. Morrissey in tip-top form, making many comments, including reference to Madonna's fur coat. Jamie Oliver also got a pasting. And there was a nice touch when he dedicated Ganglord to Jean Charles DeMenezes.

    Set list similar to previous. Dear God was the highlight; Morrissey almost in tears throughout.

    Was there with my wife and two children, aged 10 & 11, and they loved it.

    Arena not completely full but still a fair crowd, about 85% full.

    Can't wait for Manchester.

    Long live the King.
    Desert Pilot -- Friday December 08 2006, @04:53PM (#242393)
    (User #17005 Info)
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    • Re:Superb Show (Score:3, Insightful)

      indeed. massive show, i've seen 4 this year and i haven't felt so abandoned and overwhelmed.

      marvellous intro production: films of european tv pop singers, NY Dolls, vintage david johansen babbling, then insane piano music (?) with creepy searchlights.

      sound was great, moz in great form (and excellent voice) but what really came over was him and the band sounding strong and unified. lovely to hear 'william' but the newer stuff in the set has bedded in so well that that and 'girlfriend in a coma' are really just a nice respite from a really powerful set of recent songs. the band is getting better not worse and sounds really commanding, especially on 'ganglord', 'i will see you...' and 'life is a pigsty' . also this band owns 'how soon is now' live in a way that the smiths didn't.

      they're no longer reliant on the moz charisma and banter to carry the show. indeed he had to stop a very eager 'matthew' from starting songs while he was still talking. it was more about the music than the comments, though he did say ' there are 3 things wrong with britain: jamie oliver, jamie oliver and jamie oliver' and berated madonna for her chinchilla coat for which 6 (or 60?) animals had died.

      he also addressed Julia to the effect that some people liked her and some hated her, but she'd always have him, and was trapped...

      great substantial set, so satisfying that 'let me kiss you' let in some welcome light californian sunshine when in the past it's just weighed down already leaden sets.

      the encore was 'please please please let me have who i want' (sic) which had everyone around me hugging. a poignant moment beautifully undermined by the brutality of 'daddy's voice'.

      genius, unbeatable, whoever's next you're in for a treat!
      methadone -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:43PM (#242406)
      (User #12826 Info)
      • Re: poignancy by goinghome (Score:1) Friday December 08 2006, @06:45PM
        • To have and have not (Score:2, Informative)

          He's changing the lyrics slightly in the live versions.
          He sings "So for once in my life//Let me HAVE WHO I WANT"(and points to the audience).

          He also sings the section from "Haven't had a dream..." up to the last line, pad the song out a little.

          But let's face it, he could sing this for an hour and we'd never get sick of it.
          Requiescant Inpacce -- Sunday December 10 2006, @06:35AM (#242646)
          (User #10687 Info)
          "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
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  • Shirt (Score:0, Redundant)

    What colour shirt was he wearing?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:06PM (#242396)
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  • He introduced himself as Russell Brand, which was funny.

    Great set list

    Please Please was fantastic, can;t imagine that it was this powerful when the Smiths played it.

    Anonymous -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:34PM (#242402)
  • Tonight was a great gig. Twas far better than Earls court - much rockier set than summer tour, with a more relaxed Moz. A great night.

    William and Please Please were glorious.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:36PM (#242403)
  • Wonderful, wonderful night.

    There is onlt 3 things wrong with modern england....

    1, Jamie Oliver
    2, Jamie Oliver
    3, Jamie Oliver
    jonnya -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:36PM (#242404)
    (User #15032 Info)
  • trapped (Score:3, Informative)

    Great show tonight, and a good mixture of songs old and new. I was especially pleased to hear” I’ve changed my plea”, a favourite.
    Set list is above,( I have too short an attention span to have remembered to write it down.)


    Fatwas for Madonna and Jamie Oliver
    there's three things wrong with modern Britain
    one- Jamie Oliver,
    two- Jamie Oliver
    three- Jamie (noise) Oliver

    Julia – you have your friends, and your enemies, and you will always have me!
    So you are trapped.

    A plug for the new single- look there’s me on the front, and the back, and the front, and,,,,,,etc…..

    Introductions for all the band

    Where I was sat the sound wasn’t great. I looked down into the pit and thought “that’s where I should be” squashed, trampled and sweaty, on tips of my toes trying to see.
    Instead I was trapped among the prematurely retired. The man next to me was on his feet and, irresistibly, within a few songs so was I. But the tap on my shoulder soon came “sit down, we can’t see”. Dancing in the aisles was also frowned upon.
    Yes, some people do enjoy themselves by sitting down and occasionally twitching their toes…not everyone expresses their pleasure by jumping up and down screaming “yeeeeeessss!” * sigh *

    So with my ears still ringing from tonight I’m already thinking
    “Next time…..”
    I hope it’s not too far off..

    sinistra 21 -- Friday December 08 2006, @05:39PM (#242405)
    (User #16758 Info)
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  • Wemberlee...... (Score:3, Informative)

    Most of tonight has already been faithfully reported. However as someone who witnessed his first Moz gig back in 1995 (was it that long ago?!) I thought I might add my 2 pennance.

    - The new Wembley Stadium looks superb. Looking forward to seeing a few games there over the next few years.
    - Not sure if the arena was sold out. There were a few empty seats at the back and standing was a but spacious as well. No that I'm complaining as I could supp and admire the moz at the same time!
    - Back drop was good and moz pointing at it during you have killed me
    - New songs seemed to kill the momentum of the classics, though not to the extent of the shows in May
    - Think Girlfried in a coma was Moz and Johnny's attempt at a girl group hit, ie the "bye bye, baby, bye bye" line at the end
    - Getting a beer whilst The NF disco was being played. One song I wanted to hear properly.
    - In the future when all's well. Sounded like "In the future when Dioff's well". What's the conection with the spitting Bolton player? Strange.
    - Thinking that the Smiths "classics" played tonight was a bit sad. 10 years ago I would have been going mad at such treats but nowadays I would have preferred a bit of Vauxhall etc etc. Moz, follow Weller's example and concentrate on the solo years!
    - A proper decent length set for once! And daddy's voice! Fantastic. I'm not moaning. Cheers Moz. Where do you go now though? And introducing yourself as Russell Brand was genius!Was that your idea or your assistants? Only joking....
    Stinky -- Friday December 08 2006, @06:05PM (#242413)
    (User #11747 Info)
  • I've just got back from the concert - it was great. I chose to be seated on this occasion and what you gain in civility you lose a bit with the atmosphere. The section of the audience who stood on the floor would have experienced the concert at a much higher level of participation. And it really did look electric down there.

    He was on top form and in very good both vocally and physically - and seems to have shed quite a number of pounds since '02.

    Outside, on the way in, I noticed a woman who I presumed to be Julia Riley - reddish shoulder length hair and spectacles. I have never seen a picture of her but I presumed it was her. I know this sounds very cheesy - but I almost considered asking her for her autograph! And this from someone who wouldn't dream of asking Mozzy to sign a t-shirt or cd or whatever.

    Morrissey, as is now customary, referred to her has having "...friends on one side and enemies on the other! And that's the way it is."

    I find it fascinating that he namechecks her at every concert - she must mean a lot to him. The woman he addressed did not seem to be the woman I saw at the head of the queue - she seemed to be dead centre of the stage and the woman he addressed was stage right from my sight line.

    Anyway, thoughts of Julia came to mind as I came home. What a fascinating if somewhat predictable life she has lived. I really have to psyche myself to go concerts - rarely go but saw Moz on the 2002 tour. Does she ever get concert fatigue?

    Julia, from what I've read previously on here, is the first person at the door (she must arrive a 12 noon each time) stands there for hours on end, the doors open she rushes to the front of stage keeps her place for another three to four hours before Moz comes on and performs for nearly two hours. And has done this consistantly for every concert at every venue at every city for god knows how many years. Where does she get the stamina from?

    Julia deserves admiration. If she attracts enemies it must be because of envy. She doesn't seem to have to work so she can spend most of her time seeing Moz perform at all his concerts.

    To me seeing Morrissey is an event - the date, the time, the place are all treasured details in my mind. For Julia, seeing Morrissey perform is practically like the usherette's noon to midnight shift at the local mulitplex cinema, but without the labour.

    It's duty with joy but without the pay cheque.

    '' reveals nothing about her. If you have any experience or knowledge of her (preferably in the best possible light of course - no bitching please - I just want to know what makes her tick)I'd be pleased to hear what you have to say.

    I'm sure if she wrote a book it would make very interesting reading. Does she take notes or do all the concerts just simply mash into one long single haze of memory?

    Morrissey has tremendous stamina, and Julia physically can equal him for the amount of standing she chooses to do.

    I think she should be canonized for such unerring devotion.

    St. Julia - the patron saint of highly devoted fans.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 08 2006, @06:17PM (#242415)
  • Excellent show, his best since that amazing show in Brixton 2002.
    For me the highlight was "Disappointed", i still cannot believe that it's been 15.5 years since i saw him for the first time in the same venue doing that song, gee how time flies :-(
    The Quarry after show party was nice as well (I wore that vintage Moz union jack shirt), shame that sound was shite...
    Anyway here is one video i took:
    More will follow tomorrow.

    Feel free to visit my website:


    KarelMoz -- Friday December 08 2006, @09:04PM (#242431)
    (User #11748 Info)
  • There was a comment on the poetry of Robert Frost that I missed,

    and thanks from Morrissey to all those present "in earnest"
    since "I have recently realised the importance of being Earnest".

    I too was surprised to see people wandering off to buy drinks, my attention was focused as intently as possible on the music throughout.

    Goinghome, were you there, if I'd known I'd have said hello!

    sinistra 21 -- Friday December 08 2006, @11:42PM (#242435)
    (User #16758 Info)
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        • Re:and also... by goinghome (Score:1) Saturday December 09 2006, @04:11PM
  • If the set-list printed above is correct, Moz has actually taken aboard some of the criticism levelled at him this year. 23 songs, 90 minutes. That's a heck of a lot more than we got in April. Good on you, Mozzer!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @02:54AM (#242442)
  • great gig! superb setlist and very chatty..
    met 18 yr old chap from oxford who surprised of his knowledge on moz...
    also there was this short arse girl up the front
    who didn't like to be bumped, if you are reading this next time go to the balcony!
    bigdeal111111 -- Saturday December 09 2006, @03:09AM (#242444)
    (User #17130 Info)
  • Superb evening (Score:2, Interesting)

    I had the most wonderful evening! I took my 10 year old daughter to our 3rd gig this year. London Palladium was fantastic, but this was something totally different. The Arena was lit up beautifully, and the water fountain outside was spectacular, my daughter had a lot of fun dancing on the buttons changing the colour and rythm of the water whilst I drank my (small) bottle of wine that I was going to smuggle in until I noticed a bag check at the enterance.
    The Arena wasn't completely full which upset me a bit. Tried to watch Kristeen Young (managed the first 2 songs) then left to have a beer. I find it very hard to understand what Morrissey sees in her. Met a very nice man (Chris) outside by the beer kiosk with his 9 year old son (Jack) that had travelled from Manchester that morning. Lovely to find somebody to talk to and have a beer with whilst waiting for Morrissey to come on stage.
    Morrissey was on top form tonight. The band were just fantastic, they seem to get better and better each time I see them. The lighting was beautiful, purple, green and orange.
    There was a red balloon drop in between "How soon is now" and "See the boy happy" which was a nice touch. I looked down at the crown below in the Mozz pit and wished I was there, as they seemed to be having a great time, but I couldn't because I had my daughter with me. As soon as he came on stage we both jumped out of our seats to sing "Panic", but sat back down again when we realised thay nobody else had done the same. (The girl sitting next to me didn't move a muscle or sing one word all night) I wonder why they bother coming.
    "Let me kiss you" was one of my favourites, but then again, he really didn't disapoint me in anythng he did. Vocally, he was on top form. Plugged his new CD in a very humorous way. Slatted Jamie Oliver and Madonna (He said that he thought she was an intelligent person, but now I know different) . Had a lovely thing to say to Julia about being loved and hated but she will always have him (I was so jealous!!). I was on cloud nine as I left the Arena but soon fell off after taking upto 2 hours to get home on the tube.
    Such a fantastic night had by both my daughter and me. The man is in peak condition and I look forward to the next gig.
    dbowie -- Saturday December 09 2006, @03:32AM (#242445)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • The clips shown before he came on were amazing - especially the one of James Dean doing a wardrobe test for East of Eden. The bizarre just comes as standard at Morrissey shows. It was an excellent show and was just what I needed after a bad day. I will listen to Tormentors again now with renewed interest (although he didn't sing the 2 songs I really don't like). Pigsty went down a storm and the lighting effects were stunning.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @03:40AM (#242446)
  • A comment on the difficulties of getting acostomed to bifocal contact lenses..
    "don't look down...but of course..."

    An obstacle-strewn path I fear I may soon be forced to follow.

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @03:49AM (#242447)
  • Trapped in the Seats (Score:2, Interesting)

    We thought the sound was great in the seats (block N7)and Morrissey was fantastic. Quite a few people dancing in front of us including the actress 'Jane Horrocks' - (no sign of David Walliams though who we spotted at the Palladium gig) - they were asked to sit down intermittently by security but were soon up again. 'How soon is now' - definitely a highlight and also 'Life is a Pigsty'. Top Form Old Chap !!
    Mimsel -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:19AM (#242453)
    (User #17877 Info)
  • does anyone know if cameras have been allowed at any of his gigs? i got mine confiscated at grimsby so didnt take one to nottingham last tuesday, but saw people taking pics??
    im going to manchester on the 23rd and wondered whether to risk taking it or not??
    jinny <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:29AM (#242457)
    (User #15873 Info)
  • if you havent already done so, then vote for mozza, greatest living icon, theres a link on the main page of this site.
    lets have bill oddie eat his nasty comments about morrissey!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:36AM (#242458)
  • ok..was just wondering if anybody took note of waht the video screens were showing.i seem to remember brigitte bardot,a 70s eurovision clip(obviously a moz fave),rambling david johanssen and who was that twisting?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:49AM (#242459)
  • What was the opening line he said as he began the show? Some kind of rhyme that ended in Wembley.
    Whalley Range -- Saturday December 09 2006, @05:00AM (#242463)
    (User #16734 Info)
    • Re:Opening line by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 09 2006, @05:13AM
      • Re:Opening line by Whalley Range (Score:1) Saturday December 09 2006, @05:36AM
  • What was the Quarry aftershop party like? Many people there?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @05:13AM (#242468)
  • What a horrible venue. The foyer is basically a long clinically cold soulless corridor selling bland beer and dead animals in baps. As for the concert, Moz's voice sounded near perfect and the ban were great - was it being filmed for a DVD release? As always though, have my doubts about the setlist. First half, wonderful choice of songs, crowd going wild, atmosphere reaching a crescendo of excitment; second half, too may slow songs, atmosphere deflating rapidly, people looking at their watches and wondering, have I left the iron on? Highlight: has to be National Front Disco. Very surprised though that alot of the crowd either didn't recognise it or, more probably, were too embarrassed in these politically correct times to be seen to be singing along. Moz, my one request before you retire: please, please, please sing What Difference Does it Make live.
    15minuteswithyou -- Saturday December 09 2006, @05:14AM (#242469)
    (User #15615 Info)
  • if anyone knows please educate me. i've always loved morrissey's intro tapes, from romeo+juliet to betjeman and the fantastic church bells at the albert hall. his current production is really deranged and evil, dim searchlights stalking the crowd (very suitable since the beautiful wembley arena has a what can only be described as a concentration camp-style control tower attached).

    plus this mad piano - gorezki or ligeti or something??
    methadone -- Saturday December 09 2006, @05:26AM (#242471)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • Anyone know what that piano intro music is?
    Whalley Range -- Saturday December 09 2006, @05:42AM (#242478)
    (User #16734 Info)
    • Re:Piano Intro by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @11:42AM
  • Can someone tell me has he ever performed this song live before?

    The reason I ask, is that on my way back from Wembley the intro to the above song was the songtrack to my journey home even though he obviously didn't perform it.

    I was listening to 'Malajusted' yesterday so that explains that, but I'm certain 'Satan..,' would be great a song performed live.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @06:17AM (#242483)
  • Although I enjoyed the show last night, I don't think Morrissey was in top form. He moves around the stage and poses decidedly less than he used to and his passion has simply diminished. The increased chattiness creates less mystery and I actually felt last night (near the front of the floor) like I was watching Morrissey lead a Morrissey sing-along. At some points I could not even hear him singing and at times he let the audience finish lines for him. It is great to be with a crowd having so much fun but the butterflies I used to feel when watching him even as recently as 2004 were not there last night.

    In addition, although the band sounded excellent, I thought the tempo on the Smiths songs and earlier solo work was far too slow. Girlfriend in a Coma was especially painful.

    All that said, it was still a good show and I always welcome the opportunity to see him. Maybe age takes the butterflies away altogether. We'll see how GMEX goes.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @08:20AM (#242496)
  • The setlist has improved-still too dominated by the TORMENTORS too much for my liking-glad to hear Everyday is like Sunday and NF disco-glad to see the ticket touts took a pasting-hence the empty seats-it seems the Ebay speculators also took a bit of a bashing too-Thats where I got my tickets on the cheap-2 Standing Tix at half price...can't be bad. I've seen Morrissey 4 times this year and wish soo much he'd use more of his early Solo Work-I remenber going to his early Solo gigs and the energy and the songs were much better-but most of all was the Atmosphere which seems for me to missing on this Tour-as for now it's all soo comfortably numb-When I hear in these postings that "I went to the gig with my 7 year old son and he luved it" -I start to think the End is near for Mozzer-all we need now is bean bags and armchairs-as he says himself in the future when all is well-we can look forward to a long long sleep.........
    tallpaddy -- Saturday December 09 2006, @08:49AM (#242498)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • Does anyone know what the music was that was played before Moz came on? The first song sounded a little psychedelic, almost Lou Reed like towards the end. Also the last song, which I thought might be a recent James Maker song? I know one was Jobraith.
    Also there was a cool image on the drum, of a man and woman on a motor bike. Where is this from anyone? These little things are quite important.
    This concert was ace. I was just taken away in a wave of emotion. Somehow I ended up two rows from the front, amongst the devoted. I remember being right at the back in 1991 for the 'Kill Uncle' tour, so it was lovely being at the front for this. Every song was special. My friend was really crying when 'Please, Please, Please...' was being performed. I stood there with my hands to my face. It was too wondrous. We needed this, as the first night at The Palladium was weird. People were a bit dead, and we felt really down about this. That night I came wearing my vintage 1960's mohair suit, with my friend looking like a funky Margaret Rutherford. We really thought people might get into the spirit of it, but people came in things that they'd wear doing the garden, and looked at us like we were freaks.
    But this put it all right. People really showed their devotion. Plus Kristeen Young was brilliant. I know some people have been unkind, but I the music is strange and beautiful.
    This is the first comment I've put on, so no horridness please...
    some people can be very nasty on here, and should be ashamed.
    Major Reefer -- Saturday December 09 2006, @10:00AM (#242503)
    (User #17879 Info)
  • Does anyone have any footage of the opening videos and music?..
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @12:15PM (#242528)
  • Oh yes, you lucky things. Sounds like you all had a great night. Thanks for the news and here's hoping that 2007 will .......

    bring more torment.


    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @01:31PM (#242561)
  • spotted with 5 or so 'friends' near the south entrance looking a bit sheepish. bit odd really
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @01:40PM (#242566)
  • It was a good show...but not a great one.

    However, this wasn't down to Morrissey. The performance and set were great...

    It's down to the change in the audience over the last five years. London Morrissey gigs have always been rough, but in the past they were rough because people wanted to get near to Morrissey, to get to the stage or to get a piece of the shirt. But now they are just rough for rough's thanks to the person standing Boz-side of the stage near the first exit who felt the need to throw their beer in the direction of me and my wife. Lucky for you that it was dark and no-one pointed you out when I turned around, otherwise you'd be wearing your bollocks for ear-muffs.

    Oh, and to the drunken lady in denims who insisted on telling everyone that she'd seen Kristeen Young as support before and she's shit, Morrissey gets on stage at 9.00ish, why not get yourself some more bartime instead?

    I won't mention the number of people who turned up to see Morrissey via their mobile phones...

    I used to think that boorish fashion slavish chavs were in the minority at Morrissey shows, but now I'm not so sure.

    Sorrow of Stamford Bridge
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @02:47PM (#242584)
  • I hadn't originally planned to go to this concert, having already booked for Manchester on the 23rd, and also having seen him twice earlier in the year, but I decided that it would be stupid of me not to go really when I adore his music so much. Besides, I felt it was fated as I wasn't wearing any leather, had my Exit T Shirt on (where I saw him first), and hadn't eaten any meat that day, which was clearly a subconcious homage to him and indicating that I was meant to be there. Spotted a ticket for £25 on ebay, and arranged to meet the guy, Leo, who was selling it, leaving work early (I was too excited to focus anyway) and spending the journey listening to Bona Drag, ROTT and Viva Hate (extended version) on my Ipod. Sadly, the people commuters around me also had to listen as I kept breaking into song, such was the joy in my heart!

    Arrived early and was standing outside, infront on the fountain. I was really happy and danced away (you might have seen me perhaps?) and had a cheeky Smirnoff Ice while I waited (cheers to the lads with the bottle opener). While I was waiting, a lovely woman approached me and gave me a ticket for free as she had a spare - if you read this, thank you so much! I waited for Leo anyway and told him I'd been given a ticket, but gave him £10 anyway for his trouble. He seemed alright with that.

    Got inside and had a look at the merchandise and bought myself one of the snazzy light blue skinny fit T shirts, with the crest logo on. Obviously my next move was to go straight into the toilets so I could put it on.

    Went for a beer and while being served the man next to me was called "Maam" by the girl serving - at least that's what I heard, so I said to him, "I think she just called you Maam, either that or she said 'Man'!" The other girl serving seemed to think it was funny and we made deep and meaningful eye contact, which made an already good evening better (you can't beat a little bit of eye flirtation with a stranger)!

    Went in to see Kristeen Young's set, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I did actually like the single, "London Cry". She reminded me very much of Kate Bush, which is probably why I liked her, but I don't understand why she seems to think wearing beer can plastic hoops on her arms is good - they just look stupid! Other than that, I wish people wouldn't be so nasty to the support act. Ok, we'ree not going to like anyone as much as we like Morrissey, but if he started earlier, he'd finish earlier - it's not like he'd do a three hour gig is it? So please can we play nicely and not harrass the support!

    Enjoyed the video clips played while we waited for Morrissey - I must confess to being rather partial to Europop myself so it was quite a treat. That's real pop music and we don't have anyone in this country making stuff like that... probably because it's a bit cheesy, but we all need cheese in our lives! Except Vegans of course.

    When the curtain dropped I felt such a rush of happiness and anticipation. And when he walked on the crowd around me surged forwards to get that tiny bit closer! I was to the right hand side of the stage, as you look at it, about two people from the barrier and it gave me a wonderful view as he seemed to spend quite a bit of time coming to our side. This also allowed me to get a few decent pics on my phone (one came out so well, I've used it for my desktop background).

    The set list was really good, I really enjoyed the old songs, but felt the newer stuff was sounding better than ever. Highlights for me were "Everyday is Like Sunday", "Life is a Pigsty", "The National Front Disco" and... oh, just about all of it really!

    Moz seemed to be in a really playful mood, introducing the band and then himself as Russell Brand, and sliping in his alternative lyrics to keep us on our toes ("Diana Dors you'll never be"). He seemed very relaxed, pleased to see us all and genuinely happy.

    It was a really well performed show and I don't mind him talking more than he used to, at least he has something i
    Kitty3780 -- Saturday December 09 2006, @03:30PM (#242592)
    (User #17786 Info |!/Kitty3780)
    "There is something I wanted to tell you..."
  • Mikey Farrell's blog (Score:2, Informative)

    There are some more lovely comments and photos up on Mikey Farrell's blogsite - - including this dated 6th December:

    "In the UK
    Back in the United Kingdom and we've spent so much time here in recent years that I feel comfortable. London is a second home and certain neighborhoods hold favorite restaurants, shops, and friends to recognize.

    Our first few shows have been stellar. Now we've been playing together for almost a year and the songs flow with ease and familiarity. I'm excited to play at Wembley, a venue I have heard so much about over the years. And new songs keep finding their way into the set list...stay tuned."
    goinghome -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:18PM (#242598)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • First one is a particular favourite and a great memory from the night, but I especially love the group one 0021.jpg 0024.jpg
    Titchy -- Saturday December 09 2006, @04:35PM (#242601)
    (User #12366 Info)
  • Truth is she used to cut in line. She has cut in front of me personally many times. She did it very sneaky each time, waiting until just a few minutes before people were going to be allowed inside. I never spoke up, I should have. I knew her as the "Cutter" before I knew her as Julia

    I have also firsthand seen that she is now allowed early inside of venues. She isn't foolish for that, you would be a fool not to take that privledge.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @06:07PM (#242611)
    • Queuing by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @04:35AM
      • Re:Queuing by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @05:38AM
  • Amongst all you die hards last night was a 40 year old bloke who remembers when he was 18 his mate handing him a single and saying in hushed tones "listen to this" and being blown away.Last night was my first time seeing Morrissey live. It was a christmas present from my best friend. I'm lucky to have such friends!! Great gig despite the absence of "There is A Light" and "To Me You Are...". Cheers Moz. Cheers Troll!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @06:19PM (#242612)
  • Be happy!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 09 2006, @06:37PM (#242614)
  • Did anyone notice that the picture of the boy and girl on the moped at the front of the drum kit had been doctored? Unless I'm going completely mental I'm sure there were graffitied think bubbles coming out of both of their heads with "Morrissey" written in each. I like to think that the girl is contemplating Moz's iconic status as the greatest British singer and songwriter of all time - and the boy is wishing his girlfriend had slightly more of a quiff, beefier shoulders and a manc accent...
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 10 2006, @04:22AM (#242634)
  • It was the first time (and not the last one) i saw Morrissey in concert. It was an excellent show. I wish I had booked and standing ticket because I was sitting and i couldn´t dance so that not to disturb the people behind me.
    I cried sometimes because of Morrissey´s voice.

    I think i could see the woman of my life on the floor before the gig began ( i still don´t go out with her).

    Be strong in the future. It´s a pleasure to be a fan of you.

    yulen10 -- Sunday December 10 2006, @05:05AM (#242637)
    (User #17881 Info)
  • Did anyone travel from Cornwall to Wembley, i would like to know if anyone else was trundling A303 wise on Friday!
    MrsSmith -- Sunday December 10 2006, @09:03AM (#242657)
    (User #17800 Info)
  • I went to the gig with my girlfriend and lurked at the back, which gave us plenty of room to dance in a stupid fashion and drink extremely stupid amounts of overpriced beer. Maximum respect to the wildly dancing girl in the Lily Allen dress who kept it up throughout. We were particularly pleased to see three hardcore regulars from the (awesome) Morrissey/Smiths night at the Star and Garter in Manchester - Paul, Jimmy (I think..)and Liam. If you're reading, my Mrs was the girl with the London accent and spiky hair who said hello before Kristeen Young's set, and we're the lunatics from London who turn up to the Star and Garter every couple of months. See you in the New Year!
    Lipski's Ghost -- Sunday December 10 2006, @09:34AM (#242659)
    (User #15812 Info)
  • There seem to be quite a few topics doing the rounds on here on a fairly regular basis and a healthly mixture of affirmation and disagreement. At least we can all agree on one thing, it is the records, the gigs and the sheer devotion to Morrissey which keeps us all coming back. Anyone should be allowed to express an opinion on here, both old timers like me and the new breed of young fans who have recently been turning at shows to name-check the LEGEND! Here's my thoughts on the tour so far. Feel free to disagree punters!!

    1. The venues are causing much disagreement. I was lucky enough to catch 7 shows on the Spring leg of the UK tour and on the whole, they were all spontaneous, joyous occasions. I paid well over the odds to get into all the Manchester and Salford shows. I travelled up to Whitehaven and despaired standing outside the Civic without a ticket until some local with a spare decided to offload. Liverpool was by far the highlight for us making it right to the front and shaking Morrissey's hand as he came on stage. I paid a small fortune to be that close to the front but that's my choice and I'm not complaining. The touts were quids in at the City Hall type venues but have been badly stung at the Arenas on this Winter leg of the tour. I'm sure many of us prefer the smaller, intimate venues but many people will miss out or end up massively out of pocket. The Arenas mean that everyone gets in but they are invariably lifeless and soulless venues where only those on the first few rows actually feel like they're at a Morrissey concert. I thought Morrissey was exceptional at Glasgow SECC last week but the crowd was dull. Two nights at Barrowlands would have sufficed nicely.

    2. You just cannot complain about the setlist. Over the last few tours Moz has really shaken things around. Set lists only get a bit boring when you go to every night of the tour. Ahem, which brings me on to ...

    3. Miss Riley. Why all the animosity towards her? I'm really glad someone posted a postive thread about Julia. She's done no harm to anyone. I met her quite a lot earlier in the year and she's pleasant enough. I can really only see people getting annoyed at seated gigs where Julia will basically come and stand right at the front in front of someone who's paid premium prices for front row. She's harmless. Bizarrely I was introduced to her and she said she already knew me. If I had the chance I'd follow Morrissey more but not to those extremes. It's the extremes that make people uncomfortable.

    4. All the people moaning about getting crushed/thrown around at the gigs or wanting to dance and everyone around them isn't moving, put some thought into buying tickets. Sit down and chill if you want to but if you're down front standing, expect hot, sweaty and chaotic times!!! That's what makes the gigs so special. Queuing is a very antiquated English custom; basically go where you want. No-one owns the front rows of an Arena. If you want a quieter and more care-free Moz experience then head to the Continent. Basically people there will be more at the gig for the music and less for the alcohol. It depresses me that fans in the UK seem to have to be pissed to enjoy anything. I saw Moz in Amsterdam in April and it was far more mellow than than the UK shows. The German gigs this week will be very similar. It's good that Morrissey is returning with a reasonable quota of German dates.

    5. I think the tour will continue next year possibly starting up again in February in the US.Then maybe some smaller UK and Europe shows. I think he did the festivals to death last summer. Personally, I'd like to see him back in the UK playing a string of dates at monumental venues such as Glasgow Barrowlands, Liverpool Royal Court, Nottingham Rock City, Manchester Apollo et al. I think that these venues are his spiritual homelands as far as gigging is concerned. Oh and er somewhere in London of course. For anyone who's never seen Moz live in the USA, try it is all I can say. I was lucky enough to see him twice in Miami on Q
    collo -- Sunday December 10 2006, @10:28AM (#242661)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Genuinely curious about the following:

    1. He now wears a big chunky silver ring on his left ring finger. Married? If so to whom, where, when etc?

    2. I saw a lot of old footage on 'You Tube' today - great place to see Smiths gigs, Morrissey & Marr interviewed etc, and I saw one interview today where he was interviewed by the lovely Margi Clark, she of 'Letter To Brezhnev' fame - there were segments of that film intercut with footage of her talking to Moz in a toilet. Very arty!

    Anyway the question is, what has happened to Moz's upper arch of teeth (I hope he is not reading this!). He had a beautiful set of pearly whites twenty hears ago. Compare an interview from twenty years with the recent one he did with Edith Bowman and the difference is quite striking.

    Then, the upper arch was highly visible and showed a ready beautiful smile and now it's almost as if the upper arch has receded or dodgy caps were put in. Dusty Springfield was punched in the face by an angry lover and lost all her front teeth, I really, really hope this has not happened to Moz, bless him.

    I mention his teeth as I really would like to see him smile more. SAYING that I wouldn't want him to have dental surgery and end up with one of those megawattage nutcracker smiles a la Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts or indeed David Bowie - that would be so inappropriate to his image.

    I truly miss his beautiful old smile from The Smiths and early solo days.

    3. Stamina. Where does he get it from? Constantly touring, travelling, touring, he must be the most hard working man in the British music industry. Some people become rich quick in showbiz but I think Moz is perhaps the only person who deserves everything that he has.

    Greed is a great motivator - but I really believe there is something else that motivates him. Could it be that surprise, surprise, he really does love his followers all over the world!

    I'm no synchophant - I just admire his breathtaking (and backbreaking) work ethic.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 10 2006, @12:30PM (#242677)
    • Re:Questions by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @01:27PM
      • Re:Stamina by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @02:06PM
        • Re:Stamina by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @02:08PM
    • Re:Questions by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 10 2006, @01:56PM
  • Sorry if someone's already asked this, but I couldn't find it; did anyone else think that Moz was singing, or at least humming, the tune of a different song at the end of Everyday is Like Sunday? It sounded great and familiar, I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this and knows what it was?

    Of course, it might just have been the end of Everyday is Like Sunday changed a little bit.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 10 2006, @02:25PM (#242696)
  • First of all, I´m Spanish and my English isn´t as good as it should be. I´m truly sorry.
    It was my second Morrissey´s concert, so I´m a neophyte in this strange and insane Morrissey´s... thing.
    The main reason I´m posting is to say 'Thank you, guys'. I arrived at Wembley at 11.00 A.M. and it was amazing waiting with you. Thank you, Jane, for all your supporting and your advices: ´Keep your bag opened' and 'Run for your life'.
    I don´t know the name of the boy who made the list for the queue, the boy who wore glasses, but thank you: you were extremely nice.
    And thank you, Rachel and friend, for supporting me when I was shaking -I don´t know if I was frozen or excited. Anyway, thank you all.
    My best friend and I were in the first row and it was superb!
    I´ve written lots of things about that night in a diary. And I´m going to write much more the following days. For me, the highlight was 'Dear God' but I enjoyed very much 'I´ll never be anybody´s hero now', 'William' and 'Please,please'.

    Unfortunately, it all went too fast.What´s wrong about beauty is that it never lasts too long.
    Henri Bergson wrote that time isn´t the same inside of a human being than the outside: the show lasted 90 minutes according to my watch, but I just blinked and he was saying 'Ciao!'.
    Fortunately, I´ve got my memories. Marcel Proust wrote in 'A la recherche du temps perdu' that, when a memory comes from the deepest of your soul, you can break time, go out of it and reach eternity -the kind of eternity a human being can reach. I´m waiting for those memories.
    I know this post may sound a bit affected or intellectual, but that´s what life and art are about. Every work of art that matters is referred to life, love and death. And 'Life is a pigsty' talks about the drama of having and not having, reaching and not reaching. Sigmund Freud says that, when you are in love, you feel two impulses: love and death, Eros and Thánatos. They´re two twin brothers than can´t be separated.
    I think Morrissey´s music has got a lot of that, an essential human feeling.That´s why his songs come from his guts and go to our guts, my guts. 'There are explosive kegs between my legs'. It´s flesh that rips when you try to reach the unreachable. When he sings, his eyes are like Montgomery Clift´s eyes, you will never know where or whom those eyes are looking at. I guess he´s looking at somebody that isn´t there, or maybe a ghost, but surely he´s not looking at the audience.

    I´m so shy and I love him for being so arrogant and ironic. I´ve always wanted to be like that!

    When we got the front,while sitting and waiting, Rachel said to me: 'Things we do for Morrissey'. I replied: 'Not only for him. It´s for us too'.
    It was a time to be modest, I think. Probably, I´ll never get to the stage, or even touch him, or get an autograph or anything but, on the way, maybe I can find myself.

    Someone said the best thing you can do to honour your idols is just to be yourself.

    Thanks again, guys! I felt like I was home.
    Itovertakesme -- Sunday December 10 2006, @02:56PM (#242698)
    (User #17883 Info)
    • Re:Thank you! by clearlyovercast (Score:1) Monday December 11 2006, @07:58AM
    • Re:Thank you! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 04 2007, @02:08PM
  • How great that he did 22 songs in this show.
    I noticed the last several shows have been 20 songs in the set. Kind of reminds me of how many The Smiths used to do back in '85-'86.
    I think this is great that Morrissey has been playing closer to 2 hour shows rather than just 1 hr/30 min. shows. Remember the shows in '97 were only 1 hr & 10 min. long? Anyway, just wanted to say that.

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 10 2006, @11:41PM (#242738)
  • This was my first Morrissey gig ever. I enjoyed it so much...
    Does anyone know if the intro piano piece belongs to Diamanda Galás?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 11 2006, @02:54AM (#242747)
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