posted by davidt on Saturday January 19 2008, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / That's How People Grow Up / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / All You Need Is Me / The National Front Disco / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Billy Budd / The Loop / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Life Is A Pigsty / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Sister, I'm A Poet / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Stretch Out And Wait / Irish Blood, English Heart // Last Of The Famous International Playboys

setlist provided by Mel Torment
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  • Setlist, anyone?!
    Mrs. Lovett -- Saturday January 19 2008, @03:16PM (#291941)
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    "Who, being loved, is poor?"
    • Re:First!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday January 20 2008, @12:06AM
      • Re:First!!! by Mrs. Lovett (Score:1) Sunday January 20 2008, @01:08AM
  • apparently the same set list than Strasbourg and a great ambiance
    like lovers do -- Saturday January 19 2008, @03:23PM (#291942)
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  • Someone mentioned "The Lads," but was Boz even there? Jesse Tobias?
    SparkleBoy -- Saturday January 19 2008, @05:16PM (#291957)
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  • Almost same setlist : no Tomorrow but Stop me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 19 2008, @05:19PM (#291958)
  • Not the exact order, but here it is :

    How soon is now ?
    First of the gang to die
    I just want to see the by happy
    That's how people grow up
    Billy Budd
    All you need is me
    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
    The national front disco
    I'm throwing my arms around Paris
    The loop
    One day good bye will be farewell
    Something is squeezing my skull
    Why don't you find out for yourself
    Sister I'm a poet
    Death of a disco dancer
    Life is a pigsty
    Mama lay softly of the riverbed
    Stretch out and wait
    Irish blood, English heart
    The last of the famous international plaboys

    Anonymous -- Saturday January 19 2008, @05:45PM (#291959)
  • Practically the same setlist as last night, and I’m not complaining since Strasbourg was so amazing! : )
    There was no moat between the stage and the audience, so it was stage-invasion galore tonight. Once in a while, it got intense with some invaders annoying Morrissey. I had a lot of invaders thrown onto me inadvertently. Ouch.

    00 Intro: Klaus Nomi -- “Wayward Sisters”
    01 HOW SOON IS N?
    03 BOY YAPPY
    10 LOOP
    12 PIGSTY
    13 PARIS
    14 WHY DON’T YOU F?
    16 (SIMAPOET) *maybe
    20 IRISH B. ENG H


    I’ve gone without sleep for two days, so I will have to gloss over a lot of Mozzer’s witty banter. Also, due to the poor planning of the venue and their odd arrangement of the barrier platform with no sides, it took most of my focus just to stand upright and not fall off the platform into a little 7 year old girl who was let into the forbidden non-barrier area.

    Moz asked Julia, “What’s it all about?” and Julia managed to provide a very amusing response (it was mainly in the delivery of “Oh, yes!”): She asked if he saw all the modern art on the way into/from? Strasbourg, that there was a lot of art, especially here (with Morrissey present), “oh, yes!” I agreed with the sentiment and backed it with hearty clapping and cheering.

    Then Moz came over to my side of the stage, and I got the fear. I really didn’t want the mic, to be put on the spot again. I couldn’t hear what people were shouting to Moz, but he asked, “Are you sure?” Then, like the way a dog smells fear and zeros in on the prey, he addressed me. I don’t remember what he asked, but I didn’t even get to answer it because he teased me again by snatching back the mic each time I went for it.

    Then he said he was looking rough. I replied (sans mic), “No, you look marvelous!” He corrected me by saying he meant in the month of February in the calendar I gave him last night. He said it made him look like the “F-word”. Huh? Fuct? Fuct up? Fuct off?! He clarified, the F-word was FAT. I vigorously denied that he looked fat in the Feb. pic. He is insane if he thinks he looks fat there. He explained yet again that he cannot accept compliments or praise, that he’s much more comfortable with nasty comments. As Di knows, the Feb. pic is not our fave, but there weren’t a lot of good candidates for the picking from the Pasadena shows.
    Mel Torment -- Sunday January 20 2008, @12:40AM (#291969)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • ..and i felt sorry for her...

    she came to the door around 18.45, but there was already a crowd..

    so she turned around the corner and stood there in front of the big windows glazing inside trying to get Arturo's attention... because ofcourse she wants to get in for free...

    at one point Arturo saw here but there seemed no reaction that he was letting her in...

    at that point i really thought it to be a f*** c*** situation. some of us were at those doors for already 10 hours...but she thinks she's so much more special and important then the rest of us.. because of that crappy web-site of her and the fact that she is loaded with money so she can travel him around for years and years.

    anyway.... Arturo came back again (i think mozzers manager was also coming to see is she was there)......and it was getting close to 7 o'clock.... so i guess the bad-haired lady was getting nervous.... because all the time she was standing there like a mummy...and suddenly she was acting very nervous trying to attract their attention...

    and the way she did that... i just thought she looked like a dog... a sad little puppy craving for some attention, longing to be caressed, longing to be recognised....... with that funny hair of her, she reminded me an afghan greyhound...

    well, ofcourse at the end she got in... morrissey is playing his game as well....

    also, during the sow..morrissey handed over the mic to her (again!!!)...and everybody aroudn me looked bored, pissed or gasped because mainly all of us are sick of Julia and the way morrissey gives her so much attention....
    she jabbered something about the art on the way form strasbourg and her same old bla bla that hwe are in a wonderull city with him again bla bla *sigh*

    and the funny thing is.... only 4 or 5 people cheered when she was ready, the rest of the crows was drop dead silence.... i mean... still.. people are getting bored with her

    but she can't help it.. she's a little puppy....

    the show was great though :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 20 2008, @04:53AM (#291983)
  • Can I just say I really like the new songs. I've been very critical of YATQ and Ringleader as Ithought that, overall, they were stodgy and sub par. But I'm enjoying most of these new songs alot - four great ones, an OK one and a poor one isn't too bad a ratio! Cheers Moz! Look forward to the new album.

    Great new songs - "All You Need Is Me", "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell", "Something Is Squeezing My Skull", "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed"

    Average - "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" - pretty, but the melody is underdeveloped and it sounds like its a Maladjusted album track - not a good thing.

    Poor - "People Grow Up"b - sonic bluster to replace a developed melody, poor lyrics, bland production. Easily the worst of the new songs, and a bizarre choice for a single. The sleeve for this is excellent though.

    Anonymous -- Sunday January 20 2008, @06:08AM (#291985)
  • oh!! to think that he sang all these songs... couldn't even imagine that he still sings, say, "Last Of The Famous International Playboys"...
    mlata -- Sunday January 20 2008, @06:21AM (#291987)
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    And she takes all the red, yellow, orange and green And she turns them into black and white...
  • Great gig, lots of comments about Belgium, (there were a lot of Belgians and Dutchmen in Aéronef).

    Read my review (in dutch) here:
    Vincent <[email protected]> -- Sunday January 20 2008, @06:33AM (#291988)
    (User #1110 Info |
    Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are!
    • Re:Belgium! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday January 20 2008, @08:46AM
      • Re:Belgium! by Vincent (Score:1) Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:32AM
  • Great setlist, typing on q French keyboard so excuse the typos

    Particularly enjoyed the é new songs qpqrt from the single

    thought somebody is squeezing my skull was Moz about to lauch into a Smiths song, can anyone confirm thqt the line was "the motion of taxis excite me"

    moz witty pqrticulqrly, tho bordering on xenophobia enjoyed the untouchqbles video beforehand

    quiet crowd but i hqve q feeling londres will be rowdy

    a demain


    PS Does anybody have anything to say?
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 20 2008, @06:39AM (#291989)
  • Just got back from Lille after doing the Strasbourg and Lille shows. I thought last nigts show was great. I felt Moz was in much better spirits than Strasbourg where it had taken him a while to get into it and speak to the crowd etc. Last night he was into it from the start and was in a real playful mood, at times speaking in a mock French accent.
    Though the venue was packed and it did get a little heavy down the front with stage invaders etc, I did think the venue was badly designed, having to go back out to get drinks through only one door really caused a bottle neck at times.
    All in all a great trip, I really liked Lille too. now onto london....
    Whalley Range -- Sunday January 20 2008, @09:14AM (#291994)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • Spent an enjoyable weekend in Lille with the moz show being an added bonus. Came away from this show with mixed feelings though. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the show I just feel that the current band aren't good enough to do the songs justice. The smith songs in the set are totally slaughtered and even older solo stuff such as Billy Budd sounded awful. It really does sound second rate and even amateurist in parts. The solution would be to bring Alain and Gary back and to get rid of the second rate session musicians who masquerade as his band and who are riding on the coat tails of his success. I don't want to be negative as songs such as the loop and a few others sounded very good. The new songs didn't really excite either and the reaction of the crowd summed it up. Throwing my arms around Paris (nice clarinet playing Boz) is a good song but the rest just sound like rejects from ROTT. Boring one dimensional arrangement with real cliched lyrics. "Bailiffs with bad breath"? I mean, come on. Must do better. I remember hearing Irish Blood for the first time at the Albert Hall in '02 and being totally blown away. The new stuff just sounds like he's become complacent. Give him something to rally against and we might get some decent music once again. I still remain a huge fan but until wholesale changes are made I won't be venturing out to anymore concerts.....
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 20 2008, @09:38AM (#291997)
  • chm -- Sunday January 20 2008, @12:39PM (#292015)
    (User #20733 Info)
  • no se si me entendereis pero aqui se puede descargar el concierto, y muchas cosas mas
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @01:16PM (#292053)
  • What cologne does morrisey wear ?? When he was in Cleveland we shook hands on several occasions and we pretty much smelled the same. Angel by Thierry Mugler is what I wear. Somone told me he wears Avigignon incense by Commerce De Garson. Is this accurate ??
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @01:29PM (#292056)
    • Re:Cologne by northernleech (Score:1) Monday January 21 2008, @02:51PM
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