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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / That's How People Grow Up / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Sister, I'm A Poet / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / All You Need Is Me / The National Front Disco / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Life Is A Pigsty / The Loop / Billy Budd / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Stretch Out And Wait / Irish Blood, English Heart // Last Of The Famous International Playboys

setlist provided by Hairdresser on Fire
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  • Set-List (Score:2, Insightful)

    How soon is now?
    First of the gang to die
    I just want to see the boy happy
    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
    That's how people grow up
    Sister I'm a poet
    Something is squeezing my skull
    All you need is me
    The national front disco
    Death of a disco dancer
    Life is a pigsty
    The loop
    Billy Budd
    Mama lay softly on the riverbed
    The world is full of crashing bores
    I'm throwing my arms around Paris
    Why don't you find out for yourself?
    Stretch out and wait
    Irish blood, English heart
    ENCORE: The last of the famous international playboys

    Great show, though apparently Moz has a bad throat.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Monday January 21 2008, @04:06PM (#292067)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • That's how people grow up - fourth
    Stop me... - fifth

    Too late to be up typing.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Monday January 21 2008, @04:11PM (#292070)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • do you all think its too early to write this track off as not real? Because not seeing it on the playlist has made my day
    Ethan_Poe -- Monday January 21 2008, @04:21PM (#292073)
    (User #19670 Info)
  • had a great time - blistering show. The band sounded great, his new tracks are really strong and the atmosphere at the roundhouse was great. it really is a fab venue. going there on sunday can't wait!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @04:58PM (#292078)
  • The guy who walked on from the back, spoke in his ear and then dived back into the crowd, completely un-noticed by security, legendary!
    natec -- Monday January 21 2008, @05:00PM (#292080)
    (User #14979 Info |
  • Did he really play these?

    -Something is squeezing my skull
    -Mama lay softly on the riverbed ...if so, wouldn't people have more to say about them???

    Also...Stretch out and wait & The loop would be good to see.
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @05:16PM (#292084)
  • Anyone manage to get any good pics at the show?
    pagnani32 -- Monday January 21 2008, @05:16PM (#292085)
    (User #20208 Info)
  • Any chance someone here caught Morrissey introducing the band (and himself)?
    Said something like "I'm ----, and I'm from Sidcup.

    My very first moz gig and he mentions my home town!!

    Any chance if you do have it you could drop me an email?
    I'm dizzywhore_1804 on the forums? Cheers
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @05:45PM (#292095)
  • Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Roundhouse, Morrissey’s staff, our fave accountant rampant Chris, the entry for the 6-day passholders went smoothly, and we felt well-looked after. On the other hand, the representatives from the promoters were very clueless and snippy.

    However, the only t-shirts offered as a gift to the 6 day pass holders initially was the green Morrissey 101 (California highway sign) shirt leftover from the previous leg. Later on, they were offering the Paris shirt. It’s beautiful, but it does seem rather odd to give the Paris shirt to people attending the London show. I would rather have a Paris shirt. I already have two green Morrissey 101 shirts. : ( BTW, the green dye from the 101 shirt runs and stains light upholstery; wash it in cold salt water before wearing.

    The complimentary poster for the wristband holders features the “dreamy, eyes-closed” photo.

    NEW merch: limited edition poster rather Beardsley-esque in purple and gold. A purple/burgundy shirt in a similar design. Shirt featuring the photo from the Greatest Hits cover.

    Girl in a Coma sounded great, but the reception was rather cool and jaded compared to what they got in France. Apparently some loser was harassing them. The bassist dared him to do it again. Oooh, she’s a live one! The coward wisely decided not to take her up on her challenge.

    I think I saw Russell Brand in the audience in the middle near the front. Or maybe it was some other guy borrowing his nesty hair.

    Th'Lads wore all denim, and Moz was in a black shirt with brown trousers. He only threw out one shirt, at the encore.

    The footie chanting of Morrissey’s name was weak and uncoordinated. But at one point, when we got it together, Morrissey declared it beautiful.

    Before “That’s How People Grow Up”, Moz thanked XFM and Radio 2 for playing his new single.

    Moz mentioned that he had, “as they say in Tottenham, a frog in the throat.” He clarified that he didn’t mean that he had a French person stuck in there. Ooh, Mozzer! You naughty man! I noticed that his voice was cracking during “Sister I’m a Poet”. He was taking copious sips of steaming hot liquid between songs. He cut a song from the setlist, and I believe no setlists were distributed at the end. : ( I hope he is able to recover soon!!! I’m very nervous because he sounded like he did in Melbourne, Florida (the last show before he cancelled Miami).

    With several “blah dee blahs” Morrissey introduced Boz by saying that he had decided that Boz was indestructible. Solomon received no especially snappy intro, but Matt was introduced as Solomon’s identical twin. Jesse was a “real live Mexican”…careful, Moz! Let’s not get into “one small Chinaman” territory. Christopher Pooley plays “everything else”. Moz introduced himself as Stanley Ogden (see Coronation Street). This got big laughs. (In Lille…or was it Strasbourg, he introduced himself as Alain Delon, the French actor on the cover of The Queen Is Dead).

    Before Crashing Bores, he said, “I don’t need to say anything hilarious…” After Crashing Bores, Moz asked the audience to name one crashing bore. He dangled and twirled the mic around, but gave it to no one. He said, “No one can name one?”

    During Paris, he changed the verse from “I’ve traveled all over the place” to “I’ve SCOOTERED all over the place” and made a funny twisting-a-knob motion with his hand. In Lille, he sang, “I’ve SKATED all over the place.” After Paris, when people tepidly applauded, he sarcastically said, “You don’t have to feel obligated. Well, you do…”

    During Stretch he pointed the mic at me after growling out his question, “Is there any point in having children?” I said this time, “You tell us, Morrissey!” He screwed up his face at me again.

    The moat was very wide. It was difficult to reach his hand. I hurt my ribs again, but I got one during the encore when Moz sang, “Have I failed?” Hah hah, I almost failed because he was so far, and it hurt. There was a lot of pushing (and I was even on the side, where it wa
    Mel Torment -- Monday January 21 2008, @06:14PM (#292096)
    (User #1764 Info)
    • Re:Stanley Ogden by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday January 21 2008, @06:18PM
    • Russell Brand by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday January 21 2008, @06:27PM
    • Re:Stanley Ogden by instar (Score:1) Monday January 21 2008, @06:30PM
    • Trubble by Mel Torment (Score:1) Monday January 21 2008, @07:30PM
      • Re:Trubble by moosejaw malone (Score:1) Tuesday January 22 2008, @12:38PM
    • Thanks Mel! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @12:26AM
    • Re:tees by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @07:23AM
    • Re:Stanley Ogden by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @08:51AM
  • Was it just me or did the crowd seem rather tame for a London based show? Where was the energy? The room seemed kind of dead on arrival.

    As for Moz himself, he did sound as if he was struggling with his voice, but thankfully he made it through. The setlist was the same as the US dates, with the inclusion of the two newest songs.

    I must say that Mikey's replacement is falling very short of expectations. Mikey set the bar very high with his wide range of musical talents, so it would be impossible for another to come into the fold easily. However, many songs suffered from Mikey's absence, and it was very apparent to my ears that the songs simply did not sound as good as they did on the U.S. tour. Perhaps they should have scrapped the keyboards all together and gone back to just guitars... would have been interesting to hear the arrangements.
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @06:30PM (#292101)
  • There is a GREAT pub just across the road from Roundhouse. They had a T.REX compilation on when we sat there for a few hours before the gig. Nice friendly place, wooden floors, local drinkers and local trendies, good mix, "old style".
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @06:55PM (#292110)
  • His hair looked dreadful tonight! OK, after a few songs it gets sweaty but his barnet just didn't look right tonight. More hairspray maybe?
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @07:15PM (#292113)
  • I was prepared for a pandemonium. It was a bit pushy at the front but nothing too bad. Although there was somebody thrusting against my ass through the whole gig. I think overall it was very civil and polite. No hysterics. A few girls were pulled out and they looked quite unwell - maybe too much drink?
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @07:24PM (#292116)
  • The show tonight was tired. Going through emotions. Moz seemed tired & bored. The spark he had in 2004 has gone. Let alone the older glories. The new single sucks as well. Honestly: Who can say it's a good Morrissey single?? It's shit.
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @08:14PM (#292124)
  • can anyone advise the support band and what time the moz comes on stage pls?
    Anonymous -- Monday January 21 2008, @11:49PM (#292128)
  • I cant wait to listen to those new sons. It sounds like audience liked them so dont know. I am very excited.
    Morrisseyvive -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @12:06AM (#292129)
    (User #14765 Info)
  • if you have it.... please!!!
    Front and backs of the t-shirts
    would be awesome... thanks!!!
    exchanging polari -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @12:15AM (#292130)
    (User #17862 Info)
  • I wasn't feeling too excited about going last night, but typically it turned out to be a fantastic show. Terrific varied set, new songs sounding pretty good on first listen and the band on good form. Slightly worried that they were dressed like 90s Irish girl band B*Witched with all that denim. Hats off to the lone stage invader who could have hung round for 5 minutes before being tackled. Roll on Saturday!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @02:14AM (#292138)
  • What time did Morrissey start last night?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @02:49AM (#292142)
    • Re:What time? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @03:03AM
  • Here is a review in today's Guardian.,,2244809, 00.html

    Well it is not too bad, I suppose, but it seems a but restrained and to damn Moz with faint praise here and there.
    It is strange that Ian Gittins should make such glaring errors when writing this, however: "... only two Smiths songs"? – Count again please!
    And I wonder what prompted him to call 'Life is a Pigsty' an 'experimental number'.
    Oh well I guess it is better than no review at all, but having seen two very exciting Moz concerts ... Strasbourg was especially breathtaking ... I can't concur with this guy's relatively sober account. Or am I seeing it too negativley?
    Tomi -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @02:55AM (#292143)
    (User #15918 Info)
  • I thought the crowd last night thwarted our mans best efforts. I have never seen such lame motionless audience in all my years.

    Back on Wednesday for another go.

    New material sound amazing.

    Come on London raise your game.
    Spellbound -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @03:07AM (#292146)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
  • It was absolutely OK. Setlist was top-notch, performance was average.

    He has to play the songs he does, because just turning up isn't good enough any more - As the apathy of last night's crowd will testify.

    The pre-show entertainment was as obscure as ever, but this time it really did feel like we were being made to watch someone's private video collection, amusing though it was.
    finethen -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:09AM (#292168)
    (User #12339 Info)
  • First of all, Thank You to Arturo and the other security for saving my bones and life (and my friends for calling them over). Hope you like the sweatshirt, honey! I meant to use an iron-on for my message but lack of time and resources meant I had to do it ghetto-erh-punk rock-style!

    Second of all, London ladies, I'm impressed! You sure know how to squeeze and push en-masse. I think Moz was pretty conservative on the handshaking since it was so intense. He saved it mostly to the end. My achilles heel was my unwieldy gift bag for Mozzer. He was hovering for it, but pretty impossible to get it over as I'm a shorty and was third deep (once again) Apologies to my friends and the girls around me. My arms were too tired to hold the heavy thing up (including a book by Lenny Kaye about crooners!) for very long and not much help in getting it to the stage. But Thank you to the guy who took it backstage for me. Just the right timing (Thank You!).

    Thanks to Jesse for jumping out on the boxes during Disco Dancer! Nice clear view to rock to you & Moz! LOVE to Moz for looking over once I was way behind stage left, but dancing my heart out nonetheless, as you could see! Energy all around was joy and happiness at seeing you! Nice to see lots of older fans who came out for you.

    The band were all strong, hope I get a better view of everyone tonight. Chris Pooley kept along pretty well. His Auld Lang Syne interlude was absolutely luminous and touching. Still on learning curve slightly for Billy Bud (the cymbals at the end too soon and random clanging, it was a little bit funny actually, but I'm sure Moz will give the note. Mikey hit the cymbals early once in LA and Moz shot the glare, but Pooley's a newbie, so the thought might've just been, "oh my God, yes, we'll fix that one.") I couldn't help but chuckle and think, "what the hell's he doing over there?" and maybe he was just like "ok, cymbals go somewhere 'round here, clang-clang-clang!!" Well, a fond welcome to Chris and a fond fare-thee-well to Mikey, our blonde musical virtuoso. I'm sure your family is happy to have you back. We do miss you, but whatever happened, we understand.

    Was interesting to observe the crowd stillness during National Front Disco and Irish Blood, English Heart. I'm sure it's much more personal to folks here, in light of feelings about English identity, immigration, multi-ethnicity. Hope it wasn't too weird I was dancing along. Those songs rock and I do appreciate the honest questioning and declaration of bi-culturality.

    Shout-outs to new friends met in line... Jason, Simo, girl from Brazil, Nadia, Petra (?), Jen, Skinner, Mel and, of course, Lori and Lottie.

    I got some viddie in honor of FDR. Miss you, guy. Would have been nice to queue with you. We'll see if I can figure out all this YouTube business. My nerves were pretty unsteady, so it's a bit shaky, but the sound should be good and got most of the 2 new songs. Will post when it's up. Couldn't help but dance the rest of the time. How could anyone sit/stand still during a Moz concert!

    Shout-outs to my US Moz-friends!
    romeogirl -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:16AM (#292170)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Mozza seems to come on stage at dead-on 9. Is this because he is a creature of habit or something to do with the venues? As far I can remember he always comes on stage at 9pm in the UK. Just a trivial thought....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:17AM (#292171)
    • Re:Timings by Mozzarella (Score:1) Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:32AM
    • Re:Timings by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:38AM
      • Re:Timings by Whalley Range (Score:1) Tuesday January 22 2008, @10:18AM
  • Hi, Took my G/F to her first Moz concert, She loved it, we had a great time and she was amazed at how much stage prescence he has. We were standing on level 2 and had a brilliant view throughout. It was great looking down on everyone as i'm far too old to be in the middle. Unfortunately she collapsed during "Pigsty" for no apparent reason, so i must thank the kind lady who went and got the Roundhouse staff and medics. As it was, she was fine after a rest and some water and could enjoy the rest of the show.
    Another thanks goes to Andrea and Darren who are over from the States. We met them on Saturday and had a meal and a wander round central London before heading back to the Britannia. They were queuing by 7 next morning so fair play to them. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week guys, i'll try to get back for Saturday. Thanks again for a great time.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @06:48AM (#292183)
  • The new band wasn't good enough last night. I guess things are bound to have been better in the old days when we heard the musicians who had actually written and produced the tracks. Nevertheless it was a shame that the band wasn't tight. The gigs at the the Forum and at the Brixton Academy made last nights performance look amateurish. Too many ridiculous 3 minute outro's to songs that never needed them before.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @06:53AM (#292184)
  • The ending was way too long - don't Milk it guys. And get rid of the bloke on keyboards. Naff as anything.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @07:06AM (#292185)
  • What's the policy on cameras and/or small video recorders? I mean, I know they're frowned upon, but are the guards doing heavily invasive searches where they'yre liable to find it on my if I try to bring in my Flip Video?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @07:24AM (#292192)
  • I have a pic of the Arts & Crafts style Roundhouse poster (William Morris-ey); if someone can tell me how to add jpgs to posts, I'll put it up for you. :)
    StanOgden -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @07:32AM (#292196)
    (User #20745 Info)
  • Hey hey hey fun times!

    My pix and story here: 3773223202/ []


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • ...for Tuesday and Wednesday. No need to bother with touts.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @11:14AM (#292219)
  • Morrissey was given what looked like a bracelt or a watch in some kind of Jewellery case mid way through the gig?
    He also mouthed some kind of set change to the band towards the end, couldn't work out what was dropped, maybe "Goodbye will be Farewell" which was played each night in France but not in London.
    Whalley Range -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @12:12PM (#292221)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • It felt like the band was pissing about and not taking it seriously. What was the guy doing on the speaker stack. They looked like a covers band.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @01:20PM (#292224)
    • Re:Covers band by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday January 22 2008, @03:14PM
  • Does anyone know roughly what time he seems to be finishing?!

    Need to travel home, so just wondered!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @02:43PM (#292231)
  • it's the main feature on rocklouder this morning y---London-Roundhouse.html []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @04:29AM (#292318)
  • Here are some reviews: 000077b07658.html 8 etails/Morrissey/ triumphant-start-to-roundhouse-residency
    Caprice -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @06:17AM (#292330)
    (User #17936 Info)
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