posted by davidt on Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:00PM
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  • and you thought I was kidding about sitting at work, hitting refresh, didn't you.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:06PM (#292236)
  • My god! He played This Charming Man!

    Now my life is indeed full!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:08PM (#292237)
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  • i was supposed to be there. now im just patiently waiting for a real set list. i wish so dearly i could be there. but he'll be back......
    morethanfashion -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:19PM (#292244)
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  • the setlist must have been the same. Morrissey is lazy.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:22PM (#292246)
  • While we're waiting, Thriller with a difference, for those who've not seen it -
    goinghome -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @04:28PM (#292248)
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  • Is MOzzer's throat OK? Did he make it through the set?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:02PM (#292250)
  • Truly one of the strangest crowds I have even been part of. it was like they were glued to the floor.

    Moz starting 15 minutes early (probably a two fingers to the people on here that said he always starts exactly at 9pm) threw a lot of people off I think, I certainly was. People really weren't ready and they never really caught up till the encore.

    Opened with Playboy, HSIN, IJWSTBH and so on. Pigsty and NFD out, Tomorrow in. Were there any other new additions or did we end up with one less than last night? Certainly didn't feel like a full set and I don't blame them to be honest.

    That said Moz was quite chirpy and said that the crowd was 'fantastic' at one point - I wish I could agree. Lots of hand shaking at the beginning and chit-chat. Slagged off Hillary Clinton (or Billary as he called them) and backed Obama.

    I had two of the most annoying girls stood near me with their huge handbags in by ribs as they chatted through the whole gig and were constantly going to the bar or for a smoke. Twats. I am really easy going at gigs, but they got right on my tits, probably because they didn't appear to give a shit about what was going on on stage. I just don't understand people like that.

    Moans aside, it was a fantastic show and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Even with all the distractions, SOAW and DOADD were magical and the new songs really rocked.

    I am back again tomorrow and I hope someone gives everyone a kick up the arse on the way to get things going a bit.

    See you then...

    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:28PM (#292258)
  • please can anyone tell me if the venue is standing only or are there any seats?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:31PM (#292260)
  • Sorry, it's from a mobile phone, so not ultra sharp, but even so - Pics/MozPoster.jpg

    Maybe copy it to your browser...? (This is the first time I've used photobucket!)
    StanOgden -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:37PM (#292263)
    (User #20745 Info)
  • Set List (Score:2, Insightful)

    That's how people
    Stop me
    Something is squeezing
    Why don't you f
    One day goodbye
    Crashing bores
    Stretch out and wait
    All you need is me
    Mama lay softly
    Billy Budd
    Disco Dancer
    Irish blood eng h
    ENC: 1St of gang
    rank-dsgn -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:49PM (#292271)
    (User #16356 Info)
  • too sad
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:54PM (#292274)
  • Morrissey wore a black shirt that oddly had only buttons in the upper chest part. He wore those bright blue trousers. Th'Lads were in Bud Elkins Triumph 1 (with union jack motif) Los Angeles shirts.

    Strong show, and the pushing was rib-bruising as ever, but there were no stage invasions.

    I was hoping someone else would've posted a setlist by now. He dropped "National Front Disco" (I saw the setlist briefly), and accordingly, no setlists were distributed. Although he didn't play anything jaw-droppingly different from what's been heard from Clermont Ferrand up through now, he did mix up the setlist. It was a great setlist.

    He opened with "Last of the Famous Int'l Playboys", then HSIN, I believe. Closed with First of the Gang. In no particular order, here's some of the other songs he played:

    Crashing Bores
    Boy Yappy
    All You Need Is Me
    One Day Farewell Will Be Goodbye
    That's How People Throw Up
    Mama Lay Softly in the Riverbed
    Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    Why Don't You F ?
    Stretch Out and Wait
    Billy Budd

    Morrissey's throat seemed to be much better tonight. Hallelujah!!! I didn't notice any straining or cracking. He had a brief, phlegmy cough early on in the set, but he seemed fine after that. He quaffed Volvic mineral water frequently, but as far as I saw, he did not touch the hot liquids.

    He commented on American politics, saying that Hillary Clinton now wants to be known as Billary. Scoffed that she should be riding on her husband's coattails.

    At some point, I believe he said, God bless Barack Obama!

    For the encore, he came out wearing a black shirt with caricatures of Obama and himself, their names, and 2008. That would be some ticket! Of course, Morrissey's ineligible as he is not even a citizen, let alone born in the U.S.! He threw out this shirt.

    Lottie (?) was asked twice about her frink sign. The second time, she asked him to take it home with him. He refused.

    Then he gave me the mic. I gingerly accepted it because I didn't know if he was going to try to tease me with it by snatching back each time I reach for it. He refrained from teasing me at that point. I said, "You told me Ativan could help me, and it IS an interesting drug. But YOU'RE my drug of choice." Morrissey muttered dismissively, "Americans." Then added, "Just kidding."

    I'm too knackered at the moment to review all the witty banter and lyrical changes.

    While I was waiting in the cloak queue, a Greek woman tapped me on the shoulder and proposed, "Why don't we go out to a strip club?" That's an awfully tempting opening line, but I've got to get to bed to get up to queue early. ;) I was rather discombobulated by her proposition that I had not my claim card ready in time.

    Morrissey said tonight that we would be in his dreams. Hah, what a suave charmer!
    Mel Torment -- Tuesday January 22 2008, @05:56PM (#292276)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Kind of shaky, but here's a video of "Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This Before" from last night's show.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @02:38AM (#292312)
  • Was there last night, and to be honest I am sorry to say that I found it slightly disappointing.

    Sure Mozzer was in decent form, his inter song banter was amusing, the band played well enough but it just seemed to be missing that certain 'spark' that normally separates Morrissey shows from others. It just didn't seem to get going in the same way. I found it to be the kind of atmosphere that you sometimes get in a horrible huge venue, but this isn't a horrible huge venue, it should have been perfect.

    I didn't find the crowd at the front to be as lively as usual. Not very much movement for much of the gig. Possibly due to the set list and the heavy presence of new songs, I dunno.
    Having said that, I preferred that to the other extreme that was demonstrated during the encore when some complete and utter cunt barged to the front and proceeded to violently and continually crush two women against the barrier, goading the security to do something about it, which needless to say they didn't. Useless fools.
    It certainly didn't make for a pleasant conclusion.

    There were high points of course. The Loop, Tomorrow, Stop Me were all fantastic for example, and the general standard of the band was high.
    I am going again on Friday and still looking forward to it, but am also hoping it will be better.
    Richey <[email protected]> -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @02:44AM (#292313)
    (User #13337 Info)
  • I got there with about half an hour to spare and was stunned by the lack of a queue. Ended up a few bodies from the front, just out of touching distance of the Mozsiah, but surrounded by some great people, who passed the time for me before the start. Until the first couple of songs began, the seating area was pratically empty; I don't know if most fans were waiting to rush in bang on 9pm, but he started early. Also, those people missed Girl in a Coma, who may have looked about 12, but whose music was probably the best support of Morrissey's I've seen since Sons and Daughters.
    The man himself was wonderful, as ever; I was thrilled to hear him do The Loop and Sister I'm A Poet. If there's one criticism, it's that the acoustics in the Roundhouse aren't brilliant. I'd taken a friend who likes The Smiths but isn't much a fan of Morrissey's solo stuff and also thinks he's a bit of an uncharismatic performer these days. Unfortunately most of his banter and lyric changes got lost and I found myself having to relay them back to her ... and I'm no Moz when it comes to delivery. Also, I missed him leaving the stage, due to the scary moment when he threw his shirt into the crowd and a wormhole of fans imploded to the floor; I narrowly missed the impromptu rugby scrum, but the upshot of it all was that one guy was pulled unconscious from underneath the pile. I hope he's okay this morning.
    Despite that though, yesterday ranks as a Moz highlight; he was charming and cheeky and he kept grinning. I'm just disappointed that I couldn't go to more of the Roundhouse gigs. See you in Doncaster, Morrissey, and if you're taking a stroll before that gig, come into Waterstone's. I'll let you shoplift a book, just because it's you.
    Mozzersgirl -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @02:47AM (#292314)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • Just thinking about the last train home for Wednesday's gig.. what time did he finish and/or start for that matter?

    ThomasTheTaff -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @04:40AM (#292319)
    (User #20752 Info)
  • Please!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @04:42AM (#292320)
  • OK, here's what I remember of the detail:

    I enjoyed the videos projected after Girl In a Coma support slot. The one of Sasha Distel was excellent (Où ça où ça") and very catchy. There were excepts of an old Hollywood film referring to ‘Morrissey’s in trouble’ and ‘We’ll get Morrissey’ etc. There were the New York Dolls on a German TV show performing ‘Looking for a Kiss’ and a nineteen fifties guy (forties?) who looked remarkably like Morrissey who got decked at the end by his dancing partner. There were screen test/ costume shots of James Dean and Dick Davalos for Eden of Eden. Vince Taylor does look remarkably like inspiration for Moz’s look, or do I mean Alvin Stardust.

    For those looking at their watches the surprise was that Morrissey arrived on stage at about 20:50 rather than the much mentioned 21:06.

    Morrissey wore a black shirt and royal blue trousers (made me think of the trou road sweepers wear!).

    The band wore white Bud Ekins (he stunt man of 'Great Escape') fame shirts

    The logo on the drum was "Some of us is turning Nasty" on a brown background.

    I think after the first or second song he said something like “You’re biting very hard on the bosom of Camden” (pls correct me if that’s wrong).

    Someone threw a plastic bottle at Morrissey early on which hit him somewhere near the ribs. He looked to see what had hit him and just seemed to cock his head. How very tolerant. I can’t understand why on earth anyone would do that. Maybe it was a certain NME journalist?

    How Soon is Now had some lyric changes which you may already know about. He added something like “big surprise!” after singing “So you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own”. Very smart.

    At some point Morrissey mentioned that a group of people had travelled from South Korea (or did he simply say Korea) “for this”, and that in with a gift was a note which asked if he would play in Korea? The answer was “No-o-o-o-o-o-o!” My suggestion: Why not play New Malden (London suburb) instead? (biggest population of Koreans in Europe)

    Between songs he said something like “I know you’re only here because of my looks”.

    When he mentioned that one of the songs was from his new LP ne mentioned as an aside “Well, you encourage me”.

    The band was introduced starting with ‘Initials BB’, not Bridget Bardot but Boz Boorer – easily confused. Can’t recall what was said about the others in the band but he described himself as “Someone you would or wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley”. [These are approximate quotes mind you].

    I enjoyed the remark about ‘You’re my drug of choice’ when he handed the mic to someone at the front. Very eloquent.

    He took something (T-shirt in a plastic bag?) from someone and maybe there was writing on it or a note on the front. After accepting it he read “Blah blah blah, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, blah blah blah-blah-blah” and placed it carefully on the drum riser.

    As for the music and the sound? Well it was all excellent for me. I liked the new songs, some of which to my untrained ear show the influence of The Smoking Popes – but what do I know? I thought Girl In a Coma sounded close to the Smoking Popes too.

    More attention seemed to be given to the left of the stage (Morrissey’s right) so if I were going again (and sadly I’m not) I think that’s where I’d stand.

    There wasn’t a huge mount of crowd noise except for the bloke bellowing the words to “Stretch out and wait” into the back of my head. Really I’m up for singing to Morrissey at gigs too but that song should be left to Morrissey. PLEASE. Usually at gigs a bit of stomping makes for more atmosphere as a sign of appreciation but of course at the Roundhouse the floor is solid concrete. Folks upstairs were making a good sound though before the encore.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @04:59AM (#292322)
  • I thought last night was excellent. Moz's voice sounded great and it was terrific to hear some songs that I hadn't heard live before. I also thought it was a really good venue, size-wise at least (although I don't think I've ever had to queue so long to actually get out of a gig before - quite poorly designed in that way).

    Highlights for me were probably TLOTFIP (fantastic way to open the show), SMIYHTOB, Sister I'm a Poet and First of the Gang to Die. Have to admit I'm not too sure about the new ones, but then again I very rarely like a song the very first time I hear it. I think a lot of Moz's songs in particular have been "growers" on me.

    One thing that disappoints me a little about the reaction on this forum though is all the complaining that people do about the audience. To be honest, I'm not all that sure what some of you are looking for from an audience (which the complainers were presumably a part of in the first place) - we cheered, we chanted, we bounced up and down a little bit and we applauded at the end of the songs. That's all pretty normal stuff, isn't it? This stuff about the audience being rubbish seems to get said after pretty much every Moz concert I've been to - I think people are guilty of looking back with nostalgia at some sort of audience perfection that probably never really existed.

    Anyway, I'm taking a lot of great memories from last night, and look forward to seeing plenty more great Moz gigs in the future.

    PS. I bought one of the new purple t-shirts, but in the cold light of day it looks a bit like a ladies' version. Curses! :-)


    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @06:59AM (#292332)
  • Moz didn't literally say that last night but he might as well have because from the very first (Playboys) he was very open and friendly with the audience, shaking hands from the start and very smiley. He let the crowd sing throughout (Moz, "I am the last of the Famous..." crowd, "International Playboys!!!") and the lilts at the end.

    Mozzer was totally comfortable with himself throughout last night (could it be b/c Russell Brand was there?) and he and the performance overall were 'da bomb!!!.' (That's means more than awesome! :) I loved all the pleasant embellishments he crooned throughout the night. Even the sexy "ch-ch" he naturally uttered once. It feels like he's singing while laying next to you (only metaphorically speaking unfortunately ;).

    Boz and the Boyz all rocked out, too! I loved Boz's clarinet effect ending one of the songs blissfully on a high note (can't remember which song, sorry). During another song he came around stage left with his funny far-away look and went back stage right swinging his acoustic guitar. I'm glad he didn't smash it, because lots of us can't afford a nice one like that (or to even have one in general), but he sure looked like he was about to!

    Happy to see smiles from Jesse and Moz after I held up the shirt I brought for Jesse, and Solomon also came out stage left with the stand up bass to rock out during The Loop. (I love you guys!!! You so ROCK!!!)

    It was so awesome to hear "First of the Gang" again, too. The crowd loved it. And all were dancing/rocking out to "Irish Blood, English Heart."

    Missing Mikey at the trumpet part for "One Day Goodbye..." that was replaced by the synth. Chris improved Billy Budd cymbals with a zing! at just the right point in the song. However, for "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" I didn't think the trombone improvisation worked at all. It seemed off key and distracting. It would've worked better with a simple riff with a good rhythm, just one or two notes, instead of a smattering of random notes below the register of the song. But at least it was on the low range so it didn't overtake the song there.

    Some random banter I can remember, "He's from Dublin!" in answer to someone in the crowd, giving the mic to Mel (she shares in her post), Moz turning a quick moment to say something to Boz and Moz turning back to the crowd asking "Did you hear that?" When no one answered, I yelled, "No! Please repeat!" but of course not. He said he was given a gift from someone from Korea the previous night and it had a note asking if he would go to Korea and his answer was "No" (does that go for North and South? oh well, sorry for that fan, s/he'll just have to travel). Commented on the US election about Hillary wanting to be "Billary Clinton." I wonder if he's fearing she'll be another Thatcher. He ended the comment (as stated previously) with "God Bless Barak Obama!!" I wonder if he has dual citizenship and can vote. He obviously cares, but very importantly, he's emphasizing to US Moz fans that we should care and we should vote (for Obama!). So many people think they don't count and waste the opportunity, but I think if Obama is going to have a chance, people are going to have to get out the vote and push it this time so it's an obvious choice and can't be swung by a intentionally positioned hair. I really think Obama needs someone like Richardson, Biden or "Billary" flanking him as VP, though b/c he doesn't have enough experience to deal with the international mess Bush has put us in. ok, sorry, that's enough political ranting from me!

    I will wear my taller shoes tonight to see better, despite the pain!
    romeogirl -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @07:02AM (#292333)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Whats the score with the touts how much are they asking thinking of traveling from liverpool for friday.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @12:03PM (#292347)
    • Re:tickets by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 23 2008, @02:27PM
  • Last night was a terific and intense affair for me! I thought the venue was really cool. A great shape that created quite a decent atmosphere. The crowd was a nice mix of quiffed-up/balding Smiths/Viva Hate boys (like me!) boys as well as younger fans keen to get their slice of history! I thought the singing and chanting was pretty lively and Moz semed to respond to it well. The videos mean that people watch rather than chant but once he came on the crowd came alive!!! I was very close to the front; as close as I have ever been to the man himself (as far as I know) and I enjoyed every minute of it; I'm still enjoying it now!!!

    The new stuff was generally very rocky; it seems to be the style of the new Lads. My favourite is 'Mama' of the heavier ones and 'Paris' overall. 'Paris' was very melodious and has a cool chorus. I've had it on my ipod for a while so was pleased to hear it live.

    The setlist was very much the same as the night before (might he change after his break on thursday in time for my return on sunday?). 'Tomorrow' came in and 'pigsty' and 'national' went out. This was a treat for me as Your Arsenal is my favourite album, I had heard all the other songs live over the years (especially '92) except for that one! I thought that 'Sister' was a bit too heavy and it didn't work as well as on previous tours. That said, 'The Loop' was awesome! Complete with Solomon Walker plucking his double bass strings over the security guards head! Dangerous but Solomon can handle himself!!!

    The Smiths sons were outstanding!!! 'Stretch' is a lovely song which can get lost a bit amongst the stronger songs of 'World won't listen'. I love it on the studio version but live it really took on a whole new meaning, it was great!!! 'Stop me' was a real show stopper and 'HSIN?' was as powerful as ever. The real standout, though, was 'Death'; an amazing song which blew the crowd away!!! The band went crazy and the audience responded in kind; I will never forget it!!! Elsewhere, 'Billy Budd', 'Find out for yourself' and 'Irish blood' were absolutely amazing, the band did a great job of performing these brilliant songs.

    The man himslef was in great form and was in good voice. I think Julia had recommended him some sore throat remedy for which he thanked her. She said that he was her "drug of choice" to which he responded "Americans!" and then followed with "Only joking!!!" Tee hee! Good ol' Moz!!! He talked about xfm and radio2 playing the new single and mocked "Billary" while showing support for Obama. I believe his t-shirt for the encore was a mock-up pic of Moz and he together!!!

    Overall, then a really good show which my friend Jonny really enjoyed. It was his first Moz show and I think he is a convert!!! I am sure the gigs will continue to be terrific and can't wait for sunday. In the meantime, I ope you enjoy the shows!!!
    cocu -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @03:51PM (#292359)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • Some fans dress up as (rockabilly )1950's girls baby dolls american cardies strange glasses, quiffed hair. guys the same sort of 1950's garb...Why!!!!????
    jdbabz -- Wednesday January 23 2008, @03:54PM (#292360)
    (User #10674 Info)
  • My pix and stuff here: 3773223202/ []


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Id heard some prety big names were at this gig. Noel Gallagher for one along with Rus. Brand
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 24 2008, @10:59AM (#292426)
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