posted by davidt on Friday January 25 2008, @03:00PM
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Set List:

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

setlist provided by David Furnish
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  • Morrissey went off stage after 3-4 tracks. More info will follow.
    Morran <[email protected]> -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:01PM (#292480)
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  • Moz was clearly struggling with his throat from the start. Performed Please,Please then International Playboys plus Squeezed my Skull, got halfway through Make the Boy Happy & then gave up.He sounded terrible & clearly couldn't continue. After a 10 minute interval Russell Brand, David Walliams and Jonathan Ross came onstage to say he wouldn't be coming back out. Russell Brand was, perhaps predictably, wildly booed & splattered in beer....Refunds have been promised
    David Furnish -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:14PM (#292489)
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  • God love you Morrissey.

    Please get well for Sunday i want to see you again. x x

    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:16PM (#292491)
  • *cries for dbowie* ... who is/was there ON her birthday :o(

    Get 'well' -both of you :o)
    Corrissey -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:33PM (#292500)
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    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • ..I've just had a couple of texts from a friend who attended tonight's gig - his friend has backstage access as he is an old friend of Boz.. as he saw it, due to the current situation with Moz - the rest of the U.K. dates planned until next weekend are in serious doubt. I realise that this post looks like scaremongering - but this info i've had is entirely genuine.. Let's hope this does not happen. I'm due to go next week too. It was real bad luck for those who went tonight.
    mick ransommich -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:37PM (#292501)
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    'Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference'.
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  • I felt sorry for him. He did struggle.
    I'd happily pay double the ticket price for a 4-song performance from Morrissey any day.

    Well done to Russell Brand, Jonathon Ross & David Walliams coming out and facing the firing-line.
    MarkAnthonyOC -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:46PM (#292507)
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  • Tonight 25/01/08, I went to see Morrissey and unfortunately has been cancelled because he was feeling ill. I was waiting for this day so much...! Obviously, it is very disappointing, but it is not his fault. Get well soon Morrissey!!. As a big admirer I am, I recognise that in this moments shouting and angry comments from fans is not helping. I am sure he feels unhappy as well with the situation. So, a big hug to him, and I hope he comes back to the Roundhouse so we can all go to see him again soon.
    Russell Brand was trying to explain the situation and people was awful. I do feel angry with STUPID Jonathan Ross though, who was laughing at us playing with a digital camera and taking pictures of the public. That wasn't very nice at all!! Prat!
    Gejo -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:46PM (#292508)
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  • I know a few people from CA that went to the London shows :/
    Mrs. Lovett -- Friday January 25 2008, @03:46PM (#292510)
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    "Who, being loved, is poor?"
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  • After over 2 years of touring, it's enough already. He should go rest up and get healthy so they can finish recording the new album. At his age, how long can he keep going until he does some permanent damage to his voice?
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:02PM (#292521)
  • squeezing his skull.
    fut -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:03PM (#292524)
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  • Morrissey gets sick WAY more than the average singer or person! He needs to take better care of himself starting with some decent meals (and that doesn't mean non-veggie ones.)

    Seriously, figure it out!
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:09PM (#292528)
  • It's on the nme site now:
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:11PM (#292531)
    • Re:nme by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday January 26 2008, @05:13AM

    as posted on the forums
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:47PM (#292551)
  • Don't let the bastards - or the bacilli - grind you down, Mozstar!

    Stiff upper lip, old chap; tell those docs, 'don't give me more', when 'tis soup, vapours and snuggles you need, and carry then on up the Thames!
    goinghome -- Friday January 25 2008, @04:50PM (#292554)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Setlist planned was not extraordinary given what we've already seen -- planned to do the two new songs (obviously "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" made it). Setlist had 20 songs. Encore was to be "First of the Gang".

    Apparently tonight's show was to be recorded. There were mics set up to record the audience and signs (which I didn't see but was told about by others) advising that our entry was consent to being recorded.

    Moz was wearing denims and a pale blue shirt with brown/golden embroidery on the front. Th'Lads were also in denims and all of them sported the red Morrissey Lads Club shirts.

    It was a promising start, with Moz doing a beautiful rendition of Please x3. However, I did have trouble hearing him because of all the people singing around me. Moz sang his predictable lyric change: "Please let me HAVE WHO I want" and of course, many people sang the studio lyrics, not knowing of the change.

    At one point Moz said something about the mental hospital/psycho ward (?) and us.

    By the third song, it was obvious that Mozzer's voice was in terrible shape. He gave up in the middle of Boy Yappy (4th song), turned so that his back faced the audience the rest of the song. Then the band followed him offstage.

    Weak, uncoordinated Morrissey footie chant rose and fell for several horrible minutes while staff stood around looking bewildered.

    When Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross, and the other guy came onstage, beer and empty water bottles were hurled contemptuously at them. People in the front, center were treated to splashings of beer aimed at the stage.

    I couldn't hear what Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were saying because of the loud, angry chant around me addressed to the unfortunate figures onstage: "Who the fuck are you?!" ad nauseum. I made out Russell Brand saying something about how Morrissey did the best he could as we could see but that his voice was not up to it. Then there was something about refunds. For me, rescheduling is moot; I will just get a refund. I dunno know if SJM intends to issue a blanket refund or try to reschedule the show. I bet there will just be a blanket refund.

    Poor Russell Brand. It was a thankless task to go out and tell a packed house that Morrissey will not be able to finish the concert. However, Wossy looked a right tit simpering and snapping photos of the upset audience. I didn't know who the other bloke in the brown coat was, but he looked about as useful as nipples on a bull.

    At the Enterprise, a pub across the street from the Roundhouse and the Chalk Farm tube station, written in white chalk on black panels on the exterior: “We’re not leaving after 4 songs” and “F**K Morrissey”. Real classy, you yobs. Like Moz did this to you deliberately. Sheesh.
    Mel Torment -- Friday January 25 2008, @05:40PM (#292558)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Just got back from London Camdem Roundhouse after possibly one of the most disappointing live shows ever.

      The roundhouse is strange old fashioned venue recently redone, but the strange thing inside is the abundance of bars even near the stage! there was a lot of drunks in any case and the temperature was a little strained, when Moz walked on he was already getting sprayed by drink, not impressed.

      Four songs in he walked off and the mood turned ugly, there was no official announcement, till comedians Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross came to the stage after 15 minutes, the crowd was ugly , drowned out explanation, threw drink and abuse till the whole thing went to farce.

      I walked off after seeing some girls cry, covered in their own sick! just another night in London I guess.:(
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @05:42PM (#292559)
  • Poor bloke. He has been trawling all over the world over the last two years and needs a break! I hope he makes a recovery for the remaining 4 shows. My wife has offered to make him honey and lemon if Jesse or Boz won't!!!!
    Get well soon Mozzer.
    cocu -- Friday January 25 2008, @06:04PM (#292563)
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    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • Morrissey get well soon .It was worth seeing you play even if it was for four songs.I feel ashamed to be associated with those twats in the crowd getting aggressive with Russell Brand, David Walliams and Jonathan Ross, who were good enough to take to the stage.A big thanks to them.Those aggressive ones in the crowd SHAME ON YOU.You are nothing but yobs who should be ashamed to call them selves morrissey fans.
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @07:02PM (#292569)
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  • As per se. Friday night at the Roundhouse was to be recorded - what for? Who knows.
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @07:07PM (#292573)
  • Yes, Morrissey get well soon. We all know that you can't honor all of your dates, and rarely have been able to.

    You're probably on death's door right now because you got a frog in your throat. Again, get well soon!

    We'll take any of the bullshit that you're willing to hand us because we don't have a life.


    This is beginning to become a running joke. It reminds me of what Suggs had to say about Morrissey's cancellation: "He canceled because a fag paper blew up on stage and cut him."

    Morrissey is taking a royal shit on his legacy. He really needs to pack it in, and lay to rest this gullible fanbase that he easily siphons money from.
    Nick The Name -- Friday January 25 2008, @07:20PM (#292579)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • Don't let us down. Say you'll be there this sunday. PLEASE!!
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @07:41PM (#292593)
  • i think moz should play a two week residency at the roundhouse now and include Boxers in his setlist every night as compensation. He needs his fans.
    nick476 -- Friday January 25 2008, @07:48PM (#292597)
    (User #20374 Info)
  • Mozza needs a good old fashioned english MEAT pudding, a couple of pints of Guiness, a wee drum of whisky and a good nights kip. That'll sort im out! None of this vegetarian malarkey. Mozza get real and have a bacon sarnie! And a lot of red sauce for me!
    Anonymous -- Friday January 25 2008, @08:08PM (#292605)
  • Where's the best place to ring to get information on whether tonight's gig is going ahead? I'll have to set off for London at 8 am so I'm not going to know for definite beforehand (it sounds like it will probably be cancelled but I can't get refunds on my travel and accommodation anyway so I might as well go on the off-chance). I won't have internet access later in the day - Will the venue be the first to know? I don't like my chances of getting through on the phone lines as I suspect 1000s of people will be making similar calls!
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @12:14AM (#292610)
  • Morrissey, I love you more than life itself.

    Please get better.

    Its just so lonely here without you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @12:15AM (#292611)
  • He just wanted to watch in the wings as people booed and threw things at Jonathan Ross.
    suzanne -- Saturday January 26 2008, @12:55AM (#292615)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • his voice after the third song was completely gone, he put up some very unhappy expression on his face, like somebody stole his greatest gift, and was obviously forced to go. i felt sorry for him and as soon as he left i knew and i also wished he didnt came back, his throut was just gone. God bless him and dont bother turning up next days... just get well.
    ross, williamns and brand came out but some awful silly people booed. not to mention the arguing guys at the box office.
    there are some really laughable people in the world. fo rme, 4 songs by moz was all it took to make my day.
    prettypettythieves -- Saturday January 26 2008, @02:29AM (#292620)
    (User #20049 Info)
  • He sang "Please" and a pint of beer hit him full on. He gave the crowd a digusted stare and moved his mic stand back a few feet. I knew then that we were in big trouble.

    Well done to RB took some balls

    Get better soon
    Spellbound -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:00AM (#292622)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
  • hahahahaha
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:19AM (#292626)
    • Re:hahahaha by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday January 26 2008, @03:28AM
  • Some people here are saying they are more than happy after just three and a half numbers, but quite frankly, I smell bullshit; if that was to have been my only Moz gig of the year, if I'd travelled miles, booked hotels, time off work, etc, I'd have been absolutely furious - and I'm an obsessive fan. It's true that illness cannot be avoided, but it's equally true that Moz DOES seem to be ill more often than most (a perception exacerbated perhaps by suspicions that there may have been more to some of the so-called "illnesses" than we were told). This time round it can't even be claimed that he was at the end of a long tour - there had only been, what, six or seven gigs since the Xmas break? Maybe it's an ageing thing...maybe Moz's immune system simply cannot hold up the way it did in years gone by. He needs to realise that his immune sytem cannot be controlled the way every other aspect of his touring life seems to be (see Times article) - he needs to slow down, take longer breaks, and NOT commit to such punishing tour schedules otherwise there's just going to be more and more of this, and more and more people are going to be mightily pissed off.
    StanOgden -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:53AM (#292628)
    (User #20745 Info)
    • Re:Torn.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday January 26 2008, @08:21AM
    • Re:Torn.. by On The Streets I Ran (Score:1) Saturday January 26 2008, @04:03PM
  • Well that was a waste of time. Moz gets splashed by beer. Starts to sulk, worried roadie frantically cleans up the stage. Morrissey glares at his lackey, exits stage left. After 10 minutes some of his celeb chums massage their ego by leaving the VIP area for a few minutes to make some headlines for themselves.
    Morrissey's voice that bad he can't apologise himself?...seems a bit arrogant and cowardly to me. I fortunately only paid face price for me tickets and live local. Most people I spoke to had paid at least double on ebay as well as forking out plenty for travel and hotels - the collosal waste of money is staggering...and all we get is some simpering TV stars popping out from backstage for a while.
    Fair enough; his voice did sound a little hoarse...I suppose Moz wanted to sound perfect as it was being recorded (Another new album - whoopee! more money) Heaven forbid "the show must go on"
    Ever get the feeling you're being cheated?
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:57AM (#292629)
  • is becoming more prescient than ever.
    StanOgden -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:57AM (#292630)
    (User #20745 Info)
  • The herd really does epitomise human beings at their worst. Let's just hope that El Moz gets well soon. Well done on Russell et al. for trying their best. Those who booed can always fuck off and go see a concert where it's all pre-recorded and plastic. Have a taste of honey Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:04AM (#292633)
  • Moz cant be held repsonsible for being ill, dissapointing as it is. However, I think the least he could of done is tell us himself, instead of leaving everyone wondering.
    ma1979tt -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:11AM (#292636)
    (User #20400 Info)
  • Just in an internet caf next to the roundhouse, the news from them is that everyone ringing has to call back at 2 and they haven't heard from his management. Asked about refunds and they said they had no idea and that although rescheduling was mentioned by mr brand there is no confirmation. Sounds like there hasn't been a decision made at all yet... by morrissey OR the roundhouse. Just waiting on his reply now!

    Come back to Camden and we'll be good.

    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:26AM (#292640)
  • I have terrible sympathy for all you greedy moztters from sunny america who snapped up all the tickets . My poor heart bleeds for y'allll.
    swallowneck -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:31AM (#292641)
    (User #16008 Info)
  • I heard some people paid £200 for tickets outside the Roundhouse....try telling that to the box office to get a refund!
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:44AM (#292642)
  • IF morrisey plays on Saturday I bet the stage will be awash with sachets of Lemsip and other Flu remedies. So instead of flowers, bring some Lemsip to throw on stage!
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @04:50AM (#292643)
  • A friend of mine has just spoken to the Manager at the Roundhouse. The rest of this weekend's gigs have been cancelled and an announcement about rescheduling and / or refunds will be made on Monday. That's the definite and official word.
    naomi -- Saturday January 26 2008, @05:00AM (#292645)
    (User #421 Info)
    Fine purveyors of drivel since 1980...
  • Just got back home from london after friday night's debacle. It was obvious straight away that his voice was strained, although I actually though 'Please...' sounded pretty good. He wasn't really hitting any of the high notes with any power though and he only sang about one verse of 'boy happy' before stopping completely. As soon as he went off I knew he wasn't coming back. The atmosphere did turn ugly, mostly because of an idiotic minority. It was annoying that Moz couldn't go on, but its hardly his fault. And I felt sorry for Russell Brand, who's obviously a huge fan, who was met with a chorus of abuse and missiles. Good on him for getting up and trying to explain things! The booing was so loud I didn't really make out all of what he was saying but it seems like there is a chance they will reschedule.

    i've always loved the 'tribal' element to Moz's gigs ; the football chant, the tension, the excitement etc...but I was pretty ashamed at some of the behaviour. The only thing which you could maybe criticise Moz for is that he perhaps he could have apologised before going off, but then why would he when some of the audience are so obviously completely unreasonable?!

    get well soon Moz, and 'Something is squeezing my skull' sounded fantastic by the way even with limited vocals!
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @05:33AM (#292656)
  • JR told the story on his radio show. David Walliams volunteered their services to break the news.

    JR was keeping the story lighthearted but it was clear he was bemused by the behaviour of the yobs in the audience. He even got threatened by people as he was leaving. It takes an outsider to see things as they are, some of you should take note.
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @06:19AM (#292676)
  • To be honest, I am pretty annoyed about it. I'm a student & my 3 friends & I largely went without in order to pay for our tickets. I don't want a refund, I want to see my favourite artist; I doubt it will be rescheduled. Illness cannot be helped, but I think having three pompous celebrity friends coming on to berate the audience, taking pictures of our reactions etc, whilst making us wait for several minutes before this without knowing what was going on was a very bad move. I would have rather that he had flat out cancelled before, at least we could have saved our time travelling there, etc. I just feel a bit cheated.
    angelangeldownwego -- Saturday January 26 2008, @06:56AM (#292686)
    (User #16492 Info)
  • p://

    This is Jonathan Ross explaining what happened last night. He talks about it around 20 minutes into the show.
    Really quite funny.
    dbowie -- Saturday January 26 2008, @07:08AM (#292689)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • Welcome to the real world, boys. You have lived far too long in the artificial world of Heat, but over here in the real world, no-one is the least bit impressed, excited or appeased by a few moments of exposure to a trio of so-called "celebrities". If you honestly believed that your appearance would defuse the situation more so than an announcement by Morrissey or his Tour Manager, then your arrogance is astonishing. Maybe now you'll stop believing your own publicity.
    StanOgden -- Saturday January 26 2008, @07:13AM (#292691)
    (User #20745 Info)
  • I went on wednesday and I didn't think he'd get through the whole concert - it was obvious that he felt like shit and it took a huge effort to get to the end - so thanks to the crowd for getting him through it (and I don't mean the wrist band wearers either)
    orlando -- Saturday January 26 2008, @07:47AM (#292702)
    (User #18669 Info)
  • It all began so well...'Please Please...' was so lovely I welled up. Then I do think that Mozz was pissed off when some absolute cock threw beer at him, he took a step back and was not a happy man.
    Yes I think that he was struggling with his voice, especially trying to sing over the crowd. I recall at another show he asked people not to sing along to FOTGTD. I think the crowd annoyed him which put him off tring to push on and give us a show.
    I am sorry to those who think otherwise, but the 3 'celebs' coming on to soften the blow was a fucking disgrace. Who the fuck do they think they are? It was patronising and on the verge of piss taking. I have been following the man since I heard The Queen Is Dead when I was 12 years old from my brothers bedroom, 22 years ago so I never have a bad word said about him. Last night however was a farce and he should have had the decency to come out and tell us the news. Thank god for the pub across the road playing all the Smiths/Mozzer salvaged something from a truly disappointing evening...but i will be there again no doubt.
    springhealedjim -- Saturday January 26 2008, @07:50AM (#292704)
    (User #13153 Info)
  • i filmed the comedians last night telling the crowd bout the cancellation if anybody wants to see it
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @12:40PM (#292752)
  • Starting off healthy, by the third straight concert night, I was pretty exhausted myself, so Moz feeling the frog in his throat since Monday and still giving full performances for three consecutive nights is to be admired. By Thursday, I had the frog in my lungs (thanks for your return gift Moz, ahem/cough/ouch! ughhh...;). If he felt half as shitty as I did by Friday's gig and still pushed himself to get on stage for the Friday crowd, I think that's very admirable. I am grateful that he made an appearance, dressed beautifully in his ruffled blue shirt, boyz hot as ever in Moz Lads Club shirts (wearing mine today in honor of last night). If he really hit the point where it would be real damage to continue, I'm glad he took the healthier route. Best wishes to all who will be able to make it to the make-up performances. I most probably won't, but I'm ever thankful for coming to London and having this awesome experience. Thanks to all the new friends and all the others I was too shy to talk to but whooped it up together with me during the show nevertheless. Shoutouts to Steve and Bee at Roundhouse, Arturo and all the cool staff. Security was really kind and professional throughout. And thank you, RC, for the London tour!

    Special thanks also to Merc, Moz & co. for the beautiful purple ladies' t-shirts as well. At last! Glad I got one Friday before the gig. Got a Girl in a Coma cd, too (you gals rocked! Sorry if my request to "play Road to Home" was misunderstood. That's my absolute favorite song from you guys. You played a rockin' set anyhow!)

    Flying back tomorrow as originally planned. Best wishes to all continuing on the tour! Get well & Take care, Moz, Boz, Jesse :), Solomon, Matt & Chris (you're alright, dude! The two-tone riff worked much better in I Just Want to See the Boy Happy on Friday, in my humble opinion, Thanks!). Stay well & Take care to all crew as well. Until we meet again lads! Cheers! :) Rock on!
    romeogirl -- Saturday January 26 2008, @03:05PM (#292766)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Intro Music - You've got to pick a pocket or two (from Oliver Twist)

    Still ill (after which Morrissey hooks himself up to a drip, Boz pats Morrissey's head with a wet cloth and rubs his belly while the band play "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow")
    Black-Eyed Susan (Morrissey sings half of this with a blanket over his head and a hot bowl of water)
    Papa Jack
    I Started Something I Couldn't Finish - During which Morrissey, in a self-loathing bout of irony, leaves the stage, hops into an ambulance and is rushed to intensive care. Boz recognises his moment to shine and wails inaudibly into the microphone as Christopher Pooley indulges in an oboe solo.

    10 minutes later, celebrity fans Michael Barrymore, Terry Venables and Michael Crawford appear on stage to announce Morrissey's illness. The crowd do not take kindly to this and threw bottles, chairs and scrap metal at them as they exited to the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme tune
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 26 2008, @05:10PM (#292789)
  • Here's my take on last nights disappointment.

    It was obvious that mozza's voice wasn't up to it. Having travelled from Edinburgh to see the show I was obviously disappointed but it couldn't be helped and I'm going to get a refund so as far as I'm concerned I got 4 songs for nothing! Result! I went to see him in New York last year and that was also cancelled so again it's not something I'm not used to.

    Anyway my main point is that I was disgusted that it was felt necessary to waste 15 minutes of my holiday rounding up 3 'celebs' to tell us that Moz wasn't coming back on. I think that was the real reason they got the deserved abuse. I am quite happy to say I was possibly one of the worst 'offenders'. Somebody mentioned in a previous post about them massaging their egos - absolutely spot on mate!

    Russel Brand was the least bad of the three although playing the 'we're all here for the same reason card was naive at best. Jonathon Ross taking photos and laughing was incredibly crass. Walliams an embarrasment - does he not know how to speak?

    Why couldn't the Roundhouse have got an employee of theirs to say what we already knew?

    Last point - morrissey presumably had a say in this or at least would have known they were trawling the venue for people famous enough to make the news more palatable. If so, please treat us with a little more respect. We're all old and wise enough to know that it couldn't have been helped so please treat us as adults next time. A very small apology and acknowledgement wouldn't go amiss either.

    Get well soon Morrissey.
    JohnnyMunro -- Saturday January 26 2008, @05:28PM (#292790)
    (User #6891 Info)
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