posted by davidt on Friday February 01 2008, @03:00PM
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  • firs to comment
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:08PM (#293756)
  • And more importantly, will he make it out of Sunderland & up to Edinburgh?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:22PM (#293761)
  • Oh yes, Swallowneck often recalls with a modest measure of glee about the first time he had ever, erm, "accommodated" a man and he was from Sunderland.

    In fact it wouldn't surprise me if Swallowneck wasn't up there tonight - kissing with his mouth full, if you know what I mean!!!

    ps - Bad news boys, The Turks Head in Sewersby Bridge is about to close due to the usual public house profit loss woes here in the UK. I blame the beer garden - the town's number one "meat"ing place. If the local men were actually in the pub itself drinking fizzy lager instead of getting their kicks with Swallowneck in the beer garden (behind their wives' back!) the pub might still be doing okay...
    MarkFromScatter -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:26PM (#293764)
    (User #16900 Info)
    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
  • My 8th Morrissey concert and it was fantastic.

    Morrissey came on in a lovely tuxedo, the band were wearing nice denim costumes. I thought Morrissey seemed a bit down at times but I absolutely loved it. My throaght now hurts from shouting so much. Really liked the venue, it seemed very appropriate.

    Feel very very happy right now just being near Morrissey is enough to make me feel good.

    Hope you enjoy him in Edinburgh
    oranges -- Friday February 01 2008, @05:14PM (#293801)
    (User #9328 Info)
  • Just got back from Sunderland, excellent gig despite the venue being an all seater.
    Managed to get down to the front and stayed there most of the night.
    Morrissey was in good form, plenty of dialogue with the audience (mostly one sided though).
    I made 3 unsuccessful attempts to get onto the stage and Morrissey acknowledged my first attempt saying something along the lines of 'thank you to the brave souls for trying, you don't get anything in this life if you don't try". I was made up with this acknowledgement. Sadly, I was ejected from the premises after my 3rd attempt, half way through IBEH so I missed the last couple of songs and the encore. :-(
    Highlights: 'Brother' I am a Poet, Something Is Squeezing My Skull, The Loop, Stretch Out & Wait
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @06:03PM (#293811)
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  • Was something like will be a bit wrong in places...

    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
    First of the gang to die
    I just want to see the boy happy
    Thats how people grow up
    Mama lay softly on the riverbed
    Death of a disco dancer
    Sister I'm a poet
    All you need is me
    I'm throwing my arms around Paris
    The Loop
    The world is full of Crashing Bores
    How Soon is now?
    Life is a Pigsty
    Why don't you find out for yourself?
    Stretch out and wait
    Something is squeezing my skull
    Irish Blood, English heart
    Please, please, please let me get what I want
    Last of the famous international playboys

    Good show, good venue - I thought Morrissey was losing his voice but I think he may have had issues with the microphone through the gig - spoke about Sid James passing away backstage at the venue, and made reference to him staying in Newcastle (queue a chorus of boos). Morrissey on fine form and the band were truly excellent tonight.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @06:28PM (#293820)
  • was in good mood last night, a lot more talkative than Donny and very very witty. great set and the band were once again fantastic. microphone went a bit dodgy, so he had to just keep still for a few songs whilst they sorted it out. during life is a pigstye, thought his voice was going to go, but he got second wind and carried on in great voice.
    highlights....Tomorrow, stretch out and wait, irish blood and the loop.

    so thats it for an action packed week,
    fridays four songs
    satdays cancelled show
    wednesday my fav moz gig
    friday fantastic
    mozsupportsrovers -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:40AM (#293860)
    (User #18054 Info)
  • how much are the t-shirts? specificaly, the womanly ones.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @04:24AM (#293871)
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      • Re:merch by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 02 2008, @05:08AM
  • Doncaster was the first of two gigs i attended on this mini-tour. Cant beleive how badly it all went wrong.

    Was there with two friends, and during the crush, halfway through How soon is now, my friend began to go all limp and faint. Spent the next four songs trying to keep people away to let her breathe. It was all too much for her, and she had to be taken away during 'Billy Budd'. I followed her and found myself close to morrissey. I made an attempt to shake his hand but nothing, so allowed Morrisseys own security to take me away. As i was walking off, i got a tap on the shoulder, and the man himself is offering his hand! Who wouldnt shake it??? Next thing I know, the domes security knock me off my feet, and nearly send morrissey with me!

    This was labelled by the domes security as an attempt to Pull the man off the stage rather than just over-aggresive security. Nevertheless, I was taken outside, without being allowed to see my friend safely to people i knew and who would look after her, and beaten and pinned against a wall. Unbeleivable.

    Anyone know what I can do?? because the only man who can prove i did not try to pull him off stage is morrissey, provided he didnt feel i was trying to, i hope he didnt, because i would never do such a thing =[

    Any advice would be appreciated, and you can email me on [email protected]

    thankyou =] and thanks to those who tried to help keep me upright!

    and thanks to mozzersgirl for the supportive comment earlier in the doncaster post show thread.

    any advice would be appreciated xxxxxx

    Also, apologies for talking about the wrong gig in this thread, but I only just thought to use to try and gain some ideas what i could possibly do.

    Sunderland gig was amazing, was near the front but wouldnt get in the crowd near the barrier, didnt want to upset morrissey, my face is that bruised, and we all know he hates over-violent security =/

    tried to speak to his personal security bloke, couldnt find him though.

    And thankyou to the group of Morrissey fans who go to every gig for their advice =] hope to see you soon! And Julia is such a lovely person!

    Hope to hear some ideas how i could possibly deal with this xxx I'm as bigger morrissey fan as anyone, would never hurt him, or even try! xxx
    Johnny1990 -- Saturday February 02 2008, @08:27AM (#293905)
    (User #18001 Info)
  • Great gig, sound /mic a bit dodgy in places but the performances by the band and morrissey epecially was excellent. He seemed a bit how can I put it, well maybe just not as into it mentally. I know that sounds odd! However during The Loop and Pigsty he was very very into it and the loop especially was a highlight - it was like watching Moz from 16 years ago he was all over the place with his tambourine that was great to see again.

    I think he was a bit pissed with the crowd. We were down the front and managed to stay there all the way through, but it is just so unbelieveable still to me to see people sitting in the front rows - sitting! I mean how can you just sit there non plussed. Then one of them was just handed a set list. Anyway, it reminded me of the sage and was v annoying. There was a big space at the front in the ailse where we were but security wouldn't let anyone else down there. They had the ticket checker kids there as extra security - 18 year olds, didn't know what hit them when people tried to get on stage.

    There were some good attempts to get on stage but what was scary was we didn't see til the end (as couldn't get there) but the gap between the front barrier and the stage was actually a six foot drop - would have been pretty dangerous if anyone had actually managed it. The security guy down the front was telling me they'd been told by Morrissey's security to make absolutely sure no one got near him - which is why that's what they did. What was surreal was we were just standing in front of Morrissey, no one else about in the ailse with a great big gap but coudn't do anything else or get nearer! it was better at the front when more people were there but they all got sent back. We just said our seats were at the front and stood to the side til they buggered off.

    Highlights - Stretch out and wait was amazing, as was The loop, Pigsty, Please please. Got some really good photos!

    Saw his coach (think so-recognised it as same as the Leeds one he got on) coming into venue at about 7.15pm then saw it again in the car on the way back to Newcastle - the curtains were twitching when we put the windows down waving manically like idiots - but obviously the windows were blacked out! God I hope it was him!

    He looked very fit / buff tonight and good old Boz too - the band also looked good in their denim stuff, v rockabilly.

    Banter wise not too much and no mention to Julia. After the first song he said his antibiotics had 'stopped working - thankfully.' He said about Sid James - knew he would - having it off with Babs W, that would be enough to cause a siezure (something like that) and was talkin about newcastle - said 'woke up this morning at 4pm in Newcastle with snow. and it was lovely - along those lines. No booing to that where I was btw - we all cheered!!!! Oh mentioned being on JR that night too.

    Altogether a brilliant performance considering last week - brilliant set - everything. Not the best I've seen (that's the last Palladium in 2006) but great nonetheless. I'm just glad we got to see him this time still, after the diappointment that the roundhouse won't be resheduled - so pissed off about that.

    Oh, hello's to Mozzette - so nice to meet you, hope we kept you entertained before the gig and glad you managed to see him closer up this time!

    Lucky Edinburgh - enjoy it!

    S x
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @10:00AM (#293923)
  • gotta give a mention to the guy from Leicester who baz and i met in london last week. Walked into the pub opposite and there he was again ! Once inside , a row behind us , stripped to the waist with a fuck off Morrissey tattoo across his back givin it six nowt !! It caught morrisseys eyes and he gave him an "OK" finger sign. Was good to see ya big lad and maybe we will meet again - hope the missus has forgave ya !
    northernleech -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:44PM (#293978)
    (User #15225 Info)
    my sentimental heart hardens
  • Third time I've seen him, and it's got to be the best. Highlights for me: Life is a Pigsty (specifically the Asleep reference at the end), How Soon Is Now, The Loop (with the tambourine), Stretch Out and Wait (I can't believe he did this!) and Please, Please, Please (let me have who I want). I loved the lyric change in HSIN too, something like: "So you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own, well what a big surprise".

    Just a class gig, really! :)
    SarahG -- Monday February 04 2008, @03:35AM (#294169)
    (User #15576 Info)
    Hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly...
  • thought i'd post a few comments on fridays gig. moz came on looking very dapper in a black tux which fitted the venue perfectly. first time i've been to the empire and was struck at how very grand it was and although it is all seater there was still the ability to generate a good atmosphere with the communal morrissey terrace chant. band looked great and sounded better!! set list was good with my highlights being the loop with the tambourine shimmy, irish blood english heart, why don't you find out for yourself and then ending a great night with LOTFIP. if anything would like to see more solo stuff included as some smiths songs now seem almost obligatory especially HSIN and i feel his solo back catalogue has more than enough gems in it. ninth time i've seen moz and it just keeps getting better. keep it going!!
    quiltedquiff -- Monday February 04 2008, @04:18PM (#294307)
    (User #17827 Info)
  • Snowflakes fall in the cloisters of Durham Cathedral. The wind kept me awake overnight. Spooky.

    After a rest day it’s time to drive to Newcastle. Book into hotel in N’Castle mid-afternoon. Half hour later there’s a blizzard. Will I be able to get to Sunderland? There’s cars trapped on the motorway according to the news reports. Or are they exaggerating? Again.

    Arrive safely in S’land. No problems with snow or ice. All gone! Friday night seems very quiet. New-ish shopping/leisure centre. Not at all dilapidated.

    Drinks in the ‘Londonderry’. ‘Happy Hour’ Chinese meal in split-level restaurant. Lots of happy families with beautiful children. Missing mine tonight. Wish they were here. Sudden flashback to awful scenes from China on news. Puts me off my noodles. Get up. Leave.

    Empire Theatre. Very nice. Lit up like a Xmas tree. Ornate, re-furbished relic. Girl In A Coma go down well again. Woman selling small bottles of beer from large black bin/object on her back. £3.50? Fc-uk off!

    Mad rush to seats as Morrissey ‘appears live’ on stage.

    Lots of banter: “Barbara Windsor backstage/Friday night, fight night/the antibiotics aren't working(?)”

    Why couldn’t he have said ‘something’ in Doncaster? Capricious. Mercurial. High-maintenance, but worth it. Mostly.
    Roller-coaster ride: The ups don’t make sense without the downs and the occasional plateau, like tonight.

    Starts winding the crowd up by explaining/insisting he could only stay in Newcastle hotel. Mentions waking at 4:00pm and looking out of window at pretty snow.

    Crowd allowed to rush down central aisle only to be told to go back to seats. Security very low-key and effective, such a contrast to Doncaster-bastard-bailiffs-with bad breath.

    Venue feels oddly claustrophobic. Subdued atmosphere. Expected wildness. Maybe it’s me and I’m just tired from all the driving.

    Show goes off without a hitch, but no real drama or excitement.

    Before ‘Please, Please..’, he says ‘a song at twilight’.

    I didn’t get into orbit tonight, but Morrissey seems the same. Still evading the mike at some high notes, like a seasoned old pro. Lots of tension in the throat, but obviously nothing seriously wrong.

    Usual raucous ruffians rampaging the streets, just like in any other British town. Friday night drunken she-slags and lad-slags looking for shags. Tempted but feeling ‘virtuous’ tonight.

    Drive back to hotel. Phone home. Texts. Late night T.V. Must sleep if making early start for E’bro.

    The shows are nearly done. Feel a bit gloomy as I switch off the light. Hope I’m not about to have a major mood shift. Please don’t ruin everything!

    “Goodnight Morrissey”. No reply.

    A few prayers, then it’s back to the real world. Safe at last.
    BrummieBoy -- Tuesday February 05 2008, @12:55PM (#294458)
    (User #11602 Info)
    sig cancelled

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