posted by davidt on Saturday February 02 2008, @03:00PM
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Set List:

Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? / That's How People Grow Up / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Billy Budd / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Irish Blood, English Heart / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Life Is A Pigsty / The Loop / Sister, I'm A Poet / All You Need Is Me / Stretch Out And Wait / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Tomorrow / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • please tell me this happened?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:08PM (#293970)
  • Doncaster was the first of two gigs i attended on this mini-tour. Cant beleive how badly it all went wrong.

    Was there with two friends, and during the crush, halfway through How soon is now, my friend began to go all limp and faint. Spent the next four songs trying to keep people away to let her breathe. It was all too much for her, and she had to be taken away during 'Billy Budd'. I followed her and found myself close to morrissey. I made an attempt to shake his hand but nothing, so allowed Morrisseys own security to take me away. As i was walking off, i got a tap on the shoulder, and the man himself is offering his hand! Who wouldnt shake it??? Next thing I know, the domes security knock me off my feet, and nearly send morrissey with me!

    This was labelled by the domes security as an attempt to Pull the man off the stage rather than just over-aggresive security. Nevertheless, I was taken outside, without being allowed to see my friend safely to people i knew and who would look after her, and beaten and pinned against a wall. Unbeleivable.

    Anyone know what I can do?? because the only man who can prove i did not try to pull him off stage is morrissey, provided he didnt feel i was trying to, i hope he didnt, because i would never do such a thing =[

    Advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated, and you can email me on [email protected]

    thankyou =] and thanks to those who tried to help keep me upright!

    and thanks to mozzersgirl for the supportive comment earlier in the doncaster post show thread.

    any advice would be appreciated xxxxxx

    Also, apologies for talking about the wrong gig in this thread, but I only just thought to use to try and gain some ideas what i could possibly do.

    Sunderland gig was amazing though, was near the front but wouldnt get in the crowd near the barrier, didnt want to upset morrissey, my face is that bruised, and we all know he hates over-violent security =/

    tried to speak to his personal security bloke, couldnt find him though.

    And thankyou to the group of Morrissey fans who go to every gig for their advice =] hope to see you soon! And Julia is such a lovely person!

    Hope to hear some ideas how i could possibly deal with this xxx I'm as bigger morrissey fan as anyone, would never hurt him, or even try! xxx
    Johnny1990 -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:13PM (#293972)
    (User #18001 Info)
  • Swallowneck is up there in Edinburgh right now and he says that real Scots men do not wear anything beneath the kilt.

    This he knows because he said the "handful" he encountered whilst fumbling beneath the tartan was a "bulging mass of skin, sweat and ginger wirey hairs"!!!

    Och aye, Swallowneck...
    MarkFromScatter -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:36PM (#293975)
    (User #16900 Info)
    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
  • "As i was saying to Merck earlier, my doors are alway open,.... Julia!,.... god bless Robert Fergusson !, god bless Milne's Bar ! i love you."
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:56PM (#293982)
  • hae internet connectivity i' Scotland?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @04:58PM (#293997)
    • site down by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 03 2008, @11:53AM
  • Just got back from Edinburgh, and it was fantastic. Loads of people got onto the stage, including one girl who Morrissey dragged across the stage personally.

    I thought his voice was fantastic and held up really well and there was plenty of banter, at one point he said 'don't buy any Smiths albums as all the money goes to that wretched drummer'

    All in all, really good. Viva Moz!
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @05:13PM (#293999)
    • Re:Fantastic by dbowie (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @04:10AM
    • Re:Fantastic by scottishblood (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @02:15PM
      • Re:Fantastic by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 04 2008, @10:06AM
  • It was a really good gig. He made it all the way through it. His voice sounded fine, although I think he was having a few problems with the mic at the beginning.

    Okay I’ll get the shallow stuff out of the way first. He looked absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing a tight black shirt and grey trousers. His bum looked so good in them. I think he know it to, he had his back to us a lot.

    I can’t remember the setlist at the moment, but it was pretty similar to previous gigs. Highlights for me were, death of a disco dancer, The Loop, stretch out and wait, playboys and all of the new songs. He was really catty I can’t remember all of the comments at the moment but I remember he made a comment about the J Ross Show and he made a face, I don’t think he enjoyed it too much. He also asked us not to buy anymore Smiths CDs because all the money goes to THAT DRUMMER,

    There were a few stage invaders near the end and a lot of hand shakes.

    Nothing to exciting to report. I was in the fourth row but there were so many people in front of me and in the isles so I couldn’t really get any closer anyway. But I was quite content where I was. I had quite a good view.

    Thanks Morrissey.

    Tbevie -- Saturday February 02 2008, @05:29PM (#294005)
    (User #14894 Info)
  • Moz was in great form. No sign of voice problems. He looked like he was having a great night. Crowd were great. Couldn't see the front few rows but everybody near me was on their feet singing along. When he sang Please Please Please there were many people in tears.

    I'll leave someone with a better memory than me to post the setlist but I think he sang all the new songs. Great for me as I deliberately hadn't listened to them.

    Lots of banter. What I can remember is:

    When he was talking about not buying the smiths cds as "drummer gets all the money" some people started the "Morrissey" chant and he shouted "What! Jesus! Can I speak". Later in the Auld Lang Syne part of Pigsty some at the front were shouting again and he said "you have ruined a perfectly good song. I want all your names, addresses and phone numbers and then I'm going to come and kick the shit out of you". When introducing the band he said "you don't need the loch ness monster when you have Boz Boorer". He said something near the end about chips from the chippie, in a rubbish scots accent. He also asked if there was anyone from Falkirk (a town in central scotland).

    It got wild at the end. Security were just throwing people from the stage. At one point there appeared to be about 5 people fighting in the middle of the stage. Morrissey pulled one girl onto the stage then others followed. I didn't have the best view from the back of the stalls and thought that Morrissey had been dragged to the floor at one point but I think he had moved to the back and it was security and fans who were all rolling about.

    Anyway, the best. Edinburgh loved Morrissey tonight and I think he liked us.

    not sorry -- Saturday February 02 2008, @06:17PM (#294015)
    (User #14977 Info)
  • before talking about gig have to say the way the fat yank and the assorted other bouncers manhandled the people trying to make it on stage were a disgrace, if morrissey wants to lead people on and tempt them up there with him he shouldn't also employee scumbags who assualt mostly middle aged women & men who are having a bit of fun.

    i hope all those assaulted aren't badly injured, one guy in particular seem to get punched in the throat at one point.

    as for the gig itself, was okay, morrissey seemed to be apologising too much, one comment about 'his attempt at singin' early on, and was constantly changing or indeed missing out whole sections of verses.

    seemed pissed off with the 'morrissey' chants, indeed going on about it ruing the trite 'auld langs sune' keyboard part at the end of pigsty

    was looking forward to him playing why don't you find out for yourself, but this seemed to be dropped for 'tomorrow...sadly seemed like most in the audience didn't know that tune...

    all seating gigs aren't my fav, and certainly i don't think they suit moz, i hope a return to the barras on the next tour.

    no mention of julia tonight, so perhaps she's dead???

    would give the gig 7/10

    give me paisley town hall every night of the week though....
    pubrockcoma -- Saturday February 02 2008, @06:17PM (#294016)
    (User #12215 Info)
  • Come on...... we are waiting for more reviews! It is 1.30pm here and the last post was like... ages ago! What are you all doing up there?
    Speak to us!!!!
    dbowie -- Sunday February 03 2008, @06:29AM (#294031)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • I thought the sound was a bit dodgy - way too quiet up in the balcony, at any rate.

    Atmosphere was a bit lacking - but what do you expect? It was Edinburgh and all seated. Come back to Glasgow, Moz.
    Maradona -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:22AM (#294033)
    (User #13537 Info)
  • The same cannot be said about the after party at the cabaret voltaire.
    No atmosphere and people on the door were assholes.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:31AM (#294035)
  • Not his best gig by a long shot. A good number of songs (albeit good ones), "Life is a Pigsty", "Death of a Disco Dancer" and "Please, Please....." to name a few, seemed to this cynic chosen as filler to save the obviously battered voice. Morrissey provided a good show but by no means a great one.

    His pointless and rather childish comment about not buying Smiths cds, really did rankle. Thankfully, a good number of people booed him. Quite right too!

    Wonderful to see mini stage invasions i.e one person at a time. Where have the days gone when the stage would be crammed? Are we getting too old?

    Sadly, and like most gigs these days two rather young women twittered like loud, gaudy budgies through the gig. When asked to stop they descended into a post pubescent huff and made even more noise. This increase in noise, apparently proved them to be "real" fans; so they later bleated at me. Deary, deary me.

    Quality control at gigs? I'm all for it!
    Luckybag -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:38AM (#294038)
    (User #20542 Info)
  • playboys
    stop me
    boy appy
    That's how....
    Mama lay softly...
    Billy B
    One day G'bye will be....
    Irish B
    Disco Dancer
    All need is
    Stretch out& w
    something is skull
    crashing B'S

    [email protected] 1stuv gang
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:42AM (#294039)
  • everybody's got to live their life, and god knows i've got live mine.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:53AM (#294046)
  • I thought it was brilliant, did notice him seeming to have some problems with the mic near the start. Not one to moan but I was in the middle of the stalls and people were using the flash on their cameras which was slightly annoying given that the flash will have no effect from that distance. I think the constant chants were just from drunken louts more than anything. Anyway, brilliant performance and I thought it was funny watching people being thrown off the stage.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:11PM (#294053)
  • Personally, my expectations were high after the cancelled gigs, so Morrissey turning up was enough to send me into fits of hysteria (easily pleased i know). Yeah the venue was hampered by the seats, but still managed to get good view. Soon as he came on and did playboys the place erupted and the enthusiasm appeared to be maintained throughout (at least from the stalls it seemed like a cracking atmosphere). Either his voice were dodgy at start or it was the mic, either way the crowd sang and filled in the bits he couldnt manage. But after few songs, the problems seemed to subside and he appeared to really get into it and enjoy himself. Loved the banter with the crowd and the stage invasions. Yeah some of the comments were bitchy, but hey its Morrissey. Really thought the band were superb. My musical highlights; Playboys, stop me.., mama lay me... and please please .. just beautiful. Other highlights; Mozzer and the usual removal of shirt, the sight of his bum so much cause he kept turning his back to the crowd and the girl who made it to morrissey on stage. Lowlights; the security who were definitely way too heavy handed and acted like complete ****s!Especially the big fat guy who looked like he could knock you out with one finger.Just wanna say, loved girl in a coma. Shame a few more didnt actually watch them. Also, very disappointed at the smiths night at cabaret voltaire. Went to boston arms and had top night. But last night there were way too long a wait to get in (bear in mind the weather was baltic), it was too small and hence little room to dance, the place seemed full of teenagers trying to pull (unsuccessfully) and there were lots of idiots on the dancefloor. Anyway, glad thats off my chest. Off to reminisce with my digital camera pics (ha ha security men, we got lots of pics)
    girl still ill -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:16PM (#294055)
    (User #20747 Info)
  • "Is this East Kildride? No? Thank God"

    Ignore the merchants of doom who would have it that things were better in the "old days"...some of us is turning nasty in our dotage. This was a wonderful performance from our man in Rome. Despite problems with his voice or his mic he sang his little, fragile heart out and in so doing made a lot of people very happy.

    "Playboys" got us started and even after all these years it sounds fresh...a reminder of why Morrissey still matters and will matter long after we have all forgotten about Foals, Lightspeed Champion and Look At Us We Have Very Skinny Jeans And A Wilfully Obtuse Name and Attitude.

    "Stop Me..." was the first of 5 Smiths tracks played and it was, frankly, astonishing. The band, all so young and all so pretty, played it beautifully and despite my love of Alain, Gaz, Deano and Mikey I very quickly developed an admiration for the abilities of the new boys in town.

    Someone has tried to suggest that during Morrisseys appeal for us to stop buying Smiths CDs to stop the flow of cash into the pockets of one M. Joyce that he was booed...this is nonsense. It was only upon the mention of Joyces name that any booing occurred...but why let the facts get in the way of a good story; maybe that contributor should contact the NME?

    The other Smiths tracks were "How Soon Is Now?", "Death of A Disco Dancer", "Stretch Out And Wait" and "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want". Each of them perfect in every way...the highlight of the evening for me was Morrissey singing "Let me get WHO I want this time..." try as I might though, I couldn't catch his eye.

    5 "new" to most of us anyway...were also given an airing and as well as having the most wonderful titles they each sounded promising; methinks the new album may well be the complete article that most of us wanted "Quarry" and "Tormentors" to be...all killer and no filler?

    "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed", "I'm Throwing My Arms 'Round Paris", "All You Need Is Me", "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" and, of course, "That's How People Grow Up" were the promises of what's to come.

    Our man was in good humour throughout the night; references to Falkirk, the chippy and beating the shit out of the bizarre troll who butchered "Auld Lang Syne" at the end of "Pigsty" were all wickedly wonderful and, again, served as a reminder as to why so many people simply adore him.

    The crowd was a curious mixture one had the hardcore devotees who congregated like a care in the community outing at the front of the stage...all wilting quiffs, blossoming waistlines and terrible clothes; one can only imagine what Morrissey must think when he sees them! Bless them for their loyalty and devotion. Curse them for not really getting the message about being true to yourself. Alongside them were girls with fake tan who looked like they would be more at home at a hen night in the Grassmarket but who, once Morrissey took the stage, suddenly showed themselves to be every bit as devoted as those already mentioned. Boys in sports casual wear...middle-aged men with middle-aged spread...teenagers whose friends think they should know better...married couples...hard faces...soft faces...and, the star of the audience for me, the young(ish) turk near the front in the astonishing red cardigan complete with swallow print; he looked like he should have been on stage himself...well done you.

    The attempted stage invasion was a joyous thing...sadly the days of Morrissey hailing over-zealous security as "ugly" and replacing them with sweeter and more tender souls have gone and my heart goes out to the hardy souls who took a battering for their attempts to reach the man.

    I've seen my share of Morrissey and abroad...this one was up with the best for me; it was a beautiful venue, sell out crowd, a fabulous set list, a great band, a good natured atmosphere and the same old songs never sounded any better to these ears.

    God bless him.

    Alma Cogan

    Alma Cogan -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:21PM (#294057)
    (User #20852 Info)
  • Moz asked the fans not to buy any smiths records because all the money goes to that .......drummer.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:23PM (#294058)
  • Sometimes what starts as a low key gig turns into a full blown event. Initial mike and sound problems and a few faces pulled...then the whole thing turned into one of the best gigs I've seen recently. I think he started by asking Is this East Kilbride.

    After years of trying I had a front row seat (photos will go on the forum) and the delight of those from further back sneaking in behind me to share the fun and seeing the whole of the centre aisle fill. Opener was Playboys, loved that Tomorrow was played again and the joy that’s The Loop, during Paris the first brave souls jumped the barrier on the right and soon more followed (I have a couple of images and short clip) IMO Morrissey was delighted and the reaction of the crowd intense. Lots of banter, and lively reaction he asked about his appearance on JR, Smiths stuff not to buy any more because of the wretched drummer getting the money, the end of Pigsty was funny when the crowd sang along with Auld Lang Syne and he got off the floor to look at us saying is was awful and then asking for details as noted in the posts above.

    During Stretch out and wait he reached across and shook my b/f’s hand (something I’ll never hear the end of). FOTG was the encore again - and it was mayhem at the front as the barrier leaping went into overdrive (vid clips to you tube as soon as I can).

    The atmosphere was charged and the band loved it, second shirt in the crowd and he was gone. Finally, Jessie was running along the barrier to everyone - wonderful night.
    Sphinx -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:25PM (#294060)
    (User #12337 Info)
  • There can only be one truth or do we all have an opinion, based on our experience that may not be shared by others?

    Morrisey was indeed booed by many when he made his trite remark about not buying Smiths cds. I too was there and the shouts of "prick" and "for fuck sake let it go" stung these innocent ears.

    These shouts/boos were not merely in reference to Mike Joyce's name being mentioned, although there could have been some overlap?

    The facts are as experienced and not, as inidcated, a clumsy attempt at purile storytelling. This contributor has no intention of contacting the NME? What exactly would be the point?

    Why is it when I post something on here, rather than folk getting back with rational, interesting and thoughtful comments they respond by attacking, attacking, attacking.

    Luckybag -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:37PM (#294063)
    (User #20542 Info)
  • Just got back to London following a great weekend in Edinburgh. It was a surprise for the wife, who when we got to the Playhouse she thought we was going to see the Nutcracker, as I had kept the Moz thing secret and said we were going to the theatre.

    All I can say is that it was a truly great Moz performance; probably my best yet.

      A real lively crowd and plenty of good banter from the man himself made the whole thing wonderful.

    The only downer was the bastard bouncers who treated the many stage invaders with strong handling. But, neverheless, this was a night to remember.
    Desert Pilot -- Sunday February 03 2008, @01:05PM (#294074)
    (User #17005 Info)
    • Re:A great gig by not sorry (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @01:13PM
      • Re:A great gig by Desert Pilot (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @01:54PM
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    • Re:A great gig by dbowie (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @01:41PM
      • Re:A great gig by Desert Pilot (Score:1) Sunday February 03 2008, @01:58PM
  • Although it was terrible to witness such abuse from the security it did at to the gig's romanticism. I felt totally gutted on Friday at Sun-der-land, as i had just found out about the Roundhouse not re-scheduling. Edinburgh made me feel a hell of a lot better. He was in a bloody brilliant mood!

    Uncivil Servant.
    Uncivil Servant -- Sunday February 03 2008, @02:42PM (#294102)
    (User #20859 Info)
  • Solomon (bass) is a hot hunk. a Gay dream. What a sexy guy!?
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @04:35PM (#294115)
  • and since Morrissey hires them he is to blame for their behaviour. I recognised that bouncer fucker on the left of the stage from the new york gig in October when he had his hands around a fan's neck trying to choke him with all his strength.

    If Morrissey gave a shit about his fans he'd sort this out

    perfect set list by the way - best ever

    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @08:45PM (#294142)
  • You people don’t deserve Morrissey - he couldn’t wait to get of the stage to get away from your evil spells that you cast from your evil eyes and your witches concoction of blood and curses and the bowel movement of a deranged hobo. He can’t stand the sight of you people and wanted to throw an egg at your head and let the blood of the yolk drip down your forehead. I am the son of Satan. I know what is needed. You people need to be ejected from the planet, to be thrown into a twenty pound of boiling water where I throw little children and they turn to stone, then I crack another egg on the children who turned to stone and watch in glee at the red spot of blood in the middle of the yolk s it floats on my concoction, then I master bate into the blood of the egg of the soup that is if my penis isn’t too sore as I constantly have infections, maybe it’s from my erectile dysfunction. There is urine dripping down my leg as I have just urinated and I am bellowing outside the door for no reason because I can’t be heard and Morrissey can’t even hear your cries as he doesn’t care that you were trampled by the guards and had your heads stepped on - actually from what I heard through a leak he advised the guards to keep the odious contemptuous vagrants from the homeless shelters away from his gorgeous outstanding presence. He looked in awe at the bunch of treacherous car wrecks of beast vomit and he had to take a bunch of stimulants and/or mind altering drugs just to magically transform these Martians into something lookable where little children couldn’t point and start screaming hysterically for their mommies. He’d wanted to do it himself after nailing 13 nails into the bottom of his shoes. I am the son of Lucifer and know what is to be and what has transpired and know that Morrissey is sickened to know you people were there and some of you survived unfortunately to put enough butter on your bodies to slide out the doors into the prince of darkness nights I incidentally hail from - I am Satan I am evil. I know as I am the son of Beelzebub and know that the time is drawing near, the clock will soon strike 12 and the blood will drip down off the hands of the clock and from your eyes and ears and the cuckoo will come out and spit in your face and proclaim his correctness as I the son of Satan do to no one for no reason. But I do make an exception, this one woman in particular whom I resent because she is just a pill popping alcoholic and I like to watch her grasp on the floor in her room for her vicodin, she doesn’t know when she walk out of the room I like to step on her pills she dropped on the floor and I also step on her shoes and rub my filthy greasy hands that I touch the bottom of her car with on he pink towels, then I taunt her by using my powers to mess up her table, her telephones and all of the lights in her house, it’s fun. I like it. I love to torture this woman and when I use to bring her food because she is such a lazy socialite who does nothing all day but spend money and buy clothes I would drop her food on the bottom of my car and step on the bread that came along with her pasta dish, I also loved to throw pieces of my meat dish into her pasta because she is a vegetarian, I wanted to poison her I still want to poison her as it’s fun I like to. but Morrissey doesn’t care, he has left the building leaving you all there laying on the ground, your hands in each other’s pockets with the hope that the ceiling will cave in and you will be crushed amidst the rubble to be replaced by the ghosts and ghouls that will be more supportive of Morrissey. And there are dogs barking outside and they are calling to me as I am them and they are me as I have 666 regiments that must be performed before daybreak and the FBI is watching me through the window as they are in blackface but I can see the donut crumbs on their faces in the moonlight. And Morrissey knows all this too because I think that the princess of drugs, valium and gambling might have called the FBI on me as I am Satan and also mess with her computer. I like to, it’s fun
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @09:14PM (#294144)
  • I am in glee because Morrissey sang Death of a Disco Dancer. This makes me crave my White Castles hamburgers even more. I am in glee as they are open 24 hours so I can sneak out of this house, tip toe through the halls close the door and leave it unlocked while I embark on my quest to purchase my delicious White Castles. Vegetarians are a farce. This woman tries to make me eat her salad with cheeses and nachos with cheeses. I pretend to like them I don’t like them. I lie to her as I lie to her about everything. I humor her, telling her that her vegetarian food is good while back at the ranch I am secretly laughing thinking I want to vomit my guts out at the restaurant table. I am also thrilled played Please Please... because it reminds me of changing the lyrics, to Please Please Please let me, let me torture her some more, this time. I also have my own bathroom where I masturbate to porn and then when I’m finished I like to stick my balding head with several red stamps with the sign of Satan on the back of my baldness I stick this baldness with the red satanic signs into the toilet bowl and drink the water lapping it with my tongue. It quenches and it hits the spot. I am also delighted Morrissey played Something IS Squeezing My Skull so I can plot my next spell or I can have and hope she obtains another concussion because I want her to scrounge around for more pain pills. I am rooting for her death. I am Satan. I want to. I like to. I sit in the Morrissey web site and journals all day long at my job keeping it all secret being that I live a double life. I am a shy reserved sneaky manipulative little mousy man who only has the guts to terrorize x-gfs. I humor a woman by telling her maybe there is a God, I do this just to trick her into getting her to believe I have changed. Can ha ha it’s funny I don’t believe in God and never did and now I have become the son of Lucifer only this time I have openly admitted it to her. I scream outside her room at her door just to annoy chanting I am Satan I am evil. I do this every night after work even if she’s not home I’ll do it because it’s part of my regiment. I have a impetuous need to talk to her door. Sometimes like the dog that I am I even scratch and pant. I want to urinate outside her door and rub mypenis on her doorknob that she sprays Lysol on everyday because of me. I love to watch her waste money spraying Lysol because of me. I have a lease can haha. I have to eat white castles at the stroke of twelve every night this is part of my 666 regiments that I have a compelling force to fulfill I want to ring her phone thousands of times a day just to annoy her. its fun. Sometimes I ark like a dog, sometimes I pretend to be sleeping and sometimes I pretend to be nice just so I can knock her down like a pile of building blocks. I want to put my head into dawt. The FBI says I have the profile of a killer, I am the silent quiet meek man that appears to be well adjusted with a regular job. I function in society. I’ve never gotten drunk and I’ve never abused any mind altering substances. I fool everybody but most of all I am fooling myself but I like to it’s fun, can ha ha I need to masturbate to kelly clarkson, she is the woman of my dreams as is jennifer aniston. I want to put my penis in their anus I want to it’s fun. can haha I need those blood dripped baked fried white castles I need them I need to stuff them in my mouth and chew them a thousand times so I can annoy her when I gulp them down, it’s fun I like it. I wish I could get the white castles raw because the effects that the raw white castles would have on her is priceless. I am horny and need kelly clarkson can haha.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @10:03PM (#294149)
  • Only the 5th time I have seen him in Scotland but the best yet,
    He is very much sooted to the smaller venues that are historically designed for playing music in, unlike the Glasgow SECC that is to big and was designed without any acoustics in mind at all.

    He looked cool.
    The new guys in the band were defiantly up to the task.
    The set list was spot on.
    He even seemed to be in an amazing mood.
    New songs were good.
    Even the support act were good,
    (Girl in a Coma, met the basest after the show cool girl.)

    Only downer like everyone else is saying shit bouncers, soon no won will bother trying to get on stage if this treatment continues, I saw girls weighing about 8 stone being grievously manhandled by a a guy that looked about 25 stone, what threat was she posing to Mozer apart from giving him a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek,

    SORT IT OUT...

    Bring on the new album and more show. at the end of the year.

    TroubledJoe72 -- Monday February 04 2008, @02:17AM (#294163)
    (User #20860 Info)
  • Brilliant show!
    Morrissey seemed to be well on form and i actualy enjoyed this show more than his last Barras performance which i thought was the best ive seen to date .
    There seems to be much griping about it being a seated venue but there wasnt any restrictions placed on standing up, and at least with seats there isnt a danger of anyone getting crushed by folks moshing in front of the stage (im a short arse and just cant get near the front in standing venues, i end up getting knocked over) and everyone gets a decent view of the man himself.
    Im not to sure about the accoustics in the playhouse but the sound was excellent from where we were and the large stage gave morrissey the room to prowl and dance, making it much better visually than the tiny stage at the Barras where if an artist moves far from the mic they are in the audience. I was also more than happy with the setlist, something for everyone.
    A great show from a great artist.

    Hybrid -- Monday February 04 2008, @04:37AM (#294174)
    (User #15527 Info)
  • Hello Again

    I ment to say.

    Was I the only one that noticed that at the end of his rant about not buying smiths records coz the drummer gets all the money,

    He was in the middle of telling us that there would never be a reunion because of him and that situation,

    But he kept on getting interrupted by someone in the front row so he stopped talking.

    I no that the vast majority of us excepted and no that there is never going to be a reunion a long time a go, but I just thought that it was interesting that to my knowledge it was the first time that Mozer had actually vocalised it live at a concert...

    TroubledJoe72 -- Monday February 04 2008, @04:45AM (#294175)
    (User #20860 Info)
  • Interesting how many different opinions folk have about this gig.

    I was sat in the upstairs circle, 3rd row, centre of stage with a great view. The place was jumping with everyone intent on having a great time. But if you were stuck in the back of the stalls surrounded by "talkers" then I can see why you didn't like it too much!

    Having seen Moz at some dodgy lifeless venues in Scotland(SECC December 2006 being the main culprit) I thought that the atmosphere on Saturday night was brilliant, and the crowd and the band seemed well up for it.

    Opinions are always divided on the set-list (the lad I met on the bus on the way home said it was his first Moz gig and wanted to hear Boxers and That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore). But it was a pleasure to hear the five new songs of which THPGO is the weakest. "Mama" is a classic in the making with its marching style drumbeat. So hopes are high for the next album. And long lost B-side "The Loop" was just a blitzed out Rockabilly thrash which the band obviously loved playing.

    Each I time I see Morrissey I know that it could potentially be the last time I see him - each gig is one closer to retirement/obscurity/death (for both of us). So don't get too hung up on things if you were upset by, I dunno, the bouncers, just remember he wont be around for ever.


    Jocky Thomas -- Monday February 04 2008, @05:28AM (#294180)
    (User #12347 Info)
    "I've got the 21st century breathing down my neck...."
  • anyone see stuart murdoch there? surely he made it??
    Sumonessweetie -- Monday February 04 2008, @06:17AM (#294185)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • You do realise that the 'security guards' are in fact Morrissey 'employees.

    Wayward Sister x
    Anonymous -- Monday February 04 2008, @06:36AM (#294188)
  • During the concert someone from the crowd handed Moz some books - 3 or possibly 4, held together with string.

    Does anyone know what books they were?
    Desert Pilot -- Monday February 04 2008, @07:06AM (#294193)
    (User #17005 Info)
  • Sorry for this late post, but we didn't get back to Cardiff until late yesterday. So, what more can you say, a fantastic gig backed up by a fantastic crowd, well done Moz, well done Edinburgh!
    Moz was certainly on form and enjoyed the atmosphere, although he was rankled on the odd occasion he couldn't get out what he wanted to say. He was about to explain that he would never reform The Smiths, but we know this, still it was interesting to hear him talk about it.
    It's good to hear other opinions of the gig and I agree with the majority of posts, sound was fine for me and I reckon the all seater worked well too, you certainly see it all and get to appreciate the performance and atmosphere, which is always so intense and raw.
    The anticipation of would he last through was nerve wrenching beforehand and at times during the first few songs; was he teasing us with the mic, funny looks, only one mouthspray pump I saw? I reckon he was, but looking at the set list, 21 is probably the most for a while, so we were treated to a satisfying back catalogue and excellent taste of what's to come.
    Highlights, well Playboys of course, Irish B English H, Please Please (Jess' guitar outro was perfect) and the new stuff certainly rocks, All You Need Is Me a favourite already. Wish he'd played Ganglord or Everyday ILS. Glad he's not playing the imminent "Greatest Hits" format though.
    Got great footage of the encore from the front of the circle, the bouncers were twats and surely to God know (or should be told) no-one's going to chin him, only hug him! Well done the girl in red, fantastic effort and rewarded by the man himself.
    Great memories, long live nights like these.
    Must add the aftershow at the Voltaire was a fitting way to end the night. I disagree with some other posts on this, there weren't lots of teenagers inside, but it was too small a venue as no doubt far more people turned up than expected. The doorman outside was an arse, but thanks again to the organiser (sorry, don't know your name) for letting all those in who had booked in advance. Brilliant idea to carry on after a cracking gig, met some great people too, were we really VIPs (?) all with the same love for the simply things in life.........
    three-bar fire -- Monday February 04 2008, @10:51AM (#294221)
    (User #16692 Info)
  • He's still alive-that money grubbing disgusting talentless con who is still allegedly attempting to vindictively steal more of Morrissey's money. Why isn't he dead yet. Don't buy Smiths records, don't buy anything where this wretched gutless ringleader of frauds Mike Gross is still carrying on with his daunting conning manipulative cons to retrieve royalties. Notice the word ringleader, the word ringleader referring case and point to Mike Gross remaining the ringleader in the Smiths who was the con artist and the fraud. He even got away with utilizing fraud in a court of law. Morrissey is right and none of you, none at all should purchase any and all records whereby Mike Gross can attain any and all royalties.

    The girl with the white paper HIGH in her haaaand.
    P.S. And while motherless birds fly high ... why can't Mike Gross fall down
    Anonymous -- Monday February 04 2008, @01:07PM (#294239)
  • Caution Horses!

    It's me. M*O*O*N*E*Y

    Don't read any further unless you've got a strong stomach, empty bowels.

    The real deal is below the 'Read the rest of this comment....' So be warned: I don't suffer fools gladly. In fact, I don't suffer them at all.

    So much for the 'Extreme Weather Event' which the BBC had been droning on about. I left Newcastle after the Sunderland gig and found myself driving up the A1 in glorious sunshine!

    So I took a detour to Lindisfarne/Holy Island and had a 2 hour hike around the seashore whilst having a chat with St Cuthbert and St Aiden. They’re doing very well….

    "Motions to all the sea-birds, throws Divinity on the sands. I'll give you fish, I'll give you candy"

    Arrived at my hotel in Polmont only to find it full of French rugby lads. Pissed. 4pm.The French lads, I mean, not me.

    Jumped on train to Waverley, few beers in various bars then Show-Time!

    Great venue. Huge open vault for sound. Stage set looked perfectly in proportion, unlike in other venues. Girl In A Coma seemed to go down well. Movies. Intermission, then here he is! Live. In person.

    The start was terrific and it seemed like a good head of steam was building up, but this being a 'Morrissey' appearance, things are never quite what they seem! And, not for the first or last time, he seemed to want to start crashing in the same car. Once again.

    ‘The Joyce Dilemma’ is getting a bit wearisome. I had hoped Morrissey was now so confident in the calibre of his solo output that he could relax into his back catalogue and enjoy his heritage. But if it really still disturbs him, perhaps it's best to just stop playing any Smiths songs again. Ever.

    By playing them, he is bringing The Catalogue to the attention of newbie, younger fans who may only have dipped into his Solo Catalogue from recent years.

    If they see/hear a scorching rendition of a Smiths song in concert they are bound to investigate the original artefacts. Ipso facto: Joyce gets paid. It's a conundrum and I can't really see a way out.

    He became exasperated and annoyed by the interruptions from both the pro and anti Joyce factions in the audience. Thankfully he regained his composure and the event moved forward.

    At some point, he handed the mike to the front row and one Scottish lad said something like 'we really love you up here, thanks for coming', then another Scottish lass said, in effect, "I love you and I couldn't live without you". Morrissey just walked away across the stage with a puzzled look on his face. He didn't query her use of his work as a 'Life-Support Machine'.

    Is he really encouraging the 'fans' to these ludicrous excesses? If you can't imagine life without Morrissey, then no amount of his work can ever help you. Why don't you find out for yourself? etc.

    I thought it was absolutely hilarious at the end of 'Life Is A Pigsty'. Morrissey was relaxing in his Pilates/Jerry Hall Yogacise poses on the floor, when some wee lass started hallucinating she was still at the Scissor Sisters/Blondie Hogmanay thing a few years ago, so she starts howling along to the plaintive echo'd keyboard melody of Auld Lang Syne.

    Suddenly Morrissey sat bolt upright in Cobra pose, stood up and fulminated in fine style at the mike about names, addresses and heads to be kicked in. Imprecations. Curses galore. Excellent stuff. You couldn’t script it.

    I thought I was going to have to resurrect Danny Baker’s awesome review of Diana Ross at Wembley until order was restored.

    I really thought he'd had enough, but after some smelling salts at the drum riser, the inevitable ecstasy of 'The Loop' ensued. One of the best things of all the dates, consistently thrilling and his tambourine thrashing was very libidinous in a seriously ‘kinky’ way…..just call me……

    Everything went swimmingly from there on in. Yes, the bouncers are brutal and there is a serious issue as to why Morrissey encourages this stale, outdated 'worship' whilst not ensuring the hired hands ar
    BrummieBoy -- Monday February 04 2008, @06:57PM (#294327)
    (User #11602 Info)
    sig cancelled
  • the gig was shite - same old routine he's been performing for years. dull. i don't think i'd be bothered going to see him perform again (or buy any more of his records).

    also: he needs a serious haircut.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday February 05 2008, @08:54AM (#294410)
  • 13th Moz gig I've been to and easily in the top 3. Once he got over the initial mic/throat problems he was bang on form and courted a nice stage invasion at the end. Highlights were Stretch Out and Pigsty. The new stuff just great and hilarious lyrics! A lot of people bemused by the preshow visuals but you either get it or you don't, lets hope he slots in some more Scottish gigs this year.
    Mozster -- Thursday February 07 2008, @08:28AM (#295086)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................

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