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Set List:

Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Ask / First Of The Gang To Die / That's How People Grow Up / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Sister, I'm A Poet / Vicar In A Tutu/ All You Need Is Me / The Loop / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Billy Budd / Death Of A Disco Dancer / You Say You Don't Love Me (Buzzcocks cover) / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Stretch Out And Wait/ Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // What She Said

setlist provided by Viva Hate, OBGYN
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  • setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Last Of The Famous International Playboys/ Ask/ First of the Gang To Die/ That's How People Grow Up/ Irish Blood, English Heart/ I Just Want To See The Boy Happy/ Sister, I'm A Poet/ Vicar In A Tutu/ All You Need Is Me/ The Loop/ The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores/ Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?/ Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed/ Billy Budd/ Death Of A Disco Dancer/ You Say You Don't Love Me (Buzzcocks cover)/ I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris/ Stretch Out And Wait/ Life Is A Pigsty/ How Soon Is Now?//What She SaidSetl
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    Learn to love me...
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  • ...fantastic
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:05PM (#306744)
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  • Life Is A Pigsty just blew me away, and that was just listening on the radio. It must have been great to be there. What a performance by the sound of it
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:08PM (#306746)
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  • ... a bit of a moan (because some twat always does). :)
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:23PM (#306752)
  • Anyone get a good recording...???

    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:25PM (#306753)
  • I loved the attacks on Kylie, Harriet Harman, Ruth Kelly and ofcourse, George W Bush.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:33PM (#306755)
  • please contact me if you have a good copy of the show.

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @02:34PM (#306756)
  • Good gig (Score:2, Informative)

    No rain at all today!!

    We missed first two songs watching the the Dolls.
    It was impossible to leave their set in the middle because the Dolls were simply excellent as usual!

    Morrissey was very chatty, but mainly complaining about the smell of burger stalls, slagged Kylie Minogue MBE, strict curfew of the festival(he mentioned Hariette Harman and Ruth Kelly who aren't the councillors of Westminster Council, but the government ministers).

    Morrissey was originally wearing black Playboy Tshirt, changed to black American Idol Tishirt, green shirt and blue shirt. The Lads were wearing green Playboy Tshirt.

    I didn't expect that he'd play "What She Said" at encore which was good, but personally Dublin's order is my favourite.
    Kewpie -- Friday July 04 2008, @03:04PM (#306759)
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  • ....and decided to stay away, let me say "Your loss".

    I've seen Moz 7 times now (8 if you include The Smiths last gig at Brixton Academy) and this was the best.

    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @03:22PM (#306760)
  • it took a tatooed boy from Birkenhead.
    Im still drunk and happy. It was a amazing gig
    and Morrissey was on top form. Even THPGU sounded alright! Best ever preformance of How Soon Is Now i ever heard.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @03:53PM (#306761)
  • The Hyde Park gig was simply out of this world- Mozzer was in triffic form- he was happy and sang like an angel- I just got home and it's 1.20am but I can say I'm estactic- this show will live long in my memory- he gave it his best and for his setlist- all I can say it was perfect from Mama to Death of a disco dancer- this man can do no wrong- I'm at ease and yeah It's good to be alive...
    tallpaddy -- Friday July 04 2008, @04:23PM (#306762)
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  • did anyone else see Grim being chased around by security? it reminded me of benny hill.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @04:26PM (#306764)
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  • Cork, Dublin and London. Moz never looses his touch to entertain his playboys..Spit on me again.. see you all in Spain..
    Oliver Cromwell -- Friday July 04 2008, @05:01PM (#306769)
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  • May I just say, before anyone starts going on about the set list etc, etc....
    Tonight was my 34th Morrissey show, including festivals and back of beyond venues such as Bridlington and Llandudno and I woulds say, hand on heart, you won't get a better show than that.
    He started at 100mph with Playboys...Ask...Irish Blood, new material, a few from Vauxhall, Crashing Bores etc, did some old Smiths classics, Pigsty into How Soon is Now and then What She Said as an encore.
    He was chatty, good fun, dramatic all you need for what could have been a dificult gig seeing as it was a pretty modern "festival"
    Now for all you people that will come on here and say - oh he didn't do this and he didn't do that- End of story, if you didn't like that go and see someone else.
    Whalley Range -- Friday July 04 2008, @06:10PM (#306774)
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  • clip on YouTube (Score:1, Informative)

    Thank you, thistwilightgarden!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @06:35PM (#306775)
  • ...gotta be honest. Seen Morrissey twice before and he has never truly 'blown me away' as I was expecting.

    Tonight he did - had three novices with me, and we were all about five from the front, right at the centre, having the time of our lives.

    If you didn't see this gig - you missed out, cannot wait to download it!
    THE_dizzywhore_1804 -- Friday July 04 2008, @07:10PM (#306778)
    (User #20885 Info)
  • It's 4.22am and just got back from Hyde Park. This was a great gig with a balance of old and new songs. Moz seemed in good spirits and the band were as tight as a camel's arse in a sand storm. I got some really good videos, which will be uploaded over the weekend. Viva Moz.
    mozmal -- Friday July 04 2008, @07:26PM (#306779)
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    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • The whole day was excellent with standout sets from Siouxsie and New York Dolls...stunning finale with 'Jet Boy'.

    After this excitement Morrissey was a bit of a letdown with his tired old cliches and curling lip...OK so Kylie got an OBE...Why should he even give a shit about that ?

    Even his singing voice was below par and he looked old and bitter.....

    Maybe I've seen him too many times..Anyone agree..?????
    mexicomoz -- Friday July 04 2008, @08:45PM (#306781)
    (User #19809 Info)
  • Why would Morrissey not play Everyday is Like Sunday, Suedehead, Sister, Hairdresser or any other of his early classics when playing such a high profile show.

    And, of all the classic Smiths songs to play, why would you choose to play Vicar and What She Said, two of the least memorable smiths songs. Not saying they are terribe, but not greats.

    Deliver Moz, Deliver
    Anonymous -- Friday July 04 2008, @11:15PM (#306783)
  • The whole gig. (Score:2, Informative)

    I was grateful to have attended the concert in Hyde Park thanks to the 4 tickets Decca gave me for winning the Timeline competition on 'It's Morrissey's World.' However, they informed me I wouldn't get to meet Morrissey nor would he autograph the 'Greatest Hits' vinyl I was supposed to receive for winning the contest that claimed I would receive an autographed vinyl. They did tell me though to expect an autographed copy of it in the mail...which leads me to believe someone just signed his name to it.

    Anyway, Morrissey played a 22 song set and was onstage for roughly an hour and a half...I couldn't remember EVERY quote word for word so as a reference I downloaded the show from the forums to give you EXACT quotes.

    Morrissey hit the stage at 8:45 to the drum solo of 'The Operation.'
    He greeted the crowd by saying "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high...and don't ever, EVER be afraid of..."

    * Last of the Famous International Playboys*
    Lyric changes were "In our lifetime those who kill/The BBC hands them stardom"

    After the song Morrissey said "Thank you, and just in case you have any doubts, it says there 'Playboys'" referring to his t-shirt.

    Lyric changes were "Coyness can stop you/From being all the things in life you want to", "Nature is a language/Can anybody read?" and "The nuclear bomb will bring us together."

    After the song Morrissey said "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

    *First of the Gang to Die*
    No lyric changes...but Christopher Pooley ruined this song plus every other song he played on OTHER than 'Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself.'

    Morrissey ended the song by saying "The end! Thank you, thank you. See, song number 4 and STILL here...incredible!"

    *That's How People Grow Up*
    No lyric changes present.

    After finishing the song Morrissey said "Thank you...And as we stand we stand here...that alluring, wafting smell of burning animals coming across the lawn. Where would humans be without it? Stick death into your body...death into your body...sickness, illness, death into your body. Hamburgers! Yak! I overdid it..."

    *Irish Blood, English Heart*
    No lyric changes...however Morrissey made some odd noises and yodeled a bit during the end of the song.

    After the song, Morrissey's comments were "Thank you...So uh...I was...I was absolutely...I was absolutely thrilled to death yesterday to see Kylie Minogue receive an NBE for her services to music. I think it's long overdue. I think it's much deserved...and I think you agree."

    *I Just Want To See The Boy Happy*
    Christopher Pooley showed how much he sucked during this song...he made a horrible song worse. It was REALLY embarrassing. Morrissey changed into an 'American Idol' t-shirt.

    Morrissey followed with the band introductions. "Thank's a's a dark night in Whitechapel. You can't see very well. You're middle-aged. Your eyesight's gone. You look to the left, you look to the right and you see Boz Boorer. You see the elegant Solomon Walker...elegant...very elegant...and playing the drumming you, amazingly, see Matt Walker. From south of the border, not Sidcup, Jesse Tobias. Playing the piano, Christopher Pooley. I am nameless, timeless..and uh...that's it really."

    *Sister I'm A Poet*
    He changed the lyrics by inserting "Brother" everywhere he was supposed to say "Sister".

    Morrissey's only comment was "Thank you..."

    *Vicar In A Tutu*
    Lyric changes were "I was minding my business/lifting some lead off the roof of the Salford Lads Club" and "As Rose steals money from parishioners"

    Morrissey joked "Thank you...have you had a reasonbly decent day? Where were you?"

    *All You Need Is Me*
    Lyric changes were "You roll your eyes up to the skies/absolutely horrified", "There's a naked man standing laughing in your dreams/You know who it is and you're thrilled by what it means" and "I was a small fat child from a council house".

    Morrissey got out his tambourine and
    Viva Hate, OBGYN -- Saturday July 05 2008, @12:34AM (#306788)
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    Learn to love me...
  • Has Morrissey played Ask in past few years? Besides tonight.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 05 2008, @12:40AM (#306790)
  • Despite having the worst case of tonsilitus ever, I was determined that nothing would keep me from seeing Morrissey...spent most of the day dosed up on painkillers, but I can honestly say that from the second he walked onto that stage, I didn't think once about feeling unwell. He was truly incredible and exceeded all expectations.
    I've seen him play Pigsty before, but nothing prepared me for tonight...just breathtaking and delivered with so much passion. Other highlights for me were HSIN and Paris. He looked great in the Playboy t-shirt too.
    For everyone who couldn't make it, I hope you got to catch it on the radio...xx
    VanillaStarlet -- Saturday July 05 2008, @01:48AM (#306794)
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  • I have lost count of the number of times i have seen the Greatest Living Englishman but for me this was the best. A carefully considered set list which included all the favourites and a great mix of Smiths and Moz. The inclusion of What She said was knicker wetting and I even enjoyed Life is a Pigsty (for once!). The genius ending with happy birthday whil moz lay protsrate on the stage was pure GLE!
    kittenboss -- Saturday July 05 2008, @03:50AM (#306815)
    (User #20817 Info)
  • I've said it many times & I'll say it again... television should be BANNED from covering festivals. They always try & cram too much in, they always shove the highlights on late at night & they always make every band sound AWFUL.

    I thought they sounded pretty good. But it seems very much like Matt is the talented one in the Walker brothers.
    Soloman Walker really can't play at all! I know we've been spoiled with Gary Day but the new guy doesn't sound comfortable playing those bass lines: he sounds really terrible. He has to go!

    The keyboard player (whose name I've forgotten despite only reading it five minutes ago: not a good sign) was really awful too. He has to go!

    Oh... and Morrissey sounded really tired. Constantly making shit songs must really take it out of you.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Saturday July 05 2008, @04:57AM (#306820)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • I was sad to leave The National gig and excited at the same time 'cause my beloved Moz was about to start.

    It was not the best gig I've seen from our man but it was a really, really good gig with some amazing moments...

    WHAT-SHE-SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Moz, you've done it again.


    Bona Drag (Whore In Retirement)
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 05 2008, @05:06AM (#306822)
  • I thought that the set was really interesting and very Morrissey. I notice someone above complaining that he didn’t do a ‘greatest hits’ type show. As Morrissey said on the release of ‘Southpaw’ – why give people what they expect to hear, it’s much more interesting to give them what they won’t be expecting. Or words to that effect. Perhaps this explains why some of his best stuff starts out life as a b-side. He was as great as ever.

    As I walked home alone … boy, did I feel old.
    kissmyshades -- Saturday July 05 2008, @06:12AM (#306828)
    (User #12542 Info)
  • is his head getting bigger? He has a massive head! Looks like a Jerry's Kid to be honest!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 05 2008, @07:29AM (#306843)
  • I was a bit sceptical about going to a big gig like this as the best morissey shows I have been to have been in smaller venues. Marley Park last year was fantastic though and I was hopeful this would be similar. It too was a very good show. His voice was know that when he goes high at the end of FOTGTD that he is feeling good! Of couse HSIN and LIAP back to back were amazing and blew me away. What did impress me was the slightly heavier version of 'find out for yourself'. It was a bit more like the killers cover and was excellent. Also 'sister..' was really well done. This is the first time I had heard 'throwing my arms...' and 'mamma lay...' live and i really liked both especially the latter. He made me laugh and he made me cry...all for the right reasons. He really is a genius and when seeing him live all those special lines from all those special songs stand out...i would have liked 'let me kiss you' and 'there is a light...' especially for a large crowd looking for songs they know...I think Billy Budd and '...boy happy' could have been replaced with these, but there you go. It was a great night. Also never fails to amaze me to see 15 year olds and 55 yer olds at the same gig wearing the same T shits! I can't wait for him to tour off the back of the new album!

    Oh yes and i am glad he mentioned Kylie because that really does take the fucking piss. He also asked if we had had a good day..everyone cheered, to which he replied...'where have you been' He such a grumpy old man's hilarious. He also comented on the smell of flesh and murder wafting over the field...saying that he hoped we enjoyed filling our bodies with murder and death. My burger wasn't that bad...
    springhealedjim -- Saturday July 05 2008, @10:54AM (#306850)
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  • Does anyone know if Moz and Siouxsie might have greeted each other or interacted?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 05 2008, @11:54AM (#306868)
  • The gig started off brilliantly and the atmosphere from the crowd was electric. Moz then proceeded to bore the audience to death with a medley of new songs/b-sides and Buzzcocks covers. The audience vaguely rose again for How Soon Is Now but then fell back to sleep when Moz played an 20 year-old album track as the big finale. I saw lots of people walk off half-way through the set. I saw lots of people yawning.

    Morrissey: you have become your worst nightmare - a self-indulgent, boring man.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 05 2008, @12:07PM (#306869)
  • There are 15 pics taken by the people over at Gigwise of the concert. Some aren't that great and make Morrissey look REALLY old but one picture is sure to please the Frinkers. kylie-minogue-george-bush--meat-at-wireless

    Here is the Frink photo... -13.jpg
    Viva Hate, OBGYN -- Saturday July 05 2008, @03:08PM (#306885)
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    Learn to love me...
  • Here is the live version of "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed" from last night's show. It is a WMA not an mp3.

    On a side note, this song has changed drastically (and not all for the better) since being debuted in January. The bass line has changed, the keyboard parts have changes and the lead the guitar is drastically different.

    The keyboard solo, that once sounded like Morrissey's take on Ennio Morricone's classic spaghetti western scores, has now been reduced to emulating that of a connecting dial-up modem.

    The lack of the lead guitar playing the same thing as the keyboard during the chorus is missed as well.

    However, the new bass is FAR better than before and the keyboard playing during the verses is truly amazing.
    Viva Hate, OBGYN -- Saturday July 05 2008, @03:24PM (#306888)
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    Learn to love me...
  • A brief round-up appears here -
    goinghome -- Saturday July 05 2008, @03:37PM (#306891)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • My wife and I travelled from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA to spend Independence Day with Morrissey and all of the fine folks in London. We saw the New York Dolls from beginning to end. Even though we missed the first two Morrissey songs, I'm sure he would have wanted us to stay through the Dolls entire set. I've got a few photos up on my blog and I'll try to post more later when I get over my jet lag (yes, we flew there and back just for the concert).

    Enjoy my photos of Morrissey and the New York Dolls from the O2 Wireless Festival here: s-festival-review-morrissey.asp [] 

    Larry Weaver -- Saturday July 05 2008, @05:29PM (#306898)
    (User #19725 Info |
  • And, yes, definitely having a great time this time 'round.

    Thanks, Viva Hate OBGYN and whomever originally posted Moz's chattery from last night.

    Hello's and Thank You's to Paul C (Carpenter's Arms pre-show a smashing success! Great to meet other new friends, too, m-solo lurkers and all! Sorry my friend & I didn't make it to Quarry), RC and D. Awesome to see Bee and Arturo again as well. And of course, Moz and the Boyz, without whom I would be Lost.

    Before I give my 2 pence on the show, just want to also give a great recommendation for people to check out the "London of Oscar Wilde" tour by London Walks ( -take out any spaces if they appear).

    So thoughts about the show...

    I was honestly surprised to see all the flesh-cooking booths all around since alternative arrangements are usually made within venues for his shows. I'm glad Moz still went on without delay. Suppose with all the other bands he'd invited, there's really no pulling out. His references to the smell (and consumption) of death were very heartfelt and serious. There was no denying the unfortunate dead elephant in the room (or Hyde Park, as it were). Though I'm not veggie anymore, I was touched that he drove the point home. It wouldn't be Moz if he didn't (a carvery booth was literally the first food booth over after the stage on one side! Yikes!). So yes, I will give it further consideration, Mozzer.

    It was definitely interesting to be a Yank in England on the 4th of July. I don't mind missing the empty Bushisms and McCainisms being thrown out all over the tele in the US that day. All the English booing at M's mention of 4th of July gave me a chuckle. (Please pray that we get swing votes and new. Dem's to mark their ballots for Obama! And no Republican ballot shenanigans, as well! Let's have a clear win!).

    It was a crazy festival itinerary. So many great bands overlapping ea. other. Caught a little bit of Seawolf, Courteeners, Siouxsie (powerful opening, striking handbells with "Israel"), Noise Is the Best Revenge (the nephew's got a lil' Moz in him. A bit shy, so if he works on singing more directly to people in the audience and maybe wears jeans instead of slacks, maybe it'll get to that next level) and The National. Made a point to catch all of Kristeen Young's set, b/c my frustrated angsty self just loves her music now. She & Baby Jeff did great. A very interesting costume as well. And towards the end of her set, we heard M's voice belt out "Playboys" (Who's that?" she quipped). So after her last song, a mad dash and weave-through to get a prime spot to see Moz. Despite being perhaps a half-mile away, Moz still delivered the intimacy of singing and bantering with each and every person in the audience. Wonderful.

    To add to what others have already reported, I thought I heard several mentions of Sidcup. Can't remember what was initially said but he repeated it under his breath a few times, too.

    Songs:It was wonderful to hear the new stuff (including Mama Lay Softly and AYNIM). Very pleasant surprises were Paris, the Buzzcocks song, Vicar and What She Said. He was in good form all around (and in great shape, definitely looks like he's worked out since January, yum!). Most of the band stuck to their instruments (stage too high up and far away?) yet Boz, ever the entertainer, still hammed it up for us. Chris made some eye contact as well (how's about sticking to key signature of chord I or V for the interlude in I Just Want to See the Boy? Just a friendly suggestion).

    The funnest part of the evening was at the end when Moz animatedly dragged his light blue long sleeve shirt, half-naked (attached barely by one cuff), across a long distance of floor (stopped then kept trudging, stopped then kept trudging) past stage right before ceremoniously tossing it in star football fashion. Such a delight!

    Thank you, Moz, for the great day in Hyde Park and bringing me to London once again (and I did throw my arms around Paris & Doncaster as well). More sights to see before finally returning to the doldrums of home and eagerly awaiting "Years of Refusal".

    romeogirl -- Saturday July 05 2008, @05:37PM (#306899)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Been to too many Moz gigs since my first at Wolverhampton Civic in 1988 and (as I'm sure most will agree) this gig was fair to middling at best. The sound was poor, the atmosphere was lacking, and the stage far too big for him and his band. The only redeeming feature was the setlist.

    A shame.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 06 2008, @02:02AM (#306917)
  • traveled all the way from stirling in scotland and despite the lack of cigarettes being sold in hyde park i had the best time! Moz was amazing, i thought he sounded really up for it and dare i say enjoyed himself :P
    I loved it! i was standing to the left of the stage and the atmosphere there was great the whole way through the gig. I remember turning to my fiance towards the end of life is a pigsty and saying "if he goes straight into something like How Soon Is now i think i might just fall apart" and low and behold he did and everything just felt amazing.
    sammyanther -- Sunday July 06 2008, @04:08AM (#306920)
    (User #21317 Info |
    Sammy x ~*~Even Now In My Final Hour Of My Life I'm Falling In Love~*~
  • But worth it. If anyone found a Samsung G600 which has been truly battered about a bit then its mine!

    Anyway thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Good crowd buzz where I was standing for Moz. As per usual ended up about 4 rows from the front... managed to split up a fight between two "bucks" by stretching my arms out and saying; "Look it's Morrissey!!!"

    Loved his American Idol t-shirt. Must say I don't recall too much of the banter etc as I was rather stoned and a bit tipsy on the pear cider and I'm still unsure about Moz on these big outdoor things as the intimacy just isn't there. Still the lad done his best trying to dominate the stage but he should stick to smaller venues. However it gave a chance for many to see him without having to travel the ends of the earth. Whoever mentioned the keyboardist I tend to agree as some songs he seemed to be playing the one beforehand!!
    As I've been privy to the 2008 setlist or variations thereof 3 times already I knew what to expect and to finish with What She Said as the encore was wonderful. I must say the version of Playboys was again ropey as... Not the best Moz gig I've been to nor the worse as....

    The day wasn't totally about Moz for me. Saw five other bands, the Guillemots, the Courteneers (who are much better than I anticipated, their songs actually have a depth to them that most other "NME bands" don't) Howling Bells, someone who I don't know and Siouxsie Sioux. What a fucking show she put on. Started with Israel did Arabian Knights, Happy House, Spellbound (I think) Probably the highlight of the day for me. And still high kicking away!!! Theres someone who genuinely does not give a fuck!

    Other things. Wasn't it lovely seeing all those people of various ages walking round in Morrissey/ Smiths t-shirt? (I saw a bloke with an old school Cardiff City top on too. Kudos!) and the weather was a bonus too. For £30 (outside off a tout) I can't grumble and as for my phone. Well I obviously like speaking to the insurance company.

    Bit of a hangover yesterday but then watched Nick cave and the Bad Seeds on BBC4 sessions on a huge TV so hurrah. Topped the weekend off nicely.

    Cheers for a top day out. And I was on my own too!

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 06 2008, @06:11AM (#306923)
  • I thought the setlist was pretty awful apart from WDYFOFY, Stretch out and wait, one new song, and pigsty.
    I have seen him many times, and thought it was the worst time ever.
    He seemed grumpy. I certainly was, but that was the sunshine and too much booze.
    MyMelody -- Sunday July 06 2008, @02:48PM (#306941)
    (User #2329 Info |
    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • The Courteneers were fantastic and even named checked Moz, not just in one of their songs, but also between songs, it was also good to meet a fellow Moz from Manchester fan right at the front . I thought Moz the show was ok... it lacked the dynamic in the second half, started well and then seemed to tail off. First time i had seen Beck and it seemed an odd choice main stage previous to Moz, Siousixe would have been better or New York Dolls, as i missed then both. Looking forward to the shows in the Autumn.
    Stanley Ogden -- Sunday July 06 2008, @11:02PM (#306952)
    (User #21027 Info)
  • Well, this was the first time I have seen Moz at an outside festival and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was good and he was terrific.

    I still think that 'Playboys' and 'Sister' are a bit too stompy which doesn't do the songs justice but still, they were good and the rest of the setlist was amazing. I thought that 'Tutu' was brilliant and 'Disco Dancer' and 'WDYFOFY' were real highlights.

    Moz himself seemed playfully grumpy (only he can pull this off!) and the band did a good job. All in all, it was a midsummer treat and I am looking forward to the album and some Christmas dates!!!
    cocu -- Monday July 07 2008, @01:48AM (#306955)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • Not Morrissey, but the festival itself. I hate festivals. I hate the queueing for toilets; I hate the toilets; I hate the shitty beer in the the plastic bottles; I hate the food; I hate the morons. I just normally won't go to a festival anymore, and the last time I did was to see him at Coachella in 1999, which was incredible. But I am glad we went in the end because his performance was stellar. A friend and I both agreed that for a outdoor festival, the sound was quite good. After having a very full, busy day we arrived during Beck's set, and got a place on the barrier on the very far right which actually turned out to be very good. Maybe I'm too old now, but I just can't imagine waiting on the barrier from 2pm for a festival gig, like some people did. The view ended up being pretty decent, even though it was too far over to see Jesse or Kris, but that was okay. Moz sounded great and looked great, and I very much enjoyed his set. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed has grown to be one of my fave Moz songs of all time now. Besides being a little pissed, we also had a pretty good time because everyone we knew that had been watching the Dolls or whatever showed up late too and ended up in our area on the side, so we ended up with good company. Despite the horrible reservations I have about festivals, Moz was excellent and I was happy to not be in the direct front center this time as I was able to avoid the 12 year old crowd surfers that spent the entire gig flying around, and all of the thousands of full bottles of, err...'beer,' that were flying on top of everyone. I enjoyed Dublin better purely because Hyde Park made Cork and Dublin both seem like Dingwalls as far a size goes, but seeing his great performance here would maybe make me consider going to a festival again.
    Sharron Needles -- Monday July 07 2008, @03:19AM (#306959)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • with this tour already.


    Anonymous -- Monday July 07 2008, @09:31AM (#306978)
  • the slagging of Kylie seems a bit sad. Like her or loathe her music, she seems like an ok person, and isn't in the same league as Bush! What's she done that's so bad? except an MBE? like millions of others have, ...And Make millions of people around the world happy... It seems like a tired silly easy target for a man who's running out of ideas rapidly, i'm very sad to say.
    Nat Coutty -- Monday July 07 2008, @10:38AM (#306990)
    (User #20629 Info)
  • Can some one tell me who were the men in the trilogy banner on the stage?
    It's nice to hear all the good reviews for his Hyde Park Show- I'm still buzzing as I thought it was fantastic!
    The atmosphere- the crowd- the weather- the setlist were all luvly...
    He's nearly 50 and still giving it large...
    tallpaddy -- Monday July 07 2008, @11:04AM (#306993)
    (User #16766 Info)
    • Re:Backdrops by Kewpie (Score:1) Monday July 07 2008, @11:36AM
      • Re:Backdrops by tallpaddy (Score:1) Monday July 07 2008, @01:31PM
  • Finally figured out how to see the pendant listed here. Not only was the link wrong the first time, but the 2nd time too. Dumbass.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 07 2008, @08:03PM (#307057)
  • I can't believe how good the Mozstar was! It was a dream come true to see him on stage and he didn't disappoint in any way. I can't believe he played so many great songs; "Tony the Pony", "King Leer", "Let the right one slip in", "Golden Lights", "Work is a four letter word" - I have waited so long to hear these songs sung live!! Then I couldn't believe that he played 5 Erasure covers on an acoustic guitar! This man is so innovative. Sure there were some idiots in the crowd who were chanting for "There is a Light" and other such nonsense but he soon shut them up with a rousing finale of "Sunny", "Noise is the Best Revenge" and "Redondo Beach"!! Even though most of the wanker mainstream crowd had long since departed to catch an early tube home, the remaining 7 hardcore fans (we, the ones who shall never leave the feet of the beloved Morrissey) shouted and screamed for more. Then, the moment that he refused to do another encore, I realised that he is better than Jesus.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 08 2008, @01:56AM (#307076)
  • I'm going to work on it for a while (e.g. incorporate the radio audio & stabalise the visuals)
    MarkAnthonyOC -- Tuesday July 08 2008, @02:09PM (#307136)
    (User #16305 Info)
  • So chuffed, Irish Blood 1 min 38 seconds, how cool!
    Stanley Ogden -- Sunday July 13 2008, @08:56AM (#307598)
    (User #21027 Info)
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