posted by davidt on Friday March 06 2009, @09:00PM
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Set List:

Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / This Charming Man / Black Cloud / Best Friend On The Payroll / First Of The Gang To Die / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Ask / Sister, I'm A Poet / (skipped) That's How People Grow Up / All You Need Is Me / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / (skipped) I'm OK By Myself // (skipped) Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • set list?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 06 2009, @09:04PM (#323429)
    • Re:set list? by bennyrose (Score:1) Friday March 06 2009, @09:09PM
  • well, it was a hit and miss night.

    The show had no encore and ended with a Pigsty/How Soon is Now finale after about 65 minutes. Moz said no goodbye or thank you.

    Not sure what the deal is, but the whole thing seemed Maladjsted Tour-esque, with the lack of closure at the end. I hope he is OK.

    I didnt write anythnig down but it went something like this:

    this charming man
    black cloud
    best friend
    first of the gang
    how can anybody possibly know
    I keep mine hidden
    all you need is me
    crashing bores
    How soon is now

    I'm heading to atlanta in the AM........ I'm moderatly concerned, if I can be frank.
    bored -- Friday March 06 2009, @09:32PM (#323436)
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  • it was posted by Harsh Truth here..

    Didn't mean to make it look like I posted it.
    bored -- Friday March 06 2009, @09:39PM (#323437)
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  • I Keep Mine Hidden?!? Really???
    Anonymous -- Friday March 06 2009, @10:42PM (#323445)
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  • What is up with this set list? It just looks like a bunch of random tracks thrown together. Only 4 new songs from the new cd (No, I don't count 'All U Need is Me' as a new song). Only 3 Smiths songs? WHF?!

    Anonymous -- Friday March 06 2009, @11:34PM (#323450)
  • The set list "bored" posted is correct. He said a few things in between song, but it seemed to me that he was sick. His voice kept giving out - especially during Pigsty. He indeed left w/out an ecore or thank you, but as he looked visibly upset, I'm sure that is why. Completely forgivable. All in all is was a great show...It's just sad to know that he may not be well still.

    I would write more about the things he said, but it is late and I have work in a few hours. Please forgive me! I'm sure someone will post more soon.

    hand in glove -- Saturday March 07 2009, @12:23AM (#323453)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Take a look at the setlists from the first shows in 2006, and think about how it developed during the tour. I'm sure this one will, too. There will definately be added several new songs later on, and hopefully he will drop the frankly worn-out LIAP/HSIN-finale.
    His choice of old tracks may seem strange, but isn't it always like that with old Moz? Personally I think that´s just a part of the thrill - trying to work out which odd songs he will play this time.
    carnivore -- Saturday March 07 2009, @12:35AM (#323454)
    (User #22088 Info)
  • His nails look iridescent in the pics posted here (courtesy of Seasick):

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @12:38AM (#323455)
  • Dreadful (Score:3, Informative)

    He was ornery and pissed the whole time.
    Threatened to leave after Best Friend saying "It's not gonna work out if you don't turn it down" to soundman.
    Came out with "Nothing is finer..."
    Huge sailor with muscles n cigar in mouth as back drop.
    Gave signed record to man in front...weird...thanked crowd for the record doing well.
    I Keep was a disaster...almost unrecognisable...
    Ask was the highlight. He was peppy during How Can Anybody Possibly KNow How I feel.

    Walked off stage twice..first time for 5 minutes. The crowd was lame- 50% hung out at bar. I was on the rail in front...only four security bashing back one attempt.

    The aforementioned setlist is accurate. Boz looked shellshocked and Jesse was antsy. Matt was excellent as was Soloman. Some bearded weirdo slammed on the keys causing noise mostly.He was jazz improvising snuck in. I believe he will be let go soon....

    This was very upsetting...expect cancellations, he is sick, at least emotionally. Worst I've seen since Southpaw tour...He is on an emotional rollercoaster.

    Called the show a cheap Friday night date alluding to bad ticket sales and low price for Moz show.

    I feel ripped off and risked my life trying to navigate the goats and cattle on one lane cracked up roads to get there.
    I hope he enjoyed the veggie fare available in room service bc Hooters and Lobster huts and clam bake shacks don;t do asparagus with couscous

    Son of a monkey's nut that was bad deal to start and went downhill from there.

    Durham here I come,,,we;ll see. I go have to say I enjoyed my new yoga teacher friend..She was a delight,

    Red Cortez was tight and intense and wandered amongst us mongrels and floor rats for attention...What to do when glared at suspiciously by the lead singer stommppping aroung in the many bars
    And were all treated to god awful fart in the pit. There were kids and small lillipullian-like folk just trying with what they got and they get burned nostrils for their efforts
    Sumonessweetie -- Saturday March 07 2009, @12:56AM (#323456)
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  • what's up with the man wearing faded denim nowa days??? i liked it oh so much better when he wore slacks......
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @01:54AM (#323465)
  • Paris from last night... ... his voice indeed is AWFUL!
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @05:14AM (#323472)
    • Re:youtube clip by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 07 2009, @05:37AM
    • Crikey! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 07 2009, @09:27AM
      • Re:Crikey! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 07 2009, @02:55PM
  • Watching Paris on YouTube proves everything: this man was, and remains, sick.

    His vocal delivery is very thin...where normally he would use his full voice during the track, he uses his "head voice". This has NOTHING to do with the sound or audio being a problem. When a singer, especially a high baritone/tenor like Morrissey, is sick, they have no support to "belt" or, really, just naturally use their full voice to go up the scale. When that support isn't there, due to illness, a singer has to throw everything past certain notes on the scale into his/her head voice. This makes the vocal thin.

    Can you imagine how frustrating this must have been for Morrissey? He has to push back the tour, anyway. But then to finally get on stage to adoring fans and not be more than about 60%? The frustration is plain to see on that YouTube video.

    All this begs a serious question: Why didn't he just "chill" in Atlanta for a couple of days and start the tour there? Now, the next week of shows is possibly called into question.

    Hopefully, by ending the show early, he put himself in a position to maximize rest and recovery. It's on its way to 75 and sunny here in Atlanta, maybe the weather can help his voice and recovery efforts a bit. If he was on the back-half of his illness, then there's a chance he can work through this...

    Oh...and congratulations to all the idiots who had the "all-knowing" power last week to make the solid claim that Morrissey canceled Florida because he was simply a "Mother Fucking Asshole". Your presumption was proven wrong. Big surprise. Coldplay awaits you...
    dewdrop -- Saturday March 07 2009, @06:46AM (#323474)
    (User #2326 Info)
    • Quite frankly,you seem like one of the angriest people who come here.Let me drop a little info for ya...
      I am actually one of the people who got jammed when moz cancelled the first four shows,for whatever reason you want to believe.I had the week off anyways,so we made a little trip to orlando to visit friends and family.I got talked into seeing the Blue man group,which as you may know,is right next to hard rock.We went to the hard rock after for a few drinks where we spoke to the booking manager there.We asked if he "really" knew the scoop on why mozzer cancelled.He laughed,shook his head and proceeded to tell us what a pain in the ass he and his reps are.Basically,he didn't get the numbers he wanted in the ticket sales and was not flexible about the restaurant serving meat that night.Less than half the tickets were sold and he just bailed out.The main reason i write this Sir dew drop is...
      all last week you were ranting at us folks who got screwed about how he /moz/ should not start his tour,i think you said,250,000 in debt and us fans are pathetic for thinking that he likes us and some other bullshit.However,you never said that you thought he was sick,otherwise he wouldn't have lost money,he would have just sounded not so good.So now,you want to thank all us idiots who made some claim...
      which way do you want it...
      1. the shows weren't full,so why play and lose
      2. or look,he really was sick,see?
      Please relax,you probably are an alright guy,but you get so angry making statements that you cannot back up /losing 250,000?/ and pray he does not cancel the ATL show,are you planning to go?Well unlike you,if he cancelled,i would not jump your shit like you did to everyone else.
      Not everyone who comes here gets nasty and rude,some folks have something good to say...but please take one side or the other,acting like you are "in the know" when you aint,and then try to belittle people makes you look,well....
      stupid.Cheer up though,i just got tickets for dallas,chicago and the twin cities.Later dew drop.
      KEVSTER -- Saturday March 07 2009, @07:52AM (#323481)
      (User #18942 Info)
    • Re:This man is sick after all... by ThePoet1745 (Score:1) Saturday March 07 2009, @09:16AM
  • Great set, no encore (Score:4, Informative)

    Sorry I was so exhausted from job, travel and show that I fell asleep while writing this!

    1/ skull
    2/ mama
    3/ charman [this charming man]
    4/ black cloud
    5/ best payroll
    6/ first gang
    7/ paris
    8/ how can anybody
    9/ seasick, yet
    10/ ask
    11/ poet
    12/ that's how «skipped»
    13/ all you n is m
    14/ hidden [I keep mine...]
    15/ bores
    16/ pigsty
    17/ hsin? «yes»
    18/ i'm OK by «skipped»
    Enc: irish «skipped»

    The show was a very good warmup for the rest of the tour. Red Cortez (from East LA/Silverlake. Cheers to Lawrence) opened with a very strong set. The songs I liked more sounded either like British Sea Power or another really unique style of their own (as opposed to U2).

    Intermission videos are a blend of new and former. Of the new, 3 videos from a girl-fronted band from the 1970s (?) Shocking Blue (including a funky "Venus"), Shelagh Delaney intvw about not being able to leave England/Salford, and Jobriath montage tribute.

    Moz and boys walked on in prison-light-blue shirts and jeans. Enjoyed M sharing his butt-side often to house left throughout the show (how can we not think about what's under those jeans now?). YoR songs great to hear again as they are more fleshed out now. Boz and new keyboardist (Roger Manning, Jr?) played drums downstage from opposing sides at the end of Mama (nice touch). Paris was beautiful, as was Seasick (heart-grabbing). Sister I'm a Poet imho needs to be sped up to a prancing pace. Bores and Pigsty back-to-back felt a bit duplicative in emotion to me. Jesse's monitor seemed to be having problems at Pigsty. At the end-part of HSIN, Moz left the stage. Then it seemed it was time to cheer for an encore when "That's Life, That's Right" came on. Arturo and another backstage person were seemingly signaling to the soundman in the back to turn the music off, but that never happened. After the song, stage lights (not house lights) came on and we all left when it was obvious the drum set was being disassembled.

    Overall it was a great show, a great crowd. Moz shook many hands. Hopefully they'll play a couple more songs in Atlanta. But overall, not counting no encore, it felt like a full set was played.

    Cheers to the sweet girl who gave me her Tide bleach stick for the grits I spilled all over my jacket!
    romeogirl -- Saturday March 07 2009, @07:02AM (#323475)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • 17 songs, missing some great YOR tracks that would have been so powerful live, (Carol, Goodbye/Farewell), weird choices (How Can Anybody Possibly Know, Bores), playing songs like he's still promoting the last 2 albums, songs we've already heard (a lot) on the last tour (pigsty, sister, I'm a Poet, First of the Gang -and I don't care if it's catchy and a hit single for him...I'm 4 Smiths songs (which I don't really care about one way or the other...if he plays Smiths songs), but I'd want to hear anything but HSIN? I Keep Mine Hidden is cool, but the only reason why people are freaking out about it is because it's rare. There are much better, exciting, and interesting songs.

    Pre-YOR the only things I see here that are exciting are Charming Man, Payroll, Seasick, and Ask.

    I know Morrissey can play what he wants and all, but this is not good. Compare with his shows from '06-'06
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @07:34AM (#323476)
  • all that fighting talk on the myspace blog.

    Not with a bang, but a whimper.

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @07:41AM (#323478)
  • I hope that things work out better for you tonight Morrissey, and of course the fans. I hope you all have a brilliant time and enjoy every minute of the night. You all deserve the best, the fans for the dedication and Morrissey for the grit and determination. Please be happy all of you, and let's not have any more bad feelings surrounding this tour. Enjoy!
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @08:55AM (#323489)
  • No band introductions.

    Lyric changes;
    "English is a language can't your read?,
    English is a language can anybody read?"

    "...of a shyness that is cripalling and vulgar"

    I tried to push Chelsea on stage but she didn't quite make it. She lost her shoes during the fight but said it was worth it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @09:20AM (#323492)
  • Atlanta Cancelled (Score:2, Informative)

    Tonight's performance in Atlanta has been canceled. This hasn't been officially announced yet, but will be in a few short hours I would hope. Without betraying any trusts, I will say this news is 100% legit.

    This news should come as little surprise to those who were in attendance to last night's gig, but Morrissey's voice is gone and he would not be able to perform tonight under any condition.

    I know some people will be traveling to Atlanta, so I thought it be only fair to mention the fact that the show has been canceled. This decision was reached some time last night, and I personally find it offensive that this news wasn't put out to the fans immediately, as they are the ones most affected.

    Moz's PR firm "Girlie Action" is a known joke, and will no doubt spin their usual line of hastily written b.s. at the last possible minute, but take it from me —this tour is in serious trouble.
    Patrick M. -- Saturday March 07 2009, @09:21AM (#323493)
    (User #17749 Info)
  • Couple of tidbits... (1) I think the blue shirts and the look of the jeans was intended not as "prison garb" but rather, navy sailors (ties in to the massive backdrop). (2) Boz looked bored. I realize he is doing the ole' "Billy Zoom (of X) i'm too cool to care" bit but in tours past he had a certain swagger and would smile every now and then. Last night was... Idunno, just kind of bland for him. (3) It was fun to do the "what if" game with fellow bar patrons before the show. The e-mail blast to Moz sent out earlier "...expect anything..." coupled with the recent reunion rumors coupled with the fact that Modest Mouse would be playing the same venue just a couple of days later led to a bit of (unfullfilled; of course) buzz.
    (4)Red Aztec was fantastic! Kind of stole-the-show. Or, at least would have had it been neraly any other band headlining after them ;) I predict big things for those cats! (5) Yes, Moz's set was cut-short, yes he is NOT the king of "the show must go on"... regardless, 60% of him is still better than 100% of nearly anyone else. Besides, I was one of the lucky few that he shook hands with! (6) Here's a thought, Moz may want to go see Carbon Silicon sometime. Mick Jones (formerly of The Clash) is up on stage, having a ball, light hearted, playing in tiny clubs and loving it, feeling ZERO pressure from the past. Hmmmmm......
    Debonc -- Saturday March 07 2009, @11:37AM (#323521)
    (User #22089 Info)
    • I just posted this on the forum but thought I'd add it here as well.

      I guess I don't have much to add to what has already been said. Moz sounded great when he first hit the stage and looked incredible. I could tell pretty early on that there could be trouble and turned to Sharonanigans and said, "Uh oh." He made it longer than I thought he would, so I can't say that I'm disappointed. You could tell that he was really trying to carry on with the show. He really started to lose it after "Seasick." He left the stage a few times and frequently looked frustrated that he was having problems singing. Boz looked really serious all night. I mean serious. Moz left the stage for a while after "Crashing Bores, " which the band continued to play until the end. Boz went offstage for a bit, too, afterward and then brought out the glasses out for "Pigsty," so I knew they weren't quite finished yet. Moz started singing, "It's the same old S.O.S. . ." and then stopped and turned his back to the audience. After a bit, he turned back around and tried it again. He sang, "It's the same old S.O.S. . ." and then repeated "S.O.S" several times. He turned his back away from the audience again and put something into his mouth. I'm assuming it was a lozenge. He then turned back around and was able to continue with the song. One sweet moment was when his voice cut out at the end and the audience sang the line "Even now in the final hour of my life I'm falling in love again" for him. He surprised me by going into "How Soon Is Now" after "Pigsty," as I wasn't expecting another song after he'd had so much trouble with his voice. The band left the stage after that and then the house lights came up. A lot of people were disappointed and one couple that were near us thought it was rude for him to leave the stage without any explanation. I'm just glad that Moz did as much as he did. I really expected a much shorter show. No shirts were thrown during the show. He did hand someone a Refusal LP cover early on that had been autographed.

      The new shirts are nice. Most of the new shirts feature the new lettering from the album cover. There is a green shirt that reads "Irish Blood, English Heart." I got the black shirt that reads "Morrissey Tackle Me." There was a black shirt with the album artwork on it, a white shirt with a red and blue stripe horizontally across the breast with a shield over the heart that says "MORRISSEY." There was a gray Southpaw Grammar shirt and another black shirt with the same portrait as the Southpaw shirt that takes up the entire front of the shirt. That's all that I can remember off the top of my sleepy head. There were also keychains, stickers and the CD.
      bysshe -- Saturday March 07 2009, @07:13PM (#323580)
      (User #22092 Info)
    • Re:Myrtle Beach: dribs and drabs by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 07 2009, @07:25PM
    • Re:Myrtle Beach: dribs and drabs by xsoftxmachinex (Score:1) Sunday March 08 2009, @01:01AM
  • I have never liked "I keep mine hidden" or "Crashing bores", but I do not expect him to play only what I want. He plays songs like "Gang" & "HSIN?" for casual fans who have come out to see him. Not everyone is insane about him like most of us are, and we can't all agree on what songs he should play. I'd want to see "miserable lie", "half a person", "I don't mind if you forget me" & "spring heeled jim", but I bet someone on here would vomit at the thought of those songs being played. Can't we all just get along? And why are so many people down on "Life is a pigsty"? It's a great song no matter how many times he plays it!
    Ashengrace17 -- Saturday March 07 2009, @11:48AM (#323523)
    (User #9267 Info |
    • Re:Relax by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 07 2009, @04:28PM
  • southpaw and maladjusted era (with the exception of charming and hidden).
    he's chosen the very worst songs from his last three albums. how can anybody...?
    you're having a giraffe mate.
    what an absolute effing berk!
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @03:09PM (#323549)
  • not sure im digging the set list, theres some great songs(Seasick,Ask,TCM) but for the most part its too similar to the last tour
    MrTheEdge -- Saturday March 07 2009, @03:10PM (#323550)
    (User #18333 Info |
  • If this seemingly doomed tour is to continue, I sincerely hope Morrissey tinkers with the set list a bit. Hell, more than a bit -- NO ONE wants a set list heavy on songs from the past three albums. And for those of you who claim that's exactly what you want.. c'mon. Be honest. Your dream set list contains 1 or 2 newish songs at most. How about a few Viva Hate songs, Mozzer? A handful from Bona Drag? And some Smiths songs we've been waiting to hear?

    Bring back November Spawned A Monster! Bring back Sing Your Life! Bring back Pregnant For the Last Time, for crying out loud!

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 07 2009, @04:42PM (#323563)
  • Quotes (Score:2, Informative)

    additional quotes from sc

    reports of my death are obviously untrue...sadly
    never said sister during poet...just
    "brother" and missed the line "plastic bag stranded at the light"...
    before payroll said- "we all have filthy pasts"
    asked "do you like your new president?...good!"

    also...jesse tobias crunched and screeched his guitar through charming man and most of the other songs. Moz made an obnoxious face and put his hands up to mock "push" him away when walking back on stage...weird...

    Boz did not smile...bad sign...Solomon was the most energetic...I am still creeped out by the keyboard 7 feet tall and bearded...

    No machine gun irish blood...which was just fine with me.

    the t shirt guy looked like a fat crazed hairier john malkovich and could hardly converse...

    it was announced that the bar would stay open an hour beyond the show and 50% off alcohol was the feature for that hour...bizarre and pathetic
    Sumonessweetie -- Saturday March 07 2009, @06:58PM (#323577)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • Meat Is Murder Beach (Score:2, Interesting)

    The evening's show began promisingly with Morrissey striding onto stage with the autographed YOR album cover and some misc. bits of paper. He set them down in front of the kick drum. One of the pieces was a card that looked to be about B5 with the words: THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Well, yes, but not in a good way. Morrissey welcomed us with “Nothing could be finer...” And I would've finished it with “than Morrissey singing in the mooooorning, ('noon, and night). Nothing could be sweeter than to watch him ban”

    Fuck the Murder Beach House of Blues with a rusty, tetanus-spiked metal unlubed Jeff Stryker dildo. The feverent and faithful who attended the previous Murder Beach gig knew of the evil money-grubbing policies of the HOB. They have various programs to force a “guest” to fork over extra money on top of the ticket prices so that early queueing will not have been in vain. I understand the loathesome ways of Mammon and accepted it, but what the House of Blues did yesterday was a systematic operation of deception and willful mismanagement to punish the staunchest fans who refuse to support the slaughter of animals. We even spent more money than the carnivores for the privilege of being fucked over by being let in after the murder buffet crowd.

    Thanks to our desperately speedy limbs I think the people who queued since the wee hours of the morning did get to the barrier interspersed with bloated meat-eaters who had been leisurely milling about the barricade for a while. All except one who had queued even before me. She was a lovely human being, and her one desire since '91 was just to touch Morrissey's hand once. So I let her have my spot at the barrier halfway through the show as I had promised. I could not do anything about the HOB carnivore bullshit, but I could do something to see the girl happy. “ASK” was a doubly blessed event because she got her dream handshake, and I finally got to see him sing that song live. At MAMA, I got a handshake during “It's just so lonely without you...” That was sweet.

    During ASK my gut ached with laughter as he mimed a Lizzy Borden arm swinging motion while punning “Axe me, axe me, axe me!” There will be blood...and Moz totally brought it during that song.

    I was also very happy that everyone around us was very kind and sociable! Thank you all! I had the pleasure of enjoying a night of Morrissey with you and would be glad to repeat the joy in the future.

    As I wrote earlier, the night started promisingly but then steadily sank into a flawed, somewhat dispirited show that ended in confusion and disbelief. From the get-go, Moz was flubbing lyrics and botching notes left and right. But it was okay. He was here with us, and it was even charming. What was really funny was how he fluffed the “Same old SOS” line during PIGSTY and seemed to not know where to jump back in, so for several verses just kept good-naturedly repeating “SOS” a little sheepishly. We noticed that he did not have the usual number of monitors and perhaps strained his voice because he could not hear himself. He did make a reference to it to the sound engineer. Why are these issues still plaguing his tours? You'd think they would've sorted that by now.

    Moz did not strip topless nor throw out any shirts to the audience, and he just seemed to become more and more out of it as the night went on. It was very comparable to the show in Clermont-Ferrand 2008, especially with the dropped songs, low energy, and too-short show. He did not seem very chatty towards the end of the night. He was not very playful, but he did stand in front of my area a lot during the show. For these mercies we are grateful. Maybe I KEEP MINE HIDDEN was crappy. The sound quality is not very good when up front, but I had a right fun jaunt when they played it. It's my fave thing to listen to from the BBC recording.

    I was a bit jaded with Pigsty-segue-HSIN. Pooley played the burfday ditty while Moz wished us a birthday. Did he say HAPPY birthday? I dunno. So it seemed par for the course. I wasn't think
    Mel Torment -- Saturday March 07 2009, @08:43PM (#323590)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Over the last few years, I've become a fan of The Smiths/Morrissey and figured I would check out the concert. House of Blues is pretty nice and I would go back to a show there. Morrissey, not so much.
      I thought Red Cortez was really good and a pleasant surprise. The songs were good and they just kept banging out song after song. I just ordered their EP and hope they get signed soon.
      I though Morrissey was good at first but it went downhill fast. If he was sick, at least say you are sick and you'll try to get through it. The Smiths songs he did sounded just awful except for HSIN.Pigsty is an awful song anyway though I enjoyed the new stuff. His band looked totally uninterested and aren't that great except for the drummer. Anyway, I'm glad I got turned on to new band and it was too bad he was sick.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @12:17AM (#323598)
  • if the drunk fellow screaming at the beginning of the show (that he had text messaged Moz & was to meet him at the show, HA) actually made it through the show. i had a bet going he wouldn't last through red cortez to see the man himself! :P
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @01:08AM (#323600)
  • Hmmmm.

    Stuck here in snowy Edinburgh I, clearly, wasn't in attendance at the show so I cannot comment on the quality of it or of how poorly La Mozfather was but I feel I can share my feelings on that set-list.

    I am genuinely worried by it.

    I have no interest in hearing some of those songs live AGAIN..."...Crashing Bores" is exactly that, a crashing bore, "How can Anybody Know how I Feel" holds little interest for me and, equally, "I Keep Mine Hidden" is a song that doesn't do "it" for me.

    I would also be tempted to jettison "Life is a Pigsty" a song which I adore but which I, and many of you, have heard a lot...why not replace it with "It's not Your Birthday Anymore"?

    I would like to see a set-list more like this (based on previous tours and current work)

    Something is Squeezing my Skull
    Mama, Lay Softly on the Riverbed
    All You Need is Me
    Still Ill
    Black Cloud
    It's Not Your Birthday Anymore
    First of the Gang to Die
    I'm Throwing my arms Around Paris
    When Last I Spoke to Carol
    Billy Budd
    You Were Good in Your Time
    Sister I'm a Poet
    How Soon Is Now?
    Best Friend on the Payroll
    This Charming Man


    I'm OK by Myself
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    But, what do I know

    Kimura-san -- Sunday March 08 2009, @05:12AM (#323616)
    (User #21832 Info)
  • Please remind me again what was for sale? Did someone mention a CD?

    Mel?? Please tell us!

    Boxers71 -- Sunday March 08 2009, @07:00AM (#323626)
    (User #20608 Info)
  • I have been to more Morrissey concerns then I can count. Back in the 90's, I lived in CA and it seemed like Moz played big and small shows almost once a month. I have seen him so many times and all of them have been great...Even one that he only got through 5 songs before the Fire Marshall canceled the show. Moz told us to get out of our seats and we did! I jumped from the second floor down to the stage level and managed to make it all the way to 2nd row. Those were exciting shows. I saw Moz a couple of years ago at HOB in Myrtle Beach, and it was an OK show much like this past show. Without being up on the blog rumors of an illness, I could tell after the second song that things weren't right. Maybe it is just me, but I didn't feel the same energy level from the crowd that I use to feel at the beginning of his solo career. I know he enjoys that high energy coming from his fans. Maybe we are just getting older too! Although both of the MB HOB shows that I have been to over the past couple of years will not go down as some of my favorites, I am still happy to see this true master at work. I forgive the set list and I even forgive the short set. The fact that he continues to perform for us after all these years, only give me joy to be a small part of it all.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @02:42PM (#323665)
  • Its happened before, it'll happen again. Don't care about the setlist, I just hope he's well in a month. Or even better in a few days for those of you across the south and the east.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @03:16AM (#323710)
  • Fuck!! I didnt see that one coming
    Stoney the Pony -- Monday March 09 2009, @01:10PM (#323814)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • I drove 6 1/2 hours from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach to see Moz for the sixth time in my life. I have to say it was so obvious to me that Morrissey wasn't well. He seemed nearly feverish and sweating a lot more than usual. He was struggling a good bit with his voice and it was painfully obvious on several of the songs. He complained about the sound being too loud (which it wasn't) and I think he just knew that his performance was off and not up to par, no matter how much he wanted to be there initially.

    He was polite at the beginning of the show, thanking fans for the support of the album, but seemed to become more disinterested as the set list continued. I keep my hidden and Life is a Pigsty were painful to hear and not good choices live, but being able to hear Seasick, yet still docked for the first time live made the entire experience worthwhile.

    I don't regret the trip or expense, but wish he had waited until he was 100% before attempting a performance in front of people who had obviously been waiting for this moment for quite some time. After speaking with other folks at the show, I learned this was the first Morrissey show for many in attendance. I couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

    I do hope he recovers soon and brings back the Morrissey we all love and adore.


    P.S. I was wearing the black "And if a double decker bus crashes into us..." t-shirt that so many of you asked me about.
    Mozziestar -- Monday March 09 2009, @06:02PM (#323852)
    (User #21483 Info)
  • We were upstairs at the HOB for the show, and beyond all else that went "wrong" with the show, we had a horrible time with "distortion" in the sound throughout most of the show....anyone else upstairs notice same???
    wdmc3law -- Tuesday March 10 2009, @12:01PM (#323924)
    (User #22113 Info)
  • Really....How Soon Is Now is the fucking encore?
    This set list HAS to be fake
    Anonymous -- Friday March 06 2009, @09:15PM (#323432)
  • wtf is up with these bullshit set lists?
    Manuel626 -- Friday March 06 2009, @11:59PM (#323452)
    (User #19315 Info)
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