posted by davidt on Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Let Me Kiss You / Irish Blood, English Heart / That's How People Grow Up / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The Loop / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Best Friend On The Payroll / Sorry Doesn't Help / I Keep Mine Hidden / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist and scan from Radioscooter
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  • Moz changed a lot of lyrics around. The opening band was really fun and energetic! Lots of Smiths in the setlist, I would have liked more from the new album. But still a great time!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:17PM (#324807)
  • A Deluxe Double Egg and Cheese sandwich from "Primanti Brothers" and a extra side-order of their Sweet and sour cole slaw!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:24PM (#324809)
  • Best day ever!

    What was it he said when he came on? "After a hundred years, here I am!" Ha!
    UnitedShoplifter -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:33PM (#324813)
    (User #1361 Info |
    ...and on cold leather seats - Well, it suddenly struck me. I just might die with a smile on my face after all...
  • ... Morrissey announced when he came on stage, he was finally able to say to us again here in Pittsburgh "... hello!" before going into "This Charming Man." He was very chatty between songs, but he started and ended earlier than I expected (I was out on the street at 10:00 pm).

    Set list: I think it was the same as Montclair, although there was some minor change in order. I must confess, the energy level in the hall went noticeably down during the songs between "Disco Dancer" and "Skull."

    Band outfits: all-green "Morrissey Irish Blood English Heart" t-shirts.

    Shirts: only one thrown into the crowd, although there were three changes.

    Stage crashers: six. No injuries to report.

    Best Pittsburgh-related lyric changes: in IBEH, " ... There is no one in Pittsburgh I'm afraid of ..." and in Paris, " ... Only steel and stone/ Only steel/ Accepts my love."

    I thought the crowd on the floor was really into the set and encore from beginning to end. Moz seemed pleased throughout, and sweaty (the temperature got into the 60's Fahrenheit today).

    That's all for now.

    workingclassface -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:57PM (#324817)
    (User #17132 Info)
  • First time seeing the Moz, what an amazing experience! He sounded better than he does on his albums. I was shocked about that. Alot of fans rushed the stage, security had a field day. He made a comment about it being 100 years since hes been to Pittsburgh. I heard many fans screaming "On the streets!", wish he would have played it. One hell of a show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:58PM (#324818)
  • Glad you all got your concert, finally!

    I've been curious about how the fans there feel about Morrissey's "relationship" with the city -- cancellations, the diss in On The Streets I Ran etc.

    I guess on one had it's a compliment to have your home mentioned in a Moz song, but what a mention! I think the fact that fans were calling out for the song shows they appreciate his lighthearted disdain.

    king leer -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @08:27PM (#324823)
    (User #80 Info)
    • Re:Morrissey & Pittsburgh by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 17 2009, @08:33PM
    • I never thought of it much as a "diss" I guess I felt it was just something that he felt worked lyrically and it seemed like an off the cuff reference placeholder for someone whose life might be somewhat miserable enough to swap places with him if possible, simply because they live in a miserable town.

      We do live in a miserable town. I've been here all my life. Sometimes there's great stuff and I love it regardless - but hell yeah it's miserable. Try being a music fan in a town with three championship sports teams...

      Anyway I always felt like it was an point of pride being mentioned in the song.

      radioscooter -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @09:22PM (#324837)
      (User #11083 Info)
    • Re:Morrissey & Pittsburgh by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday March 18 2009, @11:21AM
  • After two cancelations in Pittsburgh before and the wishing of death upon the people of Pittsburgh in "On The Streets" who could have trusted Morrissey enough to buy ticket to this event. I am a huge Morrissey fan who has lost faith due to his lack of allegiance to fans. He cancelled two concerts here before due to CRAMPS! Come on! It's just gotten old over the years. Long live a-ha.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @08:53PM (#324827)
  • Great show for the hometown folks. Finally got to see him here. Usually hit the road and didn't have the cash this year.

    Not his strongest or most engaged performance. Crowd seemed edgy. But great show overall. Disco Dancer was surprise big track of the night.

    Wish he'd done the new album front to back.
    radioscooter -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @09:09PM (#324832)
    (User #11083 Info)
  • Anyone have audio files of tonight's Pgh. Show? Or know where to find them? Would LOVE them as a souvenir.

    radioscooter (at)
    radioscooter -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @10:11PM (#324847)
    (User #11083 Info)
  • Did anyone happen to get any pictures of the stage invasions, particularly the guy in the red flannel shirt?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @12:48AM (#324851)
  • i didnt go to the show but it seems like every fucking review i read no one is satisfied with Moz.. i very much doubt every show he's done so far has been medicore.. come on guys lighten up will you!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @02:56AM (#324856)
  • Best show ever..... 2nd balacony, center row A. I was with my wife and two children, 8 & 9. I too felt the house shake with How soon is now and especially, Loop. Morrissey was great and will always be great. Pittsburghers were seriously into this show, No doubt!!! Red Cortez, I have one thing to say. You guys rock!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @03:44AM (#324857)
  • Last night was all that my wife and I had was GREAT!!!! It was well worth the 20 odd years that we waited to see Morrissey.
    The crowd was pumped. We sat in the first row of the first balcony, seats 10 ans 11. Death of a Disco dancer sounded exceptional, and all in all I think Moz was in great form. I think he likes us :) I hope we see him again.
    I was fortunate to get Matt Wlaker's attention, at the end of the show when he was throwing sticks, he looked at me and tossed it my way. I had to dive sideways, over my wife, but I caught the stick and it is sitting in front of me on my desk. I could not be happier.
    fan in pittsburgh -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @04:30AM (#324859)
    (User #22107 Info)
    • Re:Last Night by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday March 18 2009, @08:13AM
      • Re:Last Night by fan in pittsburgh (Score:1) Wednesday March 18 2009, @08:37AM
  • I hate this song as an encore - it's just a crowd pleaser for fair weather fans. It's also usually the song where the fat pissed up knobjockeys start pogo-ing around like wankers as well. I never really cared for the song, he should change it for Suedehead.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @04:59AM (#324862)
  • []

    opening entrance and this charming man.

    anyone have video of the encore? FOTGTD.

    I've seen him many times before, but this one was special. The place was shaking with excitement the entire night. Security was a bit tight in the front aisles but I managed to project myself like a bullet during the encore and got a small piece of the Moz.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @05:25AM (#324867)
  • What time does our boy take the stage? Trying to figure if I can get something done before the Bowery show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @05:57AM (#324870)
    • Re:Time by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday March 18 2009, @03:24PM
  • Third row, Center section. Great crowd except for the moron right behind me who was drunk off his ass and couldn't stop screaming (although he sounded like a wounded dog) at the top of his lungs, most of the time about nothing.
      I am one of those who has been waiting many years for Moz to return and I couldn't have been more pleased. I am also old enough to have caught The Smiths at the Fulton theater back in the day which was also exceptional. I loved that he changed the lyrics from "the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat" to "the pleather runs smooth on the passenger seat". Very funny.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @06:38AM (#324876)
  • []

    Pittsburgh, Irish Blood English Heart. how about the lyric change. classic!

    anyone else have video?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @07:00AM (#324877)
    • Re:More Video! by unrulygirl (Score:1) Wednesday March 18 2009, @10:01AM
      • Re:More Video! by bigfatuglypig33 (Score:1) Wednesday March 18 2009, @11:20AM
        • Re:More Video! by unrulygirl (Score:1) Wednesday March 18 2009, @11:46AM
          • Re:More Video! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 19 2009, @09:17AM
  • Hi everyone - I was the second-to-last stage invader last night who got tossed around by security (they were actually pretty nice).

    Firstly, sorry if I bumped anyone on my way up or hit anyone when I was pushed off stage.

    Secondly, anyone have pictures or video of the show? Namely my awkward encounter? I'd really appreciate it.


    corey w.
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @07:30AM (#324880)
  • FINALLY, after 20+ years of waiting, it finally happened! And, what a fabulous show!!!
          As some of the others have said, the music hall was literally bouncing at times. I was in the first row center of the first balcony and you could feel the floor vibrating and bouncing! I swear that the guy beside me dancing in the aisle was going to fall over the balcony railing, but, thanks to his friends, no tragedy occurred. The place sure was rocking though!!!
          Morrissey seemed to like the history of the hall, mentioning some of the historical folks who have been there in the past too.
        Everyone was so friendly and so into the show. Even those around me who had had a few too many were okay and friendly.
          Loved Death of ... Although it typically isn't one of my faves from Strangeways, seeing it live and getting such a great performance has now changed my mind.
          My husband made a diving "Swann" leap over me at the end of the show to catch a flying drumstick that made it up to the balcony. Now we have a great momento to remember the night.
          Morrissey sounded TERRIFIC!!! It's amazing that he can still perform so strongly night after night given the difficulty of his songs and, no offense to those of us who are getting older, his age.
          Overall, all I can say is WOW. As Morrissey said, "After 100 years, finally, hello!" Please come back sooner next time, Moz, we love you here in Pittsburgh!!!!!
          Tried to take some pics and video from the show, but couldnt' with my little phone. If anyone has anything and is willing to share, please let me know. would love to have a visual memory of the night to keep!!! Thanks so much!
    fan in pittsburgh -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @08:10AM (#324887)
    (User #22107 Info)
  • I'd never seen a Morrissey show and have been a loyal and appreciative fan for fifteen years or so. It was a fantastic show. I can't say it enough, I was overwhelmed. With the lineup changes over the years, being my first show, I was worried things might suffer without, to say the least, Alain's voice and style, but I was wrong. Morrissey didn't seem to need backing vocals much, for he was in TERRIFIC vocal form - and HAPPY too. And his band is not lacking in any way whatsoever, unlike some people commenting on this site think. They're not just his "backing players", they have real substance and SOUL on their own and together - FYI I'm a player in the business. Matt Walker is a power player and completely DRIVES the entire experience. BEST drummer to ever play with Morrissey hands down! Go ahead, comment. The new keyboardist (i don't know his name) adds a chewy, multi dimensional sound to many songs, like "Seasick..", a very useful addition. Boz is outstanding, a pro for almost 30 years, he probably almost never disappoints - too good. Solomon is a good player, I like his action on the double bass, and its hard to play bass in a band with SO many other instruments and sounds (Matt is like two drummers in one) and have it not fade into the background or try to steal thunder. He does it right. And after seeing Jesse change his guitar effect backwards with his leg outstretched over the monitor still pulling it off without a miss, he's my new buddy :). Didn't know what to think till I saw them, but I'm a Jesse fan now - he works hard. And I really like "in the future...". Anyway, after all the shows he cancelled so far, I was dreading the news, but it didn't happen and a dream of mine came true. I was to the upper left of the stage about 20-25 feet away from Morrissey and I felt like I could touch him. Remarkable! Thanks guys for blowing me away.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @11:40AM (#324908)
  • Anyone seen Julia? Aawww, I miss her. Any news on her?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @01:18PM (#324916)
  • "panic"

    saturday, march 28th, 2009
    ten pm sharp
    dollar drinks or byob
    free admission
    send an email to slinky555 at gmail dot com for address

    the deejays :
    mary mack

    "because the music that they constantly play,
    it says nothing to me about my life"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @02:47PM (#324921)
  • Jack the Ripper, I'm the End of the Family Line, Disappointed, Alma Matters and for a total mind blower Maudlin Street. " I was born here and I was raised here and I took some stick here!"
    thewizardofmoz -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @03:25PM (#324926)
    (User #22156 Info)
  • Here is a short, but very sweet, clip of Morrissey singing “Seasick, Yet Still Docked” from last night’s awesome show! Enjoy: []
    AlecSarkas -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @03:38PM (#324927)
    (User #22188 Info |
  • Anybody else see Moz smoking a fat blunt after the show?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @04:01PM (#324928)
    • Re:Moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 19 2009, @09:32AM
  • Anyone know why Moz took "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" off the setlist?
    charmingman92 -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @06:24PM (#324933)
    (User #22067 Info)
  • I must say, I've been a fan for many, many years...and like so many others had tickets for both shows that were cancelled.
    I've been fortunate enough to travel a whole bunch of places to see my Morrissey, but there is truly nothing like seeing him at home.
    I thought the show was wonderful, the set list was interesting and diverse and actually felt like a longer set list than other tours.
    I taped most of Ask and I Keep Mine Hidden...
    Ask is here:
    I keep mine hidden is coming soon!
    Congrats to everyone who got on stage!! I truly enjoyed every minute of last night!!!!
    Rockabilleigh -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @07:29PM (#324936)
    (User #1007 Info)
  • I hope he will ditch Irish Blood, English Heart for the London dates. To be honest just ditch all the Quarry bullshit.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @08:15PM (#324941)
  • have a plan to visiting me here in indonesia...we hungry to make a noise with you if i want make this dream come true??? thanks
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @08:54PM (#324943)
  • Review on []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 18 2009, @09:47PM (#324946)
  • Anyone with videos, pictures from the show please post them. Looking for invasions in particular or any good quality stuff. PLEASE
    Anonymous -- Friday March 20 2009, @03:45AM (#325054)
  • I'm on a mission and I won't stop 'til I complete it...

    Sold out show. No video from the encore? I find it hard to beleive. Somebody please help me find a video from the encore FOTGTD. email me at [email protected] I am offering a very nice Moz related reward for the ONE who has the entire video from the encore- start to sweet ending-- hint: I'd give the shirt off my back for it.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 20 2009, @08:52PM (#325148)
  • Here are a few videos I got from the show!!! My camera was dying by FOTG, but I got some of those classic stage invasions!!! What an amazing show!!!

    Stage Invasion Collage:

    The Loop:

    HSIN? (awesome drum solo at the end of this song!!):
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 22 2009, @10:18AM (#325261)

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