posted by davidt on Wednesday March 25 2009, @08:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Sorry Doesn't Help / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by TooledUpAsianBoy
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  • was he there?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @08:17PM (#325686)
  • yeah, did he show up? I can only imagine it was the typical setlist in a different order. I guess the only new material is the chatter in between songs.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @08:32PM (#325687)
  • if it sold well it happened.
    i assume it was sold out, so it happened.
    will we one again see big new york venue style cold feet?
    cancel carnegie? a definite possibility, but i hope not and i hope a live dvd will be made of it.....................just stop playing seasick and let me kiss you and i keep mine hidden..yuk
    Sumonessweetie -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @08:39PM (#325688)
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    • Re:sell well? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday March 25 2009, @08:44PM
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  • webster (Score:1, Informative)

    Very good show. Morrissey and the boys looked great. Didnt seem like the crowd was into it that much. Overall Bowery show was much better. Only thing carnegie will have tomorrow is the acoustics of the room. Did say he was invited to preform on the Ellen show. Asked the crowd what they thought. Seems like Morrissey was disappointed with the crowd cheering for him to do the show. But could be one big joke by Morrissey. Set list nothing new. Almost exactly like Bowery, except he threw disco dancer. No surprises. Hopefully tomorrow he'll mix it up a bit.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @09:07PM (#325695)
    • Ellen again? by Foster88 (Score:1) Wednesday March 25 2009, @11:00PM
  • They threw a bunch of copies after the show and I found it on the floor. I don't feel like translating.

    Charman/B Budd/B Cloud/HSIN?/Irish/Lemme Kiss/Paris/How Can?/Seasique/Loop/Hidden/One Day/Bores/Mama/Ask/Best F on P/Disco Dancer/Sorry/Skull/I'm Ok//First of the Gang

    This was my first show since Radio City and it was fantastic! I stood on the left side of the stage. He went on our side once to shake hands but he did come over many times. There were some pushing and shoving but all in all it was pretty tame for a GA show. One girl did surf the crowd and kicked me in the head and almost lost my glasses. Only 1 stage invader. He did mention that he was asked to perform on the Ellen Show and we told him he should so watch for that performance to come up.

    Sorry for the mess of my experience. I'm still on my Moz high!
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @10:09PM (#325698)
    (User #1732 Info)
    • Re:Setlist (Pic) by TooledUpAsianBoy (Score:1) Wednesday March 25 2009, @11:16PM
  • Awesome show tonight! I would have loved a few surprises on the setlist, but honestly, this early on in the tour, I wasn't really expecting anything new. But Moz and the band sound amazing tonight and I really couldn't ask for anything more. Moz was very energetic, talkative and seemed in good spirits for the show and I was surprised at how perfectly clear the sound at Webster Hall was where I was standing. Can't wait for tomorrow night at Carnegie Hall. Despite there being no surprises in the songs Moz performed, this was one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen him perform in a long time.
    Went to the merch stand after the show and figured I had to ask the guy if he had any signed albums around and managed to pickup a signed 12" vinyl YOR marked #22 of 30 for $50.
    Personal highlights were Black Cloud, Charming Man, Something is Squeezing MY Skull, Seasick and I'm OK By Myself.
    I'd write more, but I'm too tired. Great night though! :)
    Moz has definitely still got it!
    esheh195 -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @10:14PM (#325699)
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  • My pics (Score:2, Interesting)

    I had an amazing time, apart from the kick to the head during First of the Gang. Well worth waiting outside on line for 5+ hours to be up front. He was very chatty, and despite no real surprises (Seasick was great), he was spot on with the vocals. Band was energetic too, and crowd was nuts up front.

    I posted my pics on my gigoblog []. Cheers!
    qbertplaya -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @10:42PM (#325705)
    (User #19505 Info)
    Qbertplaya's Gigoblog []
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  • Boring!!!!!!!!! stop hogging the barricade and saving spaces u know who u are!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @11:27PM (#325714)
  • Enjoy! I have a few more I'm in the process of uploading. Sorry for the unsteady camera, but, well, you know why.

    [url] [] [/url]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @11:37PM (#325716)
  • More Vids... (Score:2, Informative)

    Mama, Seasick, I Keep Mine Hidden, and Ask

    [url] [] [/url]

    [url] [] [/url]

    [url] [] [/url]

    [url] [] [/url]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday March 25 2009, @11:56PM (#325717)
  • Morrissey Pictures (Score:1, Interesting)

    Moz people, Moz fans, Mozzers everywhere!! I took several pics. ENJOY and feel free to comment on it!

    See some of you tonite as well!
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @05:55AM (#325728)
  • Thought this was a really good show; but Morrissey did NOT seem to like the venue. Made a comment about his dressing room being “a closet and a bucket” and said early on in the show that a rat had fallen from the rafters and dropped on his head. Can kind of see his point; Webster’s not very nice, but I thought it sounded really good. Crowd up front went pretty crazy during the encore; lots of people tried to get on stage, but only one made it as far as I can tell. Ten rows back from the front, on the left, was a psycho girl who picked a fight with another girl during “Seaside” (the most mellow song, which made their fighting that much more apparent) and she didn’t let it go for the REST of the concert. Her boyfriend kept trying to contain her, but not much worked and this chick kept yelling things for the remainder. Outside, I saw her talking to her friends and being like, “Oh my god, can you BELIEVE those people?” But I had a good time; went alone, talked to some other people in line; good crowd; saw lots of young people which is nice (since I’m 39 and it’s good to see Morrissey getting new, young fans). I thought the opening band was the best I’d ever seen at a Morrissey show. Compared to Phranc or the Planet Rockers from way back when, I thought the Courteeners were great; reminded me of Editors/The Futureheads. The only thing is that “How Soon is Now” is an amazing song on record, but live there’s not much for the musicians to do. Boz spends most of his time just standing there. “Disco Dancer” ended in a total cacophony. Loved it. This was my tenth Morrissey show; was glad to finally get to double digits. Going to Carnegie tonight where, Morrissey said, if we try to move they’ll cripple us. Oh well; we'll give it a go anyway.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @06:06AM (#325729)
  • First of the gang:
    I keep mine hidden:
    Billy Budd:
    One day goodbye:
    KarelMoz -- Thursday March 26 2009, @06:22AM (#325732)
    (User #11748 Info)
  • I think Moz has found a way to play the songs they need to play while at the same time, maintaining the energy of the show. I hope he keeps this same set for Chicago, as it would make for an outstanding event.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @07:25AM (#325738)
  • The enjoyment of this show largely depended on where you were situated. I think if you were towards the stage, on the floor, it could be viewed as a good gig. However, elsewhere the crowd seemed stale and often bored. I don't think the casual fan in really into this setlist, as there are no real mainstream gems to be found. I found most people texting, chatting or waiting for a song they knew to come on. Here's hoping tonight's show will bring some life into this tour.
    Tom -- Thursday March 26 2009, @09:00AM (#325749)
    (User #3652 Info)
  • Hope he changes this before the Manchester gigs.
    Bonaparte Shandy -- Thursday March 26 2009, @09:15AM (#325751)
    (User #18355 Info)
    my god, that's tough, he's stood us up, no point in us remaining
    • Re:Set List by springhealedjim (Score:1) Thursday March 26 2009, @12:17PM
      • Re:Set List by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 26 2009, @12:38PM
        • Re:Set List by elly (Score:1) Friday March 27 2009, @06:55AM
  • I went last night and have a major criticism. If you're going to release a new album, and you're going to play some material from it, how about at least playing the best songs from it?!?! I don’t go there expecting a greatest hits show from all of his albums, but I certainly expect to go and see the best songs from his current album, an album that I really like, by the way. I mean, come on. "Paris" was spectacular, and "Squeezing my Skull" was fun too. But while it is probably very tough to sing "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" every night (which is the best song on the album in my opinion), how about "That’s How People Grow Up," "All You Need is Me," and "One Day Goodbye will be Farewell?" That disappoints the hell out of me, it really does. When I first heard "All you Need is Me," I thought, oh, this is going to be AWESOME when he does it live. It stuns me that he doesn't play it, especially since the lyrics could read like a song penned from him to the fans. In the end, though, there's a naked man standing, laughing in my dreams...I know who it is but I don't like what it means!
    Turkey Burt -- Thursday March 26 2009, @09:32AM (#325755)
    (User #22243 Info)
  • Wonderful show last night, but not devastating. I dragged my aching, feverish body out of bed to nail a great spot on the balcony, so I had a wonderful view, and I wasn't with the die hards.

    About halfway through the set, the people next to me (who didn't know much about Morrissey), looked at each other with dropped jaws - they LOVED his vocals; he's got new fans. The girls behind me dragged boxes to the rail, and go-go danced all night - it was a happy crowd.

    Morrissey's "chair and a bucket" dressing room comment really seemed to upset people, and they couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. Some took it to mean that Morrissey was disgusted/felt-that-his-life-was-wasted/took-it-out-on-the-audience, etc. It just seemed like a snarky little quip to me. Such drama.

    Morrissey did mention Carnegie Hall again. He really seems to be worried that the audience won't be able to get up and express themselves. If he throws on a tux, everything should be fine.

    Boz looks fantastic, and danced up a storm during "The Loop." The band really is solid.
    Anaesthesine -- Thursday March 26 2009, @09:39AM (#325756)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • This show was amazing! I was center front third person from the stage. Better for me than Bowery because at that show his body guard that was kneeling down on the right of the stage was directly in front of me, blocking my view.

    Morrissey told the crowd that Ellen had invited him and the band to her show and asked the crowd whether they should. (him and Soloman both scrunched their faces with uncertainty). The crowd screamed "yes!" and he replied by saying, "your wish is my command".

    He later gave the mic to someone who asked what his baby's name was and he replied "tiger".

    The moment that was really beautiful for me was when he was singing "seasick, yet still docked" and there was drama to the left of the stage. I noticed Morrissey was really into the song but was definelty distracted by whatever was going on. He kept looking over. He almost looked concerned. (I hope no one was hurt)

    Also, I waved at him in between songs and he waved back. That was pretty cool.

    The one thing I noticed that I never noticed before was that his nails were manicured including nail polish and everything. (It looked like a shiny nude color but that could have been the lighting) Did anyone else notice? I definitely never have before. I cannot imagine him in a nail salon getting a manicure! But I guess that's somewhat typical these days.
    carmela -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:07AM (#325759)
    (User #18746 Info)
  • i've been to about 30 solo shows now. and i saw the smiths live when i lived in england in the early 80s. yes, it's true. you haven't seen anything until you've seem marr on 'meat is murder', which sadly will never happen again. or not. i'm still not sure if i'd even want to see it again. anyway, without question, last night was one the most disappointing shows, compared to so many others, especially the bowery on saturday, which was just utterly brilliant and transcendent and filled with a ineffable dignity and one of the best i've been to, and to the shows in 07 at hammerstein, which were like going to a cathedral for services. last night moz seemed utterly disinterested, dare i say even bored, forgot the words in a lots of places, especially in 'billy budd'. the crowd was one of the worst too, a complete pack of steroidal meatheads. i was on the left, a few rows back from the stage, and saw at least three very anxious moments when i thought fists were going to fly. the crowd up front was great, totally mad and stripped to the core, but go a few rows back, and it was awful. please make these people stay home. i'll be at carnegie tonight, which i'm sure will be as restrained as the shows were a few years back at radio city, which is also quite sad. at radio city you could just feel the energy drain from the room after the first song or two, everyone confined to those crummy seats. and the acoustics at carnegie are not so great. the music seems like it's way over there, instead of wrapping you up in its filthy shroud. just my two cents, which count for nothing, so maybe they're just wooden nickels.
    magicdragon -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:24AM (#325763)
    (User #22245 Info)
  • Was it just me or did Morrissey look like he just walked out of a tanning salon last night? In his blue cowboy shirt I pictured him taking a nightly stroll along the beach in Cabo. Maybe it was just the lighting... curious to know others thoughts.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @11:41AM (#325770)
    • Re:Tannng? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 26 2009, @02:28PM
  • Thanks to the irresponsible low lives on drugs who mess up pure enjoyment. I paid the same money and stood on the line all day just to have the back of my neck used as a stepping stone to the stage..most of which were all unsuccessful attempts.. and once hit over the head.. u guys have no value for life and seriously could have injured me or someone else seriously..
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @07:50PM (#325804)
  • My 7th show over the past 12 years. Not great, sadly.
    Drunk and drugged people on the left near the front, punching eachother and bleeding, pulling hair, violent arm dancing, and beer vendors boozing up drunk audience members during Ask. In the fistfight during Seaside, the security managed to completely overlook half the crowd pointing to the fight. Morrissey seemed to notice, however. Where did these insane drugged weirdos come from? These shows used to be filled with love and respect.
    raspberry -- Thursday March 26 2009, @09:17PM (#325816)
    (User #22252 Info)
    • Re:worst crowd by suparni (Score:1) Friday March 27 2009, @02:36PM
    • Re:worst crowd by strangeways_13 (Score:1) Tuesday March 31 2009, @01:25AM
  • Here:

    goes black for kicked in head...regained my footage and went back to taping.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:10PM (#325825)
  • shot by my buddy, 'bearnextdoor'

    SevrdSaint -- Friday March 27 2009, @05:30PM (#325924)
    (User #21660 Info)
  • I really thought Black Cloud was a great part of the set. So here is an awesome video for it: []

    I also shot Seasick, though its not as amazing as Black Cloud: []
    KurtyP -- Thursday March 26 2009, @06:47AM (#325734)
    (User #9228 Info |
  • coming soon on ebay

    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @02:50PM (#325791)
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