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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Sorry Doesn't Help / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by Amsden (scan from Karel)
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  • setlist and more (Score:3, Informative)

    Moz = Tux & black bow
    Boys = all black buttondown shirts w/white ties emblazened with james dean face at bottom



    This Charming man
    Black cloud
    When last I spoke to Carol (including lyric fumbles! )
    How soon is now? (Not soon enough, let's keep it movong. Nothing to see here. Lyric change "you might meet someone who can actually stand you")
    (Shirt change)
    Irish blood english heart
    Let me kiss you
    (Shirt change)
    Throwing my arms around paris
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel
    Seasick, yet still docked
    The loop
    I keep mine hidden
    Crashing bores
    Ask (lyric change "its not your military might that will bring us together")
    Best friend on the payroll
    (Complete with Snare drum out front for boz and keyboardist)
    mama lay softly on the riverbed
    One day goodbye will be farewell
    Death of a disco dancer
    (Shirt change to pink)
    Sorry doesn't help
    Something is squeezing my skull
    I'm ok by myself

    Encore: first of the gang to die

    Moz chatter:
    At the outset "To think I sat down by grand central station and wept"

    I should tell you, its a great privilege to be in this hall. Leoonard bernstein, ..entire cast of lost in space, james darren , its a privilege

    This is sebastian the star of years of refusal. Now that was the hihlight of the night

    I'm the great and filthy tide of life

    Well you didn't make it to the bowery ballroom? Well you're quite wise


    PS - a secial message to bowery attendees - go f yourself. if you didn't see moz at Carnegie , you didn't see the tour of refusal. Even moz agreed (see "moz chatter", above)
      Xoxo your spiteful nyc correspndent,
    No back drop !!!!!
    Amsden -- Thursday March 26 2009, @07:11PM (#325806)
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  • Of course.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    NY's most fabled venue produces an all too predictable set list. And to believe I was curious to see five consecutive shows throughout the southwest. I yawn as I don't regret canceling.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Thursday March 26 2009, @07:46PM (#325811)
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  • i got 6/30, i ran out during squeezing my skull.

    pegasusblood -- Thursday March 26 2009, @08:27PM (#325819)
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  • Videos (Score:2, Interesting)

    Black Cloud:
    When last I spoke to Karel:
    ok by myself:
    KarelMoz -- Thursday March 26 2009, @08:58PM (#325823)
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  • What a great night in such a special venue.

    The good:
    Moz was in fine voice all night. He really sounded great and looked like he owned that stage. My friend, who hasn't heard any of the songs from the Quarry years on, was riveted by all the new material.
    "This Charming Man" and "Ask" sound great and are a lot of fun, and got the most appreciation from the crowd.
    "Black Cloud" was a stand out for me but all the YOR stuff sounds quite good.
    Bringing out the Refusal Baby was a great touch and Moz was really in good spirits and quite chatty, speaking in between almost every song and at some length.

    The Bad:
    Even though it seemed like most of the place was standing, these big New York rooms like Radio City and Carnegie kill some of the energy.
    "One Day Goodbye..." sounded a little weak and he really isn't singing any of the words to FOTGTD anymore past the first few lines while fielding handshakes and waiting for stage invasions.
    It's an exciting moment but it also sort of cheats us out of a song.
    I was fortunate enough to go to all three NY shows and it's been a truly great week, but the lack of variety in the set lists was a little disappointing.

    I'm still on a great Moz high from an overall excellent night in a historic and beautiful venue.

    headlongintoharm -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:14PM (#325836)
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  • In the near 20 years I've seen Morrissey in NYC, this was by far the most average. It’s a shame, as he had arguably his best and most energetic album since "Your Arsenal", plus one of the great stages on earth to work from. Contrast that with last year's tour where he and his band seared through a huge set list with ruthless efficiency. Tonight's set didn't seem focused. Even some of the last year’s pre-show music clips were recycled as per the New York Dolls/Vince Taylor. The audience never got fully settled. Mozzer seemed a bit tired and the band never really pulled him through. Still worth the admission as an average Morrissey show is still better than anything most artists can muster. "And we thank you"
    brn442 -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:22PM (#325838)
    (User #22256 Info)
  • First I have to begin by saying that when Morrissey brought his baby Sebastien on stage, and holding him, it was the highlight of the night. Several months ago, I actually wrote on here, the board, that I wanted that. Soooo it was like a guardian angel read it. And I got it. The baby got so big. He is so big now and so much cuter than you, you can imagine. He is even more cute now than on the cover of YOR. Morrissey is so blessed to have his baby, and now I am.

    Getting back to the show, Morrissey came out in a tuxedo. Stunning! Boz -- gorgeous. Jesse -- hot, etc., etc. Too many lyrical changes to mention. Ones above obviously. Oh yes, Morrissey asked Who am I? I’ll try to remember them, this is hard, because for some reason, I am seeing me all over the place.
    Right -- too much codeine, wine, everything. Haaaaa Morrissey was saying that there were certain people that should be in their graves, something like there were certain people that he thought should be in graves. I wanted to tell him, right there that you know who should be. Won’t mention any names, but you all know. Hint -- they wreck instruments. Morrissey also used the word died. He said also that the band got beaten up, that they were all beat up. Like they were broken down. No, he said beaten up. Another comment was that he was saying, listing out loud people who played at Carnegie Hall. He also said something like none of you know this song, none of you heard of this person.

    I thought being at Carnegie Hall would be a completely different experience. It wasn’t. Anyways, Morrissey was absolutely outstanding, mind blowing when he sang the unexpected Mama, and the other perfect Carol. 1975, 75, 75, 7500. Dial a cliché.
    Tuxedo, blue shirt, pink shirt. Jesse was amazing and hot. Boz was awesome and hot. Morrissey -- the most handsome Dad, mesmerizing, holding his beautiful baby. Above and beyond stunning.

    Morrissey’s voice was impeccable. Millions of handshakes, giving the microphone and responding to comments that did not particularly interest him. And who could blame him really. The world is full of crashing bores. He also said that. He insinuated that the people that attended that little tiny place where they were packed like sardines, that the fans were from planet KooKooo. He insinuated, in a matter of speaking. It is hard for me to remember everything word for word., I can’t even remember what I did yesterday.
    Comparing Carnegie to that other place. Right -- Morrissey proved that he can be with whoever he wants. I suspect this is because -- he is -- Morrissey I trust him. I, I trust him. Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions. My analysis for the night -- he doesn’t listen to anybody. I talked to him directed at how big Sebastien got. Sebastien is getting more cute. The baby is so big now compared to on YOR. I mean let’s face it, you can’t keep avoiding the truth. His son, a beautiful baby boy. I was just too jittery and sweaty to tell him what I wanted to. I’m just glad I got to talk to them. I have a lot on my mind, but when Morrissey said that he was thinking certain people should be in their graves, I only thought that about the one who wrecks bands, because, because he has done evil and despicable things to Morrissey. I won’t mention the other people in my life, person, I mean. Because, because this was Morrissey’s night, and Boz and Jesse. Their show. Their performance.
    It was huge. I am so proud of him. I am so proud of Morrissey.

    Thank You and Good Night.
    Kate2828 -- Thursday March 26 2009, @10:39PM (#325840)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Tonight was my first time seeing Moz, I've been listening to him since I was in the womb, and I'm pleased to say that I was completely blown away. I'm sixteen, younger than most of the people there by a decade and I got a lot of comments about that from people, anyone from here? []

    I was up center in the dress circle but by the end of the show I was at the ledge on the left. I have been to so many shows from my favorite artists but this was the first that brought me to tears. Seeing such a legend, even from 50 feet up was so powerful.

    To add some constructive notes: During HSIN, instead of saying 'and all my hope is gone', he said 'and half my life is gone', if I remember correctly.
    meesh -- Thursday March 26 2009, @11:26PM (#325842)
    (User #22257 Info)
  • First time it's been played live. Would love to hear it. Was there any live brass?
    Thanks for any info.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @01:53AM (#325849)
  • is OK but I wish he sang more stuff from YOR. Also, I heard IBEH and FOTGTD in his last three shows, so I'd prefer more Southpaw Grammar stuff or something....

    How about Shame is the name live?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @03:14AM (#325850)
  • fantastic show. Moz seems to be feeling very good... or at least he appears that way. The entire vibe just felt so fitting and refreshing after the two grittier (super fun in a different way) NY shows. Somehow I felt much more my own age and "normal" at this show (I guess because I was clean, well rested, and not totally fucked up and filthy from sitting on line waiting to get in and then being pressed against incessantly for hours...) which is a nice way to mix up experience a bit; nice to enjoy moz just as much in a different way without having to wonder at some point - if i am regressive? perhaps? and "what the hell is wrong with me why i am sleeping on the fuckin bowery, imagine if my folks saw this? :/"

    The sound was great at this venue. Usually earplugs help filter noise and protect ears but Carnegie has such great sound that they were not necessary. Its a very pretty venue with interesting bits of composition framed in the hallway... somehow the feeling of history, culture, class, and calm attention is very strong at CHall, Central Park West walk up to the Dakota from Columbus Circle, the bits inbetween TWC and Apple store, that walk down 5th to MET... Dip around the corner to MOMA (I used to live on that street right there and in many ways it sucks there but in many ways it is a fantastic and romantic area to walk around... esp in the park... now that whole foods is there you can even get a decent veg meal in the area - which was NOT the case before (screw cafe europa!!!!!!) at least I sensed this kind of dignified quiet history around... and for me it did not collide with the show but rather enhanced it, bringing awareness to the significance of a Moz show and having him there live with us... and also a kind of fluid flexible flex of electric guitars while wearing a tux VERY WELL and perfectly dashingly YAY MOZ!

    I think that the security guard on the right in the front is a bit of a nutcase. I suppose he heard that things get out of control during the encore and when there was a little bit of movement forward he simply decided to punch (strike... hit ...) for no particular reason but to make a premature point I suppose. My arms were totally relaxed, I was barely tensed up enough to block his blows much less pull myself up on stage... when he just started hitting me in my chest... which is totally sore from Jersey when I bruised my sternum.

    I told this dude he is better off having me in the front than some dude behind me so WTF is he doing?? He stopped to think for a second - idiot - he looked at their expressions and immediately moved me in back of him and I was up against the stage back to back with him as he probably just started punching someone else for no reason at all. Bit of an asshole esp since it hurts to breathe again thanks to this idiot.... sigh - anyway...

    The stage was very low and decorated molding made it very very easy to climb on. Haha with two fake front teeth and one super big (I guess permanently) seemingly ruptured disk (weird ball) on my spine... I learned many years ago that its only fun to stage dive, be thrown around (skateboard) and get tackled when it does not cost you your ability to run or chew or work in the weeks that follow -

    And if I were going to do it, Carnegie Hall is probably a very cool way to do it... and it would have been so easy and all I did was get punched in the chest for NOT doing anything but loosely sway! pff... Seems the 15 years I have waited to see Moz in this venue has caught up with me and I have become an old wimp! It looks like I have aged more since that day in 94 or 95 was it? when I walked passed Carnegie Hall from my apt (that was just one block east) only to see the MORRISSEY CANCELED sign that would hang above my bed for months...
    Now, as far as I can tell Morrissey pretty much sounds amazing and imo looks better with age, has more to say, seems happier too actually - at least compared to when I have seen him in the past. I love that. I hope I get happier too.

    The shows a
    suparni -- Friday March 27 2009, @04:11AM (#325856)
    (User #20478 Info |
  • Hi everyone,

    Apologies if this has been previously addressed, but can anyone tell me the name of the group included in the pre-show videos, the one fronted by a fabulous black-haired songstress?

    I am familiar with the New York Dolls and Vince Taylor stuff, but I have no clue about the other band. There's two clips ... one in black & white and another in color.

    ringleader77 -- Friday March 27 2009, @04:42AM (#325858)
    (User #22258 Info)
  • The Rest is Silence (Score:2, Interesting)

    What a dramatic end to Morrissey's New York run.

    It was a thrill to see Morrissey hold court at Carnegie Hall, a stage he has fully earned. Seeing him bare-chested up there was quite moving - naked flesh amid the grandeur. Moz was chatty and charnel (my, he does go on about being half dead).

    There are few sights in this world as thrilling as Morrissey in a tuxedo. "Carol" in full evening dress is something I will definitely remember all my life.

    It was so much fun following him from the Bowery, to Webster, then Carnegie Hall. Each historic theater got larger, and Morrissey got farther away. This is a bit like the history of pop music itself. An artist starts out downtown, full of fire, moves uptown and becomes slightly jaded, and ends up midtown, a full-blown phenomenon. Morrissey's energy sort of followed that trajectory as well.

    The Bowery was just what pop music should be: sweaty, intimate, and physically intense. But the grandeur of Carnegie Hall was awesome, and it highlighted Morrissey's strengths (charisma, voice, physical presence) as well as his weaknesses (this set list's tendency towards the petty, as opposed to the sublime).

    Overall a somewhat flawed, but grand evening; a fitting celebration of one of the most complex and grand pop singers of this or any era.

    Anaesthesine -- Friday March 27 2009, @04:48AM (#325860)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Security was very heavy-handed and did a great job trying to keep us from having a good time. They also threatened to confiscate cameras a number of times, so I didn't get too many good pictures.

    Weirdest front row experience ever being between the 22-year fan who only knew "How Soon Is Now" and a medicated woman who play acted her literal interpretation of "Something Is Squeezing My Skull," complete with pretend pill popping. Not good times when you're distracted to the point of focusing on them instead of the stage.

    Carol was a nice addition to the setlist. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see Birthday at any of the shows. I listened to a bunch of old live tracks on the train ride home and it reinforced how much I enjoy the current band lineup. I've become a big fan of the Walker brothers.

    This was my last show for this go-round unless I overzealously start clicking around Ebay and StubHub on a late night when I've had too much to drink.

    One of the best parts for me this tour was the nice people that I met along the way. I hope to see you all again soon. []
    IDrank1ItBecame4 -- Friday March 27 2009, @05:14AM (#325863)
    (User #20406 Info)
    • Re:Pics by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 27 2009, @05:48AM
      • Re:Pics by joanofarc13 (Score:1) Friday March 27 2009, @05:59AM
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      • Re:Pics by CE (Score:1) Friday March 27 2009, @10:14PM
  •[email protected]/sets/72157615889847141/ []

    Wonderous show...a smashing success...a bit more lively than the Bowery show even!
    Great stuff...
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @06:14AM (#325868)
  • More morrissey pics!!! Enjoy !
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @06:24AM (#325869)
  • I expected something different for a prestigious venue like Carnegie Hall, but it was the same boring set list, at the middle of the set he looked tired, but he still pulled trough and delivered, the band sounded tight on YOR songs and not that well on the others, the bass player... c'mon... why doesn't leave the band and joins a punk rock band that is what it seems he would like to do, I prefer Gary Day any day.
    Moz asked who knows Shirley Bassey several times and the audience remained in silence and disoriented... Some people at the front row looked weird still with their suits from the office and asking him for Suedehead, well I rather to listen Suedehead that I Keep Mine Hidden, I still can't believe it that from all of The Smiths songs he chooses that one. The baby was really the highlight of the night and is not his son is his clone, he has that baby so he can use that young body in the future, transplanting his brain to the boy's body and never die.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @08:29AM (#325891)
  • Welly, welly, welly, welly, well, we ended up making the Carnegie Hall show! I didn't have tickets for the show until 5pm yesterday so the surprise of going to my 4th Morrissey show was extraordinary.

    The sound at Carnegie was mind blowing. I thought that perhaps the vocals at times were getting a bit washed out but nonetheless, this was a fantastic show. Crisp guitars, heavy bass, snappy drums.

    The crowd was strong during the first half of the set, lulling a bit in the middle, and picked up a bit towards the end. Still, seeing coporate workers in the front row and the orchestra was somewhat horrifying but what can you do?

    Still Morrissey had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

    I'll be honest though, I had some disappointment with the set list. Morrissey has a huge catalog of material, we all know that, but he also has newer fans too. I know every Morrissey song but that doesn't mean he should play obscure Smiths songs like The Loop as well as obscure solo songs like Best Friend on the Payroll and I Keep Mine Hidden. I really don't understand it.

    Also, he went with 5 songs from YATQ record while playing ZERO-0-Nada, from ROTT and Vauxhall? Disappointment.

    And having a second half of the set heavy with YOR songs was a bit of a letdown for me. I LOVE the new record but Sorry Doesn't Help Us and I'm OK By Myself really don't belong late in the set, if at all, IMO.

    Ahhhh, what am I complaining about. I got to see Morrissey at a legendary theater, a classic show if there ever was one and my wife and I had a blast.

    She and I went to the Carnegie Club, behind Carnegie Hall, after the show for a drink. I had a cigar, since the Carnegie Room is one of a handful of bars/lounges where smoking is still permitted. Anyway, we were there about an hour and when we walked out and crossed the street, at the back entrance of Carnegie Hall, there was Jesse Tobias signing an autograph for one guy. So Jesse turned to talk to the Carnegie staff for a minute, I whipped out my playbill from the show, flipped to the Morrissey page, borrowed the other fan's Sharpie pen, and as Jesse turned to leave after talking with the staff, I called his name and he came right over. We told him how great they sounded and that we had a great time and we love the new record...thank you. He gave us a grin and left to meet up with two ladies who were waiting for him.

    I'll post the picture when I figure out how to do it.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @09:07AM (#325895)
  • just posted a photo gallery of 9 photos with review-like captions for each. the reviews are not as good as the comments here, but the photos are worth a look. []
    colors -- Friday March 27 2009, @11:21AM (#325911)
    (User #22260 Info)
  • Anybody else catch Moz playing poker and smoking a blunt in the bus after the show?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @11:45AM (#325914)
  • if Jesse does have a girlfriend???
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @03:35PM (#325923)
  • I started out in the second row, and when a group of girls started to fight over the second shirt Moz threw out to us, I took it upon myself to go to the front row. After 22 shows and 25 years I got 3 handshakes from Moz and my buddy was the second stage invader. During "One Day Goodbye will be Farewell", while I was shaking his hand, I said to him, "Dont leave, stay with us"! and he said " Thank You"! I tried to help some girl get on the stage but security had it in for her. She got an A for effort. What was up with the girl with the pink gloves and leg warmers!! Anyway, I dont think last night will ever be topped for me. Im going to the Chicago show, but an acknowlegdement, 3 handshakes, and a stage invasion from my buddy will not be topped. We are trying to get a hold of some video, but Carnegie Hall keeps pulling it from You Tube! Jeeeez just trying to view some good times Carnegie Hall! Take a chill with the copyright Blaaa Blaaa Blaaa !
    HandsomeDevil89 -- Friday March 27 2009, @06:17PM (#325929)
    (User #22216 Info)
    • Re:Great Show by NewYorkMozzer (Score:1) Sunday March 29 2009, @08:05AM
  • i'm going to the boston show on sunday night. how early do i have to be in line to get near the stage for a close view? any other tips?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @06:20PM (#325930)
  • i love First of the Gang to Die; and with him opening with This Charming man then closing with that is like a wonderful birthday gift to me come tuesday, for I'm seeing him in ann arbor and my ringback is This charming man, ringtone First of the Gang to die!! Love it! Keep it! Please.. :-)
    Craiggyramone -- Friday March 27 2009, @06:57PM (#325932)
    (User #14570 Info |
  • does anyone know what the story is with the intro song Morrissey's band played before This Charming Man. Has anyone mentioned it? It was very short full band instrumental, but knowing Morrissey everything has a source.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 27 2009, @10:57PM (#325946)
  • Carnegie hall was a great time! I do wish Sailor Boy could have been projected on the wall, somehow. Still, though the setlist has been similar, I think a lot of people were really happy, if this was their first time seeing Morrissey. It never gets old for me. People expect a miracle setlist, but it is not that time yet, I suppose. Sebastian was indeed the best part of the show. He was in the audience too, a couple of rows ahead. Adorable, and enjoying the music. Even though he is a bit of a curmudgeon, I think Morrissey has a soft spot for children...Oh, and how about that double strip tease!
    charmingjeane <{aidabetz23} {at} {}> -- Saturday March 28 2009, @05:42AM (#325950)
    (User #6742 Info |
    "But don't mention love!"
  • Carnegie Hall (Score:2, Interesting)

    I too have been seeing him for 20 years in the NYC area. He performed his music with the hardest edge I've ever seen him do on stage-liked it! Could have been a bit more Smithsish with Ask & This Charming Man. Would like to have seen him change up his sets concert to concert like he did on his last tour a couple of years ago. He seems to play what he wants to hear & not his fans at times.
    Handed the mike to the audience during the show one guy said he's been a fan for 22 years & asked to hear Suedehead. Morrissey's response-you just can't please some people. Another said he broke his neck at one of his concerts & Morrissey said was I worth it-typical.

    Carnegie Hall is an amazing venue-I agree the tuxedo & the baby were a rip! Seems like his concerts on his last 2 tours start off with a roar, lull you in the middle & end sort of abruptly leaving you hanging. I guess there's more good than bad with him though. Like the new cd by the way.

    Best shows he's ever done: Jones Beach 1989-Bona Drag era-had to drag him off stage because so many people climbed on during his encore, Roseland about 2000 after a long lay off from touring & not releasing anything new -played all the fan favorites-first time he played any Smiths' songs live as a solo artist. Played about 2 hours too! Apollo Theater 4 or 5 years ago.

    Hope he keeps realizing he has a fan base that adores him & sometimes it's not always about him.
    kalhock -- Saturday March 28 2009, @07:51AM (#325957)
    (User #20320 Info)
  • id have found my nemesis
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @01:37PM (#325985)
  • All the videos have been taken down. I knew these clips would have the lifespan of a solar eclipse on YouTube, so I wanted to get them ASAP. I managed to download a bunch, before they were knocked-off. If anybody wants them, please let me know.
    NewYorkMozzer <reversethis-{ten ... ssovetat.dnamra}> -- Saturday March 28 2009, @09:24PM (#326025)
    (User #1882 Info)
  • did anyone get any sort of vid for One Day Goodbye...?

    Means a lot to me for a particular reason...

    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @02:54AM (#326303)
  • Like others here, I uploaded my videos from Carnegie Hall on YouTube last Friday - and I had the entire set list (except for Death of a Disco Dancer which my camera somehow ate) plus some other highlights like when he took baby Sebastian out, etc. Anyway, Carnegie Hall went after me for copyright infringement so I removed all 26 videos from YouTube, took out all references to Carnegie in the title and descriptions and then uploaded them on Yahoo Videos. Here is the URL for the set list:

    Scheme -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @06:13PM (#326397)
    (User #22295 Info)
  • Yes , I did not see you .
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 26 2009, @08:40PM (#325821)
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