posted by davidt on Saturday March 28 2009, @08:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death Of a Disco Dancer / Sorry Doesn't Help / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself

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  • This was Kyle's last night of the Tour and he want's to say Thank you to Moz and everyone for being so nice.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @08:36PM (#326005)
  • Power went out literally 8 seconds before the encore.
    Odd show. Strange casino setting, and no support.

    Moz fine in voice and attire as always.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @08:44PM (#326008)
  • Tonight was my first night of the tour, and, to say the least, expectations were very high. I never look ahead for the setlist, as I enjoy the surprise during the show. Of course, now I know I only needed to look backwards rather than forward to learn the order tonight. Aside from a few great moments, "Charming Man," "Seasick," and "Ask," this show resembled 2007 quite a bit. Ok, so Ringleader was replaced with Refusal... aside from that there was not much new. Fortunately, this did not ruin the experience.... it was the encore that ruined everything. Moz, as usual, came out for his standard encore. Although I predicted "First" to be the encore, I was even more disappointed by what actually was happened... Morrissey and the gang reclaimed the stage, took a bow, and went to their positions. The band grabbed the instruments, strummed a couple of notes, and then Morrissey fake coughed, talked about there being no electricity and the magic being gone. With that, the band left the stage, the lights came on, and the show was over. It was an incredibly arrogant and insulting move, and for me, completely ruined the highlights and the night for me. I usually leave Morrissey smiling so hard my face hurts... not tonight.. maybe never again.
    Lucas Has a Cat -- Saturday March 28 2009, @08:49PM (#326010)
    (User #20254 Info)
  • Really?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @08:57PM (#326013)
    • Re:Power cut? by TooledUpAsianBoy (Score:1) Sunday March 29 2009, @12:30AM
    • Re:Power cut? by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday March 29 2009, @06:29AM
  • So powerful and noxious, the vapors actually short circuited the venue's entire electric system.

    Sorry everyone.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @09:06PM (#326014)
  • What a mess.

    The trouble began straight away. As The Courteeners were not on board to open for Morrissey this time around, the house lights dimmed uncharacteristically early, and Moz took the stage soon after the show time printed on the ticket -- 8pm. I think many -- myself included -- were not expecting the show to start up until sometime after 9, and so the venue was half full for the first three or four songs.. Even later into the concert, 8:45, 9:00, 9:15, people were continuing to arrive -- and many looked stunned (and pissed) to find that the show had already begun.

    Add to this the fact that Morrissey seemed to give a low energy going-through-the-motions performace to a half standing, half sitting audience (which was composed of the strangest assortment of Moz fans ever -- fat secretaries, moms, dads, truck driver looking dudes, grandmas, kids, old crusters), in a venue tucked into a noisy, obnoxious casino, and you have the makings of an odd, lackluster show.

    Perhaps, given his lack of enthusiasm, it's for the best, but this was also perhaps the shortest show of the tour -- over within an hour -- with no encore.. because apparently a fuse or something blew.. but as someone else mentioned, he didn't have the good grace to wait patiently for the problem to be solved or offer any apology to the audience or any such thing. He just sauntered off like a diva and that was that. The lights came on and Frank's "That's Life" came over the speakers.

    There was mild booing. Deserved, if you ask me. A short show.. with a boring, uninspired set list.. no apology from Moz for the lack of an encore.. no patience on his part to even see if the problem could be fixed..

    I got the sense that he didn't want to be there. I left with wishing I wasn't, either.

    On the way out, I heard MANY people complaining about how short the show was, and how he seemed rude to have just walked off like that.. and even saw people complaining to the manager and asking for a refund.

    It's come to this. Well done, Moz.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @09:39PM (#326018)
  • We called ahead and the box office confirmed there would be no opening band. (Actually I read it here first - thank you!!) Got there at 7:30, had a sweet position in about the 17th row in the center orchestra-- Just in front of that closed off VIP area.
    When the lights went down the venue was about half full or just over. Everyone it seemed was moving down the aisle to the front of the stage, so that's what we did too. Got right under Moz's mic stand. We thought we'd get chased out after the band made its entrance but no - Staff were cool and we all got to stay there for the entire show. So I got to enjoy a show in the front for a change - and it was awesome!

    Mozza went on at 8:05 and finished at 9:31. The band wore brown button down shirts and brown slacks. Morrissey wore a pink shirt at the beginning, and he removed about three songs into the show and about five of us caught it and ripped it apart... I got a huge piece of it, one of the tails that tuck in in the front, and all the button holes. Tag says Docle & Gabana and it has extra buttons on it. Smells heavenly! I took a bunch of pictures and films with my razr phone, they're not going to be very good quality though. All around me people were filming with better equipment then I had, so I just enjoyed the show and danced (yes there was room to dance!) and had a great time.

    I'm bad at reviews so I'll just stop now. It would have been the perfect show for me except for getting cheated out of an encore, but hey not the man's fault that Boz's amp blew up.

    Kar -- Saturday March 28 2009, @09:53PM (#326021)
    (User #20259 Info)
  • I would agree, the setlist seemed a little blah. Unfortunately, we were late (due to traffic and other travel issues), but I didn't expect that our 8:30 arrival would already put us 30 minutes into the actual show. That was a disappointment (though, ironically, I probably would've been psyched that the show started on time if I had been there by 7:30!)

    I was glad he played "Ask" and "Best Friend on the Payroll." There were some other songs I would've liked to have heard, but I did see him in Portland, Maine in 2000 at a tiny venue, and that concert had all of the energy and terrific song choices that this concert lacked. Oh, well—I only paid $35 for these tickets, so there wasn't really anything lost. And I got to people watch in the casino after the show!
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @09:56PM (#326022)
  • worst moz show i've attended thus far. crowd sucked, band didn't have the energy they had at carnegie hall, gear problems. tons of empty seats due to the casino holding them for casino patrons as gifts, there were "high rollers" out front giving away tickets that they had been given free by the casino. bummer that boz' amp blew before the encore but it was just going to be "first of the gang", and that's not a great encore anyway.

    still going tomorrow but i know going in i won't be stoked on the setlist. more hoping that since its general admission i can laugh at people i know trying to stage invade.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @10:37PM (#326027)
    • Re:ugh by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday March 29 2009, @01:26PM
  • when it is the same?

    i say post it if it is any different. otherwise on the top the page, one can write same as the rest of the tour
    rooneyred -- Saturday March 28 2009, @10:41PM (#326028)
    (User #17066 Info)
  • "If you're in the front row, you're going to get whipped!"
    Paraphrasing: "there are a lot of hunting grounds around here, but what we do is hunt the hunters. it's the best feeling if you shoot one right between the's great."
    Handed little kid Kyle the mic, "what's your name?...Oh, we met before" and walked away
    Hands another little kid the mic, kid says "Hi" and moz asks his name, "Are we playing too loud?"
    One woman with the mic said he looked great in a tux, to which he replied that she meant he "looked terrible in everything else."
    Another guy asked moz if he thought it was strange that his life(?) and wife both loved him
    to which moz said "For you, but certainly not for me."
    So...yeah, unlike a lot of you (I was in the cheap seats) I thought Morrissey was very much into the show, but that the audience was not reciprocating based possibly on the fact that many were not there on time due to the Courteeners not opening (which I was also not aware of but thank god was not affected).
    I enjoyed the show and it did go by quick unfortunately w/ there being no encore (and thus no stage invasion opportunities to report). Carol was good to hear, but everything else was expected. Maybe tomorrow in Boston will be a higher energy show with Boz having a better amp or whatever the hell happened (thought moz blew us off, which was kind of funny to me...probably not to the other 99.99% of you) but that weakens the story if it's true.
    He still fumbles the lyrics for the end of squeexing my skull, which i find hard to believe. Butchered a lot of his singing on purpose which is always appreciated, so i dont think he was going through the motions necessarily.
    Anyway, I typed too much, but just wanted to give those that weren't there or came late a feel for what transpired. I'll leave the rest to those more descriptive than my language is.
    good night/cheers
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 28 2009, @10:44PM (#326029)
  • Watching a Moz tour is getting more and more bizarre, a power outage for christsake! It's like the musicians equivalent of the dog eating the homework, fix the fucking thing and play for those who paid to see you. Some respect for the crowd is not too much to ask man.
    Foster88 -- Saturday March 28 2009, @10:50PM (#326031)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • what a disappointment. didnt arrive until 845 because of the parking situation. thought id only be missing an opening act, only i was missing the entire show. there were still plenty others arriving when i did as well. only saw about 6 songs, was only impressed by Disco Dancer. and im pretty sure that he decided not to play the encore because as he was addressing the crowd, some dude yelled out "life is a pigsty", interrupting him. he seemed pretty bothered by this, so he said something about a power outage and walked off stage. whatever. i usually love the Moz, but tonight was extremely disappointing. and he came off like a pompous prick to boot.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @12:04AM (#326038)
  • First of all I cannot give you all my analysis and review because as a lot of you on here are well aware, I usually skirt the opening bands -- ditch the first hour and come to the first row at 9 or a little after. After all these years, this has worked to my advantage. However, to all of my haters -- of which there are many, you’ll all be happy to know that at 8PM after my driver dropped me off so I wouldn’t have to walk into the casino from a distance, I asked several people who worked at Foxwoods, what time Morrissey was going on, one person from Foxwoods said 9:30. What drug was he on? Another woman employee said 9. All of this really didn’t matter to me as the only reason I was asking was to establish that Morrissey was there. I mean, I had my personal driver, for over $900 drive me on a 3 1/2 hour trip from NY, not the city--to CT. Being that I am ALONE now, and I don’t have a bf anymore, I had to utilize my personal driver, very pricey I might add. So you’ll all like this one. I was starving because I hadn’t eaten anything and was up the entire night last night and I just presumed that I had an hour, so I went and got pizza at 8:10 and I was outside smoking cigarettes. On no sleep to top it all off. By the way, the pizza was awesome, soooo good.

    Anyways, Right, so at ten to nine, I’m walking to the doors to get to the show and there were four employees, I think it was four. I don’t know, it could have been three, I couldn’t see so good and almost fell down like three times on the way to get inside to the first row. I said to these three or four employees, “what time is Morrissey going on? One of them and I swear to God I can’t remember if it was the boy or the girl responded exactly like this -- “Morrissey went on at 8PM” I was like you’re kidding. I was thinking this was no time for jokes. I said, next “no really, when is Morrissey going on. it’s only like ten to nine”. Another one of the things, boy, girl whatever, said “He had no opening band”. At this point reality was seeping in, whatever strength I had left. I said “ so you mean I missed the concert”, one of them said, “No, No, you have like 45 minutes”. I was still, the only way to describe it is really is like I was still experiencing a concussion. I thought I was sleeping and having a bad dream. This has never happened to me before. I was trying to explain to these employees “but he always goes on around 9 or a little before”. They had no idea what I was talking about and said they didn’t know who he was.
    At this point I knew I had just crossed over into -- another dimension. The doors opened for me by one of the employees and I was like, ‘I’m not sleeping”. Somehow I managed to get to the front. God knows how. As I haven’t slept in 2 days and just took a 3 1/2 trip for like $1000.

    But then when I got to the front of the stage, I said to the guard when he asked for my ticket, I said “here, where is my seat”, he pointed to the first row, and I swear to God there was no one in the seats, just coats and things, they were empty. OK, everybody was and when I say everybody I mean 3 rows of people were standing at the stage. I was like what the hell. Got to the stage, I can’t even remember what he was singing at this point as I’m going on day 3 of no sleep. But I saw my baby Morrissey in pink. He was wearing a pink shirt and singing in the middle of the stage. I walked over to him, next thing I knew, I think -- I think , No I know I saw Morrissey turn to the band and the explosive powerful miracle Sorry Doesn’t Help began. Morrissey was singing it so much better than any of the other concerts this tour. I couldn’t stop staring at him because I remembered the employees comments that I had 45 minutes and probably utilized 7 of them already.

    So I cannot comment on the lovely band members Jesse and Boz tonight. I was just sooooo happy to see Morrissey and hear him singing the inspiration, wisdom, and meaningful words that are the only words that I listen to. I don’t care for any other human beings or any other human beings words, only Morriss
    Kate2828 -- Sunday March 29 2009, @12:26AM (#326039)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself - no encore.
    (from this thread: [])
    maynardmorrissey -- Sunday March 29 2009, @01:16AM (#326044)
    (User #21173 Info)
    To be finished would be a relief.
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday March 29 2009, @07:21AM
  • Here's is exactly why I'm not wagering my pay on the man. I was thinking of traveling from Australia during my 2 week break from school, staying with friends in TX and CA and catching 4 or 5 shows.

    Well forget the very real chance of him canceling some of them, imagine spending all that money and seeing a debacle like this one. Very unprofessional Moz. Seriously.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @01:49AM (#326048)
  • is someone f8cking moaning about moz. you know who he is, you know what he does!

    i would say the real problem here is terrible tour management. he's playing casinos to kids and high rollers in half empty venues? Sack the tour manager moz, it's embarrassing.
    LizSK2 -- Sunday March 29 2009, @04:12AM (#326057)
    (User #16803 Info)
  • Moz' voice was strong throughout, very playful with the folks up front
    Before he sang ASK, he turned away from the crowd displaying a heart-shaped sweat on his back
    great set list although too short for my liking
    See you in Chicago
    Who's Julia?
    spdylko -- Sunday March 29 2009, @04:22AM (#326058)
    (User #18685 Info)
  • to see you so many of you sticking up for such a pompous ass. If you like being ripped off and laughed at your own expense, have fun. As someone noted, he threw out a Dolce and Gabbana shirt. Know how he bought this? With YOUR money from playing shitty shows with crap setlists and leaving early when he feels like it. I realized this last tour in Boston when he walked off from his "voice going" not to thank anyone or offer an explanation. Oh, and save it if you say he couldn't explain, he had no voice. That's a moronic answer. He's a big boy and I guarantee he was chatting it up with the band and his friends later in the evening. It's obvious at this point that he wants to collect a paycheck ($50 signed albums, belt buckles, etc) to support his own diva habits. Moz saw the last of my hard earned $$ long ago and will never see another dollar of it. To the rest of you, go crazy, spend your whole paycheck on him if you wish. You'll be in the poorhouse while he throws out Dolce, Prade, etc shirts out to you. What a joke. Also, for every person who will bash this post, I guarantee there is someone who agrees with EXACTLY what I am saying. Get a life Moz. You're schtick is old. You've turned into the Frank Sinatra of this decade. You happy? Just an old crooner now.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @06:29AM (#326066)
  • Don't Blame Moz (Score:2, Informative)

    I was in Orchestra Right, and was able to get up to the stage before security closed off the section. Once I was up there, they let me stay. I could see everything occurring on stage and behind, because I was so close.

    First of all, it was clear that Morrissey disliked this venue (for good reason). This was the strangest assortment of "fans" I've ever seen. I bet 10% had listened to his new album.

    In between songs, he seemed like he was barely tolerating the crowd's (relative) lack of enthusiasm.

    As for the final encore disaster, this is exactly what happened:

    Morrissey and the guys came back out and were preparing to play Gang. Bizarrely, Boz's amp had no electricity going going through it. They didn't seem to have any backup amp or even a real idea of what to do, so Morrissey didn't know what to do. They weren't even communicating with him to let him know, but they didn't seem like they had a solution anytime soon.

    Looking for some way to deal with this embarrassment, Morrissey awkwardly mumbled "does anyone know any clean jokes?" Hearing no volunteers, and not knowing how long it would take to fix the unknown problem, he walked off and said good night again.

    Admittedly, an embarrassing sight.

    Carnegie Hall was a fantastic show, my favorite since the Apollo. This was not a great show, but I don't think it's fair to blame Morrissey and the gang. He couldn't have anticipated an electrical issue during the encore.

    For people to demand their money back because an encore song couldn't be played is RIDICULOUS.

    I also had the incredibly good fortune to meet Boz before the show. What a gentleman!!
    Limelight -- Sunday March 29 2009, @07:18AM (#326077)
    (User #11113 Info)
  • also played "sorry doesn't help"
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @08:30AM (#326088)
  • Too bad there was no Courteeners. I saw them at Carnegie Hall, and they were really great, but I did my homework ahead of time to check them out. They have videos on their website, and you-tube. They played Acrylic, Not 19 Forever (my fav!), What Took You So Long (with Morrissey reference in the lyrics), and That Kiss. Lyrics are available on line too. Morrissey dumped some guy from Boston as his opening act to bring these guys instead, since he's a big fan.

    I'm glad I gave them a look.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @08:32AM (#326089)
  • Everyone on every forum and fansite has been bitching about this show nonstop for the past twelve hours but you all know who Morrissey is and you know what he's like. This is why we like him. Not knowing if he's going to finish a full set or even show up for a scheduled performance is part of our obsession with him. He's been like this for twenty-five years and he still sells out venues night after night and he'll continue to do so regardless of how many encores he chooses not to play.

    Would everyone feel better if he came back to Foxwoods to just play First Of The Gang and then left?

    P.S., the setlist up there isn't completely accurate...."Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" was in there somewhere.
    DieDieMyDarling -- Sunday March 29 2009, @08:59AM (#326093)
    (User #19468 Info)
  • "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" and "Sorry Doesn't Help" also were played. please adjust the setlist.

    shitty organization for this show. i was getting nervous that at 7:55 the place wasn't quite filled in... had people known there would be no opening act at the show, they would have arrived sooner.
    if everyone was there, there probably would have been more enthusiasm.
    not Moz's fault, but this should have been clearer.

    not sure why he was booked here.
    there are other theaters that size in CT that he could have played. it's odd.

    and so people know, a lot of people come and play the casinos in CT (there's 2 BIG ones). doesn't mean that they're "the entertainment for the night," it's just a venue. but yes, it is odd. and indeed shitty that they would hold special tickets for casino patrons. how many typical casino patrons are Morrissey fans, really!?

    i feel raw about him cheating us out of an encore. someone yelled out Life Is A Pigsty, and i think he started to sing the first word or two of the chorus before saying "the magic was gone."

    i've only seen Moz twice, including last night. and both times, he walked off during the encore. though the first time, it was during "There Is A Light," because the security were manhandling those attempting to rush the stage.

    still. Boo!

    but that's Moz, isn't it?
    for better and for worse.
    spug17 -- Sunday March 29 2009, @09:43AM (#326099)
    (User #8791 Info)
  • I was one of the lucky people who were able to get into the pit area.

    They kept trying to tell people to go back to their seats and people would move, then the guards would look away and people would head back to the stage. Eventually they gave up.

    There was probably 100 people in the pit.

    I got a handshake early on.

    I thought his performance was really good and the band played well but Kristopher Pooley seemed to be out of sync with the rest of the band. During "Hidden" he was doing the whistling and it was not really coming through and Moz said something to him and eventually you could hear it.

    Matt had a problem getting the drums programmed properly which caused him to hold up the show and Moz made fun of him too.

    I thought it was strange to see both Kristopher (who had a laptop) and Matt were using electronics on stage. I remember the old days where Morrissey kept the live shows very organic. I do think these things make for a better show but strange to see.

    The amp failure with First Of is already documented.

    I was glad I got to the venue at 7:30. I didn't know the Courteeners weren't going to be there but when Moz's video clips went on I knew.

    The setlist wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but this was my first and only show of the tour. I don't think I could get excited to see this show repeatedly.

    The crowd was very much full of people with hotel/casino comps. Before the show I talked to this guy named Maurice who was in the 3rd row center. He was about 80 years old. He was with who I assume was his daughter who was like 60. I asked them if they were fans and they said they never heard of him. They were very nice and I told them I hoped they enjoyed the show. When I looked back towards the end of the show, the daugther, I think Linda was her name, was standing up and taking pictures.

    I would say half the pit didn't really know the songs.

    No one made any attempts to get on stage because I think we were all waiting for the encore. I was stood behind a kid named Dylan who was standing on a security guards chair. I was going to ask his father to hold him while I used the chair but that opportunity never came.

    One funny thing was in that building there was the annual Navy Ball so their was sailors and their dates everywhere. Went well with the sailor backdrop.

    I had a great time and had fun hanging out at the casino and driving down there with a bunch of friends. It wasn't the best Moz show I've ever been to but it was no where near the worst.
    bored -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:05AM (#326102)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Let me get this straight -
    are we complaining that there’s still an artist
    whose shows are unpredictable after 27 years?
    Or are we complaining that after enjoying an almost schadenfreude love for this diva man-boy, he suddenly turns around and bullies us, US - his only real friends ?
    I mean sure his recluse status is clever in songs and stuff, but it's like mean to do it in real life. Like Bono would never walk away before thanking his best friends - his fans.

    Foxwoods – with its submarine convention, jeans and flannel crowd and an insane 8pm sharp start was the ultimate Morrissey experience. Love, peace and harmony …maybe in the next venue.
    Best show of the tour. GG.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:07AM (#326103)
  • English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death Of a Disco Dancer / Sorry Doesn't Help Us / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself - no encore.
    jnyrad -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:19AM (#326105)
    (User #11502 Info)
  • Morrissey also played "Death Of A Disco Dancer".

    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:21AM (#326106)
  • As i mentioned, I was in the pit on the right side. I was near some girls who had digital cameras that were confiscated by the security guys on the right side of the stage. Did you get your cameras back? Just curious.
    Limelight -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:23AM (#326107)
    (User #11113 Info)
  • Morrissey concerts have been disappointing for me. Summer 2007, Boston show stopped after a few songs due to illness. Summer 2007, Madison Square Garden cancelled due to illness. Informed of cancellation upon arrival at MSG. No heads up on it. Yesterday, spent evening watching basketball and eating dinner at casino. Chatting with friends from 8:00 to 8:30 at restaurant. Arrive during "Paris." Terribly disappointed. No heads up that it was 8:00 Sharp. Still love Morrissey's work. Thought Moz and the band sounded fantastic. How do I keep the faith though with the poor communication between artist and fans? Sad and disappointed that Moz is the only artist of the bunch that I follow live that.....
    pstrap -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:27AM (#326109)
    (User #22276 Info)
  • The first songs played were "This Charming Man," then "Black Cloud" then "How Soon Is Now." After those three came "Irish Blood..." and so on.

    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:51AM (#326115)
  • I understand why people were disappointed. Many showed up late, which wasn't anyone's fault, but it really takes the wind out of your sails. We showed up late, and while we clapped and cheered, we weren't on our feet dancing like we normally would have been. Maybe a bit short, but Morrissey always has a relatively short set. I think if it had been a killer setlist, people would not have noticed. But still not an unreasonable complaint.

    As for the setlist, well, Morrissey has enough great songs that he could probably assemble a show that would please pretty much everyone. This setlist was not one of them. It was more divisive. Some people loved it. Others were bored. And many, like me, found it to be a mixed experience. All of these people are entitled to their opinion. Morrissey's status as a "legend" depends on his being able to draw on both a loyal fan base and more casual fans. So diehards should stop telling those who are--shockingly--capable of being disappointed by Morrissey that they don't deserve to be fans. And the people who are saying the were robbed should calm down. He played some Smiths's jems and a variety of solo material. Yes, there was quite a bit of YOR, but that's to be expected early in a tour promoting that album. It wasn't a "greatest hits" or a "retirement tour." He didn't phone it in. He sang well and with character. He moved around and interacted with the audience quite a bit. High energy show? No. But not quite 'just going through the motions.'

    As for his exit, yes I was a bit disappointed. I think he could have waited a bit longer, either on or off stage. But people are making out to be much worse than it was. He introduced the song in his usual vague way. The band looked as if they were about to start up, but didn't. It seemed obvious that they had every intention of doing the song. Some people down front said they could hear Boz start up FOTGTD, but there was no amplification. Moz didn't storm off because someone yelled at him or because he wasn't feeling it. He wouldn't have stood around awkwardly if that were true. Nor did he stroppily say that the magic was gone. He said something like that, but I think he was just saying that the energy he tried to create with his intro had fallen flat. Whatever it was, it was not some huffy declaration that the night was ruined. He tried to stall with the fake coughing and asking about "clean" jokes. There was activity around Boz's amp--clearly something was wrong. Moz said the electricity was out. So he DID offer an explanation. He probably couldn't have said anything more specific. He then gave up, did a little bow and said "thank you good night." His tone was gracious. I suppose a "We're very sorry, but there seems to be a blown fuse and we can't continue," would've have been better, but pleasantries aren't Morrissey's strong suit.

    So basically, he handled it OK--not great, but not terribly either. I'm not making excuses for him--this is honestly how I feel. Despite being fairly obsessed with the man, the drama of wondering whether he's going to show up or finish the show is not part of his appeal. I'm pretty frustrated with that behavior as are many people. It's pretty ridiculous to say that such flakiness is the reason we're all obsessed with him and that we should put up with it. I just don't think he was being a diva of flake last night.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @10:58AM (#326116)
  • It's wrong ... again. "This Charming Man" was undoubtedly the first song played. Can someone straighten it out once and for all, please?
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:12AM (#326118)
  • Poor set Moz. Aren´t you inspired?
    Far -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:13AM (#326119)
    (User #21525 Info)
  • This is where I saw it. Forums - topic- Foxwoods Question

    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:19AM (#326120)
  • My apologies :( First list was chopped of when I added it. Once again....

    This Charming Man / Black cloud / When I Last Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Ask / Best Friend On The Payroll / Why Don't You Find out for Yourself / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death Of a Disco Dancer / Sorry Doesn't Help Us / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself - no encore.
    jnyrad -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:21AM (#326121)
    (User #11502 Info)
  • This was my first and only show, this go 'round for Morrissey. Usually I can catch three to four shows of any given tour. While standing around the entrance to the venue, trying to finish up my beer and cigarette, some random guy walked up to my buddy and I to ask if we were going to the concert. I told him yes, and he asked if we had good seats, to which I replied "not great". He told me his girlfriend (wife?) was unable to make it at the last second, and handed us his tickets in the Orch, row G on the center aisle and said enjoy the show. Wow, I had been checking with the box office all week to try and score some better seats. Never thought I'd end up being handed a pair just before the start of the show. Thanks dude, whoever you were.

    I was very excited for this show, and for the most part, I had a good time. Loved Disco Dancer and Charming Man and Ask, as well as the new stuff. One of the guys I was talking to after the show was of the opinion that Morrissey shouldn't be playing any Smiths songs, but I don't agree with that. Crowd around me was pretty relaxed except the guy directly behind me who kept trying to get people more excited. It didn't really work. Lots of people sitting out the songs they didn't know/care about. Oh well, I was in it for myself, and tried not to pay attention to the less enlightened. :)

    Very much wanted to score one of the signed vinyl albums, and left my seat as soon as the band finished their last song. I had already stopped by the merch booth to ask about the signed stuff and was told they would have it at the end of the show. By now you know that when I got the booth at the end of the night, they had a hand written sign posted saying "no vinyl tonight". AHHHHHHH! There were about four or five fans around all reacting the same way. At that point I headed back in for the "non-core". We all know how that played out.

    Still glad I went. Got to meet some fellow fans, and gave out some Morrissey patches form the Ringleader album that I had from my old Tower Records days. Did you get one? Hi to Scott, and to "crazy" Stephen and his girl Susan (who actually got my mid Orch seats after I got the upgrade). Also talked with some folks at one of the gaming tables after the show, but I can't remember your names.
    'Till next time
    Happy Boy Don -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:24AM (#326122)
    (User #19958 Info)
  • first of all he played at least 3 songs before Irish blood. Being Charming man, Black cloud, and How soon is now. The show started out awesome with alot of energy, but when people started showing up late, and the house was'nt full he started losing energy. With the head coming during the encore. Moz and the boys came out, took a bow, and he started his chatter, about life being a bore and blahblahblah... Someone stole his "life's a pig stye" finale, and being Morrissey he started to pout, and left. It is what it is I supose, these are the gambles you take when you buy tickets for such a pretentious fuck...
    handsome devil88 -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:42AM (#326125)
    (User #22277 Info)
  • this was my 35th or so show and I even got my boyfriend to go to his FIRST show last night and that was the most uninspired phoned in set i've ever seen him do.

    even the cut off set at the BOA pavillion a few years ago had more energy that the MGM Grand set.

    I had gotten front row seats for the show and thought to myself "the opening act will play til about 840, so I'll go in around 820 and not have to worry about stage potatoes as its a seated venue"..

    We walk in to "Irish Blood, English Heart " already playing as the 4th song and see that 50-75 stage potatoes are standing IN FRONT of my seats. Now I could have cared less if all 30 front row seat people were all up in front, but I got super lucky and got front row seats thru the presale NOT to have 50 screaming "omfg izzz luvvvzz you steven patrick" fanzzz in front of me.

    like someone said above.. Moz has a grand catalog and should be putting together an amazing and energetic set with songs from across his albums.. not just some lame "oh lets throw some smiths songs in to get the 50 year olds out and some slower songs that dont have much energy live (as much as i love "ask" or "death of a disco dancer" the only good part of them for a live show are their endings)

    the sets back in 2001 were inspiring (i mean, come on.. Lost AND Nobody Loves Us.. along with tons of Vauxhall songs)... where I was embarrassed for this to have been my boyfriend's first introduction to Morrissey live. I took the BF to see the Killers a few weeks back (his fav band) and they blew this phoned in Morrissey show out of the water (and i barely even like the killers).

    Then to come out and walk off the stage because Boz's amp was malfunctioning, come on now.. are we professionals or tired divas?
    adamt -- Sunday March 29 2009, @11:54AM (#326126)
    (User #22278 Info)
  • Having attended the Foxwood show last night with my wife, I have to say we're surprised there are so many negative reviews/comments expressed about the show. All I can offer is my/our opinion and we have to say we thought it was an excellent show. We actually thought Moz seemed very into the show, sang many songs with lots of emotion/feeling and interacted with the audience often. Yeah, yeah... it stunk the encore/last song wasn't played, perhaps could have been handled differently, but life goes on....the positive is the other 99% that he played was excellent....guess it's how one can view life....a half empty/full glass type thing(99% full??). For those with negative comments on the setlist, yep, it would be nice if some other songs we're in there, but again, it's what he's playing on this tour and this board has made it clear over and over again what he's going to play, +/- an song or 2 change.

    In any case, my/our opinion is just opinion, but I thought it was important to let people know that we feel some of the negativity expressed about this show is a little overboard based on our experience as long times Moz fans.
    mozdoxie -- Sunday March 29 2009, @12:11PM (#326129)
    (User #22279 Info)
  • This WAS a strange show, but not the total bust everyone is making it out to be. First of all the above setlist is missing the first 4 songs: This Charming Man, Black Cloud, When I Last Spoke to Carol and How Soon is Now. We were there by 7:30 and surprised by the fact that there was no support..Moz came on right at 8. But can we really fault the guy for going on at the allotted show time, seeing as there was no support? The place certainly wasn't empty, and had more people made an effort to be on time they wouldn't have missed anything! It seems to be increasingly more common these days for punters to straggle in late to shows in an effort to skip the support act, but I take no such chances and sometimes a support band is ACTUALLY GOOD.
    The show itself was not the best I've seen from Moz, but he seemed genial and happy, chatting away with the crowd. The setlist was heavy on the new album as well as rarities, but it was solid, and the sound was great in the auditorium. The set DID NOT last less than an hour, as much as the people that came in late would lead you to believe...the whole thing was about 90 minutes. By the time the show was about halfway through, latecomers had arrived and the place was packed.
    The crowd was great, enthusiastic through most of the show...until the end. Here is where I have to concur with most everyone else...Moz and band came out for the encore...Boz Boorer and his tech seemed to have trouble getting the amps to work...Moz paced for a few seconds waiting, then said "There is no electricity... see you next time, goodnight!" and then walked off...the band even looked surprised, as I'm sure they could have gotten things going again given the chance. But when it became clear that Moz was not coming back, they left too. Then the house lights came up, and the cries of protest soon followed. Not the best way to end a show! But up until that point things were going swimmingly. I was upset as everyone else at the end, but I can find it in me to forgive Moz his diva moment....I'm hoping he adds a second leg of this tour to make up for it!
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @12:48PM (#326132)
  • There was perhaps an issue with venue curfew going on, here, despite the early hour. Morrissey did say something as they left the stage after the last song of the main set.

    "And can you imagine? Good night!"

    Prior to that, during the final moments one of the last few songs, he made a show of looking at an imaginary wristwatch.

    The fact that they started so promptly (about 8:06 p.m.) and were back for the encore at 9:26 p.m., only to find the amps were no longer being piped through the PA, could lead one to speculate the venue imposed a 90 minute set rule and snuffed the juice.

    Perhaps union theatre staff gets off shift at 11 p.m. at Foxwoods?

    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @01:21PM (#326136)
  • Feel the need to add my two cents, so here goes...

    This was my 22nd Morrissey show and my 2nd of this tour, having been to Carnegie on Thursday night. First of all, I hate the casino- it smells like cigarettes and it's full of flashing lights and white trash and sucks the soul right out of you, and it was PACKED, which was to be expected on a Saturday night. Anyhow, I sauntered into the venue at 8:10, thinking I'd get settled and enjoy the Courteneers, who I really enjoyed at Carnegie, and when I realized Moz had started I was very annoyed- AT MYSELF. I mean, I check this site daily, and I should have checked, but alas my laziness resulted in missing his entrance and the first song and a half.

    That being said, I thought the venue was GREAT. The seating was far better than Carnegie- my seats were in the balcony and were fabulous, comfortable, great view, the sound was wonderful- you could actually understand what he was saying when he spoke to the audience! I spent most of Thursday night's show wondering what he had just said, which was frustrating. I agree that the crowd was a strange combination, but I ALWAYS check out the crowds at Moz shows and I felt there was a fair amount of love coming from them. A lot of people in the balcony stayed in their seats, which felt strange to me initially, but the view was great, and if I stood then everyone in back of me would have had to stand, and I didn't want to be 'that' person (although I HAD to dance during The Loop, oh my god I could watch him play that tamborine all night long, he just WAILS on it!), plus after getting my ass kicked in the pit of plenty of general admission Moz shows, including the Barrowlands in Glasgow where I thought we all might actually die, I decided to accept an evening of seated observation.

    In general, I thought the show was wonderful. His voice sounded fantastic, better than Carnegie, he seemed to be in a great mood, making lots of chat with the audience, and for everyone who said he was "phoning it in", I don't know what show you were at. He was energetic and lovely and perfect. As far as the encore, COME ON, PEOPLE. We all know Morrissey does not like looking like a fool or being embarassed, and that he is not the type to be patient and stand there and wait to fix a problem like that. He DID try to stall for a bit, with his little coughing show and the clean joke comment, but he was clearly annoyed that the show wasn't ending on its usual high note, didn't see the problem getting solved, and just had to get off the stage. I WAS looking forward to seeing some lucky people get on stage, and I enjoy FOTG live, but seriously- It was NOT a short show, no one was gypped by not hearing an encore- IT'S AN ENCORE! it's optional, and it in no way signifies that Morrissey doesn't care about his fans. If you *really* think he doesn't care about us, WHY ARE YOU HERE? If you don't understand that he loves us, that he goes on tour as much as he does to give us some of the energy we give him, to have that exchange with us, if you don't believe him when he thanks us for our loyalty and our faith in him, then why bother?

    All in all, the show was great, Morrissey is amazing, and I continue to not understand so many Morrissey "fans" who don't seem to have the slightest understanding of who he is and waste time complaining about money and setlists and stupid pettiness. I agree with a previously posted comment- go home and listen to your Smiths cds if that's what you want to hear. Ah, but then you'd have nothing to complain about...
    goblinmoz -- Sunday March 29 2009, @01:58PM (#326141)
    (User #1580 Info)
    "now my heart is full..."
  • []

    This does not look any different to me than any other time he walks off at the end of a concert. He talked to people, then said good bye in his usual nice way and walked away like he always does at the end of a concert.

    This LOOKS so different than it read from all the posts made here. I find the regular difference between what people write and what I see on youtube striking. His singing was also great in the other clips on youtube and he looked like he was enjoying himself.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 29 2009, @08:12PM (#326171)
  • that during The Last Time I Spoke to Carol, in the last verse that he said 1959 instead of 1975? (Clearly referring to the year of his own birth, rather than hers)
    Limelight -- Sunday March 29 2009, @08:37PM (#326174)
    (User #11113 Info)
  • I dont understand how anyone on here can complain about a Morrissey show. Anytime you see him it is a gazillion times better than any other concert you will pay shitloads of money for. This one included. I paid $130 on Stubhub to get right up front, shake his hand and then some...That's a shit concert? If you think you were ripped off...then you're an idiot. Yeah, the end sucked. So does life. Deal with it. If you're on here, chances are you've been and will go to more Tour of Refusal shows. Morrissey looked and sounded absolutely amazing and Im obsessed with him forever. OH, and complaining about him starting at 8PM? That is hilarious. I couldn't have been happier not to sit throught that tortuous drag queen video...Dont ever complain about Morrissey shows ever. I learned my lesson. If Morrissey puts out another great album (like Tour of Refusal), and tours again...i will do the smart thing and quit my lame ass job to follow him around the world.
    Inmyownstrageway -- Monday March 30 2009, @03:59PM (#326276)
    (User #22237 Info)
  • You know the reason the power went out was because March 28th was "Earth Hour." It's started at 8:30 PM local time. Check out the link below.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @11:54AM (#326343)
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