posted by davidt on Tuesday March 31 2009, @08:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / That's How People Grow Up / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Keep Mine Hidden / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Ask / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Best Friend On The Payroll / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / Death Of a Disco Dancer / Let Me Kiss You / Sorry Doesn't Help / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Texas is waiting
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @08:06PM (#326402)
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  • ...and I still have yet to see Morrissey live. :(
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @08:32PM (#326407)
  • Just got home... (Score:3, Insightful)

    Show was incredible. Not enough time now to go on about everything but here's the set list. I added in a couple of his quotes between songs, for kicks. It may be a bit fuzzy in the middle because I lost track of things but here goes:

    This Charming Man
    Billy Budd (changed lyric to '30 years on')
    "Why did you come here?"
    That's How People Grow Up
    Black Cloud
    How Soon Is Now? (changed lyric "I lived my life the wrong way")
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    How Can Anybody Know How I feel
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    [band intro]
    Mama Lay Softly on teh Riverbed
    Best Friend on the Payroll
    "They still don't have a statue of me in the main square and I don't know why."
    When I Last Spoke to Carol
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    The Loop
    Death of a Disco Dancer
    Let Me Kiss You
    [talking about the new cd] "Buy it because as you can see, we're starving."
    Sorry Doesn't Help Us
    Something is Squeezing my Skull
    I'm Ok by Myself

    "Everytime we say goodbye I.... drink a little."
    First of the Gang

    He sounded in top form and was quite friendly with the crowd. Two people made it on stage and a third made a valiant effort. I'll have more tomorrow possibly - too much to take it yet again. Cheers to all who made it out tonight.
    ldbutz -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @08:50PM (#326410)
    (User #9810 Info)
  • The Security were really strict tonight. They wouldn't let you move more than a few feet towards the stage even in the front rows on the sides. But congrats to the few people who made it up on stage, and also to the few who made contact.
    TheNightingale -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @09:42PM (#326414)
    (User #20429 Info)
  • Morrissey was happy and in a good mood. The crowd was good up front. He didn't shake hands too often.

    There was no pit this time, so they extended the stage right up to row A. Good move.

    There were people in the front row who took pics and I think a video for a song or two. So keep an eye out for that.

    The setlist could be better. But what the hell. It's Morrissey.
    DavidMich -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @10:09PM (#326418)
    (User #22297 Info)
  • As usual, met a bunch of great people during and after the show. Props to Joy and the duo from Brooklyn who BOTH made it on stage. "I'm OK By Myself" could not be sung by a Smiths era Moz; he has the pipes now. I would kill to hear "Barbarism Begins at Home." Thanks to Jenn for the Incense Avignon Series 3, so I could smell like Moz even before the show. Solomon, Matt, Jessie, Chris, and Boz are a tight group, indeed. Thanks for the guitar pick, Jessie! Great show, minus a few drunken, I mean drunken idiots front and center. Less political rants and more warm and friendly interaction, especially after the encore. Go Team Morrissey.
    ihaveforgivenmoz -- Tuesday March 31 2009, @10:25PM (#326421)
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    If you ever need self-validation just meet me in the alley by the railway station.
  • morrissey has the perfect body for digging up roads.

    I now officially hate this charming man, thanks for that mozz.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @03:19AM (#326439)
  • Great show last night! Morrissey was looking and sounding on top of his game. Loved the set up, as they got rid of the pit this time--good move. The band was really showcased, and sounded fabulous...especially Boz & Jesse! A funny Moz line "Who is Ann Arbor anyway?" Congrats to the man who caught Morrissey's shirt! Did you sell a piece of it to the lady begging at the door? ha We left with 2 set lists. Opening band was great as well.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @04:54AM (#326448)
  • At one point I think he hit himself in the mouth with his microphone cord. After a particularly zealous whipping session he touched his top lip like he had hit it. I got a good look of it later in the show and it looked (more than) fine.

    Sorry for the spotty reports, but I'll add them as I remember them.
    TheNightingale -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @05:52AM (#326458)
    (User #20429 Info)
  • I loved the show it was my first, but I thought the crowd was not that into it. They were much more tame than I expected, which sucks. It was real easy to sneak up from for better seats, though. Also, he butchered "This Charming Man". I shook his hand, which is the highlight of my concert going life. Maybe my entire life.
    sherm -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @06:13AM (#326461)
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  • I know others have commented on them before, but I encourage everyone to get to the show early so you can check them out. They were AWESOME!! The crowd loved them and gave them a standing ovation at the end of their set. How often does that happen with opening acts??
    I'm definitely a convert!
    shmode -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @06:32AM (#326466)
    (User #19441 Info)
  • It was a dark night for me indeed as I was unable to attend the show. I've seen him numerous times, but it's always a sad day when he's 30 miles away and I can't make it. Are there any Moz fans on myspace that live in the Detroit area? I'd love to chat with you, as I know so few of the truly devoted out here. Look me up, as my display name is Expresso Noir. Cheers, Curt
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @08:26AM (#326480)
  • If anybody's interested, I posted a show review over at Detour ( I had a great time - one of the best times I've seen him in fact. Can't wait for Chicago.
    LauraDetour -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @11:18AM (#326490)
    (User #22301 Info)
  • I love seeing Morrissey live. Its always a blast. Except, like I've said in previous posts, his fans are assholes. It absolutely amazes me that there is not more happiness and cohesiveness between Moz fans. Example from last nights show - I was in row HH on the aisle seat. Not bad generally speaking because the Michigan Theatre is tiny. This was the first time I saw Morrissey that I wasn't in the front first few rows. So, just like any die-hard Moz fan would do - I had to make a run/walk for it and get down front, right?? So I made it down to about the 6/7th row during Death/Disco Dancer and stood in the aisle BEHIND some B***H who actually told the security guard on me that I was standing there! Un-fricken-real, a moz fan telling on another fan (like a third grader would). And I was BEHIND her, not blocking her. She was dressed up like a business person, fushia blouse, 80's frizzy hair style. This was center section of seats up front right hand side about 6/7 rows from stage. She actually ended up walking up to security to tell on me that I shouldn't be there. She was a narc. She narked on another Moz fan. This is sac relig in my opinion. I have always aided and abedded any Moz fan who wanted a chance to get down front for goodness sake its a Morrissey show! Not a shoe sale! I got some great photos up there too. This chick was so stuck up it was unreal. The Moz fans should take a lesson from Kiss fans (not the band) or Zappa or Zeppelin fans. WE ALL STICK together and have FUN!! We don't narc on each other for sneaking to the front of the stage :( I did have some great pix to post, but that bad apple spoiled the whole bunch. I ain't posting 'em :) The Moz Man was awesome! His voice was awesome. However, it is clear that he is bored. His shows are predictable. I felt this set list was indeed lacking. I honestly almost didn't go because I knew every second of what would happen through the entire event. And I was right. I actually left early this time. Everytime he comes to Ann Arbor he has the same dialogue - "No Iggy statue yet" he said that last time. I think I'll work on that. Any Detroit area Moz fans who'd like to work on this project with me? Contact me off site at [email protected] By the way, for that fan in Detroit area who'd like to talk about Morrissey -contact me off site. I can talk for hours about him/anything music related. Anyway, maybe Morrissey's moodiness has rubbed off on his fans after all these years. I love you all, but you are all pretty miserable. Does anybody remember happy?? Cheers!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @06:16PM (#326528)
  • I have 10 videos I took at the Ann Arbor show. The playlist is here:
    Thorndike -- Sunday April 05 2009, @12:38PM (#327031)
    (User #22332 Info)

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