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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / That's How People Grow Up / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Keep Mine Hidden / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Ask / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Best Friend On The Payroll / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / Death Of a Disco Dancer / Let Me Kiss You / Sorry Doesn't Help / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by Rebel Without A Mozz
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  • actually... (Score:1, Informative)

    First comment is total BS.

    Great show - Morrissey sounds great, band on form.

    A few soundbites:

    We're just like CNN, a lot of shock and drama... but yet you all are still here?

    Can anyone imagine all the historic debate that has gone on in this theater? Neither can I.

    See (after he passed the mic) we do have a few friends in Ohio.

    Gave a birthday shout to J.T. during the intros.

    Pink shirt tossed and aimed at someone.

    They DID have signed vinyl at the show - I got #2.

    Can't stress how much I enjoyed The Courteeners - great band.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @07:50PM (#326552)
  • What an awesome night... Morrissey shook my hand. MORRISSEY SHOOK MY HAND.

    The set list is:

    Charming Man
    Billy Budd
    That's How People Grow Up
    Black Cloud
    How Soon is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    How Could Anybody Possibly...
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    Mama Lay Softly...
    Best Friend on the Payroll
    When I Last Spoke to Carol
    Seasick But Still Docked
    The Loop
    Death of A Disco Dancer
    Let Me Kiss You
    Sorry Doesn't Help
    Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    I'm OK By Myself
    Encore: First of the Gang...

    When he came out, dressed head to toe in a black suit and matching shirt, he didn't drop much between-song banter and seemed almost...surly. They raced through the top half of the show and things didn't hit a more relaxed pace till he changed into his pink shirt (which only lasted for one song before he tossed it into the crowd).

    The audience was pretty mellow--although everyone in the pit was having a good time--and there were several security guards from the venue posted at the edge of the stage. No one even attempted a stage invasion until the encore; two women got hugs and then a crush of people attempted to grab some Moz and security got rough, literally slinging people back into the pit. That's when I decided I'd just stay put!

    All in all, it was a great night and I'm glad I got to share it with some new friends from the internet!
    Rebel Without A Mozz -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @08:45PM (#326561)
    (User #22153 Info)
  • I loved Morrissey with the tambourine. That was awesome. He seemed very vocal tonight. Altogether, the show was good, and the Courteeners did a awesome set as well.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @09:11PM (#326563)
  • Great Show! (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got home to Cleveland from wonderful Columbus show. Opening act, The Courteeners, are great. I ran down to buy their CD as soon as their set was finished. They remind me of a very early Del Amitri.

    Morrissey and band were tight and firing on all cylinders. Through the first seven songs or so they had me on my feet up in the loges. I'm not the most animated person in the world, so that's saying something.

    Thought security kinda sucked with their handling of the attempted stage invasions during the encore. It appeared they thought the encore was all about them.

    All in all, dynamite evening!
    misanthroblog -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @10:40PM (#326574)
    (User #22307 Info)
  • Thanks to Morrissey and company for another really fun evening and for playing my dear favorite, “Seasick, Yet Still Docked”. Having been in attendance at the pub show back in 2004 (South Bend, Indiana), and thoroughly enjoying the intimate and, to my fantasizing mind, select-few privilege enjoyed by the handful of us who were there, it was also great to be a member of the much larger crowd which turned out in Columbus. Being down front I managed to take in several views of the crowd but wonder if anyone can provide first-hand information as to the fullness of the floor seating in the back corners, as well as in the balcony (which looked like it may have been about a quarter full). Can anyone speak to the turnout compared to the Ringleader tour when it passed through Columbus?

    Another question: Did anyone get video of the stage invasions? I thoroughly enjoyed my ten-yard dash to the man and the extended moment of tantalizing nearness and camaraderie shared between Morrissey and me. I did manage to make brief contact with his hand and share a nice smile. It was the culmination of much planning and scheming and exhilarating success. I feel sorry for some of those who were denied by the security that became quite protective (I am assuming they are in Morrissey’s employee—the ones up on the stage, as I recognized the big one with glasses) and who were—male and female—roughly discharged into the front rows; because it did not seem to me that the first ones to reach Morrissey were particularly rough. I didn’t have the best vantage; but I didn’t personally witness any roughness from the fans at all.

    It has always been clear that Morrissey is in favor of the invasions, so it seems strange that his own security would have all their will bent on complete denial; though how about the young woman who started it all off with a dramatic stride across the stage (at the outset of “First of the Gang to Die”) with no intervention? She played it so cool. Maybe, as said in an earlier posting, they became skittish with the mass surge which followed. My girlfriend went during the tail end of that exchange, was clothes-lined by eyeglass security, twisted free from his head lock, and entered the welcoming arms of Moz. How awesome! She knew what she wanted and made it happen. No one was going to stop her. Naturally I am interested in any video whatsoever to be posted on youtube, but if anyone has footage of the encore (perhaps uncompressed), please let me know.

    ‘Twas fun sharing the camaraderie of the event with all of the fans, including those down in front left.
    balfour3 -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @10:55PM (#326576)
    (User #3981 Info)
  • Better than Ann Arbor, though it pains me to say that. I love that Moz knows only 10 people (maybe) know "Hidden." He was in excellent mood and voice. Nothing could have ruined this show for me, not even sitting next to a Grade A psycho who eavesdropped on my conversation, read my text messages, and told me to stay away from her after bumping into me repeatedly with her bloated plus-size bag. She also accused me of recording the show...hey cupcake, if you're going to eavesdrop, why don't you listen to the whole conversation?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @05:06AM (#326606)
  • I had a great time at my second Moz show. Screamed my lungs out despite having been sick all last week.

    This time I sat much closer, though last time I actually ran the length of the hall and did a stage invasion. After seeing security's antics, I opted not to this time since my last experience left long-lasting bruises.

    His voice was FANTASTIC. And his enunciation was very crisp so that I feel like anyone not knowing all the songs would be able to get every word.

    I really liked the setlist and appreciated hearing a lot from the most recent albums because I think he's really showing that this material has staying power, and these are the albums of his/the Smiths that I listen to most of late.

    Loved the screen of the sailor wtih a cigar with REFUSAL stamped on his chest. If that's not Moz's incredible queering and critique of macho masculinity, I don't know what is. He changed the lyrics from "'s the bomb that will bring us together" to "'s macho manliness or militarism (or something to this affect) that will bring us together" and pointed to the image.

    Attempted to wait by the tour buses afterward...lasted for over an hour but got really cold and had to drive back to Cincinnati.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @05:52AM (#326613)
  • not paris hilton (Score:2, Interesting)

    Awesome show! After singing throwing my arms around paris, he walked to the drums to get a drink. In the midst of it he says "not hilton. Hilton. Not paris hilton" or something to that effect. He did a few lyric changes in HSIN.

    I managed to get on stage during the encore. I hugged morrissey and then felt his body guard arturo pull me around the waist. I let go and was THROWN from the stage. Although arturo made up for it! He walked morrissey off stage, when the b and had went back arturo came out with a setlist and gave it directly to me. It was all folded up and smelled like mr. moz. Maybe it was one the man himself kept in his pocket.

    I waited outside for about two hours. One guard said they were inside celebrating jesse's birthday. He came out, gave a wave and went to his bus. One of the venue guards had these awesome posters. I managed to get one them. Its best described as a cartoon drawing of a baby morrissey sucking his thumb. On the wall behind him it has three pictures of different hair styles: quiff #10, untitled 12, and pompodoure sunset. Really neat.

    I am still in columbus but will upload photos when I get will be later my myspace.
    jumpeduppantrygirl -- Thursday April 02 2009, @06:39AM (#326621)
    (User #22309 Info)
  • That's what he sang at the end of "I Keep Mine Hidden" - priceless!
    Just got back to Cincinnati and I agree with previous posters - this show was Great. His voice sounded amazing and of course he looked like one million dollars. Make that pounds.
    Who got the pink shirt? Someone caught it and then I saw people struggling on the floor!
    And the Palace Theater is a beautiful venue - I was so glad he played there again after the May 07 show.
    Highlights of the night for me were The Loop - it sounded incredible with the stand-up bass, and the guitars were great. And after Mama, Boz and that keyboard player -what's his name? came to the front of the stage to play snare drums.
    And Death of a Disco Dancer was Blissful!
    My husband and I were 4 rows back on the left, Incredible - and towards the end of the set list, we and a few others started moving forward...we could climb over chairs and take the places of the people in front of us who had already moved up.
    I was nervous about the huge security guards in the aisle, but for some reason they were staring at the balcony (?) and not paying one ounce of attention that 15-20 people were stealthly climbing over seats on the far left, like little rabbits!
    For the last few songs, we got some great photos and were so close! Those around us were super fun and nice.
    My husband had brought a 7" of Piccadilly Palare for Moz to sign...that's what he grabbed leaving the house. When Morrissey came over to our side of the stage towards the end of the show, my husband held it up and Moz just looked at him so strangely and pointed to his watch! I took it as What year is this? Piccadilly Palare, really?
    His face was so funny. I was cracking up. Oh well.
    But Boz came over and signed it at the end - it was funny.
    And when the throngs of stage invaders tried to get on stage all at once during the encore, they got Thrown back in the pit. It was violent. Yeah, I decided to stay put too. But Congrats to those who got a hug!!! Wow.
    At the end of the show after they finished "1st of", Moz said "Time passes quickly - one day you're alive, and the next day, you're still alive."
    We debated waiting by the buses, but now hearing it was an hour + for a glimpse, I'm glad we passed... I guess.
    Wish I could see him again this tour - who knows! It was Great.
    Thanks to everyone in the front left! You guys were awesome.
    xoxo coccinella

    coccinella -- Thursday April 02 2009, @10:24AM (#326656)
    (User #17561 Info)
  • Great show. I can't believe security full out clotheslined that girl.

    I was a bit bitter because ticketbastard gave me seats in row T when I bought them the minute they went on sale. I could've gotten N row seats yesterday.
    How on earth did people get pit tickets?
    Sammi. -- Thursday April 02 2009, @11:45AM (#326681)
    (User #22311 Info)
  • like others, I too saw the last Columbus show and I agree, for some odd reason Mozzer brings it to Columbus, Ohio. So weird? Last night's show was the best of the 3 - I am doing this time out, and he gave me the best for last. Loads better than Ann Arbor (sorry Michigan). Well worth the drive from Indy!!! Loved the record gift exchange, it caught him off guard for sure.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @11:48AM (#326682)
  • Columbus Pictures (Score:2, Interesting)

    Here is my flickr set [] from last night, taken from the front row, stage left.

    It includes the shot of someone hugging Morrissey...lucky girl!
    Rebel Without A Mozz -- Thursday April 02 2009, @12:17PM (#326689)
    (User #22153 Info)
  • really play "Children In Pieces" during this tour. I just revisited it yesterday...such an underrated song.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @01:24PM (#326699)
  • This show surpasses any other live concert experience I have ever engaged in. (which includes years of everything from hole-in-the wall venues to big(ger) names). My reasoning for such a claim is weighted on many factors, by which I formulate a somewhat biased outlook, but nevertheless, it was incredible and shall stand for some time (perhaps indefinitely).
    Previously I had the pleasure of seeing Moz twice; 2007 in Indianapolis, and 2008 in Merrillville. Columbus was my first native state experience, and proved to be quite an experience. “Balfour3” and I were seated 6 rows back for starters, which was exhilarating given the fact that my former shows had been much further.
    Despite the fact that I will unabashedly admit my fondness for the acquired dissonance of the great Kristeen Young, The Courteeners were quite good and grew on me. I loved the way they seemed to effortlessly weave through melodies, the versatility and talent of each; namely the vocalist, and found myself yearning for one of those beautiful tellys they had. The keyboardist seemed slightly disconnected from the rest of the group and added a humorous element. I plan to seek out their catalogue.
    As far as the man himself…the thrill never ceases the moment he/they take the stage. Opening with This Charming Man was perfect, and overall the set list was nice. I was happy to hear Billy Budd, Best Friend on the Payroll, and Death of a Disco Dancer. However, all was made complete with the inclusion of “Seasick”, a favorite of my company and consequently, important. Tonally Morrissey was VERY on, and the band was tight as usual. I must say that I miss Mike Ferrell and the ability to utilize live horns as opposed to tracks. I didn’t think that the new/current guy quite had the element Ferrell possessed.
    Overall a very nice crowd as well. I enjoyed the sporadic conversation with those around me, especially the camaraderie of the small said cluster who crept up the far left side of the stage, within the shadows.
    Like many of us, for years I have envisioned a moment when I could step onstage and meet my musical hero and be one of the hallowed “stage invaders”…and last night it finally came to fruition, in the most perfect way (save a hooked arm to the throat but the end result being the open arms of Morrissey and a full on embrace). I credit my boyfriend’s determination to “get me on stage” and the additional hoisting as I climbed the ledge and hopped around the subs.
    I discovered this link today which includes the entirety of the encore. Thank you to whomever the owner is, it means a great deal to have such footage; priceless!
    As you can see, the first invader strolls casually aboard stage, followed by a man, followed by myself. I believe that a group of other vigilantes formed behind/around me at the time, given the sharp contrast from lax security to heathens. It all happened very quickly, but Moz’s signature security guy (hefty with glasses and facial hair) hooked me with his right arm, right across the neck, pulling me backward. I remember ducking/twisting out of his grasp and making my way over. I assume that my saving grace was the others behind me who were also fighting their way up, thus averting the full attention of the security troll.
    Approaching Morrissey was a dreamscape, in that he awaited with open arms ( he had not yet begun singing, before “First of the Gang”). I was elated to have the ultimate privilege of sharing a personal embrace with someone I have long admired…truly magical.
    I was able to resume my former place in the pit, being spared a hurling from the stage, thankfully!
    At around the 3:12 mark in the link, you can see my man take the stage. What one fails to see is the preliminary crouched stance behind PA , followed by the outward sprint that took security by surprise. From my angle I could see the exchange between the two, with Morrissey stepping forward and reaching for his outstretched hand (with reasonable success) as he was forcibly yanked to the side and of
    rainydayassembly -- Thursday April 02 2009, @05:36PM (#326722)
    (User #2092 Info)
  • has the curse been taken off, yet? oh, who cares.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @07:21PM (#326735)
  • Many thanks to all of you other there, from
    all of us over here (and not least Obama and his crew of 500 staff ) for all of this news.

    Anonymous -- Friday April 03 2009, @09:04AM (#326780)
  • There are some good tracks on there....

    A classic opener, This Charming Man, but I Keep Mine Hidden??
    Sorry, but I hope he doesn't play that for Manchester 23rd's date.
    Hello Indie -- Friday April 03 2009, @12:47PM (#326807)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • MORRISEY, MORRISSEY, MORRISSEY!!! Such a nice person! Just lovable!! My boyfriend wanted to go and I loved it!! What a charismatic performer. An English Frank Sinatra. In addition, Courteneers have some really great songs, but we can't understand what they're saying! The guy beside us said they need a female singer and I agree. Would be a plus and maybe add another layer of melody.....
    Anonymous -- Friday April 03 2009, @09:38PM (#326827)
  • FAAABUUULOOOUS! Morrissey is astonishing and his band is AWESOME. What a gentleman to give them the chance to show what they're made of!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 03 2009, @09:48PM (#326828)
  • "the one who throws his arms around me, Jake."

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @07:26PM (#326544)
    • Re:tmi by 2shy2die (Score:0) Friday April 03 2009, @02:55AM
  • I call Bullshit!!!!
    alexmoz23 -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @07:42PM (#326550)
    (User #5697 Info)
  • two words:
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @07:49PM (#326551)
    • Re:First! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 03 2009, @04:25AM
  • April Fools!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 01 2009, @08:24PM (#326557)
  • spam
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @01:09AM (#326583)
    • Re:Spam Post?? by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Thursday April 02 2009, @06:24AM
  • 1) this tour round it seems the case, though on Greatest Hits, he did at least two the dual times I saw him live.
    2) no, not this time around it seems, though they do switch things up (though not drastically on this tour if you research the set list trends)
    3) yes of course

    and though #4 wasnt listed, i can say that well...let's just say that it seems he is comfortable with his body and that is okay by me...but no, not really to most i am sure. i for one would be disappointed if the shirt was not removed and flung. after all, it is tradition!
    rainydayassembly -- Thursday April 02 2009, @06:05AM (#326615)
    (User #2092 Info)
  • 1) You get one song encore. That's if you're lucky.

    2) He plays whatever the hell he likes. There's no song that he feels he has to play (although he has insisted on playing How Soon Is Now and First of the Gang for years now).

    3) Morrissey ALWAYS takes his shirt off. Who the hell cares if hes in shape or not?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @06:06AM (#326616)
  • get off your ass and go see a gig- this 50 year old man has a 6-pack, which is probably the opposite of your greasey frontside- really take a look before you agrue, okay?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 02 2009, @06:06AM (#326617)
    • Re:Wait... by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 02 2009, @07:54AM
      • Re:Wait... by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 02 2009, @08:14AM
  • ahhhhh.....You Have Killed Me. My favorite. Play it when you come to L.A. Moz. Anyhow, now what were you saying about the shirt and the encore?. . . dude! Where have you been, under a rock?
    bbgfe1 -- Thursday April 02 2009, @09:42PM (#326741)
    (User #20028 Info)
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