posted by davidt on Monday April 06 2009, @09:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I Keep Mine Hidden / Let Me Kiss You / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / That's How People Grow Up / Death Of A Disco Dancer / The Loop / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Sorry Doesn't Help / Ask / Life Is A Pigsty / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • set list (Score:3, Informative)

    this charming man
    billy budd
    black cloud
    how soon is now?
    irish blood, english heart
    when last i spoke to carol
    how can anybody possibly know how i feel?
    i keep mine hidden
    let me kiss you
    seasick, yet still docked
    that's how people grow up
    death of a disco dancer
    the loop
    something is squeezing my skull
    world is full of crashing bores
    i'm throwing my arms around paris
    sorry doesn't help
    life is a pigsty
    ok by myself

    first of the gang to die
    bagface -- Monday April 06 2009, @09:05PM (#327164)
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    • Re:set list (Score:2, Funny)

      No we want TONIGHT'S setlist. Not last night's.
      Anonymous -- Monday April 06 2009, @09:34PM (#327170)
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  • Waited for Moz in the cold, but he wasn't in the mood to socialize and ran onto the bus. Great show anyway - thanks Moz for coming to Minneapolis again.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 06 2009, @10:00PM (#327173)
  • Was Ponce there? I mean Prince
    Anonymous -- Monday April 06 2009, @10:57PM (#327177)
  • another good show (Score:2, Interesting)

    I actually found this a bit better than Chicago -- but then, I was much closer to the front. Still, the sound seemed better, and also, Moz seemed a little higher-energy to me, and smilier. He rather charmingly thanked us for standing (it was a seated venue) -- and "for standing us."

    Morrissey also handed the mike around the front row at one point, and when someone said they loved him unconditionally, he said it wasn't enough...then gave us a little smile.

    There were several attempts (some semi-successful) at stage crashing, the security response to which seemed a bit harsh. Still, it made for a rather exciting encore.

    And Moz and the lads were looking fit in plaid shirts and jeans -- I must say, Moz is dashing in a tux, but I far prefer the jeans.

    Finally, as has been mentioned, "Life Is A Pigsty" was the notable set change, and in my opinion, it was a treat, even if it was for sad reasons (Moz said it was dedicated to a friend (whose name I evidently didn't hear correctly -- anyone?) who'd died in London today). I've heard it live before, but I love it, and I enjoyed it as much as ever tonight.
    despair and i -- Monday April 06 2009, @11:21PM (#327178)
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    ...the heart feels free...
  • rEGArdInG the ShoW (Score:2, Informative)

    it was a very nice show..
    the couRTeeners were pretty good..
    unfortunateLY the audience were talking during their performance (and or using THEIR cell phones//
    as expEcted the majority of peopLE rudely arrived late.. minutes before MorriSSey came on.

    moRRisseY came on to the stage wiTH a sign (or sheet really) thaT said SAVAge Beast,,
    He was in gooD Humor throughout the shoWWWW
    at one point he asked how things were going in funnyapolis and are you going to leave - are you ever going to leave?
    HE was extremely pLEasant and engaged the audience in a waY that few PerFormers would dare.
    seasick yet still docked was for me the hiGHlighT
    buTT the Years of reFusal song were very good as WEll..
    Anyway IT was all Well WORTH while and amazINg to sEE..
    ATTEmpted stAGE INvasion at THE end..
    YOU morrissey solo peOPLE wiLL Love to HEAR thIS STEREOTYPicAL REPort I m sure to ADD LittLE OR NOthing TO YOURE mundane LIVES..............
    mcdevster -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @12:10AM (#327181)
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  • A fine show (Score:1, Informative)

    Minneapolis was treated to its first Morrissey show since 2000. I agree that this was a fine show. Morrissey was energetic and a delight to watch. I've seen Moz five times, and this was one of the better performances (the best?). Everything worked well together--the band, the sound, the lights. Morrissey seemed to hit all the notes dead-on (which he doesn't always do live, right?). I've been keeping track of the set list throughout the tour, and frankly wasn't too excited about it. However, I was very happy with how it turned out and how it was performed.

    The show lasted about an hour and a half, which I also think is the longest Morrissey show I've seen. I was in the back on the main floor, unfortunately (yet I got tickets online right away, hmmmm?), but the State Theater was a great set-up--sloping floor, great sightlines no matter where you were.

    One funny thing when Moz handed the mike to some people in the front row. One woman asked, "How is your baby?" and the audience laughed. Morrissey said, "Why do you laugh when asking about my baby? I take my baby very seriously." LOL!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @04:46AM (#327215)
  • My Brother Darin and I started out our trek to see Morrissey LIVE and in the flesh early
    morning of April 6th 2009. We arrived at our destination in Minneapolis, MN at the State Theater to find that we could peek into the venue because all that held us eager Morrissey fans back were elegant glass doors adorned with black curtains on the front but were scolded at by security early on for our peeking but that didn't stop other curious Morrissey fans because throughout the day as we
    would come back to see if more Moz fans showed up we saw that they too peeked behind the
    curtain. Since this being my FIRST Morrissey concert were I actually had a SEAT number
    and reserved spot that meant no waiting in line for ONCE YESSS!!! So we decided to see the sites
    around the area of the State Theater and just a block down was Game works which turned out
    to be quite a fun spot to kill time at. We made a rock video of our heads singing and dancing
    on cartoon bodies to the song Venus which I will upload for your youtube pleasure. Then we
    played some resident evil type games except where you have a real gun amongst other games
    they had on the first level. We finally made our way upstairs and come to find they had
    COSMIC BOWLING and for us folk that live in the boonies of South Dakota this was a
    treat!! So we bowled a round then after that excitement we made our way back to the State
    Theater and by this time it was nearing 5 in the afternoon and the show was to start at 7:30 so
    we decided it was time to get some grub and we made our way to a restaurant inside the state
    theater called Rock Bottom and it lived up to its name! The food was at best OK and very
    pricey. After that I decided to go back to my vehicle and get the tickets and my camera and my
    brother was going to just chill and wait in the lobby area. I go outside and as I'm strolling
    along on the sidewalk the sun shining down at me a big shadow is casted along me and I look
    at a big silver bus turn towards the venue and I am thinking, Hmmmm...I wonder if that's
    Moz's bus and it turns to go to the side of the venue about the side where his semi is
    unloading gear into the building. As I am standing on the corner awaiting to see who comes
    out I see HIM I know its HIM because I mean how do you MISS Morrissey's silhouette? So I
    and the fellow walking in front of me take off running to the crowd that was already awaiting
    him of about maybe 8 people of whom I believe have been following him around on the tour
    from California. I rush over and he walks right in front of me shaking hands but refusing
    pictures and all I can say is " Moz! Moz! Moz! just then his strikingly blue eyes turn and look
    at mine and I just smile big he turns and I semi-shout, "how's the baby?" he gives me the
    Morrissey look and smiles and goes into the venue and with that I am in shock I rush back
    into the venue lobby to tell my brother what has just happened! I take him to the scene of the
    excitement where the others are also freaking out about meeting the MAN!! I talk with the
    others that met Morrissey and we discuss how surreal it was and after that Darin and I head
    back to the truck to get the tix and camera. We decide to just wait inside the venue and at
    about 6ish they open the doors and we were the first ones inside!!! I had pit tickets. The pit
    consisted of a two row area that held about 30 of us lucky Morrissey fans. We were in the 2nd
    row and upon talking with security it was my understanding that once Morrissey came on the
    pit became sort of free for all and we could stand at the stage but till then we had to remain in
    our seats. Sir John Betjamin's voice read to us a poem as we sat and awaited the show to
    begin of which the security guard questioned me about asking, "what is this?" upon me telling
    him he gave me a look like "oooohhhkay whatever" insert eye roll here. But after talking to
    this security guard I came to find he was pretty cool and was surprised he didn't get a ticket for
    the sh
    a bullied child -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @06:57AM (#327220)
    (User #4166 Info)
    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
  • R.I.P. Gill Smith. It was sad but nice that Morrissey did Life is a Pigsty for him. []
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @08:43AM (#327231)
  • I have to say, this was my worst (Moz) concert experience. It was definitely different from seeing him in Los Angeles. There was a lot missing - fans on stage, pompadours and betties :-) The security personnel were unnecessarily rough with fans trying to get to Moz. Boz looked wonderful! And there wasn't much of a fight for Moz' shirt which surprised me...I can't warm up to YOR live just yet. My favourites were The Loop and Death of a Disco Dancer. The crowd were quite unenthused though...I shall continue to see him on the west coast in the future :-)
    Lady Gaz <[email protected]> -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @08:58AM (#327233)
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    "I want to live, & I want to love..."
  • During Sorry Doesn't Help, Morrissey sang "sorry is a just word you find so easy to sing, but you sing it anyway."

    Also, he changed the line "I can't reach you anymore" in Life is a Pigsty to "I can't help you anymore."

    Other lyric changes were as previously done in the tour, including the "military might" line in Ask.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @03:45PM (#327264)
  • I thought the band did a really excellent job of How Soon Is Now? At the end, Matt Walker just went bonkers on the gong and that huge drum behind his kit and it was THUNDEROUS. I would never have imagined that such an amazing song could be made better, but it most definitely was.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @07:26PM (#327273)
  • I'd rather hear just about anything else.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 07 2009, @08:32PM (#327278)
  • Can't believe it's been 9 years since being about 20 feet from Moz on the Quest Club's balcony. That was a great show - this was good, but no more than that. Loved the plentitude of Smiths songs, and while HSIN was played like a Smiths tribute band on steroids, it was an interesting version. The Great Man's newer work leaves me a little cold these days. I'm forever stuck in the Smiths/Early Solo loop and the "harder" rock sound has not completely worked for me. The bouncers did seem a little rough with the stage divers, but in this day and age do you want to take a chance - you never know who the nuts are and what they will do. I loved the interaction with passing the mic around the front row, though. I do believe Morrissey loves his fans as much as they love him. Happy to have been there, despite my weak criticisms. I agree that much of the audience seemed half-hearted - my impression was that there were a number of people there who were there just to say they'd been to a Morrissey show to bolster their faux-hipster cred. I've seen Morrissey three times, and The Smiths twice (Glasgow Barrowland - YEAH!) and this was the most restrained audience of all of them.

    Quick question - if anyone sat through the projected music "videos" between the Courteeners and Morrissey, did anyone else think the guy in the all black gear with the pompadour singing the song about twisting or shaking or whatever was a complete douchebag? Because he was.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 08 2009, @06:03AM (#327335)
  • I waited out in the cold and and watched Moz walk straight to his bus...I also watched as a pizza man delivered pizza to that same bus. I asked the delivery guy to cough twice if there was pepperoni on it..but I think he had a I can't be sure. BTW's Miley Cyrus is a teen slut!
    VivaLaBaby -- Wednesday April 08 2009, @12:31PM (#327366)
    (User #22349 Info)
  • Anyone else get video footage of the show? Lemme know! I would appreciate it.
    a bullied child -- Friday April 10 2009, @01:25PM (#327523)
    (User #4166 Info)
    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
  • I sat in the 4th row and happened to get a couple of decent pix. Moz kicked ass as usual.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @04:12PM (#327534)
  • []
    AWESOME PICTURES on this page of Morrissey!!
    Its funny because my bro and me are in the slideshow of pictures!:D haha SOOOOO cool!! Well considering we were like the ONLY ones standing/dancing to The Courteeners I guess we kinda stuck out lol You can really see just us standing for The Courteeners too towards the end of the slideshow. I am still on cloud 9....such an incredible show. I am so thankful.
    a bullied child -- Sunday April 12 2009, @01:14AM (#327649)
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    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
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