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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Best Friend On The Payroll / I Keep Mine Hidden / Sorry Doesn't Help / Ask / Let Me Kiss You / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by jonbravo_tx
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  • 1 request Jack the Ripper.
    thewizardofmoz -- Friday April 10 2009, @09:15PM (#327546)
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  • Can someone give the list?
    caedmon23 -- Friday April 10 2009, @10:04PM (#327551)
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  • The world is waiting
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @10:24PM (#327553)
  • Dallas (Score:1, Informative)

    Same setlist as night before.. I think

    Really looking forward to carol but was kind of a letdown

    Gopd energy from the crowd, but honestly some of you people need singing lessons

    The line situation was a mess hair pulling and punching on the rails...

    Iphone typing not goimng well so ill say tata for now

    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @10:31PM (#327554)
  • Hour and a half wAit for the courteeners suckedmy balls, however they made up for it by rocking my balls

    Ask was excellent as was seasick
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @10:46PM (#327555)
  • Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    Well, I have a setlist that was given to me by the guitar tech side stage, but I left it in the car. They did play Billy bud which was cool.

    Moz knows about Tyler, TX for some strange reason. I think he could have name dropped a better city (no offense Tyler).

    The show started with some clips and when the big screen fell and they should have started, the bass wasn't working so they had to switch. Moz was not happy about it.

    vocally he was having a very good night. Not a lot of grunting and growling and he sang everything great. One sole kid got on stage and hugged him which was a feat considering the security was out for blood tonight. They took that poor kid away in a full nelson.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @11:46PM (#327562)
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  • just got home. great show. packed house. setlist was pretty much the same as the last few nights. smiths songs were some girls are bigger then others, how soon is now, this charming man, ask, and death of disco dancer. encore first in the gang.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @12:32AM (#327567)
  • Dallas! (Score:3, Insightful)

    The show was great once the bands took the stage. The sun outside and the silliness inside the venue before getting into the actual stage area was not so keen.
    Lots of big attitudes unfortunately.
    Courteeeners were fantastic as expected, though I was disappointed to hear people telling their guitar tech to "get their shit together" when he was tuning their instruments. They did very nicely.
    Morrissey was in top form. The set list did not differ much from the past nights, though I don't remember seeing 'Let Me Kiss You' on prior set lists, which he did play. I could be wrong though, maybe he's been playing it all along.
    The crowd was tame at first but got livelier as time passed. Morrissey seemed to be in a good mood and having fun, which always makes for a fun experience. Plenty of hand shakes (I got one, hooray!), and during the encore, lots of stage invasion ATTEMPTS, but only one successful go. My friend made it up there and landed a hug and a smooch on the man. That made my night. I was shoved down when I tried right after that... boo hiss indeed.
    Fantastic show! I just can't stand sunburn....
    tylerevansokay -- Saturday April 11 2009, @05:16AM (#327574)
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  • Well did he?
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @06:20AM (#327577)
  • Why was he asking about Tyler, Texas?
    Exchanging Palare -- Saturday April 11 2009, @07:03AM (#327580)
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  • Good show (Score:2, Informative)

    moz seemed to have fun
    played the same video clips before the show as the ringleader tour.
    don't know why boz needs a different guitar for every song.
    During the encore, during the hand grabbing, moz looked at his hand and turned a finger down and looking at his hand strange, like someone pulled his finger off. Then when security was helping him off, he walked like a zombie with his arms forward. quite funny
    made comment about shirt throwing, saying those people who get the shirt leave after they get the shirt.
    shirt goes off during 'let me kiss you'
    rooneyred -- Saturday April 11 2009, @10:18AM (#327594)
    (User #17066 Info)
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        • ewww by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 13 2009, @09:18AM
    • Re:Good show by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 13 2009, @11:08AM
  • What was the opening line? A strip show with a difference? Loved it!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @11:22AM (#327600)
    • Re:Strip Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 11 2009, @01:27PM
  • I went to the last show at the Palladium, and this one by far was the better show. Now I am a little biased since I had the love of my life there and she made it just that much better. I thought the Courteneers were awesome. I thought the setlist was awesome, particularly Seasick and Disco Dancer. I got within one foot of Morrissey grabbing my hand when he made his final pass, and almost saw a fight break out. I mean a fight at a Morrissey show, the irony speaks for itself. Great show man great show.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @11:46AM (#327601)
  • mind blowing (Score:3, Interesting)

    I was really worried that the concert was going to be ruined for me due to the dicks at the palladium (I had only been waiting since one that afternoon, but had a three hour drive to get to dallas, so my day started very early and I only had three hours sleep) but I managed to push my way through (in a polite manner) until I was one person from the rail, and eventually at the rail but only during first of the gang when everyone started invading. I was right in front of the microphone stand, it was orgasmic. I was also right by the two fist fighting girls, I guess the crowd pushed in and this big blonde woman (who was a bitch really, she was pushing her way to the front of the line when the rest of us had been there hours before her!) took a swing at this other girl and then they started fighting. This poor drunk guy who tried to break them up got put in a choke hold by the big bald guard. During the scuffle I was able to push up to my place. It took way to long for the Courteeners to come on, and some people were really rude to the tech guys, but they played a good show and I think the crowd was more courteous once they were on the actual stage.
    When Morrissey came on stage I nearly fainted, it was so amazing. I wish I could remember all of the songs played, but I have terrible memory in that way. I know for sure How Soon is Now, Some Girls are Bigger Than Others, Irish Blood English Heart, Something is Squeezing My Skull, When I Last Spoke To Carol, This World is Full of Crashing Bores, Let Me Kiss You, How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel and thats about as far as I can remember OH and Ask me. I almost thought he was going to play Life is a Pigsty which is one of my all time favs, when he started talking about how like was Kafka-esque. When I saw him in Oklahoma three years ago I remember him saying, "I wrote this when I was three" and then he started playing Life is a Pigsty, it was so Morrissey. He changed shirts three times, the final shirt being this amazing hot pink floral shirt. A lot of people tried to make it on stage, and I think they are amazingly brave because the guards were out for blood last night, and some prick little ex-military boy with a short little buzz cut jerked this one guys hand away from Morrisey. Morrisey shook a lot of hands. Mine was nearly one of them, but I'm only five feet tall so I wasn't able to reach, I must have made the most pitiful face because he made one back at me and tried to reach out, but I couldn't reach. The reason he looked at his finger at the end was my friend accidentally squeezed it to hard, she was trying to shake his hand and got a little carried away. Well, this has gone on way to long, but all in all the show was mind blowing. Music is my secular religion, the concert hall my church, and Morrisey my god. That's what kind of show it was :)
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @12:00PM (#327602)
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    • So wierd by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 11 2009, @08:16PM
  • Show was great and Mozzer is always wonderful and very humble in his own way. I always appreciate his selection of a general admission venue when he comes down here for touring. Fanbase over money and whatnot. Anywho, what I never appreciate are the group of beautiful and unique snowflake punks that come fully equipped with dingleberry attitudes. If you were here since 12:30 AM last night or 9AM this morning, then you are lucky, should be proud, and are a good fan. What you don't have to be, however, is a douchebag. Blockading the stage entrance at the bar like you own the place is cool, especially if you've been there forever and assertively (and rightfully) want a great spot, but when you start degrading people and replying with "What are you going to do about it?" yadda yadda, it makes you look like a pile.

    Again, congrats to 7 foot tall skinhead Mexican and his rockabilly Spector 45 crew for hacking out the long wait. Hopefully the next person who's been going to Palladium shows for years and years doesn't call you out on your bullshit about there "being a preferred list of first-entries" to a general admission venue and prick you in the back of the neck with an AIDS needle when you're not paying attention. Or not knowing the words to any of the songs you so strongly fight to attend the presence of.

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @01:14PM (#327609)
  • This was my fourth go around and I must say it was the bees knees, he took my letter from me put it in his pocket and I got a piece of his black shirt. It is already framed and a little piece sits nestled in my pillowcase so I can have sweet dreams. Truly an amazing night, I love all you Moz fans except for the girl before the doors opened you are horrible and the guy standing next to me. You two need a needle in your eye!!!
    Moz, let me kiss you -- Saturday April 11 2009, @01:43PM (#327613)
    (User #22364 Info)
  • Someone should have advised Morrissey about wearing that ridiculous hot pink/tie-die shirt. It was ridiculous. My girlfriend laughed at it before I could even get a chuckle out.

    It even beat out The Smiths era big girl shirts for ill-advised fashion.

    It seems that even relatively disciplined gay men always have to take it to the next level in clothing at some point, and unleash their inner peacock.

    Hopefully he wore it for shock value.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @01:43PM (#327614)
  • caught a pick at the end of the show. yellow with 'mexi' 'can', obviously 'mexican' written in two lines.

    also, i live near tyler but still don't know why he asked about the town.

    never made it to the front row. some of the guests were a little pushy/fussy about the crowd... but that's concerts.

    still loved everything. love morrissey. got to mark off the top of my list of people/artists/bands i want to see.

    there with my wife. still remember finding her empty cassette case for the smiths peel sessions and getting upset that she had lost it. married her anyway... 15 years ago.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @06:25PM (#327622)
  • Was it an iconic performance like in 91?
    paul_psyche -- Saturday April 11 2009, @07:19PM (#327623)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
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  • Great show, venue security = Grade A Assholes!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @07:35PM (#327625)
  • It was truly an amazing show. I brought my Mexican flag with Morrissey on top of the cactus and the man himself acknowledged us at the end of the show and after that Jesse asked me to throw the flag at him. Please please please... if you have a photo of my flag onstage I would really appreciate that you send it to me.

    [email protected]

    I drove 9 hours to the show and it was definitively worth it. I just got back from the Houston show but I have only two words to say: LAME CROWD.

    Cheers... I'll see you at the Austin show!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @09:41PM (#327638)
  • Less successful venture than the 2007 show, when I got his shirt collar. This time the shirt went to the right side of the stage (our right). Still no handshake - I tried so hard, and thanks to the man next to me, who tried to lift me closer so I could reach, but the sacred hand remained woefully unattainable once more. I did hand him a card when he first came onstage, and he took it right away, looked at the name on the envelope and put it next to the drum kit - it did make it offstage so he could peruse it at his leisure and promptly throw it in the trash (I hope not, but most likely).

    Setlist was great. I am so beyond thrilled that he sang "Seasick" - I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. That was the first of his songs I ever heard, and it has always profoundly affected me. I wept during the performance. Now when I watch the video while working out I will smile instead of cry at the memory of his performance.

    Vinyls sold out right before I got to the merchandise table, but I bought two t-shirts (including the green "Irish Blood English Heart" - love it!!) and went home deaf in my right ear, sunburned from waiting outside for 10 hours and walking into the walls, but thrilled.

    Oh - I caught the Courteeners' setlist which was tossed right to me, and I handed it over to a fellow Morrissey-Soloist, who loves them more than I do. Lucky guy also snagged a Morrissey handshake. I'm 5'6" - why won't my arms reach past the barrier so I can shake his hand? SIGH.

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @10:31PM (#327641)
  • First the good:
    The show was astonishingly good. Morrissey was in absolute top form and gave a truly amazing performance!!! The way he shed his shirt during "Let Me Kiss You" right as he hit the last word in the line "and you open your eyes and see someone you physically despise" was masterful theater. And there were soooo... many of these moments. I can't understand why more people aren't mentioning Jesse though. Jesse was incredible throughout the night and brought the house down with his incendiary and mesmerizing solo at the end of "Death Of A Disco Dancer". He really looked the iconic Rockstar God with his chiseled backlit profile. I hope Moz hangs on to him. One of the best moments of the night came at the very end of the show when a young man made his way through the crowd at Jesse's urging, and threw him a Mexican flag. Jesse threw it over his shoulders with a casual flair right before he disappeared into the backstage shadows. It was an indelible final image, and one I'll never forget.
    The Bad:
    The extremely annoying recording of the droning British storytellers, which went on for what seemed like over an hour before the show, was sheer unrelenting torture. I think it was sadistically disrespectful to the fans. The Courteeners had a couple of good songs but were otherwise decidedly mediocre. The lead singer was so selfconsciously posey that it hurt to look at him at times. I'm not surprised that so many Dallas fans liked this meat and potatoes band though. The neanderthals in front of me cut Moz's shirt up with knives. Way to go security! It's amazing no one got their eyes poked out. These fans exhibited such blind rabid idolatry that if Moz and Boz came out naked dripping with vegetable oil singing "You're The One For Me Fatty" they would swoon with orgasmic bliss!
    more is he -- Sunday April 12 2009, @10:00AM (#327679)
    (User #22369 Info)
  • Another great one from Moz and the boy's. Damn, he has assembled a great band! Third time to see him for me. Three straight tours now, starting with Quarry in Ft. Worth in 2004, then three years ago on Ringleader, also at the Palladium.I have not been dissapointed with any of them.The best way I remember set lists these days is looking at all an artists albums and remembering what was played off of each of them. I used to be such a fiend, for years I took pad and pen and wrote the songs down as they were played. Anyway, here we go. Smiths:This Charming Man, Ask, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, How Soon Is Now, Death Of A Disco Dancer(TOO COOL!!!) Solo:Seasick Yet Still Docked, Billy Bud,Best Friend On The Payroll, Irish Blood, English Heart, How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel, First Of The Gang To Die, Let Me Kiss You, The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, Something Is Squeezing My Skull, Black Cloud, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, When I Last Spoke to Carol and Sorry Doesn't Help. I know there were several other solo songs, maybe one or two more off of Refusal and a couple I just did not know. Probably b-sides.And maybe one Smiths tune I am missing. My friend that was with me swears they did,Is It Really So Strange. I'm not sure, we were listening to it before the show. Does anyone remember? Here's to Moz and the boys and lets hope he keeps it up as long as he can as he nears "50". Damn were getting old. I have been listening to this music for over twenty years now!!! Cheers everyone!
    music fiend67 -- Sunday April 12 2009, @01:39PM (#327686)
    (User #22370 Info)
  • The Set List! (Score:1, Informative)

    OK so I finally got the set list out of my car... and framed it.. no just kidding... but seriously...

    This Charming Man
    Billy Budd
    Black Cloud
    How soon Is Now
    Irish Blood English Heart
    When Last I Spoke to Carol
    How Can
    Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Something is Squeezing My skull
    Seasick yet Docked
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    Death of a Disco Dancer
    Best Friend on the Payroll
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    Sorry Doesn't Help
    let Me Kiss You
    OK By Myself

    Encore: Fist of the Gang

    I am actually very greatful to be the one to provide this list to people reading this everywhere.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 12 2009, @11:00PM (#327714)
  • Not that it matters to anyone but me really, but I made an account now so I was the one who provided the list.

    jonbravo_tx -- Sunday April 12 2009, @11:22PM (#327722)
    (User #22375 Info |
    • Re:Set List by Mozzabillie (Score:1) Monday April 13 2009, @12:31AM
  • compared to the Your Arsenal in Reunion, Quarry in FW, this was the best "live" performance, IMHO.

    There was the bass mishap at the start of the show and then Matt (the drummer) clicked the wrong tempo midway thru the set, cant remember the tune. But that was cool to see these guys have a "human" moment, no robotic performance. Boz eyed him and cued the correct tempo and the song was clicked off.....very cool, (although I bet the drummer was sweatin'.)

    Then Boz started a hair too early in FOTGTD and Moz stopped him after the first note, finished his word and then cued Boz....

    so damn cool to see the boys really playing their tails off....

    killer show really...agree with the rest about the annoying tweens around, jeez, "like...." "like...."

    I'm old. And how about the Dallas Morning News reporting all the parents that got babysitters so they could see a Moz show...too funny...

    rock on boys!!

    pally -- Monday April 13 2009, @07:58AM (#327768)
    (User #22376 Info)
  • Hey, no one mentioned the awesome jamming out Moz did on a tambourine! Probably my favourite part of the night. I don't remember which song it was during though. He was really rocking it! Never in my life has a tambourine seemed so cool. lol. I hope a video of it surfaces soon.
    KikCoconut -- Monday April 13 2009, @11:03PM (#327824)
    (User #5432 Info)
  • There is finally great footage of the Dallas show thanks to "wilmes69" on Youtube. If you watch the encore you can see what everyone was talking about with his finger being pulled and Jesse taking the mexican flag. Most importantly you will hear how on Moz was that night.

    HERE []

    jonbravo_tx -- Friday April 17 2009, @07:50AM (#327997)
    (User #22375 Info |
  • this show was really fun! i was hit in between the eyes with matt walker's drumstick. i bled all over. i can't say i didn't laugh. my husband caught it off my head. it is bloody.
    seasick yet still docked just floored me. beautiful song and a rarity live. lucky us.

    i've seen him in tulsa, oklahoma city, dallas twice and coachella once. the oklahoma shows were truyly s
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 06 2009, @05:17PM (#329865)
  • Fuck, if you guys really got Boy Racer and America is Not the World, that's awesome.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @09:22PM (#327548)
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  • Fake
    Anonymous -- Friday April 10 2009, @09:24PM (#327549)
    • Dallas by CaliforniaMozGirl (Score:1) Friday April 10 2009, @10:59PM
  • When will this stop being amusing? When will it start?
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @05:48AM (#327575)
  • 6 songs incorrect
    Lucky Lisp
    Dear God Please Help Me
    I Can Have Both
    Boy Racer
    America Is Not the World

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @07:51AM (#327584)
    • Re:amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 11 2009, @09:19AM
      • Re:amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 11 2009, @10:10AM
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