posted by davidt on Saturday April 11 2009, @09:00PM
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  • But it was probably a blessing...that way he didn't have to listen to Jesse Tobias butcher 6 of his songs.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @09:04PM (#327631)
  • Fake set list. Just wanted to get that out of the way.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @09:05PM (#327632)
  • Setlist...I think (Score:4, Informative)

    This Charming Man
    Billy Budd
    Black Cloud
    HSIN (big rock ending, followed by Moz holding a yoga pose on the floor)
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Carol (they cheesed out and used a synth horn)
    How Can Anybody Know
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Skull (sounded like it was done in a lower key than the album version?)
    The Loop (jacket came off during this song)
    Crashing Bores (followed by more yoga poses)
    Death of a Disco Dancer (exceedingly long/loud ending making my ears bleed)
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    Sorry Doesn't Help
    Ask (the crowd was very into this song)
    Let Me Kiss You (Moz's shirt got stuck on his wrist and wouldn't come off...He even said "It won't come off!" Hilarious!)
    I'm OK By Myself
    Encore: First Of The Gang (multiple stage crashers, including one girl who wouldn't give up and was picked up and carried off by was awesome...I hope someone filmed this, but I won't hold my breath since the camera gestapo was in full effect)

    A fantastic night! Altho, I am officially deaf. "If it's too loud, you're too old!"
    samp -- Saturday April 11 2009, @09:33PM (#327634)
    (User #22367 Info)
  • seems like in First of gang to Die he was singing another songs lyrics? Got vinyl #7, merch guy was kind of a dick , and some chich bought three copies, ebay maybe? good show overall, more of an obscure setlist for the people I came with but I enjoyed it, and a really nice theater to see the show in, everyone on the floor stayed standing the entire night
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @10:16PM (#327639)
  • A few details (Score:3, Interesting)

    Courteeners were fantastic. Liam dedicated a song to a friend who "introduced me to The Smiths" [big cheer from crowd].

    Moz came out in a dark jacket and pants (navy or black) and white shirt. The band had on dark gray t-shirts with a silver design (looked like skull from where I was). At one point early I noticed what looked like a white belt hanging down the side of his pant leg. Later saw it was actually a tie. Perhaps a gift from a fan?

    After shirt toss during LMKY, he was in a pale aqua shirt.

    He asked a number of people in the front row where they were from. Answers included: Katy, Southern California, LA and Mexico City

    Stage was fairly low, and people in the front row were directly against it (no barrier.) Seemed like just about everyone up there got a handshake. He took someone's note during the encore.

    I think there were six stage invasions. The first, a girl, jumped up after Carol and gave him a hug and a kiss. The rest happened during the encore, I believe. The last stage crasher was a girl who security seemingly ignored. She and Moz kind of twirled then bowed to each other.

    Moz said "Hold on to your friends" just before exiting the stage.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 11 2009, @11:05PM (#327642)
  • the johnny marr thing was an APRIL FOOLS HOAX.

    he doesn't even have a "bigmouth strikes again" guitar pedal.

    the blog was published on april fools and confirmed a hoax here:
    palare -- Sunday April 12 2009, @12:54AM (#327648)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • The show was fast, Morrissey quickly dashed to every song, without reading the crowd.....The crowd tried to keep interest, but He insisted on His newest material....After 2 songs from His newest, "Ask Me' brought a boom!!! Then again He sang his new cd, which is cool but, the demographics (which of 40 somethings) left the specticle wondering why they came, thinking He forgot them. Morrissey was mighty vigor tonight: He sat backward on a speaker upside down for 4 minutes and he kneed down 6 times to allow the guitarist (who did bad-ass) a solo that lasted 4 minutes (in spot light) while He changed clothes. He sang a very slow rendition of "Death of a Disco Dancer" hardly recognizable to old folk but purposely dragged on, so he can change shirts.(this time pink). He sang "The Loop" with the tambourine banging on head so much into beat that it ignited to crowd. Man I wish I could name the last song he sang, and its crazy because I know every song he every sung! ( I thought).....Then It ended.......encore came with "First of the gang to die" but with two extra added verses.....that was cool because the band finally sang!!! then it ended
    houston kurt -- Sunday April 12 2009, @03:02AM (#327654)
    (User #22368 Info)
  • Houston was a fantastic crowd and Morrissey and the band were loving it. Jesse tore it up from the very first note, beautiful playing during Seasick Yet Still Docked and monstrously powerful for the end of Disco. Boz was dancing all around the stage and loving the energy of the audience. Solomon rocked out and awesome, awesome end to I'm Ok By Myself. Matt and Chris were excellent foundations. Chris' whistle for I Keep Mine Hidden was a bit weak today, dunno if it was the mic or if he possibly had a stuffy nose.

    Moz today was a panther on the prowl. Entered in a nice black suit, white collar shirt, striped black/white/grey tie. Felt a bit formal and wasn't as talkative yet. He yelled during one song "Attack!" That was our call for hugs. The stage was so low and no barrier. It would have been insulting not to go up there. Allow me to indulge for a second, Moz kept skipping shaking my hand and when he later said "Get the message?" I was like, Jesus, I gotta get my game on and get my friggin' chicken ass up there!! He was doing his dramatic poses (first time I witnessed these myself, only saw clips from others before), then lying down and hiking his hips up a center stage monitor during the interlude of HSIN. I thought about crawling up there then and kissing him but thought it would be too clumsy and I'd surely get mauled by security. In the middle of Carol, he made it extremely easy and came all the way stage left/house right (where I was) and hovered there, back to audience, and finally I said to myself "F*** it, the Time Is Now! Get your sorry ass up there or don't even bother going to a Moz show again!!" So I bolted myself up there and gave him a nice squeeze and kiss, then Arturo (I love you, Arturo!) came around and gently reminded me there was a show going on. I broke from the moment, thanked Arturo and hopped back down into the pit where 3-4 security turned their flashlights on me and asked where my seat was and to show my ticket. I tried every way to negotiate as my seats were 4th row clear on the other side. But no go, they pushed me back, told me I had to be where a seat was, and luckily I found a spot around 10th or 12th row on the house right side. Cheers to the high-fivers there!

    Morrissey took off his tie a couple songs later, and hung it from his left pocket. Eventually went back to change to a black shirt, and proceeded to warm up and get chattier. (I can't remember everything said, sorry, some have previously posted some already.) Then the next highlight was he asked my friend Valerie if she was French (she is) and after he hilariously got stuck and tangled in his shirt while trying to strip it off for Let Me Kiss You, he specifically handed it to her. That girl has truly gone through 15 miles of shit the past couple years, and I must say, there is no one else I know who is so deserving. Thank you, Moz. He seems to have remembered her from the Sacha Distel and Paris gifts given last time we were all together in Atlanta. Awesome! The black shirt, given and received whole (Moz refused to give it to anyone else until she held out her arms for it) was drenched in sweat and Comme des Garcons, thick black fabric, Gucci, size 42/16 1/2, with pearly CUFFLINKS still attached! That is why he couldn't take off the shirt! And we're thinking it was on purpose? That is a sweet man, indeed!

    The other hugs/stage invasions eventually came about towards the end. I was getting worried that no one else was getting up there for so long and Moz was showing that he so wanted it. Finally FOTGTD encore (of course), people streamed up and security was ready but allowed most of them. One brave and squirrely girl was pulled away before getting to him, then she somehow twisted around and came back round from stage right and hugged him. Moz said something to the effect of "Good Job!" Lyrics-wise, I'm beginning to enjoy listening to him improvise to the FOTGTD accompaniment. What else does Moz's inner musical ear hear to those chords? And tonight it was Sinatra's "Swingin' on a Star." Delightful. The funniest was
    romeogirl -- Sunday April 12 2009, @03:36AM (#327657)
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  • Uh I don't what happend but, Mozz totally imrovised 1st of the was like he got lost wehile shaking hands because ther wasn't barriar......and when he could've recovered at the break he decided to go even further down the rabbit hole. its was out of this world, even for mozz.........
    thewizardofmoz -- Sunday April 12 2009, @03:51AM (#327661)
    (User #22156 Info)
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  • Life Lesson #36...Never Trust A Man Who Plays Dead On Top Of Piano Keys, And Loves German Trains!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 12 2009, @05:00AM (#327665)
  • We were in the nosebleed seats, but a "black cloud" let loose in the makeshift pit during that song? :) Just curious. Those posts have been cracking me up!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 12 2009, @11:25AM (#327681)
  • my goodness! first morrissey concer EVER and i must say i enjoyed it tons...t-shirts and souvies where reasonably priced. i got the #8 blue years of refusal tour t-shirt that says SOUTHPAW GRAMMAR on the front for 35 bucks. a couple $3 stickers.

    before the show i saw an older gentleman walk across the stage setting up something and i realized i work with him on judge alex! ay yay yay if i just woulda been loud enough for him to see me! oh nuts! they played videos from shocking blue and the new york dolls...maybe moz is a big fan!?

    did i mention the courteneers where a handsome bunch? somin about manchester i guess!

    i took ok pics and recorded ahem...some video on my phone and a song on my sisters voice mail. i know i know it's sad...i didn't notice that it was too loud like others have said. maybe it's just me? i hope there's many more concerts in the future from him. great stage presence ay mami! handsome devil. charming man. charisma up the wazoo AND he sounds great live! his band was awesome, too! i know they're the guys from the pic where they're all naked. mmmm...

    speaking of the stage...i liked the background image of the flexing sailor with the word REFUSAL across its chest. anyone? anyone?

    but i had so much fun last night! my sister had bought tickets to pit 4th row and i still think it was too far away from morrissey! ay yay yay i would've given anything to stand on the first row! there were alot of onstage jumpers and before the show i had told mah sister to put a good bail bond place on speed dial but alas i lacked the ovaries to attempt anything. to you all who made it up on stage I SALUTE YOU (and your upper and lower body strength, too!) i hadn't noticed that he was kinda encouraging the hoppers!

    i stood up the entire time and booped around the best i could. i wouldn't call it dancing though. not enough room. thing is i noticed that the people sitting around me just stood there and stared. i mean who can blame them! doesn't mean they didn't enjoy it right? there was one guy that totally amazed me! me-oh-my! the man who knew almost every lyric was cool... and boy did he dance! to this man...nice moves! i know almost every smiths song so i recognized those right away and at least sang along to those! ASK. CHARMING MAN. SOME GIRLS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS. DEATH OF A DISCO DANCER. i got caught off guard when he'd ad lib though. :) sigh....

    oh the removal of the black button up! couldn't get it off around his wrist! lucky nice french lady that got it though...must. never. wash. EVER!
    the guys from the band kept throwing picks and setlists at the audience....

    there was one lady, from atlanta i think, who handed mozzy a picture from a past concert (i think) and she said he seemed to have recalled whatever the picture was. he took it and set it up against the drums. the poor pic shook and vibrated the whole night! so iz gots to thinkin...i had brought some pictures myself and if i could just give it to him my life would be i grabbed a pen from my sister and in a moment of frenzy scribbled the first thing that came to mind on the back of a pic of a young moz kissing a typewriter...


    3 KIM + EUNICE

    looking back i'm like wtf!? what i meant was to thank him for giving us fans the gift of his words. his lyrics. his songs. alas, tis what i felt at the time! the security around my area (left side of hall) was getting me kinda claustrophobic and they kept being wankers about letting any peeps closer. eh, yeah yeah it's their job....i was about to start turning the pic into a paper airplane to throw on stage when the show suddenly ended! nooooo! so at the end of the show my sister grabbed my pic and asked a bunch of security if they could give it to moz. they all said no til this one hefty sweet spanish fella agreed and took it...he gave it to another guy who was on stage by the drums and who had the atlanta lady's pic as well. my sis yelled thank
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 12 2009, @12:59PM (#327684)
  • Some Girls
    - On the shop floor, there's a calendar. It's Pointing out to you something you never knew.
    Video from underthemilkyway2:

    - Coyness can stop you from being all the things in life that you must be.
    -Nature is a language. Cannot you read? CAN YOU?
    Shot by Greeneyeris:

    Finale, girl being pulled up by Moz []
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 12 2009, @01:58PM (#327688)
  • []
    here is the you tube link for the video.
    hampton358 -- Sunday April 12 2009, @03:21PM (#327691)
    (User #22371 Info)
  • Here is a random question did Morrissey sign an autographs or take pic with people after the show was over? I couldn't stay I had to work at 6am.
    sfupa -- Sunday April 12 2009, @11:25PM (#327724)
    (User #22374 Info)
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  • Does anyone know the name of the bands in the pre show video other than the NY Dolls?

    I am looking for the name of the band that walking in the park ....

    My email address is [email protected] if you know

    Thanks - Mark
    Anonymous -- Monday April 13 2009, @01:43AM (#327744)
  • []
    ManchesterVA -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:45PM (#327881)
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