posted by davidt on Friday April 17 2009, @10:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / First Of The Gang To Die / Black Cloud / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / Sorry Doesn't Help / Ask / Let Me Kiss You / How Soon Is Now?

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  • damn you could tell Moz hated the sound, to many echos, his voice wasnt totally into it. didnt seem very enthusiastic, maybe cus of that, still loved the show. atleast didnt miss the tour. why didnt he do a L.A. show? no encore for the ATT viewers
    joeymozzer -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:03PM (#328043)
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  • this charming man
    first in the gang to die
    black cloud
    girlfriend in a coma
    irish blood, english heart
    how can anybody possibly know how i feel
    i'm throwing my arms around paris
    seasick, yet still docked
    the loop
    sorry doesn't help
    let me kiss you
    how soon is now
    Anonymous -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:06PM (#328044)
  • This charming man
    First of the gang to die
    Black cloud
    Girlfriend in a coma
    Irish blood english heart
    How can anyone possibly know how i feel?
    When i last spoke to carol*
    Some girls are bigger than others*
    Arms around Paris
    Seasick Yet Still Docked
    The Loop
    Sorry Doesnt Help
    Let Me Kiss You
    How Soon is Now?

    *Not stream online :(

    -Ready With Ready-Wit
    Anonymous -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:08PM (#328046)
  • Coachella (Score:1, Interesting)

    Just finished watching the performance on the Web. He was compltely NOT into it. Can you blame him? The stage was 2 miles away. It looked very dark. I wonder if he could even see the crowd. Worst part was when he threw his shirt into the crowd. It fell on the ground!!....Moz had to motion to the security to ask that it be given to someone in the crowd. The fool just stood there looking down at it then finally picked it up and tossed it into the crowd.

    Why didn't he just play a show in LA instead of Coachella? Who keeps talking him into doing these festivals?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:18PM (#328049)
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  • just watched it on the web- it was great sound and video quality!

    here comes Paul!


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
    • Re:cool by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 17 2009, @10:32PM
  • Does anyone know if the Morrissey performance will be available for repeat viewings? I missed his performance on AT&T. As if missing him at Coachella wasn't bad enough...
    Anonymous -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:37PM (#328053)
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  • Oh, come on, not another "he wasn't into it" thread.

    Morrissey is asking people to pay large amounts of money to see him perform. Regardless of any technical difficulties; the scent of meat in the air (welcome to human civilization); depression, vocal fatigue; hemorrhoids, or a hangnail, you play as if you actually want to be there.

    The Mozists love to remind everyone how they would feel if they had to call in sick for a job, yet the job comparison's are mysteriously absent when Morrissey just doesn't seem into it. It's everybody else's fault. How dare the cosmos upset him!

    As if every single stop on the tour is going to include perfect sound with his beloved fans throwing themselves off of balconies as a sign of their devotion.

    There seems to be a long list of grievances that can affect whether or not Morrissey is "into" a performance. Someone needs to remind him, and his Jim Jones crew that it's not entirely up to him. What he does is a job, as so many others have already reminded us.

    He's a 50 year old adult male, not some allergy plagued, neurotic woman.

    I assume.

    Nick The Name -- Friday April 17 2009, @10:45PM (#328058)
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  • I sold my tickets to Coachella to pay for the trip up to see him in Oakland tomorrow...judging by the first few comments out of the gate, kinda glad I didn't trek out to the desert to see a "not so" into it Moz. Oh well!
    took my bow -- Friday April 17 2009, @11:08PM (#328062)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • Got up at 4am to watch or at least hear it, not available, was able to a few years back, never mind, hope you all enjoyed it in the USA.
    If anyone knows how to watch in uk?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 17 2009, @11:28PM (#328065)
  • I was there.I thought he sounded great.He did comment about the smell of meat in the air.I was just happy to be able to see Morrissey.I loved it and he sang my favorite song seasick yet still docked.
    tibby -- Saturday April 18 2009, @03:00AM (#328077)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • i was there. it sounded great. not to the people in the center because of the speakers hanging on the sides. where as if you were on the sides, you heard loud crisp and clear. i just wish the screens would have been full like for Paul but not a big problem. Even on his "bad" days, he's great. his presence and any sound coming out is poetry in motion. His quote was something like "I smell flesh burning and i hope, i's human flesh." Also, the encore was supposedly there is a light.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @03:16AM (#328079)
  • I couldn't make it this year despite all my intentions so I was hoping to watch it online. I started trying to watch it since the beginning of the festival and through various browsers to no avail. The damn thing just wouldn't stream. Even now on the second day. It probably is a rights issue and knowing AT&T and their proprietary culture it doesn't surprise me. Oh well, enjoy and I here's hoping for next year.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @04:15AM (#328081)
  • Morrissey should just stop doing festivals all together. He's too far away from his audience, and the meat issue, whether some of you guys think it's silly or not, obviously is upsetting for him. Because of these factors, it is understandable that he just doesn't "get into it".

    I agree with the posters who say he should have just played a few shows in LA. It would have been a happier experience for all involved - including Morrissey. Or so it seems from the posts above.

    hand in glove -- Saturday April 18 2009, @07:37AM (#328091)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • []

    Viva Mozzer, love him.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @09:12AM (#328097)
    • link was bad by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 18 2009, @09:46PM
  • Long time fan here who has been to roughly 30 shows in the past 10 years. There have obviously been some shows that were better than others but none were ever bad...until last night. That was a bad Moz performance. He complained about the smell of dead animals. Hey, I'm not a vegi myself but I can respect his views on this. However, it's not like he's new to Coachella. He's played there before and is aware that they sell hot dogs. If he feels so strongly against it, don't take the money and put on a crap show....go play your own show in LA where you can demand no meat. Not sure if it was the sound system (probably not cause Macca sounded great) but the songs sounded horrible. I like YOR and was looking forward to hearing those songs live. If he was smelling something that died than it was probably "When last I spoke to Carol" cause it was certainly butchered. I'm normally not one to complain about a setlist but this one didn't seem to work for a festival setting. Not that big of a Franz fan but they got the crowd going then here comes old man Moz to bring everyone down with his cry-baby attitude. Luckily McCartney saved the night. He obviously had a longer set and made the $100 ticket worth it. I didn't know half of his solo stuff but it was a great show with some witty banter in between songs....dumb little comments but they work great in a festival setting. This is why Moz will never headline the man but boy was he Mr poopie-pants last night. If his aim was to win new fans over, he failed miserably.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:29AM (#328127)
  • First off, let me say that Morrissey pulled a douche bag move by leaving the stage without saying good bye!!! Acknowledge your fucken audience people from all over came to see you, and you can't even say thank you, or good night. total fucken douche bag move, just like san diego, and don't blame it on the "oh the smell of burning animals is bothering me" deal with it! you knew this coming in!!! Also, yeah your unique for omitting, changing words, funny voices etc... but fuck come on you were totally singing off key. it's really hard to try and sing to your songs while your off key, it was horrible. crowd was lame as fuck!!! too many McCartney fans!!! crappy show. This is the honest truth!!!!
    on the other end of the spectrum... it was my 13th time seeing morrissey, and regardless of what you did and how you acted it was good nonetheless!!!!!!
    Any one agree?
    Please let me know what you think!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:55AM (#328142)
  • Fans of Morrissey are blinded by their worship and personal interest in his person/image while fans of Morrissey's music are not slaves to those very things, thus enabling such music fans reasonable comments of truth such as: Last night was an awful live appearance. It was an expensive ticket, paid by hard working people--and not everyone is appeased because Morrissey flexed his muscle or did a little dance--who, along with myself and dozens of audience members in discussion, were disappointed. Contrary to those who defend otherwise, there is inconsideration from Morrissey directly to his audience when he goes through the motions. His complacency is hardening to supporters. Put not your faith in man--it's written. He is not a seal, nor is the money that comes from our labor.

    This entire tour has been hogwash. If you've enjoyed your experiences with this tour, so be it, there isn't anything wrong with that. But overall, it's a hogwash tour.

    Life is not opinion. Believe it or not music friends, there is truth in perspective.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:16PM (#328163)
  • he complained the enitre night about the sound, dead animals cooking, weed in the air, peoples body smell. But other than that it was just wonderful to see him. It was so cute because you could tell he didnt' want to be there so he was calling to his fans in the crowd calling them "friends" and this was his way of trying to attract the fans that follow him around at all his shows. He also said "try" a few times and I think this meant for people to try and make an attempt to shake his hand or something. But nothing happend because the stage was waay far from the rail. And because of that when moz threw out his shirt it hit the floor instead of the crowd haha it was pretty funny. He rolled his eyes at the security guards and said something like just throw the damm thing in there. Just to add to some of the weirdness that went on last night that doesn't happen all the time at his shows. Aside from all that the songs they did play were great. Black cloud, how can anybody possibly, and the loop were really good. I do he hope he comes back to the states later this year.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @02:34PM (#328182)
  • ha
    jus wait till later in the year when he comes to L.A. u know he will...this isnt his only cali date
    Stoney the Pony -- Saturday April 18 2009, @04:45PM (#328196)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • Morrissey did say goodbye!!! And he waved his arm in the air over his head!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @09:50PM (#328253)
  • He just can't be bothered anymore, I'm a fan and am disappointed...I don't know, he might be tired of repeating the songs, he keeps changing the lyrics and blabbering. I think this is it, it's gonna be his last tour and the next album will be a Greatest Hits with 5 songs from YOR, 4 from Ringleader, 4 from Quarry and Suedehead as a bonus track....Let's face it, it is OVER.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 19 2009, @03:42AM (#328292)
  • I've been kicking myself for the last couple of months for not getting Coachella tickets, but now I'm soooo glad I didn't. He's not looking or sounding too hot here. Perhaps a rest is in order...
    Anonymous -- Monday April 20 2009, @09:09AM (#328518)
  • Anonymous -- Monday April 20 2009, @11:23AM (#328543)
  • as a longtime fan, i'd have been really pissed if i had waited all day to see this performance. he's become a tired old man and doesn't seem to give a rats ass about his fans.
    his coachella show, sucked. it was so bad compared to the other bands that were webcasted. franz ferdinand were amazing!! what was mozs' hoo, i smell meat. it's a festival and YOU signed on for it. don't fuck your fans over with a shitty performance.
    as for the fans. far too many of you don't see the shit he pulls. wake up.

    at least the cure fought back and wanted to give to the crowd. watch the 'boy's don't cry' sing a long when the power was pulled on them! it's brilliant.

    moz...time to retire.

    Anonymous -- Monday April 20 2009, @07:44PM (#328580)
  • Further to some of the comments above, I can't complain about Morrissey's music. I actually think he's got better as he's got older - but isn't it about time he gave up on the meat issue and kept it to himself. You'd think he was the only vegetarian on the planet. I'm a vegan, and to see him making such a drama about being vegetarian makes me angry. You're not really making THAT much of a sacrifice Morrissey. There might be people at your shows who object to your cheese sandwiches. Why do you eat foods containing milk please? Don't you know we're the only animals who carry on drinking milk after weaning? Don't you find that a bit unnatural Morrissey? Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Monday April 20 2009, @11:40PM (#328593)
  • Shows him commenting about the smell and sound. The wind picked up when he went on because it had become dark meat smells wafted over to the main stage.
    Ask, First of the Gang, GIAC, IBEH, The Loop, This Charming Man, Some Girls Are Bigger than Others, When Last I Spoke to Carol

    Part of Let Me Kiss You. I didn't record most of this because I didn't think he'd take off his shirt so I did start to film at that point, but then went to catch the shirt(!) so I forgot all about the camera. Gucci and smells delish.
    Suswa -- Tuesday April 21 2009, @10:38AM (#328624)
    (User #6274 Info |
  • although be did look bother and his wasn't all into his performance to me he is always awesome and i love to see him everytime... He is the best!!
    mozgirl1681 -- Tuesday April 21 2009, @11:05PM (#328688)
    (User #22416 Info)
  • Bitch bitch of smelling meat BIG FUCKING DEAL and shit I love meat. The fact is that MOZ dosen't like the smell or eat meat. The fact is that eating meat is part of life and it has been for billion of years also it also part of survial. MOZ I love your music and all but telling us not to eat meat is highly unlikley possible for us meat eaters to do and I can't stop it. Moz is all up to you whatever you eat but keep your personal biz to yourself and just play the gig and also quit bitching about what you smell and gag you. Just don't do fesitval shows if you have that bloody problem with the smell or people cooking it during your shows. Us fans can't help it of your personal belife I can fucking careless of your ant-ti meat problems. I hope to see you in concert somehwere in Southern California.
    Moz 1988 -- Monday April 27 2009, @09:56PM (#329045)
    (User #18895 Info)

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