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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Keep Mine Hidden / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / When Last I Spoke To Carol / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / Let Me Kiss You / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Best Friend On The Payroll / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by Requiescant Inpacce
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  • Here's the set folks!!!

    This Charming Man
    Billy Budd
    Black Cloud
    How Soon Is Now
    Irish Blood English Heart
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    When Last I Spoke To Carol
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Some Girls are Bigger Than Others
    Let Me Kiss you
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    Best Friend On The Payroll
    The Loop
    I'm OK By Myself

    Encore: First Of The Gang To Die
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Monday May 04 2009, @02:02PM (#329696)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • What a gig!! I thought Morrissey was in a really good mood. It was great being able to see him play in my little home town. Was so happy he played Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself and Best Friend on the Payroll. was great fun... i hope people eventually let go of that shirt it was incredibly entertaining watching that at the end!
    1st of the gang being changed at the end was also amazing... :)
    sammyanther -- Monday May 04 2009, @02:24PM (#329698)
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    Sammy x ~*~Even Now In My Final Hour Of My Life I'm Falling In Love~*~
  • excellent moz was in jovial form .. excellent roll on dundee... boz still to look as if he wants to be here...
    juli70 -- Monday May 04 2009, @02:58PM (#329706)
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  • I've now been to about twenty Morrissey concerts and that was excellent but the star of the show is my mate Lauries chum Christine who managed to risk her life getting him a bit of Morrissey's shirt. Laurie is going to cut it up for myself and another mate Jim who was there.

    Christine - we thank you.

    set list is average I would say but Morrissey's voice more than makes up for it - He seems to be fighting fit and up for it.

    Highlights for me - How soon is now (heard it too often but it was brilliant tonight), Something Is Squeezing My Skull, The Loop, I'm OK By Myself.

    Too much YOU ARE THE QUARRY and not enough of YEARS OF REFUSAL which he is touring after all.

    Roll on Barrowland - bring it on
    JohnnyMunro -- Monday May 04 2009, @03:13PM (#329710)
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  • When the Scottish tour dates were originally announced, I planned to go to the Barrowlands, home of so many brilliant Moz-nights, BUT I have to admit that when he played here(in my home town) three years ago, it was one of my favourite all time Solo concerts.
    And so here we are....slap bang in the middle of Swine Flu Central. If Morrissey needs an excuse to cancel any further shows this Tour, he's just been handed a massive get-out clause.

    And so to the show:
    I arrived just as Doll & The Kicks took to the stage. Virtually every middle-aged man's eyes were fixed upon the elfin Minnie-Mouse-cute Doll, but unfortunately nothing really stood out in their set. If you've heard early Siouxsie, The Au Pairs, Nina Hagen or Lene Lovitch....then you'll not hear anything new here. They weren't bad...just a little unmemorable.

    As soon as they were off the pre-show films begin; Sparks, Shelagh, Halliday, NY Dolls....the usual lot.
    At the customary David Johansen moment, the screen falls and the screaming begins!!!

    There's been a lot of talk about plodding sets, uninspired vocals, bland set-lists etc, so far on this tour that I'm a little apprehensive about it all....
    'You'll Never Walk Alone' swells, the lights start blinding the audience....then the decibels raise....the screams go mental as HE IS HERE!!!
    He stalks the stage, taking bows before his adoring masses:
    Morrissey:(broad Scottish accent): "Och Sturlin' Sturlin' Sturlin' Sturlin'"
    And we're off...
    Straight into 'This Charming Man', people around me are going ballistic, I allow myself to be swept along, IT'S UTTERLY MAGICAL!!! I saw The Smiths twice(in 1985 and 1986) but at both shows they never played this song. Even though I've heard live versions from this Tour, to hear it in the flesh is fantastic. When he played here last time, someone shouted for this song and he responded mock angrily "I CAN NEVER SING THAT SONG AGAIN!!!" Oh yes you can Steven.

    Straight into 'Billy Budd', keeping the pace lively, I check out what he's wearing; a dark blue cardigan and pale blue shirt. The lads are all in matching tour tee-shirts. He's on good form...whipping the mic, smiling as he reaches out to the sea of arms.

    Morrissey:(pointing to band)"These are my younglings".
    'Black Cloud' is next, some people in the crowd go berserk when this starts....wonder if they should have released it as a single?

    Morrissey: "So...since we last played here, who else has been here....(Points mic at audience)...who?....(shrugs, then asks the balcony)...who else?" Which is probably true, actually!
    The chugga-chugga guitar starts up and we are off into 'How Soon Is Now'....this is ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN' BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Better than last time, better even(Die Heretic!!!) than when The Smiths played it at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 1985. The red strobes going apeshit, Moz on his back...knees up in the air, Matt going doolally on the gong, "There's a club if you'd like to go//You could meet somebody who might stab you//So you go and you stand on your own// WHAT A SURPRISE!!". If they stopped here I'd have had my money's worth.

    'Irish Blood English Heart' sounds brilliant, the sound is really clear, Morrissey's vocals are as sharp as a knife....all this talk of lacklustre performances, go and hang!!!

    Morrissey:(tv host style)"Who has traveled to be here?(spotting someone in the crowd)...I know you've traveled. Where are you from?" Hands mic into audience and I hear someone say "Los Angeles", but I couldn't hear what the second person said.

    'I Keep Mine Hidden' is next and Morrissey really seems to be enjoying singing this one. In fact he seems to be really enjoying the whole night, smiling at the font row, gesturing to the balcony. The cardigan is removed here.

    It's '...Paris...' next, and the crowd again really join in with this one, belting the chorus back at him.

    Morrissey:"And...crawling from the black fog, Boz Boorer(crowd roars)...Solomon Walker(crowd cheers)...and would you believe, Matt
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Monday May 04 2009, @03:56PM (#329715)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • As most of you know, you could buy signed LP's at the US shows. Does anyone know if this is going on in the UK? I'm really just curious. I went to the first 2 gigs of the tour (in the US) and found out about the signed lps too late- thanks to ebay, I got one though.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 04 2009, @10:00PM (#329737)
  • My Belfast comments seem like distant memories. On this night, Morrissey was enagaged albeit with the opening gambit of "Sturlin'", - he made it known he had arrived! The crowd were far more responsive with several aborted jumps at the stage, loads of movement and appreciative, thunderous clapping of hands.

    What a turnaround! Folks going to Dundee - it looks like you are in for a treat? Roll on Barrowlands.

    Doll and the Kicks - I'd recommend checking them out. Yes! There is a Siouxsie influence and it is most welcome to these ears. They do have their own style and should not be so lazily pigeonholed as "they sound like..." without noting their own musicianship, vocals and style.
    The band are extremely friendly and took time to chat to people and what's more - really seemed to be enjoying themselves.
    Luckybag -- Monday May 04 2009, @11:01PM (#329740)
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  • what was it with the poor reception for the smiths songs last night?

    yes i know some girls, is not the best smiths tune...but surely better than nothing?

    not the greatest performance i've seen of moz, but this gig will live with me for 2 reason.

    1. got most of the checked shirt he through into the crowd. (after wrestling about for ages trying to get it)

    2. got over the barricade and was shaking his hand at the encore. sadly didnt make the stage but there is always next time....

    total fanboy admission but the man is a legend.

    roll on the barras thursday.
    pubrockcoma -- Tuesday May 05 2009, @01:09AM (#329744)
    (User #12215 Info)
  • Stage invaders (Score:2, Informative)

    Just thought I would mention that the best stage invader of the night was a girl. She got half onto the stage and Morrissey grabbed her hand and dragged her onto it. He then let go and went to shake some other hands while she gallantly wrestled with the security with a hand around Morrissey's ankle. Best invasion ever, which I would have captured if they hadn't told us no cameras were allowed before we went in. We were told we would be chucked out if we were caught taking a picture so I left mine in the car. Once inside the security in the pit said that was crap and it was only professional cameras that weren't allowed. Hopefully someone with a phone managed to capture it. Also to go along with Morrissey's sparkly tattoo on his neck all of the band had little bindis on their foreheads. Roll on The Barras, Stirling was a belter.
    scottishblood -- Tuesday May 05 2009, @11:55AM (#329790)
    (User #19658 Info)
  • I hope adds Mama back in soon. im going to see him on friday and i reaaallly want to see it
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 05 2009, @12:54PM (#329793)
    • Re:Mama by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 12 2009, @01:26AM
  • I have waited some 20 years to see the enigma that is Morrissey and I travelled from the Isle of Man to see him(by the way the other voice that shouted when Moz asked who had travelled was mine-Gob Bless him he didnt hear me) In the credit crunch times I had to travel the long way round and it took 18 hours there and back-was he worth it-by God was he. Of course I couldnt see him for crying for a while but hey I heard him-he still has it and possibly more so.

    Me and my daughter were there together-she is 23 and I am-well not actually. I have loved the man for many a long year except when The Smiths were at their peak-not so much dunno why really perhaps it was the flowers in the back pocket.
    The set was wonderful, the lighting was great, band great, staff at the venue wonderful, and the venue was so right. I dont think I would have wanted to be a Morrissey virgin at the Albert Hall so to speak-especially as it has been postponed anyway.

    Just want to say Mozfather, why dont you come to the Isle of Man to do a gig, there are many of us old gits here that would love to see you-and I reckon he wrote Every Day is Like Sunday just for us!!

    Power to Morrissey and lets hope he continues to tour for as long as forever.
    olivia's Mum -- Monday May 11 2009, @11:22AM (#330416)
    (User #22502 Info)
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