posted by davidt on Friday May 15 2009, @03:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Ask / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Let Me Kiss You / I Keep Mine Hidden / Sorry Doesn't Help / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by an anonymous person, scan from Stanley Ogden)
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  • I must know what awful disease has struck next!
    Some Dizzy Whore -- Friday May 15 2009, @03:17PM (#330959)
    (User #13245 Info)
    Do you hate me?
  • If there was a concert tonight people are probably still hangin out....not everyone runs straight to the coputer.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @03:36PM (#330965)
  • Amazing!!! (Score:1, Interesting)

    Thanks to a lack of control an all seated venue became an all standing venue with minor obsticles. Thank God for that because we got a really good atmosphere out of it. Mozza was in pretty good voice. He sounded raspy early on but that may of been the soundmans fault as it seemed to clear up. Plenty of banter, a cheap pop (it's a miricle I even made it to GT Yarmouth SISMS) and some great memories.

    P.S. All the stage invasions tonight were pathetic but nice try. There were two bouncers one rather fat one. He was rather quick actually lol.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @03:39PM (#330968)
  • Why on earth are any of you responding to that idiot? Your just giving him/her what they want. Ignore it and dont give them the reaction they so desperately crave.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @03:53PM (#330973)
  • same as others played death of a disco dancer, ask, hsin, work, tcm
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:09PM (#330976)
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  • Does anyone have know the set list from tonight?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:13PM (#330977)
  • Ok so, either people in Yarmouth don't have computer access/aren't on Morrissey-solo, or I'm a morbid monster and don't have a life.

    Realistically it's the latter.

    Updates? No, nada? Vale.
    Hello Indie -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:19PM (#330978)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
    • Re:Ok, so... by Carlyy (Score:1) Friday May 15 2009, @04:28PM
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      • Re:Ok, so... by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday May 15 2009, @04:44PM
  • charman
    b cloud
    how can?
    disco dancer
    why don't you?
    lemme k you
    sorry doesn't
    some grills
    i'm ok
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:25PM (#330979)
  • Does anyone have any sensible postings? I've no idea from what I've seen here whether Moz actually played tonight.What's wrong with this website?! I take it he didn't (play).
    paulah -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:31PM (#330984)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • Does anyone have any sensible postings? I've no idea from what I've seen here whether Moz actually played tonight.What's wrong with this website?! I take it he didn't (play).

    I've reposted this with a different heading so hopefully someone sensible (will notice) and will respond.
    paulah -- Friday May 15 2009, @04:42PM (#330987)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • Even if Morrissey didn't turn up people would be commenting saying he didn't turn up, obviously no one has decided to comment yet.
  • Top banana gig- what a wonderful venue. Yes, Morrissey was playing in the same middle-of-the-pier theatre as The Chuckle Brothers, Jim Davidson & Roy Chubby Brown. Despite being all unreserved tickets, the venue was all seated. Doll & The Kicks were so great that my friend Dave bought the album which the band signed afterwards. Top moment was the usherette selling ice cream during the "interval" after the support finished. Morrissey came on at 9pm promptly and sounded in good voice. He handed the mike to the audience and someone asked what he thought of the Pope. Morrissey replied that he was quite attractive! Later on, Morrissey asked what we should do with Hazel Blears. (Note she's a UK Government Minister who like many MPs has been accused of fiddling her expenses). He was wearing blue denim jeans and a dark shirt for most of the night. After stripping the shirt off and throwing it to the audience he changed to a white shirt and later to a mottled purple one. Plenty of attempted stage invaders but no one managed to properly get to him but Morrissey did say "good try" to one person. Great night. Top venue. Can't wait until my next gig at the Troxy.
    Bradford Boy -- Friday May 15 2009, @05:29PM (#330997)
    (User #7078 Info)
    18 clumsy and shy, I came to Bradford and died
  • Slightly off-topic but what was all that about? Getting Daniel Merriweather to replace Morrissey!! And then sing Stop Me which was released 2 years ago.

    A rather pointed joke if you ask me. Glad Moz didn't see it....even more glad he's back on tour! ROLL ON MAY 22nd

    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @11:39PM (#331009)
  • Quotes Of The Night (Score:1, Interesting)

    When told by one audience member to look after yourself as your nearly 50 (got a classic Morrissey quince) because we want you around for another 150. Morrissey said "I won't be around for that long, I may not make it to cambridge"
    Who was the last person to play here, Norman Turbertt really? really? (lots of 'I feel sick faces)
    What should we do with Hazel Blears?
    Is this the royal albert hall? I thought so
    Thanks to Jenny and James for the get well soon card. No,there not here, are they here? (shouts of yes from male fans). (fake deep male voice) Jenny!!!
    The doctor says I shouldn't yodle, so I won't (he did)
    (During SISMS) It's a miricle I even made it to Great Yarmouth!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @03:54AM (#331015)
  • Time on stage and time gig finished anyone???
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @04:23AM (#331019)
  • Fantastic evening. (Score:2, Informative)

    Great venue - 1,200 people all pretty cold after queueing the complete length of the Pier to get in. Doll and the kicks were great - i bought their EP a few months ago and it came sent directly from Brihton and beautifully wrapped.

    Managed to get in the first two rows, really chuffed with that. Loved the addition of the 'lighten up Morrissey' tune to the pre show films.

    Suddenly made a rush for the stage, got to the front - against the stage and braced for the push from behind - nothing. They only let the front two rows up - amazing!

    Morrissey comes on and during 2nd or 3rd song i get the shake of the hand - i think the only one on the right of the stage - almost cerebral feeling as he locks eyes - quite bizarre and brilliant. Quite a bit of microphone passing to the crowd - he was / is witty as always.

    During the show a white baseball cap lands on the stage - Jessie kicks it full pelt and lands on me - where i then throw into the air. At the end Jessie comes up and gives my wife his set list! - can it get better than this. Then on the way out we find a MEXI CAN plectrum on the floor which Jessie had thrown earlier.

    We then meet Lovely Dickie Felton on the pier selling his great new book "The day i met Morrissey". Brilliant guy and book. Which he signed - lovely guy - he introduces us to a friend who managed to get half of the shirt Moz had chucked out - Prada with the dry cleaning label still attached - am told the shirt did smell good!! You have just got to get this book.

    So we walk back to the car and then drive around and see Jessie walking to the bus and pull over - what a great guy - he apologises for kicking the hat over to me and even rembered giving us the setlist (he deliberatley gave it and closed my wifes hands on the paper) he said he hated it when they get ripped up.

    So we hang around - then Chritopher P walks past - another friendly guy - then the Walker brothers - who said they would prefer to come in the car to Cambridge as they would prefer it to the tour bus! (they could have had the car, i would have swapped). Then Boz - who said he thought the sound was really good in the venue - great guy. They all signed Dickies book - quite ironic as not signed by Moz - but what a great evening.

    Cambridge is definatley happening tonight - so see you all then.

    Enjoy the scans of set list and a couple of piccies on the link below - hope its ok to post this.

    Stanley Ogden -- Saturday May 16 2009, @05:27AM (#331022)
    (User #21027 Info)
  • yes - I nearly fainted when Morrissey asked that half way thru the set!
    He passed me the mike and of course I jibbered on aimlessly.
    I did ask him: "Do you like the book?" and Morrissey said: "It's very attractive"!
    Apologies for my rather limp effort to get on stage - I did make it kind of.
    Moz saw the Liverpool FC banner and said: "Nice flag" !
      Sorry Chris (villa) - hope I didn't do your back in!!!
    Before the gig I met Morrissey on the Pier! - photos to follow soon - he was lovely and signed the book....
    Can life get any better?
    it took 6 hours to get home today - still on a super high..
    dickie felton
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @08:49AM (#331032)
  • Thought it was a great gig,one of the best so far for me,got three handshakes from the man himself,thanks to my extremely long arms[I am very tall!]was the girl who caught the shirt OK? I didn't see her after she caught it and it all seemed to get a bit rough,hope she is ok.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @10:20AM (#331037)
    • Re:the shirt! by Scouse Elvis (Score:1) Sunday May 17 2009, @02:37AM
      • Re:the shirt! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 17 2009, @06:57AM
    • Re:the shirt! by all i need is moz (Score:1) Sunday May 17 2009, @10:19PM
  • great gig! (Score:1, Interesting)

    To the ones who don't know much about Great Yarmouth: It could be described as a "quaint" traditional British seaside town with a pier. I live there and there is hardly ever anything too exciting going on.

    On arriving to the pier, it was evident that something out of the ordinary was happening: lots of people wearing Morrissey & The Smiths t-shirts were hanging around having drinks, chatting, etc. The sun was out and the mood was chilled. Someone said that Morrissey's band were walking around outside the pier but I never spotted them.

    Chatted to a few locals who commented that the pier theatre has the usual runs of various comedy / entertainment shows but that the shows are never really that popular, let alone sell-outs....many people were surprised that Morrissey had chosen to play in a such an unusual venue off the beaten track. well, we were proud he had chosen to play in our hometown! I think he might have played in Norwich before but we were glad he had gone for Great yarmouth this time!

    The theatre is intimate (1200 seats) and there were many people hassling the box-office for returns (my girlfriend was told there were none).

    as soon as the curtain came down there was a pretty mad rush towards the front and the security seemed cool with it. Morrissey seemed to enjoy the show and was very chatty. It's amazing that he seems to recognize some of the die-hard fans - he even addressed some of them by their first name!

    I really enjoyed the gig (my first one ever) and I think Morrissey is one of the best - if not THE best & most charismatic - singers I've ever seen. There was a real energy and buzz at that gig.

    We would now love to go to Manchester to see him but a friend told me the tickets have all been sold out and are going for stupid money on ebay?

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @11:58AM (#331038)
  • If anyone is trying to sell their unwanted tickets for the rest of the tour on eBay - Please be aware! There seems to be a malicious "buyer" about with no feedback. His/her ID is ""vaca_peluda". This person basically wants to sabotage any ticket sales. I had a spare manchester for sale but this person bidded for a £10000 and just basically fucked it up.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @02:08PM (#331042)
  • With no security at the front, there was never a better chance so I took it. Managed to touch Moz's leg before being carted off. I was wearing the Shoplifter's T Shirt. Thanks for the cheers and if you're ever thinking of getting on stage yourself, leave it until near the end cos they don't let you back in! Gutted I missed Some Girls but listened outside and met Sebastian's grandparents (he is the baby on front of YOR).
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 16 2009, @04:44PM (#331074)
  • he was singing the chorus from this over the last couple of choruses of FOTGTD
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 17 2009, @04:06AM (#331105)
  • Many thanks to all who posed for me, my objective was to capture the essence of Morrissey through his fans. I think, thanks to you, I succeeded.

    See the full set here......

    stuiek -- Sunday May 17 2009, @10:37AM (#331154)
    (User #22543 Info)
  • Did anyone else down the front notice that Moz was wearing pale blue nail varnish, is this a new thing?
    Whalley Range -- Monday May 18 2009, @02:25AM (#331235)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • What's available at the venues?

    can you get one with the new album cover printed on it?
    unklejunior -- Monday May 18 2009, @05:59AM (#331243)
    (User #21417 Info)
  • Did anyone catch the guy that looked exactly like Moz. Not just the hair but I really mean Looked like him.Think he was near the front in a black leather jacket with a leggy blonde and a guy that I think was alot like Boz Or was it just me
    cradle rocker -- Friday May 22 2009, @02:47PM (#331917)
    (User #22584 Info)
    • Re:Lookalikes by cradle rocker (Score:1) Friday May 29 2009, @11:30AM
  • Re:cunt (Score:0, Redundant)

    Do you mean Spike from Hi-de-hi?
    Driving along in my automobile, with Sid Nettle beside me at the wheel...
  • Why are these racist posts not deleted?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @08:43PM (#331006)
  • Why does everyone attack this guy. He's obviously winding you all up to get a reaction. AND so you all just fall in to it. He's dumb no doubt about it, he's just trying to get you all shook up....but what does that say about you all?! He's just making you all look foolish. It's like you are all arguing with a 5 year old. You can't blame the 5 year old....but you can blame the adults. You people just keep promoting to these people that their tom foolery works.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 15 2009, @09:02PM (#331007)
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