posted by davidt on Wednesday May 20 2009, @03:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / All You Need Is Me / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Let Me Kiss You / Ask / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Keep Mine Hidden / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Best Friend On The Payroll / Sorry Doesn't Help (not played) / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by Joe Benzon
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  • Can't wait! People, it's going to be *mad*.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @03:08PM (#331648)
  • Woop!

    [personal information removed by request of original poster]

    My verdict? Well you shouldn't listen to it because it's biased as, in my eyes, the man can do no wrong. As such, tonight, the man did no wrong. Neither did his band, the support band, anyone around me or any of the fantastic people I met today.

    See you all very soon, I hope, at the Troxy and then its Brixton, Brixton,

    deleted1 -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @03:10PM (#331649)
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  • For Friday night on Seetickets NOW

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @03:27PM (#331652)
  • Set list (Score:4, Informative)

    As written on the set list...

    B Cloud
    All You Need Is Me
    How Can?
    Lemme KY
    One Day Good
    Why Don't You F?
    Best F on P
    Sorry Doesn't (not played)
    Some Grills
    I'm Ok By
    enc: Nearer My God To Thee Am I (First of the Gang)

    Good gig...I'm off to the afterparty
    Joe Benzon -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @03:38PM (#331654)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • I may be biased as this was my hometown, but holy christ that was a good gig. He wasnt that talkative, he mumbled something about being holed up in a room with pictures of previous hartlepool mayors which he said were a 'strange' bunch, and he said that on friday the horizon will come...

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @04:24PM (#331661)
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  • Hartlepool Photos (Score:1, Informative)

    Here's a few I made earlier. A great performance and friendly atmosphere, despite all the bruises :)

    Morrissey Photos []

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @05:31PM (#331666)
  • Who made that rather lovely song and video in the intro loop?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @06:00PM (#331672)
  • Happy Birthday Sir []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 20 2009, @09:13PM (#331679)
  • It was the first time I'd been to Hartlepool Borough Hall but I thought it was a great venue.
    Much prefer Morrissey in smaller venues myself. Reminded me of some of the excellent Liverpool Royal Court shows I'd been to.

    While I'm not a massive fan of the new album, some of the tracks came across really well. And 'Ask'? It sounded like a different song.

    Like others on this site, I'd love to see some more early stuff on the set - Alsation Cousin, Little Man What Now etc and maybe a bit more off Southpaw. Maybe I'm being a bit hopeful there mind...

    On the whole, a really enjoyable gig and I hope we'll see him back in Teesside soon.
    Fan Afraid -- Thursday May 21 2009, @02:32AM (#331692)
    (User #22170 Info)
  • there was never any tickets onsale for fridays show lastnight, it must have been a mistake but the guy on the phone just told me they have standing tickets there for saturday night

    I've got tickets for friday i was just trying to get another 2 for my mate n his lady
    DrWolfenstein -- Thursday May 21 2009, @03:36AM (#331694)
    (User #21667 Info)
  • can any anyone shed any light on how much the sighned albums are at the gigs please,thanks x
    bonehead -- Thursday May 21 2009, @04:29AM (#331696)
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  • That would take some beating

    Unless of course he came and exited
    with youll never walk alone

    great yarmouths anthem is

    one julie riley theres only one julie riley

    fuck off

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:12AM (#331701)
  • Great venue, great gig, great atmosphere - what more could you want? It was my son's second, Morrissey gig as well, he got to the front and had a great time. Mine - God knows how many! However it was tarnished by one incident I'd like to share with you.
    I was behind first row of people behind the barrier, I'm six feet tall, the girl in front of me just over five foot. Inevitabely my arms would rest on her or hang down in front on to the barrier - what was i supposed to do stick them up in the air or down by my side? Was I jumping up and down, trying to get her out of the road, climb over her or anything else - certainly not!!! In fact I was protecting from the usual stage divers. So why the hell did you bite my arm???!!!
    I did not deserve it. if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen - i.e. get a bloody seat where there's no contact. I had the pleasure of showing my wife and three kids my arm with a lovely u shaped bruise this morning. Oh and if anyone is wondering it's the girl with 'Morrissey' tatooed on her forearm. She didn't even have the courtesy to apologise.
    Gallagher -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:29AM (#331705)
    (User #8313 Info)
  • Personally (Score:2, Informative)

    I was really excited about last night after seeing him at Barrowlands 2 weeks ago and having a brilliant time. This was to be about my 30th time seeing him.

    It was my first time at The Borough Hall, and it had a great feel as soon as we walked in, a great venue nice and tight with the stage at a good height, and just the sort of place where Morrissey seems to thrive.

    Doll and the Kicks were entertaining again, can't believe they are unsigned as yet. Spoke to them after the show and they are lovely people as well, really chatty and to coin a northern phrase, dead canny.

    On to Moz. The man was brilliant (again), the band were brilliant (again), everything was played to perfection and Morrissey's voice was tops after his recent illness. A great start to the gig with This Charming Man, Irish Blood, Black Cloud and How Soon Is Now really getting the crowd going, loads of swaying and surging and sweat! Perfect. "This is going to be brilliant" I thought.

    However there was a real lull to the gig around Ask which I couldn't understand, which carried on virtually to First of The Gang to Die, at one point Morrissey even asked if we were missing our beds which is why they didn't play Sorry Doesn't Help Us, in my opinion. This could just have been my luck, that I could have been surrounded by people who didn't know much of the older stuff. Even The Loop and Sol's bass rockout at the end of I'm OK By Myself didn't get these people bouncing! HOW?

    Ended up behind Julia who I spoke to at the end and she was really charming and nice, you can't believe all you read.

    All in all, a great show from Morrissey and the band's point of view but I did find the crowd to be a little staid.

    Still loved it, still ove Morrissey and think the band are class at the minute. More power to their elbows I say!
    GLEGS -- Thursday May 21 2009, @06:19AM (#331712)
    (User #7174 Info)
    You see I cannot stand alone, I'm incapable of breathing, INCAPABLE OF LOVE
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    • Re:Personally by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 21 2009, @01:56PM
  • I meant to say that we saw 'Boro legend' Bernie Slaven at last night's gig. He was sporting a Moz quiff.No sign of Gareth Southgate mind.

    Interesting as I understand Liverpool's Xabi Alonso was at the Liverpool gig...

    Fan Afraid -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:54AM (#331722)
    (User #22170 Info)
  • Anyone know what time Moz came on stage and what time it finished? Trying to arrange train back from Manchester on Friday night....
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @02:16PM (#331750)
  • Could it be related to this little story? (from th Guardian seven deadly sins of football series)

    Town goes bananas – Hartlepool, 2002

    The denizens of Hartlepool, who, it is said, once infamously hanged a monkey during the Napoleonic wars because they thought it was a Frenchman, went one better in 2002: they elected the Hartlepool United mascot as the town's mayor. H'Angus the Monkey - a nod to the town's Napolenoic shame - promised "free bananas for schoolchildren".
    Stuart Drummond, the man behind the mask, ensured the kids did indeed get fresh fruit - and was re-elected in 2005. SM

    I wasn't there by the way.... but I will be tomorrow. COME ON MOZ GIVE US A SONG
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @03:23PM (#331755)

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