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Set List:

This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Let Me Kiss You / Ask / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / I Keep Mine Hidden / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Best Friend On The Payroll / Sorry Doesn't Help (not played) / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Ey Up?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:07PM (#332145)
  • Thank you to the really charming man who let me rip off a piece of Morrisseys shirt with my teeth!!
    A fab end to a briliant night !
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:13PM (#332146)
  • Pretty much the same gig as last night. No surprises. Which is a good thing. Helen Bach
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:14PM (#332147)
    • Re:Same as by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 23 2009, @04:17PM
      • Re:Same as by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 24 2009, @03:43AM
  • Once again Morrissey aims to please. Gratefully he included Seasick, Yet Still Docked to the set tonight adding a poignant moment of bitter sweet emotion.

    Unfortunately some c*nts felt it necessary to throw cups of beer across the auditorium, at least I hope it was beer. Still many people getting pulled out from the front for too much panic.

    One of the Latino posse made it up briefly on stage at the end, though many tried and failed. Over all Moz was quite focused, no passing the mic out, no shaking hands except at the end. He came out saying "What me again?" Towards the end he said "I will see you up there (pointing up) or down there (pointing down) and thank you for saving my life." As my friend said, "He was less suicidal tonight."

    The encore was properly mental as the band finished with frenzied feedback as Moz pushed Boz forward in a touchingly affectionate manner. Morrissey then went stage left and leaned his head against the speaker for a couple of seconds and was gone. It made me shiver to think of how far he's come from those rotten days walking down Kings Road after another loathsome day at St. Marys.

    The crowd went ballistic to all the Smiths songs and seemed more appreciative of Best Friend on the Payroll tonight. The Loop (tight like a fist)followed by I'm OK By Myself is still a peak moment.

    Cheers to all who made it out on the Moz Tour Bus Today. It was surreal seeing everyone crowded on the Iron Bridge and huddled outside 384 Kings Road. The Star and Garter is a must see and say "Hello" to Andy who is a real gent. Drove my friend and I to the Salford Lad's Club when we couldn't get on the bus in time for the group photo of all the Moz fans outside.

    It's been a great time and we are sad to leave Manchester. To all those at home who sit on their hands debating on making the trip, call in sick, max out your credit cards because life is very long when you're lonely.

    The SF Vegan Moz Squad heads back to the Golden Gate. Viva Moz!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:28PM (#332150)
  • Nicked my shoes!
    great night got two handshakes and two looks into his eyes as i screamed ILOVEYOU!
    lavv it!
    thank you morrissey :)
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:28PM (#332151)
  • Excellent gig from moz, sum tryed 2 spoil it by throwing shoes and beer on stage, moz being ohh so pro, checked the underside of his footware while we all got an extended instremental of some girls are bigger than others, why ohh why did someone let the children in.
    Last thing moz planted a kiss on the amps.
    SwinginStar -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:55PM (#332157)
    (User #22596 Info)
  • Lots of lyric changes, yelps & general noise making from the maestro. During FOTGTD he broke into "would you like to swing on a star"
    Similar setlist to last night except no AYNIM
    excellent show
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:09PM (#332161)
  • Morrissey. This Charming Man. in Manchester

    It doesn't get much better.

    Brilliant Show, first time I,ve seen him at the apollo since 92. I am now confined ro the disabled section, which is at the back of venue, but still ok view. Would have liked to have to have seen Disco Dancer, as I haven't seen that live yet. Bit short, 1st support were shite, Impressed with Doll and the kicks and there Moz cover
    bowieboots -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:15PM (#332162)
    (User #19180 Info)
  • A very disappointing night. Having seen Morrissey on numerous occassions, tonight there was definately no oonnection with the audience. However, who were the audience?? Laddish beer tossers whose intellectual capacity amounted to shouting Morrissey in the style of football chanting. These are the 'boys' that Morrissey once sang about with disdain. Where have this following come from? totally ruined the gig. Morrissey just didn't put his whole into it (still ill??, post birthday blues??) or realising that his new following are just not worthy of his presence. A shame that the faithful, appreciative fans are left so disappointed.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:35PM (#332167)
  • Great gig, not his best but still a right night.
    First support were rubbish, frontman being one of many attention seeking people thinking that by saying wierd things and doing wierd dancing will get people to think, 'fuck me they're original'.

    Doll & The kicks were immensly good, will be checking them out from now on.

    Morrissey was on very good form i thought, little contact with the fans tonight but oh well, the songs were tight and sounded very well.

    I got a piece of his shirt which was great, missed about 4 songs 'scrapping' for the piece, someone bit me though, i will be washing it thoroughly tonight!

    Also got a signed vinyl! some people were buying 5 though and genuine fans were left dissapointed. Really people are all those 5 vinyls for yourself? and not ebay? very wrong but i blame the merch table personally. there should be a 1 a person limit. they are gonna all sell anyways so it should be done fairly!

    Personal highlights for me were Seasick and This charming man. 1st time i have heard charming man live and it was such a good feeling!

    I'm going to bed now as i have to get up for work at 8 :( bad times.

    Viva moz!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @04:01PM (#332176)
  • Having caught his shirt at his '04 concert, I understand the frenzy of fans who will do just about anything to get a piece of it. But seriously, there was actually a lunatic who was biting other people while trying to get his shirt? Was this person rabid or just insane??
    Mozziestar -- Saturday May 23 2009, @06:04PM (#332186)
    (User #21483 Info)
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Still, neil young at glastonbury to look forward to.
    Redchris -- Saturday May 23 2009, @10:45PM (#332201)
    (User #10841 Info)
  • when are they leaving?
    Can we expect to get a chance at the barrier or are they gonna keep on queuing early everyday?
    ps: this is a serious question.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @12:48AM (#332206)
  • Thought last night was absolutely superb,I thought his voice was going to pack in at one stage when he said `Oh Dear`with his back to us. My mad son nearly touched him during `Some Girls` but alas he fell short.
    mikshell -- Sunday May 24 2009, @01:22AM (#332211)
    (User #22591 Info)
  • Stood near back at Apollo last night can't understand why the PA volume was so low. It was like being in someone's front room,not happy.
    mymine77 -- Sunday May 24 2009, @01:52AM (#332214)
    (User #22598 Info)
    • Re:volume by Resurgam (Score:1) Sunday May 24 2009, @02:50AM
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      • Re:volume by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 25 2009, @01:09AM
  • did anyone pick out him saying
    "grey mare lane 1978" at the beginning of
    how soon is now?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @02:15AM (#332217)
  • Just had an email from Seetickets to say the show is postponed. Tickets can be returned for full refund. Glad I got this before I travelled down from Manchester!!
    collo -- Sunday May 24 2009, @02:49AM (#332221)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • From the forums :(
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @03:07AM (#332226)
  • brilliant gig last night with moz in great voice. managed to get right to the front and ended up standing next to julia , that woman has got a crazy look in her eyes !!!!
    Debba -- Sunday May 24 2009, @03:14AM (#332229)
    (User #22599 Info)
  • A big thanks to the bloke who handed in my mobile phone!
    I was 2 yards from the front and videoing soloman's base solo at the end of i'm ok by myself when moz's shirt virtually landed on my head and all hell broke loose and my phone went for a burton! my mate phoned my mobile a few times after the gig and got a reply saying the phone had been handed in. So once again many thanks. The phone now has a cracked scree but at least it still works!

    I must say in the ten moz gigs i've been to it was probably the roughest ride i've had down at the front but very enjoyable.

    Roll on leeds in October.
    redgboy -- Sunday May 24 2009, @03:24AM (#332232)
    (User #7000 Info)
  • Can somebody please help me? Morrissey played a few videos, one of which was a lady (I think an actress) talking about Salford.
    It was a black and white video.

    I need to know who she was!!! Please, it's really bugging me!
    Hello Indie -- Sunday May 24 2009, @04:14AM (#332242)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Danny Wallace, the former United footballer was in the audience, standing up. He was with some other guy who kept running the bar for him, a guy from Manchester called Lee Parrot, who seemed very eager to please.

    Wallace was in a Kid Creole & the Coconuts t shirt but had also just bought two Morrissey t shirts.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @04:53AM (#332248)
  • As my friend put it on the way Back from Manchester last night,' Well I went to the bar,Talk a walk down to Selfidges,Came back and caught the last 15 minutes of Sol's bass solo,To which my brother added ' Oh you must mean 'Solo-man Walker?' Top gags.
    Vince Taylor -- Sunday May 24 2009, @06:18AM (#332260)
    (User #21250 Info)
  • has anyone got a set list from last night ?
    Debba -- Sunday May 24 2009, @07:24AM (#332271)
    (User #22599 Info)
  • If a guy called 'Peter' is reading this please get in contact! We lost each others at the doors due to the mad rush.
    You was listening to your iPod and I was smoking...We were stood with two men, one American and one British....Erm, oh! You like Nine Inch Nails.

    Get it contact please! :)
    Hello Indie -- Sunday May 24 2009, @08:10AM (#332278)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • It was quite a disapointment actually, didn't seem to be anything between the audience and Moz,
    but it was a fun night, definately enjoyed it.
    He wasn't very chatty, probably cause he has got everything off his chest on the previous dates.

    He checked the bottom of his shoes because someone came on stage and started cleaning the floor lol with a cloth,
    and he pulled Boz by his guitar to the front of the stage, i couldn't see properly alot of the time, idiots kept on standing directly infront of me.

    • Re:Nice. by Carlyy (Score:1) Sunday May 24 2009, @09:45AM
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      • Re:Nice. by Carlyy (Score:1) Monday May 25 2009, @06:36AM
  • I had a brilliant time last night!
    It was my second time seeing Morrissey and my boyfriend's first. We were in the middle next to the red barriers, we decided to stand around there rather than try to get to the front as I was at the barrier last time. I had a pretty good view from where I was and thought it was fantastic!

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @09:12AM (#332294)
  • What's the band/song on the intro film with the beautiful brunette in the white coat walking around in the snow and the three blokes giggling like cheech and chongs? Need to track down the song.
    chump_change -- Sunday May 24 2009, @10:50AM (#332322)
    (User #15618 Info)
    • Re:Intro film by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 24 2009, @12:10PM
    • Re:Intro film by Anonymous (Score:1) Sunday May 24 2009, @12:12PM
      • Re:Intro film by chump_change (Score:1) Sunday May 24 2009, @12:59PM
  • There was some band on before them, i think the frontman was Morrissey's nephew, typically prancing around the stage like Moz.
    i don't think anyone was focusing on them much cause it took the audience ages to react when they left the stage, they only clapped when the had completely disapeared lol.
    im sure i saw him on the circle a row infront of me when Morrissey was on, i thought i saw someone wearing the same clothes anway, he was singing like crazyish.
  • Wow!
    Finally back home down south (and down to earth)after an amazing and frenzied night!

    My cousin and I started by drinking at the Sports bar in picadilly station,both commenting that this was hardly the proper Moz experience! It was going to be my 12th and his 3rd evening with the Mighty Moz and we were truly, deleriously excited; anticipating a great night.

    We got to the venue and enjoyed Doll and the kicks although I think the sound at the venue wasn't the best.

    Moz came on and it was absolutely wild in the front but I found it really friendly and had good fun with a couple of guys as we sang our hearts out. I helped one lad try to get on stage during "First of the gang..." I hope he's okay, he seemed to go head first over the balcony as he was passed forward through the throng.

    The whole performance by Moz and the boys was fantastic. He was the least chatty I've ever known him to be. Perhaps he overdid it at his birthday party on friday!!!

    In terms of highlights it was all pretty special but 'How soon is now?' was better than ever (I thought I'd heard it too often live but clearly not!) 'Seasick, Yet still docked' was amazing as was 'I'm okay by myself'. An outstanding evening topped off by my cousin handing me a scrap of Mozzer's bluey-green shirt. What a triumph, thanks Ben!

    A wild, passionate, friendly and fun night.
    Roll on Brixton.
    cocu -- Sunday May 24 2009, @01:08PM (#332360)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
    • Re:Frenzy!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 24 2009, @02:59PM
  • Anyone got any good pictures from last night? Moz or fans?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @01:12PM (#332362)
  • I remember Moz saying this when he changed into a brown shirt. What could he mean?!!
    paulah -- Sunday May 24 2009, @04:34PM (#332421)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • This was actually a reply to "re:what", but I figured that more people might read it under a separate heading (cos I think it's worth reading!)
    -there's so many of these excerpts, written when Moz was about 21.

    Steve Austin. ( the six million dollar man),Moz referred to him in penpal letters in 1980 to someone called Rob Mackie from Scotland as such:-

    "and please don't call me Steve; it reminds of the bionic man,to whom I bear little resemblence.It's almost worse than being called "Stephen" which reminds me of someone with a snotty nose.So,please call me "Steven". Am I being unreasonable? Actually, I hate the name Steven,but I won't go into THAT. "

    This is a true 'penpal' letter from Moz in 1980, and he also came out with stuff like: "Manchester is a lovely place,if you happen to be a bedridden deafmute.I'm unhappy,hope you're unhappy too.In poverty,Steven "

    -these penletter's are so insightful,-stuff like-"so pleased that you liked my last letter.Why don't you just admit that every word I write fascinates you? It would save so much time.The nicest thing I can say about your letter is that it exists"

    So that's who Steve(n) is!
    paulah -- Sunday May 24 2009, @05:03PM (#332425)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • Has anyone got a video of Morrissey kissing the amps from this night. I would love to see it again if that's possible.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 28 2009, @10:49AM (#332892)
  • At Long Last... (Score:2, Informative)

    Vast apologies on the delay for my review, for whoever is still happily rummaging through this show's postings for fond memories. There were indeed many, for many.
    No thanks to anonymous transport riders with bronchitis on the National Rail and Air France afterwards for making me ill at the end of my trip!

    A tremendous dose of gratitude from me to Manchester and the Moz posse for being entirely kind and genuine. The impression I got overall was that Northerners may not be all "cheers-y" like in London, but I always received a warm "How are you" and "See you later."

    Second night, I regrettably missed seeing Noise Is the Best Revenge and Doll and the Kicks. I did the stupid obsessed fan thing and waited for Moz to make his grand, quick entrance to the stage door. Alas, he slipped in through a side door. There was a huge crowd spilling out from the pub by there, likely waiting for the same thing, so it's just as well. From outside, the two openers sounded decent. (I bought a Doll... cd and will find some tracks to pitch to Jose to play on our show on some Sunday soon.) I almost thought the Courteeners would be added on, as I heard "What Took You So Long" during the soundcheck. But alas, no. Maybe it was the nephew's band practicing it? Sounded good!

    Saturday night, I was third row balcony. It was the perfect spot to enjoy the show from above for a change from the prior evening standing (which had also been fantastic). Seeing the capacity crowd below swirl throughout the show was an awesome sight. The venue took long to turn on the air, so it got quite hot during the show and Moz sweated profusely through his shirts. I was parched for water myself above. Though cups of water were being handed back from the barrier at the floor, fans were still overheating and being pulled out one after another. One tall girl was completely limp, Moz and the band looked concerned for her.

    Moz was indicating the desire for contact, pushing seemed really intense from pretty far back (I still think Brit fans are more intense than L.A. In LA, if you're 20 people back, you kinda don't think you'll make it on stage and push all 19 people in front. But apparently not in England!). Someone threw a cup of water onto the middle of the stage instead of passing it back, and Charlie proceeded to wipe it up and then some, it seemed, for a good amount of the song playing at the time. It was actually comic relief to a point. I'm sure the floor was spotless. He covered about half the center stage area forward and Moz looked under his shoes (as indicated in a prior post), acknowledging the small commotion behind him. Through all that, Jesse still slipped a little towards the end of the show downstage (near audience) on his side.

    Observant fans caught where Moz's vocal chords went funny, "The sanest days are *mad!* The note of "mad" shot up randomly and "...why don't you find out for yourself" was rough riding. As others indicated, Moz said "Oh dear," my impression was that it was in a "here we go again" fashion. He's very honest with us in his reaction and we're all holding our breath for him at this point. With collective prayer and his own determination, he once again got back on track and the rest of the show was spotless (like in Albuquerque). He was slightly preoccupied, or perhaps concentrating more to stay in a safe range. But he danced up a storm, sang well and still gave a great show.

    From above, I thoroughly enjoyed the choreography of the second half of The Loop when all band members and Moz (center) simultaneously moved down to the very edge of the stage and absolutely *Rocked Out!* Matt was stationary in back (upstage), very literally and figuratively the anchor. It was an awesome sight! Moz shook his like there was no tomorrow (making up for missing the tambourine on the head earlier, the "Whatever" off-hand comment then being just as endearing).

    For "I'm Okay By Myself," Solomon outdid himself once again and roared his bass groove across the stage, stopping stage left, Jesse's si
    romeogirl -- Thursday May 28 2009, @09:08PM (#332956)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Let Me Kiss You / Ask / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / I Keep Mine Hidden / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Best Friend On The Payroll / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

    I did not see the paper of setlist, so I don't know what written on the setlist of 23.
    But this is the list of actually played songs.
    mimiko -- Sunday May 31 2009, @07:04AM (#333123)
    (User #17126 Info)
  • Who is this "Steve" you are referring to?
    Don'tOweYouAnything -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:52PM (#332171)
    (User #22516 Info)
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