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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / Ask / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Girlfriend In A Coma / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I Keep Mine Hidden / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Tonight's setlist:

    01: This charming man
    02: Billy Budd
    03: Black cloud
    04: Ask
    05: When I last spoke to Carol
    06: How can anybody possibly know how I feel?
    07: How soon is now?
    08: I'm throwing my arms around Paris
    09: The world is full of crashing bores
    10: Girlfriend in a coma
    11: Why don't you find out for yourself
    12: Seasick, yet still docked
    13: Some girls are bigger than others
    14: One day goodbye will be farewell
    15: Keep mine hidden
    16: Irish blood, English heart
    17: Let me kiss you
    18: The loop
    19: I'm ok by myself

    20: First of the gang to die

    My review will be here: []

    You'll find some photos there, too.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:42PM (#333883)
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    B. BUDD
    B. CLOUD
    HOW CAN?
    I'M OK


    great venue, small capacity, sold out, big stage, great gig. loads of americans there. One question was "Could you please name the last famous singer from Offenbach" He came on stage by saying "Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well"
    Rockiest show I´ve ever seen. although songs like girlfiend in a coma or why don't you find out for yourself never sounded so light. personally i liked it a lot. they changed how soon is now again slightly. absolutely fabolous. the highlight for me was seasick. what an incredible song, played and sang totally intense and beautifully. wish i could go again. the band is very tight. voice was good (yes yes). crowd was alright. not too much dancing but very cheerful. only bad thing: only mozman did sign the vinyl. poor rest of band weren't worthy?
    now time to go to bed.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:49PM (#333886)
  • we got there very late, missed d&tk :-( but got a very nice spot close to the stage!
    no sailor backdrop.
    band and moz seemed like they enjoyed it!
    my girlfriend got the setlist and a backstage pass for me, great souveniers!
    can't wait for cologne!
    hope the girl with the smelly hair won't be there again - almost made me puke, had to move away from her!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @05:21PM (#333892)
  • I am hearing that the songs sounded lighter then ever. Was there any change at all in arrangements? []
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @08:11PM (#333894)
  • I'd love to see more pictures of this show! anybody? pppleaseee!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @09:29PM (#333897)
  • has the black crowd cloud made it across the atlantic? i am still gagging from the original cloud launched in myrtle beach.the girl with the smelly hair sounds gross. probably an associate of the creepy merch man.
    Sumonessweetie -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @11:31PM (#333904)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • Here are my photos (poor quality...): []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 10 2009, @01:35AM (#333912)
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    • Re:Pictures by icedglass (Score:1) Wednesday June 10 2009, @03:54PM
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  • ...chick is way cute! :)
    marred -- Wednesday June 10 2009, @03:46AM (#333920)
    (User #16308 Info)
  • Will Morrissey play in Spain this summer?

    If so, can someone please tell me the dates.

    Thank you.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 10 2009, @12:38PM (#333936)
  • Some very wild men! (Score:3, Informative)

    It´s impossible for me to capture the wonder of last night in words, but I´ll try my best to give those of you who couldn´t be there an impression.

    My friend & me arrived at the Capitol around five & of course there were already some fans at the barrier, including one that I got to know at a Morrissey concert in 2006 - it was great to see her again (Hi Tanja!). The athmosphere in the queue was good despite the pouring rain...some fans had umbrellas or raincoats which they shared with others, but most didn´t & (like me) got soaked through to the bones. I couldn´t have cared less! :-)

    The early arrival was well worth it, we got to stand in the front row. Far to the side, but since it was Boz´ side it was just perfect.

    Doll & The Kicks kicked off the show with passion, energy & verve & they were amazing. They got the crowd moving & as much as I wanted to see Morrissey, I wouldn´t have minded if their setlist had been longer. I´ll just have to go to one of their own concerts so...according to Matt, their guitarist, they might be in Germany again later in the year.

    No surprises in the videoselection, so I´ll skip that.

    Morrissey came on stage dressed in a purple, slightly see-through shirt & a dark blue cardigan, a pair of jeans & some shimmering nail-varnish & the band was wearing grey slacks & white, short-sleeved Shirts. Matt Walker sported a Mohawk, he looked pretty cool.
    All seemed to be in great shape & they certainly gave their all during the whole show. So did the audience.

    Morrissey welcomed us to the "operation table" & shook hands with people a few times, only at the far sides though as the middle of the stage was too far from the audience. He did however throw his microfone chord into the crowd once to make contact. Of course he also threw a shirt (white) into the audience, which he took off at the usual moment during "Let Me Kiss You". The third shirt he wore was again purple, with some pattern on it, I liked that one a lot.

    The setlist was good & the delivery even better. Morrissey´s voice was flawless, he danced away to several songs (& very sexily so), showing his operatic, dramatic gestures in others, lying down on stage three times & radiated energy throughout. My highlight was "The Loop", it was all I had hoped for & much was perfect, absolutely stunning. Second comes "Seasick, Yet Still Docked": I don´t think I´ve ever heard Morrissey´s voice so full & smooth, at the same time with a slightly hoarse edge...there´s no vocabulary to do it justice.
    I also loved Matt´s & Solomon´s solos, Matt´s arms seemed to move quicker than the eyes could see & it was mesmerizing to watch. The bass solo was hypnotic.
    Boz was very COOL. It took me a moment to realize it though, at first I thought he was in a bad mood! ;-) I love him.

    There were quite a few lyric changes, but unfortunatle I can´t remember many of them...I was on a pink cloud far up in the sky last night & apparently left my brain on the ground. However, he did sing "now it´s 12 years on, now it´s 13 years on" in Billy Budd & he also changed the lyrics in "How Soon Is Now" in the way he´s done before: "you could meet somebody who can actually stand you" & " leave on your own - What a big surprise!". He also asked "Have you noticed?" after "the future is passing you by" in "How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?" & "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" included the lyrics that have been reported before on this site.

    He introduced the band by telling us that there are some wild, wild men on this stage. "Boz Boorer: very wild, very wild", "playing the violin: Jesse Tobias", I can´t remember what he said about the others, sorry.

    Some banter that I remember:
    - Are you satisfied? (undescernable replies) Will you ever be satisfied? (Shouts of "no") That´s a good thing.
    When he asked about the most famous singer that came from Offe
    Cashews -- Wednesday June 10 2009, @01:30PM (#333941)
    (User #18140 Info)
  • excellent show. was surprised (and pleased) that he played billy budd.
    however, i wonder why people stand in the first row but complain about too much pressure there and push backwards all the time. you don't get rock'n'roll, do you? please buy seating-tix next time or go to jazz-concerts.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 11 2009, @04:13AM (#333971)
  • do any of you know when moz is scheduled to hit the stage in berlin ?

    or at least at what time he did in offenbach?

    cheers - see you there!
    hersham boy -- Thursday June 11 2009, @09:43AM (#333979)
    (User #22675 Info)
  • let me guest?
    marred -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:04PM (#333876)
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  • Please, please, please let this be true!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:41PM (#333882)
    • Re:finally! by todaystomorrow (Score:1) Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:43PM
  • In Offenbach? I've heard none of these.

    Billy Budd, Let me kiss you and The world is full of crashing bores were the new ones. Rest like Luxembourg.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 09 2009, @03:46PM (#333885)
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