posted by davidt on Saturday June 20 2009, @02:00PM
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  • Setlist was same as Borås, with one exception: I Keep Mine Hidden replaced Something Is Squeezing My Skull. He also changed the order of songs in the middle.

    The most dramatic moment was when someone threw a (plastic) glass of water (or beer?) at him in the middle of Girlfriend In A Coma. He stopped singing, gathered the band around him, and they all walked off stage, while demanding that the person who did it was pointed out and gotten rid of. The lights were turned on, and eventually some guy was pushed forward to the stage. The guards tried to lift him up on the stage, but he resisted, and was thrown out. After a couple of minutes Morrissey and the band came on again, and continued. He said something in the line of "this has never happened to me before, and now it happens in Oslo".

    Otherwise, he did not say that much, neither before nor after the incident. He complained that he had been out walking in Oslo earlier in the day, and could not find any Morrissey CDs anywhere.

    To me the highlights were Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself, The Loop, Let Me Kiss You and Life Is A Pigsty. I am a bit disappointed of the current live versions of Ask, This Charming Man and Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.
    Gunnar -- Saturday June 20 2009, @04:36PM (#334696)
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    • Re:Setlist + some remarks by mywar (Score:1) Saturday June 20 2009, @05:21PM
    • Thanks for the report, Gunnar!

      Maybe my memory's not too reliable or maybe Mozzer's isn't (being 50 'n' all ;p), but I distinctly remember with horror Moz being hit full on with a cup of beer at the Glasgow Barrowlands in 2002. As he stood there with his face dripping with what appeared to be lager, he mused, "So that's a Glasgow welcome..." or some such response. I was shocked and feared that he would strop off, but he quickly collected himself and on went the show. I wanted to glass the bastard who threw that beer, but the cups there are all plastic (gee, I wonder why) and it came from well behind the front section, maybe even a good distance behind the middle section.

      I don't get it at all: Why pay good money, get blindingly pissed, and insult the person you're ostensibly paying to see? If you don't care for Morrissey, then why bother going to the show at all? Would the haters really spend that much money to do that, especially in these hard times?

      A better memory was at one of the Universal Amphitheatre shows in Hell A in 2000 where a generous soul in the pit handed a cup of beer to Moz during "I Can Have Both", and Moz chugged it heartily and then adlibbed during the song, "People are so very kind...I'm're kind..."

      El Morrissey needs to come back to where people are very kind. ;)
      Mel Torment -- Sunday June 21 2009, @03:15AM (#334710)
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    • Re:Setlist + some remarks by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 21 2009, @03:30AM
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      • (Cannot see the post I made this morning, am I blind or did it get lost on the Internet because I didn*t submit?)

        How do you know that the person who threw the beer cup was Norwegian?

        Saw the beer flying and it looked like being thrown just anywhere onto the stage, not at Morrissey. I was surprised it actually hit him. Unfortunatly my name isn't Neo so that I could not stop it while it was still in the air.

        The crowd was very relaxed and I have no idea what drove the person who threw the beer. No pushing, people singing "Morrissey" before he came on stage and so on. Anybody else was very nice. The venue was also very nice and small.

        Great concert, enjoyed it very much. So much that I could just go to another ten concerts on this tour, oh no... My apologise to anybody into whose ears I sang so falsly during this tour. I don*t get the people who complain about the setlist, because I enjoy to sing along to the songs and listen to them live so much they just don*t seem to get boring at all.

        Funny thing about the incidence is that Morrissey seemed to enjoy the concert more when he returned, amazingly relaxed. I am tempted to say that from what I have seen on this tour he was actually at his best.
        Silke -- Sunday June 21 2009, @06:51AM (#334734)
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  • Someone throws beer at Morrissey in Oslo: []
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 20 2009, @05:09PM (#334697)
  • Sausages? (Score:1, Insightful)

    Didn't His Mozness have sausages thrown at him once? Which hit him.

    And um ur he got dragged off stage in Newport

    This was with The Smiths though.

    Seems to be having a bit of a recurring strop through this tour though! Must be something to do with turning 50.


    Anonymous -- Saturday June 20 2009, @07:55PM (#334703)
  • it has always been very surprising to me that Morrissey would never skip Scandinavia on any of his European tours...

    i thought he (and the band - Boz's roots) must like Scandinavia very much..

    but this year Scandinavia isn't his highlight of the tour with insults and beer thrown at him....
    the poor guy.....

    although i understand that this two incidents is far from what the majority of his fans would be/do, morrissey will remember this and who knows if he will play Scandinavia so often again?

    luckily he was very well received in the Benelux, so i hope that we are going to be his favourites for the next years :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 21 2009, @02:52AM (#334708)
  • Oslo is one of the ugliest most brutal and terrifying cities in the world. Drog addicts and alcoholics in every streetcorner, a total lack of culture and style since Ibsen died some hundred years ago.

    Nobody with some degree of love for beauty will ever go there twice.

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 21 2009, @03:29AM (#334712)
  • the largest consumers of Canadian seals in the World. I wonder why Moz still tours there.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 21 2009, @03:51AM (#334715)
  • Last show in Oslo... (Score:1, Interesting)

    Fifth Morrissey concert for me, and this could have been the best by far. The band sounded absolutely amazing, and made it a memorable show after all. Maybe Morrissey thought they deserved most of the credit too - before the encore, the band gathered at the front of the stage, while himself kept in the background. His singing was brilliant, but a moody Morrissey is not all that fun.

    So I left the show both happy and sad, this could very well be the last time he played in Oslo. It's understandable that he got upset about the beer incident, but why complain about no Morrissey cd's in the stores when the place is packed with people who are there to see and hear him? Not many artists sell out Sentrum Scene in a couple of hours these days.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 21 2009, @03:59AM (#334717)
  • Front page of VG right now.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 21 2009, @04:55AM (#334727)
  • This was a terrible concert. It was clear from the start that Moz was quite grumpy, when he didn't say a word in the first fifteen minutes.

    The crowd was as boring as ever. I was asked to be quiet and not sing, because the girl in front of me wanted to "listen" to Morrissey, which in my opinion says everything about yesterday's crowd.

    A suiting ending to my relationship with Moz. Goodbye.
    summal -- Sunday June 21 2009, @06:09AM (#334730)
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  • according to Doll and the Kicks, the killers watched the show and went backstage to say hello
    lainey -- Sunday June 21 2009, @11:07AM (#334753)
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  • Rumour has it that the guy who got kicked out didn't throw the beer. He was just afraid that Morrissey wouldn't return, so he actually took the blame for the whole incident...
    Anonymous -- Monday June 22 2009, @01:06AM (#334781)
  • It pisses me off bigtime to read that someone threw a glass of beer at Morrissey. I don't care if it's Morrissey, Van Halen, Britney Spears or some politician - it is so incredibly disrespectful to throw things at people - no matter who they are! That jackass should have his face dragged in 15 miles of shit.... Damn! Stupid ass. And all that crap about it not being intentional that he hit moz is a load of bull - I mean, if you throw something at a concert, you want to hit someone - if not, then you don't throw it. And why throw a beer? Is it easier to drink it if you throw it? I don't think!

    I wouldn't mind if they banned alcohol from concerts, sports games and so on. People get so aggressive these days and it seems that many people just have to smell an empty bottle of beer to go nuts. It's like they have all these aggressions they need to get rid off and unfortunately they take them out on innocent people.
    mozzergirl -- Monday June 22 2009, @08:49AM (#334788)
    (User #2801 Info)
    Will you put your arms around me, I won't tell anybody
  • To the "man" who threw the beer at my hero Morrissey:

    Anonymous -- Monday June 22 2009, @01:35PM (#334802)
  • To the guy that threw the beer at Moz:

    I hope you get anal warts.

    I wish horrid things for your beloved and your family.

    I also hope you drink so much you get alcohol poisoning and die. To think about it makes me very happy inside, one less asshole in the world.

    Hurry and drink up, fucker!
    Christina75 -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @01:34PM (#334858)
    (User #21646 Info)
  • According to this blogpost: []

    Morrissey wouldn't return to the stage before the person responsibel for the beerthrowing-incident was thrown out of the venue. Apparently a man was such a big fan that he claimed to have done the throwing and got thrown out, but actually he was not the doer of the deed. All this so that Morrissey would continue the show.
    Ijustpop <reversethis-{moc ... {ta} {poptsuji}> -- Thursday June 25 2009, @04:09AM (#334971)
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  • ...but will he mention this year's Norwegian Eurovision win? - []
    goinghome -- Saturday June 20 2009, @02:54PM (#334687)
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  • you know it is the same as the rest of the tour
    rooneyred -- Sunday June 21 2009, @06:26AM (#334733)
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