posted by davidt on Saturday July 18 2009, @02:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Ask / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Girlfriend In A Coma / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Life Is A Pigsty / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Sorry Doesn't Help / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by Seasick,yet still...
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  • Worth the wait...
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:09PM (#336535)
  • Armchair poster. Would rather have been ringside. :)
    anonomuirgheasa -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:10PM (#336536)
    (User #17346 Info)
    • Re:First! by deanrw (Score:1) Sunday July 19 2009, @07:40AM
  • Great gig, no suprises, great sound , Morrissey enjoyed the fight for the stage, thanks to the lady behind for the leg up! I got over but then pounced upon ..... Boz is great!!Hope to get to hear the full story.
    Overall brilliant and the band dependable as always.
    Thanks to the other lady who bought me the beer after I gave her my spare tickets to Brixton.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:28PM (#336538)
  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    I have nothinbg profound to say, I'm too tired. So here is the setlist as graciously given to me by one of the crew at the end....

    HOW CAN?
    I'M OK


    [personal information removed by request of original poster]
    deleted1 -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:33PM (#336539)
    (User #22530 Info)
  • Heard from one of Morrissey's backstage crew that tomorrow's gig will be canceled. Announcement will be made early Sunday morning.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:50PM (#336540)
  • Too frinky (Score:2, Interesting)

    Good show. Morrissey was on good form, as were the band.

    The set-list has already been provided. There was no Kiss You or Seasick and the shirt didn't come off until after OK By Myself or maybe First of the Gang, actually. Morrissey also threw out the bottle of water he had drunk from earlier (it was half full, but not for long). A drumstick was thrown into the crowd where I was standing and a fight ensued, the gorrillas got involved to try to break it up - looked quite rough.

    Morrissey wasn't very chatty at first, but he warmed up. The Michael Jackson comment has already been divulged (I got some stares of death on the train home from people who I presume were fans of the late Jacko whilst trying to explain to my sister the connection between MJ and Crashing Bores). There were other things, but I have a terrible memory so I'll wait until someone else comes along.

    For me, the show lacked some of the magic of the Barrowlands shows. It was good and I enjoyed it, but the atmosphere just wasn't quite the same. Perhaps it was the crowd, perhaps it was the venue, or maybe it was just where I stood, or maybe I'm talking utter nonsense; it just seemed to me that the crowd weren't that into it, at least not as much as in Glasgow.

    Anyway, enough being picky. Bottom line is, it was a good concert and I enjoyed myself. Morrissey looked well, sang well, shook a few hands (not mine, though).

    Oh! I almost forgot, someone handed Moz a 'You're too Frinky' sign and he seemed to like it. Said something along the lines of "I'm still too frinky?" and put in near the drum (drum riser? who knows).

    Doll and the Kicks were good, Doll sang two new songs (one about fire and the other about challenges or something) and You Do It Better. I think Doll was struggling a bit during He's A Believer and another song I can't remember, she just couldn't seem to hit the high notes and sounded almost like a mouse on helium, god love her.

    Anyway, enough babbling. Onwards to Brixton! Any spare tickets for tomorrow night?
    Don'tOweYouAnything -- Saturday July 18 2009, @03:43PM (#336560)
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    • Re:Too frinky (Score:2, Informative)

      Too frinky sign was handed by a forum user (not sure she posts mainpage).

      Also someone managed to hand a book earlier, Morrissey was very pleased.

      I secretly hoped no more Michael Jackson comment, but Morrissey said "Yesterday I walked around Piccalilly and saw Michael Jackson: King of Pop - the world is full of crashing bores".

      Pity the git who was handed microphone from Morrissey didn't say anything interesting (I even don't remember what actually he said), relayed it to his mate which was another waste of opportunity.

      Towards the end some people attempted to get on the stage, but all of them were quickly taken out.

      Morrissey's first words were 'Troxy Music'.

      He was wearing a pale blue shirt and changed it to another pale blue shirt with pleats which was later thrown into the crowd.

      Rimini cancellations gave Morrissey and the Lads some good rest, they're in a fine form.
      Kewpie -- Saturday July 18 2009, @04:27PM (#336566)
      (User #20603 Info)
      • Re:Too frinky by Don'tOweYouAnything (Score:1) Saturday July 18 2009, @04:56PM
        • Re:Too frinky by thewomanofhisdreams (Score:1) Saturday July 18 2009, @07:55PM
        • Re:Too frinky by The Queen's Tattoo (Score:1) Sunday July 19 2009, @02:10AM
      • Re:Too frinky by king leer (Score:1) Sunday July 19 2009, @04:16AM
      • Re:Too frinky by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 20 2009, @07:14AM
  • Top venue- top gig (Score:2, Interesting)

    Just got home.

    I managed to walk the right way out of Limehouse station to find the queue going around the Troxy. Smarter inside than I imagined with 4 bars as Doll of Doll and the Kicks pointed out. Only about a quarter of the downstairs was a "dance floor"- the rest being carpeted. I glanced upstairs at the "VIP tables" and everyone up there looked like they were on Celebrity Squares and were sat down throughout. Downstairs we enjoyed ourselves more!

    Doll and the Kicks were fine as usual although Doll is no longer blonde as I rememeber her being at Gt Yarmouth pier. The same videos were then shown but the backdrop has now changed from the sailor.

    Morrissey was in fine voice. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a light blue shirt. He threw the shirt into the crowd at the end (and it was ritually shredded) but he did not change shirt in the gig.

    He received two gifts from the crowd- a book called Record Review? which looked like it dated from the 60s. He commented something about liking the gifts. Someone also gave him a poster which said "you are too frinky". He displayed both offerings by the drums. At one stage he gave the microphone to the audience but it was mostly garbled what was said and it showed on Morrissey's face.

    Overall a top gig and a great night, looking forward to Brixton tomorrow...
    Bradford Boy -- Saturday July 18 2009, @04:07PM (#336563)
    (User #7078 Info)
    18 clumsy and shy, I came to Bradford and died
  • Morrissey at the troxy. once again he was fantastic as ever. he has still got it; his voice, charm.. moz is a legend. the set playlist was fantastic. was trying to closer to the stage, but was pushed away though my friends got the chance to get right up there. next stop brixton.. long live mozza!
    damo007 -- Saturday July 18 2009, @04:21PM (#336565)
    (User #22787 Info)
  • great venue (Score:2, Funny)

    1930s art deco.

    Favourite moment-

    "yesterday -I was walking through Picadilly, and I saw that they were selling T-shirts that said -'the king of pop is dead' - and this next song is called: the world is full of crashing bores."

    carnal artist -- Saturday July 18 2009, @05:13PM (#336568)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • To the twat that pushed his way to the front, 2 or 3 songs from the end, elbowed me and pushed me and when I said 'watch it mate' replied with such witty retort as 'fukin ell mate, ill fuckin batter you, you cunt, shut your'e fucking mouth'

    I would just like to formally (as my gf wouldn't let me kick your pathetic arse there and then) offer you out. No weapons. No mates. Just me. You. Fists.

    (I was the big guy, front left, black morrissey tour t-shirt, red glasses and black hair)

    Come and have a go mate, you pussy!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @06:56PM (#336575)
  • The gig tonight was OK but nothing special. I'm afraid to say, to me Morrissey seemed to be going through emotions. His voice was good, the band was good...but it lacked that spark.

    For a first-timer it might have been a brilliant gig but I've seen Morrissey many many times over the years and the whole thing tonight seemed tired. Morrissey actually looked bored.

    I think Morrissey needs to concentrate on writing some new material and find a record producer who can really catch Morrissey's spirit on record.

    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @08:59PM (#336582)
  • My first and I loved every second.
    This guy behind me kept shouting 'Steven!' at the beginning. When Morrissey eventually noticed he just gave him a look of disdain.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 19 2009, @12:20AM (#336591)
  • thank you deb's and fern; it was great meeting you. Morrissey was fantastic as ever and i cant wait to see him again on wednesday 22 july & october 27th..

    loved everything - great venue, great sound..
    damo007 -- Sunday July 19 2009, @12:59AM (#336597)
    (User #22787 Info)
  • dull (Score:1, Interesting)

    after seeing Morrissey about 12 times i have to say that last night was probably the worst ever. The set list is so uninspired and has barely changed since the tour started months ago. I honestly can't remember a set list so bad from Morrissey, almost like hie is being bloody minded in leaving out songs he knows fans will love. He looked so bored and lacking in energy last night it was almost sad, i don't think he will be doing lengthy tours much longer. It was only five years ago since the Quarry Tour but what a difference, on that tour he looked and sounded fantastic, a man on top of his game and loving it, now he seems to take his audience for granted and honestly looked like he would rather be somewhere else. The MJ comments before Crashing Bores I think show Morrissey himself to be one, I'm not a MJ fan but these comments show him to be cold and out of touch, such an obvious target and so very boring. I'm sure many fans will give the usual show was great etc but honestly it was not, it was so just not. ALso the atmosphere at this show and the other show I saw on this tour was lifeless, nothing like the atmosphere and excitement i am used to from a Morrissey show. It's a sad day, we all know that honestly his lyrics have been going downhill slowly (even since Quarry) but is seems his live show is now going the same way. I actually could not wait for the show to end after about 35mins in.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 19 2009, @01:30AM (#336601)
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  • Please bring Arturo back!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 19 2009, @04:47AM (#336638)
  • Morrissey played six Smiths songs last night; i don't remember a set list with as many. They all sounded wonderful. There are a couple of 'interesting' (ie wank) choices from his recent back catalogue but overall this was a slick, professional performance that flew by in the blink of an eye. I think it was Joe Bugner on the backdrop. Beautiful venue too (my mate had his chewing gum confiscated in case he dropped any on the new carpet). Much love to everyone involved, from Morrissey through to the guy giving out soap in the gents.
    paulytheyounger -- Sunday July 19 2009, @06:17AM (#336651)
    (User #22793 Info)
  • Morrissey was absouletly great at The Troxy x Thanks to Debbie and Damian I had a great time x I threw a shirt to him x
    Lets hope he got it haha x
    It was the first gig I had ever went to and I thought it was smashing x
    Fern x -- Sunday July 19 2009, @07:02AM (#336658)
    (User #22794 Info)
  • From London after this gig and I must echo the sentiments of a lot of the posters who have already commented.

    We arrived at the venue at 8:45pm expecting to walk straight in (knowing Moz would be on stage at 9pm) and did NOT expect to see a queue the length of the building! Anyone know why the queue was so long? Were the doorstaff properly searching everyone? Anyhows we got in just as Moz hit the stage and made our way to Boz's side of the stage.

    Everyone around us didn't really seem that into it (apart from two coked-up twats behind me), and having seen a few gigs on this tour the set list was very unsurprising. As someone said earlier, if it was your first Moz gig, you'd probably think it was awesome; but for me it was just Morrissey by numbers.

    I hope come October/November he has some variety to the set list and adds some of his good solo back catalogue.
    Agent Provocateur -- Sunday July 19 2009, @07:31AM (#336661)
    (User #10171 Info)
    "Kiss him? Of course I didn't kiss him, he's ugly!"
    • Re:Just returned by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 19 2009, @08:27AM
    • Re:Just returned by tallpaddy (Score:1) Sunday July 19 2009, @11:20AM
      • Re:Just returned (Score:2, Interesting)

        When a band is on tour there is limited time to rehearse songs, even old ones from the back catalogue, so I’m afraid people who go to multiple shows can’t expect wholesale changes each time, it just ain’t going to happen. Still would have liked it if Seasick had stayed in place of Pigsty or one of the Refusal tracks but then I’m sure the record company would be rather insistent he promoted the latest offering rather than going through a greatest hits package.

        Afraid I must agree with you, sadly YoR isn’t YatQ. Hopefully for you the three months off gives him a chance to reflect and rearrange. As I am one of those who only ever go to one show per tour the setlist is never a problem for me (though I will shamelessly trample small children and old ladies to get tickets). I’m happy to report that the first timer I took along was absolutely chuffed to bits and I have to admit to a certain envy of her seeing The Man for the first time. Chalk up another convert to the faith!
        Dagenham Max -- Sunday July 19 2009, @01:19PM (#336698)
        (User #20751 Info)
  • Morrissey was wonderful last night. Being in a cerpetted bingo hall did render the crowd a bit mute but it was certainly a stunning setting. A huge fight for His shirt took the unsuspecting venue security by surprise. I was happy to pick up one of Jesse's guitar picks with 'Mexican' written on it. The sequence of songs as follows was perfect: You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby, The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, Girlfriend in a Coma, One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell, Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?, Life Is A Pigsty, Please Please Please let Me Get What I Want and When Last I Spoke To Carol. With the Why Pig Please trio proving to be very touching and clearly emotional for Morrissey. This version of Please is great!

    Love as ever...

    M x
    crawleyrocket -- Sunday July 19 2009, @09:39AM (#336683)
    (User #16493 Info)
  • we need to see some pictures, please!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 19 2009, @03:13PM (#336722)
  • A show without "Let Me Kiss You." When was the last time that happened?
    Dagenham Don -- Monday July 20 2009, @04:01AM (#336778)
    (User #8084 Info)
  • did anyone hear the russian comment cleary?
    he said "we went to eastern europe recently nd had a fantastic time in russia but we struggled in .....
    would like to know where he struggled..pleasde inform me
    Anonymous -- Monday July 20 2009, @10:55AM (#336825)

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