posted by davidt on Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Is It Really So Strange? / First Of The Gang To Die / Ganglord / Cemetry Gates / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / Teenage Dad On The Estate / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Because Of My Poor Education / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The Loop / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / I'm OK By Myself // Something Is Squeezing My Skull

set list provided by Jean-Sébastien
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  • ...and finished the set. That's a lot nowadays
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:03PM (#343597)
  • Just as nice as Nijmegen yesterday?
    fastpulseboy -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:03PM (#343598)
    (User #13779 Info)
  • Great gig. Morissey appeared to be in reasonably good form (however he pointed himself that is not doing very well).
    "Only stone and Lille accept my love" yes we do !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:27PM (#343616)
  • It's time for you to come home where you're appreciated. You've toured long enough for the last 3 years. It's time to take a break & relax under sun. Come home. We're waiting with open arms, as always.

    Moz Angeles
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @04:42PM (#343645)
  • did he play it?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @04:53PM (#343647)
  • I liked that they had this very strict "no cameras" tonight. Even though they let cameras in, you were not allowed to film and they pulled people out of the crowd. This way Morrissey could fully concentrate on the people who were there. :)

    He sang very beautifully! Loved it.

    And the audience was extraordinarily good looking.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @07:21PM (#343662)
    • Re:cameras by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 10 2009, @07:23PM
  • Oh oui mes amis, je suis ivre mort mais what a night!!!!
    See you next Saturday!!!
    xedhimself -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @11:31PM (#343670)
    (User #20476 Info)
  • Dear all

    There are clearly a handful of people somewhere in the world that wait, hunched over their computers for the post show threads to be posted. They then stop masturbating for just long enough to post some kind of remark that is offensive, cowardly and designed to provoke. The fact that these people choose to spend their one chance at this miraculous gift of life doing this is proof positive that the human race barely deserves to survive but that's another matter.

    I genuinely suggest that from hereon the users of morrissey solo that come here because they are interested in the artist, the records and the gigs stop replying to posts that do not warrant a response. Don't lose any more of your lives on this. Your anger and response is the air these, and I use the word wrongly, people breathe.

    Ignore them, they don't warrant your attention and they will get bored and give up.

    Thank you.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @12:24AM (#343673)
  • Same setlist as Nijmegen maybe in a slightly different order.Enjoyed the show enormously.His voice was very good and there was lot's of interaction with the audience. As usual in Lille lot's of Belgian fans too.Can't wait till saturday.
    patten -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @01:40AM (#343677)
    (User #13292 Info)
  • Hi,

    Can tell someone tell me who's the man on the background photo with his finger pointed ?
    SwansonG -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @02:23AM (#343678)
    (User #23162 Info)
  • Charman/ Cloud/ Carol/ is it really?/ firstuv gang / ganglord/ cemetry gates/ Paris / ask / teen dad/ one day good/ elbow / education / bores/ loop / HSIN? / OIRISH / I'M OK / ENC : SKULL
    Jean-S -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @02:55AM (#343683)
    (User #23164 Info)
  • lille (Score:3, Interesting)

    This is my opinion on the show:

    First of all the band played very well, much beter than last tours, less distortion, en more subtile. I thought this charming man was much better dan last time in Antwerp, where it was just drowning in distortion guitars. There was a lot more acoustic guitar playing and the new keybourd player is really an improvement.

    Secondly Moz voice was fine, only the very high notes (reality is not real to me in education) were a problem, but these notes were always a bit a problem to sing night after night.

    On the other hand, Moz is clearly not well. Please don't believe al these people saying that there's nothing wrong with him. I stood very close ans I saw his face, is was extremely pale. Also, he didn's move much and was at some point's clearly struggling just standing there. I don't know what he's got, but it's not just a cold. He really needs a rest.

    Also, for the first time at a Morrissey concert I felt that the magic was gone. I remember when he played Brussels years ago, is was al so exiciting, he hadn't played here for 8 years, he was in great form and the fans were fantastic. Now I felt that most of the fans were thinking 'been there, done that'. He played so much recently that almost evrybody had seen sim. I do wich he takes a break and comes back in 3 years, missing your hero only makes you love him more you know.

    Bur then, even an average moz gig like this one, is stille 1000 times beter than any other concert, and aeronef is a nice place, very little, and you can park your car in the basement for only 2 euro's, so I guess I did had a fantastic night.
    ossapa -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @03:24AM (#343686)
    (User #17302 Info)
  • At Lille (Score:2, Interesting)

    Just a couple of facts from last night:
    -setlist as posted above seems to be correct.
    -just one shirt change, and only the last one was tossed after the encore. It looked like it landed in frontstage.
    -Moz was chatty, but indeed not in top form. Take a break, man.
    -He mentioned his new album Swords, "...which has been deleted. Thank you, Universal!"
    -Aeronef is a nice venue, and very practical to get to, but i thought the sound was horrible. Moz' voice didn't come through enough in the mix.
    KrisV -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @04:18AM (#343692)
    (User #998 Info)
  • He surrounds himself with too much negative energy. During the first hour of the concert, before he comes on stage, you are screamed at all the time, apart from the Shocking Blue video.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @05:36AM (#343699)
    • Re:screaming by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 11 2009, @11:33AM
      • Re:screaming by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 11 2009, @11:57AM
  • I wish he had worn denim. He looks so much better in denim. The suit looked out of place at the venue for this occasion.

    He received three presents and one love letter. He sighed about the letter. One of the presents was a DVD and he said there was no DVD inside and smiled the nicest smile ever.

    Solomon also got a letter on a piece of paper and he wondered what he was supposed to do with it. Looked a little like back to pre-puperty times.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @06:39AM (#343708)
  • Why does everyone say he doesnt look well and he looks pale. Its fucking winter. You need sunshine if you're not going to be pale...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @10:09AM (#343737)
    • Re:Pale? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 11 2009, @10:44AM
      • Re:Pale? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 19 2009, @06:43AM
  • Got the Eurostar to Lille from London. The venue is pefectly placed in the centre of town. Really nice city too for a trip.
    I shouted my usual cry of "Caversham" mid way through, which got me noticed in St Petersburg and sure enough before the encore Moz sais "Thank you France, Thank you Lille and Caversham"!
    Seeme ok to me from where I was standing, onto Berlin now.
    Whalley Range -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @10:33AM (#343742)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • I am slightly disappointed that he has only included 3 songs from his "new" album which this tour is "promoting"... There are plenty more great songs he could play from it, in my opinion...
    HangTheDJ16 -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @11:17AM (#343750)
    (User #22444 Info)
  • 4 the one who blamed Morrissey 2 have been under his normal and known magnificance, may they recognize that THE MOZZ did the best without any doubt or lack of energy. I song very well, his band played as well in front of a devoted public, onto a narrow stage. May he concludes his tour in peace, without beeing a quarry. He will come back 2 us. Definitively sure.
    Thanks 4 all Dir Sir.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 14 2009, @08:02AM (#344064)
  • twat! (Score:1, Interesting)

    Lille is in France you knobhead!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:14PM (#343604)
    • Re:twat! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:16PM
  • Really? I thought he'd of opted for 'Nobody Loves Us'
    Hello Indie -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @03:25PM (#343612)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
    • Re:Setlist by Hello Indie (Score:1) Tuesday November 10 2009, @04:16PM
    • Re:Setlist by Nev (Score:1) Tuesday November 10 2009, @06:00PM
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  • Re:Setlist (Score:0, Troll)

    OMG HE PLAYED TROUBLE LOVES ME?!?!?! This is one of my all-time fav mozsongs. I so hope he plays this in the us!!!!
    zodismycopilot -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @08:03PM (#343664)
    (User #22900 Info)
    lighten up, morrissey!
  • What kind of human being are you? Its no wonder Morrissey hates this website. You have no idea how you lower yourself when you resort to this kind of language. It does not enhance your persona, it puts you on a primitive level of being unable to communicate without degrading yourself. Pull yourself out of the sludge - try to better yourself even if its just by eliminating the slime-on-the-bottom-of-my-boot language. And what did Carrie Prejean ever do to you? As far as the public knows, all she did was give her opinion. To which she's been crucified for doing. Viva free speech!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 10 2009, @09:48PM (#343667)
  • Hey Zod...

    Just one small thing if you intend on bringing 'slag off' into the American vernacular - which is a noble goal... it does require a direct object, so it's not correct usage to say only "she continues to slag off" but it would be correct to say "she continues to slag off Morrissey" or "she continues to slag off chimney sweeps" etc.

    Hope this helps...

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 11 2009, @12:34AM (#343674)
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