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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Is It Really So Strange? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / Irish Blood, English Heart / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Because Of My Poor Education / Cemetry Gates / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Teenage Dad On His Estate / How Soon Is Now? / The Loop / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // Something Is Squeezing My Skull

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  • from twitter (Score:2, Informative)

    A polemic #morrissey chucks a heckler out after a little altercation about Hamburg and hamburgers. Tells another guest to have a shave.

    #morrissey wasn't on top form tonight. He actually looked as if he was struggling with his health.
    maynardmorrissey -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @03:26PM (#344537)
    (User #21173 Info)
    To be finished would be a relief.
  • Hamburg (Score:1, Informative)

    Good gig, Morrissey in good and chatty form. Strange location - ALL seated. I think that relaxed the audience a bit too much. Morrissey suggested Hamburgers should rename themselves as Hamburgists. Otherwise he has to consider calling us Hot Dogs. One idiot replied something like 'fuck you', and when M asked why, he whined 'because you said something bad about us'.

    M suggested he should leave. 'Seriously, go! Leave!'. He was guided out of the venue... Fool.

    I think it must have been the same setlist as Berlin, not sure though.

    Oh, and Doll the Kicks played an awesome acoustic set since their drummer went ill hours before the show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @03:31PM (#344539)
  • cch1 (Score:3, Informative)

    Just back from the show. Venue was not sold out (1000 - 1500 in a venue for 2500). Setlist the same as in Berlin (no new songs, no fotgtd, skull enc). Doll and the Kicks had to play an acoustic gig because their drummer was heavily ill. In Bremen I didn't like them, but today due to the acoustic setting and the very good sound of the venue their songs had a really nice touch.

    When Morrissey came on stage, everyone jumped up from their seats and ran to the front - the five security guys couldn't do anything against it. The atmosphere was very cheery when Moz entered the stage and he greeted his Hamburgist fans in German: "Guten Abend Hamburg" (Good evening Hamburg). The first three songs went very well. After "Black Cloud" he asked: "Have you ever been this close - to court?" (Did I understand that right?) Then he made a remark about not wanting to call us Hamburgers as no-one would like to be called a hot dog either. He proposed to change it into "Hamburgists". When only a few people reacted to his proposal, he asked: "Is it enjoyable?" (Again only a few people responded) "Well, how would we know?" which seemed like a bad omen for the rest of the show.

    Apparently one "fan" understood Moz's remark as an insult and shouted something like "Fuck off Morrissey". This led to a rant of Morrissey and Boz insulting the insulter back (Moz: "We don't need you. You can meet me outside! Fuck off yourself. Goodbye! Go!") resulting in the guy being thrown out by security. Before he had unsuccessfully wanted to explain himself (Morrissey had handed him the mic). After the show I talked to a man standing nearby and he said it was all a big misunderstanding and the insulter actually was a big fan. Anyway, you don't say that to Morrissey!

    Fortunately the show went on, no-one left the stage, although I was really afraid that the show had to end then. Next song after this shock was "Ask".

    From then on the show went on quite well - without Moz saying too much - he was obviously angry about the incident and maybe also about the half-empty CCH1. In return the audience grew colder and colder. What a pity that it turned out this way after this promising start.

    That's about it. Didn't get any setlist but I think the set was the same as in Berlin yesterday.
    paradroid82 -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @03:41PM (#344547)
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  • ...Rome is falling.......
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @03:52PM (#344557)
  • Hamburgists (Score:2, Interesting)

    having moved back to Hamburg from near Manchester I did notice the difference between the audiences' temperaments. Of course, no concert will ever be like the 50th birthday gig, but still, I went, and I am glad I did.
    Hamburgists are reknown to be, let's say, reserved. The venue looked maybe half full to me, but I could be wrong. People were very quiet and didn't move much, something I noticed much more after having attended Manchester mayhems over the past few years, but hey, people in Hamburg do love The Moz, they just have a different way of showing it.
    I didn't find Morrissey had any real problems voice-wise, but there is no denying he is getting older, just like the rest of us.
    The band were tight as usual. Lots of stuff thrown into the crowd at the end, plecs and set lists. One shirt was thrown, congrats again to the woman who walked around clutching a big piece of it triumphantly. She was kind enough to offer me a sniff of it :)
    I loved "Cemetry Gates" and "How Soon is Now?". Oh, Morrissey asked the audience if anyone had any requests, and several suggestions were made: "Shame is the name" (Morrissey said: "But no one likes that song!", made us laugh), "Bigmouth", "Something is squeezing my skull" (poor German person struggling with the pronunciation, and Morrissey makes him say it again), "There is a light..." - crowd roars, Morrissey shouts (!) "NO!" , then they play "Something is squeezing...".
    Oh yes, and then we had the idiot who took offence at what Moz said about Hamburg. This is what really happened: Morrissey says:"Whatever happens tonight, I will not call you Hamburgers, I will put in a request to change it to something else, maybe Hamburgists. You wouldn't want me calling you Hot Dogs, would you, that would be the same!" - It was actually funny, and Morrissey *always* comments on the name when he is here, so no big deal. Apparently said idiot told Morrissey to "fuck himself". Morrissey asks him why he said thet, idiot mumbles something about "you made a joke about us" - Morrissey has the lights turned on and says "maybe you should just go, we don't need you here, maybe you should just fuck yourself" - idiot mumbles something again, Morrissey says "well, then love me somewhere else!".
    Idiot was removed.
    I am glad I went tonight. It's not like Mnachester, here The Moz needs our support. especially with bumbling idiots in the crowd. Jerk.
    I never write reviews, and I bet you can tell, but I wanted to share with you anyway.
    Thanks for reading.
    Hamburgist -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @03:57PM (#344560)
    (User #23193 Info)
  • Hamburg concert (Score:1, Interesting)


    just arrived at home.
    To be honest, it was my third Moz concert and it was the worst one.
    I didn`t like the setlist, but ok:
    I am not a big fan of the new album.
    It`s true that we people from nothern germany are a bit reserved.
    So to have a moving and singing crowd, you have to play some more classics or some more pushing songs.
    My personal opinion, which doesn`t have to be the truth, is that he toured too much in the last years. And I think the new album, which I don`t like, is the result of that.
    I can understand that he doesn`t want to play some songs like "there is a light...", "everyday is like sunday" or "first of the gang to die" which he has played hundred of times during the last years.
    But no one told him to tour the whole year through. I mean, he is not the youngest fish in the sea and has also to take care of his health.
    So, I would be happier if he comes every two or three years to germany and makes a furious appearance than coming two times in just one year and making an half-hearted show (also with a few mistakes in the "timing").

    I have seen better Morrisseys than tonight.
    But that`s just my personal opinion and I`m sure, I will get some neagtive response for it.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @04:29PM (#344567)
  • Shame Is The Name (Score:1, Insightful)

    I can't help thinking what a totally crushing, tragic turn of events this was for the misunderstood German fan with his incomplete English: to be banished by his idol in public under the glare of the house lights. It's a nightmare made real. I don't think Morrissey's 'parenting skills' are terribly good right now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @04:59PM (#344581)
  • I'd do the same. Some people need to learn some manners. Outside, I'd get Boz to belly-splash the bastard and I'd be in with the boot. Next.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @05:11PM (#344586)
  • Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @05:11PM (#344587)
  • It goes back to that old route of when you're performing you do what you think is best there and then and sometimes the decision made 'there' and 'then' isn't always the right one.

    Like everything in life, there are two sides to the story, the gentleman who shouted 'Fuck off' probably didn't even understand or he did understand perfectly, realised that he'd ticked Morrissey's AND Boz's tackle off thus resulting in him protesting his innocence with the words 'I love you'

    Morrissey, obviously unleashing the typical North West humour as for instance ..... Ok, as for instance when you say to your Mother 'I'm dying' and she replies 'Well, do it quietly!' Morrissey unleashes his 'Well love me outside' quote.

    The frustrating thing about Morrissey is he's so quotable in literally everything that he says. Whether it be postive, negative or even about the bloody weather! He just transform in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, regardless of the semantics in question.
    Hello Indie -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @05:17PM (#344588)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Time to make it back home Morrissey, where you belong. The land in which we understand & accept you for you, Moz Angeles.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @06:04PM (#344593)
  • Dear God, here we go – AGAIN. It’s like why am I not surprized. There’s something very very wrong that nothing shocks me -- Anymore.

    Well, Morrissey’s reaction is the only good in all of the bad, in all that’s gone wrong. And the personal vendetta against Morrissey. Recognizing the concept that this started because of that libelous article written about Morrissey and his alleged views on immigration.

    Anyway, I would just like to say, Morrissey’s responses to the poison (who by the way tried to cop a plea by sounding which turned out to be – like a poisonous poet), Morrissey said i.e. “leave”, “you can Fuck Yorself”, “Go, Go”. And these are just a few. Morrissey’s responses are just one of the reasons I admire him Soooo Much. How do you not admire Morrissey? I mean he just blatantly told this low life “you can Fuck Yourself”. Well Done!!!

    Flashback … the flashbacks are coming. Thank God that Morrissey did not have somebody throw something at him on the stage – tonight. I see.

    With Love, with Kate, with Passions …

    Kate2828 -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @06:31PM (#344598)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • I'm not sure why all the fuss. Morrissey has been giving this message to his fans quite frequently. I'll go back to the Canadian Seals. He told a whole country to eff themselves. Tonight he just told a paying spectator to do likewise. This is not a big deal and completly within his character.
    Von Sulstrus -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @07:07PM (#344608)
    (User #8425 Info)
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  • Also, I think it's hilarious that Mr. Piggy (Boz) bows up like he's going to actually fight, when the feeling outrage alone probably left him winded.

    There's nothing more undignified than middle-aged, sub-par musicians acting like they want to have-a-go. Yes, Boz, we get it. Without Morrissey you would be forced to sell bad rockabilly albums for 99 cents, but you're no fighter my friend. The impersonations are not at all convincing, and entirely embarrassing.

    If either of them showed as much passion for making music as they do for acting like military commanders, then the band wouldn't be in the the lowly position that they are now.

    Boz's reaction is the from of brown-nosing best suited for financial CEO's.

    It's as simple as this. Morrissey made a crude, humorless crack about the guy's hometown. The offender was probably drinking, and his instinct was to say "fuck off" when he hears the insult; not thinking that it would be taken so seriously. So, all of that over nothing.

    If it's not clear to his fanbase by now, then it will never be clear. Morrissey doesn't like his you, because he doesn't like people. If you're not a Vegetarian, then he probably wishes you dead anyway.

    Here's the Morrissey rubric: Morrissey wants to get an advance by a distributor (record company), and then bilk his fans for whatever they're willing to toss in the coffers during his touring binges. That's it. The relationship really is about as deep as that.

    Nick The Name -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @11:52PM (#344632)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • Disaster (Score:2, Insightful)

    This tour is turning in to a regular disaster.

    How many more incidents and half sold out venues will there be?

    Maybe he should call it a day.

    It's over.
    Senior Partner -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @12:54AM (#344636)
    (User #22424 Info)
    "Our firm has always been here in one form or another..."
  • I can't understand some people here trying to defend the idiot who was forced to leave. It doesn't matter wether he was drunk, or tried to be funny, or doesn't speak english well enough to follow.

    Anyone standing there shouting fuck off to Morrissey can just do exactly that.

    Where's the setlist, by the way. Now THAT would be interesting.
    hamburger -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:08AM (#344644)
    (User #20864 Info)
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    • Re:Leave by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 18 2009, @08:17AM
  • how I cannot stand Morrissey anymore. What a ridiculous D I V A
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:12AM (#344646)
  • That has got to be one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. 'Walk, my boy!' 'Love me outside!' And then, 'That's my arm, I need it!' Absolutely hilarious. No wonder he walked off in Liverpool. He is definitely more than a little tetchy these days.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:34AM (#344651)

  • Even though we may not be in the 'live' audience.

    I'd continue sending my one love letter per venue, the ones full of hearts and flowers sky hue and butterflies and love . . . to support you.

    But someone stole the ones I sent to Liverpool and was very unpleasant - like those whom have assulated you physically and verbally lately, it is not very nice.

    Love to continue to flow to you, mon beau amor.

    Piccadily -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:50AM (#344652)
    (User #22795 Info)
  • I stood just behind the man who was thrown out. Poor man. I bet he didn't say it to offend Moz.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @04:39AM (#344680)
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  • some quips have been reported but i add some more:
    at the end moz talked about a poster he had seen outside where he was one one side and cliff richard on the other to which he exclaimed "he is 72 and i look older than him"
    he spoke to a one long time follower- named paul(if i heard the name corrrectly-but im 95 percent sure i heard the name correctly) and as far as i know its
    the singer of ambitious outsiders. moz telling him that he is looking better now: shaved
    or as he put it" without the fur in your face" -he asked a person standing in the first row if she agreed- she leaned over to look at him needed to put into the direction as she didnt know to whom he talked too/refered to and agreed as well;)
    moz came out with a black shirt changed into a blue one-one shirt throwing out to the crowd(wiping offf the mike before he did throw it out)
    before the one song encore he asked for suggestions when someone asked for there is a light he loudly exclaimed "NO!!" another suggestion made him snigger.
    when introducing the band the applause o for jesse was quite loud to which he smiled about the response.

    i was suprised to actually hear him say the "f word" response to the heckler

    but understandable: after the abuse he did get this year he now dont wait long to get into action and speak out
    no drinks were allowed in the venue-i dont know if moz didnt want any cups inside because of the liverpool incident or if its a cch rule in general?
      conc the response of the audience.even though yes i agree they were quite reserved as was the the color line arena gig 2006 in hamburg
    BUT ALL people rised up down in the stalls from the seats-the only people sitting were on the balcony to the right and left -so the majority was standing and instead of bouncing showed their energy differently but rather going into head bopping and foot tapping
    hamburgists as they are from the north are known to be general more reserved-while in other areas i germany you would see the "rheinländer " to be more open when you interact with them-in general-i dont only refer to the concerts-one thing i shortly must explain-off topic but i return to moz in a second: i had to explain about the "rheinländer": the rheinlänger area is the area for the carnival season which had started in november and lasts til february.not my cup of tea the german carnival.a bit tacky so dont expect a brasilian carnival-LOL..lots of drunk people being dressed up and bad carnival music played
    also: in terms of moz concerts if you look at other german cities as well the response is also very strong and very much more energetic in berlin-which is always a good place for him to play. i didnt saw the berlin gig on monday due to illness but saw him there in 2006 and in summer 2009 and enjoyed the atmosphere /response every much. I am still ill but JUst needed to see at least the hamburg gig
    but the "hamburgers" enjoyed it -and also the first rows were energetic with stretched hands etc and there was an immmidiate rush to the front and leaving the front row seats heading directly in front of the stage when the curtain its not the he played to a completely muted was very close to the stage for the stalls in the arena. pretty much no gap so when moz shaking hands which he did quite a lot he didnt have to lean at all cause it is so very close. also for the guitar and bass solos when boz jesse and co came to the front of th stage the audiencecould touch their guitars if they want too and they had actually took care off to not hit anybody with it;)no stage invaders even though it could have been incredible easy.
      so berlin i would go for when for seeing moz in concert in germany.but of course there is nothing than a gig in any scottish town or manchester as they absolutely go "nuts" as it should be on a moz gig.

    outside i saw some familiar faces-morrissey the 23rd from scotland was there as well.

    that we are now should be named hamburgists or hot dogs
    sonicsister -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @05:33AM (#344696)
    (User #16981 Info)
  • apparantly his majesty Morrissey struggled with hurt vanity through one or even more songs, before picking up the matter again:

    Wow, that's even more embarrassing.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @06:14AM (#344702)
  • Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @06:50AM (#344710)
  • Here is a positive, well-written and accurate review of last night in CCH.

    Tomi -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @06:59AM (#344712)
    (User #15918 Info)
  • Can this really be the first time someone's yelled "Fuck you" (or "off") at Morrissey? I've been to a LOT of Morrissey shows, and I've heard a lot of crazy/insulting things yelled at Morrissey (such as, "Take off your pants!" "Get some Rogaine!" "Jenny Craig!"), and this has been when I'm near the front. I can't believe this is the first time Morrissey's heard an insult. The same thing with the cup of beer that was thrown at Morrissey--I have seen him hit with a hundred different items (letters, flowers, books, CDs, water bottles, flags, shirts)--but I suppose I've never seen him hit in the head. Perhaps that "fan's" accurate aim was the problem.

    My point is that Morrissey should be used to all kinds of crap by now. I don't know why he's so testy about it all of a sudden. Yeah, those people throwing beer or saying "Fuck you" are total jerks and probably DESERVED to be thrown out or have their asses kicked, but I would've expected Morrissey to act a little more cavalier and maybe have a sense of humor about it. I'm sort of surprised by the way he's been handling things, honestly.

    I guess it's his right to act how he wants, but it might have the effect of causing people to act like even bigger jerks at future shows, just to get a reaction from him. Let's hope that doesn't happen.
    Blue Valentine -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @07:35AM (#344714)
    (User #11318 Info)
  • he tried to wipe out his Liverpool mistake by sending this one out... foolish thing
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @09:22AM (#344725)
  • If he just did what he did here, the concert would have continued !
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @09:36AM (#344729)
  • You are wonderful.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @12:21PM (#344747)
  • It was my third Moz Concert this year. It is useless to compare them. I would just say to him:
    Thanks for coming here, thanks for beeing you!
    And one more thing:
    The band is fantastic!!! Pleasure to see and hear them performing!!!

    The reason why Hamburg wasn't sold out may have been the fact that 50-70€ per ticket ist simmply a little over the top.

    Forza Moz
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @12:22PM (#344748)
  • Though I have no clip of what Morrissey actually said, I'm sure he was making a playful, wistful joke. That is what Morrissey does.

    However, he did make the mistake of assuming his audience understand him. They don't. Most Germans have absolutely no understanding of humour, sadly. Hence, it is a doomed undertaking to utilise that most English of tools in Germany.

    It seems Morrissey even handed the guy his microphone to explain himself!

    I don't know what was said but this is all a storm in a teacup and this is exactly what Morrissey should have done in Liverpool - as opposed to calling off the show.

    All adds to the mystique. People will talk about this tour in 30 years' time.

    broken (leader of the jack jesse/hire bernard campaign)

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @01:04PM (#344754)
  • Take a long break from touring, and come back strong.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @01:08PM (#344755)
  • I'm close enough to So Cal and Vegas to go to all those shows but having seen the setlists so far and the events that have taken place at some shows recently, I'm really not inspired to go to any M shows at this point. I think I'll wait to see what happens after this tour. In my opinion, M's last great performance was in 2004. Oye Esteban were the best and 2006 was ok...the Oklahoma shows were great. Finally, SISMS as an encore??? Wtf!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @01:47PM (#344758)
  • Crazy-ass rules for attending a Morrissey concert:

    1. Fans aren't allowed to scream "Fuck off!" at Morrissey

    2. Fans aren't allowed to throw bottles at his head

    Failure to adhere to these new rules may result in the concert ending abruptly or fans getting kicked out of the venue.

    Morrissey and his crazy-ass rules...

    (people who criticize Moz's reactions to these recent offenses are disrespectful, immature, and sad individuals...)
    dewdrop -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:04PM (#344762)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • 'Goooo my boy! Leave!', LOL! I'm definitely getting that as a ringtone! :-D
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @02:08PM (#344763)
  • I think the amount of people shouting 'Steven' quite clearly shows how many twats go to Morrissey concerts these days.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @03:08PM (#344767)
  • oh deary me - when he played edinburgh he did
    not pick on them for being EDINBURGHERS - so why hamburg ?????
    i suppose because german - americans invented
    the burger and edinburgher sounds more like a big cheese salad sandwich - suitiable for
    vegetarians ....
    alone dealing -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @03:11PM (#344769)
    (User #23189 Info)
  • boz boorer loves to give it large
    when really he's a pussy who wouldn't do fuck all
    moz can't take a bit of stick these days?
    christ almighty deal with it, to have him chucked out is way over thetop
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @03:29PM (#344771)
    • Re:berlin by Morrissey the 23rd (Score:0) Wednesday November 18 2009, @06:48PM
      • Re:berlin by Nick The Name (Score:1) Wednesday November 18 2009, @07:05PM
  • I think Morrissey needs a rest. He seems really angry, it's a shame that people are behaving like this. They should be bowing at his feet, not winding him up.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @04:58PM (#344783)
  • the heckler was none other than mike joyce.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @08:50PM (#344812)
    • Re:fyi by Hamburgist (Score:1) Thursday November 19 2009, @10:19AM
  • The word fuck is often used by British and American musicians when they stand on stage in Germany. I hope that in the future their concerts will immediately be stopped and called off and the audience will get its money back for verbal insult.

    At the end of I Am Throwing My Arms Around Paris somebody shouted "I love you". Why did Morrissey not react to this and instead said that somebody told him to fuck off? He could have focused on the more positive. Particularly after his lame joke about people from Hamburg who are lovely people who do not deserve any of this.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 19 2009, @01:25AM (#344821)
  • I'm totally on the side of the fan .. Morrissey handing him the mic to ask him to explain why he swore at Moz only for the fan to say "because you made a joke about us and.." and Morrissey taking the mic away before he could finish talking. Then Moz's reaction of "Did I??" in this almost mocking tone of "you know I did, but too bad" is terrible.
    It's not as if it were a Livepool incident, the guy was just probably a little drunk and offended by Morrissey Hamburgerist comments .. no need to kick the guy out.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 19 2009, @01:26AM (#344822)
  • He is a grown man after all. Have seen him 3 times this year and loved it, i do not expect different set lists, who else would give you that? And what other artist "loves" their fans? The other singers are desperate to be accepted and adored and will do anything not to be controversial-i thought that is why we love Moz? i really don't understand what people on here are expecting, life moves on, it is NOT 1994 anymore, he has adapted as we all do, if you don't like things then Fuck Off and listen to Kylie!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 19 2009, @02:23AM (#344826)
  • The guy obviously was not well versed in English so he did not comprehend what Morrissey said. However, even if it was meant as an insult - which it clearly wasn't - that should never have resulted in s clear "fuck you" to Morrissey. You dont do that.
    People in front rows getting the microphone should prepare a clever remark or question. Dont give him a wet towel remark like "I love you morrissey", but ask him why he sold Morrissey thongs on his previous tour. Why isn't someone confronting him with this. I'd like to see him answering that! Or when stating that Swords can not be found in the record shop, why doesnt someone say that they already have all the tracks and that it is a useless addition. I wonder how he would respond.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 19 2009, @03:26AM (#344836)
  • Two days on I think:
    If I had to choose between the heckler or Morrissey to leave the venue (which clearly were the only two alternatives), I would have definitely thrown out the heckler, too! When it's the choice between Morrissey and some weirdo, who is absolutely easily and for no reason insulted by a lukewarm comment, you best choose the weirdo.

    Who pays 70€ to swear at their idol? Who thinks it's appropriate to say such things to any artist on stage - regardless if it's Moz or some Kylie or the dreaded Robbie Williams? Who calls himself a "fan" and does not know that you cannot and will not say those words to Morrissey?

    I really cannot understand people defending this guy. And I'm not without criticism (so to say NOT up Morrissey's arse) regarding the evening (terrible setlist, detached artist, terrible venue, ticket prices ridiculous etc.), but I'm with any artist if they had reacted like Morrissey that night.
    paradroid82 -- Thursday November 19 2009, @05:33AM (#344849)
    (User #22672 Info)
    • Re:well ... by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 19 2009, @05:49AM
    • Re:well ... by Caprice (Score:1) Thursday November 19 2009, @07:20AM
  • haha ....there's never a dull moment ,don't think i've ever heard him swear before , very funny though .....
    quarryman -- Thursday November 19 2009, @02:16PM (#344908)
    (User #22602 Info)
  • As a fan, I'm disappointed with him for this. I can only agree with some others on here and believe that he has tried to take on board what fans (and perhaps friends/aquaintances?) suggested he do, instead of walking off stage when insulted / hurt. Thus instead of punishing an entire venue for one perceived slight, he punishes the perpetrator.

    Except this wasn't a slight, it was a misunderstanding. Perhaps now some damage limitation needs to be done. It reminds me of what happened with Stephen Fry recently on twitter, where a fan told him that he loved and admired him but found his tweets a bit boring. Fry promptly shot back with a sarky comment and said he was leaving twitter. However after a few hours he genuinely apologised to the fan for over-reacting, said he was feeling very depressed at the time and the comment was the final straw in a rotten day.

    Morrissey is obviously known for being rather catty, very sensitive and shy (but usually when off the stage) and as someone has said, he's tolerated this sort of thing many times before. So why snap now?

    I know he's never really warmed to the rest of the human race, but it sounds like currently he can't stand being around anyone.

    I think he should probably take a break, but given his recurring illnesses and obvious mood swings, maybe he doesn't want to stop, otherwise it would force him to be alone with his own thoughts (and perhaps resurgent depression?)

    Please stop alienating people Morrissey, it'll only lead to misery.
    Mozzersgirl -- Thursday November 19 2009, @03:28PM (#344918)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • Another stuiped drunk!
    How horrible for that concert goer that he was told to 'Fuck yourself' by Moz himself..I wonder if people would do the same to Mick Jagger
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 19 2009, @05:34PM (#344937)
  • I have loved Morrissey for a long, long time, have followed his tours, queued for hours and hours to be at the front, written sappy letters to him... but after Liverpool and now this, I've decided I'm not going to see him again. His behaviour saddens me, and makes me feel embarrassed to have openly loved and supported him for so long. That's not to say I condone the behaviour of the 'fan' that threw the bottle in Liverpool, because I don't, at all. It was ridiculous. But Morrissey's walking off entirely was a major overreaction IMO, and punished not only the moron who threw the bottle but thousands of innocent fans who had paid good money and had been looking forward to seeing him.

    And now this... from what I have read about this heckling incident, and the from videos I have seen, it's clear to me that the audience member who shouted "Fuck off" had misunderstood what Moz had said and was offended, although may have expressed himself in a particularly childish way. But Morrissey handled it in a way that was even more childish - he wouldn't let him finish what he was saying, that "did I?" was extremely sarcastic, he had the guy thrown out simply for not liking what Morrissey had said and then followed it up with an entirely unneccesary "go fuck yourself!" - not exactly a mature comeback, is it?

    This is not the witty, charming and intelligent Morrissey I've loved for so long. This is a man who is intolerant of others, feels he is above everyone, and is emotionally and intellectually incapable of dealing with conflict. It really is no wonder to me that he has spent an entire career singing variants of "Nobody wants my love" - he must be an absolute horror to know. I've heard many, many people say this about him over the years and ignored it, chosing to concentrate on my devotion. Now I think he doesn't deserve it anymore. I find the videos of this incident really unpleasant and uncomfortable to watch. I can't help but feel that if I had been at this gig I would have left with a sour taste in my mouth, which is a shame. I have some amazing memories from the gigs I have been to, and now to be feeling this way... I'm really disappointed.

    Anonymous -- Friday November 20 2009, @12:26PM (#345004)
  • Has any of those who got the set list at the Hamburg gig the possibility to scan and send it? Would be great! Thanks
    Caprice -- Saturday November 21 2009, @02:20PM (#345105)
    (User #17936 Info)
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