posted by davidt on Friday December 04 2009, @11:30PM
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Set List:

The Loop / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / This Charming Man / Let Me Kiss You / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Black Cloud / Teenage Dad On His Estate / Cemetry Gates / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Ask / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Is It Really So Strange? / Ganglord / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / How Soon Is Now?

set list provided by Mel Torment
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  • I am not sure what happened, show was just under an 1hr, left with no encore.

    Do not know quite what to think? Strange days indeed~
    Anonymous -- Friday December 04 2009, @11:32PM (#346067)
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  • Las Vegas Tonight (Score:1, Interesting)

    Morrissey is unhappy with
    some of which, come here
    Anonymous -- Friday December 04 2009, @11:56PM (#346068)
    • Re:Las Vegas Tonight by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 05 2009, @12:38AM
      • Re:Las Vegas Tonight (Score:2, Interesting)

        drunk hispanic starting fights and his conterparts defending his actions....left before he puked, but his posse remained with a grudge... they were located center stage and left me with the impression that it is cliche to be a moz fan just because you are of hispanic offense to the cool fans... wield your bicycle chain somewhere else
        Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @12:52AM (#346073)
    • Big deal by KEVSTER (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @08:48AM
  • Haha....
    Well you never know maybe he was just tired.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @12:10AM (#346069)
  • It's True. He finished "How Soon Is Now" and he left the stage and the house lights went up with no explanation. Up until then it was a Love-Fest between Las Vegas and Morrissey. It was a Stunning show. He even re-arranged the set list. Tonight he opened with "The Loop", and we also got "Let Me Kiss You" and "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me". The Hard Rock Casino here is famous for making bands shorten their sets just to get people back into the casino to spend money. Even so, it was an Amazing Sixty Minutes.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @12:15AM (#346070)
  • It's Vegas Mate!
      He had a date with a hooker.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @12:34AM (#346071)
  • Moz left early because he hates simon cowell.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @01:05AM (#346075)
  • People talking, people shouting, floods, people eating meat, people fighting, the venue selling hamburgers etc. The list is endless.

    Morrissey will use any excuse to stop the gig.

    Le petit prince.

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @01:58AM (#346078)
  • La Morrissey left cos I farted.

    I shalln't do it again.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @02:34AM (#346079)
  • At least at European shows we get all the info pretty much straight after the gig. No report, no set-list...thought you guys loved Moz over there?!
    Whalley Range -- Saturday December 05 2009, @02:36AM (#346080)
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    • We do.... by KEVSTER (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @08:41AM
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  • Morrissey really has some 'splainin to do!!!
    Vegas1976 <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 05 2009, @04:40AM (#346088)
    (User #17159 Info |
  • Moz Vegas! (Score:5, Informative)

    Seeing the mounds of people who streamed into the Hard Rock on a Friday night that were non-Moz fans made me glad to arrive a night earlier when fans kind of just had the run of the place and it was less crazy and crowded. Then again, maybe that's why some folks go to Vegas.

    After a wrong turn coming back from sightseeing where water makes power lighting Vegas to Los Angeles (Hoover Dam), I was unfortunately delayed and missed Doll & the Kicks tonight, but I heard that the crowd were really great and the best they've had yet. The band was very happy for that. The singer. Hannah (aka "Doll"), wore the bustier with stars and leopard-print knickers, and it was actually really fitting for Vegas and the Hard Rock. I'm kicking myself for that wrong turn!

    So "The Joint" inside the Hard Rock casino was pretty impressive: quite large (maybe 8 or 10,000 capacity?), multi-tiered balcony, multi-tiered floor with railings, slanted at a grate so people could see. Whereas the stage at the Oakland Paramount was shallow (Doll and the Kicks even had to put their drummer all the way stage left that night), the Hard Rock stage was hugely deep. To say the stage area could have housed the Roseland is only a slight exaggeration. We could have had our own little show just in there! Anyway, it was basically a very nice venue built perfectly for GA/standing rock concerts.

    The vibe before and in the beginning of the show was great. Very warm and positive. Guys and girls were singing along together with Moz (the guys more loudly ;). Security seemed to be integrated into the crowd to assist with anyone who needed to leave the front for air or deal with any troublemakers, and it was really a good thing at least in house right.

    Then some words between a couple guys were exchanged, people were moving away, then I got enthralled in the perimeter of a brawl! Jeezus! I got away with some bruised bones and thankfully okay enough to type this review. I have to say it changed the mood of the entire night after that. Everyone in my section was a little traumatized by it. I really wish it would have stayed as 'we all love Moz, let's sing along together because we love him.' I mean, he's made this special leg of the tour for all of us on the West Coast. Let's show our appreciation and just stay cool with each other, because it's not about us. It's about him.

    So Moz opened the show with "Welcome to Moz Vegas!"
    As Anonymous' have said, the set was cut short a bit. About 16 songs were performed. Not sure about the order: The Loop, __?___, This Charming Man, Paris, Death at One's Elbow, Black Cloud, Ask, Ganglord (M asked the crowd if they liked the song), Let Me Kiss You (almost looked like he wasn't going to take off his shirt, but he did a few lines after "but then you opened your eyes"), One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell (yes, so let's not fight amongst ourselves), Cemetry Gates ("stonely read the graves" is possibly here to stay, "Wilde is on mine" returns), Teenage Dad on is Estate, If You Don't Like Me Don't Look at Me (miscommunication for the intro it seemed and Moz had a bit of background music with his banter. He and the band handled it very well in the moment and Moz jumped into the song after he bantered, then Jesse and Solomon joined in on cue with the electric guitar and bass. It's possible Moz wanted to start the song over (it kind of seemed like it), but once into it there was no going back --always keep going after any mistakes, as they say, as sometimes the audience doesn't even know what happened wasn't planned. Anyhow, this is the beauty of a live show as opposed to a taped and edited television program that we can just sit at home and watch from our couches), Daddy's Voice, Why Don't You Find Out (?), How Soon is Now.

    Wardrobe: Moz in a black suit with white collared shirt (I think no tie), the boyz in white collared, short-sleeved shirts, black bowtie (?), and black pants.

    Sorry I forget how he intro'd the band, but he followed it with, "And I'm not sure who I am" or something like that. Everyone cheered.

    That's all I got for now.

    A belated Cheers to Charlie.

    And Cheers all, thanks for reading.
    romeogirl -- Saturday December 05 2009, @05:32AM (#346095)
    (User #2891 Info)
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    • His voice gave out! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 05 2009, @08:11AM
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    • Re:Moz Vegas! by musicalcat (Score:1) Sunday December 06 2009, @03:46AM
  • how many things have gone wrong?
    birmingham was flat, goes down at swindon next night he wasn't well understandable
    storms off in liverpool
    germany with the fan
    and by the sounds of it tonight
    he should take 2 maybe 3 years off
    change some of your personnel no names need mentioning
    otherwise stop wasting our money with shite setlists!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @05:34AM (#346096)
  • And so another "Swords" show ends in controversy..

    Strange mix of people gathered 'round before the gig--a rodeo awards show was being held right next door to the venue, so in addition to the usual Hard Rock Hotel douchebag/hooker crowd there were actual cowboys in hats, boots and mullets milling about amongst us Moz fans inside the casino.


    “If there is ever a t-shirt printed to sum up my life, it will read, ‘If you don’t like me, don’t look at me’”

    “Is there anyone out there who is as old or older than me?”

    He intro-ed the band by saying, “’Trying harder’ are Boz, Solomon, Matt, (etc.)…and I…I have no identity.”

    “Do you know the song ‘Ganglord’? Do you like it? Well, we’re not gonna play it…” (Right before launching into it, naturally).

    Finished the vocal portion of HSIN and bounded right off stage without a word…band played the outro and Matt banged a gong (got it on?) for a bit.

    Cue the houselights. Fin.

    Tonight, and in reading about this tour, has reminded me of the Maladjusted period of touring--.nightly incidents, an iffy-Morrissey, and a feeling that this may be it. That was 12 years ago. Of course, the past 12 years have brought us a ton of physical product and touring (for better and sometimes worse). From this point, does Morrissey have 12 years left on stage? Does he have 12 years left on (gasp) Earth? Just something I was thinking as the houselights came so quickly on…
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @06:30AM (#346099)
  • Today's Morrissey fans are just little brats. I went to see Moz 3 tmes on the 'Kill Uncle' tour and he only played 45 min. with NO Smiths songs. His shows are much better today even when cut short (I've seen 7 total)!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @06:37AM (#346100)
  • Got into town midday to a sea of Cowboy mania here for the rodeo. Even the elevators at NYNY had C&W music...barf! Crowd at the show was predominately drunken young hispanics, all in all worst Moz atmosphere in the 20+ shows I've seen. 17 songs total, no encore, only "treat" was Let Me Kiss You. Onto Indio and leaving the rodeo and trash that is LV behind.
    MinehiddeninUtah -- Saturday December 05 2009, @08:05AM (#346115)
    (User #22924 Info)
  • Stop whining. (Score:2, Insightful)

    Lets set the record straight here.

    People are used to having 22 or 23 songs for each show. If you're planning on seeing any shows on the Swords Tour, pay attention to this: YOU WILL GET 19 to 21 SONGS.

    The set list yesterday had 21 songs. He skipped Crashing Bores and I'm OK By Myself. No problem with the audience. No problem with the venue. The man decided to skip those.

    How Soon Is Now was supposed to be the encore. They just didn't leave the stage. That's all.

    Morrissey has done MANY shows in the past that lasted less than 1 hour.

    And just to show how people can be such crybabies, look at the comments for the Bowery Ballroom show in NYC and then read these comments for Vegas last night.
    Bowery: awesome.
    Vegas: too short / what's the problem? / morrissey is done / morrissey is diva.

    Then count the amount of songs for each set list.
    Bowery Ballroom: 19 songs.
    Vegas: 19 songs.

    Obviously, idiocy is abundant anywhere.
    Flax -- Saturday December 05 2009, @08:11AM (#346117)
    (User #17733 Info)
    • Re:Stop whining. by Neckdeep (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @08:23AM
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    • wrong by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 05 2009, @11:15AM
      • Re:wrong by davidt (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @07:21PM
    • Stop whining yourself by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 06 2009, @12:20PM
  • I think it was a great show! I had alot of fun..there were alot of beautiful people there too..which made it nice. Not counting those stupid little ugly fat drunks in the front middle. But they were the exception. That whole floor was filled..wonder how many people?? Anyway, Moz did look tired by the end but it was great. His voice sounded great to me. He motioned to the band before going into How Soon Is Now..making a this is the last one. I would have liked an encore for sure but I do remember the 45 minute shows and I was a little tired too from all that!

    Oh yeah! and seriously? You.. the one who was fighting over Moz's licked it? He just put it in his crotch and you licked it? I love Morrissey but not that much!
    ThinkOfMeKindlyLV -- Saturday December 05 2009, @09:05AM (#346128)
    (User #18284 Info |
  • Morrissey played an amazing full set and was connected to the crowd the entire time. After HSIN, which very much appeared to be the planned final song of the set before the encore, Morrissey and band left the stage without a goodbye. I was right up front to the middle left and noticed there was a lot of commotion to my right the whole time. Luckily I wasnt in the thick of it and could just enjoy the show.

    Afterward I spoke with a reliable source working the gig who told me Morrissey did not return for an encore because he was so repulsed by the unruly people in the pit who apparently in addition to being violent were vomiting up at the front. I can see how that might discourage him from feeling gung ho on a big goodbye.

    Seriously people, get it together. If you want to go to see Morrissey and drink yourself into oblivion at least have the common sense and courtesy to do it in the back near the bathroom.

    Great show but looking forward to LA!

    Everyone please behave :)
    Axed -- Saturday December 05 2009, @09:06AM (#346129)
    (User #1405 Info)
  • Well now having had a night to sleep on it and reading through the numerous posts and hard facts (song totals/Stage time), I am starting to feel better about tongihts upcoming show and how the show last night closed out.

    Living in CA this was my first chance to see MOZ in about 1 1/2yrs (Paladium 10 night stay), 35 MOZ shows in all for me. I was so hoping for "proper" west coast dates that were not scheduled prior to MOZ's leg of the YOR tour and the swords tour delivered, so excited.

    We sat in the VIP area stage left looking down on the stage and about 40% back into the pit. Interseting vantage point, great to just totally get into the show in my own way. Met a great couple from England here on holiday and totally stoked to see MOZ perform, good couple/people.

    Some Obesrvations on Moz:

    Looked healthy, strong
    Voice sounded great
    Was about 70% full,maybe a little less
    PIT area was huge
    Know signs of iritation (Moz) from my vantage point
    Saw him make the "cut the throat" gesture to Boz, who seemed perplexed, almost like your kidding, we are in Vegas
    Everyone around me was schocked when the house lights came on.
    I was also, but this was not unexpected.

    So we move onto Indio, feeling better, hoping for a solid show, interesed to hear if and what he has to say about bailing on the encore.

    We love you and your music Morrissey, it's a pleasure to see him perform, the edginess seems to fit his persona, you never know what your going to get night in and night out.

    Travel Safe everyone, let's have some fun tonight!


    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @09:12AM (#346132)
  • I thought someone said that Morrissey loved Americans and vice versa' so what's the problem then? Less than an hour and an iffy atmosphere, maybe Morrissey should come back home to England where he belongs.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @10:10AM (#346138)
    • Aw c'mon by KEVSTER (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @10:44AM
      • Re:Aw c'mon by Whalley Range (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @12:37PM
        • Right on W.R. by KEVSTER (Score:1) Saturday December 05 2009, @06:19PM
      • Re:Aw c'mon by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 06 2009, @06:16AM
  • A little disappointed at the lack of an encore, but I'll take what I can get!

    Also, I met a guy named Carlos in line, and if you're reading this: dude I think I spaced out and gave you my old cell phone number (I switched phones a week ago)! I feel like a douche, I'm not ignoring you if you called me.
    reply to this and I'll give you my new one

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 05 2009, @10:10AM (#346139)
  • Vague Ass setlist (Score:2, Interesting)

    Tried to post earlier but could not due to repeated server errors. Here is what I had intended to post (see tour forum):

    Excellent show until the end where Moz walked off and made us go WTF?!‚hthought I might have to eat my words about the tired setlist and him lacking energy, but by the end he was looking as worn out as those who went through queueing madness. Looked so fit and handsome at the beginning. Lurved the white shirt and fitted trousers. Voice good but still cracking over a note or two. Others noted that he drank from the metallic drink containers several times, hot tea with slippery elm perhaps???

    Makes us worried about Indio today, so some of us bought merch in Vegas in case it's the last show. Damnit, the M chav jacket was only $60 in Vague Ass, and I bought it for $75 in Oaktown. Sweaty Pie pink shirt seemed to go up in price.‚hthought it was only $35 like the rest of the shirts in the 510, but in Vague Ass it was $40!

    I don't want anyone to get in trubble, so I'm not posting the photo of the setlist, but here it is in text:

    Vegas setlist as printed, not as played

    1/ LOOP
    2/ PARIS
    3/ CHARMAN
    6/ CLOUD
    7/ TEENDAD
    9/ WHY DON'T YOU?
    10/ ONE DAY GOOD
    11/ ELBOW
    12/ ASK
    13/ CAROL
    14/ IS IT REALLY?
    15/ BORES
    16/ GANGLORD
    17/ Daddys V
    18/ I'M OK

    enc: HSIN

    Moz dropped I'M OK (yay!) and Bores (boo). HSIN was meant to be the encore after all.

    I suppose it's the only time this year I was grateful he played HSIN for the umpteenth time. Still, it makes the casual crowd go wild. They loved hearing so many Smiffs hits. Truthfully, so did I.

    Moz did not leave stage and come back for encore, went straight into HSIN after Daddy's Voice. Suddenly lights came on with Frank Sinatra singing for us to go fuck ourselves (My Way). Moz played for just one hour.

    House security were the rudest tossers ever. Totally drunk on power and more brainless than Paris Hilton. I'll excuse bumbling ignorance and incompetence, but their rudeness and unwarranted violence to people who were doing nothing wrong was outrageous. We pay their wages after all. So my party had decided not to spend any more of our money at that awful hotel where the slime and grime gel. Judging from what others told me after the show, many patrons felt this way. Way to go, Hard Rock management!
    Mel Torment -- Saturday December 05 2009, @12:23PM (#346178)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • I thought Morrissey performed very well! He was on pitch throughout all the songs. He was still his witty, charming self! Although, it would have been a lot better if some of the fans could learn how to hold in their alcohol a lot better. But, all in all it was a great gig! Hope the rest of the tour goes well.
    Mariaskin <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 05 2009, @10:31PM (#346291)
    (User #5392 Info |
    And you never knew How much I really liked you Because I never even told you Oh, and I meant to
  • I think Morrissey is fed up with the somewhat reduced intensity of his live shows.

    He is getting older and his fans are getting older and - while there are still many obsessives - a few of the fans are casual fans these days.

    It dilutes the atmosphere a little.

    I think he's fed up with it and wants the intensity to return to the levels of the world of morrissey tour.

    To every thing a season.

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 06 2009, @01:16AM (#346306)
  • why drink too much (Score:2, Insightful)

    Too bad there's violence and it's sad with drunk people. I will never ever understand why people get drunk at all and less why they get drunk before a concert. Yes, I drink, but I know when to stop. I stop long before I loose myself and the respect for people around me.
    musicalcat -- Sunday December 06 2009, @04:09AM (#346322)
    (User #23182 Info |
  • He is probably so tired of seeing the same people every night.Show after Show after show.The lights go down,turn on and hes like Oh God here they are again.Gangs,really who would ever think that 20 years ago Gangs would form because of him. Honestly speaking though if I was independently wealthy I would be at every show to.I thinkim just jealous:)
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 06 2009, @09:01AM (#346349)
  • What can be said about a Morrissey concert? It's one of the few instances in life where I really feel alive. Irrespective of the conditions of the show, Morrissey is always incredibly uplifting and is a great break from an otherwise mundane life.

    Morrissey put on an excellent show. Although he was clearly detached from the audience a bit (little banter, few handshakes, and he only commented on one of the many gifts he received), he still delivered all of the seventeen songs we were treated to last night. I loved opening with "The Loop" (who doens't love seening Moz bang on a tambourine), but am also glad "This Charming Man" was not cut. I know the new version takes a lot of criticism, but it fits well with the "Years of Refusal" material, and could have easily been a track on the album. I think that's the point of the new version, as opposed to the silly idea that Moz's band can't handle the song. They are professional musicians and handle every other song with ease. The two b-sides from 2004 were my personal favorites (Daddy's Voice and Teenage Dad). Those songs take me back to that happy time when I was still discovering and exploring Moz's back catalogue, coupled with the excitement surrounding a new release, as well as the incredible experience and effect of live performances. Last night was another blessing to add to the list of those incredible experiences.

    The only complaints that can be levied about the show relates to the security and the crowd. The venue's security was absolutely clueless as to how to deal with an early queu. The only method was to continually disperse the crowd as it gathered until the official queu was allowed at 5:30 p.m. This posed a great problem for those that arrived early (some were more than 24 hours early; I arrived at 11:30 p.m. the day before to be something like 20th in line o.O) and it was complete chaos when the official line was formed. There should have been a designated area outside for the queu to form, but alas, casinos are for taking money, not making sense.

    It's a shame that it's so "cool" to like Moz out west (at least, that's the impression I got from the crowd). It seemed a number of people were much more interested in getting their photo (or photos!) on that stupid Verizon screen before the show than the actual concert. It was so odd that on one hand the fight for the front of the queu was definitely the most chaotic I've ever expereinced, but on the other hand the energy in the actual show was the lowest. The only logical conclusion I can make is that a lot of the fans were more concerned with bragging that they were up front at a Moz show than actually being up front at a Moz show. This isn't to say there aren't awesome fans out West, just that Moz seems to attract many more "cool" people than other places.

    It was great seeing some old friends last night. Lulu, the twins, and Oscar, I was very glad to see you all and am sorry that I was such a d-bag. I was very, very tired and couldn't muster up the strength to be personible at all. Please don't think I'm a jerk, I was just so tired and wish I would have been talkative now that I've had sleep. :(

    All in all, last night's show was great. Moz made the ordeal of Las Vegas entirely worth it. We are blessed that he pushed himself through 17 songs we were treated to, as opposed to cancelling.

    Thank you Morrissey, for everything.

    With undying love and admiration,

    Lucas Has a Cat -- Sunday December 06 2009, @12:15PM (#346377)
    (User #20254 Info)
  • uploaded a cpl of Vegas
    Suswa -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @10:02AM (#346610)
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