posted by davidt on Thursday December 10 2009, @11:30PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Is It Really So Strange? / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Teenage Dad On His Estate / Because Of My Poor Education / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Cemetry Gates / The Loop / Ask / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die
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  • Come on LA get commenting!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 10 2009, @11:33PM (#346941)
  • "Unite & take over!"
    Charm Man
    "Welcome to home!"
    Black cloud
    "Thank you"
    Stage invader #1
    (she didn't reach Moz)
    "Thank you enourmously."
    "I think I can behave myself... Let quite myself by saying this."
    Really Strange
    "No no no that's ok"
    One Day Tomorrow...
    "The reason I'm here is for this. Gracias... (takes gifts from audience) Can you bare anymore"
    "You're too kind"
    Teen Dad
    "If you manage to be 20,000 leagues under the sea or you're part of a very private club, you know we've released a record called Swords. And from
    It comes this song"
    Poor Education
    "I think it's very well to have an open mind but if you drive up & down Sunset you realize the world is full of crashing bores"
    Bores (howl at the end of bores)
    "Doing are best to radiate love, yes I've heard you" into of band "my name is George Lopez"
    Find Out For Yourself
    Moz-"would you like to speak help! Help!"
    Audience-"Sammy the 3yr old on my shoulders in San Diego says hello"
    Audience-"We love u Morrissey thank you for everything"
    Audience-"I want you I need you I love you Morrissey" Moz- "It will pass"
    Cemetry Gates
    Daddy's Voice
    Ok By Myself
    (Bow, band wears Dolls & The Kicks tees)
    "You win some, you lose some but thank you for your love."
    Gangbanger/ Swing On A Star


    Anonymous -- Thursday December 10 2009, @11:36PM (#346942)
  • Another excellent Moz show but then I'm abad critic... He seemed excited he did skip lots of lyrics during his songs... Funny when he introduced the vand and himself as "George Lopez"... only one encore "FOTGTD" band member umm don't remember his name... Several stage divers but nothing to write home about... Same set as Pomona and SD I think... I don't see how he lost his voice enough to cancel Indio... G Lo show sounded flawless as did tonight
    joeymozzer -- Thursday December 10 2009, @11:38PM (#346943)
    (User #5229 Info)
  • Hi all,

    I just came back from the show in Gibson.

    Don't get me wrong. I love the man. Have loved him for 25 years. I flew to California from very far away and spent lots of money to see these shows. So I am not the "why do you make the effort to post on these forums just to slag Morrissey" type. But I am afraid this could be the last show.

    I have tickets for Ventura tomorrow and I am already preparing myself mentally for a cancellation.

    Morrissey was either ill (again) or intoxicated (???) . His singing was off, there was lots of slurring, or skipping lyrics altogether, and he seemed out of focus and - to be honest - going through the motions. I am sure other in the audience who've seen him felt like me, uncomfortable and concerned, when he did these things.

    I've seen him enough time to notice we wasn't 'into it'; in fact, I was thinking that in his head he was thinking "I can do whatever I want and they will still cheer".

    He's not 25 anymore, I don't expect him to be as energetic as he was in the 90's, but still it was a little sad to see him like this.

    Again, I really love him. And I hope this is all a pile of BS and tomorrow's show in Ventura will take place and that it'll be dynamite. But I think that's not going to be the case.

    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:00AM (#346947)
  • Real quick run down. Moz having vocal problems all night, as mentioned by previous posters, skipping many lyrics, voice cracking, and drinking copiously between songs from the metallic green container. There was also a red metallic container onstage. One person who got the mic (April?) asked Morrissey to please use to cough drops she gave him.

    From the third song onwards, I thought Morrissey might leave the stage at any time. He looked extremely ticked off with the problems of his throat. It was a tense evening and the worst live gig I've seen him do (of the ones he actually completed) all year. But Morrissey bravely soldiered on despite having a terrible time of it. Morrissey, we beseech you, please don't tour anymore until you've had a good, long sufficient time to recover!!! It's not worth it.

    I predict a 90% chance of cancellation for Ventura. I would even drive up to San Francisco right now tonight to catch a weekend seminar I was scheduled to attend if it weren't for the Ventura show. But it is raining terribly and unsafe to drive at this time. I'm making plans to go to that seminar now instead of Ventura.

    Tonight was probably last chance to get merch. The uninspired Sweaty Pie shirt went up to $50 from the original $35. WTF is so special about that shirt?!

    Yeah, and as for the rain...when I thought the night couldn't get any worse, it was pissing down rain when the unhappy show was finally over. At least it didn't rain when we were outside before the show...and now I'll get a refund on the Ventura tix instead of having to take a loss on the extra one. And the final silver lining of the black cloud is that Morrissey finished the complete setlist without skipping any songs or walking off in a defeated, angry huff no matter how tempting.
    Mel Torment -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:12AM (#346948)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • I've seen the man over 25 times and the is the WORST form I have ever witnessed him in.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:20AM (#346949)
    • Re:Awful by El Yogester (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @12:02PM
  • Bored-issey? (Score:2, Informative)

    while leaving the gibson ampitheater (during a long walk in the rain to the parking structure, what fun) i overheard several comments along the lines of "it seems like he's given up," "he's lost it," and "he seemed to not be into it." it seems many came away with the impression that morrissey seemed bored with it all. i don't necessarily share the sentiment. did he seem a bit tired? yes. he did miss several lyrics and each time he did he would slightly turn his head as if he was "ahem-ing." clearly, he was not 100% over his recent illness or overwork that caused him to "blow out his voice," as reported during his most recent cancellation. the set list was pretty much the same selections as his last few dates, with the highlights (for me, anyway) being "why don't you find out for yourself?" "because of my poor education," which sounded lovely live, "one day goodbye will be farewell," "ask," and "the loop" which was the main powerhouse return to old form moment of the night. he did a serviceable job of the usual numbers, aside from the aforementioned missed lyrics, but still seemed in good spirits, replete with stage chatter. "welcome to hell," he announced at one point, playfully. it was a mixed affair, certainly. not quite hell, but a far cry from heaven.
    Brian Colin -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:21AM (#346951)
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    plagiarism begins at home
  • He was great.... (Score:2, Insightful)

    So after reading a week or two of all the post-show comments I was expecting the Crypt Keeper to hobble on stage and croak a death rattle.

    I realize these are Morrissey fans on morrissey-solo doing the commentary so a generous grain or two or salt must be taken into account but...

    You all are a dramatic lot.

    He was great, I've seen him before and have a swath of his shirt he tossed that I fought through the encore for to prove it, but my girlfriend hadn't, and she loved the show and thought he was fantastic.

    I was expecting a complete trainwreck after reading the reviews of previous shows, and happily I was very joyfully surprised.

    I think the groupthink that you all subject yourself too has much more influence on your perspective than you realize.

    It was a fun Moz show. Good times :)
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:43AM (#346956)
  • He was very gracious and in good spirits, considering he is obviously not feeling well. I didn't get the feeling he was going through the motions, or ticked off, or thinking he could do whatever he wanted and people would still applaud. I got the feeling that his heart was all there and touched at the thundering response he was getting all night from the crowd. I also felt that despite the obvious strain on his voice, there were some beautiful vocal moments--particularly in "Because of My Poor Education," and "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself."

    Also, during "Cemetry Gates," he sang: "Keats and Yeats are on your side and you WIN!"

    True, it seems he isn't feeling well, but––he gave a great performance. Thank you Morrissey.
    The More I See -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:45AM (#346958)
    (User #20274 Info)
  • I flew to moz angeles for this and the ventura show from lovely eugene, oregon. having seen the seattle and portland shows of this tour, i can honestly say that this performance worried me greatly. after about the 3rd song, my cousin and i were sure he was going to walk off. others have posted their opinions already about the issues tonight, and i agree whole heartedly and ventura will most likely not go down. at least i'll get my $100 dollars back, but i wonder if this was worth the 5 days off work, and the hundreds spent to travel here for these shows.
    i would like to say that, again, i was at the seattle and portland shows and this el lay crowd was BY FAR the nicest, most loving mozcrowd ever. it was mostly latino (i'm armenian, i wish i was mexican, much like moz). they are so beautiful and kind and i absolutely see why morrissey loves them.
    also, we went to the after party at the rumba room and it was AMAZING!!!! i literally had the time of my life dancing to morrissey and the smiths. i made some new friends there, and every single person in there was happy and smiling and no one was judging anyone (cant be said for the nw mozfans).
    it breaks my heart to think that ventura may be canceled, but lets hope the show goes off without a problem.
    ps- met doll and the kicks. hannah was, well,a doll. but the guys were fecking jerks. they were watching moz right next to us and they were hanging out with the kid that played mclovin. how on earth did mclovin become friends with doll and the kicks??? and who would have guessed that the shrimpboat who played mclovin would be the worlds BIGGEST HIPSTER. he kinda grossed us out. bleh.
    zodismycopilot -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:53AM (#346959)
    (User #22900 Info)
    lighten up, morrissey!
  • Gibson (Score:2, Interesting)

    I've seen Moz not as often as some on this board, but enough to appreciate a good show when I'm at it. Considering that Cemetary Gates was released when I was getting
    my driver's license, and I'm now 39 years old, I thought the man looked and sounded great. His mood is often the best indicator, and he seemed in good spirits. He never likes the sound mix on stage, and frequently skips lyrics. Especially high notes, but it's our job to fill those in, as we don't have to do it every night. Just my opinion -- a pretty good show, T. Lennon
    tplennon -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:06AM (#346961)
    (User #15713 Info)
    • Videos by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @01:16AM
    • Re:Gibson by IDrank1ItBecame4 (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @04:24AM
    • Re:Gibson by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @02:16PM
    • Re:Gibson by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @02:23PM
      • Re:Gibson by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 12 2009, @01:45AM
  • Moz in LA (Score:1, Interesting)

    I too have seen Moz quite a bit live and I think he did fairly well given his recent illness. I don't think he was phone-ing it in as some have said tonight. Although, his face looked a little sad when he came out for the encore. Perhaps he misses living in SoCal.
    Let's look on the bright side, maybe he is saving his voice for tomorrow's Ventura show. Cross your fingers, stretch out and wait!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:22AM (#346964)
  • but definetly Moz at about 75%. He definetly skipped some lyrics in several songs, BUT.... when he was singing (and talking) he sounded pretty damn good.

    (I have see him 45 times)

    Ventura is def. an unknown right now. I am worried but something tells me Moz will pull through and tough it out, if only for the payday. For god's sake - get up there one last time and then sit 2010 out! Wish I had that luxary.

    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:33AM (#346969)
  • I never understand why people complain about the "same set list at every show"...that's why its a TOUR, no one told you to fly across the country so maybe you'd get "all request night." get over it!

    There will always be something to complain about, there is never any shortage of that. But as far as Morrissey goes, tonight for the 9th time in my life I saw him get on stage and own it. He may be ill, but even ill he still runs laps around any artist today.

    I love everything Morrissey has grown up to be, as a singer, performer and song writer.

    Thanks for a great night as always and see ya soon Mozzer!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:34AM (#346970)
    • Re:Top Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @01:50AM
    • Re:Top Show by antoby69 (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @07:27AM
    • Re:Top Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @01:04PM
    • Re:Top Show by luv_moz_522 (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @03:25PM
  • How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Let Me Kiss You / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Rubber Ring / Irish Blood, English Heart / I'm Playing Easy To Get / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Now My Heart Is Full / The Never Played Symphonies / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / You Know I Couldn't Last // The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get /// Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me //// There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:47AM (#346975)
  • read these posts. I was not at any of the CA shows but it's like some of you WANT him to be ill, or that you won't be happy unless he collapses again because then you can be 'proven right' about your 'concerns' for him.
    Some people on here (mostly anonymous) are feeding off any negative comments and practically nailing his coffin lid shut.
    UnderTheFloorboards <[email protected]> -- Friday December 11 2009, @02:28AM (#346981)
    (User #23266 Info)
    "I keep mine hidden..."
  • Is Morrisey ill, old or just tired? I know he is not fat elvis... so Morrissey rest up my dear friend and next tour show us you can still dance upon stage and grab the mic and sing your life!

    If You Did Not Know How Old You Were, How Old Would Youe Be!?! Live Morrissey! Rest And Be Young in your Heart And Spirit!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @03:14AM (#346989)
  • Morrissey - genius.

    Most Morrissey fans - drama queens.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @03:28AM (#346990)
  • I couldn't tell whether this time it was his voice or the sound from the ampitheatre? He did skip lyrics here and there, but I really couldn't detect anything wrong with his voice otherwise, so maybe (hopefully) he was just upset with the sound? If it's his voice, I hope he gets better =(.

    Thanks to the lads who tried to help me up! When I grabbed Morrissey's hand I accidentally slid his bandaid off...and I didn't know what to do so I handed it back to him...hahaha. Embarrassed. =P

    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @04:34AM (#347000)
    • Re:Sound? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @05:24AM
    • Re:Sound? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @10:20AM
  • Enjoy-

    gmonkey -- Friday December 11 2009, @06:38AM (#347016)
    (User #13074 Info |
    I was Tired again, I Tried again....
  • Sorry if this has already been posted.

    It really is not THAT bad!

    Misses quite a few lyrics near the start but honestly..'dreadful'? I don't think so.
    UnderTheFloorboards <[email protected]> -- Friday December 11 2009, @06:59AM (#347018)
    (User #23266 Info)
    "I keep mine hidden..."
  • Though I've seen Morrissey in better spirits (and health) at previous shows, I wouldn't say that this performance was as disappointing as many are making it out to be. I enjoyed myself and felt it ended too quickly.

    "Ask" and "The Loop" seemed to get the most cheers, at least from the cheap seats where I was at. As has been mentioned, Moz did introduce himself as "George Lopez" halfway through the show which got a huge laugh from the crowd.

    Only one shirt change, took his shirt off right after "First of the Gang."

    Doll and the Kicks was a great opening band; my friend bought their album. A far cry from Kristeen Young. (shudder)

    The walk back to my car was soggy, the rain was miserable but I was still giddy from Morrissey. I guess that's a good indicator that he hasn't lost the charisma, at least not completely.

    Until the next one....

    took my bow -- Friday December 11 2009, @07:41AM (#347023)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • After seeing Moz more times than I can count, this was by far my least favorite show aside from San Diego 97. He sounded okay, band sounded good, the set list and his voice had left all of my friends and I with a shoulder shrugging "meh" feeling.

    Wasn't good,wasn't bad. Just okay at best. During The Loop and WDYFOFY he seemed the most happy and had great energy. Okay By Myself was terrible live and Ganglord was VERY dull.

    Poor Education and Teenage Dad actually sounded great live.

    To quote a friend of mine, "I feel like we are the only ones pulling the weight in this relationship"

    I know it will never be 91 San Diego, or Ventura 2000, but I have stilled enjoyed hm through the years. After this, I don't know if I will travel hundreds of miles anymore to see him.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @08:53AM (#347026)
  • I agree with the other posts that Morrissey was not at his best and he did give the sound guy a few nasty looks. With that being said, I believe we (Morrissey fans), have truly become spoiled with his performances. His concerts have always been AMAZING and he usually sounds better live than recorded. What other band can we say that about? He realized he was not at his best and made an exceptional effort to finish the gig. During FOTGTD, he was incapable of going on, hung up the mic and made an effort to thank his fans by shaking hands and reaching out. Although he was "Off" from his normal self, we need to be thankful he is still performing, and at the level he does. We are truly spoiled!
    Thank you Moz, I hope to see you again, soon!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @09:08AM (#347029)
  • I was almost afraid to see him live in concert again because I wanted to remember him in all his glory.I sat in the 8th row behind the pit at Gibson last night and I didn't notice all the technical difficulties that I may of noticed perhaps if I was in the pit but I felt the show was still awesome. I think what makes the show is not only the man's voice but everything else that goes with it. You could feel the love in the audience and I can appreciate the fact that he is still performing.I have seen the Smiths/Morrissey in concert throughout US and Europe for the past 25 years. LA is by far thee best crowd and yes you are all the best looking crowd lol After reading some of the comments on here from previous shows I really thought our man was dead but infact he still is very much "ALIVE." Thanks to David and everyone else for continuing this site and to Morrissey you are still The King!!
    Mozfan13 -- Friday December 11 2009, @09:23AM (#347031)
    (User #23293 Info)
  • Can anyone who was at the Gibson show tell me what time Moz went on stage and what time the show ended? I have a family gathering this evening and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth getting to Ventura, depending on the event schedule.

    Thank you!!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @09:30AM (#347033)
  • Okay, I barely ever post, but the ill-informed speculation is getting so bizarrely out of hand. More importantly, it's plain wrong. Morrissey's voice is fine, Morrissey was neither ill nor intoxicated at the Gibson.

    The simple matter of it is this: Morrissey refuses to wear in-ear monitors. He prefers the more visceral, live, and just plain loud sound of the on-stage monitors. The monitors are the speakers on the stage facing the band. These speakers are adjusted in certain capacities and to certain levels depending on who is standing near them. For example, the monitor in front of Jesse presumably has a lot of Jesse's guitar in it, meaning that's the loudest thing he hears, and then below his guitar a certain mix of levels depending upon his personal preferences. Some drummers like a lot of bass in their monitors to sync up the rhythm section, some guitarists like a lot of the other guitarist, some players like more or less vocal, etc. etc.

    The point is that this system is not perfect and the mix can sometimes get muddled or wonky. I won't get into the acoustic reasons. Suffice it to say, all venues are different: some are boomy, some are flat, some are dry. In-ear monitors usually are easier to regulate and control, because of the lack of acoustic funkiness and interference.

    Morrissey habitually hates the mix on stage; when he can't hear properly he can't locate his center of pitch. Many boots capture him painfully out of tune for whole verses. He's not losing his voice, he's just losing the key. For all his talents, it's a weakness of his; always has been.

    Anyway, in his diva way, rather than step to the side of the stage and have a word with the sound peeps, during moments of "acoustic duress" Moz will grimace and groan and, wait for it, stop singing a lyric or two.

    So that's what happened last night. I was down front and I couldn't be more sure of it.

    No offense, haters, just please do your homework in the future.
    mjparkin -- Friday December 11 2009, @09:36AM (#347034)
    (User #17185 Info)
  • Selling 2 Tickets to Ventura show...

    Anybody want to go see
    Morrissey in Ventura

    I'm selling 2 tickets.

    email me at: [email protected]

    Only serious fans please!


    mozzomy -- Friday December 11 2009, @09:53AM (#347041)
    (User #23287 Info)
  • I agree with mjparkin. It's not like Moz hasn't ever had this problem before. leave him alone.
    mozzomy -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:01AM (#347043)
    (User #23287 Info)
  • Great show, not the best ever, but better than most. He appeared to be into it and his voice sounded great where I was, though I'm used to being in the Pit so I thought his missing lyrics was just him playing with the crowd. Alot of banter and he let the crowd have the mic for almost 1 minute so he seemed to enjoy himself. While as a whole everything was great, he needs to change up the setlist. The enery during the middle part of the show when he played mostly SWORDS songs was lacking. The last 6-7 songs were electric and he should add either some early solo stuff or ever some more YATQ song. Black Cloud-Ganglord-Because of my-One day Farwell, seem to be filler and he is much to great to bother with that, especially since may not have many tours left in him. My opinion.
    sweetandtendermex -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:06AM (#347046)
    (User #23296 Info)
  • Can't we just be appreciative of the fact that he is still giving it his all and isn't trying to cover it up by lip syncing like other artists might have opted to do?
    nekrofeliagirl -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:08AM (#347047)
    (User #23297 Info)
    • Re:Content by vickimoz (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @12:54PM
      • Re:Content by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @01:09PM
        • Re:Content by mcrickson (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @09:55PM
  • ok so it was my 27th show.....I was so excited to see him... I love him to death. But what a let down! I was very sad to see him in that state. He seemed so not in to it. The crowd was seemed not in to it. everyone was sitting down no one was dancing. Not an LA moz show by any means. Take a break MORRISSEY. We need you around!
    mozzy8228 -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:21AM (#347051)
    (User #18798 Info)
    • Re:gibson by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @11:43AM
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      • Re:gibson by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @12:30PM
  • ...I wonder what Moz would think?
    UnderTheFloorboards <[email protected]> -- Friday December 11 2009, @11:01AM (#347056)
    (User #23266 Info)
    "I keep mine hidden..."
  • I was expecting the worst after reading the reviews from the past couple shows. I thought the show was amazing, sure not his best by any means, but not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. The Show was nearly sold out and at least in my section 4th row orch, everyone stood the whole entire concert. The crowd seemed really into it and it was a beautiful night that im glad i shared with over 6000 other morrissey fans.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @11:39AM (#347061)
    • Re:Gibson Show by alexmoz23 (Score:1) Friday December 11 2009, @01:22PM
  • Is Ventura now sold out?! Cannot get anything on ticket site. Gah!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @11:49AM (#347063)
    • Re:Ventura by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @11:53AM
      • Re:Ventura by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 11 2009, @11:57AM
  • its 12:15 local time, reports are that crew and busses are there, no cancellation yet so it looks like a go.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:16PM (#347069)
  • I was just on the Morrissey solo site and I am disgusted how his "fans" are bashing him about last night's concert. I personally think the concert was great. You can tell he was having throat issues, but come on, people. The man has been touring non-stop for about a year and he is 50 years old! He was trying to make it through and he did look irritated when a note was off which is understandable.

    The "fans" on the Morrissey solo site were saying that he looked drunk and he was slurring his words. That could not be further from the truth! I was about 5 feet from the stage and there was no slurring or drunkenness that I saw AT ALL. I feel like I got the best that Morrissey could give last night. I think he amazing and these so called "fans" of his need to direct their negative energy elsewhere or just not attend his concerts anymore. I am a TRUE Morrissey fan and I hate how people on this site are all about bashing an artist that they supposedly love. I wish Morrissey the best and I hope he can have a well deserved rest after this tour.

    vickimoz -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:48PM (#347073)
    (User #20172 Info)
  • We all know the risks about Moz gigs, will he show, if so will he leave early in a huff, encore, etc. Was in Vegas, great but short, was obvious nothing wrong with his voice and had somewhere to be and the whole "your pretty face is going to hell" poster / sheet pissing him off was comical. Went to Indio, disappointed but got my money fourth Moz cancellation over the last two tours...but then Pomona and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, totally kick ass show, Mozzer into IT. My three attempts at seeing our man this leg covered the entire gamit of "Morrissey on Tour" emotion. We all know this, we spend our money as consenting adults on hotel, airfare, etc. in hopes we get one of those magical shows. Sorry if the show at Gibson wasn't one of those special moments but as they say "it is what it is"! Good luck to those heading to Ventura tonight, god speed Mozzer!
    MinehiddeninUtah -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:20PM (#347082)
    (User #22924 Info)
  • Here's what I don't get about a lot of the people that post on this site: You do realize you can be a fan of someone and still admit when they're not at their best, right?

    If I say that I truthfully think last night was one of Morrissey's worst shows, that doesn't mean I'm "bashing" him or that I'm a "hater." It just was not a good show, plain and simple. I don't know the exact reason — if it was his voice, if it was because he couldn't hear himself, or because he was drunk (?) as some have suggested — whatever it was, he was phoning it in. After about the third song, he sang wrong lyrics or would just give up singing entirely in the middle of a song. I expected him to walk off at any minute, and was genuinely shocked that we got an encore.

    I don't want to be branded a "hater," because I love him. I do! I've seen 70 shows total (which I know is lightweight compared to most that post on here), and last night was my personal worst. It pains me to say it, but it's true — it was lackluster and Morrissey himself really didn't seem into it at all. I'm sure even he walked off the stage thinking, "That was rough."

    Morrissey is not infallible — none of us are! Everyone has bad days, and yesterday was one for him. I hardly post here, but it bums me out to see people berated when they dare post something that isn't 100% positive about Moz.

    Perhaps last night looked even worse up against Tuesday night's show in San Diego, which was one of my personal favorites — but regardless, last night was POOR. And I honestly do not enjoy saying that, but unfortunately it's true.

    Here's hoping Ventura goes well!

    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @01:32PM (#347089)
  • Posting from my blackberry, so keeping it short and sweet. Someone hit a wrong note during Paris. Moz was boiling at the surface, about to walk, but the stand-up LA crowd sang louder and gently goaded him back. Thank you, LA. Thank you, Moz. We did it together. Cheers, romeogirl
    romeogirl -- Friday December 11 2009, @02:02PM (#347095)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • The show was average at best... Average with some really really good moments. Of course some die-hard fans don't want to hear "negative" posts, but it's not about that. It's about sharing ones perspective. If one shows concern over Morrissey's peformance, does that make them any less of a fan? Wasn't it Morrissey who once asked/said, do fans really deserve to see an old man struggling up on stage during his first KROQ interview with Richard Blade before his first solo tour was even scheduled? He struggled last night... Maybe his throat, maybe an illness, maybe technical difficulties, whatever the reason, he struggled. I've seen him plenty of times in the past, and he's never struggled like he is on this tour. Struggling every other few shows seems too much of a coincidence for it to be monitor issues, especially with all the experience he has. Maybe his age is just catching up with him. But it is sad to see him struggle. Overall, it was a good show with some excellent moments.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @03:06PM (#347102)
  • Is it really so strange- I wasn’t ready for the Smiths during their heyday (I was cheerfully having babies) and only became a rabid Moz fan in the last five years…now that I’m old and disappointed. I can only compare last night’s concert to recent L.A. shows (and to the videos of older concerts on youtube).

    I wasn’t expecting miracles because the set list didn’t appeal to me, but on the other hand, it was the Gibson in Moz Angeles. Right from the start the vibe of this show was unlike the others- more casual, less dramatic/energetic. (This was especially obvious, I must confess, because of the barn-burning opening act). I feared, at the several points when Moz stopped singing, that he wasn’t happy with his voice, and he was going to quit. I was just happy to get a complete concert from him, which appeared to be an effort.

    I could feel the love from the fans, and I enjoyed the banter and lyric changes and just gazing upon him, but it was an off night. I figure, it’s like a relationship- if you love someone, you put up with their shit and the times they let you down. And I’m old enough to say this: though you wish it were otherwise, you can’t realistically expect them to look or behave like they did in their glory days.

    I still love him to bits, cracked voice and all.

    Yorick -- Friday December 11 2009, @05:45PM (#347118)
    (User #23299 Info)
  • of the Gibson concert at

    Yorick -- Friday December 11 2009, @05:48PM (#347119)
    (User #23299 Info)
  • Ok I want to make something clear on this website and I only been a member on here and I see and read that you crowd of slef rightous moreons that want to start to talk shit about your favortie idol of all time. After reading of all the coments you boneheads wrote about his proformance last night just to show that you are all idoits. Give the guy some slack will ya. Who give a shit that he sounded bad and all. Beleive me I have seen him four times of this decade and he fucking performed awesome. You people make me puke that you make bad coments about MORRISSEY. If he saw of what you guys wrote about him, I garateend he will and probaly anonymously say something to you assholes or say some shit to either one of you assholes for that matter. Guys please give me a favor if you say something bad shit about the MOZ keep it to your bloody self. Cause no one want to read a bad review or a shity coment about his gig. Just back the fuck off of MOZ.

    Bye you all wannabe assholes
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @06:33PM (#347121)
  • Thank you so much to the nice young man who traded his pit tix for my orchestra seats!!! I was able to be close to the rails. I was quite pleased with the performance, so happy to be so close to the man! Now wondering when will be the next tour?? if there is a next
    By the way, spotted Chloe Sevigny towards the end getting her group together to go backstage...arghhh.
    p.s got video of girl saying " I love you, need you, want you??? Morrissey" and last attempts of people trying to make on stage, girl with short pink hair, etc, will post in a bit
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @07:27PM (#347125)
  • Could anyone be a doll (no pun) and offer information as to each and every clip that was played prior to Morrissey hitting the stage. I absolutely loved the randomness of them all! Thanks in advance!
    misterZ -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:10PM (#347136)
    (User #23197 Info)
  • What a sad day for LA. This was one of many Moz shows I've been to and what a sad sight it was. I am not talking smack about Mozzer, I like Moz, but when it's time to hang it up, it's time to hang it up. I did not want to go to the show in the first place because of the setlist but my friend brainwashed me into going so I went. Huge mistake on my part. The nightmare of my last Moz show at the Gibson caps the memories of Moz shows. It could have all ended nicely with the 07 Palladium shows in LA. What an awesome way to say goodbye.

    Once again, I am not talking shit, only speaking the truth. The way Is it Really so Strange was played was terrible! I was bored listening to How Soon is Now, literally. Jessie sucked on guitar, maybe thats the reason why he was rhythm guitar as opposed to lead. Boz was lead guitar. Did anyone catch that?

    It felt like he half assed the show or something. There was this strange sense in the air. From the looks of it, I honestly think he's done. Who knows what Moz is feeling or going through, but I'm saddened by what I witnessed. What a sad day.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:20PM (#347140)
  • Time to take at LEAST a year off.
      And then....
      Lose ALL of your band members and songwriting collaborators. Thank them for their yeoman's service but please move on.

      Get your ass into some therapy or at least some self-awareness training. You've got some heavy stuff in your future with getting old, coming to terms with your mortality and more importantly the mortality of those who you are close to.

      Get the Smiths or at at least Morrissey/Marr reunion (and payday) out of the way. Just Do it. You know in your heart you would like to and the years are creeping up fast on all of us.

      Come back with some new collaborators and a fresh take on your gifted talent. And when you do ,realize that you can't do 100 dates a year anymore or sleepwalk through some cities three times on the same tour. And when you hit the stage get some decent players whose spirit, professionalism and prowess can get you through a set if you are having an off-night.

    That is all.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @10:45PM (#347141)
  • What a nice way to end 09
    alot of new songs i need to catch up on but well worth it..

    Ganglord was awesome
    Death at ones elbow rocked
    the loop always kicks ass
    this world is full of crashing bores was dope
    and is it really so starnge stole the night
    Stoney the Pony -- Friday December 11 2009, @11:45PM (#347161)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • How many times is he going to play

    First of the gang to die
    Irish Blood
    How soon is now

    Christ, I'm sick of those.
    TheevesHours -- Saturday December 12 2009, @10:27PM (#347305)
    (User #19449 Info)
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