"Kristeen Young Makes Amends With Morrissey, Delves Into Film on New EP" - Spinner

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"Kristeen Young Makes Amends With Morrissey, Delves Into Film on New EP" - Spinner Canada

Had Kristeen Young written 'It's a Wonderful Life,' hero George Bailey would have wound up with Violet Bick, a character the art-pop songstress hails as a sort of proto-feminist icon on 'V the Volcanic,' the title track from her latest EP.

Comprising seven songs, each written from the perspective of a favorite film character, 'Volcanic' marks the culmination of a decidedly less-than-wonderful stretch in Young's own life. In 2007, an off-color stage remark cost her a job opening for Morrissey, and soon after, she claims, Lady Gaga began copying some of the elaborate costumes she'd designed for her own live shows. (Check out pictures of Young's "bubble dress" and decide for yourself.)

Having emerged from her funk and recently...

No horse sausages (or no Morrissey) during Belgian concert

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No-horse-sausages-(or-no-Morrissey)-during-Belgian-concert - side-line.com

On August 4 the Belgian festival 'Lokerse Feesten' has Morrissey on the bill. Nothing special if it weren't for the fact that in order for Morrissey to play there, the festival agreed to close down all the stalls where meat is being served - during the whole day that is. So if you planned watching Morrissey whilst eating one of the delicious local made ham or horse sausages, then make sure to get one the day before or after because that festival day will be meat-free due to the ex-Smith singer going onstage.

The organizers were rather quick in accepting Morrissey's rather freaky demand, probably because they remembered that he once canceled a concert at Pinkpop back in 1987 because the organization's subcontractors providing the food did not want to close their hamburger stalls.

It will be the first time that...

'The Queen Is Dead' @ 25 - The Independent

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Bijou piece in todays 'Independent' newspaper ~

The Smiths - Days of whine and roses
The Smiths released The Queen is Dead a quarter of a century ago this month. Andy Gill reminisces, and today's stars pick their top tracks by the band

Friday, 3 June 2011

Moz loves Young The Giant - TrueToYou update

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YOUNG THE GIANT - true-to-you.net

Having suffered with relish so much yes-but-no new music, I could break down with happiness at the new - debut - CD by Young The Giant. I will be kneeling with gratitude on a hardwood floor for many years to come. It is the whole thing ... it is the perfect tone ... and Sameer's voice is unbreakable.
If there is any justice in the world (and we all know there isn't) Young The Giant will own most of it by August. It's so easy to fire out remnants of snobbery where new music is concerned (in fact, I find it VERY easy), but once every three thousand years, a band comes along who restore that precious component of faith. Had I the gift of adequate words I would express more than mere thanks.
Instead, I shall leave it at that.

Morrissey / 1 June 2011

Extra date in Dublin (July 30) and date in Cork (July 27)

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An anonymous person writes:

According to Ticketmaster website Morrissey will be playing an extra date in Dublin (30 July) Vicar Street. Tickets for his show on 29 July sold out in under 5 minutes. Also listed is a date for Cork Savoy on 27 July. Tickets for both go on sale this Thursday 2 June.​

Article: David Bret blog - "The Morrissey Solo Forum: You Don't Have To Be Intellectually Challenged

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Update (May 29, 11:20 AM PT):

Bret posted a follow-up blog with mostly attacks on personal appearances of fans:

The Morrissey Solo Loony Forum: Chinese Whispers & Kleenex
Posted on Sunday May 29 18:31:00 BST 2011

* For those who actually care about factual details I am 41, not "50-something".

David Bret posted the link to his blog post on the Morrissey-solo Facebook page:

The Morrissey Solo Forum: You Don't Have To Be Intellectually Challenged, But It Helps - David Bret's blog
Posted on Saturday May 28 18:38:00 BST 2011

Now let me get one thing straight. Not ALL Morrissey fans are fruit-loops. In my time I have met...

Morrissey mention in the Metro (May 27, 2011)

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A small article by Keith Barker-Main was in the London Metro today (May 27).


Courtney Love's "Morrissey kick"

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Q: Happily, you seem to have gotten over that nunnish phase.

A: [Laughs] Yeah. After I stopped doing drugs I started to f*** like a bunny! Before that I suffered from years of celibacy. I was on this whole Morrissey kick, no masturbation, no romance, no nothing! The store was completely closed. My self-imposed chastity was only scheduled to last for two years, but it went on for three years, eight months and six days.

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