"This Day in The Smiths" to be released?

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Vu writes:

I don't know if this qualifies as news, but I recently reviewed the This Day in Led Zeppelin iPhone/iPad application and noted that I would really love a Smiths version. The creator of the app, Neil Cossar, told me that they are currently working on This Day in The Beatles and This Day in Pink Floyd, and following those two is This Day in the Smiths. If the Led Zeppelin trivia is any indication, I'm really looking forward to a Smiths version.​

Morrisssey-solo redesign

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Update (Feb. 3): More database instability and some recent items on the site missing after repair.

Update: Database errors have cleared. Some posts/comments from around 11am to 3pm PT were corrupted.

Update: Avatars were repaired. Still some instability as I see some posts are disappearing. Looking into it.

Update: Not the smoothest of starts, the database crashed shortly after the launch. I was able to repair it but users lost their avatars. Sorry about that, let me know if you get any other errors.

Welcome to the new, simplified Morrissey-solo. The move went smoothly for the most part, please report any problems in the Site Feedback forum or to [email protected].

vBulletin is now the main platform of the site, it has been powering the...

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